62: Julie Latz – Peaceful Eater

Julie Latz

My guest today is Julie Latz. She is the author of the book Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again. She is a certified Food Psychology Coach through the Spencer Institute.

Binge eating is the most common of all eating disorders with over 5% of the population suffering from this condition

If you’re out of control with your eating and can’t seem to stop, Julie knows exactly how you feel. For 45 years, Julie went through the yo-yo dieting/binge cycle time and time again. She suffered the shame, guilt, and embarrassment that every binge eater feels.

After discovering her simple and effective method to take control of her eating, Julie now teaches other binge eaters how to eat what they want in moderation, even if they have never been able to do that before. She has put an end to deprivation and her clients report rapid results and no longer feel compelled to eat privately and in huge quantities.

Julie coaches binge eaters about how to stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting and food obsession so they can create a peaceful relationship with food.

In our interview, Julie explains the difference between a binge eater and an emotional eater, which is often misunderstood.

“My website is www.peacefuleater.com. I sell my book through Amazon called Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again. But mainly I am a coach who does one-on-one phone/skype coaching throughout the world and also have an online coaching program that can be done either individually or in small groups with a sense of community.

Peaceful Relationship With Food

All of my programs offer provide daily accountability. I enjoy sharing my story so that other binge eaters know I've been in their shoes and it provides inspiration for them to see that there is hope to be able to create a peaceful relationship with food.

I also like to discuss the differences between what I call “the nibbler” the emotional eater and the binge eater. Sometimes people don't know if they have the disorder, or if their child, spouse or patient is struggling with this affliction.  I like to provide some insights into what to be on the look out for when evaluating the possibility of someone having this issue.”

In our interview, Julie uncovers her “tricks to make it stick” which are little things she teaches her clients to do each day that allow them to live as the opposite of a binge eater.

She also illustrates the day in the life of a binge eater and what it's like to live in this secretive prison.

What was so intriguing was to learn about her concept called “want power” which she finds is so much more effective than willpower.

In this interview Julie teaches

Three Actionable Steps:

“1) By being “awake at the plate”. Paying attention to what you are truly in the mood for. What your body is asking for in terms of nutrients and the taste and texture. When you are part of the actual eating experience, you never have to binge again.

Satisfaction comes so easily when tuning into what you're eating and actually paying attention to each bite instead of multitasking.

2) It is crucial to follow a food plan. Weight Watchers or an online program like My Fitness Pal where there are no foods that are off-limits.

Once you're told you can't have certain foods, you can only hang on so long before you binge on those “forbidden” foods.

What I do is have my clients eat 2 snacks each day of things that they would normally binge on so they stop fearing their favorite foods and start learning how to incorporate them into their lives in moderation.

3) Stopping binge eating takes work every day. When you do the work, you don't binge. If you stop doing it you backslide. One of the most important things I work with my clients about is their “why.” The why I use is very short term (meaning by night time or by the next morning) and measurable.

If your “why” is off in the future it is not compelling. You won't get the reward you're looking for. For example, if someone's why is that they want to go from a size 16 to an 8, although that is something nice to strive for, whether they do the work that day or not, they will still be the same size by the next day so it's not motivating to use that kind of why.”

Visit Julie Latz's website PeacefulEater.com

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