78: Justin Ledford – Science and Power of Visualization

Live A Level 10 Life!

My guest today is Justin Ledford, an expert in visualization, he is on the show to teach us how to use visualization to live a more fulfilled and healthy life. Justin used these techniques of visualization and goal setting to overcome major obstacles and achieve great success, all before the age of 30.

After he realized the power of visualization he started to give back by teaching it to as many people as he could. Many also achieved their life’s biggest dreams following his system. This motivated him to write his book so he could help as many people as possible.

In our interview, he gives us his simple step-by-step method to begin using visualization each day, and for those who have been using visualization for a while, he teaches his unique techniques for going deeper.

He speaks regularly at personal growth seminars in order to share his mastery of balancing goal achievement with living a healthy dream fulfilled life.

“When we tap into what our WHY is, the how becomes easy! I teach people to always live life as if they are in the “Front Row”

I love inspiring people to make their own “Dreams List” and most importantly infuse their dreams list in their daily calendar.

I am also very passionate about teaching people the DAILY V.I.S.I.O.N.S™ method to live their dream life and the “5 Phases of Visualization”.

These topics are important because they help people to realize that they are ultimately responsible for everything in their life. I feel that we can all have an incredibly healthy life, fulfilling life, if we have a simple road map or blueprint.”

Justin Ledford Goes Over:

The power of being intentional with your health. We will go over using a weekly calendar. Write down the exact time you will work out, what physical activity you will do that day, and how long your physical activity will be (to the exact minute).

30-day visualization Challenge using the 5 Phase of Visualization. Every time you do your visualization we will incorporate how you wish to look and feel as if you knew for SURE they would get the results of your dreams. You can do mental rehearsal/visualization at any time in the day, I have found it work best in the morning. This practice can last from 5 minutes-30+ minutes.

The Power of a Vision Board. How using a vision board + persistent effort will ultimately give them exactly want you want in life.


Justin’s Favorite Books:

The Magic of Believing – by Claude Bristol

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – by T Harv Eker

Visions To The Top – by Justin Ledford

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