269: Ketosis

Dr. Darren Schmidt and Ashley James

Ketosis is the body's fantastic way to burn fat naturally. One way to achieve this is through the ketogenic diet. If you recall, I recently had Dr. Darren Schmidt who talked about the cause of all diseases in a past episode. And he's back to teach us how ketosis and fasting can produce significant health benefits as well.

Healing Tools

First of all, Dr. Darren Schmidt says fasting helps break down and remove pathogenic materials.  There have been cases wherein tumors melt away and it proves that food is indeed a big health tool for healing.

One tool I also like to use is using my Sunlighten Sauna.  I had an episode discussing the benefits of saunas, so I'm inviting everyone to check out that episode. Dr. Darren Schmidt, on the other hand, has this to say on how our body heals from a disease.

“There is a drug that drops lactate in the blood or lactic acid. Research shows it doesn't heal the body. Since 1924, they found other poisons that build up and cause infected blood and organs get sick,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “You repair organs through detox or eating organs or plants. The solution is natural. No therapy or drug can fix lactic acidosis other than Mother Nature.”

When A Ketogenic Diet Isn't Ideal

I've always said that there is no one diet tailor-made for everyone. For the ketogenic diet, in particular, Dr. Darren Schmidt says this diet is not advisable for people with candida, mold, yeast, or a collection of organisms in the body.

“This is because organisms can live off sugar and ketones. So I recommend a low carb diet, but they're not in ketosis,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said. “I have cancer patients who do a 5-day fast. And between the fasting, they eat lots of calories to gain the weight back. It is not meant for everyone.”

How To Get Into Ketosis

There are three ways to get into ketosis.  Dr. Darren Schmidt says you can achieve it through a ketogenic diet, fasting, or modifying the fast by eating some oils and low carb plants.

This is because ketones have been shown to detox cancer cells or kill cancer cells, as well as hormonal control. It lowers insulin and cortisol, raises testosterone for men and normalizes hormones for women. Generally, it also makes people sleep better.

Dr. Darren Schmidt reveals that ketosis can also reverse type 2 diabetes and stops lactic acidosis. It prevents the body from making the waste products from carbohydrate metabolism.

“Those waste products are the things that create chronic disease including weak ligaments and many other diseases,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “For maintenance, Thomas Seyfried, a cancer researcher said that everybody should do a one week fast per year. No food, just water, and salt. If that is not possible, at least get into ketosis four times a year for a few days.”

How The Body Burns Fats

According to Dr. Darren Schmidt, there are times when there is no food, so the body starts to burn the fats. It also burns away pathological tissues. Fibroids, cysts, and cancer cells also go away with ketosis.

“Your body cleans itself out. Beyond 40 days, the body will be done burning fat and starts to go into burning muscle,” explains Dr. Darren Schmidt. “Ketosis saturates your body with fat, your blood is filled with fat, and there's no sugar. So, your cells have to start burning the fat away, cleans up your organs and get rid of inflammation. Sugar causes inflammation.” 

He adds, “The more healthy fats you eat, the fewer calories you end up eating. Dense nutrients come from the liver, other organ meats, and vegetables from home-grown organic gardens. It's a combination of plants and animals.”

Success Ratio Of Fasting

Dr. Darren Schmidt shares there were fasting clinics across the United States that the federal government shut down between 1912 and 1920. The fasting clinics were successful in treating epilepsy because ketosis is excellent for that. So, doctors eventually created the ketogenic diet. But during that time, they called it the diet that mimics fasting.

“Protein and carb burn the same way in the body. But clinically, they act the same way. They show up in the blood together as sugar,” Dr. Darren Schmidt explains. “If you increase your fat and lower your protein and carbs to a 3 to 1 ratio, you'll go deeper into ketosis. And you can do a 4 to 1 ratio. I've had cancer patients do that.”

Dr. Darren Schmidt also says that if you're overweight and relatively healthy, a 2 to 1 ratio will work out well. It will help you lose weight faster but make sure to get enough salt intake like Himalayan rock salt. Because initial weight loss is water and your body urinates out the potassium and other minerals.

“Take in more minerals and come out of ketosis after 3 or 4 weeks. At the most, do a 1 to 2 ratio. One gram of fat to two grams of protein plus carb. A 1 to 2 ratio, in my opinion, is the maximum that you want to go into sugar burning,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Recommended Foods

Most meat is not ketogenic, but Dr. Darren Schmidt advises that if you add butter to it or extra oil, the meal becomes ketogenic. You can also opt for a not very ketogenic breakfast and have a very ketogenic lunch and dinner. The time frame makes a significant difference. 

“The one meat that I found is ketogenic is pork bacon. But the bigger picture is not necessary to achieve ketosis. The bigger picture is to achieve it and go into sugar-burning and fat-burning,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said. “That's called keto-adaptation. You can get into ketosis in a day by not eating or changing your diet.”

Dr. Darren Schmidt explains that this also means your mitochondria is like 3,000 per cell. Mitochondria adapt very quickly to your diet and physical needs. Whereas sick cells are not able to adjust like that, so keto-adaptation is the ultimate goal.


Duration Of Ketosis

For severe cases like health issues with our arteries, Dr. Darren Schmidt recommends doing ketosis nine days out of 10.  days a month, you'll be burning sugar, and burning fat on other days. He also says some people do a mild ketosis 24 hours a day every day for a long time. Everybody is different, so the duration is a case-to-case basis. 

“If somebody is relatively healthy, but they have concerns about being pre-diabetic, has fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or depression, they should do five days of ketosis. Plus, two days out of ketosis,” advises Dr. Darren Schmidt. “If somebody is healthy and wants to maintain health, do 5-day ketosis for a month. The spend the rest of the month eating low carbs with a 1 to a 1.5 ratio.”

Dr. Darren Schmidt also clarifies that if somebody is not interested in health, and just wants do the bare minimum, they can do ketosis four times a year.

Vegan Versus Ketosis

There have been many studies comparing the differences and similarities between veganism and ketosis. Dr. Darren Schmidt shares that the Public Health Collaboration, an organization based in the United Kingdom, has conducted many studies on health care.

“The score is 31 to 0. Low carbs win over low fat. But there's no study comparing the two, that says low fat is better,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. 

He adds, “I think veganism is just like ketosis. You do it for a short period. Because when you come out of a fast or ketosis, burning sugar becomes very therapeutic. Just like going into ketosis, burning fat becomes very therapeutic.”

Personal Favorites

Dr. Darren Schmidt personally prefers eating salad with olive oil. He's also learning to like avocado more now. His salads primarily have radishes and cheese. Although cheese is not keto, Dr. Darren Schmidt advises everyone to read the label of food products.

Dr. Darren Schmidt also eats a lot of olives, although olives are also not keto. His other favorite foods are walnuts and chia seeds. Incidentally, chia seeds have a 6 to 1 ratio of fat versus proteins plus carbs.

He also adds that there's a difference with types of oils to different people. This also goes for fermented foods.  Ultimately, figure out what works for your body.

I make yummy chia pudding with canned coconut cream. To add flavor, I mix in frozen blueberries and sometimes put stevia and put in in the fridge to chill.  It's so rich in omegas, high in fiber and fat as well.

There's also a keto chocolate pudding which we call it ice cream at home. It's delicious and healthy!

Easing Into Ketosis

Dr. Darren Schmidt says the first step for this whole process increases the healthy fats. Then in a few days, you'll end up eating less food. Going low carb from there is easy. 

“Toxins are in those fat cells. Out goes the toxins and liver have to take care of it. That's when a detox would work. Ketosis is the foundation of detox,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “If you go into ketosis and you feel bad and tired, give the body a break. Then do it again.” 

He adds, “When you do it over and over, you get more benefit and less keto flu. And more detox is happening; the body is getting cleaned out that way. That's the deal with keto flu. It's toxicity coming out.”

Dry Fast

Like any other diets or fasting, some find dry fast to be useful, but it's also not for everyone. Water can bring down ketosis. And there have been studies showing when your body needs to make water, it grabs the hydrogen from fat and attaches to oxygen and makes its water.

“But with any fasting, do it gradually. Fasting gets easier over time. Bottomline, when you do ketosis naturally, your insulin comes down along with a lot of other things. Other hormones go down, and inflammation goes down,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Dr. Darren Schmidt also cautions again using statin drugs.  You have to understand why and how your body runs to eat the right way. It's also best to hire a health professional to guide you through your diet or fasting.

Anti-viral And Anti-fungal Diet

Dr. Darren Schmidt reveals that viruses love arginine. And lysine kills them. There are also some foods that have too much arginine compared to lysine, and they feed the virus.

“Nuts are notorious for having lots of arginines compared to lysine. And they are feeding a virus. So avoid arginine food and take supplements,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “As for the anti-fungal diet, my favorite anti-fungal diet is restrictive for the first 30 days. It's meat, vegetables, and oil.” 

He adds, “On the following 30 days, you can add in some food. The third phase involves foods to avoid until the whole thing is done. Restrictions include no wheat, no grains, no dairy, no fermented vegetables, no condiments, vinegar nor sugar. Meat also can't be processed.”

Whole 30 Diet

This diet teaches you what food your body likes. Dr. Darren Schmidt says it is perfect for somebody who is new to dieting. It is very regimented, so when people go back to eating some foods, they can readily feel a difference. Overall, the basic rule is to consume excellent quality food.

“Even if you're eating the best and healthiest food, give your body a break. Do a short fast. And get your nutrients by recycling the fats that get stuck in the body for so long,” advises Dr. Darren Schmidt.


Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C. has been in practice since 1997, immediately focusing on hardcore holistic nutrition, herbology, and homeopathy. He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt has been in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2000 establishing one of the larger nutrition practices in the country with multiple practitioners of various licenses but the same purpose and similar techniques. He taught for a nutrition training company for eight years, teaching 77-weekend seminars on muscle testing, clinical nutrition, and healing protocols. 

In January of 2016, Dr. Darren Schmidt was unknowingly chronically exposed to toxic black mold which caused life-threatening symptoms. After two days of taking nutritional products that were developed in 1934, he felt better and dove into the formulator's articles to discover what he knew that was life-saving 82 years later. 

What was discovered was Nutritional Deficiency Lactic Acidosis, the most common mechanism of chronic disease. It was commonly known by all doctors from 1920 through 1960, then forgotten. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt also co-founded The Good Fat Company which makes the Good Fat Bar help people get into ketosis. He also co-founded Power Nutrition Practice, a training company for nutrition practitioners including clinical and business education.

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