253: Lactic Acidosis

Lactic Acidosis

Lactic acidosis causes many health conditions.  But unfortunately, only a few people know this. So, I'm thrilled that Dr. Darren Schmidt is here today to explain all there is to know about lactic acidosis. Do you know that diet is a significant part of the treatment? Read on to find out how.

Early Exposure

Dr. Darren Schmidt says he didn't have a moment in his career where he went from conventional to Holistic. Growing up on a commercial farm, Dr. Darren Schmidt started working there when he was nine years old.

But then Dr. Darren Schmidt also has vivid memories of following his dad around at the age of 6. He saw things related to spraying chemicals on fields wherein the bugs would grow back faster. He observed that something was amiss and knew at that time that his brain worked differently.

Chiropractor School

When Dr. Darren Schmidt was in college, he decided to go to a chiropractor school. Halfway through his schooling, he went to a seminar given by Dr. Joe Wallach. Attending the workshop apparently influenced his decision to become a chiropractor who focuses on nutrition.

Dr. Darren Schmidt graduated in 1997. He practiced as a conventional chiropractor for a year but started studying nutrition way back in 1994 even before he started school.

Dr. Darren Schmidt did multi-testing and supplements, as well as looking for a useful technique to treat people. He eventually found one in 2004. The method indeed helped figure out cases in the next ten to twelve years.

Finding A Cure

Dr. Darren Schmidt recalls experiencing heart palpitations in 2015. The pain worsened by early 2016. The next few months were spent finding the right treatment. One treatment involved having a machine to measure clogging in the artery as well as the health of the heart.

Dr. Darren Schmidt claimed that his diet wasn't the culprit. His diet consisted of real carbohydrates with no bread, sugar nor pasta.

During this time, Dr. Darren Schmidt happened to come across some of his notes from a past seminar he attended a few years earlier. It involved some supplements and protocols for the heart. Dr. Darren Schmidt started taking them, and within two days, he knew he was on the right track.

Dr. Darren Schmidt went back to the notes and started studying beriberi, which according to his notes, that's what he had. He got books about it from bookstores, as well as University of Michigan's historical medical library on beriberi. But after reading it, Dr. Darren Schmidt realized that it wasn't his illness.

B Vitamins

According to Dr. Darren Schmidt, medical nutrition books from way back 1940s already identified around 50 to 100 B vitamins. They would compress with each other to form different B vitamins.

“It contains nutritional yeast and wheatgerms. That was one of the products that I took beginning 2016. It got me through the summer of 2016,” recalls Dr. Darren Schmidt. “During the summer, I felt worse during rainy days, and my pulse would go up. My pulse would be 130, then 120. Some days it would be below 80. The normal level is 60, and yet I felt I was still missing something.”

Black Molds

So many of us are caught unaware that being in a toxic environment puts us at risk for black molds.  Black molds can cause a variety of respiratory problems. Among the symptoms are chronic sneezing and coughing, eye irritation, persistent headaches and chronic fatigue.

“Molds will cause the formation of lactic acid, methane and carbon dioxide. When we have black mold in the body, it causes the blood to get dirty. There will be a deficiency of oxygen in the blood that makes the cell starve, and they die,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Causes Of Chronic Disease

Dr. Darren Schmidt says the leading causes of chronic disease are those who have excess sugar metabolism, toxins whether it's heavy metals or chemicals, and the third is hidden infections.  Hidden infections include fungus, parasites, and virus sitting in the lungs that cause asthma. He also says nutrient deficiency is likewise a factor.

“The reason why people get cold is when they have hypothyroidism. This is also the reason why muscle problems are so common with various diseases. It is a big missing link in all of healthcare,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Lactic Acidosis

Dr. Darren Schmidt says lactic acidosis the most common mechanism of chronic disease. He also revealed that the Father of Holistic Psychiatry Dr. Abram Hoffer, even talked about it extensively primarily since it was what everyone was trying to fix.

“Lactic acidosis technically means having a high amount of lipase in the blood. When you're eating an excess amount of carbs, waste products forms. Lactate is one of them,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “The 75% lactate goes back into becoming a fuel. And 25% of it needs to be cleaned. It has to be cleaned by the liver and other cells.”

But Dr. Darren Schmidt adds, if you are toxic and your organs aren't working very well, the lactate will accumulate in the blood. And if you're eating a lot of sugar despite your liver working well, you can still accumulate too much lactate in the blood.

“There are three other waste products related to this. One of them is alcohol. Acetaldehyde which is the hangover feeling, and acetate,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “So, think of the hangover feeling when people overeat pasta. They feel bloated, brain fog and headache later on. That's acetaldehyde from eating too many carbs.”

Cell Reaction

Even if the lactate level is normal in the blood, the cells will have a hard time absorbing oxygen because the cells are still holding other toxins. When this happens, the cells have a decision to make, whether to turn to lactic acid fermentation or die.

“Dr. Otto Warburg, the Father of Physiology, figured out how cells turn into cancer. It's lactic acid fermentation. The cell uses lactate as their fuel. It's an old physiological process that our cells used to do two billion years ago on the planet when there was no oxygen in the atmosphere,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

He adds, “The moment you add oxygen back in, the cells are supposed to go back to normal glycolysis and mitochondrial energy production which requires oxygen. But if the cells do not convert back to regular metabolism, even in the presence of oxygen, that's cancer.”

So apparently, that's what Dr. Otto Warburg figured out. He got a Nobel Prize on how the B vitamins play a role in this. One solution to get well is taking B vitamins and supplements. The other solution is ketosis. Sugar levels will drop, ketones go up, and the body burns fat.

Heart Matters

The heart is a muscle. It's beating all the time. It cannot stop and convert over to lactic acid fermentation, unlike other cells.

Dr. Darren Schmidt reveals that usually in an autopsy, the doctor would report a clot that caused the heart attack. But in reality, it's the lactic acidosis that killed a little bit of heart tissue, making the heart beat differently.

“Holistic doctors specialize in thyroid, and it's challenging because they're not addressing lactic acidosis. Once you fix that up, the muscles start to become less painful and less crampy,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Muscle cells

Dr. Darren Schmidt says the muscle cells are more likely to die rather than turn into cancer. So, what happens when muscle cells die? They tighten up.

Two days later, muscles become lose because the muscle proteins have broken down. But then rigor mortis happens in your chest. That's why people get angina and anxiety.

“There are three locations for anxiety—stomach, chest, brain. The word anxiety means tightening or narrowing. So just imagine the muscle cells are tight and that it's due to lactic acidosis. The muscles become narrow and tighten up, that's why it is hard to breathe,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Proper Diet

Dr. Darren Schmidt confidently says a vegan diet cleans the blood. But he doesn't know if it stops lactic acidosis formation. Dr. Darren Schmidt however, was quick to add that a plant-based diet is better than the standard American diet.

“The ketogenic diet was previously called the diet that mimics fasting. But I think the missing point here is that a lot of people think that a ketogenic diet is a high protein diet. Eggs, for example, are not ketogenic,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Dr. Darren Schmidt tells his students to get into a 2 to 1 ratio. Two grams of fat, versus 1 gram of protein plus carbs. That's ketosis for most people. For those with a more severe condition, like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, Dr. Darren Schmidt recommends going for a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratio so they can have way more fat.

“So basically, you're lifting the fat grams up. Your blood becomes steady, and sugar, as well as protein, goes down in the blood. Now the cells convert into burning fat because that's the only fuel that they have,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Dr. Darren Schmidt says vegan doctors typically say that disease is caused by fat in the cells. They end up recommending eating a bunch of plants and no fat to clean the fat out of the cell.

“What I'm saying is that you raise the fat way up high, still eat produce, and you get the same exact result. But I think it's better because now you're in ketosis and ketones kill cancer cells,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “And your body is now eating away excess pathological tissue. This is how I get rid of fibroids, cysts, and molds. Fat cells and tumors also get smaller.”

Success Stories

Dr. Darren Schmidt shares the has had seven patients reduce their cancer by doing ketosis and fixing lactic acidosis. Their diets are varied because everyone is different. Some can consume fruit, and some don't. That's why Dr. Darren Schmidt offers an individualized nutrition program to clients.

White bread, white sugar, white flour products, and white rice are out. Another thing is that only meat that's consistently ketogenic is pork vegan. According to Dr. Darren Schmidt, meat is not ketogenic.

Dr. Darren Schmidt also offers muscle testing techniques which are a combination of several methods. But he says the bigger picture is knowing the physiology which he says is called Follow The Physiology technique. When you see the body is declining in health, you reverse engineer it and bring it back.

Good Fat Company

Dr. Darren Schmidt along with other colleagues currently offers an assorted line of products promoting good fats on a regular basis. One popular product is the Ketodamia Bar made from organic cacao butter along with other ingredients.

Cacao butter has been proven to protect the heart from heart disease. Other notable products include banana nut bread and peanut butter dark chocolate.  There are more so go ahead and check out the website.


Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C. has been in practice since 1997, immediately focusing on hardcore holistic nutrition, herbology, and homeopathy. He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt has been in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2000 establishing one of the larger nutrition practices in the country with multiple practitioners of various licenses but the same purpose and similar techniques. He taught for a nutrition training company for eight years, teaching 77-weekend seminars on muscle testing, clinical nutrition, and healing protocols. 

In January of 2016, Dr. Darren Schmidt was unknowingly chronically exposed to toxic black mold which caused life-threatening symptoms. After two days of taking nutritional products that were developed in 1934, he felt better and dove into the formulator's articles to discover what he knew that was life-saving 82 years later. 

What was discovered was Nutritional Deficiency Lactic Acidosis, the most common mechanism of chronic disease. It was commonly known by all doctors from 1920 through 1960, then forgotten. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt also co-founded The Good Fat Company which makes the Good Fat Bar help people get into ketosis. He also co-founded Power Nutrition Practice, a training company for nutrition practitioners including clinical and business education.

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253: Lactic Acidosis

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