246: Laser Detox

Laser Detox 

One of the latest methods of healing is through laser detox. It can be regarded as a futuristic form of laser treatment that can cure people suffering from bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, heavy metals, detox, pesticides, plastics, chemicals, autoimmune, cancer, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Dr. Doug Phillips has administered laser detox to a lot of patients, and I'm thrilled to have him on this episode to talk about it.

Former Profession

Dr. Doug Phillips did not immediately start his career offering laser detox services to patients. In fact, he started out as a dentist. For almost four decades, Dr. Doug Phillips centered his focus on jaw dysfunction, facial pain and chronic illness which can lead to a lot of other health problems.

With his office initially based in Palm Beach, he researched to learn more about the immune and autonomic nervous system, as well as the importance of detoxing our body from toxins and pathogens, often found in our jaw.

“My step by step growth was inspired by the Lord. I kept learning and growing, and I am still learning now. We are never done,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

In the mid-80s, Dr. Doug Phillips was one of the 15 dentists who performed at the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. Apparently, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain is the most significant association of dentists and other experts whose focus is on craniofacial pain, temporomandibular disorders, and dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Doug Phillips recalled one patient, wherein initially, no one knew the real cause of that person's face pain. Dr. Doug Phillips put something on both sides of the mouth, and the pain subsided!

“I found one spot and touched it with a drill. The pain was all gone. It made me see how important that was. From there, I learned more,” Dr. Doug Phillips said.

The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain was established in 1985 by a group of experts who wanted to promote clinical skills as well as educate people in this field. The organization holds a summer conference in the United States as well as winter conferences.

Learn About Heavy Metals Toxicity

Dr. Doug Phillips first heard about Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in 1992.  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt was offering workshops at that time, and Dr. Doug Phillips signed up for one that focused on Neurotherapy. Because he liked the experience, Dr. Doug Phillips took the advanced course three months later and learned a lot about heavy metals toxicity.

I was very fortunate to have Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on my show, and I highly recommend listening to that episode. To complement your heavy metals detox, it is also advisable to take supplements like Chlorella.

I had ENERGYbits founder Catharine Arnston on a past episode to talk about her products which primarily aids in the cleansing and healing of our cells. For those who want to try her products may refer to our episode and order through her website.  Don't forget to apply the LTH promo code to avail of the 20% discount upon checkout.

Dangers of Mercury

Dr. Doug Phillips says that out of all the heavy metals, it is mercury that we have to watch out for. He has been doing detoxes for mercury for over two decades and says maintenance is a lifelong commitment. Keeping our liver clean also significantly helps, although a laser detox is the best option.

“Mercury is in every nucleus of a cancer cell. I advise people to do a detox and replace mercury fillings. Those who also had root canals should be careful,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

Other Toxic Problems

Aside from the heavy metals, Dr. Doug Phillips says fungus and molds are also a major problem. He says it is thirty to forty times stronger than it used to be because of EMFs.

“If you have fungus and molds, infection forms in the sinus which leads to chronic inflammation making it so you can't get rid of anything else. Lyme is hard to treat if there is fungus present,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

Dr. Doug Phillips also suggests being alert for the possible presence of parasites. Some parasites are hard to detect in the body, and it takes through testing to be able to identify that parasites may be a cause of your health problem.

Living Organisms

Dr. Doug Phillips also cites the work of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura who initially discovered how to use plant leaves to remove heavy metals from the body. One plant that can remove mercury from the body is the coriander plant or cilantro.

Based in New York, Dr. Yoshiaki Omura found out that organisms that cause infections hide in body areas with a high concentration of heavy metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum. Organisms used the heavy metals to protect themselves from antibiotics.

“I learned about the difference in the organisms, how they are now and how they used to be. The organisms used to have a cell wall. When they had a cell wall, our immune system could identify them by the information on the cell wall,” explains Dr. Doug Phillips.

He adds, “Organism evolved, and the cell wall disappeared, so that made them very pliable. These organisms live inside the cell now. The autonomic nervous system which we were using as a guide, only goes into the extracellular space. It doesn't go inside the cell. We were missing all the intracellular organisms.”

Direct Resonance Testing

Dr. Doug Phillips learned direct resonance testing from Dr. Yoshiaki Omura. He learned how to test intracellular with direct resonance testing. That eventually opened a whole new world of treatment available for patients.

“Dr. Klinghardt and I both expanded our knowledge. I had people coming to me with dental problems but the Board of Dentistry, when you have a board, usually people on the board are not very good in their profession. They are people who are satisfying their ego in the profession by being on the board,” shares Dr. Doug Phillips.

Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic response testing, on the other hand, is a technique developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt with the help of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, It is a technique that is advanced and accurate for muscle testing.

The method is being used by more medical professionals to dive deeper into finding out the cause of a patient's health condition. It is easy to administer and provides quick results, so it saves people time and money.

Legal Battle

Dr. Doug Phillips encountered legal battles in the late 90s that eventually turned his life around. He recalls people on the Board of Dentistry were judging him so Dr. Doug Phillips had to stand up against them.

“I knew what I was doing, and I had 22 top doctors testifying for me. It was a two-week trial. The board had two doctors testify for them, one from the Board of Medicine and Board of Dentistry. The judge ruled in my favor. I won in court,” Dr. Doug Phillips said.

But apparently, the board had the power to overrule what the judge said. Because of that, the board revoked Dr. Doug Phillips' license. Dr. Doug Phillips took up a higher level. But things were already shifting at that point because Dr. Doug Phillips was also a Naturopath by then.

Career Shift

By 2001, Dr. Doug Phillips was practicing as a Naturopath. Rather than go after getting back his dentist license, he decided to offer alternative treatments since he is licensed by The Commission of Religious Consulting and Healing.

“I have patients from all over. People are frustrated. We're reaching out. Because what they want is their quality of life back,” said Dr. Doug Phillips. “But their health isn't enough to support them to be happy. So what we do is autonomic response testing to find out the cause of what's going on and not just treat symptoms.” 

He adds, “I'm not licensed to do any medication but what I do is better. I do herbal nutraceuticals. We train the patient how it goes through every cell in the body for 5 to 6 hours after they take it. And we train them what stops that from working.”

Using Peptides

Dr. Doug Phillips also used peptides. A peptide is a compound that contains two or more amino acids. The peptides are from the immune system of the great white shark and the Australian saltwater crocodile.

Citing Lyme disease as an example, Dr. Doug Phillips says Lyme disease has very tricky organisms. But once Dr. Doug Phillips has found the herbal nutraceuticals that goes exactly with the organisms, there is usually a good result after a few days.

Aside from testing for bacteria, fungus, parasites and algae, Dr. Doug Phillips also administers tests for herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, plastic, toxic solvents and metal. He says that those toxins are polluting the internal environment. Because of that, it makes the organism stronger, making our system more acidic.

Laser Detox

“We have ways to get rid of the toxin within a day and a half. No drugs. It's a laser detox called laser energetic detox. The laser detox utilizes all the light bodies surrounding us by communicating with every cell over a hundred times a minute,” explains Dr. Doug Phillips.

Dr. Doug Phillips further explains that laser detox uses that power to plant the detox in the cell. Apparently, the body goes through a process every twenty-four and a half hours as our vital life force travels through our whole system for the detox to take place. After that, the toxin disappears.

Laser Detox Procedure

Dr. Doug Phillips has treated people who have cancer, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and joints pain with laser detox. First of all, Dr. Doug Phillips conducts an initial assessment of the patient's health history.

The next step of the program is eliminating or reserving autoimmunity through treatment. Each treatment is customized for the patient and a day and a half after; patients can start their detox. Usually, in the third session, patients no longer have the autoimmune disease.

“We have over 90 flowers in our test kit. Flowers resonate with the emotions. Once they find all the toxins, we find the flowers in the test kit that resonate with the emotional complex binding the toxin. And we pick that with a laser detox,” Dr. Doug Phillips explains.

Dr. Doug Phillips further explains that they use invisible beams for specific areas of the body and the brain. Patients sit with shoes off, then Dr. Doug Phillips lasers flowers on the bottom of feet, palm hands and ears.

“There's an organ representation of the whole body on the bottom of the feet, the palms of the hand and ears,” said Dr. Doug Phillips. “The patient then stands up so we can shine the laser beam and laser the whole body. What we are lasering is the layers of light that surround the body. It is done within half an hour.”


Dr. Doug Phillips had previously practiced General Dentistry for over thirty-eight years.  In the late 1970's, his traditional, restorative practice began to shift to a more specialized focus–patients with a chronic headache, facial pain, and jaw dysfunction.  He became increasingly interested in why some of these patients healed with traditional treatments, while others did not. 

In search of answers, Dr. Doug Phillips began to study Biological Dentistry in the early 1990s.  This is an extension of dentistry which is concerned with the dental contributions to chronic illness.  He learned that the body's immune and autonomic nervous system (the systems in charge of our survival) need to be cleansed of toxins and pathogens, many of which are lodged in the jaw before healing can occur. 

As a result of his studies, Dr. Doug Phillips incorporated Biological Dentistry into his practice.  He created Biological Evaluation for patients who were not responding predictably to traditional treatment.  Through this extensive interview and examination, information was gathered regarding the patient's teeth, jaw, bite, body, psycho-emotional status, and lifestyle habits. 

Next, using Autonomic Response Testing and Direct Resonance Testing, the organisms and toxins present in the jaw, as well as the corresponding dysfunctioning organs and glands of the body, were identified.  These were the pathogens that needed to be eliminated for healing to begin and health restored. 

Dr. Doug Phillips targets the energetic aspect of everything from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and cancer to Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity. Dr. Doug Phillips aims at the cause of the problem, not its symptoms. Dr. Doug Phillips is in no way practicing as a medical doctor.

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