Lenny Gale – Magical Vitamix Experience

Life is NOYOKE

Lenny Gale left a promising career in corporate financial consulting and the CPA license he worked so hard to get to start Life is NOYOKE in 2012. Today, he is in charge of all things Vitamix, including maintaining the Vitamix buyer’s guide. His favorite foods are green olives, falafel, and scotch.

Life is NOYOKE (pronounced “no-YOLK”) is the online home for Vitamix affiliate, Lenny Gale. With the help of his wife, Shalva, they maintain a Vitamix guide, publish weekly vegan Vitamix recipes, and handwrite a weekly newsletter.

Think of them as virtual Vitamix demonstrators.

They work hard as commission-only contractors of Vitamix to show how healthy eating can be easy (and fun!) with the help of a Vitamix. As affiliates, they can focus on what they’re good at telling stories, teaching the masses, and changing the world (one Vitamix at a time).

“Our main service: We will help you get a deal on a Vitamix and use it in good health. https://lifeisnoyoke.com/vitamix/
Life is NOYOKE is my middle finger to Big Food. And the goal is simple:
Accelerate our adoption of a whole-food focused, plant-based diet.
If I can lose 40 lbs by changing the way I eat, so can you.”

Lenny teaches 3 keys to quick and easy health transformation:
1. Pick a partner.
2. Pick a sabbath.
3. Blend daily.

All made easier with the help of a Vitamix.


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