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life purpose

Living Life with Passion and Purpose

Life purpose varies from every individual.  Yet we often don't realize our life purpose because we are too absorbed in other things.

We could be eating right, exercising and eating supplements. But if we're not plugging into our spiritual health or not finding out our purpose is in life it is useless. What's the point in life if we're not living our path?

life purpose

How An Aussie End Up in Japan

Leigh Martinuzzi had an amazing journey before he settled in Japan. Hence, he left a corporate life to help people find their life purpose.

“I lived in Japan 10 years ago when I was single and no kids. Two Christmases ago, we thought of going on to explore Japan because I had connections here. It was an easy decision and we moved to Japan within a few months,” said Martinuzzi.

Comfortably adjusted by now, he has no regrets. “Consequently, we're living the life.  And I love the experience and adventure.  Just to have the ability to do allows me to grow. Since we also wanted the kids to grow up in a new culture,” shares Martinuzzi.

Becoming A Coach

Martinuzzi realized a corporate life was not for him.

“I felt that disconnect and I was introduced to a podcast. First of all, outside work, I was doing things that didn't add value to my life. Therefore, I brought back writing back into my life,” Martinuzzi said.

He then realized his life purpose. Hence, he has his own podcast to share what he has learned to help other people do the same.

Finding Your Life Purpose: The Hidden Why

Martinuzzi says if we don't express ourselves and really let out what we're learning, we miss out on a big part of life.  Furthermore, expression is one of the keys to great meaning.

And it makes so much sense. Just recently, Easter just happened and my friend invited me to her church service. It was totally out of my norm because I was raised Anglican. Because I wasn't used to a liberal and uplifting service.  Yet the minister said something that hit me hard.

He was talking about redemption. He said if there's something you really don't want, like being homeless or depressed, take that as your purpose to help people in that situation you don't want to be in. I was thinking about charities for children after that. Most noteworthy, I felt a calling.

This is the perfect question to ask ourselves—What is it that I hate to suffer from? How can I help others not suffer from it?

Steps To Discover The Hidden Why

“There are elements from the past that can help us figure out what life purpose is. For me, I realized in my past that the condition state of our lives, we become detached from our life purpose,” Matinuzzi shares.

We have a sense of disconnect since we're conditioned to fit a mold that helps us to fit into society.

Life Compass

Martinuzzi this is our navigational tool to help figure out what our life purpose is. These elements are:

  1. Dreams and passions
  2. Skills and talents
  3. Core values
  4. Needs and desires

Our problems are usually because we are guided by the externals of life rather by being guided within. And that's where the suffering is usually arising from.

“Once I started to climb my own journey in life, I started to evolve my ‘what' to my ‘why' more deeply. In finding that I found my happiness and still working on it,” Martinuzzi said.

Lessons by Interviewing People 

Martinuzzi also suggests these steps to help you figure out what is most important to you. 

  1. Connecting to the why and becoming your own leader in life.
  2. Awareness helps bring balance. Be more present in each moment. Meditation is helpful.
  3. You have to do the work that is important to you. Be persistent in that. 

My Own Journey

Martinuzzi's life compass is correct. I started this journey to find it myself when I started doing this Learn True Health podcast.

One thing that really inspired me is Health Coaches. Health Coaches have the amazing ability to impact someone's life.

The old paradigm is to see a doctor when you are sick. Yet Health Coaches, on the other hand, can sit with you on a regular basis.  Especially relevant is they help their clients to gain balance in holistic health.

Reality Behind The Statistics

Recent statistics report that children born in this generation have a lower life expectancy rate.  It's scary thinking that we would outlive our children. One in three people has blood sugar issues. In addition to that, one in two men or women in their lifetime will experience cancer.

These statistics need to be stopped. If you're the type of person who knows you could benefit from it, I highly recommend getting a Health Coach.

Becoming A Health Coach

I am training to be a certified Health Coach in 6 months. I am absolutely loving this program. The Insitute for Integrated for Nutrition was started over 25 years ago by Joshua Rosenthal. I was able to interview him and you may listen to our podcast episode # 106 – “How This Man Is Shaping Holistic Health

Does This Really Matter?

Ask yourself that question.  Consequently, Martinuzzi says most of the time it doesn't. He says suffering only happens to what is real. Once you're aware of that, you can start to remove the unnecessary things in our lives.

“Only conscious, living things can have that suffering. Example, money can't cause us suffering unless we let it. Questioning what really matters allows you to focus on things that really matter to you,” said Martinuzzi.

Common Denominator

Most of my listeners' big concern is not having time to eat right because they don't have time to do so.

“The jobs are not going to suffer whether you're there or not. What is going to suffer is you,” explains Martinuzzi. “That's the challenge we have to face. Our survival is really up to ourselves.”

Furthermore, he says we are now more prone to suicide and overeating. Three million people are at risk of dying due to obesity. Compared to one million people dying from starvation. That really puts things in perspective.

How To Be Really Happy 

Sometimes we get caught up in our belief system. But we don't have to let our thoughts control us. A good source of reading is Hacking the Universe by Forrest Knutson.

“I personally liked the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris. He is so direct and honest. It really showed the truth and the journey he had into meditation,” said Martinuzzi.

Finally, we should take time everyday to look within and calm our mind. Life purpose can only be realized if we free our mind of external things that don't really matter.

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He's an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. He assists people via speaking, coaching, writing and podcasting.

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Hacking The Universe by Forrest Knutson

10% Happier by Dan Harris

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