Living Life To The Fullest

Living Life To The Fullest

Living life to the fullest is mostly everyone’s ultimate goal. Life has so much to offer in terms of personal growth and enriching other people’s lives through what we do. However, for some people like my guest, Wesley Chapman, it wasn’t a smooth ride. Been through hell and back, he is living life to the fullest by telling his story of survival, resilience, and hope.

Traumatic Childhood

Wesley Chapman’s childhood was full of trauma. Born to parents who were both incapable of raising him in a normal environment, Wesley Chapman was diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive.’

“Failure to thrive is a human being’s lack of the basics that make us up as a species a.k.a. like having love or the feeling of being nurturing,” said Wesley Chapman. “The physical side of hygiene, nutrition and basic rights of humanity were likewise inadequate.”

Wesley Chapman recalls that people around his parents tried to get them to change their habits. However, rather than turning better, things apparently got worse.

living life to the fullest

Abandoned And Molested

Before Wesley Chapman turned a year old, his father abandoned the family. He says his mom protected herself by remarrying out of safety and necessity. Wesley Chapman’s stepfather, however, was nowhere near the doting father that Wesley Chapman yearned.

Apparently, it was not long before Wesley Chapman’s stepfather showed his true colors. He was insanely abusive to Wesley Chapman and his younger siblings. Consequently, the abuse was physical, emotional and sexual.

“I wake up in cold sweat scared of being molested while watching my siblings being molested. But as the oldest boy, I wanted to take the brunt of the abuse,” said Wesley Chapman.

He adds, “Internally; I was torn. It didn’t help that my younger brother was mentally disabled. Doctors also thought I was a functioning mentally-handicapped person. I was labeled a lot. Hence, I was made to take a lot of medication.”

Being Orphaned

At the age of 6, Wesley Chapman had to deal with his mother who was struggling with a lot of issues. By seven years old, Wesley Chapman became an orphan when his mother also abandoned him and his siblings.

Consequently, that made Wesley Chapman very angry. At a young age, Wesley Chapman was made to feel that he was worthless. Hence, living life to the fullest seemed like an impossible dream.

“I played the victim role, and I was labeled so much. I didn’t trust anyone, and I wasn’t communicating well with others,” recalls Wesley Chapman.

Suicide Was An Option

With so many bad things happening, Wesley Chapman felt hopeless. It seemed like he was never going to be living life to the fullest. Hence, suicide became a daily occurrence.

“If you read my journals, it’s crazy how much writing I did. Before the age of 16, I had 12 documented suicide attempts,” Wesley Chapman shares. “Plus, the medicines were tearing my body apart. Hence, I became so sick.”

Going Cold Turkey

However, at 16 years old, Wesley Chapman got tired of these medical professionals dictating to him how to live life. So one day, Wesley Chapman decided to go cold turkey on all medication. Because of that, he went through withdrawal symptoms but survived through it.

“Looking back, my traumatic childhood was a saving grace. It was something that gave me a chance to strive for living life to the fullest.” Wesley Chapman said.

Picking Up The Pieces

Life didn’t become rosy overnight after Wesley Chapman decided to eradicate medication from his life. Abuse was daily at his foster homes even after he left his biological family unit. He still experienced physical, emotional and spiritual abuse until the latter part of his teenage years.

Wanting to start living life to the fullest, Wesley Chapman began to read up about health. He mainly focused on how to maintain a healthy liver and the importance of staying hydrated all the time.

Aside from paying attention to what he ate and drank, Wesley Chapman likewise paid attention to his body chemistry. Apparently, every emotion is a chemical reaction. Fast forward since that time, Wesley Chapman has been medication-free for years and rarely takes antibiotics.

“I was tired of a lot of things. So I made a deal with God to do my part by correcting things in my body,” Wesley Chapman said. “It also helped that my last foster mom loves me. The support meant a lot to my evolution.”

living life to the fullest

Sowing Success

Wesley Chapman eventually found success in business, marketing, and storytelling. He says one of the essential elements of his journey is understanding the human mind. Learning self-worth is likewise a significant factor in his personal growth.

“Make something happen. Being a victim gets you nowhere. Power, control and empowerment essentially comes from responsibility and ownership,” said Wesley Chapman.

He adds, “Choose to have a better life and create something powerful, meaningful and worthwhile. We are not the labels we are given, but rather we are what we choose to be.”

Tips On How To Wake Up That Hero Within

First of all, Wesley Chapman says that the initial step is to integrate a sense of deep-rooted honesty within yourself. It goes hand in hand with responsibility and ownership.
Consequently, if you’re still pushing pieces of your life onto somebody else, you’re not in the honest portal.

The next step is learning how to heal. And people heal in different ways. But regardless of how you recover, understand the ‘why’ and have empathy to those who affected and infected you. Primarily, you heal by yourself, and you do that by analyzing what life is for you.

“If you’re living the healthiest life inside and out, you’re going to attract the right people in your life. They’re going to be drawn to you in that way,” explains Wesley Chapman. “We are living in a world now where more people need to become warriors of strength. That’s why I do what I do.”

Abandoned by both parents, abused, forgotten and diagnosed to never amount to anything of value – this was the foundation of Wesley Chapman’s self-worth. Despite such horrifying beginnings, Wesley grew up to found successful businesses and work with some of the most significant, most respected brands in the world.

living life to the fullest

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