341: Living The Good Life Naturally

Kristen Bowen and Ashley James

I am very excited to welcome back to the show, Kristen Bowen, the founder of Living The Good Life Naturally and my favorite Magnesium Soak!

I am a huge fan of this magnesium soak. I've been experimenting with different forms of magnesium supplementation for eight years, and this one has been the most effective by far for helping me achieve full cell saturation levels of magnesium.

In this interview, I go into more detail and share my experience with using Kristen Bowen's Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak. We first had Kristen on Learn True Health in Episode 294: Magnesium Foot Soak.

Sleep Through The Night

I've been using Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak since last summer with my husband and our 3-year-old son. Before this soak, it would take us up to 2 hours each night to get our son to sleep! Even with taking liquid magnesium as a supplement approved by his Naturopathic Pediatrician he was still always wound up!

The very first night he did his regular bath with a 1/8 cup of Kristen's Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak in his bath he ASKED us to put him to bed without reading his regular five books because he was ready to sleep!!!

Ever since then we have regularly added this concentrated magnesium to his nighttime baths, and he has stopped fighting us at bedtime. He falls asleep quickly and stays asleep through the night. Plus he is calmer during the day!

And that is just his results! My husband and I have also noticed fantastic results of our own. There is a Facebook post in our podcast's Facebook group with 175 comments of people in the community sharing how great this has been for their health and the health of their family.

One community member made a video sharing how this magnesium soak has stopped her life-long migraines!

Several others have shared that it has helped them finally get better sleep, stop restless legs, aid them in more energy and fewer or no feelings of stress in their day.

Our body needs magnesium for over 1,800 cellular processes, Dr. Carolyn Dean shared in Episode 227: Curing Diseases with Magnesium.

Magnesium is the most important mineral for health and the one we are chronically low in all of the time!

Lab Test For Magnesium Levels

If you are not sure that you have a magnesium deficiency, you can get a $50 blood test called the RBC Mag test. You can get it from walkinlab.com if you are in the US.

You want your number to be between 6 and 7.2. Most people are below 5, which means they are chronically deficient. When you are deficient in magnesium, it affects hormones, immune health, soft tissue health, stress, sleep, the brain! The list goes on and on. Every system of the body requires magnesium, and every system begins to breakdown without it.

That is why this magnesium soak is so effective. As you can tell, I have become a big cheerleader of Kristen Bowen's Living The Good Life Naturally Magnesium Soak. I was very skeptical at the beginning. I am open-minded enough to give something new a try, and I will let the results speak for themselves. And they did!

Near the beginning of our interview Kristen shares that for the next two weeks Learn True Health listeners will get a free jar of her 100% natural Magnesium Muscle Cream plus the regular 10% off that LTH listeners normally get by using the coupon code LTH.

What Saved Kristen's Life

This interview was quite a rollercoaster ride of life-changing health information! In our first interview, Kristen shared her story. At her lowest point, Kristen was 70lbs, in a wheelchair and having 30 seizures a day with her hair falling out in handfuls and brain fog so bad she could barely talk.

She tried everything to regain her health. It wasn't until she discovered this pure, concentrated magnesium from the Zechstein Sea that she began to gain her health back!

Kristen came to discover that with this specific type of naturally occurring magnesium we absorb 20 GRAMS of bio-available magnesium in a one hour bath with this magnesium soak! This is the most effective way to get magnesium into your body for relaxation, pain relief, sleep, and anxiety!

For her, within weeks of using the soak, it helped end her seizures, combat her autoimmune disease and restore her health to the point where she could walk, talk and think again! She said it was like a light bulb went on inside her. She had been so minerally deficient for so many years that the magnesium she was soaking in filled her like a car engine on empty gulping in gallons of fuel at the gas station.

How To Achieve Low Maintenance Health

In our interview, Kristen brings up an interesting point. Looking at her life, some might think she has to do a lot of things each day to keep on top of her health. These small, daily rituals have built a strong foundation of wellness that allows her to thrive. Her investment into supplements, clean foods, online workshops, holistic medical devices like saunas, herbs, lotions, treatments like massage and acupuncture all have been part of building this foundation.

And now, over 12 years after Kristen was able to liberate herself from the frailty of illness the MDs said she would never recover from, she has built a foundation of health so strong that she refers to her health as “low maintenance.” She shares that the years of hard work do pay off. It takes the right mindset, lifestyle, and food choices to have low maintenance health.

Importance Of Boron For Our Health

Many of our listeners reached out to Kristen after our first interview with a barrage of wonderful questions. The most common one was, “After I reach cell saturation, how can I maintain and hold onto my magnesium better?

“Kristen shares that many other deficiencies and conditions can “burn through” our magnesium stores quickly, like a boat with a leak, leading to perpetual mineral deficiency.

“If you use the magnesium soak daily and are unable to reach full cell saturation after 30 days, we have a crack in the foundation. I did not rebuild my health by chasing symptoms. But rather I built a strong foundation. Adding boron helps you hold on to that magnesium. It’s like a booster pack for the magnesium,” said Kristen Bowen.

Kristen Bowen says boron helps you hold magnesium in your cells. If you’re experiencing the benefits of magnesium, but you have to soak all the time, you may have a boron deficiency.

“Boron gives the cell wall flexibility. And the cell wall is like your brain. It’s what communicates the information in your body. If you don’t have enough boron, you are stopping the communication at the cellular level,” Kristen Bowen explains.

She adds, “Boron can also help bring the inflammation markers down and help regulate the inflammation in your body which is attached to your pain level. It also helps your pancreas balance blood sugars.”

In different areas of the world where there is naturally occurring boron, Kristen Bowen reveals that cancer cases are lower proving the importance of this trace mineral in preventing disease.

“Boron works through the parathyroid and helps re-mineralize the bones. But a lot of women will have hormone problems when they add boron,” said Kristen Bowen. “The missing component is cortisol. It is stress. I call it the magnesium mindset.”

Recognizing Our Power

Kristen Bowen believes we have to recognize how powerful we are. Many of us are “addicted” to our stress and use cortisol to get us through the day. When we produce excess cortisol, it is giving us a short-term fix. It gives us a little bit of energy and clears our head in the short term.

“But one of the long-term consequences of living off of our stress hormones is that it robs us of the building blocks that our body uses to make progesterone and estrogen,” said Kristen Bowen.

She adds, “If we have some cortisol issues, we need to be a little slower adding boron until we have soaked in magnesium long enough. Because that will help you get on top of the cortisol issues so when you do add that boron, you’re not having issues with your hormones as well.”

Maximizing Boron

Kristen gets her boron from the all-natural, 100% boron, cleaning agent “20 Mule Team Borax”, Kristen Bowen recommends taking about one liter of water and mixing it with a rounded teaspoon, shake and let it dissolve before taking it.

“One teaspoon equals three milligrams of boron approximately. So, I take anywhere from 18 to 24 milligrams a day. But if you chose to take your boron this way, make sure you buy the one that is without the fragrance and 100% all natural. That is why I use 20 MuleTeam Borax, which is 100% boron, the same quality they put in supplements for a fraction of the cost,” said Kristen Bowen.

She adds, “Because there are some places in the world where the 20 Mule Team Borax has fragrance added. That’s not appropriate to ingest. Best thing to do is take the 30-day challenge where you get to full cell-saturation of magnesium before you add the boron.”

Kristen says you can also get boron from foods like raisins, almonds, dried apricots, and chia seeds, as long as those foods were grown in boron-rich soil. If you take time to gel chia seeds, it creates a polysaccharide and helps mops up excess cortisol in the body. It is also a food source of B vitamins which is crucial to holding magnesium in the cell.


If you have PCOS, Kristen Bowen suggests not to take boron first because it’s just going to aggravate the problem. Instead, you have to do more to support decreasing cortisol and improving magnesium levels. And that’s where chia seeds come in to play.

When chia seeds are properly soaked, it will help mop up some of that excess cortisol, and the polysaccharides help as well. So, when your body is ready to handle boron, it’s not going to throw you into converting testosterone at a faster pace.


According to Kristen Bowen, every time we have that cortisol spike, it strengthens the biofilm that coats the lining of the gut and harbors harmful candida. The stronger the biofilm is, the harder it is to break the candida down and rid ourselves of unwanted parasites.

“Magnesium is good at helping the body to clean out the candida-rich toxic biofilm. If you have had extra cortisol and a candida issue, the magnesium breaks down the biofilm,” Kristen Bowen said.

Vitamin C

It’s also essential to understand vitamin C dosing. No one can tell you how much you need. It’s different for everybody because the strength of your adrenals determines it.

Kristen shares that you can only hold as much vitamin C as your adrenals are strong. The stronger your adrenals, the better your body can utilize vitamin C. When we are under toxic-stress our body burns through our vitamins and minerals faster, leading to deficiency and furthermore, illness.

Most people believe that the RDA on the vitamin bottle is the maximum dose we should ever take of vitamins C. However, it is the MINIMUM required amount of vitamin C to barely stave off disease.

If you want to be barely diseased than only take the daily RDA amount, we want TRUE HEALTH; so we are going to take more vitamin C than the minimin RDA of 50mg!

Dr. Mathius Rath studied under the famous Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, and after his death continued his research on the importance of vitamin C and amino acid proteins. Dr. Rath has several free ebooks available including one called Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, and People Do where he outlines fascinating discoveries on how vitamin C works at preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease.

An interesting fact that he points out about animals is most of them produce their own vitamin C, much like we produce our own vitamin D internally. A goat will have about 16 grams of vitamin C coursing through its bloodstream at any given time while a wolf will have 32 grams.

If a human adult is twice or three times the size and weight of a wolf, how many grams of vitamin C do you think we require for optimal health and healing? The US Government says only 50 mg, while researches like Dr. Mathius Rath and Linus Pauling say we need many grams of vitamin C each day. If we are not getting it from eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, then we need to consider supplementing our vitamin C from a whole foods source.

Acerola Cherry Powder for Vitamin C

Kristen Bowen experienced a miraculous recovery in her gut health when she added Acerola Cherry Powder to her protocol. Acerola Cherries are naturally high in vitamin C, and when made into a powder it becomes a potent vitamin C supplement that is bioavailable and easily absorbed and utilized by the body. You can buy her Acerola Cherry Powder from her site  LivingTheGoodLifeNaturally.com and be sure to use the coupon code LTH for 10% off.

Kristen Bowen’s favorite way to take Acerola Cherry Powder is mixing a drink that has some coconut water, grapefruit juice, and good green algae. My favorite algae is from EnergyBits.com. Be sure to use coupon code LTH for 20% off!

Toxic Stress

The abuse Kristen Bowen went through as a young girl set the stage for high cortisol levels later in life. A groundbreaking study conducted in 1995 by the Centers for Disease Control and the Kaiser Permanente health care organization in California looked at the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and overall outcomes in life. They found that the more ACEs we experience will set the stage for what has been now coined as “toxic stress” later in life.

Toxic stress is when the body is overreacting to everyday occurrences as if they are threats. A door slams, a car alarm goes off, someone yells, these sounds are enough to set off the fight or flight response in the body. For someone who went through Adverse Childhood Experiences, those sounds feel like dangerous threats and spiral their body into extreme stress. All day long they are overstimulated by little sounds or sights their body perceives as threats.

If you know you had ACEs as a child, it is imperative that you take action now to lower and manage your stress; otherwise, this study concluded that you have a greater the chance of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, substance abuse, smoking, poor academic achievement, and early death.

The good news is there are many things you can do to be proactive to mitigate the effects that ACEs have on your stress levels, including soaking in magnesium!

It was fun to hear Kristen share that as women, as the matriarch, as the mom and wife, we set the tone for digestion at the table. It is set by the female who sits at the table. Our mood affects digestion for everyone dining with us! If we are in a state of relaxation and joy, everyone can relax and digest and absorb the nutrients in their food. If we bring our stress to the table, or worse, all eat in front of the TV, we are setting up our body and the health of our family to fail. We cannot properly digest and absorb the nutrients in our food when under a state of stress.

“To create low maintenance health, we have to take into account and claim how powerful we are. For me it was a real mindset shift in helping to re-wire my brain,” said Kristen Bowen.


Remember how I said this interview was a roller coaster of health information? Well, the biggest plot twist was when Kristen shared about her experience with expelling parasites from her body.

At some point in her recovery, Kristen realized she had hit a wall. All of her symptoms pointed towards parasites.

For over a year Kristen Bowen performed expensive parasites cleanses with little results. Eventually, she stopped taking the abrasive herbs designed to kill the worms, amoebas, and flukes she felt was causing her symptoms and instead turned to study further about the gut's biofilm and what she could do to support her body in making her gut an inhospitable hotel for those unwanted pests.

That is when she discovered the before mentioned Acerola Cherry Powder, and it's benefits to help aid her in making the parasites leave her body.

After adding the Acerola Cherry Powder to her daily protocol, along with soaking in her magnesium and taking boron, she began to expell parasites from her body!

However, each month they would return only to be expelled again. She did her research and found out that when we have low stomach acid the parasites can reproduce each month and continue to thrive.

Kristen tried taking HCl supplements, but they did not agree with her. Instead, she looked to natural ways to stimulate and support her stomach to make healthy acid. She found that drinking fresh celery juice did the trick!

“I use 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning,” said Kristen Bowen.

Parasite Release

Kristen Bowen believes that on the subject of a parasite release, it’s not just about checking off a list and making sure you got all the supplements. You must put that mindset and be willing to take your power back.

“Because your energy goes up, your ability to communicate goes up; your ability to follow through with ideas fills up. We have to be willing to increase our accountability,” said Kristen Bowen.

When Kristen Bowen experienced that parasite release and was able to figure out the need to build hydrochloric acid, walking away from the constant reproduction cycle happening, that’s when Kristen Bowen achieved low maintenance health.

“We are the CEO of our health and body! We don’t just lift ourselves. It is our gift. Our feminine gift is to lift others around us. Tapping back into that power is crucial,” said Kristen Bowen.

Living The Good Life Naturally

As a treat to Learn True Health listeners, Kristen Bowen is giving 10% off whenever you buy her products on her website. Just type the coupon code LTH at checkout. And for every jug of magnesium soak, Kristen Bowen includes a free jar of magnesium muscle cream for a limited time.

To those who have suggested that the magnesium soak be available in a powder or flake form, Kristen Bowen says the effectivity will be compromised.

“The purity, quality of the product and ability to get cell saturation is crucial. And flakes do not meet my standard. I would never sell anything that I’m not willing to use myself,” said Kristen Bowen.

However, Kristen Bowen says you can’t get the full cell saturation with the cream, but people do see more localized results. It cannot replace soaking, but it’s a beautiful spot treatment to relax muscles and decrease pain and inflammation.

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Healing Is Voltage by Jerry L. Tennant 


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