294: Magnesium Foot Soak

Magnesium Foot Soak

I have been raving about my guest's magnesium foot soak for some time now. Magnesium has proven to be such an important component of health. But a magnesium foot soak is much more effective in getting it into our body. To further explain the benefits of a magnesium foot soak, I'm thrilled to have Kristen Bowen on the show.

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Health Issues

Kristen Bowen said she had health issues even as a little girl. But rather than digging into the cause, her parents kept putting band-aids on it. During her teenage years, Kristen Bowen grew out of her health issues. But reaching her early 20s the autoimmune issues started to kick in.

The big crash happened in 2003. Kristen Bowen says that time, she had a baby and was having some bladder issues as well as leaking. Upon the advice of her sisters, Kristen Bowen went to an OB-gyne to get her bladder tied up.


During Kristen Bowen's gallbladder surgery, her heart kept stopping. After surgery, she started having seizures, and her body just started crashing. In the course of three and a half years, she ended up in a wheelchair.

However, Kristen Bowen's husband never gave up. Being 36 years old at that time, a good day for her was opening her eyes on the couch. It also affected her six children. Two kids were newly adopted at the time, and her health issues were added stress on any child. As much they wanted to be smooth and strong for the kids, no doctors could do anything.

Ray Of Hope

One day, Kristen Bowen and her husband happened to listen to a radio show and heard a physician's assistant talking about out of the box solutions. They felt a ray of hope that someone will finally listen to them.

They finally went to see that doctor who indeed listened to them. Although he was clueless about Kristen Bowen's condition, he wanted to do some research. After a month, they met up again. The doctor found something that he was interested in and asked Kristen Bowen if she was willing to try it out.

“And what he found was, people with autoimmune who went into surgery had a reaction to the metal in the titanium. Even though the thinking at the time was that titanium was inert. He suggested to redo the bladder tie up and take the titanium out. That was a huge decision to make,” recalls Kristen Bowen.

During surgery, the doctor found that Kristen Bowen's cadaver graft did not have a tracking number. Hence, the assumption was that her cadaver graft was bought on the black market and it had molds on it.

“The molds shut my body down. Even moments after that surgery, I knew something was better. Because I could think and process. At that point we knew we made the right decision,” said Kristen Bowen. “But it left me with all sort of issues. The quality of my life was low, so I searched out of the box solutions.”

Building A Strong Foundation

It was about twelve to fourteen weeks when Kristen Bowen's seizures completely stopped and went away. She now teaches clients not to chase symptoms and build a strong foundation instead.

“Chasing symptoms is expensive, and it leaves you with a cupboardful of supplements that you quit using because it doesn't work,” said Kristen Bowen. “Magnesium is that foundation and doing a magnesium foot soak gets you that cell saturation. You can't get it orally with oral magnesium.”

Magnesium Foot Soak

The first time Kristen Bowen heard of a magnesium foot soak was when a lady suggested it to her. When it successfully helped her recover her health, Kristen Bowen vowed to share the magnesium foot soak with other people.

“My company is about helping people and making a difference. It is showing information and education so that people can make the best decisions for the journey of where they are at,” said Kristen Bowen.

Describing what a magnesium foot soak feels like, Kristen Bowen says it was like a sponge soaking up needed nutrition. She saw results for a year and a half when suddenly it quit working.

“They changed where they got it from and the FDA the way it's written; you don't have to tell people if you put water and magnesium because it already has water in it. And they diluted it,” Kristen Bowen reveals. 

She adds, “So, we had it tested. I don't go for what a company says, and I test in an independent lab. It is imported from the cleanest source and contains undiluted pure magnesium from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands because magnesium from Russia is high in heavy metals.”

Thermal Imaging Testing

Other companies dilute their magnesium soaks. And through a thermal imaging testing, Kristen Bowen proved that her 64-ounce bottle of Living the Good Life Naturally Magnesium contains 403 grams of magnesium chloride. An adult requires a quarter cup which is 24.42 grams of magnesium or 24.424 milligrams. When you do a magnesium foot soak for 20 minutes, the thermal imaging testing showed that the body absorbs 80% of that. After 45 minutes, the body absorbs 98% of the magnesium. Then some remain on skin as residue.

30-Day Challenge

Kristen Bowen says our grandparents did not have to worry about magnesium because they were getting it from their food. On the other hand, we have to be current and understand what we need to focus on to build optimal health. Nowadays, we can't get magnesium from our food, because of lifestyle, EMF, food, sugar, and stress.

The 30-day challenge requires doing a magnesium foot soak every day for 30 days. And Kristen Bowen attests to the fact that a lot of people's health improved significantly.

Shame Cortisol

There was also a number who initially failed to benefit from the magnesium foot soak. Kristen Bowen said she looked into the cases of those thirteen women and discovered something valuable.

“What I learned rocked my world personally. I discovered that when there is rage cortisol, shame is quiet. It is internal and cannot be seen externally. That shame cortisol is so detrimental to healing. All these women have been tapped in to shame for years,” explains Kristen Bowen.

She adds, “And because they have lived with high cortisol levels, their bodies were not absorbing that magnesium. Because when cortisol levels go up, magnesium gets pushed out through the urine.”

Because of that incident, Kristen Bowen wanted to help people understand how detrimental shame is. We must learn to understand the process of shame, what it feels like when you're standing in shame and understand the connection that you're walking away from your health at that point.

So, in the case of those thirteen women, it has more to do with internal healing and creating a stronger mind-body connection. It took those women three months to utilize tools to work on the process of shame. Tools included journaling and energy work like emotional freedom techniques.

magnesium foot soak

Magnesium Red Blood Cell Test

The magnesium red blood cell test has two kinds of tests you can take to test your magnesium. One is a magnesium blood serum test. Magnesium is so important to your body to keep your blood at 1% saturation. And if that blood serum test shows you have a problem, you're in massive crisis.

Furthermore, Kristen Bowen says the magnesium red blood cell test tests the magnesium around each red blood cell. It gives a more intimate, accurate picture of how you are utilizing that magnesium that you are soaking in. And the optimal numbers are 6.3 to 7.

For anyone who would want to avail of any lab testing, Kristen Bowen recommends Walk-In Lab.  The magnesium red blood cell test, in particular, is around $47 to 49 dollars, and there's usually a coupon code online to avail of a discount.

Gut Health

According to Kristen Bowen, magnesium is also connected to the gut health and peristaltic action. They don't work at that chronic constipation as a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is also essential for the adrenals, and Kristen Bowen considers the adrenals the holding point for your health.

“On the other hand, DHEA levels tell the hormones were to show up and where to go. Magnesium self-balances that. And not that magnesium is going to cure every hormone, but it's going to build a good foundation for your hormones to start functioning and interacting better with each other,” said Kristen Bowen.

Thyroid Health

Kristen Bowen says magnesium is so vital to thyroid health and that conversion of t4 to t3. If you're not converting from t4 to t3, your energy is going down. And then after the energy starts to sink, you start to put a spare tire around your waist of weight. That's a t4 – t3 conversion issue and your body need magnesium to make that happen.

“Some people's bodies are excited to pick up that magnesium and they drop the potassium. Hence, they feel horrible,” said Kristen Bowen.

She adds, “Have half a teaspoon of baking soda, a half cup of water and drink that. That alkalinity will help bring balance back into the body. You can also drink some coconut water that's rich in potassium.”

Long-Term Benefits

Kristen Bowen believes that oral magnesium will give you some short-term benefit. It also decreases peristaltic action. Furthermore, it slows that down in your digestive system, and it decreases your body's ability to uptake nutrients from food. And she's not willing to hand those long-term benefits for the short-term solutions.

“The soak will get you the cell saturation. And the muscle cream is a great way to load up on magnesium in between your soaking and using it for spot treatments. As you feel a little bit better, you can add the B vitamins then boron or taurine,” Kristen Bowen said.


As a bonus, Kristen Bowen is giving away two bottles of magnesium foot soak and magnesium cream. So, do join the Learn True Health Facebook group for more details. For those who want to purchase on her online store, there's a generous discount as well. Just input coupon code LTH upon checkout.

Sitting in a wheelchair, having daily seizures, losing her hair and being fed through tubes was finally enough to wake Kristen Bowen up to make some changes in her life. She wakes up every morning grinning because her clients are crushing it at a pace that blows her mind. 

It helps her remember that everything that happened to her now serves as her greatest gift to help people tap into their health with ease and grace. This is more than a job to Kristen Bowen. It is her mission to touch as many people as she can to cut the overwhelm we all experience when it comes to creating the very best day we have ever lived.

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