255: Mainstream Media vs. Truths Of Holistic Medicine

Mainstream Media And What They're Hiding

Mainstream media was caught covering up the truth so many times.  This not only goes for the Holistic world but in other situations as well. Mainstream media cover-ups have become the norm for those who want to protect their interests. But people like Holistic Health Activist Erin Elizabeth has been defying mainstream media to expose several truths in the health space.

Vaccine Injury Survivor

Erin Elizabeth is an adopted child who worked for a non-profit organization for some years in college. She was a sickly child and recalls developing a high fever from vaccines but survived.

Erin Elizabeth went on to tackle several health challenges throughout life. This includes having surgery to take out her saline implants because it caused a significant weight gain. Her experiences, as a result, gave her the motivation to help people with health issues as well.

The Health Nut Website

Because mainstream media didn't divulge the truth all the time, Erin Elizabeth saw the need to start her website. So, in 2014, The Health Nut News was born.

Her initial aim was to help other people with vaccine injury. It, later on, progressed into exposing alleged cover-ups of the mainstream media on harmful additives, vaccines and the dangers of taking medication.

But like any venture that needs financial support, Erin Elizabeth saw the need to start a small product line four years later to support the website. I think Erin Elizabeth is doing an excellent mission with her website. It allows us to bring real health information to the forefront.

With so many companies looking out for their vested interests, we have to become our own doctor and health advocate. Every health professional out there also doesn't have the time to stay on top of absolutely everything. So, no matter how great your naturopath or chiropractor is, it is still up to us to be responsible for our health.

Stem Cells

Famous actress Angelina Jolie took us all by surprise when mainstream media reported that she had a double mastectomy. The mainstream media went on to say that the actress did it as a preventive measure for breast cancer. Articles further explained that this was after medical doctors discovered that Angelina Jolie carried the “‘faulty gene” BRCA and had an 87 percent risk of contracting the dreaded disease.

But according to Erin Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie's decision was not the best way to solve the situation. On the contrary, Erin Elizabeth applauds actress Suzanne Sommers' stand on promoting stem cell or natural alternatives to battle breast cancer.

“Some of the big clinics are now implementing stem cells from bone marrow and adipose, as well as now implementing amniotic fluid into their practices,” said Erin Elizabeth. “It is questionable if there are viable stem cells. But it is safe to use one zone stem cells. I think it would be safer to use your own stem cells.”

Over a year ago, I interviewed an expert on stem cells. It was interesting to hear the different ways on how we can extract our own stem cells, as well as find out which methods are more effective.

Big Health Controversies

There have been so many health controversies that big companies have tried to hide. One scandal was the fact that all vaccines have abortive fetal tissue in them. In effect, all those who are pro-life should also be anti-vaccine people.

Did you know that Pepsi and other food companies use an abortive fetal tissue to make certain flavors? A lot of industries primarily use dead human beings to make their products. Indeed, bad experiences are good for us to learn and to grow from.

“It is scary that it is still going on. And a lot of people don't know that,” said Erin Elizabeth.

Another controversial topic that Erin Elizabeth has exposed on her website is the issue of Holistic doctor deaths. Many cases are still currently under investigation. The sudden deaths have apparent connections with one another, and it's sad to know that many were best-selling authors and respected names in the Holistic world.


Erin Elizabeth reveals that she does a water-only type of fasting. But she has to be careful with adrenal exhaustion. Her hometown was hit by a hurricane recently, and Erin Elizabeth vows to dive into a full five-day fasting once she has re-settled.

Incidentally, I interviewed Dr. Darren Schmidt just recently. He said lactic acidosis is the root cause of most diseases. And a five-day water only fasting brings about the stem cells.

So many speculations have sprouted around stem cells and fasting. For example, we've often been told that after the age of 24, stem cells are minimal in the body. Personally, I think that's like medical doctors saying we can't regrow cartilage.

Recovering From Lyme Disease

Erin Elizabeth shares that she developed Lyme disease from her 8th-grade camping trip. She was tall for her age, so medical doctors merely said it was just growing pains. As a result, she had to put up with that condition from 1984 to around 2011 or 2012.

“There are more cases of Lyme in Pennsylvania than any other state. But I didn't realize that. Then I had serious weight gain with breast implants, so I got the implants out,” Erin Elizabeth recalls.

Erin Elizabeth also narrates that as soon as she found out she had Lyme disease, she initially did high-intensity workouts, but it didn't work. So she switched to yoga which helped. Pilates is also a good option.

Accepting Her Body

After her years of health ordeals, Erin Elizabeth has learned to accept her body the way it is. She also says healing the gut is essential. So, by switching her diet, Erin Elizabeth makes sure the food she consumes is non-GMO and plant-based.

Despite the norm, Erin Elizabeth decided not to do antibiotics. She instead indulges in saunas once a week upon the advice of her acupuncturist. I can relate to the benefits of doing saunas since I have my own Sunlighten sauna.

A past guest, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends not staying in a sauna for more than 40 minutes. Ideally, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says to only stay in a sauna for five to ten minutes. Then take a one-minute cold shower, lie down for 5 minutes, drink water and then repeat the whole procedure two more times.

Weight Gain

Contrary to popular belief, weight gain happens not because one is lazy.  There are so many complicated reasons, so it's not important to focus on the number on the weighing scale. What you should be looking out for is fighting toxicity that causes weight gain.  This apart from the effects of implants or viral infections.

“Millenials or Gen X have to work way harder to lose weight than the Baby Boomers.  This is due to endocrine disruptors, pesticides, air quality and processed foods,” said Erin Elizabeth.

Quality Food

Aside from shifting from a high intensity to a low-intensity workout, Erin Elizabeth encourages people to grow their own food devoid of chemicals.  In fact, Erin Elizabeth grows her own mangoes.

I recall a great video documentary which focused on how to grow food naturally.  Back to Eden gardening features Paul Gautschi, who is a staunch advocate of the deep mulch gardening method.

Whatever diet program you do, the most important thing is to pay attention to your bloodwork and do it with the help of a trusted doctor. Doing unsupervised diet programs may end up damaging your health rather than improving it. No one should be on one diet their entire life. Find balance and use food as a medicine to heal the body.

“I did several raw vegan programs. Some experts say that 80% good health is the diet but everybody is different,” said Erin Elizabeth.


Erin Elizabeth is a long-time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site HealthNutNews.com is barely four years old but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. 

Erin Elizabeth is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which has attracted international media coverage. She was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock “Truth in Journalism award for 2017.

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