243: Meal Prep Mondays (Part I)

Meal Prep Mondays

Meal prep saves time and money. It also helps us to stay on a health program. I have a fantastic guest today who will talk about how to meal prep our way to health.  Alex Torres had struggled with weight issues, but because he learned how to meal prep, he affirms that it genuinely helped speed up his weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

Alex Torres started having kids in 2012. And like most parents who started a family, Alex steadily gained weight. He recalls that it was easy to put on weight and hard to get it off.

Frustrated with his fluctuating weight, he started to search for fitness inspirations on the internet.  Eventually, he found a way to lose weight on Instagram.

Crohn’s Disease

Alex Torres remembers the time when he weighed around 215 lbs. And yet he was only 5’7.  His height was not in proportion to his weight. Then in late 2015 or early 2016, Alex Torres was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Chron’s disease is a digestive tract disorder and is known to cause severe diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain and weight loss. Alex Torres recalls that he collapsed to the floor while eating a burger and experienced severe stomach pain.

Alex Torres lost a lot of weight because of Crohn’s disease. He rapidly lost weight and went down to 145 lbs. His appendix was also affected.

“My symptoms were having very erratic sleep patterns and fatigue. How I was eating marked the tipping point. Factors include 70% from eating, 20% due to stress and the rest from lack of exercise,” said Alex Torres.

Winning Meal Plan

During his research, Alex Torres entered a meal plan and fitness program contest giveaway in 2012. He saw the meal plan, and it initially looked doable. Alex Torres dug deeper by also looking into the progress of bodybuilders who tried the meal plan.

Looking further into the menu of the meal plan, Alex Torres saw an opportunity to simplify the recipes. He then experimented on the recipes by cooking it in bulk to see if it worked for a month.

Tweaking the meal plan turned out to be successful. Alex Torres was so overjoyed that he made sure to thank the organizer of the contest giveaway.

Meal Prep Mondays

Alex Torres’ Meal Prep Mondays on Instagram was created after he saw an initial change in his body due to his new plant-based diet. The account shot up to fame so fast that Alex Torres recalls having around 1,800 followers overnight.

But then it wasn’t all smooth sailing all the way.  Alex Torres struggled to lose weight, only to gain it back. His weight fluctuation went on until he had more kids. Because he was frustrated that he was not losing weight despite working out, Alex Torres decided to go back and be more focused on meal prep.

Helpful Reminders

Alex Torres says too much of everything is not good. With a plant-based diet, our body apparently knows how to work with it better. Our body also breaks down nutrients better and maximizes it for energy versus just sugar or simple carbs.

“I could stuff myself, but I don’t really gain weight because it is not processed food. The body knows how to use it differently,” Alex Torres said. “Watch your surroundings also because family and friends play a big factor for you to be able to stick to a diet.” 

He adds, “Do not focus on the process. Focus on the outcome or goal. Because if you focus on the process, you are never going to do it. Sometimes, people mock you because they want to do what you are doing. It’s all about perspective and being open-minded.”

Right Motivation

Many people are scared to try new things. And that’s natural.  But ultimately, it should stop us from getting out of our comfort zone.

So funny that it’s almost like they’re scared. It’s because they’ve been living with it for so long that they thought it was part of them,” explains Alex Torres. “That’s what we humans do. We live with something for so long that we think it’s normal.”

But fear of the unknown did not faze Alex Torres.  In fact, that’s what motivated him to succeed and eventually help people.

“The first few months were rough. My wife suggested for me to stop eating meat. I first went gluten-free. It took about a month before seeing real change,” shares Alex Torres. 

He adds, “By the fourth month, my skin started clearing up, my nails were stronger, rashes on my feet started to go away, and my hair grew quicker. I also noticed fewer mood swings in my kids and fewer trips to the dentist or doctor.”

According to Alex Torres, it hasn’t been a year since switching to a plant-based diet, but the benefits have been so incredible, that even his mother is now practicing a plant-based diet.

I can relate to Alex Torres. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was recently on my show where he revealed a very scientific-based diet that heals many diseases and prevents diseases. Even the late dentist, Dr. Weston A. Price presented many case studies proving that there is indeed a link between diet and oral health.

Recommended Meal Prep

Meal prep is easy once you get the hang of it.  I for one, like to bake sweet potatoes for two hours in a 325-degree oven.  Make sure to have it cool down before taking the skin off the potatoes. Because according to experts, baked root vegetable skins cause cancer.

“I also recommend stuffing sweet potatoes by adding anything in the center. Baking is your best friend for meal prep because it does a lot of work for you. Another thing is crockpot for soups, stews, and broths,” suggests Alex Torres.

Storing Food

Alex Torres says meal prep is actually and re-introduction to cooking. Now it’s just about the method with meal prep because everybody has their way of eating.

“I teach people the quickest and easiest way to meal prep. Save your leftovers. Some of our meal prep comes from leftovers,” said Alex Torres. 

He adds, “Maximum for meal prep is three days. Meal prep doesn’t have to be for life. It is a starting point to familiarize yourself with cooking food, preparing it for yourself and leaving it ready, so you don’t have to grab some fast food.”

Animals Can Be Vegan

I had a guest on my show, Kristie Middleton who talked about going meatless.  Most of my guests who are vegan have pets, and I was surprised when Kristie Middleton’s dog is likewise on a plant-based diet.

Alex Torres can relate because his dog is also vegan.  And according to him, his dog had a lot of positive health changes. Incidentally, there’s a Pet Cancer documentary set to launch on April 4, so I’m inviting everyone to sign up and learn more about how to care for our pets better.

Looking Ahead

Alex Torres likes to think long-term. And because he wants to be with friends and family longer, he leads by example.

One way of leading by example is growing his food. He says our body is like a seedling, so we have to feed our body with the right stuff. 

“Fruits and veggies are your best friend. Anything new is weird. Give it a try. The best way to do it is making sure it’s on the counter for you to see,” said Alex Torres. “The first meal is the first impression of meal prep. Cook what you want to eat. Do not cook something just because you saw it on Instagram or Pinterest.”

Want more of Alex Torres? Check out the next episode for part two of his interview.

Alex Torres is the man behind @Mealprepmondays on Instagram. He is a full-time influencer, blogger, and dad to four kids. Alex Torres is married to his wife Diana for over 15 years, and who just so happens to blog as well.

Alex Torres has been living in Orlando, Florida for the past ten years. He and his family previously lived in Williamsburg, Virginia for a couple of years, and most of his life in Long Island, New York.

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