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Formulator Melissa Beasley Teaches Keys To Health Inside and Out

What a unique interview I have for you today! Melissa Beasley is a skin care formulator and health coach. She founded Love Essential Skin Care, a line of all-natural products for men, women, and babies.

Melissa Beasley earned her biochemistry degree from Texas Tech University. While going through a tough time in her life she developed skin issues. Through her own research found all natural ingredients that relieved her outer problems.

She then went on to make the shift in her lifestyle and diet that she needed to nourish herself inside and out. Now she runs a 12-week program called Love Essentials Healthy Body program. It's designed specifically for people who want to be healthier. People who have tried to transition to natural living, but have had difficulties because of unhelpful people in their lives or unhealthy beliefs about themselves.

Food Intuition

Melissa Beasley shares, “Often, when someone is trying to start being more “natural” they can approach it from a position of forcing themselves to do it even though they hate it because they need to be healthier. Which is super honorable, but they end up hating their life and just go back to the old things they enjoyed because at least they were happy.

I help them learn how to listen to their own intuition about food. How to take actions from a place of loving and caring for themselves instead of trying whip themselves in shape. In the end, they have much more confidence in themselves and are empowered to make wise choices for their health.

My mother was a registered dietician and I grew up with a very close relationship with food, so I have a large nutrition section in the program. It includes a simple recipe booklet with easy to follow recipes that are healthy and tasty along with tutorials on how to plan a menu and how to shop for homemade meals. Everything is broken down and simplified to be easy to understand and approachable even if you only know how to microwave ramen noodles.”

Mechanics Of The Body

I am passionate about the body's innate ability to heal if given the proper tools. The mechanics of the body fascinate me and healing potential of the body is something I am astounded by over and over. I love waking people up to how amazing their own body is. Giving them an appreciation for how remarkable and miraculous they truly are so they can stop criticizing minute flaws and live in the power of who they are.

I'm also very passionate with my clients about becoming aware of the world around them. We are constantly barraged with messages about our worth in the media, culture, and family. If we never become actively aware of that exposure, then we just absorb it and act as if it's true. But open our eyes to it and recognizing that we don't have to absorb it can empower women to decide for themselves what is and is not beautiful and successful.

“Who Switched Off My Brain?” by Caroline Leaf is a book I recommend to everyone I know. She discusses the power of our thoughts and self-talk in our lives. She goes into a wonderful explanation of the physical effect that our words and beliefs have on our minds and bodies at a cellular level. How we can use that knowledge to clean out the toxic beliefs that are keeping us stuck in lives we don't want and replace them life-giving beliefs that propel us forward.”

Love Essentials Healthy Body Program

During this interview Melissa Beasley teaches us one of the foundations of the Love Essentials Healthy Body program. To find your WHY. Not the typical WHY that we all use when goal setting to give us extra motivation. But an inner WHY.

“I teach my clients to start asking themselves WHY am I doing this? Whenever they take a self-care action, like brushing their teeth, washing their face, or putting on make-up. Then I teach them to figure out if they are doing it to be acceptable to society, or because they love and appreciate their body and want to take good care of it. That is the big starting point of getting healthy, loving yourself.”

Melissa Beasley also teaches us a 2 step process to identify toxic thoughts that are holding us back, and how to replace them with positive, helpful alternatives.


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