125: Metabolic Balance

The Metabolic Balance Program

Metabolic Balance is a plan from Germany that's been in use for over two decades. Sarica Cernohous tells us how this is effective for detox and weight loss.

I'm so glad to have Sarica Cernohous back on the show. We had so much to talk about the last time she was on my podcast.  A lot of people have benefited from her LAPIS technique. And now she is releasing a re-write of her book, The Funky Kitchen.

“It means so much to me that people listen to me. With the LAPIS Method and the Funky Kitchen, I feel like I distilled it through my filter.” said Cernohous.

Striving for Optimal Health

I totally can relate to what Cernohous wants to achieve.  Through my podcast, my primary aim was also to educate people on how to be healthy the natural way. 

We're all striving for optimal health. I was introduced to fermented foods way back early on by a pharmacist. I wasn't really big on that then and I didn't even know the health benefits. That all changed when I interviewed Cernohous.

“The flavor profile of these types of foods does not say ‘Eat a ton of me'. It says, ‘Have a little bit. I'm nice compared to the other things you're eating'. The flavors of these foods are unique,” said Cernohous.

Cernohous says a person can follow her suggested techniques. But because of the landscape, the taste will differ.

Finding Out About Metabolic Balance

“When I was at the early stage of promoting my book, I can to know about this program from Germany. Metabolic balance,” Cernohous said. “It felt like the perfect bridge between being a person who fermented everything. And really where most people needed to be in relation to food, vitality & wellness.”

Internist and nutrition expert Dr. Wolf Funfack is the founder of the program. He developed the Metabolic Balance system with Sylvia Bürkle, who is a graduate Engineer of Nutrition and Food Technology. Their company, Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG was established in 2002 in Isen, Germany.

Cernohous explains that the plan is pretty new to the United States. She says it is based on a person's lab values, healthy history, and health goals. The plan basically treats food as a medicine for the body.

Committing To The Program

“We have to be strict with the foods in the plan. In Germany, they will not create the plan for the person if there are too many stipulations. There's a limit to how many things we can restrict,” explains Cernohous.

What's amazing is that even with calorie restriction, we can still have weight issues. Because it's what the calorie is made of. There are so many factors to consider. Plus, we're exposed everyday to toxins like estrogen-disrupting chemicals. So our bodies are in effect, fighting to detox. We're not increasing our nutrient load to compensate for the toxic environment that we're living in.

“My patients step into a completely different frame on mind. Instead of just focusing on their weight, the goal now is, ‘How to continue to make myself feel better'”, said Cernohous.

She further explains, “Every body's optimized weight is completely different. My interest is helping people be the best person for themselves. That's an evolution that comes as we unearth these patterns of cellular information.”

The LAPIS Method to Eliminating Cellular Inflammation

Initial Phase

I personally love the idea of mono-diet cleansing as the initial phase. It is nourishing and gentle on the body.  It is a neutral blood sugar diet.  Basically, it's a nice balance.

Phase Two

After the first phase next is the Modified Phase 2. Modified Phase 2 is when you are working with the foods that have been selected for you.  Cernohous was quick to add that in this 12-day portion, there is no added oil.

Cernohous says that once the person is off the mono-diet, their palate is much more cleaned up. She says in the Western world, we created flavor enhancers for everything which are toxic for the brain like MSG. Hence, we are training the body to recognize the spectrum of real flavor.

“That also gives the body leaning on its fat reserves a bit for a longer burn on the nutrition that was consumed. That's a huge part of what we're doing,” Cernohous said. “This is one of the eight and a half rules. From the completion of one meal to the next, you need to have a minimum five-hour break.”

Now that completely shifts my mindset. I personally have done a lot of fasting and that is such a pain in the butt. Oftentimes, I feel dizzy and sick.

Cernohous' Metabolic Balance program is kicking on fast mode for short bursts. This way, it allows the body to use up all the nutrients you ate and dipping in the fat a little bit with each meal.

The more detox symptoms you are experiencing when you're detoxing, it means your liver was compromised more than it should. It signifies you have depleted your nutrient reserve.

Phase Three

After the Modified Phase 2, Cernohous' program incorporates oil back into the diet. But it's different for every person. The patient stays in the program until they're 6 or 7 pounds shy of what the goal weight is.

“Phase 3 incorporates other foods that were not in the plan. We also work with a weekly treat meal. It's new information to the body. It's good for the metabolism,” says Cernohous.

Phase Four

Phase 4 on the other hand, is moving back into foods of everyday life. By this time, it is expected that there is body awareness towards the foods we eat. The body signals become very clear.

“We are setting the stage for that healthy biome to maintain a healthy weight. The aim is to respond to the message that the body is trying to deliver,” said Cernohous.

I just know a lot of listeners are like me who want to try the LAPIS Method. My body will shed some weight for sure. But what I'm really excited about is getting a diverse gut biome. Because I now know so many health benefits that come with that.

This lifestyle gently cleanses and detoxes everyday. Hence, we need to have pro-active stance to combat our bodies being bombarded with toxins on a daily basis.

To sign up for the LAPIS method, click the link below along with other references:

Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA is anationally-certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing Japanese-style acupuncture.

She also practices Japanese-style acupuncture and a coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.  In addition to that, she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

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