61: Mike Del Ponte of SOMA – Healthy Tap Water

Beautiful and Sustainable Water Filtration

My guest today is helping make water healthy and delicious. Mike Del Ponte’s and his company SOMA has a mission to hydrate the world with innovative and sustainable hydration products. The elements he uses to make his filters will amaze you.

Everyone who has owned or used a Brita filter, or similar plastic filter, can agree they can be clumsy, bulky and don’t really make water taste much better. Their filters are synthetic and often petroleum based. Not all of those plastic filters or bottles are free of parabens (BPA Free) so instead of gaining the health benefits of hydration we are doing potential damage to our bodies and our planet.

A few years ago Mike Del Ponte had an aha moment with his friend while struggling with an ugly Britta filter at a dinner party he was hosting. He realized there had to be a better way! Mike and his friend joined forces with David Beeman, one of the worlds leading developers in water filtration. Together they developed a company that makes biodegradable, natural, sustainable, affordable and beautiful water filters. Bye bye ugly and ineffective plastic Britta filters!!!


Since it’s inception 3 years ago SOMA has gone on to help over 10,000 people in 7 countries gain access to clean water through CharityWater.org. Charity: water is a nonprofit organization that’s on a mission to provide clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

Every time you buy a SOMA product you are directly helping to support a community gain access to clean water. SOMA was named one of “25 Companies The Will Change the World” by Inc. and the #1 Design Story of the Year by Fast Company.

What has really amazed me about SOMA is their innovative filters. The biodegradable filter is made of coconut shell carbon, silk, and a plant-based casing. So when you go to replace the filter in your SOMA pitcher or carafe you can place the used filter in the compost because SOMA filters are biodegradable! AMAZING!

It was an honor to have Mike Del Ponte on the show. Hearing that his company has a mission to help us get healthier and our planet become healthier really inspired me.

Social Responsibility

Beyond SOMA’s mission, they have four pillars of social responsibility that they live by.

1) Ending the global water crisis – A portion of every filter purchased goes to charity: water.

2) Reducing Global Impact – SOMA offsets emissions with conservation-based forestry.

3) Green products and packaging – SOMA uses post-consumer waste and recyclable materials.

4) Responsible supply chain partners – Soma’s code of conduct sets standards for labor practices, sustainability, transparency, animal welfare, and anti-discrimination policies.

Please visit DrinkSoma.com to check out SOMA’s awesome hydration products!

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