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Motivation is either the driving force or obstacle to achieving goals. Now that we're a couple of weeks into the new year, I am so thrilled to have life coach Bryan Falchuk as my guest for today's episode. His life journey is so incredible and perfect to illustrate what we can achieve with the right motivation.  

Rock Bottom  

They say success stories start from failures.  I believe there is truth to that and Bryan Falchuk's life story is a prime example. When he was just a toddler, his parents' marriage fell apart. Broken homes indeed can have adverse effects on children, especially toddlers.  

Consequently, Bryan Falchuk gained weight because he was unhappy.  Aggravating the situation was the fact that he also struggled with depression and anxiety. Fast forward years later, he apparently had the motivation to do something about his weight and succeeded.  

Turning Point  

Bryan Falchuk recalls that 2011 was the year that everything changed.  He had a tough time because his wife suddenly became very ill and he had a two-year-old son to raise.   

Initially, Bryan Falchuk thought his wife just had the flu. However, when her health got worse, she was likewise rapidly losing weight.  Even doctors could not identify the cause of her illness.   

With all these trials, it was easy for anyone to lose control of the situation.  However, Bryan Falchuk saw it as the perfect opportunity for motivation. He recalls waking up one day, feeling a sense of purpose. That internal purpose consequently led him to focus finding a cure for his sick wife.   

Furthermore, it was an added challenge for Bryan Falchuk. It indeed was not easy to juggle the household and medical expenses since Bryan Falchuk was the sole breadwinner of the family.   

Motivation And Awareness  

Bryan Falchuk's wife eventually was diagnosed to have Lyme disease.  Refusing to resort to conventional medicine, his wife found the solution to her health issues through acupuncture.   

This whole life experience ultimately taught Bryan Falchuk the advantages of being consistent with the motivation to achieve goals.  Giving credit to his wife, Bryan Falchuk says his wife helped him find his life purpose even when she was sick.   

“You can't fix anything if you're broken. And you can't be there for anyone else ultimately if you're so not there for yourself,” said Bryan Falchuk.   

Setting Goals  

It is so easy to set goals. However, the real challenge is the motivation to achieve those goals. A significant factor in getting real motivation is the determination to endure the obstacles along the way. Bryan Falchuk advises people to stop using the word ‘but,' because everything is possible.  

Bryan Falchuk also cautions against using material things as motivation. It looks enticing at first, but ultimately, the drive to succeed will be fleeting. For one to be able to find real motivation, you consequently have to be aware of finding a more profound connection within yourself.  

“Set specific goals.  It's all about a sense of self.  It's not just about being healthy.  You still have to take action,” said Bryan Falchuk. “If you don't have a self-love approach, you're not allowing the possibility that you're okay or that you deserve success.”  

I can so relate to what Bryan Falchuk is saying.  Before I started this podcast, there were a lot of things that went through my mind. I felt overwhelmed just thinking about how am I going to get known health personalities on my show.   

However, I love talking. And I honestly felt the need to educate people on the benefits of Natural Medicine and what it truly means to be healthy.  Hence, I took the plunge and over 200 episodes later; I am so glad I decided to pursue and realize my goal of doing my podcast.   

Everyone has a goal.  It can be terrifying or exciting.  Ultimately, the key to achieving your goals is to enjoy the journey no matter how hard it seems.  

Do A Day Book  

For those who would want to find that motivation within themselves, Bryan Falchuk's Do a Day: How to live a better life everyday book is an excellent resource.   

Ultimately, Bryan Falchuk's book aims to motivate you into transforming yourself by embracing a new lifestyle. It helps you learn how to be aware of the present instead of dwelling in the past.  

“We judge our past. This is because we live in the judgment of our past. So get through today. I'm talking doing what you have to do to get through,” said Bryan Falchuk. “You don't just achieve by waiting for the storm to end.  Feel the purpose of the action. That's how you get things done.”  

He adds, ” We deserve and can have great lives. I hope everyone can find a bit of allowance in themselves for themselves.”  

Bryan Falchuk, CPT BCS is a life coach, public speaker, Inc Magazine columnist and the best-selling author of Do a Day, in which he teaches how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Bryan Falchuk spent the much of his life obese until he discovered how to change all that and more – Do a Day.  

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