239: My Kid Cures Cancer

My Kid Cures Cancer

My Kid Cures Cancer is an excellent resource for parents who have a child with cancer.  It's never easy when your child is suffering from the disease, and some parents go into panic mode. The journey wasn't easy for my guests Ryan and Teddy Sternagel. This episode is all about how they weathered that storm.

How It All Began

The My Kid Cures Cancer bandwagon has been around for almost four years now.  It traces its roots back to when Teddy Sternagel got pregnant with son Ryder who is turning five years old this May.

The Sternagels describe themselves to be health-conscious parents.  Ryder was born at a birth center, and the Sternagel couple has long before already agreed not to vaccinate their child. The couple both ate healthily and Teddy even breastfed Ryder for two and a half years.

The Lump

Teddy Sternagel recalls that leading up to his first birthday; there were some things about Ryder that didn't feel right. He had a hard time sitting up on his own. And from being a very chunky baby, he rapidly dropped down the growth chart.

Ryder was turning one that month and was nowhere near even being able to crawl much less even turn over. He had stopped growing at around six months of age. After being born above the 90th percentile in both height and weight, he had dropped down to the 25th.

“I was told by a Naturopath that it's because I was breastfeeding him. Looking back, I felt that's not true at all,” relates Teddy Sternagel. “One night in May 2014, I was getting Ryder ready for bed. As I was nursing him, I noticed a lump in Ryder's back right next to his spine.”

More Red Flags

The Sternagels started to realize there were more symptoms to be worried other than the lump on Ryder's back. Ryder could not handle any solid food and would gag whenever he was fed anything. He also suffered from constipation. But doctors initially brushed off these concerns.

“We were told just to keep an eye on the lump and begin physical therapy for walking and speech therapy for eating,” said Teddy Sternagel. “The whole speech and physical therapy did not set right with us because we wanted to know why does he have a lump in his back and figure it out before doing anything else.”

The Official Diagnosis

After several weeks of hospital visits and tests, the official diagnosis finally came out before Ryder's first birthday. Results showed that Ryder had a growing tumor larger than his kidney and out of his spinal canal. There were also two secondary tumors which had metastasized into his bones.

Tests also showed Ryder had been born with a double aortic arch. It was not life-threatening, but a heart surgery would be needed to correct it. This was why Ryder had a hard time swallowing solid foods.

Finding The Right Doctor

Finding the right doctor is not easy. It takes a lot of research. Initially, the Sternagels didn't have much choice but to go ahead with conventional treatment. 

“With the FDA, you don't have much choice. You have to do conventional treatment,” said Teddy Sternagel. “The chemotherapy did its job. It shrunk Ryder's tumor very quickly. So we thought of not doing the entire protocol, stop early and take Ryder the rest of the way holistically.”

Moving To Utah

The Sternagels decided to move to Utah to continue Ryder's treatment.  They were still on a conventional protocol but chose to seek alternative treatment after the fourth round of chemotherapy.

The couple felt blessed to have Naturopathic Oncologist Dr. Paul Anderson on their team. Their doctor respected their decision to seek an alternative route. Hence, the Sternagels felt lucky because not everyone was fortunate enough to have the right support system.

“Naturopaths are like doctors. There are good and bad. You have to take each person as an individual. And I think people get into trouble when they just put all of their faith into one group of people,” said Teddy Sternagel.

Researching On Alternative Treatments

The Sternagels researched continuously on alternative treatments for several years. One useful treatment is to have Ryder do saunas to sweat out the toxins from his body.

“Cancer cells can't stand the heat as well as regular cells can. We sauna almost every night for at least half an hour because it takes at least 15 minutes before we can sweat,” Ryan Sternagel said. 

He adds, “There are a lot of different alternative treatments and different theories of cancer. So you want to be addressing all of those theories and system of the body.”

I agree with the effectiveness of saunas.  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt was on my show recently where he explained the benefits of sweating and taking a cooling shower after the sauna to rise out the toxins.

Incidentally, Ryan Sternagel also revealed that his sauna unit is also from Sunlighten.  For those interested in getting a sauna, you can get $150 discount just by mentioning My Kid Cures Cancer upon purchase.

Cause Of Ryder's Cancer

Cancer is caused by many factors. In fact, a past guest of mine, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, said during his interview in episode 136 that all cancer is from fungus.

In Ryder's case, Teddy Sternagel believes that being so stressed from work while she was pregnant played a significant factor. She handled it poorly, and she hardly got any exercise.

Teddy Sternagel also believes that being around wi-fi and so many gadgets as well as being in a toxic environment has adverse effects. That is why she advises pregnant women to make sure they get enough exercise, relax, eat right and make sure to detox once in a while.

Extra Resources

The My Kid Cures Cancer website is an excellent resource for alternative treatments for kids who have cancer.  The Sternagels have taken the initiative to enumerate a complete and comprehensive list on the My Kid Cures Cancer website containing supplements, essential oils, anti-cancer products, and cancer-fighting tools that helped Ryder recover.

Aside from the My Kid Cures Cancer website, the Sternagels also have a podcast. Listeners can tune in to learn more about their journey as well as learn several ways of living a healthy, cancer-free life.

Additional Tips

The Sternagels also provided the following tips to help may sure your stays in tip-top shape:

  1. Have a prep day. One day each week where you set aside a couple of hours. Start a few jars of sprouts. Just start fermenting something. Make a huge batch of juice and freeze half of it. And make a big healthy dip for veggies.
  2. Take stock of your supplements, fill capsules. Fill your pantry and order dry goods (better selection and prices online). Plan out meals and make a shopping list for produce. Make it a family event and have kids hands on.
  3. Incorporate hot and cold into your whole family's life. Do contrast showers for yourself and your kids. Get a sauna. Go outside in the cold in minimal clothes. Do ice baths. Make it a fun thing.
  4. Have proper light at proper times. Get red light bulbs for your lamps and turn them on and overhead lights off when the sun goes down. Get blue blocking glasses for screen time. Again, make it fun for the family.

Ryder In Remission

Ryder is currently in remission. After stopping chemotherapy, he takes scans every three months. It's a wait-and-see approach. 

“You don't necessarily have to have all the answers and be the expert in every different category. There's a lot of experts in a lot of different things, but you're the only expert in your kid as a whole,” said Ryan Sternagel. 

Teddy Sternagel adds, “We as parents have an intuitive gift. It's there for a reason, and you just have to follow it.”


Ryan and Teddy Sternagel started My Kid Cures Cancer one year after their son Ryder was diagnosed in 2014 with stage four neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the nervous system.

Wanting to do everything they could for their son The Sternagels dove deep into integrative research and as a result, today Ryder is a happy, healthy little boy. 

Early on in the journey, however, it had become apparent that practically no information of this kind existed written in a way that parents could understand if and how it would apply to their children. 

After consulting with doctors and health experts all over the world, and a whole lot of trial and error, My Kid Cures Cancer was born to make finding this information accessible to other parents that need it. 

Through its videos, podcast and in-depth articles, My Kid Cures Cancer provides parents with information both on integrative approaches to cancer treatment for those that need it and how to make sure cancer never afflicts their family in the first place for everyone else. 

With his incredible attitude and willingness to eat the healthiest of foods and take as many supplements as Ryan and Teddy hand him, Ryder now inspires children all over the world to take their health seriously. “If Ryder can do it, so can I!”

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