149: Natural Medicine To Transform Your Body To Optimal Health

Natural Medicine To Transform Health

There have been many testaments that cancer responds to natural treatment methods. My guest Dr. Gosia Kuszewski affirms that healing by natural medicine is effective.   

Kuszewski has a robust system of Holistic health that helps people to detox, lose weight and rid the body of cancer. Furthermore, she says using only 100% natural, safe and remedies has been proven effective by natural medicine to heal the body. 

Surrounded By Nature

Kuszewski grew up in Poland where she lived until she was 20 years old. She then moved to Australia with her mom and had been based the land down under for 30 years.  

Life was harsh in Poland as Kuszewski described it, but she had a close connection with nature. Not surprisingly, it nurtured her desire to explore the healing nature of plants since then.  

Have you tried envisioning a life without eating food from McDonald's or Burger King? Well, Kuszewski says her family has a long tradition of fermenting foods, cooking soups and preparing meals from scratch. Hence, fast food was not familiar to her back then.   

Upon moving to Australia, Kuszewski pursued her love for plants and yearned to learn about Naturopathy. Consequently, she fulfilled that dream by taking classes at the Southern School Of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, Australia. 

Devastating News

It took Kuszewski five years to get a degree because she was not fluent in English when she went to school. She was likewise unsure of what career path to take after she graduated.   

However, as Kuszewski was figuring out how to maximize her education,  her mom developed lung cancer at the age of 56. It certainly caught the family by surprise because Kuszewski's mom was known to have a healthy lifestyle.   

Consequently, Kuszewski started to do intensive research to educate herself about cancer and treatments. Understandably, she felt confused, helpless, angry, fearful and frustrated about the whole situation.   

However, Kuszewski says there were only three standard treatments available that time —- surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It certainly took a lot of thorough assessment deciding on which treatment was the best option.  

“I remember the day when we sat together at the oncologist office in Melbourne, who announced that my Mum had six months to live,” Kuszewski recalls.  

Unfortunately, Kuszewski's mom passed away six months later, after an exhausting period of chemotherapy. The treatment caused Kuszewski's mom to lose hair, lose weight and suffered from nausea.   

Kuszewski said her mom ended up looking like a shadow of her former self, looking all gray, and her happy eyes losing the unique shine she always had. 

The Killer Hormone  

I can relate to what Kuszewski went through. Honestly, I had the same feeling as Kuszewski when my own mother developed liver cancer and passed away shortly after.   

Like Kuszewski's mom, my mother likewise led a healthy lifestyle. However, a medical doctor scared her into taking a synthetic hormone. Taking the drug was intended to avoid having brittle bones since my mother was past menopause that time.  

Do remember that the internet was pretty new back then and doctors usually prescribed the same drugs. Hence, it was not surprising that Kuszewski was familiar with the hormone that doctors told my mother to take.  

“As my mom was dying, authorities banned the hormone from the market for killing too many women,” recalls Kuszewski. “The prescribing doctor herself, Dr. Marla Shapiro, got cancer but she survived and went on to become a well-known TV doctor in Canada.”  

Words Mean A Lot  

“My mom's doctor was not even looking at me nor my mom when her doctor broke the news to us,” Kuszewski lamented. “The doctor broke the news in the most cold-hearted and unsympathetic way, yet she recommended my mom take chemotherapy even if death was inevitable.”  

Kuszewski remembers Dr. Bernie Seigel saying doctors need to learn how to speak to their patients. Words can make or break you, and nobody has a right to tell you how long you will live. Some will be motivated, yet some will lose hope to live.    

Because of this, Kuszewski decided to learn as much as she could about natural medicine so she can help people with cancer. She says it was evident that hospitals were making people sicker.

“We have to educate ourselves. That's how we heal. We have to understand the subject instead of blindly trusting doctors,” Kuszewski said.

Helping Others  

Consequently, Kuszewski wanted to put all her knowledge of natural medicine into practice. You can imagine how ecstatic she was when she eventually found a clinic near her residence.   

The clinic particularly specialized in alternative treatments or natural medicine to treat cancer. Naturally, Kuszewski was happy to be part of that team.   

“Your ability to heal comes from believing that you will heal,” Kuszewski said. “That is why I love the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel. His approach truly connects with the patient and encourages us to understand the story.”

Emotional Issues And Cancer  

Like Kuszewski, I also admire Dr. Siegel's work. According to him, our feelings alter our body's chemistry. Looking at my own experience, I realize this is also why my mother developed cancer. Apparently, my mom's emotional issues were left unaddressed.  

I therefore personally think it is awesome that Kuszewski puts a lot of weight in addressing emotional issues of her patients. Connecting with patients on that level makes the recovery process more efficient.   

“Majority of the patients were dealing with emotional issues at the clinic where I was working,” said Kuszewski. “Through conversation, connecting and understanding, we created very warm, healthy, positive environment for them. They felt safe.”

Unfortunately, Kuszewski said the clinic closed down because too many people were getting well. Furthermore, they were not properly registered, and products they were selling were likewise not approved by the governing agency.   

“My association threatened to take my license away if I continued treating people with cancer,” shares Kuszewski. “They said that because I was a Naturopath, I was not allowed to handle people with cancer.”  

But that only made Kuszewski more determined to continue helping people through natural medicine. Fast forward ten years today, she has helped a lot of patients to heal.  

“Simplicity is the way to go. Getting back to basic nature is what we need to do because we are disconnected. We need to listen to our intuition and body signs,” Kuszewski advised.

Frustrated And Angry 

Kuszewski recalls one patient in particular who initially had breast cancer. That patient already had chemotherapy by the time she had her initial consultation with Kuszewski.  

But because the treatment seemed ineffective, the patient was angry and frustrated.   

Kuszewski does not claim to be a miracle worker, but she strives to show people that you don't have to ‘stop living' when you have cancer. Again, this is why connecting with people is important.   

Anyway, Kuszewski found out her patient used to love photography. Initially instructing her patient to look through old photos, Kuszewski hoped to inspire that woman to re-discover her love for photography.  

“I instructed her to take some photos and sure enough, she got excited again. Two weeks after, she was a different person,” Kuszewski said. “She's now doing well. Furthermore, there was minimal change in her treatment.”  

Tips To Eradicate Free Radicals  

Kuszewski explains that free radicals can be harmful to the body and damage major components of cells, including DNA, proteins, and cell membranes. The cell damage can cause the development of cancer and other health conditions.   

“Free radicals are caused by chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and stress. The additives in food, chemicals, tap water, heavy metals and medication we are taking, create free radicals,” explains Kuszewski.

Therefore, Kuszewski recommends eating organic food. Furthermore, she says we likewise have to avoid chemicals in products like toothpaste, soaps, and shampoo. On the other hand, taking showers with tap water and without filters is another source of toxicity.  

Another thing Kuszewski is so concerned about is the radiation from electronic gadgets like mobile phones. She says because the baby's brain is yet not properly formed, having gadgets near babies is harmful.  

Furthermore, Kuszewski says we have to make the body more alkaline by eating more vegetables. Get more movements and breathe properly. Taking the right supplement is also important. Glutathione is a potent detoxifier.  

“We need to drink more water because water helps eliminate free radicals. Fried foods are also such a nasty contributor of free radicals. Also, avoid dairy products,” Kuszewski said. 


Gosia Kuszewski – Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist specializing in detoxification, gut health with a primary focus on cancer support.   

Kuszewski appeared in the documentary ‘The Truth About Cancer' sharing the experience of her Mum who died of cancer. The documentary has been watched by millions of people around the world and thousands of people connected with her story and ask her for the assistance.   

That's how the Cancer Recovery Plan was born. This Plan was designed for those who are looking for natural ways to prevent cancer and to recover from cancer after the chemotherapy. It's a simple, easy to follow and include into the everyday routine plan.   

Kuszewski feels privileged to inspire and assist her patients to live better, more fulfilled lives. In her 20 years of practice as a Naturopath and a Medical Herbalist, she had an opportunity to help thousands of people to transform their health completely.   

She is seeing the patients in her own practice called Detoxhouse (Queensland, Australia) and it available on Skype gosia.kuszewski  

Kuszewski has a Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy (completed at the oldest and most prestigious college in Australia, Southern School Of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, Australia). 

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