356: Neurolinguistic Programming

Art Geiser And Ashley James

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP (neurolinguistic programming). For today's episode, he will introduce us to the world of Energetic NLP and he will also share some techniques to clear and develop our energy for our personal development.

[00:03] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host Ashley James. This is Episode 356. I am very excited about today's guest. This is one of my favorite topics and yet we haven't covered it in a tremendous amount of detail on the show yet. So, today’s the day. We have with us Art Giser who is – he’s the creator of Energetic NLP. His website’s energeticnlp.com. And for those who don’t know what NLP is, it’s neurolinguistic programming. Art is a very experienced trainer of NLP and has many other gifts and talents that he’s here to share with us today.  Welcome to the show.

[00:49] Art Giser: Well, thank you. I'm happy to be here.

[00:51] Ashley James: Absolutely. We had a great talk before we hit record. And you have some goodies to share with us today, some great transformative tools. But before we get into that, I want to dive into your story and learn a bit more about you. What led you to want to become a trainer of NLP and then dedicate your life to helping people transform their lives?

[01:14] Art Giser: For me, it wasn’t a plan. I’m not one of those people who had their whole life mapped out. I thought I did. When I’m just really young, I want to be a scientist when I grow up, and my father was one of the early computer guys and I loved science and logic. And I knew I wanted to be a scientist when I grow up. But I was also really intrigued, even at a young age, by hypnotism and the powers of the unconscious mind and extrasensory perception and telepathy. And somehow, I knew there was a reality to that too, but I didn’t know how to explore what it was about. And I was really adventuresome. And then something happened. I graduated from college [inaudible] from the U.K., I graduated from university. And I got stuck. I got stuck for years. I had a degree in Biology, and I thought I did know what I wanted to do when I grow up. So, I thought maybe I can get a research job for a while until I figure it out. And miraculously, I got hired by the University of California Medical School in San Francisco, which is one of the top research institutions in the world. And after a couple of years, I ended up managing this research lab. It was all very synchronistic and lucky. And there were a lot of wonderful things about it. I literally could go have lunch and listen to Nobel Laureate speak. And I work with great people, and we were investigating the effects of estrogen and progesterone on tissues of a woman’s body. So, it was worthwhile work.And I’m sure some of the listeners can relate to this, it wasn’t where I belong. I knew it wasn’t where I could shine. I was using what I came in to do in this lifetime. But I had no idea what that was. And I’d always had this belief that something was just going to appear and that would show me where to go. And then as the years went on, I thought, “Well, maybe I’m just kidding myself. And maybe, is there something wrong with me? Why can’t I figure out what I want to do?” And I began to feel worse and worse about myself. And I was thinking about it recently, other than finding true love, every great change in my life has happened because of a teacher or a workshop. And the first one that broke the ice is a man named Bruce Honig, who was offering a course in creativity at the student union. And nowadays, that sounds normal. But at that time, I didn’t know you could teach creativity. I’d never heard of anybody doing anything like that. And I went to his course and the biggest thing I got out of it was here’s somebody who created something that was what he wanted to do.

People are more entrepreneurial now. But at that time, I’d never thought of doing anything like that. And he told me about a lecture on intuition. And I went to it, and they were selling different books. And on a break, I was out in the hallway and there was a bulletin board and it had flyers on it. And one of them said “neurolinguistic programming.” And when I read the words, it felt like a bolt of lightning hit the top of my head and went through my entire body. It was like a “boom.” And in my mind, like the scientist in me, was going, “What was that?” And the mystic in me was going, “That was a sign. What do you think it was?” And I didn’t know what to do with that. And I didn’t know what neurolinguistic programming was. I went back for the rest of the talk and I noticed on the table they were selling all these books on intuition, but they had one book that was an NLP book, a neurolinguistic programming book, that had nothing to do with intuition. So, I don’t even know why it was there, but I thought, “Okay. That’s a second sign.” And I bought it, took it home, started reading it. And it's just everything they were saying made sense to me.

For people who are new to neurolinguistic programming, it was started in the ‘70s in California. And the people who started it want to know how can people make a rapid, deep personal change. And at that point in time in Psychology, in the ‘70s, psychologists talked about, “If you want to make a deep change, it could take like five years.” That wasn’t even a long time. I remember speaking to a psychologist once and she went, “For a deep change, I have to work with people for at least five years.” And the people who started NLP went, “Well, there are some people who would get rapid, fantastic results with people.” So, they started studying them and videotaping them. And back in those days, videotaping with a machine that was about half a big as your refrigerator, you had to bring a cart. It wasn’t like you pick up your iPhone. And they develop this whole theory.

So, going back to my story, so I was intrigued by what I read. But the one thing that bothered me, as somebody who did Science and research, that they made all these extravagant claims. Their claims are so extravagant. I thought these are just really hard to believe, but I was just really intrigued. And I had to find out what it was. And for once in my life, up to that time, I would have gone, “Okay. What's most convenient? What's the cheapest option?” But I was so intrigued by this I went – I tried to find out who was the absolute best person who could teach an NLP course that I could go to the soonest. And that was so unlike me. And I found this course. It was taught by a man named by Michael LeBeau, who’s not well known now because he retired in 1985. But he was a great developer in NLP. And he was teaching this course, and I had no business being there. It was an advanced course. I was going to have to take five days in one month and five days the next month, and it was really expensive. But I was just so compelled. I thought I had to find out if this is really what I think it is.

And when I went to the first course – I know you’re familiar with the concept of resistance. If people aren’t listening, sometimes when you’re going to make a great change in your life, all the unconscious programming acts up. So, I managed to severely sprain my ankle the day before. I think I was actually kind of a little bit in shock. I didn't even have time to go to the doctor. I borrowed crutches from a friend. I didn't even actually know how to use them correctly. There was no Uber or Lyft, so I had to take several buses and taxi. And I thought, “Oh, my God. This is going to be difficult.” But I thought, “I’m going to do it anyway. Nothing is going to stop me.” And I showed up and Michael LeBeau came out. Well, the first thing they did is they went, “Does anybody need help with transportation?” So, the rest of the week, I have rides to and from. I thought, “Well, that’s a good sign.” Well, Michael came out and he goes, “I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down your goals for being here.” And everybody’s writing, writing, writing including me and getting into it. And about five minutes later he goes, “Okay. Please stop writing. Take that piece of paper, fold it up, put it away and forget about it.” And you can hear 60 people going, “Huh?” And then he goes, “What I want you to get out of this program is what you don’t even know to want yet.”

[08:49] Ashley James: Yes.

[08:52] Art Giser: And that’s about what happened [inaudible], yes. And I thought, “I’m definitely in the right place.” And it completely changed my life being in that program. Then I had to go back and take the beginning NLP courses to find out what I missed. But that was the big start for me. But the other thing that happened is when I went back to take the beginning courses – this was in Marin County, which is just north of San Francisco on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge – and so there were a lot of people into healing and energy work and psychic development. So, people started teaching me things. There’s this amazing psychic, Lin Martin, and his wife Stacy – she’s also incredible – and they’re going to be teaching a workshop this weekend, “But they’re just going to be at our house Wednesday night and I’m inviting people over. Do you want to come? And I’ll just be reading some people.” Then I was like, “That sounds like fun.” So, I came, and I showed up late and everybody's already in the circle and Lin has his eyes closed. And one by one people is asking questions. And if they asked a question that was like a decision question, he'd always say the same thing, it's like, “No, you have free will. It's not for me to tell you what to do.” But if they ask any other kind of question, he would say something to them. And sometimes, it didn’t sound like a big deal to me, but I would look at the person and their eyes would get wide and their mouth – I mean, you could just see like he just nailed something for them.

So, sometimes I’m a slow study. So, when he gets to me, I asked him a decisions question. I go, “I’m studying NLP. I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Do I want to do one on one or do I want work with health? Do I want to work in corporations, do I want to do this and that?” And the funny thing is I ended up all those things. So, he goes to me, his usual, “Well, you have free will. It's not for me to tell you what to do.” And then he goes, “But there’s something else.” And he goes, “How do I put this?” And he proceeds to tell me my biggest fear that I had never – I still don’t mention it to people. I had never mentioned it to anybody. And it probably didn’t sound like that big of a deal to anybody else, but I’m sure my eyes were like saucers and my mouth was hanging open. And then he goes, “You don’t have to worry about that.” And I felt like this weight come off me. So, I clear the decks and took his workshop that weekend and at the end of it, I could do quite amazing things. And then since then, I had two empowerments from the Dalai Lama, I’ve stayed with Philippine psychic healers and western healers and psychics and South American healers. So, I’m very much one of those people. I take the best of everything I’ve learned and put it together. So, that’s my basic story.

[11:52] Ashley James: That’s you in a nutshell.

[11:54] Art Giser: Yeah. That’s what’s led me to now.

[11:57] Ashley James: After that weekend, you said that you could do some amazing things. What kind of amazing things could you do after that weekend?

[12:05] Art Giser: Well, before I answer that, I’ll say that the one thing – and I’ll always be indebted to Lin – but the one thing he didn’t teach us to do was how to do energy work safely. And I think it’s because he didn’t need that, so he thought other people didn’t. Because he mentioned, he even goes, “I don't want people to worry about that.” It ended up getting me in serious trouble, which is why I always teach people how to do it safely. But on the first night of the workshop, we all wrote down a question on a piece of paper and then folded it up and put a symbol on the outside and then he and Stacy would take turns pulling them out of a bowl and he’d go, “Oh, there’s a flower on it,” and then they’d answer the question without reading it. And so, the second night, they go, “Okay. Write down your questions again,” so we did. And then they go, “But we’re not going to do it. You’re going to do it.”

[13:00] Ashley James: Nice.

[13:01] Art Giser: So, they had us paired up. And of course, we were all like really nervous about this. And I paired up with this man and I went first. And it was great learning for me because since I had no information, I just had to say what popped in my mind. And when I was done and I’m thinking, “I have no idea if this is complete [inaudible]. I’m not sure what.” And when I was done, he goes, “Actually, I wrote down two questions and you answered them in order.” Yeah.

[13:34] Ashley James: That is so cool.

[13:35] Art Giser: Yeah. I was blown away. And then now he's nervous. And then he described what was going on in my life so well I started using his description. I don’t remember exactly what my question was. I think it was about where to take things. And he goes, “You’ve been walking down this path and far ahead of you, there’s a fork on the road. And one fork is logic and the other fork is more mystical.” And he goes, “You’ve been walking up the road going, ‘Which fork do I take? Which fork do I take?’” And he goes, “Now you’ve gotten to the fork and you’ve realized there isn’t any fork.” And that was exactly what was going on in my life. And I’m like, “Wow.”

[14:21] Ashley James: That is so cool. Well, neurolinguistic programming is Science.

[14:25] Art Giser: Yes.

[14:25] Ashley James: And it is related to Metaphysics and Quantum Physics. We can see that there's this level of this quantum change that people can do in an instant, that neurons can shift and create new neuropathways in an instant. Now we can use Science to hook up people’s brains and see that that this change work – we can prove it was Science. But back then, they were just proving it based on results. So, there’s a lot of science. But it is a good marriage of mystic and science, isn’t it?

[15:01] Art Giser: Oh. And in fact, I worked for a while. This is many years ago when there was still the Soviet Union. In Russia, they do a lot of research on energy work. And these Russians have moved to the U.S., this Russian scientist, and his wife. And they had this energy machine, and I introduced them to a man who had a brain mapping equipment. And when you set that machine at certain energies, the man with the brain mapping equipment goes, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.” You could put the brain in different states by just changing them – and you couldn’t hear it. It was silent. Just by changing the frequency of the energies, it was quite mind-boggling. I spent 11 years doing research. I’m not interested in doing more research, but I’m thrilled that there’s a lot of really good research now on healing and energy work and psychic abilities. A book I’d recommend to anybody listening is called An End to Upside Down Thinking. I think his last name is Grodan. There are two books ed An End to Upside Down Thinking. And to me, it’s like the perfect book. It's packed with information. It's really easy to read, and it's short. But he goes through. He’s not a scientist. I think he’s a financial analyst or something. But he got curious about all this, so he went through a lot of the research and just present summaries of it in really simple ways that you can grasp. And he has footnotes for somebody who wants to read all the real research. That is quite an extraordinary book.

[16:44] Ashley James: It’s written by Mark Gober, G-O-B-E-R. I’ll make sure that the link to it is in the show notes of today’s podcast along with the links to everything that Art Giser does. We'll make sure all the wonderful links, everything we talked about is in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com so that listeners can be sure to check that out.

Art, what was the first NLP book that you saw on that table that didn’t belong with all the other mystic books? What was that first NLP book that you read?

[17:13] Art Giser: And I have to abridge my story a little bit. It was a book called Reframing by Bandler and Grinder. And I got home, and I started the book and it goes, “Don’t start with this book.”

[17:25] Ashley James: Yes.

[17:28] Art Giser: So, I ordered the book Frogs into Princes.

[17:28] Ashley James: Yes.

[17:32] Art Giser: I left that out just to make the story shorter. So, the first book was Reframing, but the first book I read was Frogs into Princes. And it completely just changed my world.

[17:32] Ashley James: It's funny how what was guiding you were to jump into the advanced stuff first and if it had happened the other way, you might have lost interest because, in the advanced courses, you got to see more like – that’s in the advanced courses, you learn the fast phobia model, you learn more of the heavy-hitting stuff, and so that you got to actually see the change work actually work. So, it’s interesting how the universe aligned itself, was to bring you the advanced stuff first.

[18:13] Art Giser: Well, you're right. And it was even better than that. My NLP career has been incredibly synchronistic. The assistants at this advanced course were NLP trainers and master practitioners. And the people in the program, they were all advanced people. So, then when I started taking the basic course called the “practitioner course”, as you know, and when I started taking that, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, who had been married to Richard Bandler, one of the early developers of NLP – completely amazing – she had a research group, her and her husband, Michael LeBeau and David Gordon and some other NLP trainers and master practitioners, and it would meet every two weeks. When I was maybe even halfway through my practitioner program, they had an opening in the research group. And I knew most of the people because they knew me from the advanced program. So, they lobbied for me to get into the research group. And they went, well, there’s this new guy, he’s still a beginner but he’s got a talent for this. Maybe it would be good to have who is more naïve. So, all of a sudden, now, every two weeks, I'm meeting with these people who were developing new aspects of NLP. And people would go, “Aren’t you intimidated when you go? And I went, “I’ve never felt freer in my life. I’m the dumb new guy.”

[19:39] Ashley James: There are no expectations.

[19:41] Art Giser: Yes. If I say something dumb, it’s to be expected. If I say something perceptive, they’re all impressed.

[19:48] Ashley James: I love that. That is fantastic. It’s kind of like the situation I’m in now. I’m not a doctor but I interview doctors all day long and then they’re so impressed by what I say, and this is like great because when I say something stupid, it’s fine. I’m not a doctor. I love it. That is hilarious. I want to share with you, with the listeners who don’t know my experience, because I think it gives context to what you are sharing. I lost my mother suddenly to cancer. I mean, she died very quickly after her diagnosis, and we weren’t expecting it. And I’m an only child. And I was kind of lost. It hit me very hard as it would anyone close to their mother. I was 22 at the time. I was heading in one direction in my life, and all of a sudden, that just shut off. I was depressed. I tried to grieve healthily. And my parents introduced me to Landmark education, which they copy a lot of NLP. I don't know if you know about their work. And they're a great institution but they do copy a lot of NLP. And so, I'd been experiencing NLP all through my teenage years taking all their courses not realizing it at the time

So, when my mom died, I had been exposed to change work and to personal growth and development for so many years. I had this idea in the back of my mind, “I want to make sure I’m grieving healthily. I want to make sure like I understand that grief happens, but I want to make sure that I don't get stuck and create some kind of a vicious cycle in my life because I can't heal from this.” So, I started to seek grief counselors and therapists. And what I found was that everyone I went to, it didn’t feel like they were practicing excellence. Because that’s what I was looking for, I wanted to heal the best I could heal and create the best version of myself after having lost my mother. And I felt as though they were trying to find like sexual abuse in my childhood and they were trying to go back to my childhood and try to find something that wasn't there. And I kept saying, “I want to heal what’s happened right now. This is what I’m dealing with. And I didn’t feel like any of them had any tools.

And at that time, I had joined an advanced course with Landmark called “Team Management Leadership Program.” And it's a yearlong course but you can do it actually for multiple years and become a sort of like a leader in it. And then later, I was hired by Landmark to be on staff in Toronto. And during that time, I was still looking to heal. And so, those in my course, there’s about 30 or 60 or us at any given quarter, they knew what my intention was. I was sort of seeking this wanting to heal. I was still very depressed, but I was pushing through it and trying to find financers. And one of the participants, one of the students, called me up one day, and I still remember it very clearly, I remember standing there holding the phone, holding the cordless phone, this is when people didn’t have smartphones, and she said, “I just got back from a training, and I want to do a breakthrough session with you. In eight hours, you will be free of all that’s holding you back.” And I’m like, “Okay. That’s a big order. It’s a tall order to fill, but let’s do it.” Worst case scenario, I get nothing out of it. I’m one of her guinea pigs. I think she ended up charging me very, very little money because she just got back, and she wanted to practice. So, we did an eight-hour breakthrough session. And at the end of the eight hours, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I walked out of there feeling like I had completed my grief. And I felt free. And she said at the end of it, “You should really look into doing these courses.” I’m like, “Yeah, you’re right. I should really look into doing these courses.” I mean, I had to raise money for it. I had to create a business plan because this was all of a sudden going to be my direction. And I ended up on taking the practitioner, the master practitioner, the trainer’s training. That was in 2005.

And I can’t believe the things I saw that year and then the things I did with other people. It still blows my mind, the things that NLP can do for people. I had one woman who had a phobia of being in a crowd. She could be in an empty field but if four people were surrounding her, she would have a complete nervous breakdown. So, she had a very difficult time in life because if people were at close proximity to her, she would have a phobia. And after we did the fast phobia model – I did it with other students watching so they could also learn. At the end of the fast phobia model, not only did she not have the phobia, she forgot that she had the phobia. The memory of the phobia was deleted. Sometimes when we complete something, it is deleted from the brain. I mean, it's just the brain is so complete with it. So, she no longer remembered that she ever had the phobia, to begin with. Luckily, I had other students watching. Otherwise, I would have been like, “Am I crazy? Did I like to drop into a different dimension?” We just cleared your phobia and you’re telling me you didn’t have a phobia. But it was one of those things where you can take someone who’s had a lifelong crippling phobia and within minutes, it’s no longer a problem. It’s so amazing. And you feel so empowered to help others, right?

So, my experience of NLP, it’s like how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Because it doesn’t stop after becoming a trainer. It’s just the beginning. And it just keeps going and going. And it’s so beautiful. So, I love that you were part of the early movement to develop NLP, develop all the tools. And what I loved about Richard Bandler and John Grinder’s work is that they looked around the therapy model in the United States at the time and they said, “In therapy, we’re either looking at what’s normal or abnormal but we’re not looking at excellence.” The whole concept, the whole American dream is like about excellence, right? So, what is it about therapy that’s just like you’re normal, okay, good? Stamp of approval, you’re normal. Keep going. But no one was looking at creating excellence. And I love that they found and modeled those rare therapists who were creating excellence and then develop the tools to teach anyone to repeat the same results. So, it's exciting that you have this unique perspective of NLP since you were there at the beginning and helped formulate it.

[26:30] Art Giser: I love that story. You do see so many miracles with NLP. It's amazing. And you mentioned the work on grief. There’s an NLP grief process that the first time I learned of it, I was reading it in a book. I hadn't even been taught it. A woman client came in who her son had died in a fishing accident when he was 17, that has been 13 years ago, and she goes, “I want to be able to think about him without crying.” And one session would change it. So, I got this reputation about being this miracle grief worker. I'm doing it like a cookbook. I mean, she doesn’t know that. But I’m thinking, okay, Step 1, Step 2. I had never done it before. But that’s how powerful NLP is. The processes are incredibly amazing. And I found when you combine that with energetic work, it’s like one plus one equals 100. It just opens up more and more possibilities.

[27:38] Ashley James: That's interesting. I studied with Tad James, of no relation. I think it's really funny because I studied with him and then he hired me as a sales manager, that's why I moved to the States. So, I worked for him for a while. After I became a trainer, I worked for a whole year doing NLP with companies and doing a lot of business work, which was so much fun, because I was hired to go into these businesses and do personal growth work with the staff, with the sales staff. And the whole intent is to make more sales, but my covert mission was to transform their lives. And it was so funny because we did. When someone has their lives transformed, of course, their sales are up because they’re happy, they’re more congruent. [inaudible] people better. They’re able to serve people better because they feel more whole and more complete and more congruent.

And so, I had a lot of fun with that. And then I went back the next year. After a year of doing that, I went back to assist at all the training. One of my best friends took the training. And during the time I was assisting the whole summer through the training – a lot of people do assist where once they’ve taken the courses, they can then – a lot of trainers would allow people to assist for free. It gives them sort of free work and then the assistants can review all of the info. And during that time, I was asked to come work for Tad James. So, I was on staff with him. And then I met my husband and my husband has the same last name, of no relation. But it was really funny because I married my husband and then all of a sudden, I became Ashley James. So, I had to answer the phone, “Tad James company. This is Ashley James speaking, of no relation.” Not like his daughter or something. But it was a great experience. And I got to see even further the change work.

What's interesting is that Tad very early on saw that there needed to be a spiritual component to NLP. And NLP, it feels very Science based. And then he started studying Huna and bringing in spiritual work and energy work, and it just – the marriage between the two, I saw just – it was just fluid. It made so much sense that we'd have this doctors and scientists and businessmen come in and they think it's very science-based and then by the end of it, they're all doing more metaphysical work too. And it works. So, I completely understand why there’s just this missing link in therapy. It’s like if someone only does talk therapy, there’s just this missing link of spiritual, physical energetic. All of the aspects of who we are need to be addressed. Of course, it would make sense that you address the energetic along with the emotional, along with the mental work. It makes complete sense. In your early years of NLP, and also in the greeting spiritual energetic work, what kind of changes did you see that you can make in yourself that you're excited and surprised by?

[30:48] Art Giser: Boy, that should be an easy question because I’ve made so many. The first thing I would say is I think both for the NLP in general and Energetic NLP, some things feel like changes. You mentioned NLP studies excellence and you can add skills, a lot of the work that I do, I do that work too, is more like unleashing what was already there. So, when people go through really big changes, often, they feel different, but they feel like, “Oh, this is me.” It's a little bit like the example, the one that you gave with the phobia, that couldn't even remember she even had the phobia because now she was operating out of who she was, not as some programming.

[31:35] Ashley James: You don't remember the old you that holding you back, or those old conflicts because they've integrated back into you and you're now whole.

[31:43] Art Giser: It's bad for business. I was warned about this when I first studied NLP. Sometimes I have people write a letter to themselves and then give it back to them later, and they’ll go like, “I know I wrote this. I know it’s my handwriting, but I can’t even relate to it.”

[32:00] Ashley James: I do the same thing with the Facebook timeline, because I've been in Facebook since 2007, and I go back and see the things that I wrote. I mean, I studied NLP in 2005 but in 2007, I joined Facebook and I see what I wrote even back then. I have a journal from high school, but yeah, you’re right. You look back ten years ago or more and you’re like, it says, “I wrote this but that’s not who I am anymore.” So, that makes total sense. Well, let’s ask the question a different way.

[32:28] Art Giser: The most enormous example was it got me from being incredibly stuck to being incredibly free. And it got me away from perfectionism and trying to be right to – in fact, when I teach an Energetic NLP program, one thing that’s different about Energetic NLP the most energetic spiritual systems is the way we treat beliefs and concepts. So, when I look at somebody’s energy field, I don’t see this – you look at the little models, they look like little tornadoes and they do this and that, and I can see that if I want to that way. But I don't think that's what's going on at all. I think that's the way our unconscious mind is representing something vast and multi-dimensional and complex. So, I've taken the idea of models from NLP and brought it into that work. So, I made up a term called “beliefs du jour” like plate du jour or soup jour. When I’m teaching people, “These are my beliefs du jour. And I’m not attached to them. If you have better beliefs, that’s great. And I’m not attached to you believing what I believe.” Because in my work, my goal is that people tap more and more into their inner human wisdom and into their spiritual information and inside knowledge. And so, I don’t care if it agrees with what I’m saying or not. What I'm saying is to help them open up their beliefs and challenge them and then find their truth. And if it's the same as mine, that's great. If it's different, that's great. And if I like theirs better, I’ll tell them I’ll steal it and start teaching what you said.

NLP did that. It got me out of that. I mean, I now realize I was so stuck because I had put myself in a box. I felt like I was failing myself by having been in this job so long, so I had to prove myself with whatever I did next. So, of course, it was a terror of whatever I do next. What if I don’t prove myself in trying to be right and all these things? So, opening up to the joy and freedom of – even enjoying sometimes going, “Oh, I was wrong then. And this is a better idea. This is a better idea.” You’re not even going to say that I was wrong. But this is the next step. This is the next step. So, that’s been huge for me. It's affected my health. I've had a couple of really big health challenges along the way, and I'm sure the Energetic NLP work made a huge difference in – I usually see that in my clients and students. I say “usually” because nothing always works. Sometimes it’s somebody’s path to die, that’s kind of a whole other story. But it’s changed my relationships. It’s changed how I approach everything I do in life. So, that’s why it’s almost hard to answer. It’s like “What’s changing?”

And another thing is people always liked me, but I had rough edges. My parents are both from Boston and had that kind of east coast “in your face” kind of thing. And I grew up in Southern California, so it wasn't a fit. So, people like me, so I got away with it. But I was stepping on toes a lot more than I realized. NLP just gave me incredible skills about how to be more influential with people, and kinder. To more lead them to an idea rather than smash them for being – it wasn’t my intention to smash them. But I was the kind of person who’d go, “Why are you saying that? That’s wrong.” And not meaning this as an attack, which is like in New York City or something, you can talk like that. Just learning how to influence other people. I was anti-corporate. And then when I started working in corporations like you're talking about sales, I had the same kind of experiences. And I was shocked. I thought salespeople are all going to be superficial and limited. And in fact, a lot of them were interested in personal spiritual growth because they know that matters. And I realized that with more women in corporations and more younger people and just the baby boomers too, that people were trying to get out of the old corporate model. So, it was fantastic to go in and help people be better leaders, help teams are more effective by being more human, by bringing out the best in each other rather than through power moves. And I would tell people I feel a little like Robinhood, that they’re paying me to change them. The only difference is they’re making more money too. So, unlike Robinhood, it was working for the corporation, but it was making them more human and it's more effective. I was surprised at how much fun that was.

[37:52] Ashley James: Yeah, me too. Absolutely. I had this one guy, he was the manager of this electronic store, this high-end electronic store, in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, I speak little French, he speaks half English. We managed growing up. I grew up in Toronto. And at the time, we were all sitting around the table, we’re releasing negative emotions, timeline therapy, which is something that Tad created but it’s – you can consider it sort of an offshoot of NLP because NLP is just the collection of these great tools.

[38:28] Art Giser: Right.

[38:29] Ashley James: And we get to releasing the root cause, the root of sadness. And I said to him, “Are you ready? You have to consciously get that you’re congruent and you’re ready to let go.” And I’d been doing this work for a year and I’d never met someone who said no. Of course, you want to let go of the root cause of sadness. You want to resolve all the sadness inside of you so that you gain all the positive learnings and you’re no longer holding on to neurologically – all the sadness. Of course, you want to. He was stone cold. He had very little circulation in his face or his neck. And it was like the middle of winter, so we were all bundled up anyway. I could just see his neck and his face, but he was white as a ghost. I just kind of chalk that up to being Canadian. He just had a stone-cold face and he said, “No.”

So, I pressed a little bit. And I’d already kind of pre-famed it that we want to be very congruent. We want to let go of unresolved negative emotions from our past so that when we deal with our customers, we can then be clear to really help them and be of service and also be able to be better at our job, make more money. So, they all wanted that. And he agreed he wanted that. But when we came to releasing sadness, he couldn’t do it. And he just wouldn’t. He had a block. And I said, “Okay. What’s going on? Tell me about that.” He said, “I cannot let go of sadness because I saw my grandmother burn to death at a house fire when I was three. And I hold on to the sadness to honor her.” And of course, as you know, in NLP, we immediately think of what kind of reframes that we can use to help them see it in a different way. And it just came to me. It was like lightning. Right out of my mouth, I said, “Do you realize you’ve been honoring your grandmother with the wrong emotion? When you think of her, you want to feel love.” And his eyes became huge like saucers. He was like in his 50s. So, he’d been doing this for – he was probably 53. Probably been doing this for 50 years, holding on to sadness to honor his grandmother and pulling himself down. He had lowered immune system. There are all kinds of physiological things that can occur when we are holding on to sadness.

And as I said that, and it registered, I saw redness. I saw color coming into his neck and start to come up – not red like anger, but red like circulation – started to come up his neck and his cheeks got red. His eyes were wide. And as I saw the redness creep up his face, he said – I said, “Okay. Are you ready to let go of sadness?” And he slams his hand down on the table and he goes, “Yes.” And it was congruent. We were doing this a group. Everyone was releasing their sadness. And he went back to the memory of losing his grandmother. He gained positive learning to let go of the sadness, let go of all the sadness from his past from other events, came back to now. And as he walked out, his regional manager, Mario, who I’ve known since I was a child, he’s a personal – sort of family friend, and Mario is the one that introduced my family to Landmark education. So, he’s really into personal growth work. And he watched this gentleman walk out and Mario did a triple take. I watched him looked at the guy, looked away and it was shocking in his face. Looked at him again, looked away, looked at him the third time, and he pulled me aside and said, “What did you do to that man? I've known him for 15 years. I have never seen him smile. He looks like a completely new person.”

And it was just so cool that I was hired to help them do more sales but what I got to do was transform their life. And I've stayed in touch with Mario. And that man ended up changing positions because they had multiple store locations, he ended up giving up his position for a different position in a store much closer to home so he could make a smaller commute, so he could spend more time with his children and wife. And what I was told was that after that day, completely changed his life, his marriage improved, his relationship with his kids improved, his relationship, because he was holding everyone off at a distance because of the sadness that he decided he needed to hold on to honor his grandmother. You can go into a corporation to help a corporation make more money but end up transforming their lives with these tools. That has a ripple effect. His kids now a better life. His wife has a better life. All the people he touches has a better life. So, yeah, absolutely, we can go in and take NLP, like you can take NLP to corporations, but you end up transforming people’s lives. And so, I love the work that you do.

Now I’m sure listeners at this point are thinking that they want to learn this too. Can someone go and learn Energetic NLP from you? How does that work?

[43:35] Art Giser: They can. Going back to the story I said at the beginning when I can answer the man’s questions on a folded piece of paper, everybody can do that. Everybody has miraculous abilities. There’s this belief out there that only some of us were born with special abilities. It’s nonsense. It’s not everybody’s path. It’s not everybody’s interest. But I just want people to know everybody can do miraculous things. It's normal. It’s just a matter of clearing the programming, things that block us, learning how to do it safely and learning to open up. And I lead programs both in-person workshops. I do a lot of online training programs that are a mixture of – you’re probably familiar with Zoom. Other people may not be. Zoom is this great platform now where you can do video meetings and you can then even – just like in a real workshop, you can put people in a video room together, like three people, they can practice. They can ask me questions. I can pop in. I can bring everybody back together again. So, I've been, the last couple of years, learning how to use that. So, I do a lot of both online training, in-person training. I do free Facebook Lives most weeks, times like when I’m working in London and stuff. I’m not always doing them. But most weeks, on Thursdays, I do a Facebook Live on the Energetic NLP page. I do a lot of other webinars. So, yes, I’m teaching all the time. It's interesting I work with both people that are complete newbies and people that are advanced. Some of the people in my programs have worked with energy for 30 years and people that are brand new and we figured out ways to do that that works for everybody, which makes it fun and gratifying.

[45:35] Ashley James: That’s very cool.

[45:37] Art Giser: Most of the people are somewhat experienced, but the complete newbies are fine. Part of that is because in Energetic NLP, when we work with somebody, we always have them put their inner wisdom and their spirit in charge of what happens for them, so not what I think they need. Sometimes I’m putting on my NLP coach hat on and tells somebody, “This is me as a coach giving you advice.” But when I’m doing the energy work, I’m being guided by their inner wisdom and spirit. They’re in charge. So, I can have 100 people in the room and there can be 100 different experiences going on. And everybody’s getting different mixtures of energy, and the energies are doing different things. Once I figured out how to do that, it just opened up a whole possibility of what can happen in the training and the teaching. So, it works amazingly well.

[46:33] Ashley James: I know you’ve sort of just answered this question, but I think I want to dive a bit deeper. What is the difference between – like the NLP that I learn, maybe with someone who went and study with Richard Bandler or studied with Tad James or someone else or they've read a bunch of NLP books, what's the difference between that and Energetic NLP, which is what you teach?

[46:55] Art Giser: Well, just pure NLP, if I can call it that, has nothing to do with energy work. One of the ideas that I got from NLP that I believe in is that every way of thinking is both a strength and a weakness. And so, the goal is to have different ways of thinking that you can change according to the situation. So, the great strength of traditional NLP was you treat everything as internally generated. Everything’s coming from your conscious mind, your unconscious mind how you’re processing information and the stimulus from the outside world. In energetic work, that’s not necessarily true. We’re like radio receivers. We’re picking up energies, thoughts, emotions from other people. Some of what's going on inside of us aren't us. And sometimes, people think that’s some little scam. I’m not talking about possession. But we’re being influenced by energies in our space, and that started when people were in the womb. So, let’s say somebody’s in the womb, and their mother or their father or somebody is anxious. Well, the spirit of the fetus knows they often are doing this out of love, but they also know that if the giants are in trouble, they’re in big trouble.

So, often, we start absorbing the energies from our parents that they’re having trouble handling. And what happens is you can get somebody as 50 years old going, “I’m anxious. I’ve always been anxious. I don’t know why I’m anxious. I do meditation. And I can calm down. I’m doing NLP. I can handle it. I’m just an anxious person. That’s just my DNA.” And a lot of times, most of the times, what we’ll find is that they’ve absorbed anxiety energy from other people. And because it’s somebody else’s energy, you can’t heal it. You can handle it. You can suppress it. You can do things with it, but you can’t heal it. In Energetic NLP, people learn how to release it, so which is not there anymore. And a lot of – any strong emotion or pattern that people have that they’ve worked on and they just can’t – maybe they make it better, but they can't heal it or get rid of it. It’s probably mostly not their energy, which is why they’re having a problem.

So, I know you’re familiar with parts working. In NLP, we work with the different aspects of the unconscious mind and refer to them as parts. And very often, they’re creating internal conflicts and we work to resolve those. When you add in energy work, sometimes when you drain out the energy that isn’t the person’s, sometimes the part is gone. So, in NLP, we’d always be trying to work it out in a dialogue with other parts of you. But sometimes, like when we drain the energy, the parts are just gone. And if you had worked up this internal compromise, it’s inauthentic because part of it is just not you. It’s programming. It may sound odd to people that energy can contain emotions and programming. But the only way that human beings can communicate is through energy. That’s how people are listening to us right now. Even if we were in the same room, we move our mouths and our tongues and our lips. It vibrates molecules in the air. It goes to the bones in our ears. It gets changed in the neurochemical information and then the brain interprets that back into what we call sounds.

So, all information transfer is energetic. And it’s funny. Sometimes people go, “I don’t know if I believe that energy can have emotions.” And I’ll go, “Have you ever been to a sporting event?” And even the most straightway newscasters, the energy of the crowd is amazing because they feel it. Nowadays, people have huge TVs and great sound systems, they still would go to a bar or a pub or a game or a concert in person. Even though often, you can hear it better at home, but you don't get the energy of the crowd in the same way.

[51:14] Ashley James: Right. Right. I was just thinking of doing an NLP like online course versus live. The energy of sitting with someone is vastly different than sitting online. Although if someone can't come to live training, they should learn it online. It's not to discredit learning online. The learning will happen. But I like being in person for the energy, for the experience of picking up and feeling the people in the room. There’s just something very unique to that, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

[51:48] Art Giser: I think that’s normally true. And I do think in person live is the gold standard. That’s the best. But in Energetic NLP, when we have people online, we connect them energetically. We create energy spaces. So, most of the work I do with people is remote work. 99% of it. I work with people all over the world, and they feel the energy. And so, I teach my students how to create. So, when three of them are working, like the resume call, they’re not just on video, they’re connecting energetically. They’re in the energy spaces together. And while it’s – I wouldn’t say it – as good as being in person, it’s pretty darn close. It’s amazingly close.

[52:33] Ashley James: Could you connect with me or with the audience to do some change work today?

[52:39] Art Giser: Yeah, I’d be happy to.

[52:41] Ashley James: I don’t know if you can connect with people that are going to be listening to this in the future and give some advice to all the people listening if that's something that is in your wheelhouse.

[52:53] Art Giser: Oh, yeah.

[52:54] Ashley James: Because that would be cool.

[52:56] Art Giser: Yeah. I’ll do that in a minute. What I’ll just explain to people is that when people listen to the recordings of when I’m doing energy work, they access the energy. How that works is an interesting story. But in some ways, the energies exist outside of linear time. If people are listening to this as a recording, if they pretend it’s happening right now while they’re listening to it, the energies would be there. People tell me they use recordings that I made 10 years ago and stuff all the time and they feel the energies. In fact, one man, I knew him through business things, and he wasn't sure about all this energy stuff. But he was listening to one of my recordings on his phone while he was doing other work, and he goes, “I wasn't even paying any attention.” He started doing stuff on his computer. He goes, “All of a sudden, tears were coming to my eyes and I’m shaking and I’m releasing all this stuff.” And he goes, “I was so not expecting anything to happen.” So, it wasn't like a placebo, because he was sure nothing was going to happen.

And so, we’ll connect people. We can connect people who aren’t on the call yet. And how that works, in the advanced Energetic NLP programs, we work a lot with time and working outside of time, which is very, very interesting. I want people to know, for Energetic NLP to work, it’s not faith healing. You don’t have to believe anything. People can block the work. So, if they’re going, “This can’t work,” they could block it. But if they’re going, “I don’t necessarily believe this, but okay, I’m open to finding out,” that’s all of the more permission they need to give. So, they don’t have to believe it is or isn’t going to work. If anybody’s listening to this while they’re driving, I’m going to ask them to either pull over or turn it off because I will start working with the energies and the energies are designed to make you go inward for deep transformation. And that’s not how you want to be when you’re driving.

[55:10] Ashley James: I know exactly what you mean. The other day, I was working with a client and I started to do some shifting with her while she was driving, and she had to pull over. I’m like, “Okay. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this work with people.” Because she’s like everything was like the world was spinning around her. Like she was having a very physiological reaction to the change work. I’m like, “Okay. Let’s park and we’ll pick this back up.”

[55:37] Art Giser: Yeah. People, would they get away with it? Probably. It's like driving fast when it's raining. You’ll probably get away with it but something horrible could happen. So, not worth it. So, there’s a couple of ways. First, I can just run some energy for people. And then if you want, I can teach them a technique.

[56:03] Ashley James: Oh, sounds great.

[56:05] Art Giser: Okay. So, I’m going to describe this as visualizations. It doesn’t matter whether people consciously see it or not. I know some people don’t visualize well. I used to be a terrible visualizer. And it doesn’t matter. If you just pretend, you’re seeing it, then your unconscious mind will see it. And that’s perfectly fine. So, the only way to block this is if people are going, “Am I doing it right? Is it working?” So, I just ask people just have whatever experience you're having without judging it. And then, later on, you will or won't notice some differences. And some of the most powerful energy work I’ve ever received from world-famous healers; I didn’t always feel it that much in the moment. And sometimes, it’s more like an hour later, “Oh, okay. Something happened.”

So, a long way of saying, it doesn’t matter if they feel it or not. It doesn’t matter if they think profound thoughts or mundane thoughts. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they give permission for their inner wisdom and spirit to be in charge. And when somebody’s inner wisdom and spirit are working together, it forms something that we call your miraculous self. Your miraculous self. And that’s when a person’s inner wisdom and spirit are working together to guide them and help them manifest their life and to heal them and nurture them. And you might think it would be automatic that your inner human wisdom and your spirit are collaborating, but it is not. And this is different than the high self. So, people try to mush the two ideas together. Your high self just exists. Your miraculous self is kind of like a muscle you may have never used. So, you have to build it.

And the first step, as a human being, as a conscious being, we have a right to make choices in our lives. So, I’d like everybody, if they want to just go, “Okay. I’m choosing and giving 100% permission for my inner wisdom and my spirit to collaborate. I’m choosing and giving 100% permission for my inner wisdom and my spirit to collaborate and form a miraculous self. For my miraculous self.” And then I’d like people just to pretend that there’s a giant gold ball of energy and that everybody listening to this conversation is inside of it while this conversation is going on. And in the end, it will dissolve. And if somebody’s listening to this, again as a recording, the gold ball will form again. And let’s imagine this gold ball is filled with gold energy and also amethyst energies. And amethyst energies are the colors you see in an amethyst crystal. They go from lavender to dark purple. And the reason people in energy work use colors is we different colors because they’re different frequencies of energy. Different frequencies of light. So, when we imagine colors in the energy, again, whether you see them or not, if you just pretend, “Okay. I’m surrounded by gold and amethyst energy,” those are energies that help with transformation, with dissolving blocks and opening up to our authentic selves and our miraculous abilities.

So, I’d just like people to pretend we’re all in this giant gold and amethyst ball of energy. And people all over the planet talk about Mother Nature, Mother Earth. Pretty much everybody’s felt that when they’re like at the beach or out in the woods or someplace in the field. Those energies are in fact everywhere. So, let’s invite that Mother Nature, Mother Earth energy to come into our gold and amethyst ball of energy. And these are energies that are nurturing, healing, energies that love us, energies that acknowledge that you have a right to exist, that you’re on the planet because you’re supposed to be on the planet. There aren’t any extra people on the planet. So, just let those energies come in.

And I’d like everybody to think of one thing in their life that they'd like to have improved. It could either be a problem or it could be an opportunity, but something they'd like enhanced or improved. And this is being recorded so you can pick something else later. Just pick one thing for now. And then give your miraculous self, your M, 100% permission to be in charge. And again, since your miraculous self is your inner human wisdom working with your spirit, whatever it decides will be what's right for you at this moment in time. And in energy work, you're never trying to clear all the blocks at once. It can be too big of a shift. So, just let your miraculous self choose what blocks the energy that’s coming in is going to dissolve and heal and what of your inner abilities it’s going to open up and enhance. And just give your miraculous self 100% permission to identify the blocks for right now and identify what it wants to be enhanced. Then take a couple of easy deep breaths. I’m just going to run the energy for a few minutes then I’ll teach everybody a technique they can do. But right now, it’s just intention and permission. Intention for your life to be enhanced and permission for your miraculous self to use the energies I’m bringing in to transform your life. Take a couple of easy deep breaths. Take a couple of easy deep breaths.

Sometimes, people get very serious about this. The more playful you are, the stronger it will be. So, bring out your playful inner child. As the energies are moving programming and limiting beliefs from your energy field and your unconscious mind, they're immediately being replaced by your inner wisdom, by insights, knowledge, and wisdom from your spirit. So, as any programming gets dissolved, any beliefs get dissolved, they're immediately replaced by your inner wisdom and information, insights, knowledge and wisdom from your spirit.

Okay. Now we’re going to bring in energies to help you process and integrate that. In this type of energy work, it doesn’t finish when we’re done. It will go on for days or even weeks of processing, which is a good thing. And I’d like to say to everybody’s unconscious minds that after listening to this, if anybody’s driving or doing anything that requires safety, I want their miraculous self and their unconscious mind to turn the processing way down, make sure they’re grounded, make sure you’re safe, make sure you’re alert. So, grounded, safe and alert. And then when you’re sleeping, that’s a good time to turn up the processing only to the level that still allows you to sleep well and not like all night long. But just a portion of when you’re sleeping, your unconscious mind can review what we just did in that energy session and your M, your miraculous self, will infuse it with your inner wisdom, infuse it with your spiritual information and make it richer and deeper and higher and wider, making it more multidimensional and make it more automatically integrated into your life. That could happen while you sleep soundly and deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. And so, the people can pay a little more attention, it’s good to stomp your feet, pat your body, your arms and your head. How are you feeling, Ashley?

[69:22] Ashley James: I’m feeling very good. You didn’t tell us to open our eyes, but I imagine you want us to open our eyes now.

[69:30] Art Giser: Yeah. Or not. Whatever you want to do.

[69:32] Ashley James: Whatever you want.

[69:33] Art Giser: Now, if there’s time, I can teach people a short powerful energy process too.

[69:39] Ashley James: Yes, we have all the time in the world. Yeah. This is a long show. My listeners know that. Because I want to get some real meat. I want to help my listeners make the changes they need. But I want to tell you about my experience. I felt it. I'd say I'm the most open-minded skeptic. I kind of go into everything like I'm open-minded but I'm not believing that anything’s like – because the perfect way to be – placebo effect can’t affect me because I'm not going in with a belief system but I'm going to be open-minded about it. But I’m also kind of skeptical. So, when stuff happens, I’m like, “Oh, that’s a surprise. I wasn’t expecting stuff to happen.” But the first few deep breaths, I started to cry, and I felt like these tingles. They're not painful, but like pleasurable but very intense waves going up my body of tingles as I was taking the first few breaths.

[70:35] Art Giser: That’s great.

[70:36] Ashley James: That was cool. I did feel it.

[70:40] Art Giser: I’m really glad you brought that up. While I’m really glad you felt it, and I will remind people, it’s fine if you don’t feel it. And sometimes, when the energy is going on, people temporarily feel discomfort. And that's blocks being worked on. And sometimes, that’s just the way it shows up. So, that’s okay if they felt temporary discomfort. Sometimes, emotions come up and they’re coming up to be released. So, if people do like you did and just let it flow, that’s perfect. If they start going, “Why am I feeling this,” they can trip over themselves. It’s just old stuff you’re releasing, so you don’t have to do anything with it. Just let it go.

[71:25] Ashley James: Makes total sense. Absolutely.

[71:28] Art Giser: So, I teach people this technique, and like anyone technique, this is just a tiny portion of what’s possible, and it’s a super powerful technique. Many people who this is the only thing I’ve taught them and told me it's made a difference in their lives. So, it's a little tiny piece of what's possible, and it's a little powerhouse. And the way it works relies on the unconscious mind and energetically and spiritually, in spiritual systems, they often go symbol and reality are one. Symbol and reality are one. So, if you imagine something mean something, your unconscious mind and your spirit will go, “Okay. Sure, I’ll do that.” And it’s something I used to use a lot in my NLP work, too, that you give people a symbol or metaphor for something to work with and then all of sudden, it would open up an ability even though you unconsciously know how it’s working. So, this technique is for clearing other people’s energy and old energies out of our energy field.

And so, Ashley, and anybody that’s listening, if you look at your hands right now, imagine what your hands would look like if you never washed them in your entire life, they’d be coated with all kinds of gunk and stuff. You would have trouble moving and flexing your fingers, because of all the crud on them. And the worst part would be you would think that was you. You would think all that junk was just authentically part of you. Genetically, that’s what my skin looks like, my hands look like. Then if you fell in a lake and it got washed off, you’d look at your real hands and go, “What’s this? I can move my fingers. This feels better. Boy, it doesn't hurt as it did.” And the same way our energy fields are constantly collecting stuff. Most people would be appalled at how much of the energy in their energy field is not theirs. And the energy in your energy field doesn’t have to be 100% yours because some energies are like food, we’re using them. But people tend to have their energy field stuff with other people’s energy. And when you’re being intimate with somebody, whether it’s an intimate conversation or sexually intimate or any other kind of intimacy, it feels good to merge energies.

But what people don’t do is separate back out. But we also merge energies with people we don’t like and with energies that are just around. So, we’re constantly being affected by energies that aren’t authentic to us. And as I mentioned earlier, any emotional state that somebody goes, I feel it too often or I handle it badly and I worked on it, it’s better but it’s not where I want it to be. There’s about 99% chance that a lot of the energy isn’t yours, and that’s why you can’t get it where you want it to be because we can always deal with our authentic energies. You mentioned grief earlier. We can deal with our authentic grief. But when somebody’s feeling grief, they tend to pull in other people's grief energy. And other people get triggered by their grief and start releasing their grief energy. And then all of a sudden, you can handle it. And I think that one of the reasons for road rage is people leave all kinds of energy on the highways and roads and a lot of its frustrations, anger, they’re in traffic jams. And if somebody starts getting upset when they’re driving, sometimes you open up a portal and similar energies just flood in. And all of a sudden, they’re crazy. They’re out of control.

[75:22] Ashley James: It’s funny you should say that. I had on the show before a man named Eric Thorton. He's been on the show a few times and he's a local spiritual healer. He talks to angels and guides. His whole life, since he was born, he could just see them and talk to them. He thought everyone could until he realized he's different. But I've interviewed him in person. I've met him a few times. So, it's been really interesting. He seems like a normal guy. He was a carpenter for 20 years. But when he was 12 years old, without any carpenter experience, his angels and guides, or whoever talks to him, told him how to remodel his mom’s kitchen. So, that’s what started. He had no formal training and he became a finished carpenter. Very good at it. He’s at that level where his gifts were turned on.

And like you said, everyone can tap into these gifts and he’s just been working on it for 50 years. So, he’s got more experience. But he said something very similar. What you just said reminded me. He said that if someone has unresolved anger, it’s almost like a magnet on their chest, and then they pull in all this other anger energy until there’s all these magnets sort of built upon them. All this anger kind of drawn to them because that’s the energy that they’re holding on to, that they have a process that they’re sort of projecting. And so, an angry person can attract more anger in their life. And he thinks it’s almost like a mechanism in order for us to heal it. If we’re not going to heal it when it’s a whisper, maybe we’ll heal it when it’s like a 2×4 hitting us over the head. And so, those who are sad will attract all the sadness and all these other people that have sadness until they finally wake up and heal it and see what angered it. It's like it will just compound until we finally address it until we finally wake up and address it. People just suck it and pull in energy that complements the energy they’re holding on to.

So, it’s similar to what you said, that if we were experiencing some road rage or some frustration on the road, that because there’s other people around us, we kind of pick up on it and it will amplify. When I was a kid, I would have tummy aches all the time from my parents fighting. They’d be in another room and sometimes, I wouldn’t even know they fight. I couldn’t hear them but I would get very intense feelings in my body like I was walking on eggshells and anxiety and my tummy would be in a clinch and I'd feel like I had to almost hide because of the amount of anger coming off of both of them. It was very scary. And I didn’t know, as a child, how to deal with it. But now looking back, I can see I was picking up on their energies that they were putting off. And my body was physiologically reacting to the energies they were putting off.


[78:23] Art Giser: Wow. That exactly. What you can learn to do, what I’ve been taught, and I’ve included as a big part of Energetic NLP, is we would say everybody's the sovereign of their energy field. So, you hear all this stuff about energy vampires and people doing this and that. And I understand how people see it that way. What I was taught and what I found to be true is we're all the sovereigns of our energy field. And if another energy is, to say, stuck in there, it has to hook into something of ours. Now it could be unconscious. It could be karma. It could be spiritual contracts. It can be energetic programming. So, we start looking at that as a gift. It’s similar to what the healer you’re talking about was saying. You can use it to go, “Okay. What in me is that hooking into? And then if I heal what it’s hooking into and I kind of release that energy, but my life gets better. Because I’ve cleared what’s authentic.” And there’s a lot of amazing energy workers who don’t know about that. And so, I'll get healing from somebody and I feel fantastic later, but it’s like the old joke a half hour, you’re hungry again. Because they haven’t gotten the Velcro, the hooks that were in me. So, eventually, something hooks again. So, in Energetic NLP, we’re always going, “Okay. If I’ve absorbed that person’s anger, what is it in me that’s allowing that and then how do I heal or change that?”

[79:57] Ashley James: I love this philosophy. And I can see where the NLP comes into play because it has them shift to personal responsibility. It has them shift instead of being the victim of these energies happening to them, they’re now shifting to be a cause in the world and be 100% responsible for their change, which then empowers them.

[80:16] Art Giser: It’s a great story, but I’m going to make it just really short. I used to go to a spiritual center in Brazil. And people often go off, “I open up to energies. What if I connect with something negative?” And there are simple things to do around it. But this one time, I connected with the most – I don't intend to use the word “evil” but that would be a good description of this energy. It was intense and malevolent. It entered my dreams. And when I woke up, it was still there. It was there. And I was kind of half awake, so I'm doing things to clear my energy. It's getting better but it's not working. Finally, I got awaken up to just kind of in my mind go, “I’m the sovereign of my energy field. You’re irrelevant to me. You can be in my room or not. But I don’t care because you have no power.” And soon as I did that, it was gone. And because my resistance to it and my giving it power was giving it power. And as soon as I recognize like, “I’m not giving you any power, you’re in my space. And you don’t even have to leave because you don’t any power here. You’re irrelevant to me.” And I'd thought that to the energy, like, “You’re irrelevant. I don’t care. Be here, don’t be here, what do I care?” And then it just [inaudible]. And I’d say, so many people are afraid they’re going to run into something negative. But those things don't have power. It comes back to a very NLP viewpoint. It’s like if something’s having power in my space, I don’t care what in me is letting it. And then how do I heal and change that? And usually, it’s pretty easy.

[82:04] Ashley James: I love it. That's such a great reframe. 100% puts the power back in the person's corner. I love it. Excellent. Well, I'm excited to learn this technique.

[82:16] Art Giser: So, the technique's simple. So, people put their M, put their miraculous self in charge, and there's no effort involved. The more playful people are, they can just pretend it’s happening. They don’t have to believe it’s happening. Just pretend it’s happening, and it will work. For this, we use the analogy or the metaphor of a magnet, because almost everybody played with a magnet when they were a child. And so, your unconscious mind, your conscious mind, a magnet is this thing that has powerful energies. And if you held up a magnet and held up a pin, all you have to do is let go of the pin and the magnet will pull it up. Pull it over to the magnet. So, this is wired into us. In this process, we’re going to use four magnets in all. So, I’d like people to go, “Okay. I’m putting my miraculous self in charge of what happens.” And then set your intention and give permission for your miraculous self to go through your energy field right now and identify energies that aren't yours, aren't in the present time and that energies that your miraculous self wants you to let go of right now. So, not saying everything. We’re not doing it perfectly, just give your miraculous self permission to go, “Okay. What energies do I want out of the energy field right now?”

And then imagine a magnet out in front of you, at least nine feet three meters out in front of you. And then give your miraculous self permission to use that magnet to release energies that aren’t yours from the front of your body and the front of your energy field. Your energy field goes completely around your body in all directions. Just imagine right now that any energies your miraculous self wants you to let go of are leaving your energy field and going to the magnet. And you don’t need to know what they are. I lie to entertain myself. I see little squiggles and shapes and clouds and stuff going off. But that’s because it amuses me. And if anybody feels any tug of war going on with energy, leave that alone for now. Just whatever just comes right off. And then you drop that magnet into the Earth and the Earth recycles the energy. And that means it either just turns it into pure energy or if it’s somebody else’s energy and it should go back to that person; it goes back to them. And just let the Earth figure that out. So, that’s the first magnet.

Put a second magnet high above your head at least nine feet three meters above your head. And it’s going to clear the top of your energy field. And again, your energy field is in you and around you. So, it’s going to start at your shoulders, go through your neck but a lot of energy is stuck in our heads, inside of our heads, in the forehead, in the back of the skull, in the scalp and going up above about nine feet three meters because there’s shockers or energy centers that go up that high above the body or higher. And just give your miraculous self permission now to use the magnet to release any energies from that whole upper part of your energy field in your head into the magnet and then drop that magnet into the center of the Earth and let the energies be recycled.

The third magnet is my favorite. Put it behind you. And if somebody is sitting behind you, don't put it in their lap. Put it behind you. And it’s going to clear the back of your body and the back of your energy field. And a lot of energies hide behind our back, your head, your neck, your shoulder blades, behind your solar plexus, your abdomen, your hips, your thighs, your knees, calves, feet. Just put your miraculous self in charge and let it release any energy at once from the back of our body and the back of your energy field into the magnet. Drop that into the center of the Earth.

And then the last magnet, put that in the Earth and let it clear from the base of your spine down to your legs and your knees and your calves, your ankles, your feet, your toes, the soles of your feet, and even going down at least at least three meter below your feet and all around you. Let that magnet clear the whole bottom half of your energy field. Again, no effort. Just whatever comes off easily. And then that energy is recycled. And it isn’t just that other people’s energy is in our energy field. We leave our energy in other people’s energy field too. Sometimes, we're trying to help them. Sometimes, we're trying to change their minds. Sometimes, we’re mad at them. It can be for all kinds of different reasons. If you have very young children, it’s appropriate to have a lot of your energy in their space, and your miraculous self will figure that out. But let your miraculous self use the golden ball of energy floating high above your head, golden ball of energy. And let that act as a magnet. And let your miraculous self use that to retrieve your energy from wherever you’ve scattered it, past, present, future, at work, in your automobile, on planes, cars, buses, other people’s homes, your home, wherever you scattered it. And just let your miraculous self be in charge. And if some of your energy is in somebody else’s energy field trying to help them, your miraculous self will replace your energy with Earth and universal energies, which will help them and be even better for them.

So, let all the energy that your M wants to retrieve come into the gold ball. And then your M, your miraculous self, inspects the energy in the gold ball. And some of that energy may have come from your energy field but not be authentically your energy. So, any energy that isn’t authentically yours goes down into the Earth to be recycled. Your authentic energy gets cleaned up, made sparkling, gets activated. And then your authentic energy comes back down and fills your body and energy field. And we never want to leave empty spaces in our energy field, so let the gold ball and gold energy in, around and through your body filling up any spaces left with gold energy. Gold energy is very neutral, very spiritual energy. You can use it almost kind of like food. And then go ahead and stomp your feet, pat your body.

[90:37] Ashley James: Open your eyes.

[90:38] Art Giser: Open your eyes, yes. It can help to look around wherever you are and look at like what a fine detail and what you can see and hear. And if you’re sitting in a chair, what do you feel? Can you wiggle your toes and feel them [inaudible] ground everybody. And I’ll remind everybody that after this podcast if you're doing anything that requires safety, your unconscious mind and your M will make sure you’re automatically safe and alert. So, how is that for you, Ashley?

[91:15] Ashley James: It was very cool. The first magnet, I felt like my skin on my cheeks was being pulled. I can feel stuff being pulled out of me. It was a feeling of tugging and pulling out. And I was leaning forward as I could feel it. And then the next one, the magnet above, I was like this is so hypnotic because I felt like my back straightened up. I became a foot taller sitting here. It was like – what do they call it when UFOs when they – like a beam pulling me. It was like the magnet was like that, a special tractor beam pulling me up. And it was a very cool feeling.

But then the second you said there are energies you have out there in other people, and all of a sudden, it was like I felt whole again. It happened like [inaudible] and it just pulled all my energy back to me that I’ve had scattered everywhere. And it was just in that instant and it was like I was at 25% battery life and all of a sudden, I got supercharged. It got all sucked back to me, and I felt it. I was like, “Woah.” And then right before you said gold energy filling your ball, my mind already did that. I just felt like a gold ball around me go, “Complete the shield. Got it. Fill the shield with gold. Got it.” And then you said that it was like, “Okay. Good. We’re doing this right.” But it felt amazing.

And that's funny because – not to compare you to Eric Thorton, I mean you guys have your own unique set of skills. He said this to me specifically that I put my energy – for everyone, when we interact, we sometimes leave that [inaudible] to the energy with someone and to remember to pull it back because he noticed that with my – every time I do a podcast, I’d put all my energy into it and then hang up Skype and all my energy was left out there. And it was just kind of draining. For those who don’t know how to direct your energy, it’s just intention. When you bring awareness and attention, so I'd like to pull my energy back. And I was like, “Woah, man. That feels so good.” It would be a different experience for me pulling my energy back after completing an interview versus leaving it out there. I'd feel drained and exhausted after an interview versus feeling very uplifted. So, you're confirming this for me, this idea that we can exercise just like we bathe every day, right, and wash our hands, that we can exercise energetic health habits to keep sanitary.

[94:13] Art Giser: Everything you’re saying is just so perfect. Because in Energetic NLP, we do have like a five-minute twice a day thing that people can do. And one big part of it is the magnets. And just to bring the magnets in the morning when you get up before you go to bed. I'm not a morning person. But when I wake up in the morning, I'll do my magnets. And it's like, “Hello world,” and the magnets and the gold ball. I sleep better if I do it before I go to bed at night. People can do it, let's say they have an important presentation or meeting or sales call or they're going to see their family. If you do it ahead of time, you'll be much more resourceful. If you've gotten triggered, if you do it afterward, you'll be much more resourceful. It's fantastic around family. For most of us, even if your family is fantastic, they just tend to trigger us. I’ll teach people this and it makes the holidays so much better with your kids, with anybody you’re in a relationship with. It’s a handy-dandy Ginsu knife. You can use it for everything. And I love that you were doing things before I said it because that's what happens in the program a lot. As people get more open energetically, like you are, they'll often go, “I was doing everything right before you said it.” And I go, “That’s great. That’s perfect.”

So, let me review the steps for people. It’s really simple. So, the main thing is you put your miraculous self in charge. And again, that’s your inner wisdom and spirit working together, your miraculous self or just your M. You’re not trying to clear all the energies. You ask your M to identify what energies it wants you to release right now. And then one magnet’s in front of you. Release into that. Let that magnet go into the Earth and let the energy be recycled. One magnet high above your head. Send that into the Earth. One magnet behind you. Send that into the Earth. And then one magnet in the Earth that clears from the base of your spine down through your legs and feet, going down at least a meter three feet below your feet and your energy field all around you. So, that’s just four magnets.

And then the second part is really simple. The gold ball of energy over your head and you ask your miraculous self to retrieve your energy from wherever you’ve scattered it and let it go into the gold ball. And if your M thinks some of your energy [inaudible] young children. If your M wants to leave some of your energy in somebody else’s field, it will do that. That’s the right thing. Otherwise, it will replace your energy with Earth and universal energies, which will be better for them. As the energy comes back into your gold ball, it gets cleaned up, and the energy that’s not authentically you goes into the Earth. Your authentic energy comes down as being down into your body and energy field. And you never want to leave energy spaces. So, then you imagine gold energy just coming in and filling any spaces left in your body or energy field. And gold energy is a neutral, spiritual energy that we can use for all kinds of things. So, it’s not like having another person’s energy. And that’s it.

[97:44] Ashley James: I love it. Well, I’m so thankful that you came here to teach us this today. I feel really good. I feel like I just took an energetic shower. I feel really good. I hope everyone feels the same. I want to make sure the listeners know how they can learn more from you. So, your website is energeticnlp.com. We’re going to make sure that all the links [inaudible] in today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com including the link to you on Facebook because I know I know you do a lot of Facebook Live. So, for those who want to continue learning from you on a somewhat daily basis, they can do that on Facebook Live. And tell us about your program. Tell us about your in-person program. Tell us about your online program just so we know that there is.

[98:32] Art Giser: Great. I’d love to. I have a number of different programs. So, sometimes I do one- and two-day workshops that people on my mailing list hear about it. And I do a lot of webinars online. And again, as people are experiencing now, the energies work no matter where you are. I’m in California, there are people in India, all over the world, and it works just the same as if we were in the same room. So, some of the work I do, it’s funny that you were talking about feeling all clean and sparkly because some of the work I do, I call energy spas. Energetic NLP energy spas. Because a number of my old clients – and I still haven’t figure out if they talked to each other, because these were all separate conversations – they would go, “Well, we love the training programs. But we love the one- and two-day workshops. It’s like going to the spa. We don’t have to think or work hard. We just get our energy fixed.” Not fixed, but work is done.

So, everything I do, there's a mixture of the energy spas with – but then there's concepts and training. And I teach people processes like the magnets that are easy to use that they can do on their own. I have several online programs that are a mixture of recorded videos and audios online plus group coaching sessions. And I was a little skeptical of how those would work, but they’ve worked fantastically well. And I have several different programs on that. One is to strengthen the connection with the miraculous self so there are more guidance and support. Another one is offering your gifts to the world, which is to help people in their careers or businesses. Be out there more. And there are several others.

People want to work intensely with me, I have something that’s called “The Transformation Accelerator Program,” which is online but it’s real time. They do get recordings and a whole membership site to work with too, but then we do one-on-one sessions together. But my absolute favorite thing in the world, we call it the “M Club,” from miraculous self. And it’s a yearlong program where – I used to do all this Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 programs. They were all four-day programs. And it worked well. But it always felt a little – not quite out of integrity – but a little off to me because I didn't think it should be divided like that. If somebody realizes that Energetic NLP is for them, I want them not to get little tiny pieces. I want them to get the whole thing if it’s possible. I mean, it’s endless but I want them to get to an amazing point. So, I’ve started doing a yearlong program, which is a mixture of three retreats plus monthly online classes and sessions and energy spas. And that’s called the M Club.

And anybody interested in that, we can have a link to where they would fill out a questionnaire that people find very helpful, that helps them clarify where they are in their life, where they want to be. And then when they have a phone conversation with me, or somebody really advanced in Energetic NLP – probably me but it could be some other people that work with me that are really good – we’ll go over it and we do an energy reading of them, and it can help them decide if any of the Energetic NLP programs are a really good fit for them. And like I said, this M Club, some of the people in it were in the old design of the Level 1, 2 and 3, and they’re just – he says modestly – they’re thrilled, amazed at the level of progress because having it one continuous program, the momentum builds and builds and builds and builds and builds. And the energy of the group is building. They’re all doing amazing work. Even the people at the beginning, we thought they weren’t going to be able to do it.

And the other thing is we form a community that is a bit similar to the NLP community but kind of on steroids. So, people make these incredible friendships. But I have really good friends that if I’m having a problem in my life or an opportunity, they’ll cheer me on or they’ll go, “Poor, Art.” But my Energetic NLP friends and community, they’ll work with my energy, they’ll coach me. They have these amazing skills. Like right now, actually, one of us in the hospital. As you mentioned before, cancer can come up real suddenly and boom, Stage 4, and having to have surgery and all of this. We’re all working with her energetically. Before the surgery, we worked with the doctors in the operating room clearing the energies. We worked with them during the recovery and we’ll continue to work with her. We’ve had other people in the group who have had life-threatening diseases and other serious problems. And the support that they got from the group was a completely transformed the experience.

One woman, they thought her husband was going to die. I mean, the doctor, at one point, said he is going to die. And she was using her skills from Energetic NLP, but we were all like supporting her. And he’s now running 10Ks. He’s fine. But she was amazing. Through the whole thing, she was just solid and grounded and able to handle whatever came up. I mean, it was so impressive. And she credited using Energetic NLP but also all of our support. And on the lighter side, some of this people, we have a private Facebook group where they might put in, “Oh, I have a job interview or I’m giving a presentation, or I have a date.” And people [inaudible] the energy. So, this isn’t just problems. It’s opportunities too. And having that kind of community is mind-boggling. The security and the support and the fun, it adds to life. There’s a lot of people who are fun too. And the thing that’s even greatest, often they’ll say we’ll get on the phone with one another or on the internet. But if they can’t, somebody would just put it on Facebook and then you start seeing responses come in, Oh, I worked on this and this. And somebody goes, “Yeah, I worked on this. And do this and do that.” So, it's phenomenal.

[105:38] Ashley James: That’s wonderful. Would you be comfortable sharing with us the price or sort of more details around that?

[105:47] Art Giser: They range from things that are free to inexpensive. The M Club can be as much as $13,000 for a year program though there are different discounts that people would be able to get. But that's the most expensive program. Some of the five-week programs are more in the $900 range. Like I’m doing a weekend workshop in London this coming weekend [inaudible]. I do a lot of work in London. And it’s $250 or something. So, it depends. It’s all over the place. I do lots of free webinars. It’s important to me that everybody can get help. But with the M Club, some of these people, “Oh, $13,000.” But they get a ton. Every month, there’s a three-and-a-half-hour online class. There’s an hour-and-a-half class. There’s an energy spa session. There’s a blessing. There are three retreats. They get a lot along with a whole online membership site where everything’s recorded and they can 24/7, if they need a particular thing, they can use it. I'm proud of it.

Before this program, I was afraid to do a yearlong program. It's like people won't commit. It's such a big commitment. People would pay more to do five-, four-day programs than to do the whole thing. But it’s just easier in people’s minds. Finally, I got inspired by one of my mentors, a woman named Lisa Sasevich. She said, to get the transformation people that you want them to have, [inaudible] I can give a talk and people can get transformation. But to get one, I want them to have – okay. If I have them for a year, they're going to open their abilities. They'll be in an amazing place in a year. And I decided, “Okay. It’s a year program. I don’t care if it’s the most marketable.” One of my colleagues is going, “Why make it six months? [inaudible] money, people will commit more easily.” And I went, “That’s a great idea. It’s a year program.”

[108:30] Ashley James: Because you want to help people, and that's what you see is working?

[108:33] Art Giser: Yeah. In a year. And I’m so glad that I did because we’re just finishing up the first year of it. And they were all in a great place in six months, but they’re in a way better place now. And every day, they’re moving. And I realized, I want them to get this incredible life transformation. And as I mentioned earlier, what’s interesting about it, as you know, even if they’re really changing, because they’re being who they really are, both amazing spiritual being they are but also who they are personality-wise, not all the programming, the changes are very comfortable because it just feels right. It’s kind of like if you’ve ever gotten really good bodywork, it feels different to stand and move but it feels right.

[108:33] Ashley James: Right. That makes sense. But I like that you have a ton of free stuff and you have a lot of very affordable few-hundred-dollar experiences, both in person and online. And so, people can start where they’re comfortable and move from there. And if those who want to jump in and transform their life the whole year working with you, then they can do that too. I like your format. That's very cool. You mentioned that there were some specials. Is there a special that you would be able to give our listeners? Or is there a special coupon code or something that you can provide the listeners?

[110:06] Art Giser: Yes, I will get you a coupon code.

[110:10] Ashley James: Great. I love using the coupon code LTH. So, if you can use that, that would be wonderful. I try to help all my listeners get some kind of savings for jumping in because one of the – I get a lot of great feedback from my listeners; one is listener say that they'll listen to an episode two or three times and take notes. So, I started to have the episodes transcribed. And then some people say that they can’t believe how many things they’ve bought, how many books and programs – and they love it because it transformed their life. But they’re like “I can’t believe it now I own a sauna and a water purifier”, and they just go down the list. It’s funny because everything that I recommend, I also have in my home that’s helped my health too. So, I only recommend what I believe in. But when it comes to a guest sharing their programs, I love for guests to give discounts since my listeners are so proactive and will join you, it would be great if you could help them in that way. So, coupon code LTH. Thank you so much for giving a discount special to my listeners, because I know that they’re very proactive and would love to learn more from you.

[111:25] Art Giser: And I’ll figure out the exact discount on other things. But for the M Club, I would give them a $2,000 discount for being one of your listeners.

[111:33] Ashley James: Thank you so much. I appreciate that gift to them. And I know that they’ll get a lot out of working with you. So, it’s a great win-win. Art, we could talk for hours. Thank you so much for coming on the show. This has been wonderful. Is there anything left unsaid from today? Is there anything that you’d like to make sure that you say to wrap up today’s interview?

[112:00] Art Giser: Yeah, just a couple of things. One, again, everybody has miraculous abilities, so that anybody who feels a draw to developing them, just know that you can do it. Like anything else, there’ll be certain areas that will be more natural or a better fit. But everybody can do miraculous things. And the other is one of my goals is that people do not just know intellectually but know in their body that they are a vast, beautiful, powerful being. And to me, the goal in life is to keep manifesting more and more of that in my life. And that’s what I want for people in my programs to get it like what recognizes them. It’s just a small portion of an amazing vaster being. And the more of that that you manifest and embody, the more miraculous and incredible and joyful your life gets.

[113:01] Ashley James: Wonderful. I wish that for all those who are listening, that they have an even more miraculous and beautiful life filled with joy and transformative experiences. And I know that by learning more from you will accomplish that. Thank you again for coming on the show. You’re welcome back anytime you want to come and teach. Yes, we’d love to have you back. Thank you so much.

[113:25] Art Giser: Thank you. This is fantastic. And what you're doing with your show is such a gift to people. So, I want to honor that, and keep it up.

[113:36] Ashley James: Hello, True Health Seeker. Have you ever thought about becoming a health coach? Do you love learning about nutrition and how we can shift our lifestyle and our diet so that we can gain optimal health and happiness and longevity? Do you love helping your friends and family to solve their health problems and to figure out what they can do to eat healthier? Are you interested in becoming someone who can grow their own business, support people in their success? Do you love helping people? You might be the perfect candidate to become a health coach. I highly recommend checking out the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. I just spent the last year in their health coaching certification program, and it blew me away. It was so amazing. I learned over 100 dietary theories. I learned all about nutrition. But from a standpoint of how we can help people to shift their life and shift their lifestyle to gain true holistic health, I recommend that you check them out. You can Google Institute for Integrated Nutrition or IIN and give them a call, or you can go to learntruehealth.com/coach and you can receive a free module of their training. Go check it out and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in. Be sure to mention my name, Ashley James, and the Learn True Health podcast because I made a deal with them that they will give you the best price possible. I highly recommend checking it out. It changed my life to be in that program. And I'm such a big advocate that I wanted to spread this information. We need more health coaches. Health coaching is the largest growing career right now in the health field. So many health coaches are getting in and helping people because you can work in chiropractic offices, doctor's offices, you can work in hospitals, you can work online through Skype and help people around the world. You can become an author. You can go into the school system and help your local schools shift their programs to help children be healthier. You can go into senior centers and help them to shift their diet and lifestyle to best support them in their success and their health goals.

There are so many different available options for you when you become a certified health coach. So, check out IIN. Check out the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. Mention my name, get the best deal. Give them a call, and they’ll give you lots of free information and help you to see if this is the right move for you. Classes are starting soon. The next round of classes is starting at the end of the month. So, you’re going to want to call them now and check it out. And if you know anyone in your life who would be an amazing coach, please tell them about it. Being a health coach is so rewarding, and you get to help so many people.

Are you looking to optimize your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price for high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic True Health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. takeyoursupplements.com. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program.

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