263: P.U.R.E. Success

P.U.R.E. Success

P.U.R.E. Success initially sounds unattainable. And I know we all want to have P.U.R.E. Success in everything we do. That's why I decided to have Aaron Keith Hawkins back on the show to dive into how P.U.R.E. Success can be achieved.

Personal Realization

Aaron Keith Hawkins helps people become excellent in their personal and professional life. He helps them see their blind spots, eliminate barriers and alibis. Ultimately, he maintains his clients transform their lives with intention and purpose. And in doing so, it helps him to be more aware of himself.

“I realized when life is good, a lot of times people tend to settle in. And people feel something is missing. A connection is the most important thing to allow us to succeed,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins. “If we're not actively willing to connect, express ourselves and allow people to express themselves, things can get tough.”

Life Purpose

When we're in a good mood but we don't have any form of evolution, Aaron Keith Hawkins says that's when things get stale. Naturally, as our life progresses, we should be interested in other things and try new things.  One of the needs we have as human beings is the need for novelty.

“We need things and experiences that are new. If we don't engage with it somehow, that's one of the most common mistakes,” Aaron Keith Hawkins said. 

He adds, “I know for most people; if nothing comes along and shakes them up, or someone doesn't come along and shake them up, they can spend their entire life just feeling “good.” We can do better and feel amazing.”

Facing Fears

Fear is something a lot of people struggle with. But I think it's all about recommitting to your goal or being flexible in achieving that goal rather than giving up so we can attain P.U.R.E. Success.

“The truth is, having some quality fears are necessary. Example, if there are so many drastic changes in diet and you're feeling depleted, that's a good time to evaluate. It's just about awareness,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins. 

He adds, “The point is, we own fear and the fear we have is a tool. It is our tool to be able to reflect on whatever it is. Most of the time, most of our fears are not dangerous.”

Aaron Keith Hawkins further explains that the fear of it not working is usually the fear of it not working fast enough. Another scenario would be fear of the fact that it's working but isn't noticeable enough yet. It's usually about judgment and how do we feel about ourselves.

Love Yourself

Sometimes we're so lost in taking care of others that we end up neglecting ourselves. But when we learn not to feel guilty about doing the things we want to do, that's when we can make some significant progress in realizing P.U.R.E. Success.

“The truth is, you love yourself. That's why you want it in the first place. It's so easy to forget our values. And one of the best ways to have more patience is exercise curiosity,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Aaron Keith Hawkins adds that it's really about who can we inspire by creating a plan that will make this last long term. Aaron Keith Hawkins usually convinces his clients to serve someone else with regards to what they are trying to do for themselves. Because he says, people tend to do more for somebody else than they'll ever do for themselves.

Making Decisions

Before making any step, we first have to consider our identity. It's a pathway to shift our belief system from a negative to a positive. This way, our habitual behavior also turns into the ones that help us get the result we want.

“Choose what we need to learn. Find what we need to learn and what we need to do differently. You don't have to fake anything to make it,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Aaron Keith Hawkins also explains that there's no better time in history than to be whoever you want to be than now. Because we have almost literally unlimited information about the things, we want to do. There's information that can help you do it.

“We can put it to use. It's not copying what someone else is doing. But rather looking at how can you can implement it, in what way you can use it, and for what you want to accomplish. It's part journey and part process. And another part is remembering those values like patience,” Aaron Keith Hawkins said.

Gaining Curiosity

How do we have curiosity? Aaron Keith Hawkins advises being innocently curious. Think about what how a decision, or thing affect what's going to happen next.

And whatever identity you choose, you will eventually find evidence to support it. You see that it's part of human nature. That is a critical piece of truth for all of us to remember.

Four Laws Of P.U.R.E. Success

The word “pure” in P.U.R.E. Success is an acronym:

P – Pivotal choice

U – Unconditional high standards

R – Reflective comparison

E – Elevating our situational response.

Pivotal Choice

First of all, the pivotal choice from P.U.R.E. Success means being 100% responsible for everything that happens in our life.  Aaron Keith Hawkins calls it a pivotal choice because people who choose to not adopt this as a mindset there will have their life turn out one way. And people who do decide to act as if they're 100% responsible for everything going on in their life, their life turns out in a completely different way.

Ultimately, Aaron Keith Hawkins says it's not about blaming yourself. It's about accepting that you are entirely responsible for what's going to happen next. That's where responsibility comes in. This includes emotional reaction, plan of action, thoughts, and interpretation of the event.

Unconditional High Standards

Aaron Keith Hawkins mentions Tom Robbins, a speaker he looks up to, who said that to change the quality of our life, have to improve our standards. We have to change the standard of who we are and what we're going to tolerate.

“It's relatively easy to keep those high standards once we decide on something. And it's easy to live up to them when everything is going right. The problem is, for a lot of people, a lot of those standards are conditional,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Furthermore, Aaron Keith Hawkins says that when we have a reason not to maintain our standards, or when we have an excuse to drop the standards that we set for ourselves, that's when it matters the most. The standard you set doesn't matter. What matters is the standard you keep when you have an excuse not to. Those are the life-altering moments.

Reflective Comparison

Aaron Keith Hawkins says this is simply the idea of looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what we'd do if we had no ego, flaws, baggage or alternative agenda. It's about asking yourself what will happen if you couldn't get something wrong.

Ultimately, if we have to hear a question, we have to have an answer. And every time we ask ourselves a question, we would indeed come up with a solution.

Elevating Your Situational Methodology

Aaron Keith Hawkins says that for this last step, it's about stepping up your habits. Most people do what's familiar to them. They hope, they believe or create. Only a few people choose to create an outcome in any situation.

“We don't have to rely solely on hope. Because we can hope while we're believing and we can hope while we're creating something,” advises Aaron Keith Hawkins. 

He adds, “Always look for a way to create in any situation whether it be an outcome, a situation, a story or a question. When we're willing to do that in conjunction with these other rules, it's life-changing.”

Unbreakable Success Podcast

Aaron Keith Hawkins has a great podcast called Unbreakable Success. He interviews successful people from all walks of life, and it's a great resource to learn golden nuggets of wisdom. 

The Unbreakable Success podcast is on iTunes, and I highly encourage my listeners to check that out.

Million Dollar Influence Book

If you can't get enough of Aaron Keith Hawkins, he also has a new book called Million Dollar Influence.  It teaches people how to be an influencer at home or work.

The book also teaches influence in a way that completely flips the lid on how a lot of people look at influence. Just link to Aaron Keith Hawkins' official website to download your free copy of Million Dollar Influence. 

“It's a step-by-step process to understanding human behavior, understanding the building blocks of influence and relationship building. The book is a culmination of many lessons and mistakes I've learned over the years,” shares Aaron Keith Hawkins.


Aaron Keith Hawkins ‘s mission is to help you recognize that you are capable of succeeding in literally every aspect of your life once you realize success is a lifestyle to live, not a trophy to chase. In addition to being the host of Unbreakable Success podcast, Aaron Keith Hawkins is a personal performance and relationship coach who works empathetically and strategically to quickly guide his clients toward transformational changes in their own lives, careers, and marriages. 

Aaron Keith Hawkins completed his graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma where he majored in Leadership with an emphasis in professional coaching. He has spent over two decades as a public servant. Currently a Police Captain, he's still serving his community as a Law Enforcement Executive. Aaron Keith Hawkins and his wife have been married for 21 years and live in New Jersey with their 12-year-old daughter.

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