Dr. Brooke Weitz

In this Learn True Health Episode you will meet Dr. Brooke Weitz, a dedicated naturopathic physician who practices primary care medicine with a focus on pain management, gastrointestinal health, endocrine conditions and preventive care.

She has always been interested in physical medicine and has spent the past 6 years in the physical medicine department at Bastyr University, teaching students how to feel comfortable touching the patients in a therapeutic way.

Also an athlete in competitive sports, Dr. Brooke understands how the body works and how pain can affect every aspect of life.

You will also learn the importance of journaling, keeping track of everything you eat and why you ate it. Are you eating something for a reason other than for its nutritive value?

Dr. Brooke walks us through a day of her personal vegan diet which includes lots of clean water, protein sources and antioxidant-packed vegetables.

It is important that all the foods we eat be organic. When asked what the three items from a supplements store she would take with her to a desert island, her reply was trace minerals, electrolytes and vitamins.

There is so much to learn about diet and health in this Learn True Health episode. Follow Dr. Brooke’s advice and feel the phenomenal, positive changes in your health.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

Journaling is key to finding out why your body is distressed

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, your intake of protein is top priority in maintaining good health.

If you want to focus on one part of your life, it should be the food you eat.

Health AH-HA Moment:

You are only as healthy as the environment in which you live.

Your Challenge:

Keep a journal of the food you eat and why you are eating it: hungry, stressed, craving, bored, celebrating, feeling entitled, excited?

Avoid sugar entirely for one week, keeping a daily journal of how you feel.


Learn True Health video on the Food Elimination Diet: FreeDoctorCourse.com

Dr. Molly Niedermeyer

In this episode Learn True Health is honored to feature Dr. Molly Niedermeyer, Naturopath and Midwife.  She has practiced in the Seattle area for 31 years.  She served as Dean of Naturopathic Medicine and Chair of the Midwifery Department at Bastyr University.  She continues to teach as a guest instructor at Bastyr and gives lectures and writes articles as well.

Dr. Molly is dedicated to teaching her patients how to take better care of themselves and has developed a Five Point Health Plan.

In order of importance, these points are:
1. The Need for Water
2. Good and Healthy Diet
3. Sleep
4. Exercise
5. Supplement Regime

Water is number one for a reason.  When you have finished listening to this podcast you will understand just how important adequate water intake is to the support and health of your body. Diet, sleep, exercise and supplements can’t fully benefit the body if it isn’t fully hydrated.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

What prevents you from being in optimal health?

If you don’t sweat during vigorous exercise, you’re already dehydrated.

90% of your body is water.  A 5% reduction in hydration results in a 25% reduction in energy.

There is a Five Point Health Plan that you can follow to achieve optimal health.

Health AH-HA Moment:

Your body will make the wisest decision it can in every moment.  It will give louder and louder messages till you pay attention.

Your Challenge:

Give yourself a health/energy grade from 1 – 10

Drink 1/3 of your body weight in ounces of water every day.  If you weigh 150 lbs, drink 50 ounces of water. Add another 8 ozs for every cup of coffee, glass of wine, juice, soda, etc.  Follow this routine for 2 weeks, and then give yourself a new grade as to how you feel.  Dr. Molly predicts a marked improvement!


Learn More From Doctor Molly:  http://FreeDoctorCourse.com

Dr. Megan Saunders

Dr. Megan Saunders returns to Learn True Health to discuss a very important part of our health: Sleep.  “Sleep is not a luxury, it is a requirement.” The four foundations of health are good nutrition, a healthy emotional state (feeling fulfilled), exercising the body, and getting good sleep.

Sometimes stress gets the better of you and keeps you awake. Dr. Megan says you need to process the stress of anger or depression in a way that’s appropriate.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get angry about something, but if it’s an emotion that you are unable to process and it’s keeping you up at night, then that should be addressed.

It’s understandable that parents who also have careers, for instance, stay up late because they want personal time to themselves to watch TV or read a book. But if we do that consistently we are stealing snooze time from ourselves.


Dr. Megan describes the processes performed by the body while we’re asleep, all of which are crucial to our health when we are awake.  People who have difficulty falling asleep have different health issues than those who fall asleep easily but wake after a few hours and can’t fall asleep again.

After listening to this podcast you will undoubtedly want to learn more about how you can obtain a restful sleep, night after night.

At learntruehealth.com you will find videos on sleep and a new film featuring a yogi demonstrating meditation and breathing techniques that will enhance your night’s rest.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

There’s a breathing technique that will help put you to sleep.

Difficulty falling asleep and difficulty staying asleep have two different, treatable causes.

Your cat sleeping next to you in bed may be the reason you can’t sleep.

Your sugar intake might be keeping you awake.

Eat protein before bedtime

Health AH-HA Moment:

The body creates symptoms because it’s the only language the body can speak.

Your Challenge:

Follow Dr. Megan’s instructions on how to improve your sleep: clean up your diet, practice her breathing exercises, give up screen time beginning one hour before bedtime, darken your bedroom completely, and remove all allergens from the room. Learn about the herbs and tinctures that promote sleep. Heard of Ashwagandha?




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