Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Ashley James 


  • How to reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Importance of knowing the body well
  • Recommended resources when starting a whole food plant-based diet


Some people have illnesses that they don’t know about until it has progressed to the late stages. In this episode, Eric Adams shares his story of how he got diagnosed with advanced stage type 2 diabetes and how his diabetes went in remission by changing his diet and lifestyle. His inspiring story shows that we can still turn our life around by making healthy choices.



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Photo by Iñigo De la Maza on Unsplash


[00:02:36] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 437. I am so excited to have on the show today a man who has such a wonderful history in helping the American population and helping the people of Brooklyn and also healing his own diabetes. I love your story, really excited to have you on the show today, Eric Adams. It’s such a pleasure to have you here. Now you’re president of Brooklyn. I’m originally from Canada so I don’t exactly understand all of the politics of the states. Although I live here now and I love living in America. Maybe you can just tell me what does it mean to be the president of Brooklyn.


[00:03:28] Eric Adams: That’s a great question. I don’t know if our founding fathers of the borough understood the complexity that they were going to create in history over this, but it would be equivalent to what many municipalities will call the county executive.


[00:03:48] Ashley James: Okay, got it.


[00:03:49] Eric Adams: Brooklyn is one of the counties in New York City. We have five counties and Brooklyn is the largest of the five counties. I am the president or county executive of Brooklyn, New York.


[00:04:06] Ashley James: It’s kind of like being the mayor of Brooklyn?


[00:04:09] Eric Adams: Exactly, exactly. You have to make sure all of our agencies are providing the necessary services for the residents as well as we put a large amount of money into various capital projects. It’s a very easy way for the people of the borough to be able to reach out to their borough-wide elected [inaudible 00:04:34] because New York is a very complicated place to govern, and this is a good way to do it.


[00:04:41] Ashley James: Absolutely. I love your history. I’m going to have the link to your bio in the show notes of today’s podcast at because the work that you’ve done through the years has been wonderful. You were a policeman in New York City. You helped co-found 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care—work that you’ve done in the past is really helping to pave the way for so many people. You also worked in the New York State Senate.

Tell us a bit about your struggle with diabetes, though. When you look at your bio, you’re so busy. I’m sure many people who develop diabetes they’re so busy. I also had type 2 diabetes, so I know. I just didn’t take care of myself. I was so busy doing other things and all of a sudden I broke—my body broke. Tell us about your struggle with type 2 diabetes.


[00:05:37] Eric Adams: That’s a great point that you raised. I remember when I was told that I was type 2 diabetic, I remember my son saying to me, “Dad, you used to drive from service station to service station to get the best gas and oil to put in your car. You didn’t put the best food in your body?” That is our narrative. We pay more attention to the things in life—our jobs, our careers, our house, what color of paint in our rooms, and the type of clothing we wear. That which we have the most control over we really ignore for some reason and we turn it over to someone else to make a determination.

That’s what happened to me four years ago when after years of just abusing my body, I was receiving pain in my stomach, discomfort. I knew it wasn’t gas. It was just really sitting still. I was out of the country and when I came back to New York, I went to my internist and told him about it. He sent me to have my stomach and my colon checked. At the time, when I came out of sedation, I was also experiencing a severe vision loss in my left eye, my right was also going as well, and tingling in my hands and feet. I learned later that I was at the late stages of diabetes, advanced stages of diabetes. It caused the vision loss and it caused the nerve damage in my hands and feet. I couldn’t even feel my right thigh.


[00:07:27] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.


[00:07:28] Eric Adams: It was only after that diagnosis that it just started me on a journey to figure this whole thing out.


[00:07:38] Ashley James: Did they have you on Metformin, insulin, or both?


[00:07:42] Eric Adams: It’s amazing that we all know the names.


[00:07:46] Ashley James: It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?


[00:07:49] Eric Adams: The doctor immediately told me he had to put me on insulin right away. He told me that I had to take two other medicines as well. I was given three medicines for my diabetes when I left the doctor’s office. I was given medicine for my vision loss, medicine for my ulcer—that was the original discomfort that I felt, medicine for my high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was just given so much medicine. I went in there with no medicine, I left out with a stack of medicines that I was going to have to take the rest of my life.

He gave me a booklet, which was so significant that said living with diabetes. It gave me instructions on what to do, how to live with diabetes. I did something, I joke about this scientific. I went to Google and google reversing diabetes. That started me on a journey that I never looked at.


[00:08:54] Ashley James: Why didn’t you believe the doctor when the doctor said you had to have diabetes for the rest of your life and you had to be on this medication for the rest of your life? What kind of hubris did you have to go against the doctor to think that you could reverse diabetes?


[00:09:10] Eric Adams: That’s a great question. I think that there is something inside us that speaks to us but we ignore it too often because of the distractions in our lives. If we take a moment to sit down and allow our soul and spirit to speak to us, I think we’ll find more answers than we think because I could have easily typed living with diabetes, but that one word of living I reversed to reversing and it took me down a different road.


[00:09:45] Ashley James: Yes. I love it. I love it. When you think back, how long do you think you actually had type 2 diabetes undiagnosed? Can you look back and see the signs that you had diabetes for a long time and there’s a lot of signs that you ignored?


[00:10:05] Eric Adams: That’s a great question because the numbers are clear that there’s a substantial number of New Yorkers and Americans who go undiagnosed. It is quite possible because I was really at the last, the extreme advanced stages. When you reach the point of vision loss, nerve damage in all those other areas, I was at the advanced stages. I was probably diabetic for a good while. I would say three years probably. My body was just addressing it and fighting it. When you start getting those symptoms that means your body can no longer manage the high level of insulin resistance and it starts breaking down on you.


[00:10:58] Ashley James: You’re a very intelligent man. Looking at your bio, you’ve always been someone who takes action. You went home that day with a bag full of pills. With the news that your doctor says you’ll always have this condition, you have to manage the condition, and you have to live with the condition. That voice inside you said reverse instead of live with. What happened next? You’re googling, you’re starting to read, what happened next?


[00:11:32] Eric Adams: I’m just blown away when I started reading Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Greger, Dr. Bonner, and other research. I’m like is this for real? Did I stumble on the National Enquirer or something and somebody’s going to tell me they found mineral on Mars. It’s just so bizarre. People don’t realize how bizarre it is to have your foundational understanding of a particular item shattered. That’s what I was going through. I was all of a sudden being faced with the foundation of understanding of life. The concept of disease reversal does not exist in our thought process in America.

It is basically you get to a certain age, you’re going to get this. Because there was a moment in the doctor’s office that when he said it I said, “Well, you knew it was coming. Your mother’s diabetic, your uncles, and others.” We in the black community we use the term that she has a little sugar. We sweeten what diabetes is. In reality, there was a brief moment that I said, “Well, you knew it was coming.” It wasn’t until he said, “You know what, you’re going to lose your vision.” I was like wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for this.

That became a motivator to find the truth. I just didn’t want to be in prison for the rest of my life with knowing I have to make sure I carried my insulin, make sure I carried my pills, and live through and benchmark my life through did you take your insulin shots before your meals. That’s not the life I wanted to live. I said, “I’m going to do whatever I could possibly do to turn that around.” I wasn’t a doctor, but I was a former cop so I knew how to do investigations, and darn it, I knew how to read. I was going to use those two assets to help me find some type of answers to the question. I was not going to be blamed for not trying.


[00:13:55] Ashley James: You start reading these doctors that layout how to reverse type 2 diabetes. Those have type 1, it’s a totally different disease. The body doesn’t produce enough insulin for type 1 so they are insulin-dependent, but according to these doctors, even type 1 diabetic can significantly improve their insulin sensitivity using this diet, this healing diet, so that their body requires less injected insulin. Type 1 diabetics who follow this protocol have seen great results and type 2 diabetics have reversed their diabetes under this way of eating that these doctors have laid out.

You start to see that these doctors are saying that you can reverse type 2 diabetes. Do you start the next day? Walk us through how long does it take for you to start eating the way they tell you to eat?


[00:14:49] Eric Adams: I called Dr. Esselstyn and told him who I was and asked if could I see him. He said, “Yes, I’m in Ohio. If you can make it down to see me I would love to.” I flew to Ohio about a week later and met with him. I was extremely excited. I remember him telling me that if I eat certain foods and do certain things that I can actually reverse my diabetes. I remember laughing and saying this guy is some type of nut. I’m going blind he’s telling me to stop eating steak. What kind of madness is this?

When I returned to the city, I started looking through my cupboard, my cabinets, and my pantry and I realized that all the food was processed. It was high in salt, high in sugar, and high in fat and oils. I was like wow. I said I have nothing to lose. After coming back to New York, I immediately turned to a whole food plant-based diet. Within three weeks my vision returned. Within three months my nerve damage went away, my diabetes went in remission, my cholesterol normalized, and my blood pressure normalized. The reason I went to the doctor in the first place, that ulcer, that ulcer went away.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


[00:16:26] Ashley James: Was the last thing to go the ulcer? When did they also go away? How quickly did it go away?


[00:16:34] Eric Adams: That’s a great question because I don’t know when it went away because all of a sudden, one day, I said whatever happened to that ulcer? I don’t know if it was in three weeks, I don’t know if it was in a week, but I just remembered that just one day I just said hey, whatever happened to that ulcer?


[00:16:57] Ashley James: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and I’ve had him on the show before. I love my interview with him. He’s a cardiologist who published the world’s longest study on reversing heart disease using diet. His book is How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease. It’s a fantastic book. I definitely encourage listeners to listen to my interview with him. There’s a direct correlation between heart disease and diabetes. Those who have diabetes, and I don’t remember the exact statistic but it’s a statistic that will scare you, are most likely to die of heart disease. That diabetes causes heart disease.

Maybe the diet that causes diabetes is also the same diet that causes heart disease, but they see that those who have diabetes are much more likely to die of heart disease. You said that you had cholesterol problems and blood pressure problems, that’s leading towards heart disease. Seeing Dr. Esselstyn, what were some things that you learned from him that you applied immediately? You mentioned that you ate a whole food plant-based diet, but what specifically did he have you do?


[00:18:08] Eric Adams: The oil content, particularly saturated fat. He really had me zero in on oil. Didn’t offer meat all together particularly red meat, understanding the power of that, understanding the power of green leafy vegetables—cruciferous vegetables, understanding the power of that. For the first time, it’s just what’s unimaginable as I think back on this. Here I am, 55 years old, and for the first time, I was learning how my body operates. I could tell you everything about my BMW. I could tell you the fuel injections, the exhaust system, the engine, and everything about it, but I knew nothing about my body, nothing about the importance of nutrients and how it plays a major role.

It was through that visit that I started to listen to the foods he talked about. The power of beans and lentils. The power of different vegetables and what they do. He really started the process for me of learning of what we put in our mouths and how what we put in will impact how your body operates. Our bodies are machines and if you do not put in the right items it needs to fuel itself, then it’s not going to function.

It’s almost like a car. You could put it in bad gas, watered-down gas. It will chunk along for years, but eventually, that engine, which is the heart, is going to break down. Eventually, the exhaust system, which is your colon, it’s going to break down. Eventually, your knees, which are the wheels, it’s going to break down. People who say well I’ve been eating this for years, yes, your car will run on bad gas for years, but when it breaks down it breaks down.


[00:20:22] Ashley James: Exactly. I love the car analogy because like you said, we will take better care of our car than our body. The fuel you put into your car, the work you put into your car to maintain, to prevent problems really does save your car and give your car life. We actually have in our garage a 1984 BMW 633CSi. We’ve had it for years. My husband takes care of it. He babies it. He replaced the engine in it. He’s about to replace the suspension. He babies it.

What’s cool is that was the car I grew up in. My dad had that car back when I was a kid. I get to sit in the same car I grew up in, not the exact same but the same model. It’s so neat to have that. Because we maintain it so well, it’s in the same running state that it was over 30 years ago. How cool is that, right? That’s the same with our body. You really take care—we have 37.2 trillion cells in our body that require thousands of nutrients and phytochemicals every day to fully function.

Sometimes people just eat crap food and their car is going to break down faster. But you’re saying we choose the right fuel for the body. How do we know that the whole food plant-based diet is the right fuel for everyone? You were able to go on a whole food plant-based diet and reverse all your health problems. I’ve seen so many people do the same. If I were to talk to the Eric Adams 10 years ago though and say you’ve got to give up steak, you got to give up oil, processed food, and sugar, that would seem impossible.

I think to a lot of people who are listening, it seems impossible, but you had a paradigm shift. You had a breakthrough in your life. A breakthrough is when what you imagine is impossible all of a sudden becomes possible. You had that breakthrough and you said I have nothing to lose, I’m going to do it. You started eating fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, and lots and lots of vegetables, and more vegetables, and more vegetables every day. Then you started to see the results come pouring in. What kind of advice can you give for people who think that would be too hard or impossible to give up some of the foods they’ve been eating their whole life and transition to a whole food plant-based diet in order to heal their body?


[00:22:52] Eric Adams: That’s such a great question because you’re right, if you would have come to me as a 30, 40, and probably even 50 years old, I would not have heard you. I would not have heard this message. Some people are much smarter than I. They can hear something important and automatically make a shift. Others, like myself, we don’t make those major shifts and what we’re doing and thinking until we reach a very dark period. Losing your sight and having the thoughts of losing your limbs is a wake-up call. Some people don’t wake at wakeup at all. They just keep hitting the snooze button. Different people are at different places.

What we must do now is to demystify what a whole food plant-based diet is. Because if you were to rattle off to the list of things that I eat, one would automatically say wait a minute those are boring foods, those are not fun foods when it’s just the opposite. The variations of my meals, of my introductions of different spices in my life, and of the way I prepare my meals, I enjoy my food better than I ever did before.

You can get the sweet taste that you’re looking for. You can get a salty taste mixing in lemon and vinegar together. You could use dates to give you a wonderful sweet taste. Fruits have natural sugars that won’t harm your body. It is about rethinking our relationship with food and then finding the entry points for people. What I found throughout this journey is showing parents how important it is to eat, to enjoy a healthy life with your children, and so your children could have a healthy life. It is alarming to know that 70% of 12-year-olds have early signs of heart disease. That’s the number one killer in America.

We send up our children up for failure. I think those are the entry points that we need to find. Each of us, we all have different entry points. Some people eat healthily for their grandchildren, some people eat healthily because they’re going through a personal experience, and some people change what they doing because they just feel it’s the right thing to do for the environment. But we need to be there to show people how they can make the transition to one, food should look good, it should be good, but darn it, it should taste good. That’s how we stay connected to a good lifestyle change.


[00:25:45] Ashley James: It’s so true. I had that fear like oh vegetables don’t taste good, and then I decided to just try broccoli. I made broccoli. I love making steamed broccoli. I just steamed broccoli and I just ate a bowl full of broccoli. I sat there and I decided to just focus on how many flavors I could experience because I was so used to oily, salty, highly processed, and hyper-palatable foods. So just getting back to what is actually broccoli with nothing on it tastes like, and by the end of the meal, I could identify at least 10 different flavors. There’s a bit of salt in broccoli, there’s a bit of sweetness, and there are layers of flavor.

If you just eat one food like just a potato with nothing on it—a yellow potato is my favorite thing in the world. You bake a yellow potato; it’s got the most delicious flavor profile. Just getting back to what does a red pepper tastes like with nothing on it, eating a mono food, just one food and trying to experience all the flavors in that food really makes you realize you don’t need to add oil, salt, and sugar to mask the flavor of these beautiful foods.

I love that you added adding lemon, lime, or balsamic. Balsamic is something that Dr. Esselstyn says to add to your food often because it is really healing for the cardiovascular system because it increases the nitric oxide. I know that you have to go so I want to honor your time. What resources do you have? Do you want to plug any websites or books? Do you have any resources that you want to recommend?


[00:27:28] Eric Adams: The starting point is really Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die. An amazing book that really is a starting point to allow people to become smarter around food. The second favorite of mine is Forks Over Knives Meal Plan because it’s a step-by-step, day-by-day, seven-week meal plan starting with one meal of a day of what you take out and make it into a whole food, healthy, and good tasting meal. The recipes are amazing inside the book. People who like pancakes, you can make healthy pancakes. People who like rice, you can use instead of white rice, brown rice. It’s just a great meal plan that could be extremely helpful.

The combination of those two books really sets the tone of what I believe is a good first step and a first start. You can start with just meatless Mondays. If you didn’t die because you didn’t have meat, you’ll see that it is possible eating a healthy life.


[00:28:41] Ashley James: I totally agree with you. Meatless Mondays is a great idea or there’s another one where you don’t eat meat until dinnertime or something like that where you try a few meals without meat. That was the first step for me because I had never had a meal without meat. It wouldn’t even be a meal to me if it didn’t have meat in it. To have meatless meals and then go whoa, I feel full, I feel good, this is great.

You said in your story you very quickly saw changes. I really want to challenge people to try it for seven days. To go eliminate oil, salt, and sugar and to eat nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, beans, and tons of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Just try that. Just eat those whole foods that are obviously plants that’s why it’s whole food plant-based. Eat those foods for seven days.

In your first seven days, what did you notice? Now I noticed that I woke up hours earlier. I was not groggy in the morning, I had way more energy, especially when I incorporated more potatoes. Because I was afraid of carbs, afraid of potatoes, but when I took out the fat and the meat and I added more carbohydrates—more potatoes, my blood sugar went down and stabilized. That freaked me out because I was eating more carbs than ever, but my blood sugar became better and I had more energy. I noticed throughout the day I had sustainable energy whereas when I ate meat, I was falling asleep all the time.

We are told to be afraid of potatoes and afraid of carbs but it was the opposite. In the first seven days of you eating whole food plant-based, what did you notice? When people set out to do a seven-day challenge, what are they excited to notice in their bodies?


[00:30:31] Eric Adams: Definitely the weight loss. I started to feel as though I was not as bloated, not as constipated, and not as gassy. The lethargic feeling that used to accompany me throughout the day—my day is extremely full and busy. I would have to continuously take the sugar boost, eating some type of pastry, cake, or something that would boost my energy. Waking up in the morning just really energetic, ready to take on a day. I have a full day and I start extremely early. Being able to wake up with the right level of energy is so important because you’re interacting with people in the public, and they feed off your energy. It was just a combination of just feeling different.

I don’t even recall, when I was 21, feeling the way I feel now. My body and my mind, the clarity of mind. But within the first seven days, you’re going to notice a difference in how you wake up, how you feel, and how your body feels. That your body no longer feels sluggish and weighted down.


[00:31:47] Ashley James: Amazing. I love it. It’s so true. Thank you so much, Eric Adams, for coming on the show today.


[00:31:51] Eric Adams: Thank you.


[00:31:52] Ashley James: It’s been such a pleasure. I’ll make sure all your links are in the show notes of today’s podcast at Your message is inspiring and I love the work that you do. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you today.


[00:32:03] Eric Adams: Thank you. Have a good day.


[00:32:04] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the Learn True Health podcast. Check out episode 232. It’s my interview with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Although the title is about heart disease, it’s the same diet that is used to reverse diabetes. In fact, it is used to help the body heal itself from many issues. Episode 232, my interview with Caldwell Esselstyn. I highly recommend you listen to it if you haven’t already.

You can go to and check out all of the wonderful resources there. We transcribe all of our interviews so you can scan through and read interviews. We have some really great free goodies on the site as well. If you have a friend, family member, or yourself suffer from anxiety, I have a wonderful course where you learn tools on how to eliminate anxiety. How to turn off the anxiety response in the body, how to decrease stress, and increase health mentally, emotionally, and physically. Go to, search through the menu. You’ll see there are many resources on the site available to you there.

Thank you so much for being a listener and thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you care about. Let’s help turn this little ripple into a tidal wave and help as many people as possible to learn true health.


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Recommended Reading by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger


Beating Type 2 Diabetes With Whole Foods – Brooklyn BP Eric Adams & Ashley James – #437

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Beating Type 2 Diabetes With Whole Foods – Brooklyn BP Eric Adams & Ashley James – #437

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Dr. Judy Mikovits And Ashley James


  • Genetically modified foods cause different diseases such as cancer
  • Vaccines are manufactured as one size fits all and are injuring some people
  • Vaccines contaminated with lots of viruses
  • Wearing a mask causes oxidative stress after some time


Is wearing a mask necessary to prevent you from getting COVID-19? Or is it doing more harm to the body than good? In this episode, Dr. Judy Mikovits uncovers some things that the mainstream media is not reporting. She talks about vaccinations, coronavirus, and wearing a mask. She also enumerates the things we should be doing to have a healthy immune system.


[00:00:00] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 436. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have with us, for me, this is like having a celebrity on the show, Dr. Judy Mikovits. I heard your interview with Robyn Openshaw, whom I’ve had on the show before. Then I started hearing you pop up in other places and many other alternative health interviews. The information you have to share is amazing, but what I’ve been equally as surprised is the pushback from the mainstream media, how they are trying to discredit you. You have such a strong background in science, and they’re trying to discredit you. That makes me feel like you’re on to something. They don’t want people to know your information.

You came out with a book called Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that is fascinating. So many people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome that would love to know more about how they could support their body’s ability to heal itself and come back into balance. Recently, in April, you released with your co-author Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science. I’d love to talk about both your books today, and I’d also love to talk about wearing masks, about the coronavirus, and also about the background that you have that educates you in your interpretation of the current events that are going on. Welcome to the show.


Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash


[00:01:47] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Thanks so much, Ashley. It’s a delight to be here.


[00:01:51] Ashley James: Absolutely, yes.


[00:01:52] Dr. Judy Mikovits: In fact, our first book Plague, Kent Heckenlively co-authored that with me, it actually came out in November of 2014 and the paperback came out in 2017. What’s interesting about that is the paperback has new material in the front of the look all about what I didn’t know about the Plague of Corruption surrounding what happened to me about the events in Plague. We called it Plague because we associated a new family of AIDS-like viruses with contagious retroviruses from mice, not only with chronic fatigue syndrome. After our first paper was published about chronic fatigue syndrome, it became clear that these viruses, there was a large family of viruses, not only from mice, but from monkeys and other things that had heavily contaminated the blood supply then were associated with not only chronic fatigue syndrome but cancers, autism, autoimmune disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and multiple sclerosis—just a nightmare.


[00:03:12] Ashley James: Oh my goodness. That is revolutionary to be able to see that viruses could be the contributor of or the trigger for those illnesses. Why isn’t this more widespread? Why isn’t this information being more widely accepted?


[00:03:30] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Obviously, the problem is that the government caused it. The paper was celebrated when it came out because doctors everywhere saw it because it was published on October 8th in our science paper of the discovery of this new family of human retrovirus. What I should say is we didn’t necessarily discover it, the sequences, parts of those viruses had been described about two, three years earlier in men with an aggressive form of prostate cancer that was really not familial that appeared to be infectious. My background is cancer research, drug development, and immune therapy. That’s what I did at the National Cancer Institute for 22 years including my last job. From 1999 to 2001, before I left to go to industry, was the lab of antiviral drug mechanism.

My job, in that job at the National Cancer Institute as a director of an internationally recognized program, was to understand how HIV/AIDS-associated cancers. How to cure them? What were biomarkers? What was driving cancer in some people with HIV like Kaposi sarcoma will remember, brain cancers, some kinds of lung cancers, or leukemia? There were other viruses associated. We learned that Kaposi sarcoma, which ended up being a herpes virus, collaborating with the HIV and so you could target both. We’ve made great strides since 1999 in curing HIV/AIDS-associated, not only malignancies but other diseases such that we now know quite well, we see it on TV every day, you can have HIV and never get AIDS. This was my background that you asked for.

It’s experience started with a biochemistry degree from the University of Virginia, started to develop immune therapies. Remember, vaccines are immune therapies. What that means is my entire life’s work is based on the idea, the hypothesis, the fact now that we know is the fact that you can educate the immune system to prevent and treat infectious and chronic diseases including cancer. My first job was to purify type 1 interferon and that interferon was the first immune therapy used. It’s actually, still to this day, a fabulous prevention strategy for even coronaviruses and other retroviruses and would have been a treatment for AIDS.

But the Plague of Corruption, the reason we wrote the second book, is what we realized in August of 2014 when our first book was impressed. What I realized when I first met one of my heroes Dr. Brian Hooker who uncovered, who dogged criminal scientist William Thompson of the CDC who admitted their studies were fraud, who admitted they covered up the fact that if you gave vaccines to black boys MMR in that particular study if you gave MMR to black boys before they were three years old, they had a four-fold higher risk of developing autism and even being killed by those vaccines by SIDS.

Here in 2020, nobody seems to recognize that for 20 years from 2001 when they covered up the data in a paper that William Thompson was an author on and then they had a date a burning party, this is what Dr. Brian Hooker uncovered. He’s really the hero in all of this because had I never met him on August 31, 2014, we would have never realized that the Plague of Disease is this explosion in cancer and chronic diseases that we see today was in fact caused by heavily contaminated blood supply since the 80s, since the earliest days of HIV/AIDS through vaccines, which all liability had been removed from in 1986. They were heavily contaminated by lots of viruses, not just the family we discovered—mycoplasma, mold, think of chronic Lyme disease, and Borrelia. You don’t get a bull’s-eye, why? Because you injected it, you weren’t infected with it.


[00:08:58] Ashley James: I watched the Vaxxed documentary and that’s something I think everyone should watch no matter where they stand on vaccines. I think we need to step back and just be okay with taking in information that may go against our current belief system. If we’re holding so firmly onto our belief system that it becomes dogma, then we blind ourselves to a new truth that may arise. I’m not asking anyone to be in anti-vaxxer or a pro-vaxxer or whatever. I’m just asking people to open their minds enough to let new information in.

I wasn’t expecting to actually receive much new information going into watching the documentary Vaxxed, but it absolutely floored me when I learned about what you just talked about where you can look at the numbers and clearly see that African-American children have a huge disadvantage when given the MMR vaccine over other people with different genetics. Genetics come into play. Can you explain that a bit further? How certain people with different genetics are affected by vaccines, and why are we giving the same vaccines to all children across the board if we’re seeing that there’s more damage being done to certain people of genetic makeup?


[00:10:31] Dr. Judy Mikovits: There are genetic and epigenetic. That means environmental susceptibilities and that’s one of the saddest parts about the story Vaxxed. I appreciate you saying to watch that because, in fact, there’s a second movie called Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth. Polly Tommey, who was in the first movie and her son severely injured by a vaccine. He was an African-American. One of the things I should clarify is that white boys had two-fold, a higher fold risk if given the vaccine before a certain age. One of the reasons goes back to those cancer-causing viruses and the susceptibilities for the prostate cancer because what happens is, genetically, we have a lot of different enzymes in our immune systems that degrade RNA viruses. This is what MMR. Those are three different RNA viruses.

We inject them in a single shot along with, for a while, mercury but certainly other contaminants, which we’ve uncovered over the last few years since there’s no liability now for 30 years and no safety testing has been done. This is another thing that people don’t realize. Anyway, your detox machinery—your liver, your kidneys, and your immune system—doesn’t fully develop until you’re at least three or four years old. As people think back, I’m 62 years old and I didn’t get a measles vaccine because I had a measles infection. I had the disease and therefore I had immunity from life. I would never, even if exposed, have an issue again. That remains true to this day.

In fact, MMR, it’s not only blacks but it’s dark-skinned—Mexican, people around the equator—they have different responses to the pathogens in their environment. They have a single nucleotide difference in one of the key degradation, so it breaks down. It’s an enzyme that when it sees RNA or RNA viruses in the blood, it just acts like a Pac-Man because RNA in the blood is a very bad thing. You want RNA in your nucleus. You don’t [love 00:13:07] your cell and it’s protected by two membranes the nuclear membrane and the cellular membrane. When RNA and DNA, your blueprints for making proteins and regulating all of your gene expression, end up in the blood and in the cytoplasm of your body, it says uh-oh, that’s a danger-associated molecular pattern—remember, I’m a molecular biologist—or a pathogen-associated molecular pattern.

It goes and uses different kinds of enzymes that recognize those different patterns and it just chews it all up like a Pac-Man. There’s a single change that makes the enzymes in blacks, Mexicans, and people near the equator have 50% less activity. That is they don’t chew up those RNA viruses as quickly. We don’t really know why. Nobody really knows why. In fact, if those data hadn’t been covered up for political reasons in 2001, we in the Cancer Institute who knew nothing about autism, which was 1 in 10,000 kids and when I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1980. My minor was in children retardation, that kind of thing, for children and looking at those kinds of things to try and understand exactly the questions you’re asking. It was educational. Why are some kids sick, developmental disorders, and things like that? Autism wasn’t even in those books in 1976 to 1980, in our textbooks.

What we learn, if we don’t cover up data that reveal inconvenient truth, is we could actually prevent so much injury. That was what was so devastating to me. The realization in 2014 is oh my God, you covered up that those data for 20 years. We didn’t understand why there were differences because we didn’t even understand RNA cells and the immune system or these pathways. New technology, new data, and new opportunities for healing diseases, and understanding the causes. We thought there was no problem with GMOs and it sounds like a good idea. We can feed the world, but in fact, you can’t genetically modify organisms without having them harm other organisms because they are they harm the gene regulation of the entire, whether it be plant or an animal. These are things that are designed by God for a purpose to be used as food.

Now we know GMOs can actually contribute and cause cancer and all of the diseases we’re talking about and this is the problem. If all you had to do was wait until black boys were three years old and wait to administer that shot, well nobody administered a single shot anywhere to me until I was five years old. I think I got the oral polio vaccine in kindergarten and of course, we got smallpox, which was then cowpox under the arm. That’s all we got in my life. We got nothing at puberty. We got nothing in 7th grade. We got nothing to go to college. We got nothing at all. I didn’t get another vaccine until I was working with AIDS patients. I was encouraged to get a hepatitis B vaccine, which I did because I was of childbearing age but my boss at the time who was 46 or 50, he said, “No, thanks. I don’t need it. I’m not going to have any more kids. I don’t need to worry about these things.”

It’s very interesting how our world has changed. This is why I really appreciate you encouraging people to watch these movies and read these books. There is no such thing as an anti-vaxxer. Every one that is called an anti-vaxxer now is an ex-vaxxer because they were injured and the government didn’t take care of them as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of 1986. What that did was remove all liability from pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, from doctors, and from anybody giving vaccine saying hey, we don’t understand those genetic and epigenetic susceptibilities. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, so for the greater good, we’re going to remove all liability. But the government is going to compensate the injured. That program has been so corrupted over the last 30 years.

As a part of that program, the government—the HHS, NIH, NIAID, we hear National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease—they were told it was their job to make them safe. To do the safety testing, to see if the combinations, to see if the age ranges, and to do the safety studies in the appropriate populations you were giving the vaccines. We learned only last year by dog at work by Bobby Kennedy in the Children’s Health Defense organization and Del Bigtree of the ICAN decide, that not a single safety test has been done. Not a single safety test or efficacy test has been done. The vaccines aren’t looked at in any way.

Every year they roll out a flu vaccine. They don’t look at it at all. They don’t do any safety testing. They don’t do any testing to see if these mouse viruses, monkey viruses, or coronaviruses. The flu vaccine they rolled out on Italy in 2019 had four different live attenuated that means weakened strain. Live attenuated, that means they make a virus, that means you make a virus, that means you’re being injected with four different strains of influenza, and they grow they manufacture the little virus factory are dog kidney cells. Dog kidney cells have lots of coronaviruses. Dogs, all animals, even a flu vaccine grown in chicken eggs have coronaviruses.

Here, we don’t look at them at all. We’re talking about a coronavirus that somehow escaped and one person traveled around the globe and hit 190 countries overnight in what really appears to be what drove this plandemic, and I’m just going to keep calling it that because it has little to do with an infectious virus that we’re exposed to by the natural route. It probably has everything to do with a coronavirus, a novel engineered virus from Wuhan, China as we all clearly know now that has in the cell line it was grown in. It was the Vero E6 kidney cells. They were manufacturing growing that virus up in large stocks and shipping it around the world to other investigators in Switzerland, in North Carolina, in Wuhan, and at Fort Detrick. All of this is funded by Tony Fauci and NIAID.

Here, you’re manufacturing that in monkey kidney cells. Well, that’s where we get HIV. That’s simian immune deficiency virus is the ancestor of humans. How do animal viruses jump into humans? That’s the big question. Our studies in 2011 said the most likely way mouse cancer-causing and neuro-immune disease-causing retrovirus contagious jumped into humans was by vaccines. Because we’re injecting them. You don’t need to be exposed if you’ve injected them. This is the problem. Nobody’s shown one piece of evidence that said the flu vaccines, particularly, in Italy and here in the United States that the program, over the last four years with contaminated while they were doing that research.

Remember, they were doing that research in the same facilities where they’re manufacturing vaccines— polio vaccines. Vero monkey kidney cells are what we grow polio vaccines in. MMR and live attenuated viral vaccines hepatitis, chickenpox, these vaccines are grown in animal tissue. What our book, Plague of Corruption, raised the horrible question. The whole thing about mixing animal tissues and injecting them into immune incompetent, meaning you’re compromised because you’re very young and you haven’t developed that machinery as I just said. You’re compromised because you’re very old and your immune system has been cleaning up these things forever and it gets overwhelmed.

What are we doing is we’re taking the most vulnerable parts of our society and we’re injecting them with animal tissues and we’re driving these pandemics literally around the world. This knowledge, all while we were doing these flu vaccines in 2012 through 2018, we were doing these studies with China in the US, in China, at Harvard, and in Switzerland and sending these cell lines, these little virus factories, containing these coronaviruses, these bat viruses, and these monkey viruses and they were recombining. Things got unleashed in contaminated water supplies, feces of animals. We don’t realize we don’t only vaccinate humans, we vaccinate our food, we vaccinate our animals, we vaccinate our herds, and their viromes then wake up and can infect humans in the form of GMOs like bovine growth hormone.

There’s a whole chapter in our book about my work in pharmaceuticals on the GMOs and how they were damaging human cells. It’s just the explosion of disease is because this has been covered up now for at least two decades.


[00:24:27] Ashley James: This cover-up must be global. I’m just thinking back to what you said about when looking at the results with those people of color that when they’re vaccinated with the MMR before the age of three, if you look at the raw data, people can see that statistically, they suffer a greater vaccine injury like autism than those who are not from the equator or they’re genetic, their ancestors aren’t from the equator or near the equator. That’s been covered up for 20 years. My question was going to be like who in the United States covered it up? But it’s not just the United States. It’s every country around the world has been using these vaccines and every country must also have been covering it up. That’s just as a global cover-up.


[00:25:29] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Think about what we’re doing right now. The WHO, sure it is a global cover-up. There have been groups in Sweden and in Somalia with the Gardasil injury and this fraud by Merck. These immune mechanisms don’t just go that way. We see a lot of people in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden because they don’t get a lot of sunlight. Vitamin D receptors are quite different, vitamin D signaling is quite different in people from the equator and people in Minnesota or Sweden because you don’t get a lot of sunlight. Vitamin D receptors have to act like amplifiers if you don’t get much sunlight because that’s how we convert vitamin D into the active form that controls more than 300 immune reactions and counting.

Yet if you’re near the equator where you get a lot of sun, your vitamin D receptors have to act as resistors. One is amplifiers, one resistor. One molecule looks like 1000 if your genetics are from certain countries, and one molecule looks like 1/1000 if you’re from near the equator. These are things we just simply don’t know about. What we do with vaccines is say one size fits all. It doesn’t fit all and we give the same. Why would we give we didn’t develop? This is always the royal we. The guy who discovered and made the hepatitis B vaccine, a scientist doctor, was horrified when he learned we gave it to hours old babies. That’s not what he intended that work to be done for.

This is the big problem is the scientists like me, the rank and file, we’re doing this to cure cancer. My whole life was to use natural products, use plants, educate the immune system, eat healthily, don’t get yourself any toxins, stay out of the way, and we’ll save everything. I helped work on those immune therapies. I developed those things. I encouraged my own family to get the Gardasil shot because we thought they’d done the right studies. We thought they’d done a saline control. They didn’t do anything at all. Worse than that, they covered up the damage done by these things.

Yes, it’s a worldwide global—most of the vaccine manufacturers aren’t in the US. They’re in Europe, they’re in China. Think about the garbage that’s coming into this country and yet nobody ever looks at what’s being injected and forced into your arm or you don’t get an education. Now they hit the big detonates switch. I believe it’s because the royal we, these groups, we’ve been fighting for decades. Brian Hooker spent 15 years dogging William Thompson—tell the truth, tell the truth.

How can anybody call me an anti-vaxxer? Really? We discovered half of the immune system in the therapies. We saved millions from HIV by our discoveries on how HIV can cause disease. We have TV commercials for HIV prophylaxis. That means pre-exposure prophylaxis. You can live your lifestyle any way you want and should you come in contact with somebody with HIV, we have therapies, we have prevention strategies. We have those same prevention strategies for coronavirus like 70-year old drug hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drugs that we know low dose is fabulous for anti-inflammatory diseases. Coronaviruses don’t hurt you by themselves. It’s the inflammation, it’s the fire. We know those mechanisms. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s what I’ve been doing for 40 years and probably closer to 50 years because I started doing it when I was 12 years old. I never looked back from junior high school when my grandfather died of lung cancer. I’m thinking, why don’t we save somebody.

Cancer was a closet disease. Okay, you don’t smoke; okay, you don’t expose yourself to asbestos. Now we learned that they injected in the polio vaccines knowingly from 55-65, gave millions of people simian virus 40, which is lung cancer, mesothelioma, a cancer-causing virus, and many different kinds of cancers. We isolated in 2009 mouse viruses, monkey viruses, and bird gamma retroviruses. In MMR 5, a study was done in 2019 by an independent group called Corvelva in Italy. They showed dozens of human viruses, dozens of horse viruses, and dozens of other viruses. You don’t need an infectious virus if you injected it. This is why I particularly wanted to come onto your show today because if we don’t want to see round two, three, four, or five of your COVIDS, the worst thing any person can do is get a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, or a Prevnar shot.

If we get those shots this year if people don’t wake up and they say I’m going to get my shot to prevent—no. When that sign, as we drive by on the highway here in California, says save lives, act responsibly. Yes, act responsibly. Do not get a vaccine. Do not wear a mask. The mask is immune-suppressing you. The mask is causing you to activate your latent, you’re silenced, your immune system has degraded those viruses. You wake them up. You get oxygen-depleted. You make yourself sick. Every one of those viruses goes right through any one of those masks and you’re making people sick and thinking you’re helping them, but most importantly, you’re killing yourself.

If you get a flu shot or Prevnar, they give them on the same day and they act like they only gave you the flu shot, Prevnar right now is 23 different microbial antigens with a screamingly heavy dose of microbial upper respiratory infection causing pneumonia, causing antigens with a heavy dose of aluminum. You inject that in one arm, in the other arm you give those live attenuated flu cause that kind of upper respiratory infection, that cough in an immune-compromised person, in somebody, an old person who’s already on all kinds of drugs. We have no idea how much garbage is in those needles. Nobody knows what’s in those needles because nobody’s been allowed to test them, but Corvelva in Italy in 19, in 18 got samples of these vaccines and did the kinds of studies with the technologies and showed how many heavy metals.

That stuff is so caustic. They found the metal from the needle in the people’s blood. You could see red blood cells from other animals in the people in the Gardasil shot in the [inaudible 00:33:36] paper of 2017. I can provide these to you so you can post them for all the world to see, but it’s absolutely horrific what’s being done. This is why we need to talk right now and we need to tell everybody to wake up. If you’ve ever had the flu or you’ve ever had the flu vaccine, you’re as protected from getting a bad disease as you’re ever going to get. We know that the coronavirus, even this engineered SARS-CoV-2 with HIV sequences in it from that cell line they grew it in, even with that, most people are healthy. Healthy people don’t spread disease. There’s no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier.

Just as you said, yeah, it’s a worldwide effort. If your listeners, watch with Del Bigtree from last Thursday, you will see the World Health Organization official who said, “Oh, wait a minute, we made a mistake. Oh, yeah, it’s very rare that an asymptomatic person will spread disease so you don’t have to wear the mask. We know that every single thing Fauci says and the Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield, they’ve gone back on and shown to be wrong. Robert Redfield said, “Well, the mask and the distancing, that stopped influenza this year.” No, it didn’t. No, it didn’t. The people that got the flu vaccine and wore the mask died and they called it COVID-19.

When you watch those two shows, you’ll watch how the brave nurses and doctors undercover are realizing they’re killing the people in the hospitals. They’re killing them with the protocols that have nothing to do with the coronavirus, with ventilators that have nothing to do with what the person is presenting with. You’re walking and then your relatives can’t see you. They cremate you. They don’t do an autopsy. It’s all a big cover-up. It’s a plandemic and a Plague of Corruption. The single most important thing we can all do to prevent round two is never get another vaccine until they do the studies and they prove everything we’re saying is wrong. That’ll take a few years and then we’ll realize we can regain our health. That’s the only thing.

I can guarantee you, I do these cases in vaccine court. The flu vaccine killed far more people this year than the coronavirus, than COVID-19. It’s difficult to sit here as a scientist. Hey, they’ll take this down as soon as I put it up. We’ve offered. I’ve sat here for the last three months and said I’ll talk to anybody, Here, show me the data. What did that WHO official do? See the data keep revealing. It’s not just my data. I don’t do any data. Hey, I lost my job a long time ago. I haven’t worked in a lab in a decade. All you have to do is read the literature. All you have to do is look around. Wait a minute, the WHO stopped hydroxychloroquine based on two fraudulent papers in Lancet. We commissioned fraud and really quickly, a whole bunch of papers come out so you mass prevent this.

What about the four decades of research, the OSHA, and the federal regulations that say don’t wear a mask if your oxygen drops from 23%, which is what’s in the air or something close to that to 17%—you do brain damage. That’s 15 minutes in a mask, or if you’re an old person, this is Peggy Hall, I’m saying things that your listeners can look up. Lookup The Highwire show. This isn’t me talking. This is all of us doing every we can to save humanity and our way of life. Every measure they’ve made is based on a model that didn’t turn out to work out, and every word I’ve said for four decades is based only on data. I show you the data. I’ve shown you the data in our papers.

I’ve heavily referenced, we have heavily referenced both books, not one word from Fauci. Answer it. Don’t take science the journal and say Judy Mikovits is now a bartender because she couldn’t get a job. Yeah, I’m a chemist and yeah, I make a great drink. I’m a Staff Commodore and a volunteer at a yacht club in Ventura, California where I joined in 2000. I was the Commodore in 2006. Yeah, it’s volunteer so I make an occasional drink, but the way it’s spun is Judy Mikovits is the person who never did anything.

The data don’t show that. I don’t care what you say about me, just show the data. They won’t show the data and the news will censor everything. Show us. Your audience can think well, wait a minute, she’s right. We never wore a mask before. Why would you immune suppress? Dr. Russell Blaylock, a fabulous clinician, probably a little my age or a little older, wrote a very beautiful paper about all the immune suppression with masks. That very memory immune, CD4 memory response you need to remember you saw a pathogen before that pathogen-associated molecular pattern. That is quickly extinguished with a mask.


[00:39:29] Ashley James: Can you explain that? Can you just dive into that a little bit and explain it? Explain why wearing a mask is harmful? You’ve talked about the lower oxygen, but how does it actually negatively affect the immune system?


Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash


[00:39:43] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Because the immune system, we’re meant to live with it at a certain level of oxygen. Oxidative stress, we have lots of antioxidants in healing plants, right? When inflammation, white blood cells go off in inflammation because there’s a problem, it’s like sending fire trucks to the fire. When you’re inflamed, when you’ve seen a toxin or a pathogen, your white blood cells wake up and you go to the site of tissue injury. The major antioxidant intracellularly in between your nucleus and your cellular membrane is glutathione. Glutathione is quickly taken up when you aren’t breathing enough oxygen because you’ve created oxidative stress so now you need more of your most potent antioxidant glutathione. You make that out of three amino acids and glycine is the critical one because glyphosate, which is Roundup, now all our food is poisoned with glyphosate.

We don’t get as much healthy building blocks of those three amino acids to make up glutathione for your cells. You’re crippling your antioxidant in your cells and all of a sudden, pathogens get in. If you don’t get vitamin D and vitamin C those are your extracellular and those stimulates. When you’re wearing a mask you’re depleting your oxygen, your alarm signal goes off and says oxidative stress. You’ll get dizzy, you’ll get migraines. What is pain? Pain is inflammation. Pain is dysregulation of your endocannabinoid in your immune system so it says hey we got a really big problem over here, send out more troops. You deplete your CD4 T-cells. I’m telling you the way I hope you can see it visually and not as a chemist.

You deplete the CD4 T-cells because you exhaust them. You say I’m under siege. No, you’re not under siege, you’re just not breathing air. It goes into something called lactic acidosis so your mitochondria take oxygen in the respiratory chain through the eight different complexes in your mitochondria. The powerhouses in the cytoplasm cell that’s what makes ATP, that’s what makes energy. You’re getting less if you’re not breathing air. If you’re compromised anyway because you’re inflamed because you’ve gotten a vaccine, vaccines are made to inflame. Turn on the immune system to fight the invader they’re injecting, the antigen they’re injecting. That gives you a memory response.

If you’re compromised you can’t clear it, you can’t make enough as we’ve been talking. We’re not plants. We don’t do photosynthesis for energy. There are many, many more than one mechanism, but the point with OSHA’s safeguarding and Peggy Hall and will show this in Orange County, she won. She won the OSHA federal safeguards—says if you wear a mask, regardless of who you are, your oxygen blood drops below 17. You can put a little measuring thing in there and everybody’s going to be different. My husband and I have lung diseases that he’s had for years and I was born with. That’s why my voice sounds like this. I have a deviated septum, which means I can’t breathe through my nose at all.

If you drop below 17, the little alarm will go off and that’s doing brain damage. That’s going to make you dizzy. If you wear a mask sitting in a closed car, what exactly are you going to get sitting in a closed car with the person you shared spit with for 20 years? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s like driving drunk because you’ve inflamed yourself. It’s called acidosis at a point 15, 20 minutes, you’re dizzy, you’re confused, you go over the lane. You’re already 90-year-old going over the lane. I know my husband’s 82, he drives badly. It’s like really? If you have a car crash, whose fault is it? Is it the government or did you die of COVID-19?

No, you don’t wear a mask in a car with all the windows rolled up getting pollution from the car. It’s sitting in traffic in LA in the heat or think of even a healthy young man. We know people and they talk to me because I’m me, but we know people who work in your local Lowe’s store. They climb up ladders all day long and they wear that mask. They get a headache and by the time they get home at night, they’re in pain, they feel horrible, they have migraines, they can’t breathe, and they’re exhausted. The next day they go back to work and they fall off the ladder. I can’t even imagine putting a construction worker at the top of a ladder on a building and leaving him in the hot sun here in California.

No, this has nothing to do with human health. You don’t walk down a beach. You breathe air. You ground your feet in the soil, in the microbe, all those nice microbial sequences in the soil from things that naturally degrade—marine biomes, plants naturally degrade. That’s natural immune-boosting through your skin, your immune system. You don’t hide in your house with Clorox, those spray cleaners. I sat at a coffee shop where all the employees this morning had masks on because they’re required by law. In comes the Terminix guy to spray. I’m like oh no. I just pointed to a couple of doctors who were with me and I pointed at him. I could cry looking at this. I see people spraying baseball stadiums to let everybody in and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. What’s in those toxic cleaners? You’re going to concentrate that on your mask. That’s going to further inflame your throat.

People ask me, do you wear a mask? Yeah, I wore masks in my life. I wore masks in 2017 when I lived in Ventura, California, as I do now, and the Thomas fires. The smoke was so heavy that you couldn’t breathe for days. Yeah, we had lung diseases and we got those exact N95 masks to stop the smoke. You stop other things from damaging your lungs. People say well they wear them in China. Yeah, it’s heavily polluted. Yeah, they wear them in China. Places where they’re heavily polluted. Places where they’re heavily concentrated. There are a lot of people with a lot of different things in pollution. It’s not drive yourself and drive the inflammation in your throat.

I couldn’t wear a mask 10 seconds before that ringer would go off and I don’t wear one. I didn’t wear one. I worked for 25 years, in fact, it’s probably closer to 40 years, isolating those very retroviruses I mentioned. Those cancer-causing and AIDS-causing viruses from sick people. We wear masks in surgery situations to keep everything sterile, but you don’t wear them in the hallways of the hospital. You don’t compromise your own immune system. I never wore a mask working with a patient ever and I isolated HIV. I never got it either because the last thing I wanted to do was immune suppress myself.


[00:47:42] Ashley James: I felt like people were being a little sensitive when it came to masks. I kind of was like oh, masks aren’t a problem. They’re not going to lower my oxygen levels. I had this little medical mask. The kind that like dental hygienists would wear. I used it to go into Whole Foods. I’ve only been wearing it quickly, get some groceries, get out because they have signs everywhere. The times I went to the grocery store and refused to mask I would just get dirty looks the whole time. I don’t need that. I’m going to just blend into the crowd, wear a mask, and get out.

The last time I did, this was a few weeks ago, I nearly collapsed. It was really scary because I didn’t really believe that a mask could make me faint. I’m not sick, I’m a healthy person. But standing in line, I’ve been wearing it for maybe 15 minutes, I started to blackout. I couldn’t see anymore. I was fainting, basically. I tore the mask off and it took me hours to recover. My heart was racing, I was so terrified. I was just absolutely terrified. I can’t imagine what the workers who are being forced to wear a mask eight, nine hours a day are going through. Now to hear what you say that it really does lower the oxygen levels in our blood and cause inflammation, cause the body to have to eat up our glutathione, which is a very costly thing for the body to make, especially if someone’s nutrient-deficient like selenium, for example, recycles the body’s glutathione. Most people are deficient in that mineral.

Someone who may be nutrient to deplete in certain nutrients, it would cause them quickly to have ill health even further. Right now, we’re so focused on keeping the immune system healthy. If we watch the mainstream media it’s like Armageddon out there. If we follow the mainstream media we are terrified for our lives. Then we listen to doctors and PhDs like yourself who have been in this world from a scientist’s perspective for years and you’re saying masks are harmful in terms of how they’re being recommended to be used right now, that it is actually not helping us, and that we should be focusing on making sure we have our vitamin D and our vitamin C, making sure we’re eating organic non-GMO foods, making sure we’re getting out in the sunlight and fresh air.


[00:50:28] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Correct.


[00:50:30] Ashley James: What other things can we do to boost our immune system and stay healthy from the scientist’s perspective, from your perspective since you have studied the immune system for so many years?


[00:50:43] Dr. Judy Mikovits: A critical thing you just mentioned—minerals. We’re so mineral-depleted in zinc, magnesium, and manganese. Our soil has been heavily depleted. It’s contaminated with glyphosate. What you want to do more than anything is I would encourage a mineral supplement. I use products from different places but my mineral supplements are Quinton minerals and one other, I forget the name of them. You just get a really good, and I don’t just mean magnesium or manganese because you throw the balance of all of them. You want 97 different minerals mixed together just like nature in seawater. You want iodine with kelp because radiation is a huge issue in our inner health anyway, so all of these things are contributing to us being sicker, being susceptible, and being immune suppressed immune-compromised because our Earth’s been getting more polluted.

With kelp that you can buy in your health food store. Things like liver bitters and detox for your liver. Keep your liver healthy, keep your kidneys healthy, so get a good mineral supplement. I’m looking through here to see what I usually take. The best precursor to glutathione supplement I know is called ProImmune. That’s Ted Fogarty MD product HBOT, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Saunas to detox. Detox all you can. You mentioned a lot of simple things. Just get out in the sunshine and take a walk. Don’t over-exercise because that becomes stress. When you’re sick, certainly, stay home. I use cannabinoids to calm the flames. I call that the dimmer switch on the immune system. I get a lot of things from That’s Chris Shade’s company.


[00:53:14] Ashley James: I’ve had him on the show. He’s got a glutathione as well—oral glutathione.


[00:53:21] Dr. Judy Mikovits: That’s what I was going to say. He’s got a new product that he just gave A, D, K, and E because usually you can’t get vitamins A, D, K, and E except from fats, except from meats because you’ll be deficient in those if your food is contaminated. We eat healthy farm-grown. I mean all the way from eggs and meat we know our farmer. My friend, Dr. Zach Bush, said a few years ago on a Del Bigtree show, he said, “Forget your doctor, know your farmer.” Get good healthy eggs. It’s difficult in this world to be vegan because you need A, D, K, and E, but I do know that Chris Shade just came out with a new product that has those. He has a liposomal vitamin C.

I’m not encouraging that we just supplement, supplement, supplement, just eat healthy food, but here in this day and age, we really do need to supplement glutathione. It’s from Quicksilver Scientific. They have something called ultra-binder. It’s charcoal, it’s a fulvic humic charcoal blend that I just shake. One little packet a day I think it cost, I don’t know. It can’t cost 50 cents. Maybe $1, who knows. I shake it up in the morning and I simply just take the ultra-binder in good clean water. We’ve got to have good clean filtered water. Fiji water, the brand name Fiji is great for removing aluminum. It’s a little bit of everything. That ultra-binder will even take out mercury and vaccine contaminants in things that we’ve been talking about and you can begin to detox. Just the most important thing is to keep away from inflammation. That by definition means I don’t care if the vaccine is the cleanest thing in the world, it’s intended to inflame.

See, the way coronaviruses, let’s just say if that really had anything to do with COVID-19, which I don’t believe for a minute, the way coronaviruses cause damage is first they deplete your antioxidants. Antioxidant-rich foods like we’ve just mentioned—vitamin c. I have a cup of hot lemon water every day. Make sure your food is non-GMO and organic as possible because the soil becomes contaminated with glyphosate. I use ultra-binder. Just to eat as clean as you can so that ultra-binder will take out yesterday’s toxins. Even if you can’t eat clean—most processed foods and things you’re getting from the grocery store are loaded with glyphosate.

The less processed food you can eat, the more fresh vegetables, fruits, blueberries, rich in antioxidants, the colors, the cyan, and the phytonutrients. This is the best we could do, but it’ll make you healthy. No such thing as social distancing. Please, hug people. Think of isolated babies. Think of the boy in the bubble, the those with primary immune deficiencies. Think of orphanages that we used to see visions of in Russia and things like that. They’re profoundly diseased and compromised because of a lack of touch. We’re human beings, and this is the worst thing about those face masks. No cloth face coverings. That just stops you from smiling, stops you from loving. Like you said, you get dirty looks. We’re made to smile. Anger is immunosuppressive. Fear is immunosuppressive. They’re not immune boosting. Those are horrible emotions.

We’re generating this hate and it’s driving the compromising of our own immune system such that when they release the next thing on us, we will be susceptible. Hopefully, we won’t. I could say this from a lot of experience because it really doesn’t matter what they release. I’ve worked with everything. I’ve worked with Ebola. I’ve worked with the XMRVs. When your audience reads our two books, you’ll see from the first book Plague that the lab workers got infected. In 2011, we realized these cancer-causing viruses and neuro-immune disease-causing viruses, Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinson’s, chronic Lyme disease, and other things. These viruses and ME/CFS release devastating diseases were contagious that you could literally cough them on somebody, that you could get them from the air.

I was the one in my laboratory, I made sure my students, the young people, didn’t get anywhere near the blood samples, didn’t do the work that generated aerosols that spread aerosols around. I did all the work and I got a boatload. I zero converted. I got a ton of XMRVs of these viruses in my body, in my blood. What measures do I take to keep myself well? I am not sick, I zero converted a decade ago, and I wouldn’t dare put on a mask. I hate to say it but I’m the people they want to kill. The people that they have liability for that they knowingly injected for decades with cancer-causing viruses, and I mean injected.

If you think about it rationally, yeah, if I haven’t been on a plane, if I’ve been nowhere close to somebody in China, I didn’t go to a seafood market, I never went to one of the clusters of diseases—let’s just say New York City or Seattle where there were a few ground zero. I never went anywhere near any of those people. How exactly did I get exposed? When exactly? We didn’t do this with HIV. We did tell people don’t touch them, and that hurt them a great deal, injured their disease, and immune-compromised them. I didn’t obey that then either and I’m just fine, aren’t I?

This is the point. We didn’t shut down the world. There are all the data that this coronavirus—yes, it caused a dangerous cost. Yes, there are compromised people who did die from exposure to it, but when you go watch those two shows I mentioned to you, The Highwire last week, in particular, they put the compromised in hospital wings who were clearly COVID negative in positive wings and then they stopped them from getting oxygen.

You remember the cannula of oxygen you put in your nose when somebody needs oxygen or you put when you’re in an ambulance? What do they give you? They give you that little thing to breathe oxygen. They don’t intubate you. They don’t paralyze your breathing apparatus input. You can easily look at desaturation. All these things that oxygen desaturates. Just put the little thing on your finger and you can see how much oxygen you’re getting. You can see if you’re being compromised. Why aren’t we doing any of that? Why aren’t we taking care? 

Type I interferon 50-200 units. Type I interferon in a spray form, 50 to a couple hundred. Literally, a couple of hundred units a day sprayed in your nasal passages just like you would do a saline nasal spray will prevent anything that gets into your nasopharyngeal cavity from replicating any coronavirus.


[01:01:52] Ashley James: Thank you so much for your time. I know you have to go. I am, of course, left with more questions.


[01:01:59] Dr. Judy Mikovits: I’d be happy to talk to you again. You can tap Kent and talk to him a little bit to round out this one and then we’ll talk again, no problem. We can even take questions from your audience and go again.


[01:02:09] Ashley James: That would be great. I’d love that. Yes, I definitely have more questions. I have them written down. And I know my listeners would have questions for you. I can’t wait to interview your co-author, Kent. It sounds wonderful.

Thank you so much for taking the time today to educate us. We have to open our minds. I love the saying open your mind so much that your brain could fall out. Just open your mind and take in new information because that’s how we’re going to figure out how to best support our body’s ability to heal itself. The problem is when we listen to the mainstream there’s always an agenda. We have to protect ourselves from fear-mongering, but also stay safe. We want to stay safe, but we have to support our body’s ability to be healthy.

You have so much great information. You have two books I highly recommend. The links to both your books, Plague and Plague of Corruption, will be in the show notes of today’s podcast at Do you have anything you’d like to say to the listeners? Maybe homework to give them to wrap up today’s interview.


[01:03:09] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Think about it really in a calm way and think about what I was saying as far as what do you do when you feel good? You go out to the ocean; you go out to the sand. You get tired, you get a little sunburned, you get a little exhausted, and you sleep really well. Those things that make you feel good. Just think, we never had to wear a mask in public. The silliness of you have to wear a mask when you enter here but as soon as you turn around and sit down, you don’t need one. That’s a control issue. That’s fear and anger. That’s intended to generate an emotional response. We don’t have to be emotional. We love each other. Nobody wants anybody to get sick. We want to spend our lives trying to heal people, that’s what we do. We just want to love each other. That’s how we stay well as a society and as families and individuals


[01:04:10] Ashley James: Beautiful. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to have you back on the show. It’s been such a pleasure to have you here today.


[01:04:16] Dr. Judy Mikovits: Thanks, Ashley.


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  • Diseases that are a result of nutrient deficiency
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Is eating fruits and vegetables enough to get all the nutrients needed by our bodies? In this episode, Dr. Joel Wallach talks about different diseases that were thought of as genetically transmitted but were actually nutrient deficiencies. He also shares success stories of patients that got healed from their diseases by being on his protocol.



Hello, true health seeker, and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. Today I’m interviewing my hero, Dr. Joel Wallach. He is the reason why I no longer have type 2 diabetes, chronic adrenal fatigue, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and infertility and why my husband and I naturally conceived our son after six years of trying. His approach to natural medicine and healing the body with the 90 essential nutrients is absolutely revolutionary but also comes from years and years of research.

I’m so excited for you to hear his information. Every time I hear him, I learn more and more. I’ve been following him. He’s been mentoring me since 2011. Learning from him, it is such a trip because he regularly helps people reverse diseases even to the point where they’re on heart transplant list, kidney transplant list, or they’re on their deathbed. I’ve seen him help people who were told by their doctors that they just needed to go home and die, that there was nothing left for them. I’ve seen him reverse so many diseases and help people get back to 100% health, so I’m very excited for you to learn from him today.

As you’re listening, if you’d like to buy the supplements that he has developed and he recommends, please go to, that’s You fill out the form and a health coach that’s trained in Dr. Wallach’s protocols will help you pick out the right supplements for you based on your symptoms, your nutritional needs, and based on the Dr. Wallach protocol that would best suit you. The body responds so quickly when you fill in the nutrient deficiencies, when you fill in those gaps where your diet has been missing certain key minerals especially trace minerals because it’s so hard to secure all of the 90 essential nutrients in a diet, no matter how healthy we eat. That’s something that Dr. Wallach addresses in today’s interview. Go to and try Dr. Wallach’s protocol.

I have seen the most amazing results. In less than 30 days, people say they have better energy, more mental clarity, and better sleep, but beyond that, people’s blood sugar stabilizes, their mood stabilizes, and blood pressure stabilizes. I have seen people reverse conditions. I had a friend who had essential tremor, his hands shook his entire life, and that went away within days. I had another friend who had skin tags over his whole body. The skin tags fell off. I have known several men reverse erectile dysfunction with his protocol.

He has protocols for filling in the nutrient deficiencies, filling in those nutrient gaps in our diet, supporting every cell in the body with 90 essential nutrients, and eliminating certain foods that harm the body so that we can optimize health at any age and at any weight. The whole program is actually designed based on body weight so you’re making sure you’re getting the right supplements for you at the right dosage for what your body needs.

I really look forward to hearing from you. As you’re on the protocol, if you’d like to share with me how it’s going for you, you can email me [email protected]. You can also join the Facebook group and share with us there. There are already some listeners who have shared their incredible experiences by adding these supplements to their life. You can’t out-supplement a bad diet. You can’t out-supplement unhealthy habits. We have to focus on a holistic way of life meaning you have to look at every aspect of life, but we also can’t exercise and eat healthy and only do those two things and expect optimal health because if we have a nutrient deficiency, even in a healthy diet, our body is still missing something.

This is one of the key components to optimal health is supplementing to make sure that we don’t have nutrient deficiency. We have to make sure that our supplements are high quality, that they’re bioavailable, the body can absorb them and utilize them, and that they’re plant-derived. That they’re not chemically man-made. That’s all the things that provides.

Awesome. Thank you so much for being a listener. I’m really excited for you to hear today’s interview especially because Dr. Wallach is my hero. I’ve been wanting to interview him for years and our schedules aligned, so it just became the perfect time for me to have him on the show. I hope to have him on the show again in the future. I also recommend reading his books. They’re amazing. Please check out his books. The links to his books will be in the show notes of today’s podcast at Awesome. Have yourself an excellent rest of your day and enjoy today’s interview.


Photo by K15 Photos on Unsplash


[00:04:53] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 435. I am so excited to have Dr. Wallach on the show today. You have been my biggest hero in the holistic health space. Because of you I no longer suffer from diabetes, chronic adrenal fatigue, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and infertility. Because of you, I was able to conceive naturally our son who’s healthy and he’s five years old. You’re the one that got me so excited about health that I started my podcast four years ago. We have over seven million downloads and over 430 interviews.


[00:05:38] Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, thank you for the kind testimony.


[00:05:40] Ashley James: What I’m excited about is that you’re here today to share with all of my listeners that are wanting to seek true health and you’re here to share with them what I learned from you to end disease in my life. I’m so excited that they’re going to learn from you today how they can end disease and how they can reverse and prevent disease. Welcome to the show.


[00:06:01] Dr. Joel Wallach: Again, thank you so very, very much, Ashley. I appreciate your hospitality.


[00:06:05] Ashley James: Dr. Wallach, I love your story. Can you tell us a little bit about your research that led you to discover the cause and cure for 900 diseases?


[00:06:13] Dr. Joel Wallach: To make a long story short, when I graduated high school—I’m leaving out my personal stuff, which will take 15-20 minutes. When I graduated high school in 1958, I already knew that the medical system was in the wrong direction because I grew up on a farm. We didn’t have any of the diseases in the farm animals that people had because we were giving supplements to animals that prevented and reversed those diseases. We didn’t have any health insurance for them so it was much more economical to prevent and reverse them with supplements than it was to wait until they got sick and then call a veterinarian, pay a veterinarian, go broke, and sell your farm.

When I graduated from high school in 1958, I went to an agricultural school because I wanted to get a degree in agriculture. Halfway through that tried preventive medicine so got into veterinary school. I was working part-time because I had to work my way through, didn’t have a lot of money so I had to work my way through and I was working part-time for the pathology department. I realized there were so many, many things that were so simple but people weren’t being told the whole truth.

In 1964, I graduated in the University of Missouri. I had my degree in agriculture, my major was an animal husbandry nutrition. My minor is in field crops and soils. I had my veterinary degree at the time. I was halfway through my degree in pathology so I was going to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa to finish my degree in pathology. As a high school kid, I had worked with Marlin Perkins the old Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom show because I was a farm kid and didn’t mind throwing manure out of stalls of animals in the zoo and stuff like that.

He kind of followed me a little bit. He wrote me a letter and said, “Look, Wallach, I need you to go to Africa for a couple of years and work on the white rhino conservation project. When it’s over, you come back. I can get you back into graduate school if that’s what you wanted. I can get you a job in the zoo whatever you.” You can’t refuse Marlin Perkins from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

I went to Africa and two years into it, I had caught 200 white rhino and shipped them back here. If you see a white rhino in a wild animal park or zoo, it’s either one that I caught her offsprings or the ones that I caught. At the time, there was only 470 left of the southern raised white rhino south of the Zambezi River. Today there’s 25,000 because of the game parks we established, trained people, caught the animals up north, brought them and put them in the Ranger parks, and stuff like that. I’m very, very proud of that.

Two years into that, I was prepared to stay in Africa forever, Ashley. I was having the time of my life living out in the bush, eating wild antelope and stuff like that, and fish and just working on conservation projects, but I came back here at again, Perkin’s invitation. He says, “Look, Wallach, your work when you were doing your pathology stuff I got a $25 million grant using your research papers. I want you to come back and be the pathologist on this project.

We got this $25 million grant. This was April of 1967. I don’t know if it’ll be two years, five years, ten years or what, but I needed you to be a pathologist. I want you to find the diseases that are caused by pollution that zoo animals are sensitive to in the big cities and people who live around the zoos are sensitive to. When the zoo animals start dying from the pollution we know to evacuate the city, so I want you to do it.” You can’t refuse Marlin Perkins. I came back in April 1967 to be his pathologist on the project.

To make a long story short, a 10-year project, I did 20,000 autopsies. It was 17,000 some change of over 454 species of zoo animals, 3,000 humans, and 20 million chemistries. I learned and published in a book, which is my thesis of this whole project. The thesis represents the 17,000 autopsies in these 454 species of animals, 8,000 human autopsies. They’re in another book called Epigenetics. Anyway, to make a long story short, what I found out was none of the zoo animals died of pollution, none of the human beings living within a 10-mile radius of the zoos died of pollution, there were no genetically transmitted diseases, and there were no genetically transmitted birth defects.

It was driving everybody crazy. That’s how all of this started. When that was over, I went to work at Yerkes Primate Center with NASA in Atlanta, Georgia and worked at the medical school there as a pathologist at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I ran into the first non-human case of cystic fibrosis, proved it was not genetic, got it published, and they fired me because everybody knew psittacosis was the disease that’s a classic example of a genetically transmitted disease. I purposely saved tissue, blood, and all kinds of stuff so you can do your own look yourself and see if your results match mine. No, you’re fired.

That’s when I went back to school and became a Naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon 1978. I was teaching for seven years pathology and clinical medicine. I graduated in 1982 and been treating people nutritionally for something like 900 different diseases using nutrients for 72 years.


[00:11:37] Ashley James: When you discovered that cystic fibrosis in the rhesus monkey was not genetically transferred but it was caused by something else, what was it caused by and why were you fired?


[00:11:52] Dr. Joel Wallach: First of all, I sent tissues on the slide, delivering the pancreas in the lungs, to experts in cystic fibrosis in the big children’s hospitals around the world, 10 of them. They all sent back with a little note saying this is a perfect example of cystic fibrosis. Thank you. I didn’t tell them it was from a monkey, but I had it all on their letterhead. I then put together my paper and brought it to the [inaudible 00:12:17] at Yerkes Primate Center and also at the medical school in Atlanta, Georgia.

They were so, which I say, involved with genetics. They still are. Medical doctors, everything’s a genetic disease, right? Back then they didn’t want to be embarrassed and so they fired. It was easier to fire me because I was just a veterinarian at the time, I wasn’t a Naturopathic physician yet. I was just a veterinarian, so they fired me to save their faces is what it amounted to.

A couple of years later I found the contravention cure of muscular dystrophy, gave that to Jerry Lewis and he got so excited because I gave him 100 charts of kids that I had cured with muscular dystrophy, proven it wasn’t genetics—simple nutritional deficiency. He took it to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, they fired him and stopped the telethon. That’s why you haven’t heard anything about muscular dystrophy or cystic fibrosis since 1978.

My most recent thing, April 16, 2013, a federal judge ruled because we kept pushing the federal courts to put this nutrient in the baby formula because sudden infant death syndrome, it was a big lie. Only 2% of the babies that died of sudden infant death syndrome were in bed with their mothers when they died, 90% were not. None of them suffocated. When you redo the autopsy you could tell they didn’t suffocate. They died from what we call hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease. I have done 1,700 autopsies on kids under the age of 10 that died of that one in Keshan province China. It’s called Keshan disease, the deficiency of a single nutrient cause a sudden heart attack in these kids. I did 1,700 autopsies in six weeks, so I’m an expert in that.

I knew that was causing because 200 of them would have been diagnosed with sudden infant death syndrome here in the United States. Got it all written up, the usual process. Nobody wanted it, nobody would publish it, and so I went to the federal courts and said, “Look, here’s 1,700 autopsies proving what I’m saying.” They couldn’t resist the evidence of 1,700 autopsy—all the slides, all the blood. They ruled that every manufacturer of baby formula had to put this nutrient in the baby formulas. A year later, it was September 13, 2014, just about a year later, the Charlotte Observer, which is the big newspaper in Charlotte North Carolina kind of like the New York Times for New York, front-page story—I mean this is a front-page story, big bold letters like third world war starting. It said we don’t know why but sudden infant death syndrome has vanished in North Carolina.


[00:15:04] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.


[00:15:06] Dr. Joel Wallach: Three months later, the state of Missouri did the same thing in their headlines in their newspapers. Three months later every newspaper in America said we don’t know why but the death rate from sudden infant death syndrome has dropped significantly by 85%-95% in all states because we put that one nutrient in the baby formula. You haven’t heard any more about sudden infant death syndrome because it’s gone. It was a deficiency of a single nutrient. I’m the guy who figured out the cause, prevention, and cure of cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and I’m the guy that figured out the cause and prevention of crib death.


[00:15:36] Ashley James: Have you experienced pushback from the pharmaceutical industry? This is obviously going to affect their profits.


[00:15:42] Dr. Joel Wallach: What happens is, every time I get interviewed, they come along and want to have their words, say that I’m a quack, and all this kind of stuff—there’s no proof. I don’t know, 1,700 autopsies published through all these slides, lab data, and everything that seems pretty much like a hard proof to me. When I was working at the Yerkes Primate Center for NASA, when I got confirmation that that one monkey had the classic symptoms of cystic fibrosis, most people don’t know this but I got permission to do biopsies of liver, pancreas, and lungs of the 34 other baby monkeys in the same colony. All different mothers and fathers, not related in any way shape or form other than they were monkeys. They all were positive for cystic fibrosis. I knew it was an environmental thing.

It turned out that the gal who is in charge of that colony, she was a psychiatrist and she was doing nutritional studies in that colony where all 25 or 30 pairs of these monkeys, unrelated to each other, we’re having babies for her research. She was giving them different nutrients and she wasn’t giving them the standard monkey pellets. She was feeding them mixed grains and her idea of what vitamins and minerals were that’s why they all got cystic fibrosis.


[00:17:09] Ashley James: Because they had nutrient deficiency?


[00:17:12] Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct. It was just a simple nutritional deficiency artificially-created because they weren’t given the monkey pellets. Of course, her husband was in charge of the facility so he’s the guy who fired me because he didn’t want her embarrassed.


[00:17:26] Ashley James: What in humans in utero, what diseases are nutrient deficiencies? Everyone knows that folic acid or folate causes neuro tube defects.


[00:17:37] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes. Here’s the deal, there are some birth defects that are caused by measles in the embryo early on, right? Thalidomide, which was a prescription drug for morning sickness would be given to women early in pregnancy and that caused 10,000 American babies to be born without arms and legs. There’s that but there are no genetic defects anymore because they aren’t any genetic defects. Here’s the experiment that proved it to most people. When I was working at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, a pair of wild-caught arctic foxes, they weren’t related, from two different parts of the Arctic but they were put together as a pair in the Brookfield Zoo. When they got to be a little rare of age they went into season and they got pregnant and had 10 babies. All ten babies were born with cleft palates.

The keepers called me because I’m doing the pathology up at the zoo hospital. They said, “Look, we’ve got 10 baby foxes with a genetic defect. I said uh-oh to myself, “Yeah, what is it?” “They all are born with the cleft palate the mothers and fathers. We want you to give them the needle with a drug to kill them because we can’t have animals or babies in the zoo that have genetic defects. They can only be perfect in a zoo.” I said, “Bring them up. Let me see them.” They brought me the babies and I say, “Okay, look, we’re not going to kill these babies because this is not a genetic defect. It is a simple nutritional deficiency during pregnancy. What did you feed the mother and father?”

“They’re meat eaters so we gave them horse meat.” I said, “Okay, did you give them any vitamins and minerals?” “No, they’re meat-eaters. We gave them horse meat.” I said, “That’s why they got this cleft palate because this is a defect of a single mineral. which is not found in horse meat. If you gave them the horse’s livers it would be okay but not the horse meat. What I want you to do is feed these babies with a puppy formula spent for [inaudible 00:19:29] puppies. I want you to give the mother and father just dog food. In six months’ time when these babies all come into heat and season, all that kind of stuff at six months of age, I want you to put one son with the mother, one daughter with the father, and the other brothers and sisters match them up. We’re going to really do some super inbreeding here. I want the mothers and fathers right now to start getting dog food, the babies are going to get this infant formula for milk replacer for puppies that are orphans. When they get to be six weeks you’re going to want solid food give them dog food.

A year later they call me up and said, “Okay doc. Between all these things we put together here, we have 100 babies from these two foxes.” “Are any of them have cleft palate?” “Nope, they’re all perfect.” I said, “I proved my point, didn’t I? They say, “Yes, you did.” I said, “I don’t want any more of these animals out there being fed just horse meat. They got to get vitamins and minerals. If it’s appropriate, wolves, coyotes, and foxes they need dog food and then there’s cat food for the small cats. We’ll figure out a diet and supplement program for the big cats, okay?”

That was published in scientific journals. It’s a big story in the book Rare Earth: Forbidden Cures. It’s the biggest story in the book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. It’s the biggest story in several of my books with the pictures of many of these baby foxes with the cleft palates. All along the way, I’ve been able to prove what I’m saying. Now, when I go on an interview someplace, the doctors will call up and make a big hoo-ha. This guy’s a quack and you can’t prove what he’s saying. How come his thesis is in the Smithsonian Institute, is a national treasure? They hang up. They can’t even respond to that.


[00:21:16] Ashley James: You talked about curing Keshan’s disease in China. Can you tell us the story of Keshan’s disease and how you came to cure it?


[00:21:24] Dr. Joel Wallach: Keshan disease is again a deficiency of the single mineral. It causes sudden hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease. 25,000 American kids died of that every year here under the age of 20. It’s the sudden heart death that afflicts young athletes in their teens and early 20s. You hear about this all the time, this teenager played football, played soccer, played baseball, hockey, rugby, whatever it was, or basketball and drops dead, that’s Keshan disease. It’s not some mystery.

If they would be giving these kids my sports drink, which has 100 nutrients in it including that one mineral and give them the 90 essential nutrients, guess what, none of these 25,000 kids would die anymore. But doctors on the sports medicine doctor here and we’re going to give them one of these things that have complete nutrition. You got 27 nutrients in it and it doesn’t have that nutrient it.

It turns out that my wife, Dr. Ma Lan, who is a medical doctor from China, I’m telling her about all the sudden heart deaths and she says, “That sounds like Keshan disease.” I said, “What’s that?” She got me all the English versions of publications of Keshan’s disease. Looking at the slides and everything, “Yeah, this is it.” She and her family, even yet today have a lot of power in China. This was published in scientific journals in three languages in 1990. They did the work in 1989 and it was published in 1990 in three scientific journals, two in Chinese, one in Mandarin, the other in Cantonese, the third one is in English is called the Journal of Trace Element Research. If anybody wants to check it out and see if I’m lying they can check it out. 1,700 autopsies have caused Keshan disease aka hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease.

In fact, there was some famous athlete that just died here and he was in his 20s. He just died a couple of days ago from a heart attack. He was a basketball player or soccer player or whatever he just died due to the deficiency of a single mineral. I have people say, “Tell me what it is, tell me what it is.” I said, “No. You can’t run to Walgreens anymore because they’re shutting down, but you will run to someplace and try and buy it. You’ll give it to somebody and they’ll die. You’ll say Wallach lied.” No, because there are cofactors necessary for that one nutrient to work. Just like when people get osteoporosis the doctor says you have a calcium deficiency, take some Tums. That’s the doctor’s way to deal with osteoporosis is take Tums because it has some calcium carbonate in it. Let’s see what else does your bones need besides calcium—vitamin D3, sulfur, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, are you getting the picture?


[00:24:11] Ashley James: Definitely. You need the full complement of all the co-factors.


[00:24:17] Dr. Joel Wallach: Exactly. Ashley, do you know there’s only one class of prescription drugs that cures anything and that’s antibiotics. Antibiotics will kill bacteria and some fungus but guess what, all other prescription drugs are purposely designed to treat symptoms. I had so much pain from my arthritis for 10 years my doctor gave me the opioids in three minutes time my pain was going. I just love my doctor. Then two years later, sorry Francine, your disease kept progressing here even though you don’t have any pain. Now it’s time you have to have a double knee replacement, which is going to cost $50,000 per knee, it’s a good thing you have insurance. The doctor is able to send his two kids to college.


[00:25:07] Ashley James: But that mineral deficiency that led to the osteoporosis is affecting every soft tissue as well in all other organs and creating all kinds of symptoms as well. Symptoms that doctors will write off as normal. You have sleep problems, you have restless legs, that’s normal. Here, let me give you a drug for that.


[00:25:26] Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct. They send their kid to college with the money.


[00:25:31] Ashley James: But there are a lot of good MDs out there with really big hearts that really do want to help people. The problem is they’re not trained in anything that you’ve discovered. You discovered that these nutrient deficiencies are the cause of these diseases and that you’ve published this. I’ve seen you regularly reverse diseases even to the point where you’ve saved people from amputation and save people from being on the heart transplant list and kidney transplant list. You’ve reversed heart disease, kidney disease. You’ve reversed diabetes and save people from imputation.


[00:26:06] Dr. Joel Wallach: All of that. Ashley, we do this all the time. We take people who have been a diabetic for 30 years, in 30 days they’re not a diabetic. We take people who have been on kidney dialysis, six days a week they have not urinated in 10 years, in two weeks’ time they’re urinating, and six weeks’ time they’re off of dialysis because these are all simple nutritional deficiency disease. We change their diet, we put them on the 90 essential nutrients with the secret sauces for their particular disease and it all goes away.

I have a new book out it’s on the 25 diseases of the skull. When you have osteoporosis in the skull there are 25 different diseases that you would go to a neurologist for and have surgery to put implants in your middle ear and you have all kinds of eye surgeries, back surgeries, neck surgeries, arm surgeries, and all kinds of stuff. In fact, osteoporosis to the skull causes atrial fibrillation. Have you ever heard of atrial fibrillation?


[00:26:59] Ashley James: Yes.


[00:27:00] Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s the squeezing of the tenth cranial nerve, the vagus nerve which controls the rate and rhythm of the heart. You can also have degenerative disk disease and the first four thoracic vertebrae squeeze the vital nerves that control the rate and rhythm of the heart. There are two possibilities. I always speak for both of those and people who have afib. I’m going to tell you about a congressman from Baltimore Maryland, Elijah Cummings. Have you ever hear him?


[00:27:21] Ashley James: I have not.


[00:27:23] Dr. Joel Wallach: He was a black congressman from Baltimore, Maryland for 20 years, a very famous guy. A leader in the black caucuses everything else in Congress, 20 years. He gets afib, the cardiologists take him in, anesthetized him, cut him open, take a soldering iron, heat it up, and they were trying to kill the part of his heart muscle that was running away—setting off these irregular heartbeats. They killed him by doing what is called an ablation trying to kill a part of his heart muscle that causes the heart to beat irregularly. If he had come to me he would still be alive because all I would do was fix the osteoporosis of the skull, take the pressure off that tenth cranial nerve, and he wouldn’t have had the atrial fibrillation anymore.


[00:28:13] Ashley James: You’re the one that cured my husband’s afib. He was a candidate with a pacemaker. He has an acute afib for the third time, and you said put CM cream on his back. Obviously, continue taking the supplements, the minerals especially, hang upside down an inversion table and go to see your chiropractor. We followed your instructions to a tee. We also did ice packs on his back and his acute afib went away. What we figured out was anytime he lifts heavy weights it would compress his thoracic spine and he’d develop afib. It’s like clockwork.


[00:28:49] Dr. Joel Wallach: What happened was as his vertebrae get closer together compressing them, they smashed the roots of those spinal nerves that control the rate and rhythm of the heart.


[00:28:59] Ashley James: The cardiologist wanted to put him under and give him a peacemaker.


[00:29:04] Dr. Joel Wallach: Believe me, they would have done an ablation before they put in the pacemaker, which means kill part of the heart muscle. What did the doctors say when he didn’t have afib anymore?


[00:29:12] Ashley James: We didn’t go back to them.


[00:29:16] Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s why your husband is still alive. See, you’re not only beautiful, you’re smart.


[00:29:20] Ashley James: We listened to you because we’ve seen you help so many people. We’re just so grateful that we keep listening to you and learning from you.


[00:29:30] Dr. Joel Wallach: Thank you for passing on the information.


[00:29:32] Ashley James: Absolutely. It blows my mind. One client I had a few years ago she came to me for weight loss. She goes, “I’m sick. I’m 25 pounds overweight. I hate being overweight.” I said. “What happened? Tell me.” She goes, “Well, my doctor who’s my boss because I work at a clinic, and I’ve worked there for 20 years. My doctor has me on these steroids for my adult-onset asthma. The asthma is so bad I have to be on all these steroids and these steroids cause me to gain weight.” I said, “Wait a second, let’s back up. Dr. Wallach says this, this, and this about asthma.” We got her on the 90 central nutrients with extra the EFAs.

One month later she calls me up she goes, “My doctor took me off of all the meds. I don’t have any more asthma, but I’m calling because I want to help my niece who has ADD, my other family member who has this, and my other family member who has that.” I said, “Wait a second, you are off all your meds? You’ve known your doctor for 20 years because he’s also your boss. You’re off all your meds in one month and did he want to know why? Did he want to know how?” She said, “No.”

That’s happened over and over again. I’ve helped other people. You helped me reverse my type-2 diabetes. I’ve helped other people do the same and none of their doctors want to know how. They’ve had them on medicine for years like Metformin or insulin and then they finally get off of it because they’re healthy and the doctors don’t want to know. It’s so outside their realm. It’s so frustrating.


[00:30:58] Dr. Joel Wallach: See it’s not that simple. It’s a criminal act they’re doing because they don’t want to say no, it’s all my patients you get the same result that you did their income stream would stop. Their beautiful wife would divorce them, all their kids would get kicked out of school because they can’t pay their tuition anymore, and their dog would eat them. 


[00:31:22] Ashley James: They’re just stuck in this mentality of their training. Luckily, there are doctors who are breaking free from those who are becoming functional medicine practitioners, becoming Naturopaths, and focusing on nutrition.


[00:31:34] Dr. Joel Wallach: We’re keeping our fingers crossed. That’s why I started Youngevity because I knew that by myself I would not be able to have a major impact on the world, but this was too much good for too many people. We started a system—books and things, CDs, DVDs and so forth. When the audio cassette tapes first came out, my audio cassette tape Dead Doctors Don’t Lie was the first audio cassette tape to go viral.


[00:32:04] Ashley James: It did, it did. I was sitting in the backseat of my mother’s car when I was about 11 years old in 1991. My mom popped it in. I think I was at 11 or 12. My mom popped it in the tape player of the car, and I listened to your lecture over and over again. It completely changed my thinking. My parents had me see a Naturopath. I didn’t know what your name was but I heard your lecture, and I heard how important all these different nutrients were. Then I found you again back in 2011, I found you again. I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is the doctor I was listening to back when I was a kid that talked about the importance of nutrients.”

I’m sure the questions come up in listeners’ minds, why can’t I get all of my vitamins and minerals from food? I eat so healthily, I eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and I don’t eat junk food. Why can’t I get all my minerals from food? Why can’t I get all my vitamins from food?


[00:33:02] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay. What if a mechanic were to say to you don’t waste your money by putting oil in your car? Put dirt from Texas or Oklahoma in your car. It’s only ten cents a quart, there’s bound to be some oil in it.


[00:33:12] Ashley James: Are we designed to get nutrients from food? Why are we getting nutrient deficient diseases?


[00:33:19] Dr. Joel Wallach: Where did God put the first human being?


[00:33:21] Ashley James: In the Garden of Eden?


[00:33:24] Dr. Joel Wallach: Eden. Why did God pick the Garden of Eden? Why didn’t he pick Oklahoma? Why didn’t he pick Maryland? Why didn’t he pick London? Here’s the deal. That’s the ultimate question. You asked the ultimate question, Ashley. I’m very proud of you. This is what we learned in the animal industry because we don’t have health insurance for animals. Here’s what we learned. I’ll ask you one more question, you’ll know the answer when I ask you this question. Is gold found equally all over the world?


[00:33:54] Ashley James: No. It’s in veins, it’s in ripples spread out unevenly.


[00:34:00] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay, it’s found in veins. What about silver?


[00:34:05] Ashley James: It’s found in veins. It’s very hard to find these precious metals.


[00:34:10] Dr. Joel Wallach: What about iron?


[00:34:12] Ashley James: I love it. If you’re up in a plane and you’re flying across the country you can see sometimes their soil rich in iron and sometimes there isn’t. You can see the different colors.


[00:34:22] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay. What about sulfur?


[00:34:31] Ashley James: I don’t know. I think sulfur is yellow. I think that creates a yellow tint to the earth. There’s nothing that’s equally or evenly distributed.


[00:34:41] Dr. Joel Wallach: You hit it right on the head there. Nutritional minerals, there’s not a single one of them that occurs in a uniform blanket across the earth. They all occur in veins like chocolate in chocolate [inaudible 00:34:52] ice cream. They all occur in veins like gold and silver. There are places where people live the longest. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that book and the movie Lost Horizon. The original book was written by James Hilton. He was a New York Times investigative reporter. New York Times sent him in the early 1930s, like 1930-1931. They sent him to China. He went to the Giltar Glacier in the Hunza district of China, which is halfway between mainland China and also Pakistan. The longest-lived people and it was a debate whether they were 250 years of age or 361 years of age.


[00:35:39] Ashley James: Wow.


[00:35:41] Dr. Joel Wallach: New York Times sent these guys, they got to be lying. There’s no way. They get their most vicious aggressive investigative reporter by the name of James Hilton. They send him there to investigate these people. He was able to document these ages. He wrote a report. It was such a response to the report when the New York Times published it, he wrote a novel called Lost Horizon. He invented the term Shangri-La for this mythical place where people lived forever. It was based on the true thing from the Hunza people in the Giltar glacier.

Then they made a movie out of it. It got more awards than any other movie ever. That book, Lost Horizon, is still the best-selling book ever with the number copies of the book. They made a movie that’s got the same title, Lost Horizon. The movie’s about an airplane crash of tourists in this place. Everybody is over 200 years of age and so forth. They figured out it has something to do with the soil, the water, and this and the other and so forth. That’s the whole gist of the story.


[00:36:49] Ashley James: Who figured out? Did you figure it out that they were getting minerals in their water from the glacier or the soil?


[00:36:55] Dr. Joel Wallach: They figured that out in 1933.


[00:36:57] Ashley James: Of course, there’s been talk of Blue Zones. I know you wrote a book about longevity that there are certain zones in the world like the Hunzas that live regularly past 100. They’re active, they’re working their farms, they’re fishing and they’re walking.


[00:37:12] Dr. Joel Wallach: They’re still working in the garden at 150, 160, and 170 years of age. There were all these newspaper releases in Europe and the United States. I have them in my book Rare Earth: Forbidden Cures with these guys in Hunza. They’re 168 years old, they’re out there still working in their garden, and don’t have any health problems at all. Well-documented by all the medical hospitals there in the regions and so forth. It’s like the gold of mind of nutritional minerals in those locations. Do you understand what I’m saying?


[00:37:43] Ashley James: Yeah. There’s a lot of talk about, for example, olive oil being the reason why those in Italy live so long. There’s a lot of authors out there that write books on longevity. They’ve decided the Mediterranean diet causes people to live a long life. Most of these places like the Okinawans eat a diet that contains less animal meat, for example. Then they’re saying maybe it’s less animal meat. They’re trying to make correlations, but what is the commonality between all the blue zones that really make the difference when it comes to stave off disease?


[00:38:25] Dr. Joel Wallach: Volcanic ash.


[00:38:27] Ashley James: Volcanic ash. Interesting.


[00:38:30] Dr. Joel Wallach: All these places where people live a long time, their water sources and their fields where they grow their crops are 20 feet deep volcanic ash since the beginning of time. All of these reefs are attached to volcanic island chains. Why do the reefs all start dying? Because we dammed up the rivers for electricity—hydroelectric. We blocked the volcanic ash from going down the rivers and feeding the algae, which the polyps that make the reefs ate, no more minerals, and that’s why the reefs died. Electricity is the reason that the reefs all died because they dammed up. Ashley, we have 1 million hydroelectric plants making electricity. All of them shut off the food supply to the reefs, and that’s why the reefs died. It is not carbon dioxide from fossil fuel.


[00:39:31] Ashley James: Some propose that it’s all of the pesticides or the herbicides that were—


[00:39:35] Dr. Joel Wallach: Because the environmentalists have an agenda. They will say anything they have to do to get a grant. But have you ever heard the scientific term crapola?


[00:39:49] Ashley James: I have not.


[00:39:51] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay. Every place that there was a successful reef, it was always a reef that was attached to a volcanic island chain. Japan, Hawaii, Malaysia, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia because all the water that came off that coast to feed the algae between the coast and the Great Barrier Reef were from the volcanic mountain chain right there in Queensland. When they put up the hydroelectric plants there to make electricity in the three rivers, there are three different rivers they put the dams in, they cut off the food supply to the Great Barrier Reef and that’s why the Great Barrier Reef is dying. If they will listen to me, in six weeks’ time the Great Barrier Reef will be back flourishing.


[00:40:35] Ashley James: We’re basically giving it a mineral deficiency because we’re taking away those minerals from that area?


[00:40:42] Dr. Joel Wallach: We’ve shut off the food supply to the algae, which the reefs ate. The reason why carbon dioxide is going up is because the algae are the things that ate the carbon dioxide, turn it into oxygen and carbon chains. Turn carbon dioxide into oxygen-carbon chains. Why aren’t the algae doing it now? The reason is, Ashley, those algae require 20 nutrients, 17 of which are minerals from the volcanic ash, and we shut off the food supply to those algae. They have enough nutrition to live, but they don’t have any nutrition to convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen and carbon chain. That piece is missing because they cut off that food supply from the volcanic ash.

I have a process. In fact, we actually have patents on now, we’ve been working on it, where we have augers that will auger the silt from behind the dams, around the dams, over the dams, or through the dams. They will dump that silt back in the water on the other side of the dam. We don’t have to destroy their electricity. We’ll just auger it on the other side of the dam, it’ll go down and feed the algae, and the reefs will come back.


[00:42:04] Ashley James: That’s amazing. That mirrors what’s happening with us, with our own bodies because you said the algae can live but they’re mineral deficient. They’re missing that silt because of the dams. They’re running only at like half 50% function, which is a lot of people are walking around mineral deficient and not fully functioning. Then they’re taking medication for the symptoms of mineral deficiency. It drives me crazy when people say they have restless leg syndrome because that’s a mineral deficiency. I get them on your minerals and within days they’re completely free of those symptoms and about 12 other symptoms they didn’t even realize they were mineral deficiencies. Yet their doctor had them on a ton of different drugs to mask these symptoms. The body is crying.


[00:42:55] Dr. Joel Wallach: He has his kids. He had to pay for their tuition for college.


[00:43:01] Ashley James: You helped a very famous athlete, Theo Ratliff. You helped him to get his career back. Because of that, you developed your sports drink, which I love your sports drink. It’s amazing. It’s full of nutrients. It’s not like just that sugary water that is sold in the grocery.


[00:43:18] Dr. Joel Wallach: Ashley, 100 nutrients. All other sports drinks are primarily caffeine and sugars. Energy drinks like Red Bull and all the other sports drink are just—


[00:43:28] Ashley James: Monster, Gatorade. They’re just sugar water with coloring. Yours is actually a healthy holistic sports drink.


[00:43:37] Dr. Joel Wallach: We have 100 nutrients in there—100 nutrients, Ashley. 78 minerals. No athlete who takes our sports drink is going to die from that Keshan disease, that hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease.


[00:43:48] Ashley James: Your story of Theo Ratliff inspires me so much. Because of you, I’ve got to meet Theo and his beautiful wife, they’re amazing people.


[00:43:56] Dr. Joel Wallach: Wonderful couple.


[00:43:57] Ashley James: Yeah, they are. Can you tell us a bit about his story? Because of your supplements and your program, your protocol, you helped him to get his health back, end up being the famous Theo Ratliff that we know.


[00:44:12] Dr. Joel Wallach: He was in his early 20s and he had bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees arthritis. His cartilage popped off his right hip. He was playing for the Atlanta Hawks. Apparently, he pops off his right hip and he had surgically tacked down again. He also had a fracture in his left arm. They said, “Look, this guy’s too fragile to play ball. He’s got shooting skills but he’s too fragile to play pro ball.” They took his contract away from him. It was all in the newspaper and everything. We had one of our distributors there in Atlanta, Georgia contact him and said, “Hey, you need to let Dr. Wallach talk to you.” We talked over the phone. He said, “I’ll try anything.”

To make a long story short, we put him on our Healthy Bone and Joint Pack, but we also came up with our Rebounders for strength for him with all these 100 nutrients in it. Got him on a diet, cut him off all the bad foods including gluten, wheat, barley, rye, and oats to maximize absorption. In six months’ time, all his problems were gone, and he got his job back at the Atlanta Hawks. He made $30 million from the Atlanta Hawks before he moved on and made another $100 million with the other teams.


[00:45:10] Ashley James: Amazing, amazing. I heard a rumor that other very famous basketball players were drinking your sports drink even though they were being sponsored by Gatorade and other sports drink companies.


[00:45:25] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah, that happens.


[00:45:26] Ashley James: The fans started to notice, hey, Gatorade doesn’t have a color like that. They wanted to know what these sports teams were drinking. Do you know what sports teams are now using your supplements, do you know?


[00:45:39] Dr. Joel Wallach: There are players in all professional sports teams, all Olympic teams. There are players, maybe in some cases, not the whole team is drinking our sports drink, but there’s just about every serious athlete whether they’re semi-pro, Olympic, university, or professional they’re using our sports drink.


[00:45:59] Ashley James: Because you have such a deep understanding of where food comes from—the farm, understanding soil. Can you explain why is that soil is depleted of nutrients even more now than it has ever been?


[00:46:12] Dr. Joel Wallach: In some places, the nutrients have never been there at all. They’re not depleted, they just were never there. We have fertile ground and of course, the most expensive land and the land that people love to will to their kids and so forth was floodplains because these hilt from the runoff in the mountains, the minerals, would be reintroduced every spring during the floods to the land. But people who owned bottomland always had healthier cattle, healthier lambs, healthier pigs, healthier chickens, healthier kids, and they were more successful farmers because their yields were 50% or 75% higher than those trying to grow food out in the desert. Got it?

It was the re-introduction from the floods every year of those minerals in the silt. What dammed up the rivers? Hydroelectric plants shut off the food supply to these lands that get flooded every spring.


[00:47:15] Ashley James: The soil doesn’t get the remineralization every year. The Nile is a great example of that.


[00:47:23] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah. I don’t know how many dams are on the Nile. Just like the reefs, when you dam up the rivers for electricity—there are 1 million hydroelectric plants in the world, Ashley, 1 million. There are 2 million other dams that are for water conservation and irrigation. 3 million dams damming up the water. Guess what, they shut off the food supply to the land, they shut off the food supply to the ocean. That’s why the ocean is dying because 3 million dams damming up the rivers so the food supply is shut off to the ocean, the reefs, and the old bottomland that used to be the richest soil on earth.


[00:48:00] Ashley James: You have a product that farmers can use to remineralize their soil, and you’ve seen amazing results. I’ve seen amazing results. Even those who add the minerals to their chickens, for example, or add them to their cows. I’ve heard some amazing stories. Of course, the farmlands, crops grow stronger, healthier, and pest resistant because of the minerals in the soil.


[00:48:26] Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s correct. Of course, when they give our minerals, it has 78 minerals in there, the cows produce more milk—the same amount of grains are being fed. Of course, the chicken eggs are like 50% percent bigger. The hens their eyes get really big when they lay those eggs.


[00:48:48] Ashley James:  I love the minerals. I put it in my vegetable garden and I see great results, but I’ve also met some farmers who have used it. They’ve done experiments where they put it in one field but not in the other and you can see the difference. You can see right where they stopped laying down the minerals. Maybe you can explain it that the crops grow stronger but their pest-resistant because they’re stronger. Can you explain why is that?


[00:49:15] Dr. Joel Wallach: Ashley, not only pest resistant. Let’s say you have a nice couple. They live in Missouri and they have a kid. This kid he’s 22 years old and he’s 5’6”. His thing is playing pool on Friday nights at the bar, but they moved to Colorado. They live downstream from the mountains and their next son is 6’7” and plays basketball. One kid is 5’6” and the other kid is 6’7”, the same mom and dad.


[00:49:43] Ashley James: And that’s not genetics.


[00:49:45] Dr. Joel Wallach: No, that’s not genetics. That’s an embryo thing, the embryo got more nutrition. Also, as the kid was born, as he was growing up, he got more nutrition growing up because the food there had more minerals in it than this kid that was raised in Central Missouri.

 Photo by Vitalii Pavlyshynets on Unsplash


[00:50:01] Ashley James: Can you see that there are parts of the country where people are taller because of the nutrients they had access to?


[00:50:10] Dr. Joel Wallach: Of course. You have to see where are some of the tallest people in America from? They’re from around Denver, Colorado in the mountains. They’re from Phoenix, Arizona down in the valleys from the mountains. Even Texas is famous for tall handsome cowboys.


[00:50:28] Ashley James: Very interesting.


[00:50:30] Dr. Joel Wallach: There’s also a lot of oil, gold, and silver in Texas too.


[00:50:36] Ashley James: You mean the soil is more mineral-rich?


[00:50:39] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah, because it’s all from volcanic stuff in Texas, all the mountain ranges in Texas.


[00:50:45] Ashley James: You’ve talked about how we can prevent and reverse disease by making sure that we have the 90 essential nutrients. The majority of that is minerals. What are the common symptoms of mineral deficiency? The people that are walking around right now that they have a mineral deficiency and they don’t even know it.


[00:51:04] Dr. Joel Wallach: I give a lecture. I’m lecturing to say 500, 600 people in a room. Out of the five hundred people, 20 of them will have gray hair or white hair. I know those people have varicose veins, they even have aneurysms, they have all kinds of weird stuff going on in their tendons and ligaments because the same nutritional deficiency that causes white hair causes these other diseases. You get a breakdown of the elastic fibers in veins, you have varicose veins. You get a breakdown of the elastic fibers and arteries, you get aneurysms.

These things don’t just happen. Our whole families died of aneurysms. Yeah. You’ve got five generations living on the same farm. Does anybody supplement? No, no, no. They’d laugh at you if you took supplements. We just eat well because we grow our own food. There you go. Our grandma, in the old days, when she felt like she was having cravings whether it was during pregnancy or they just would have cravings, they didn’t have pretzels, potato chips, chocolate bars, and stuff like that 100 years ago. What did grandma eat when she had cravings? Wood ashes out of the woodstove.


[00:52:21] Ashley James: Oh, yes.


[00:52:23] Dr. Joel Wallach: What are wood ashes? They’re minerals. Little kids would eat wood ashes out of the woodstove. Little kids would go eat dirt out of the backyard. The little ones before they were let loose on their own in the backyard, they were in their cribs they would chew on that rail in the crib. When they chewed on the crib they called it cribbing. When the horses were mineral deficient, they’d chew on the top rail of their stall. Because they were doing what the little kids would do they called it cribbing just like the little kids would do. Since I put those minerals in the baby formulas, they don’t have to put the fiberglass shield on the crib rails anymore because kids aren’t eating the rails anymore since they have our minerals in all the baby formulas.


[00:53:05] Ashley James: Can you explain why type-2 diabetes is a mineral deficiency?


[00:53:09] Dr. Joel Wallach: Sure. Because the people who have type 2 diabetes are deficient of a single mineral. Because that mineral does not occur in a uniform blanket around across the earth. It occurs in veins like chocolate in chocolate [inaudible 00:53:20] ice cream. It occurs in veins like gold and silver.

Here’s the deal, why does one neighbor not get diabetes and the other neighbor get diabetes? Where are they getting their food from? One gets it from the A&P and the other one gets it from Costco. They have different sources of those nutrients, or maybe they have a brother who has a farm 100 miles away and that brothers bring them bushels of food every week. People who are getting a source of those minerals naturally in their food don’t get those diseases. If they move away from there to another place where that mineral is not there, it’s not in the food in the grocery stores, your kids will get those diseases. You might hear doctors say it’s delayed genetics. It had to be back in her family somewhere.


[00:54:04] Ashley James: When I got on your supplements, I had taken supplements before. I bought it at the grocery store. I remember I bought supplements at Trader Joe’s and I didn’t notice the difference. I was very reluctant because I thought I’ve spent money before on supplements and it didn’t work. Why is this going to be different? But there is a voice in me that said just go for it, just try this. I had hope in me. At the time, I had out of control blood sugar. Just raging out of control blood sugar. I was hungry all of the time. When we were driving somewhere going on an errand on the other side of town, I would say to my husband pull over at the next exit and go to the first drive-thru. I have to eat now. I cried. I would burst into tears. I’d feel like a prisoner of my own body. I was always hungry. My blood sugar was out of control. I also had chronic fatigue. I was exhausted all the time.

The first thing I did was I got on your trace mineral, your liquid trace mineral, and I got on the supplement that helps stabilize blood sugar because it has the minerals in it for that. That day, I had just taken a few shots of the liquid mineral. It was 2 PM and my husband turns to me and said, “You haven’t eaten anything yet today.” I burst into tears because I checked in with my body and I realized I wasn’t hungry. Because I was always waiting for hunger to eat because I was constantly hungry. After just taking a few shots of the minerals I didn’t have any hunger and it was 2 PM. I couldn’t believe it. I was bawling my eyes out. I thought there’s something to this, there’s something to this.

I kept taking it and on day five, now I normally couldn’t wake up until about 11:00 in the morning. I’d be so exhausted all day. I woke up on the fifth day on your liquid mineral supplements, I woke up at 5:00 in the morning fully wide-awake, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. I jumped on top of my husband, I looked him in the eyes and he says, “I don’t know who you are. You’re not the woman I married, but I’m keeping you.” I knew that there was something to this.

We called our two best friends, one lives in Toronto. You were giving a lecture that same day. I really believe it’s God’s divine intervention. God and came to help because that exact same day I called her up and I said, “Katherine Ann, I have to tell you about something. It’s amazing that’s happened to me this week. You have to go see Dr. Wallach.” She was in her 50s at the time, she had taken supplements her whole life. She had eaten healthy her whole life, but she was born with ichthyosis.


[00:56:45] Dr. Joel Wallach: Do you know what causes ichthyosis?


[00:56:47] Ashley James: I do now, but back then she was told it was genetic. She raised her hand and you said, “I bet you were told it was genetic.” She said, “Yes because my father has it and my niece has it.” You said, “The doctors were wrong,” and you told her exactly what to take. This is back in 2011, you told her exactly what to take. Three years later she has zero ichthyoses, and now, the only remnants are sometimes she gets slightly dry skin. That’s it, that’s it. Her body was covered in these giant chunks that would just fall off her and bleed and that was the ichthyosis, which means fish scales, but you reversed it. That was the most amazing thing because you proved, right there to us, that it wasn’t genetic but that her family, the whole family had a specific nutrient deficiency, it would express in that way.

You wrote a book called Epigenetics sharing that one family. If they had vitamin A deficiency, for example, would express in this way but a different family with different genetics, the genetics would express in maybe issues with the lungs, for example. You’ve shared that the root is nutrient deficiency, not genetics, but genetics express in different ways when you have nutrient deficiency.


[00:58:16] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay. Here’s another piece to that. There’s a bottom line here, the thing that all the family members have a gluten problem. They’re eating gluten, oatmeal for breakfast so they couldn’t absorb the nutrient even if they were supplementing with that nutrient they’re going to be slow to respond, whereas if they were to get off of gluten and two weeks’ time it would be gone. Ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and asthma are all caused by the same deficiency. When you have a gluten problem, wheat, barley, rye, oats, that nutrient is extremely difficult to absorb. That’s why you see little kids with asthma, they got skin problems, they got eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. They’ll also have a bowel problem. These same people will have bowel problems. Will have irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, appendicitis, they’ll have things like colitis, and ileitis. You got it?

All those are the same disease when you look at them under the microscope. They’re only given different names because of different locations of major pain. They’re named by the location of the pain as opposed to what it looks like under the microscope because all those bowel diseases look the same under the microscope. They’re all the same. They’re the results of gluten consumption. You lose 97%, 98%, or 99% percent of the absorbent surface in your small intestines. So even if you supplement with that nutrient, you’re not going to get a full response or it’s going to take you three years to get a response that should take you only two weeks to get a response.


[00:59:55] Ashley James: Do you believe 100% of the world should avoid barley, wheat, rye, and oats?


[00:59:59] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah, wheat, barley, rye, and oats—the whole world should avoid it because that’s why 20 million people died in India 100 years ago from the Spanish flu. That’s why right now, Brazil got the worst cases of COVID-19. They had 1,000 people die last night in 26,000 new cases in Brazil last night because they’re all eating wheat.


[01:00:30] Ashley James: There’s a link between eating these grains and our immune health?


[01:00:36] Dr. Joel Wallach: Of course. You have to appreciate that you cannot absorb nutrients. Say you’re a three-year-old kid and you get the COVID-19 virus, you get minor common cold symptoms. After 50, 60, 70 years of eating wheat, barley, rye, and oats and now you’re, 65, 75, 85, and 90, you get the COVID you get really severe manifestations and even death. What’s the difference? The difference is over 30, 40, 50 years the people have been eating gluten—wheat, barley, rye, and oats—our intestinal lining disappeared. Even if they’re supplementing, they can’t absorb nutrients. Do you know what the immune system is, Ashley? Do you know what the immune system is made out of?


[01:01:20] Ashley James: White blood cells?


[01:01:22] Dr. Joel Wallach: White blood cells, right or the product of the immune system. The immune system is your bone marrow. When people, get to be 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 years old, they have what’s called Wallach’s fibrous dysplasia. It used to be just called fibrous dysplasia, which doctors said was genetic. No, we’re calling it Wallach’s fibrous dysplasia because it’s not genetic. It’s a simple nutritional deficiency caused by gluten damaging the small intestine. It’s not able to absorb the nutrients so the bone marrow dies, can’t make white blood cells anymore to go kill and eat the virus, can’t make antibodies to go kill the virus, and can’t make red blood cells so these people are constantly anemic. They have to have transfusions all the time and B12 injections. They bleed to death because they can’t make platelets.

When the 20 million people in India died from the Spanish flu, they all died from hemorrhaging. They didn’t die from pneumonia. They all hemorrhaged to death because all their bone marrow was dead when the virus got them and they couldn’t make platelets, so they all bled to death. 20 million in six months.


[01:02:41] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.


[01:02:42] Dr. Joel Wallach: It took me a lot of redoing all those autopsies to figure it out.


[01:02:45] Ashley James: That’s fascinating. Are there cultures that don’t eat barley, wheat, rye, and oats and they have stronger immune systems?


[01:02:53] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yes, they’re called Asians. They eat rice and sweet potatoes. Taiwan only has 23 deaths from COVID-19.


[01:03:04] Ashley James: That is fascinating. When I learned from you to remove barley, wheat, rye, and oats from our diet back in 2011, we did. We listened to you, we did exactly what you said although I don’t have celiac. A lot of people say oh I don’t have celiac, I don’t need to do that. I don’t have celiac either and I’ve taken allergy tests. I’m not allergic to it according to an allergy test, but when I removed barley, wheat, rye, and oats from my diet, I lost 25 pounds of water weight. My husband lost several as well.

He went down two ring sizes and I went down one and a half ring sizes. Our ring started flying off. We had our wedding rings custom-made for us and they started flying off our hands. We had to go get them resized back in 2011 and they’re still fitting perfectly. We had to go down that many ring sizes from cutting out barley, wheat, rye, and oats. It caused that much inflammation. We have pictures of us before and after going gluten-free but beyond that going oat-free as well. We don’t need those four grains because of everything we learned from you. Again, you don’t have to be allergic.


[01:04:14] Dr. Joel Wallach: Not an allergy.


[01:04:15] Ashley James: It’s not an allergy.


[01:04:16] Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s not an allergy. No. What I want everybody to do if they have any wheat, barley, rye, and oats in their house they need to package it up in a very nice package and drop it off as a present for their doctor.


[01:04:28] Ashley James: You are so funny. Why does barley, wheat, rye, and oats cause damage to the gut? Why does it mechanically cause damage to the gut?


[01:04:41] Dr. Joel Wallach: It’s actually chemical damage. It’s chemical damage because of the chemical makeup of the proteins in those grains. Rice does not have those, buckwheat does not have those, and millet does not have those, so those grains are all safe. It’s interesting too when you look at COVID-19 infections women have the same infection rate up until about 25 years of age as men. After 25 years of age women almost don’t get COVID infections at all and men go up.


Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash


[01:05:16] Ashley James: Is it because of beer drinking?


[01:05:19] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah, men drink beer. Women drink beer in college, but once they get over 35 years of age they get a little more sophisticated and they start drinking vodka, they start drinking wine, and that kind of stuff, right?


[01:05:35] Ashley James: That’s too funny. That’s true. A lot of women are avoiding those carbs because they’re afraid of carbs.


[01:05:41] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah. They have a reason. The men they like their beer, but if you want to drink beer drink Asian beer—Japanese and Chinese beer made from rice.


[01:05:50] Ashley James: The most important foods to avoid are barley, wheat, rye, and oats. What other foods have you found that are very detrimental to our health?


[01:05:59] Dr. Joel Wallach: Fried foods turn into trans fats, heterocyclic amines, it causes cancer, and it cause plaque in your arteries. Cholesterol is your best friend. Cholesterol does not cause plaque in your arteries or heart disease. Cholesterol is your best friend. Again, if you’re doctor wrote you prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs, package them up and send them to your doctor. I love you so much. I don’t want to take these anymore [inaudible 01:06:20] throw away. I’m going to give them to you. Please use them. I just am not interested in those drugs.

Alzheimer’s disease is cholesterol deficiency. Cholesterol deficiency did not occur before the 1930s and 1940s. Prior to that time, there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s disease. There were dementia, but there are eight different dimensions doctors tend to call them all Alzheimer’s disease because insurance pays the most money to treat Alzheimer’s disease, so they call all eight dementias as Alzheimer’s disease so they get the bit maximum pay.

Let me tell you a great story. The guy’s name is Ray McGregor. He’s still alive and he’s kicking butt. I was actually in Texas at that time. This Ray McGregor had been in a coma. He had “Alzheimer’s disease” for three years, he goes into a coma, and he’d been in a coma for eight years in a nursing home being fed through a G-tube. He’s in a coma for eight years with “Alzheimer’s disease.” I put him on our program for anti-dementia including three eggs twice a day with soft yolks and our D-Stress capsules, Ultimate Niacin Plus, and Healthy Brain and Heart Pack. Grinding everything up twice a day and putting it all through his G-tube.

His daughter did this for him. In three days’ time, he gets up. He thought he was only asleep one day. He gets dressed, goes back to work at the bank. He was vice president of the bank. It’s been eight years. Nobody knew who the heck. They said who are you? They thought this guy is trying to figure out a weird way to rob the bank. He was perfectly normal after just three days on my program after being three years cholesterol-lowering drugs of statin drugs. Then eight years in a coma being fed just these liquid food replacers getting slowly worse and worse and worse and worse. They thought his end was coming. That’s why his daughter contacted me, is there anything we could do? I said, “Try this.” In three days’ time, she calls me screaming, “He’s back at work at the bank.”


[01:08:29] Ashley James: I love listening to your radio show because I hear these stories. Because people call in, you tell them what to do, and then they call in three months later. They tell you this is what happened. You’re like, “Yeah. You had followed what I said, good. Keep doing it.” But you hear these amazing stories. I believe twice I have heard of senior citizens growing back the second set of adult teeth. They lost their teeth. They’re wearing dentures for a long time and after getting on your supplements, in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, they regrew new teeth. That’s because the body now finally had enough minerals to do that. That blows my mind what the body can accomplish. I love following you and listening to everything you do.

A few years ago, when you were here in my town, a woman stood up crying and said, “I’m a nurse and a month ago I was in a wheelchair. I thought I would have to give up nursing because I have MS. I have a progressive form of MS. It doesn’t come and go, it just goes. I just was on my way out the door and I had to give up nursing and then I found Dr. Wallach. I got on his protocol, and I’m standing here today. 30 days ago I was in a wheelchair and now I’m standing here because of everything he does.” You had said that MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease that they’re all the same disease but just presenting in different parts of the nervous system. Can you explain what you meant by that?


[01:10:03] Dr. Joel Wallach: Different parts of the nervous is do different things, Ashley. When you shut one of these different areas down you get different symptoms. That’s just a simple answer because each of those areas does different things. You shut down the one that causes you to start shaking, you start shaking. You shut down a different one, you lose your memory. You shut down a different one, you get ringing in the ears. You shut down a different one, you lose all your strength. You start eating three eggs three times a day with soft yolks, you take your Healthy Brain and Heart Pack and throw in the D-Stress capsules, and the Ultimate Niacin Plus, Synaptiv and stay away from all the bad stuff. All this stuff is in this book It’s All in Your Head! Because there are 25 different diseases that go away when you do what I tell you to do. I figure I might as well put all these head things in one book.


[01:10:59] Ashley James: I love it. I’m so excited for your new book. Is it out yet? When is it coming out?


[01:11:03] Dr. Joel Wallach: Oh, yeah. You can buy them today.


[01:11:06] Ashley James: Okay, great.


[01:11:07] Dr. Joel Wallach: This little book is going to change America. I’d say within one year’s time, this little book will change America because all these diseases that neurologists make their living off of and send their kids to college on are not going to be here anymore.


[01:11:24] Ashley James: Fascinating. I’m just so excited. I love that because of you these minerals and nutrients are now in the baby formula that wasn’t in baby formula. Because of you, we are reducing sudden infant death syndrome and we’re reducing these nutrient deficiencies caused diseases as people are waking up. One thing you say is to avoid oil and this is so controversial. So many doctors believe that we should be drinking liters of virgin pressed olive oil. Why is oil bad for us?


[01:11:57] Dr. Joel Wallach: Because they are chemical structures. They have what’s called double bonds, which are very, very fragile connections between one carbon and another. When you leave them to sit out at room temperature for a couple of weeks like salad dressing on the tables and restaurants or maybe in one of these places where you go through a line and they have the salad dressings on there. You fry in oils, you baste in oils, you cook in oils, you simmer in oils, you grill in oils, and you’re oxidizing those double bonds in the oil turning them into what’s called trans fats, heterocyclic amines, and acrylamides, which are one of the most potent poisons on earth.

They cause cancer, they cause plaque in your arteries. Cholesterol does not cause plaque in the arteries, cholesterol does not cause heart disease. It’s oil, the oxidized oil it’s either just so you could keep your salad dressing sitting on your kitchen table all the time. It will take a couple of months for you to oxidize it, but if you heat it for frying or just sautéing whether it’s fish, fried potatoes, chicken, hamburgers, or whatever it is you’re putting the oil in, you cause inflammation in the arteries and it causes plaque in the arteries. It’s the heated oils or oxidized oils that cause plaque in the arteries, not cholesterol.

It’s just like when people were told Alzheimer’s disease and there’s nothing to do about it. It’s the same principle.


[01:13:22] Ashley James: Have you been able to reverse heart disease? People come to you with four clogs in the heart, for example, or they’re on a heart transplant list. Have you been able to reverse heart disease?


[01:13:30] Dr. Joel Wallach: Thousands, thousands every day. Thousands every day around the world. One of the first recognized heart diseases is congestive heart failure. Ashely, the terminal event, that beriberi. One of those diseases that the old sailors used to die from is caused by a deficiency of a single vitamin. Congestive heart failure because doctors want to give you a heart transplant for, is a simple deficiency of one vitamin. Atrial fibrillation is caused either by osteoporosis to the skull squeezing the tenth cranial nerve, you get degenerate disc disease, and the vertebrae—first four thoracic vertebrae—is squeezing the first four thoracic nerves from your spinal cord that control your rate and rhythm of your heart.

These hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease, this Keshan disease. It’s the sudden heart death in these young athletes and sudden infant death syndrome all the same thing, are caused by a deficiency of a single nutrient.


[01:14:22] Ashley James: In terms of deposits built up where doctors say it’s cholesterol.


[01:14:26] Dr. Joel Wallach: There’s no cholesterol and plaque in your arteries. There is no cholesterol in your arteries. That was the biggest lie that medical doctors have told the world. They should all be put in jail for that. Every cardiologist should be put in jail. There is no cholesterol and plaque in your arteries. Cholesterol has nothing to do with plaque in your arteries. Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease. It’s oils.


[01:14:53] Ashley James: I love it. What book of yours could someone read if they want to understand more about this?


[01:14:57] Dr. Joel Wallach: Epigenetics.


[01:14:59] Ashley James: Great. It’s so exciting to share this information because I’ve seen it work. You recently had sustained an injury that the doctors wanted to amputate your foot or they were entertaining the idea and you were able to save your foot. Can you tell us what happened?


[01:15:18] Dr. Joel Wallach: I was up in Canada. I was in Toronto and we had just finished one of these shows. It was late at night, dark, and we’re going to cross this field. There has been construction out there and they created a sinkhole in this field, which we had crossed hundreds and hundreds of times over the years and was just like a golf course, no holes nothing like that. There are seven of us, me in the middle, three beautiful women on one side, and three beautiful women on the other side. We’re walking because they’re rolling up the asphalt in the parking lot so you couldn’t park next to the meeting place. We had to walk across this field to get to the parking lot.

I stepped in this eight-foot deep hole and there’s rebar in there. This one foot was all punctured with rebar and it dislocated the SI joint on the right side and punctured my left foot. In three days’ time, that foot looked like a hamburger and everybody made me go to the emergency room. I go to the emergency room and they said, “Oh my god, we’re going to cut your foot off.” I said, “No, you’re not.” I got dressed and got out of there. My left foot, which had the gangrene in it and looked like hamburger, rotten hamburger, and they were going to amputate it, is perfectly 100% normal.

My right leg, which I had the dislocated SI joint in is still a half-ounce shorter than the left leg, but there’s no pain. There’s nothing wrong with it. I use a walker for balance, but I don’t need it. I walk around the house 14 times twice a day just for exercise. I can load and unload trucks and stand up behind the counter and deal with people all day just standing. No problem. I’ll have both legs when I die at 300.


[01:17:12] Ashley James: You better. Absolutely. But you healed so quickly. Did you change anything? Did you just continue on the supplements you always take and the diet you always eat or did you change anything?


[01:17:24] Dr. Joel Wallach: No, the only thing I did was I use our colloidal silver and squirted colloidal silver up the puncture wounds in the foot that I’d stepped on the rebar and had the gangrene. I just squirted colloidal silver up in the holes and sprayed it all over the outside of the foot. In 10 days’ time, it was all healed.


[01:17:40] Ashley James: Oh my gosh. I’ve seen that before where people who are on your supplements who are fully nitrified. They go in for a surgery, they heal much, much, much faster than any of the doctors expected because the body can heal itself when it has all of its resources.


[01:18:00] Dr. Joel Wallach: Ashley, doctors make their money when you have a complication from surgery.


[01:18:08] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.


[01:18:12] Dr. Joel Wallach: Why would they want to avoid complications? That’s where they make their most money.


[01:18:20] Ashley James: It’s so disheartening and so frustrating. That’s why I do the work I do to spread this information so that we can help people.


[01:18:27] Dr. Joel Wallach: That’s why we love you. We appreciate it.


[01:18:30] Ashley James: My dear friend Jennifer who has healed some amazing things herself using your supplements and I have healed like I’ve shared. We started a website called We help people to get on your protocols and follow your protocols to prevent and reverse disease and become incredibly healthy. Like I said, I reversed major issues. I was told I’d never have kids. I was able to conceive naturally, and we attributed all to the work that you do. Thank you so much.

A dear friend of mine, the second person I called to get on these supplements back in 2011 was my friend Forrest, who had chronic kidney stones. He was in his early 30s and he was urinating kidney stones for five months straight, unable to leave the house, he was in so much pain. We got him on your protocol and the kidney stones immediately stopped and they’ve never come back. You explained it was a mineral deficiency.  I’ve seen this over and over and over again that you regularly reverse issues.

Why is it that someone can’t just go to the grocery store and buy some generic supplements? Why is it that your supplements are unique and that your supplements are the most bioavailable that the body can absorb and utilize the best?


[01:19:42] Dr. Joel Wallach: Two reasons. Number one, they contain all 90 essential nutrients. Actually, more than that. 220 nutrients many of which will be deemed to be essential later on, but they certainly are in all our programs. We have programs for 900 different diseases. They all contain 200 plus nutrients 90 of which are universally agreed upon as essential. You see these advertisements on TV for these vitamins and minerals and these multiples. Some of them have been around since the Second World War. In fact, I used to take them as a kid.

They say complete nutrition. Order today. Complete nutrition. 20% discount because of all the COVID stuff. 20% discount, complete nutrition. You get all 27 nutrients. That’s not even 1/3 of the 90. 27 isn’t even 30. The 27 nutrients, I think 14 of them are vitamins and the others are minerals. They don’t have anywhere near the 60 essential minerals that you need. They get 7, 6, 12, or whatever it is. There you go. It’s just because their idea of complete nutrition is totally crazy.




[01:20:58] Ashley James: Your protocol has the 90 essential nutrients, but you also formulate it in the way the body can absorb readily.


[01:21:05] Dr. Joel Wallach: Yeah. We use very unique sources of these minerals, very unique sources of the vitamins, and very unique sources of the omega-3 essential fatty acids. None of our stuff is the same place any of these other companies get their nutrients from. Most of their nutrients are manufactured. The vitamins are manufactured. We have more natural nutrition than anybody else, but also, there are certain places on earth where these types of minerals occur. We’re talking about one deposit and these are places where everybody lives a long time. These are places where there are volcanic histories, so the volcanic ash is a 1000-feet deep here.

We buy the property, we mine this stuff, and is still in the plant farm. Repeat that, it’s still on the plant farm. These minerals are in plant cells. They’re organically bound as opposed to just ground-up limestone. That’s why ours are so absorbable because they’re attached to an organic molecule.


[01:22:11] Ashley James: Proof of the pudding’s in the eating by taking your supplements. I’ve worked with thousands of people since 2011 and they all noticed a difference. Everyone within days has more mental clarity, better sleep, better energy, and then they start to see those symptoms go away. The unwanted symptoms go away and they start to see better health just over and over and over again. I definitely encourage listeners to read your books. I’m going to have all the links to all your books in the show notes of the podcast so that they can read your books. Your information is phenomenal.

I love that you go against the grain. You go against the status quo because you’re showing people the truth. You’re not afraid to show people the truth. That’s why you’re my biggest hero in the health space. Thank you so much for coming today and sharing. It’s been amazing.


[01:22:59] Dr. Joel Wallach: Ashley, you are one of the greatest angels of God because you’re His work. I’ve worked with so many pastors. Actually, I have a wonderful DVD and a CD set called Praise The Lord And Pass The 90. Just a 30-second story. This pastor, Mike Freeman, up in Baltimore, Maryland. He went into a coma when the bird flu went through five or six years ago up on the East Coast. He was put into one of these terminal wards with 10 other people who were all supposed to be dead before morning. Ms. Linda, one of his great gals who does all his technical stuff, calls me and says, “Is there anything we can do for him?” I said, “Yeah. Just take our plant minerals, just plant minerals not the flavored ones, just the plant minerals. Put a face cloth on both his legs below his knees. Every 15 minutes soak them. Take a Bible in there, read the Bible to him. He’s in a coma.

In the morning she calls me crying. I said, “How is Pastor Mike doing?” She says, “Well, as predicted. 10 out of 11 were dead before morning.” She says, “Pastor Mike got up, shaved, and he’s down in his TV studio telling the world how God’s minerals saved his life.”


[01:24:07] Ashley James: I love that. I’ve heard that before that putting the minerals on the skin of people who couldn’t take it orally in order to absorb it. I love that. I’ve had experiences where I had a really, really bad sunburn to the point where blisters are coming up. I take your minerals and I spray it on. I put it on one side of my body, not the other, just to prove how quickly it’ll heal. The next day the sunburn where I put the minerals on is gone and the other side is still burnt. It just works. It really works.


[01:24:38] Dr. Joel Wallach: I remember you sharing that with me before. I want to thank you. Praise the Lord and pass the 90. Let’s do more great things together. Love you, dear. Bye-bye.


[01:24:44] Ashley James: Awesome. Thank you so much, Dr. Wallach. It’s such a pleasure. You’re welcome back anytime.


[01:24:49] Dr. Joel Wallach: Okay. Thank you so much.


[01:24:50] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Dr. Joel Wallach, one of my biggest heroes in the holistic health space and certainly my favorite Naturopathic physician. Please go to and speak with us about what supplements are right for you. The trace minerals, their one bottle of it is about $24. It’s a liquid form of 77 trace minerals and elements. Everyone can take it. It’s affordable for everyone. Of course, to get all 90 essential nutrients that are right for you.

As he mentioned, the secret sauce. Depending on your symptoms, your health concerns, and your health goals, there are certain packages that he’s created. Certain protocols and programs that he’s created for everyone depending on their needs. We’ll help you with that. Go to We really look forward to helping you. I’ve been working with everyone there at I’m so excited that you can be part of it, part of helping get your health back.

If you’re a health coach and you’re interested in learning how to help people with supplements, we can also help you there. There’s a whole training program for health coaches to learn how to utilize Dr. Wallach’s protocols to help their clients. We can help you with that as well. Awesome. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you love. Remember, go to and have yourself a fantastic rest of your day.


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