Essential Oils

Essential oils have so many uses. Its natural components can address numerous health issues like depression, anxiety, obesity, and inflammation. To teach us how to use essential oils safely and effectively, my guest Dr. Eric Zielinski will expound on that in this episode.

Early Years

Dr. Eric Zielinski shares that essential oils initially weren’t part of his healing story. On the contrary, it was fasting, supplementation, nutrition, and detox. He focused on things that he needed to do to be healed of addiction to narcotics, alcohol, and smoking.

Dr. Eric Zielinski also reveals that he had a spiritual transformation when he was 23 years old. His mentor at the time told him body is a temple. And that he needed to honor God by taking care of his body.

“When I was a kid I always wanted to become a doctor. I was raised in urban Detroit, got a decent job, managed a bank for a while, but my heart was to help people. Then I met someone who suggested I become a chiropractor,” said Dr. Eric Zielinski.

Shortly after, Dr. Eric Zielinski quit a good job. He moved to Georgia with his family to pursue studies on how to become a chiropractor, so he could open up a health center.

A Whole New World

In school, Dr. Eric Zielinski fell in love with research. And because of the necessity to pay bills, he started writing professionally as a public health researcher. His primary tasks were writing in academic journals and ghostwriting blogs.

“That’s when I got introduced to this online marketing world. One of my clients commissioned me to write a series of public health reports about essentials oils. And that’s what got me,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said.

Educating People

Dr. Eric Zielinski does not sell essential oils. He just educates people through his books and platforms where he can teach people the truth behind essential oils.

“The one thing people need to recognize is that price does matter. Frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and rose are costly raw materials that require a lot of product to get a little bottle of essential oil,” explains Dr. Eric Zielinski.

He says if it is cheap, chances are; the product contains synthetic ingredients. Same thing when it comes to sourcing. That’s why you can’t trust the label.

“The same thing with supplements. No one is monitoring your supplement labels. That’s why my book is loaded with references from researches,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said. 

He adds, “It all boils down to trust. Find out the source and what internal sourcing they have. There are no third-party governing agencies monitoring and evaluating these oils. The word therapeutic grade does not mean anything. It’s just marketing terminology. There is no standard. Ultimately, it’s about how your body responds to the product.” 

Do The Research

Digging deep for information goes a long way. Dr. Eric Zielinski says a company that has good quality sourcing, morals, integrity, and does the research is an ideal company.

He also says most of the information online is absolute rubbish when it comes essential oils. Putting a drop of oil straight in your mouth isn’t entirely the best idea because you could burn the mucous membrane in your oral cavity.

The same thing happens if you put a drop in your water. Oil and water don’t mix. Hence, you need something to combine them.

“Randomized controlled trials in a sterile, clinical setting doesn’t exist in real life. Here’s the problem with research. You take people and try to isolate all variables, so you’re only testing one thing,” said Dr. Eric Zielinski.

Dr. Eric Zielinski believes we need more case studies. But the problem is, there has been a lot of negative response to case studies because they are called anecdotal. However, Dr. Eric Zielinski would rather have an anecdotal study than a sterilized non-clinical evaluation of what can happen to people aka randomized control trial.

“It’s not that the research is doing anything wrong. But it’s what we have out there in the literature that is limited. And the limit is that we have very few human trials specifically when it comes to essential oils,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said. 

He adds, “Because we don’t have big funding. We have grassroots efforts, and most researches come from overseas, like the Middle East, particularly Iran. We don’t have a lot of research from North America. And that’s a problem.”

Volatile Compounds

What are essential oils? Dr. Eric Zielinski says it all boils down to volatility or a volatile organic compound. That’s what essential oils are by definition. Those are the compounds that readily evaporate.

“And those compounds through the steam distillation process are evaporating up. When they hit the condenser or the cooling tube, it gets to the point where it goes through. Then it re-consolidates, and you get up collecting as an essential oil,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said. 

He adds, “Any particle that isn’t light enough to be evaporated and light enough to go through skin distillation is not part of the essential oil. So, when we have a tincture or extract, it contains volatile and non-volatile components. There’s a lot of things that are heavy, but they’re good. But they still don’t become an essential oil.”

Doing It Naturally

Dr. Eric Zielinski explains that our ancestors never used pure essential oils because they didn’t have steam distillation then. And that’s important. Because our ancestors used tinctures and extract.

“By simply putting plant matter like a bunch of lavender flowers for example in a beautiful clay pot. Fill that clay pot with olive oil, let that seep for a few weeks or months,” advises Dr. Eric Zielinski. “You’re going to get a beautiful extract that includes some volatile and some non-volatile. But it all boils down into the different components that you are trying to utilize.”

How We Are Designed To Be

Dr. Eric Zielinski also says certain chemical compounds are just super potent in essential oils that you can’t get anywhere else. Because you can’t get the concentration. This is because the essential oil only contains a portion of what the healing plant matter contains.

“Your body has been designed by God to interact with the chemicals in Nature. Not the chemicals invented in the lab,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said. “Essential oils are the essence of the plant matter that people have used to heal. They have different chemical constituency than your tinctures or extract.” 

He adds, “Convenience doesn’t come without a cost. Every convenience we see on the shelf has a cost to it one way or another. If we step back and start challenging ourselves and manage our life, it is empowering.”

Hand Sanitizers

Dr. Eric Zielinski lessened the use of hand sanitizers. Because he believes that a little bit of dirt isn’t going to kill you. He says we have become obsessed with cleanliness. And we have become obsessed with the smell of cleanliness.

“Our microbiome is 70% housed in our gut. And there is a skin microbiome that is more robust in our gut. So, we don’t need to be so obsessed. We are so far beyond the days of cholera and plagues annihilating our industrial civilization,” said Dr. Eric Zielinski.

If you want a hand sanitizer, Dr. Eric Zielinski says a pinch is fine. But he recommends getting a one-glass spritzer bottle. And for every one ounce of water, you want a high proof alcohol content as much as possible.

One example is the 160 to 180 proof alcohol called Everclear organic grain alcohol. Dr. Eric Zielinski says just put ten drops of the alcohol and ten drops of essential oil that is wild-harvested. You can even put ten drops of aloe or 10 drops of vitamin E. And fill up the bottle with water. 

“Water and oil don’t mix. So, use a high proof organic grain alcohol. If you can’t find that, use the highest proof of vodka,” advises Dr. Eric Zielinski. “It’s a minimal amount of alcohol, so it’s not going to dry your skin. And the essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It even has aromatic benefits.”

Choosing Oils

Budget-wise, Dr. Eric Zielinski says these are the oils you need for sure. Ylang-ylang, orange, peppermint, and clove. He singles out ylang-ylang, which significantly helps with anxiety related to stress.

“Essential oils help the body and gives the body what it needs. Frankincense will help trigger the body to stop the blood flow to the tumor. Rosemary will bring balance to your high blood pressure. It is a hypertensive agent,” Dr. Eric Zielinski explains. 

He adds, “Essential oils will bring peace and harmony to your body. If you have a disease or taking medication, you need to think twice about what you are doing. You need to think about your supplements, and even what you are eating.”

Going Organic

Dr. Eric Zielinski declares that he is more concerned about the end product. Same for supplements and food. Because our body’s chemistry today can be completely different tomorrow or even hour by hour. And what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another.

You should only have positive reactions when you use essential oils and supplements. Dr. Eric Zielinski says if you apply a small amount of oil on your skin, even if it is diluted and develop a rash, pain or redness, that’s not detox. That’s an adverse reaction, either a chemical reaction or allergic reaction.

To know more about essential oils, go to and sign up for Dr. Eric Zielinski’s 10-part video series masterclass that he filmed with his wife. It’s packed with information that has proven to help improve your health.

Celebrate Life

Achieving optimal health requires some significant efforts. Dr. Eric Zielinski stresses the importance of pure water, air, good food. Make sure your home is a good haven. And get a good air purifier and water purifier.

“You can live a life with clear mental capacity, with vibrant libido and energy, love and good mood even in your old age. That’s what life is supposed to be like,” said Dr. Eric Zielinski. “You’re supposed to enjoy it. We need essential oils more than our great, great grandparents did because of all the stuff out there that is fighting us and hurting us.” 

He adds, “We need to celebrate the successes along the way. It’s a journey and a marathon. This isn’t a sprint. The issues plaguing your family can go away.”


The author of the National Bestseller, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski has pioneered natural living and Biblical health education since 2003. Knowing what it’s like to be sick from a young age and having recovered from several chronic diseases in his early 20s, he has been on a mission to share the evidence-based approach to natural living that empowered him to regain control of his health with the world. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher and chiropractor, Dr. Eric Zielinski is an accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski and his wife started their online ministry in 2014 with to help people learn how to use natural remedies, like essential oils, safely and effectively. Now, with more 6 million visitors every year, it has rapidly become the #1 source for Biblical Health and non-branded essential oils education online. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski and his family live in Atlanta with their four children. 

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Energy-Draining Toxins

Energy-Draining Toxins are often undetectable. We think our living environment is safe, but energy-draining toxins surround us. To help us identify and find solutions to dealing with energy-draining toxins, I’m thrilled to have Dr. Stephen Cabral back on the show.

Dr. Stephen Cabral was my guest on episode 271, and we talked about his book, The Rain Barrel Effect. This time, we’ll talk about energy-draining toxins negatively affect our health and damages our immune system.

Understanding Our Body

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a board-certified Naturopathic doctor. And he looks at the underlying causes that lead to disease or symptoms.

“I try to put the body into a position to heal. First, I give it what it’s missing. And try to help remove through a gentle system of what it has too much of. Then I allow the body to heal itself,” said Dr. Stephen Cabral.

He says that for example, if you have Hashimoto’s, your immune system is attacking the thyroid. If you have rheumatoid, it attacks the joints. These are examples of immune system imbalances.

“For allergies, asthma, brain fog, fatigue and a lot of other things, we call that the TH2 immune system imbalance. And that’s the chronic inflammation with some pathogen,” Dr. Stephen Cabral said. 

He adds, “Since 80% of your entire immune system lies in and around your intestines, you know that’s where to look first. The gut is going to have its immune-based system. When that happens, and it sees something there that shouldn’t be there in the bloodstream, it goes after it and creates an immune-based cascade to remove it from the body.”

Dr. Stephen Cabral also explains that if you look at it over time, building up to the point that there is inflammation in our gut, it imbalances our microbiome. And our immune system has been aggravated for so long; it eventually ends up in some autoimmune-based issue.

Finding A Solution

All people can be helped. Dr. Stephen Cabral assures that a solution can be found if you find out what you are deficient in as well as what your toxicities are. Hence, in his practice, Dr. Stephen Cabral helps to replace those deficiencies and remove toxicities and heavy metals and gut-based issues.

“Genetics don’t honestly make that huge difference except tell you what you are susceptible to,” said Dr. Stephen Cabral. “Because genetics loads the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger. That’s called epigenetics. And that means your genes can be turned on and off.”

Changing the Mindset

Dr. Stephen Cabral spent a decade trying to get well from the age of 17 years old to 27 years old. He went to so many amazing practitioners, but it was not until he was 27 years old that Dr. Stephen Cabral met his mentor who told him he needs to work both on the mind and body.

“The only people that we see are not able to heal are those people that can’t allow themselves to move in that position,” shares Dr. Stephen Cabral. “Their mind has been made up that they are someone that’s meant to be sick or a victim of their disease. You could get well even if you were struggling for years like I was.”

Main Forms of Energy-Draining Toxins

Dr. Stephen Cabral says there’s a lot of chemicals or energy-draining toxins that we can easily avoid, but we don’t know are there. He says the dirty dozen list are the ones that are sprayed with higher levels of glyphosate which is a form of pesticide. Those pesticides are meant not to allow bugs to eat all the crops.

“But the problem is, glyphosate although shown to not be harmful at a small dosage, it hasn’t shown what it could do over time to our microbiome,” reveals Dr. Stephen Cabral. “We have a hundred trillion bacteria, and those are bugs as well. And they are good bugs. They are supposed to be there.” 

He adds, “When we take enough glyphosate, that’s the time we see a lot of intestinal based damage. And the glyphosate at the same time, with the dirty dozen, can’t be washed off.”

Organic Acid Test

Dr. Stephen Cabral explains that it’s a semi-five biomarker. The first one looks at yeast and fungal overgrowth because there’s a lot of people right now taking probiotics. 

“But the problem is if you have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and you’re taking probiotics, you’re adding more bacteria to a gut that’s already full of bacteria,” Dr. Stephen Cabral said.

So, if anybody comes in with bloating, gas, acid reflux, constipation or loose stool, Dr. Stephen Cabral usually recommends them to have an organic acid test and a stool test.

“Because if you are starting to become imbalanced in the gut microbiome and the bacteria, you’re not able to process and make the same level of B vitamins,” said Dr. Stephen Cabral. “If you don’t make the same level of B vitamins, you don’t deal well with stress; you don’t deal with inflammation well. And that’s when the genetics matter.”

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals and plastic flame retardants are top of the list of energy-draining toxins.  It is even more harmful to pregnant women. Because the toxins could pass right through the placenta, to the umbilical cord, and to the unborn child.

Dr. Stephen Cabral shares that there was a study that showed ten unborn children had an average of 200 toxins in their body. The highest one had 300 toxins before they were ever born.


If you think cooking food kills the harmful bacteria, you’re wrong. Having the wrong cookware is just as dangerous. So many people still cook on aluminum foil. And Dr. Stephen Cabral says when you do that, it gets worse if there is an acid-based food. Thus, he advises avoiding using aluminum pans. Aluminum spatulas are not safe as well, so replace it with bamboo spatulas for cooking.

Dr. Stephen Cabral says using ceramic, porcelain, glassware and cast iron much better choices for cookware. He also advises steering clear of non-stick cookware, processed and smoked meats because it harms the kidneys.

“If it’s man-made, your body is probably not set up to be able to deal with it properly. And that’s because your body was meant to deal with everything in nature but not these 77,000 man-made chemicals. Your liver is never meant to see that level of toxins,” said Dr. Stephen Cabral.

Toxic Plastics

BPA was a big thing around ten years ago. And if one is not careful around avoiding toxic plastics, it causes more estrogen in the body. And Dr. Stephen Cabral explains that our body would not be able to properly eliminate it in its more toxic form which is an estrogen ester.

“What happens is they can build up in the liver and circulate in the bloodstream. It’s worse if you are stressed. You get lower levels of progesterone.” said Dr. Stephen Cabral.

Adverse effects of toxic plastics can also cause depression, bloating, acne on the chin and jawline, lower mood, excessive facial hair growth, increase in cellulite and water retention. Dr. Stephen Cabral affirms that these have nothing to do with eating too many calories, wrong foods or not exercising enough.

Dealing With Stress

Dr. Stephen Cabral explains that when we are stressed, the body down regulates metabolism and produces stress hormones. It increases heart rate and overall pulse.

Furthermore, it can make you experience shortness of breath, headaches, migraines, and excessive sweating. Dr. Stephen Cabral also says fasting and skipping breakfast if you are stressed is not a good idea because it drags you further into that fight or flight.

“If you’re in a state of high stress, your body produces cortisol. Your body will break down its liver glycogen to make your blood sugar rise. And it does that because burning fat is a very slow oxidizing fuel,” Dr. Stephen Cabral said. 

He adds, “For pregnant women, in particular, my theory is that when women are in a more a survival based state, or higher stress environment, the body automatically down regulates progesterone and may result in an irregular menstrual cycle or makes it harder to get pregnant.”


This is not good news for makeup junkies. Because Dr. Stephen Cabral says what you put on your skin is much more dangerous. So it’s best to know the ingredients contained in the cosmetics that you use.

Other Negative Effects

Because of energy-draining toxins, a lot of people are putting on toxic water weight and toxic fat because their bodies are swelling. But if you start to lose weight too quickly, Dr. Stephen Cabral reveals that you can have flu-like symptoms, skin rashes and headaches.

Most people also have the wrong idea about metabolism. They think that metabolism can just be altered by what you eat. But Dr. Stephen Cabral says metabolism isn’t just calories. It’s about the actual energy and movement in the body.

Stool test

A stool test is best to look for parasites, H-pylori, and bacterial overgrowth. These are living things. And Dr. Stephen Cabral says living things produce waste. That waste then goes into your bloodstream, and your liver has to filter all of that.

“In functional medicine, detoxification is focused on the liver, not the lungs or kidneys. This is because the liver filters all the blood in your body every six minutes,” shares Dr. Stephen Cabral.


In treating patients, Dr. Stephen Cabral helps wean them off supplements and make them do a seasonal detox for seven days. Generally, he tries to follow the Eastern-based practices with state-of-the-art based protocols.

“We support liver detoxification pathways. All the blood filters through the liver. That’s our safety net,” explains Dr. Stephen Cabral. “It’s going to pull everything it can into the thousands of bile duct and creates something that’s called phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification.” 

He adds, “Make sure you are drinking enough water so that you can eliminate it through your urine through the kidneys. Then make sure that you can sweat and open up those sweat pathways. Exercise, sauna, and cardio are also good for the lungs.”

Proper Nourishment

When our body is exposed to plastic and toxic things, our body has to take these toxins from the environment and break it down. Hence, Dr. Stephen Cabral firmly recommends that it is essential to eat cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and similar green leafy vegetables. It is naturally high in amino acids that are going to allow our body to take these toxins.

“You give the body more of the vitamins and more of this specific amino acids to allow phase 1 and phase 2 detox. So that your body can eliminate the waste through your gallbladder,” Dr. Stephen Cabral said. 

He adds, “Phase 1 is a lot of the antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and natural vitamins. They would be all the B vitamins and folic acid.”

On the other hand, glutathione is referred to as the mother anti-oxidants. Dr. Stephen Cabral says that when the liver needs to remove toxins, it looks towards glutathione. Aside from glutathione, selenium is one of the most underrated minerals including zinc. Both are necessary for the immune system, hormones, blood sugar, and thyroids.


One of Dr. Stephen Cabral’s favorite recommendations to people is to have saunas. He shares that there was a recent European study showing that people who used saunas five times a week, and 19 minutes a day, decreased mortality by 42%. Cardiovascular death was reduced by 63%.

Dr. Stephen Cabral recommends doing 20 minutes in the sauna at 150 plus degrees. If you have an infrared sauna, whether near or far, doing 40 to 45 minutes at a lower temperature of 110 to 140 degrees help in removing heavy metals. He also reminds everyone to keep hydrated. Mixing sea salt, lime or lemon in your water is a natural Gatorade to get your body to absorb the water better. 

“The journey doesn’t stop. I’m continuing my research. And for those who haven’t found their answers yet, they are coming. I believe that,” said Dr. Stephen Cabral. “And I can’t recommend enough looking into functional medicine lab tests. It will give you concrete proof or begin protocol. Always keep moving forward. Don’t give up. The result is worth it.”


After almost 20 years and over 600,000 pages of research study completed, dozens of certifications in the natural health field, over 16,000 health & fitness client sessions, and a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, Dr. Stephen Cabral’s knowledge, experience, and compassion are at the top of his field. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral also spent over 5,000 hours of formal doctoral degree work, which included 2,200 hours of internships. These internships were mainly spent overseas studying the very best of natural medicine (much of which is unknown here in the US). 

His internships included studying, working, and living in clinics all around the world. This intimate setting allowed Dr. Stephen Cabral to talk in depth with the patients at these clinics and listen to their struggles and path to wellness. He also got to see first hand the remarkable recoveries these people were making. Some of these internship locations included India, Sri Lanka, China, Europe, and various practices in the US. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral has appeared in every type of media outlet as a national health & wellness consultant, as well as a contributor to MTV, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, Maxim, SELF,, Nutrition Data, Conde Nast, and many others. He has also authored and co-authored four books and published over 1,100 articles. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral has been hired by over 300 health clubs, wellness clinics, Holistic centers, training studios, and by other health professionals to improve their training programs and services. This allows Dr. Stephen Cabral to reach more people and hopefully improve more lives by teaching the health & fitness professionals that work directly with those in need. 

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When we talk about CBD or hemp, some people think it’s an illegal substance. But in fact, hemp and marijuana are different. I had fun doing this episode with Jay Hartenbach who happens to be a leader in the industry and will be explaining to us all there is to know about CBD and hemp.

CBD is a legal substance. It is a safe and beautiful essence of an herb. Many benefits are attached to CBD and topping the list is its ability to support the nervous system and immune system. That’s why many states in the United States have legalized it for therapeutic reasons.

Early Years

Jay Hartenbach started getting into the industry with a group of friends in 2017. A college friend of his was very involved in the hemp industry and wholesale distribution. That friend was working with hemp farms in the US and abroad.

And because Jay Hartenbach had experience in online marketing, that became an asset into establishing his company later on. He also had experience working on an online skin care product in graduate school and was involved in networking, website building, driving traffic and other skills.


Jay Hartenbach started Medterra with the sole goal at the time of providing various manufacturers with high-quality CBD. His company established a partnership with the farm GenCanna, which was a pioneer in the hemp industry.

Medterra worked with various manufacturers. During the early days, they had around 20 to 25 clients that they were supplying raw products to.

“A lot of people were charging a high price for the CDB products they were selling. And we thought there might be a way to make it cheaper especially since we knew what the raw cost was. We also wanted CBD products to be more accessible,” said Jay Hartenbach.

The company shipped their first product in June 2017. Within two months, they were selling in all fifty states and started getting orders internationally.

“Our priority was to meet the demands of our customers which at the time were mostly family and friends,” shares Jay Hartenbach. “We have focused as just industry and educating people, making sure that they understand what they are getting.”

Marijuana Vs. Hemp

When we look at the cannabis plant, which encompasses both marijuana and hemp, the distinction you make between the two is the concentration of THC. Jay Hartenbach says if it has less than .3 percent THC by dry weight, it is considered as hemp.

“More than .3 is marijuana. If you’re looking at it at a genealogy standpoint, they are from the same family of plants. It just the actual expressions of those genes that determine how much CBD and how much THC that they are producing,” Jay Hartenbach explains.

Choosing Hemp

Jay Hartenbach says his company chose hemp plants to extract because they have a higher concentration. Plus, it is more efficient and allows them to sell nationally and internationally. They can’t derive it from marijuana.

It takes a lot of processes to make a good CBD product. Jay Hartenbach narrates that upon harvest, the CBD plant begins to degrade almost immediately after it is cut down. So, Medterra’s target is within 24 hours; they have to have the biomass dried and dehydrated to very low moisture content.

“A hemp plant may have 30% water by weight at the time of harvest by the time we are dehydrating it, so we can preserve CBD if it’s down to about 3%. That happens through a drying process which activates the CBD,” said Jay Hartenbach.

He adds, “So, it converts to a CBDA molecule to CBD. That is very similar to the process people are familiar with where marijuana has to be activated.”

Jay Hartenbach furthermore reveals that because they are aware that people want the whole plant extract, Medterra started working with another lab who developed a novel technique wherein they can remove the THC but keep everything else in there.

There is no organic certified hemp or CDB in the United States. So, they have to grow it naturally, and they can’t use any synthetic pesticides. There’s a social benefit of doing it naturally.

Therapeutic Effects of The Extract

With the used of CBD, Jay Hartenbach affirms that the reports have been astounding. This is because he says CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also affects neurological activity. Over 50% of diseases have some inflammation. Examples are arthritis, sore muscles, and sore joints. It also affects the GI tract and Chron’s disease.

“By CBD helping to reduce the inflammation, it helps regulate neutrophil activity which is why we believe it helps so much with arthritis. CBD also helps with anxiety because it helps regulate the serotonin levels in the brain,” said Jay Hartenbach.


Talking about the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors, Jay Hartenbach says one of the things a lot of people do not know is that our body produces cannabinoids internally. CBD can be found in high concentrations in breast milk. And that throws a lot of people off.

“The compounds that we look at in hemp versus what the body produces and the way we differentiate them is wellness and endocannabinoid. That’s where the endocannabinoid system comes from,” Jay Hartenbach said. “So, if we produce it internally, if we consume it orally or apply it topically from a hemp plant, those are phytocannabinoids.”

Furthermore, Jay Hartenbach says research is suggesting that potentially low concentrations of omega 3s can hint at the body producing CBD. And the other cannabinoids that interact with our endocannabinoid system which is where the phytocannabinoids supplementation is can aid us.

“That’s why people see such a significant response in anxiety or arthritic issues,” said Jay Hartenbach. “There have been some concerns that CBD is not able to penetrate the skin, but we’re getting the research right now that dictate otherwise.”

Batch Testing

Jay Hartenbach assures that his company tests every batch. And they test in multiple levels. Part of it is trying to adhere to the regulations. But it also has the benefit of making sure that in every stage of the process, they can have a test to go back to. 

“The first place that we do is at the point level. Right now, Medterra has fields in Kentucky that are dedicated to Medterra only. We work with the farmers to cultivate the hemp plants. And we also make sure that is no heavy metal contamination,” Jay Hartenbach said.

Quality Control

Jay Hartenbach says hemp and cannabis plants in general, can be used to clean the soil. This is because they are so useful in absorbing nutrients around them versus a plant like tobacco.

“We also make sure there is no pesticide contamination from nearby agriculture. Our product is also THC-free,” said Jay Hartenbach. “There are also no residual solvents from any of the extraction. No heavy metals were concentrated in that actual production. We also make sure there is no cross-contamination and that the dosage is right. Because we like to have control of the testing.”

As far as transparency, Medterra posts result on their website. For those who wish to gather more information, Jay Hartenbach says anyone can reach out to them if they want more details.

Hemp Supporter

To help the hemp industry, Jay Hartenbach recommends reaching out to Hemp Supporter. It’s part of a lobbying group that works very closely with U.S. congressmen to get some of the hemp industries’ agendas push forward.

“A large part of what they do is educating various individuals on the power of hemp and bringing that to life. They make it very simple to find the correct representative. The next step is getting organic certification and clarity with the FDA,” said Jay Hartenbach.

Success Stories

There are many success stories that Jay Hartenbach has encountered, people who benefited from his CDB oil and tincture products. He says it’s not a cure-all, but it does improve quality of life.

Out of all the success stories, Jay Hartenbach singles out a good friend who was suffering from severe Parkinson’s. That friend used Medterra’s products particularly the CBD oil and tincture. And the video of that friend sent back to Jay Hartenbach was astounding.

“That changed the course of this company. Understanding the right dosage was important,” said Jay Hartenbach.

Moving Forward

CBD oil also aids sleeps and addresses health issue of athletes. Moving forward, Medterra is currently doing clinical research for a medical university in the United States.

“We’re looking into turning into a purely end consumer product company. We know CBD has this incredible potential,” Jay Hartenbach said. “And we are looking into what other herbal supplements or herbs to benefit or augment the effects of CBD.”

He adds, “We’re starting to develop products where we take the effectiveness of CDB and try to find complimentary ingredients. Plus, we are trying to bring an overall understanding of the market. To achieve this, we are talking to national retailers and getting out products into the general public spotlight.”


Jay Hartenbach has several products on his website that are worth looking into. They also sell a CBD isolate on our site. The company is also set to launch a monthly wellness supplement for women.

He says it is also possible to incorporate CBD in something like a smoothie. And it’s best to explore that with a health professional.  The same goes for pregnant women who wish to take CBD oil. As a bonus, Jay Hartenbach is giving Learn True Health listeners a 15% off on his products so don’t forget to type in the discount code LTH at checkout.

“If we look at our CBD tincture, we feel that we are leaders in the industry. We try to make it as affordable as possible. And we are dedicated to consistency and compliance. We have taken those same principles, applied and extended it into our retail line,” assures Jay Hartenbach.


In 2016, Jay Hartenbach was contacted by his longtime friend, J.P. Larsen, who had spent the last five years distributing CBD in the US and abroad. Although the demand for CBD was growing by the day, the two recognized the lack of quality online retailers with reasonably priced CBD products. 

Utilizing J.P.’s direct access to US-based industrial hemp farms and Jay Hartenbach’s marketing experience, Medterra was started. With their focus on providing consumers with the highest-quality CBD, Medterra has quickly grown to help tens of thousands of customers in all 50 states and six different countries. 

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Mushrooms are generally known to be a delicious addition to our dishes. But did you know there’s more to mushrooms than that? Mushroom expert Jeff Chilton is our guest on this episode. He will explain how mushrooms can be used as medicine, help the body to prevent cancer, make as extracts, drink, capsules, as well as boost our immune system.

Growing Up

Jeff Chilton grew up in Seattle where it rains so much. He remembers during the fall season, the place where he lived had lots of mushrooms everywhere. So, he used to go on mushroom hunts when he was younger.

When Jeff Chilton got into university, his field of study was not about mushrooms. Despite that, he researched the use of mushrooms in indigenous cultures worldwide as well as the use of mushrooms in shamanism. Eventually, he took courses in his college about the study of mushrooms which is ethnomycology.

Working At A Farm

After college, Jeff Chilton decided to work on a mushroom farm and learn how to grow mushrooms. He went to Olympia, Washington, applied for a job and eventually got a job working at a big mushroom farm.  During the next decade, he became the production manager, responsible for the cultivation of over 2 million pounds of Agaricus mushrooms per year.

On this farm he worked on, they had a program using specific chemicals at certain times during the crop to avoid molds attacking the mushrooms, especially with Agaricus mushrooms. Mushrooms in North America are grown indoors in huge warehouses, so it’s a monoculture.

Understanding Mushrooms

Jeff Chilton says mushrooms are a reproductive structure of an organism that we usually don’t see. They don’t have seeds. The mushroom will produce a spore; the spore will go out and land on the ground and germinate into a very fine thread-like filament.

“Those filaments from different spores will fuse and form a network. The network is called mycelium which creates a lot of the soil out there used to grow our crops and plants. They are recyclers and important for our ecosystem,” explains Jeff Chilton.

When he was working on that large farm, they put in four new crops every week. Every crop was producing 20,000 pounds of mushrooms. They had mushrooms in every stage of development.

Choosing from among the various kinds of mushroom, Jeff Chilton highly recommends highly-certified organic Agaricus mushrooms in particular. There are so many other species that are good, but he says shiitake mushrooms is the one that everybody should be eating because it has so many great benefits.

Deeper Research

Jeff Chilton just started to delve into the literature deeper about growing mushrooms and all the different species that could be grown. He was also learning about the medicinal benefits of mushrooms. Certain mushrooms were used in traditional Chinese medicine.

From 1979 to 1983, Jeff Chilton worked with three other men. They put together mushroom conferences in the Northwest. Furthermore, the group organized two well-attended conferences in Washington State and two in Oregon. The conferences had experts from all over the country talking about how to identify mushrooms, how to cook mushrooms and Jeff Chilton spoke on how to cultivate mushrooms.

A New Chapter

Jeff Chilton also co-authored a book on mushroom cultivation in 1983 called The Mushroom Cultivator: A Practical Guide of Growing Mushrooms At Home. That was the year that he finally left the mushroom farm in Olympia and started his own business.

Then in 1989, Jeff Chilton made his very first trip to China for an international mushroom conference. That was also the year he established his new business, Nammex.

Nammex is a business that introduced medicinal mushroom extracts in powder form to the US nutritional supplement industry. At that time, no other company thought of using a medicinal mushroom in their product line. Jeff Chilton also reveals that his company tests every batch of each product they make.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Jeff Chilton traveled extensively in China during the 1990’s, attending conferences and visiting research facilities and mushroom farms. He eventually saw that in Asia, farmers were growing at least 12 different mushrooms for food and more for medicinal purposes.

“Medicinal mushrooms, in general, are one of the best things you can use regarding prevention. That’s why they call it the tonic herb. A tonic herb is something you can take regularly. It works on your body as a whole. It’s an herb that helps you maintain certain homeostasis. It brings harmony to our body,” said Jeff Chilton. 

Mushrooms do not have a lot of calories.  According to Jeff Chilton, mushrooms are 10 to 40% protein. Button mushrooms are close to 40% protein.

On the other hand, Shiitake mushrooms are 20% protein. Jeff Chilton says it has a good complement of the essential amino acids. It is also high in high-quality carbohydrates which is mostly what a mushroom is made up.

Busting Myths

There is an impression that an extract means that you are isolating something out of the natural product and leaving everything else behind. Jeff Chilton says that is just not true. The way Jeff Chilton’s company makes it is that they make sure the extract has the same profile as the material itself.

“If you talk to people who make their extracts, they are essentially taking everything out of that plant or mushroom. And their extract will have a profile that is just the same as the actual material,” said Jeff Chilton. “Nothing is being lost if the extract is made properly. In traditional Chinese medicine, hot water extraction is how they process their herbs.”

He adds, “Mushrooms are also high in fiber. They are digested more in our intestine than our stomach. In effect, mushrooms are feeding our microbiome.”

Alpha-Glucan Vs. Beta Glucan

Jeff Chilton says alpha glucan is starch. And a beta glucan is very different from an alpha-glucan. He says mushrooms have no starch, but they produce glycogen just like humans. Their storage carbohydrate is glycogen. Not like plants where the storage carbohydrates are starch.

“Most mushrooms are 25 to 60% beta glucan. And they have no starch. But the glycogen content is somewhere around one or two percent,” shares Jeff Chilton.

 Not A Quick Fix

Mushrooms in general, are there to work pretty much in the background. Jeff Chilton says it’s not an instant fix at all for something. So, if you’re taking mushrooms regularly and if you’re eating mushrooms, then they’re going to go to work for you.

“The top-selling mushroom supplement product in North America is myceliated grain. There’s a really interesting compound in mushrooms called ergosterol,” Jeff Chilton explains. “Ergosterol is in all fungi, and it is a pro-vitamin D2. The myceliated grain products have one-tenth the amount of ergosterol they should have. That’s because there is very little fungal matter. So basically, you’re just getting a starch supplement.”

Jeff Chilton furthermore explains that mushrooms are 90% water like most vegetables. When you dry out the mushroom, the supplements are dry. They’re not fresh.

“As a mushroom grower, I know the economics. Back in the 90s, I realized I couldn’t grow mushrooms in North America and sell them as supplements because it is too expensive,” said Jeff Chilton.

The Best Mushrooms

Jeff Chilton says China produces 85% of the world’s mushrooms. And Asia consumes so much reishi mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms from China are shipped to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Plus, they’re consuming a lot of it in China itself.

“Mushrooms are organisms that consume agricultural waste products. Most medicinal mushrooms are wood decomposers. If you want your mushrooms to produce those compounds that are so important, they need the precursors that are in that wood,” said Jeff Chilton.

Mushroom Supplements

Some people may not like the bitter flavor, so Jeff Chilton says it’s better to take it in capsule form. He says in other products like reishi coffee; you will always be getting only a small amount of the actual mushroom. Because it will have other things in there that will dilute that.

“To me, the reishi coffee thing is like a gimmick. I put a reishi extract in my coffee instead,” said Jeff Chilton. “Reishi also has a compound called triterpenoids. Triterpenoids are good for your liver, and it helps the liver purify your blood. Research has also shown that it can kill certain types of tumor cells.” 

He adds, “Nobody out there in the industry can do true clinical trials. There’s so much information we have about any herbal product is mostly anecdotal. It’s difficult to get clinical trial information because it’s so expensive.”

Jeff Chilton says there was this one study which comprised monitoring nine people. The study cost four million dollars!

Website Resources

Aside from Jeff Chilton’s official website Nammex, he encourages people to join societies where they could teach you all about mushrooms. Jeff Chilton’s site includes links of mushroom articles as well as his podcast guestings.

On his other website Real Mushrooms, you’ll get access to his blog and online shop as well as delicious recipes about mushrooms.

“People need to look at mushrooms as this wonderful world of fungi that can be part of your life and diet, medicinal regimen. Look at it positively. Mushrooms are a fabulous kingdom of organisms that we should get more acquainted with,” said Jeff Chilton.


Jeff Chilton, raised in Pacific Northwest, studied ethnomycology at the University of Washington in the late sixties. In 1973 he started work on a commercial mushroom farm in Olympia, Washington. During the next ten years, he became the production manager, responsible for the cultivation of over 2 million pounds of Agaricus mushrooms per year.

He was also involved in the research and development of shiitake, oyster and enoki mushrooms which resulted in the earliest US fresh Shiitake sales in 1978. 

In the late seventies, Jeff Chilton was a founder of Mycomedia, which held four mushroom conferences in the Pacific Northwest. These educational conferences brought together educators and experts in mushroom identification, ethnomycology, and mushroom cultivation. During this period Jeff co-authored the highly acclaimed book, The Mushroom Cultivator, which was published in 1983. 

In the 1980’s, Jeff Chilton operated a mushroom spawn business, and in 1989 he started Nammex, a business that introduced medicinal mushrooms to the US nutritional supplement industry. He traveled extensively in China during the 1990’s, attending conferences and visiting research facilities and mushroom farms. In 1997 he organized the first organic mushroom production seminar in China. 

A founding member of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products in 1994 and a Member of the International Society for Mushroom Science, Jeff Chilton’s company, was the first to offer a complete line of Certified Organic mushroom extracts to the US nutritional supplement industry. Nammex extracts are used by many supplement companies and are noted for their high quality based on scientific analysis of the active compounds.

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Book by Jeff Chilton:

The Mushroom Cultivator

Recommended Reading by Jeff Chilton:

Medicinal Mushrooms by Christopher Hobbs

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Lyme Disease

So many people have Lyme disease. But because the symptoms are not initially apparent, it takes time, and a lot of testing before it gets diagnosed. My guest Scott Forsgren is no stranger to this disease, and he’ll tell us how he survived Lyme disease in this episode.

Scott Forsgren is a health coach, podcaster, and health advocate who took years to recover from Lyme disease. He says Lyme disease can be a complex and challenging condition for people. And the more broadly that we cast the net, the more potential we have to optimize health and wellness.

Early Signs

Scott Forsgren shares that his journey started 22 years ago when he had a tick bite in Northern California in 1996. But he didn’t think anything of it at the time because Lyme disease wasn’t something anyone talked about back then. There was very little information available.

“So, I did find for several months, around April 1997, that I had the flu on steroids. It was a tremendous sickness over several days. Those symptoms continued for several more months. And I wasn’t sure if I’d even survive that experience,” recalls Scott Forsgren.

Every system of Scott Forsgren’s body was affected. He had vision problems, fevers, joint pain, muscle pain, lots of gastrointestinal problems, cognitive issues regarding brain fog, and memory loss. There were also episodes of numbness and tingling, tapping sensation in his left foot, tremors, internal vibration, muscle twitches. A lot of these conditions can also lead to anxiety and depression and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Finding A Cure

From 1997 to 2005, Scott Forsgren saw about 45 different practitioners. The majority suggested that it was all psychological and that he should work with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Scott Forsgren did get a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He even had a doctor who suggested multiple sclerosis.

“I did work with a fantastic medical doctor in Arizona. There were a few years was good. Then in 2004 all of the symptoms came back,” said Scott Forsgren. “I do think Lyme is a worldwide problem. When someone has Lyme, there’s more than just Lyme disease that we need to look at to maximize the potential for our recovery.”

Starting Over

Scott Forsgren went over to the American College for the Advancement of Medicine and looked for a new functional medicine doctor. He wanted someone that was Holistic and who would look broadly at all the potential issues.

He was then referred to an acupuncturist who worked in an outlet mall that was doing computer-based energetic testing. Scott Forsgren recalls that the acupuncturist advised him to have a doctor to test him for Borrelia or spirochaete. Furthermore, Scott Forsgren was also encouraged to see if there were some food that might be stressing his body.

Turning Into A Believer

Scott Forsgren was a skeptic, but when he got himself tested, everything the acupuncturist said was right. That piqued his interest in this realm of energy testing. Over the years, energetic testing became his number one tool to guide my journey back to wellness.

“So, one of the important things is to keep an open mind. A lot of things that I would not have been open to 20 years ago when this whole journey started are the things that I ultimately now have found to be the most beneficial,” said Scott Forsgren. 

After Scott Forsgren got officially diagnosed with Lyme disease, he also started learning from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has a system of energetic testing that Scott Forsgren learned over the years as well as utilized and benefited from. He also did work with Dr. Klinghardt as a patient. And according to Scott Forsgren, that was the best decision he ever made overall in his health journey.

Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing (APT) is a system of muscle testing. But Scott Forsgren says there is no perfect system. He says we use these systems to uncover information and get us closer to the truth.  It’s also a way to understand the things that are stressing the body that may need some support.

Scott Forsgren believes some of us have less than optimal detoxification capacity to even end up with the condition that is related to Lyme disease and many others. But they may not manifest symptoms at all.

“I do think that one’s detoxification capacity plays a significant role concerning symptoms that we develop. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt either suspects or believes that probably everyone has been exposed to some Lyme related organisms at some point during their lifetime,” Scott Forsgren said. 

He adds,” I think genes do not tell the entire story, but I think epigenetics does. It influences our genetic expression. We change how our genes express through stress management, nutrition, detoxification and joy in our life.”

Scott Forsgren also reveals that most people who are dealing with Lyme disease very type A+ personalities and perfectionists. So, he thinks there are aspects of certain characters that are always in that sympathetic dominant mode.

Key Things To Regain Balance

First is removing the impact of negative emotions, thought patterns, emotional traumas, and conflicts. Scott Forsgren also advises looking at your environment. Do mold or biotoxin exposures surround you daily? Because that’s one of the critical causes of harmful exposures.

Scott Forsgren also advises to look at nutrition and gut health as well as explore detoxification. He says we need to create an environment that is supportive of our healing.

“Look for parasites and other microbial overgrowths whether it’s Lyme, co-infections or fungal issues like yeast. Viruses can play a big role as well,” said Scott Forsgren. “Also explore dental contributors like amalgam fillings, root canals or cavities. Rewire the limbic system which is part of the brain that includes the hypothalamus.”

Limbic System

The limbic system is called the feeling and reacting brain. Scott Forsgren says it is involved in determining our level of safety regarding the things that we might encounter, smell, see, hear and taste.

Scott Forsgren explains that you can think of it as the alarm center and anxiety switch. It influences the functioning of our immune system, hormonal system, endocrine system, autonomic nervous system. Ultimately, a host of things can trigger a limbic system impairment. These may include exposure to mold in a water-damaged building, chemical or pesticide exposure, bacteria, viruses, other microbial overgrowths, physical, mental, or emotional trauma, and more.

“If someone doesn’t resonate with having had emotional trauma or conflict that set the stage for their condition, the illness itself may create a trauma which we need to process in some way,” said Scott Forsgren.

Using Saunas

Saunas are good, but Scott Forsgren says some people may not entirely be ready for it. We can mobilize some toxins internally as well. So we have to make sure the routes of elimination are open.

“When you use a sauna, you do sweat things out, but at the same time, you can mobilize some toxins internally. A sauna is a good tool, but you need to listen to your body and not force something that maybe they’re not quite ready for,” said Scott Forsgren. “Detoxification is a life-long focus. I do it every day.” 

He adds, “When we’re recovering from a chronic condition like Lyme disease or mold exposure, detoxification is critical. Microbes like candida and parasites may be present in the body because the body is utilizing them or allowing them to be there to concentrate heavy metals, to help us detoxify. So not all of these organisms are necessarily bad or that we need to get rid of.”

Testing For Molds

If someone is not recovering from chronic Lyme disease despite doing all the right things, Scott Forsgren advises that they have to explore the mold piece. He urges everyone who is suffering from Lyme disease, making sure that your environment is safe from a mold perspective and an EMF perspective. Because bottom line, you want to create a sanctuary for recovery.

“About 25% of the population has a genetic predisposition to illness from water-damaged buildings. And similar to Lyme disease, there is no perfect test for molds, so it’s critical for people to explore,” said Scott Forsgren. 

Starting with your home, Scott Forsgren says any place where you spend time on a regular basis should be suspect until you explored it. And then if an issue is identified, you may be able to do some remedies like moving to a new environment.

Putting in a good air filtration device in the environment is also very helpful. It’s not a solution to a problem, but it’s something that can improve the situation while you are addressing the core issue.


International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) is an organization that has come together reasonably recently with doctors that deal with biotoxin illnesses. Some environmental professionals are part of this organization as well.

According to Scott Forsgren, the organization is an excellent resource if you dive deeper into learning the cause of illnesses. The ISEAI website states that it is a nonprofit professional medical society whose aim is to raise awareness of the environmental causes of inflammatory illnesses.  They also support the recovery of people affected by these illnesses using an integration of clinical practice, education, and research.

Better Health Guy Website

The website started in 2005 before Scott Forsgren had the Lyme disease diagnosis. Three months after the site launched, Lyme disease became the focus of the site.

“The most interesting area for people to check out is the podcast where I interview experts as well as articles he has written over the years. Part of what’s on the blog are notes from different conferences that I have attended over the past ten plus years,” said Scott Forsgren.

LymeLight Foundation

Another organization that Scott Forsgren wanted to highlight was the LymeLight Foundation. The LymeLight Foundation is an organization that provides treatment grants to children and young adults 25 and under for Lyme disease treatments.

“I think it’s critical for people to maintain hope. There are so many things that have improved in our understanding of Lyme disease and chronic conditions over the last several years,” said Scott Forsgren. 

He adds, “Lyme disease is a messenger for many of us. And the process of going through it is life changing. While it is the biggest challenge that many will ever face, something beautiful often happens as a result of the experience.”


Scott Forsgren, FDN-P is a health coach, blogger, podcaster, health writer, and advocate. He is the editor and founder of, where he shares his 21-year journey through the world of Lyme disease, mold illness, and the myriad of factors that chronic illness often entails.

Scott Forsgren’s podcast “BetterHealthGuy Blogcast” interviews many of the leaders in the field and is available on his website,, and on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. He has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and has lectured on his recovery from chronic illness as an invited speaker of the Klinghardt Academy, at AutismOne, and on three Chronic Lyme Disease Summits. 

Scott Forsgren has written for the Townsend Letter and other publications. He is the co-founder of The Forum for Integrative Medicine which hosts an annual conference bringing together some of the top integrative practitioners to share practical tools for treating complex, chronic illness. 

He serves on the Board of Directors of LymeLight Foundation which provides treatment grants to children and young adults recovering from Lyme disease. Today, Scott Forsgren is grateful for his current state of health and all that he has learned on this life-changing journey.

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Casting A Broad Net To Maximize Lyme Disease Recovery

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Did you know that mitochondria hold the key to optimal health? A lot of people do not know what mitochondria are and how it affects our health. So to further explain what mitochondria are, I’m thrilled to have Dr. Warren Cargal in this episode.

How It Began

Back in high school, Dr. Warren Cargal was a track star. During a regional meet, he fell and ruptured one of his discs in his lower back. It led to the six months when he was in pain.

But because Dr. Warren Cargal’s mother was a nurse, she diligently scheduled his doctor appointments. They went to one surgeon in particular who recommended surgery and told Dr. Warren Cargal he might lose control of his large intestine.

Questioning Everything

Dr. Warren Cargal’s mother wanted another option without surgery for him. Hence, she set a chiropractic appointment. During the first chiropractic session, Dr. Warren Cargal was able to stand up. After another eight sessions, he was pain-free. 

“It questions our beliefs in healthcare and how we care for yourself. We are responsible for our health. Which means we have a responsibility to question things actively,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. 

Acupuncture And Energy

Dr. Warren Cargal narrates that there was an old Chinese guy down the street from him.  Doing acupuncture made Dr. Warren Cargal headaches go away for about six months. That’s why he got curious about acupuncture and decided to go into training.

“The energy has always been referred to as chi. And it’s the movement of chi and blood which gives us vitality. A lot of acupuncture treatments are done to either move chi or correct if there is a deficiency in chi,” said Dr. Warren Cargal.

What’s excellent about acupuncture is that the practitioner and patient really talk and spend time together. Through that, there’s some understanding that emerges about a treatment protocol.

Defining Mitochondria

Mitochondria are organelles. Organelles mean small bodies which reside in each of your cells. They produce the energy for the cells. That energy is called ATP or adenosine triphosphate. The ATP is used by all the mechanisms in the cells to drive the functioning. 

“The fundamental step where the ATP energy is produced is by the mitochondria. And that energy drives all the cellular processors,” Dr. Warren Cargal explains. “Every thought that you have and every image you see through your eyes, all those nerve impulses are all powered and driven by the ATP.”

According to Dr. Warren Cargal, the other limiting issue for these organisms is the fact that they can only grow so big because they didn’t have internal structures. One time, something remarkable happened. And that something was one organism absorbed another organism for food.

That allowed specialization to occur and that allowed us to be where we are today. Because we are highly specialized individuals. Dr. Warren Cargal further reveals that our whole gut system is composed of microbiomes which are bacteria.

Unique Feature

Mitochondria have their own DNA. Dr. Warren Cargal says repeated rounds of antibiotics have profound effects on what’s happening in our gut. It can change or destroy the make-up of the gut which has significant effects like anxiety, depression, sleepiness, and immune response.

“A whole microbiome also exists within our soil. And the roundup that is usually sprayed on our crops kills off some of the microbiomes in the soil,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. “When that changed microbiome is taken up by the vegetables, it affects some of the enzymes that the plant you can produce. When we ingest the plants, it affects the production of essential amino acids our body needs .”

Dr. Warren Cargal’s Book

Dr. Warren Cargal’s book is called Your Mitochondria Key to Health & Longevity. Through the book, he thoroughly explains everything you need to know about mitochondria; it’s components and how it is essential to our health and energy.

He also says a skin cell might have a hundred mitochondria in it. And the heart muscle cell might have 5,000 to 8,000 mitochondria in it all producing energy 24 hours a day.

A female egg has around a hundred thousand mitochondria in it. That single cell turns into a multi-million cell organism. And it needs tremendous amounts of energy to accomplish that. That energy is achieved through the mitochondria.

“Most of the vitality for the offspring is inherited from the mother. All of the mitochondria are transmitted from the woman to the offspring. It’s only through the female that this mitochondria energy is transmitted. Nothing is inherited from the male,” said Dr. Warren Cargal.

Revving Up The Energy

There are some doable steps to help us have healthy mitochondria. According to Dr. Warren Cargal, the mitochondria need oxygen. One way to have ample energy is finding ways to exercise regularly and be aware of your breathing.

Dr. Warren Cargal also recommends restricting calories and also eat healthy especially healthy fats. As for meat consumption, if you can’t reduce it, at least opt for grass-fed meat. Also, increase vegetable consumption and be cautious if you plan to do intermittent fasting.

“Most people’s concept of energy and production is about eating food and food going down into the digestive tract, to be broken down in nutrients. Thinking like this misses the fundamental importance of the mitochondria to provide the energy the body needs,” said Dr. Warren Cargal.


Dr. Warren Cargal believes that cancer is complicated. There are many factors involved because cancer requires energy. And that energy is fueled by ATP. If there is excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. Cancer can use another pathway for obtaining energy.

“People can shift that balance through a more natural way. Consumption using the fats can slow that process down,” suggests Dr. Warren Cargal. “The nerve impulse is being driven by ATP. And there’s a high concentration of mitochondria in the brain.” 

He adds, “Be aware of all the energy the brain is using and where that energy is coming from. There’s a lymphatic system in the brain, and that lymphatic system is used for clearing the debris. But it is only activated when you are sleeping. So, sleeping is an issue.”

Dr. Warren Cargal also recommends considering probiotics if you had taken a lot of antibiotics. Because according to him, probiotics will nourish the serotonin.


For those who want to know more about mitochondria, check out Dr. Warren Cargal’s fantastic website. You’ll find a link to his book as well as an online store that sells Chinese herbs and supplements.

“People are having some issues already. They need supplements while they go through this transition period of fixing their diet,” said Dr. Warren Cargal. “The vision that we have is that people become vibrant. The aging process slows down and you feel better.”  

He adds, “There’s a lot of places where there’s limited dialogue. I encourage people to take note of that and have a little bit more compassion.”


Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and clinic director at Acupuncture Atlanta, Dr. Warren Cargal is a practiced Chinese medicine for over 20 years in the fields of infertility and chronic disease conditions. He maintains an active clinical practice in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Dr. Warren Cargal’s interest is in the integration of classical Chinese medicine with modern scientific study and evidence-based protocols. He’s spent hundreds of post-graduate hours in Chinese herbology, nutrition, and endocrine education. Through work at his clinic, he recognized three fundamental factors that drive aging and the age-related diseases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer (shallow breathing, excessive consumption of calories and carbohydrates, and lack of exercise.) 

Dr. Warren Cargal is the author of, Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity, which is based on the latest research on herbal isolates and nutraceuticals, presents approaches for correcting these three factors to reverse age-related diseases.

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Book by Dr. Warren Cargal

Your Mitochondria Key to Health & Longevity

Recommended Readings by Dr. Warren Cargal

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Ancestral Diets

Ancestral diets contain a lot of nutrient dense foods. But the modern diet has overtaken the real essence of how food should be prepared and eaten. There is a lot to learn about how ancestral diets can benefit us. So, to expound more on the components of ancestral diets, we’re learning all of that from Dr. Bill Schindler, my guest on this episode.

Connecting With Nature

Dr. Bill Schindler grew up in the coast of New Jersey. He narrates that his parents worked hard to connect him with nature and outdoors like hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking and camping at a very early age. Dr. Bill Schindler didn’t take any pleasure in killing, but there was something about being a part of the entire process that drew him in at a very early age.

Dr. Bill Schindler also spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking with his mother. He also battled with weight issues until high school. However, taking up wrestling was an exercise that helped Dr. Bill Schindler maintain his weight. Despite that, Dr. Bill Schindler still didn’t feel healthy and felt there was still something wrong with his diet.

“I was stuck in that rut trying to figure out what I should be eating by looking at the nutritional components of food. And I would chart out my weekly diet to the gram of every single nutritional component of food that I had access to understanding,” recalls Dr. Bill Schindler.

College Years

Dr. Bill Schindler continued wrestling in college. But then he also developed an eye disease called keratoconus. He went blind and ended up failing at school. It was not long before Dr. Bill Schindler had a cornea transplant. Eventually, he got back into college at the College of New Jersey and wrestled again. After college, he went further by pursuing a Masters’ and Ph.D. degree.

“My journey towards health for a long time was always focused on that which I got from books and magazines, doctors and nutritionists. Nothing felt right. One thing that felt right to me was when I was a part of the entire process,” Dr. Bill Schindler said.

Looking For A Deeper Connection

Dr. Bill Schindler soon realized he wasn’t satisfied with purchasing a gun and ammunition for hunting. He felt there was something about it that’s too cold and distant. He wanted a deeper connection, so he focused on learning how people in the past hunted.

Dr. Bill Schindler then learned how to make his bows and arrows. That led him to archaeology, particularly experimental archaeology. He also went on to teach classes at a university.

“During that time, there was a major transformation in my life that made me who I am now. And that’s having children,” shares Dr. Bill Schindler. “Almost every pre-historic technology that I spent my life learning about has something to do with food. I realized that that was the key to making an impact on my family.”

Ancestral Diets

When we talk about ancestral diets, there are components to consider like prehistoric technologies, behaviors regarding food, food acquisition, and processing. Dr. Bill Schindler says ancestral diets was almost always focused on increasing the nutrient density or bioavailability of the nutrients in our food.

Between five and seven million years ago, Dr. Bill Schindler said our earliest ancestors first stood up and became bi-pedal. The size of our gut impacts how well we digest our food and how well we absorb that food that’s been broken down.

“On the other hand, the food processing today are focused on other things like storage, shipping, and shelf life and usually at the expense of nutrients. I realized how important it is to understand this and how it completely impacts our approach to food or diet and health,” said Dr. Bill Schindler.

Food Evolution

Dr. Bill Schindler says that during the early times, we were able to obtain food using only our biological characteristics or traits. As a result, our bodies and our brains remained the size that they did.

“This is because our ability to take in large amounts of nutrients is very restricted because of our physical limitations,” said Dr. Bill Schindler. “It all began to change three and a half million years ago when one of our ancestors picked up two rocks and struck them against each other.”

He adds, “That moment completely transformed the course of us becoming human. We could butcher for the first time. The earliest stone tool we ever found dates back 3.4 million years ago found in Kenya. And the earliest example of butchering dates to 3.3 million years ago in Ethiopia.”

Furthermore, Dr. Bill Schindler said it opened up a world of possibilities. This includes hunting for the first time, cooking with fire, fermentation, cooking in containers and vessels, and drying.

Over time, we continued to improve our diet, create new technologies and behavior patterns that can extract more nutrient-dense foods from the environment. So, we began to hunt more efficiently and detoxify certain plants that were inaccessible to us before.

Maximizing Food

Dr. Bill Schindler explains that to make the most use of the food we eat, we have to process that food before we eat it to allow our body to access it. He says our genes is a combination of our gene make-up and the environment that it interacts with.

“If it’s about nutrient density, meat is more nutrient dense than vegetables and fruits. The biggest transformation of our ancestors occurs about two million years ago. I believe the biggest change here is we begin to hunt, and we begin to cook our food,” Dr. Bill Schindler said.

Truth About Meat

The reason that hunting is so important is that it is not about meat. Dr. Bill Schindler says, on the contrary, it is about animals. And the reason we could scavenge it three and a half million years ago is that the carnivores and the predators that killed that animal you’re scavenging from, left the meat behind after they ate all the good stuff.

“When we began to hunt, we have first access to the most nutrient dense parts. And when that happens, we began to cook food,” said Dr. Bill Schindler. “Our brains and body exponentially grow.

He adds, “Women also become more similar in size than men do which is an indicator of a quality diet as well. Our body was built on a diet that access animals. So, we need to focus on what was our diet like that produced our species and what technologies did they use to extract the most amount of nutrients in our environment.”

Raw Dairy

Dr. Bill Schindler says we can mechanically break down food with knives, mortars, and blenders. We can also ferment, take that food and derive nutrition from it. But Dr. Bill Schindler also shares that when he started having children, he wanted to learn more about dairy, especially dealing with raw dairy.

He says all mammal babies are called mammals because their mothers have mammary glands. All baby mammals produce two different enzymes in their stomach that allow them to do some amazing things with milk. One is lactase, and the other is the enzyme chymosin which curdles milk.

“The other thing that happens when raw dairy stays in the stomach for a little while is that it ferments. It is also important to allow it to break down better, releases nutrients and delivers all sorts of amazing probiotic nutrition into their bodies,” said Dr. Bill Schindler.

He adds, “By fermenting milk, we’re automatically getting rid of a lot of the lactose that we’re having trouble with, and the enzyme lactase is already there. So that’s why people that are lactose-intolerant can often tolerate long-aged cheeses or things like yogurt.”

Dr. Bill Schindler says that another thing we can do is harness chymosin and use it to curdle milk before we even eat it. And that’s cheese. But he also is firm in declaring that we have no business drinking ultra-pasteurized skim milk. Because skim milk delivers almost no nutrition.

Cooking Corn

We have to realize the limitations of our bodies and understand what has been done in the past to access those nutrients and re-adopt those practices. Dr. Bill Schindler says if we adopt the crop and not the practice behind how to transform that raw material into a finished product, we’re missing out on a significant component of that diet. It can cause a lot of problems and corn is a great example.

Dr. Bill Schindler shares what Native Americans figured out for a long time. They discovered that if they took the corn and boiled it in a solution of wood, ash, and water, it would break down that corn into something our bodies could digest. This became the basis for tamales or real tortillas. 

But if you take the corn and boil, grind, bake, or eat it raw, you’re not getting all the nutrients that corn has. Dr. Bill Schindler says much of it will pass through our bodies even if we grind it into cornmeal.

“If we’re eating food to derive nutrition from it, we have to realize the limitations of our bodies and understand what has been done in the past to access those nutrients and re-adopt those practices,” advises Dr. Bill Schindler.

He also says corn is easy to grow. Hence, it is natural if people make it a significant part of their diet. In some ways, it may be good, but if we adopt the crop and not the practices behind how to transform that raw material into a finished product, we’re missing out on a significant component of that diet. Eventually, it can cause a lot of problems.

“Grains are designed to stay dormant until they are in the perfect condition to support new life and to sprout and to grow. We can keep grains for years in a dry condition. And by grinding it and baking it, it does absolutely nothing,” said Dr. Bill Schindler.

Reconnecting With Food

Dr. Bill Schindler says the most important thing we can do is reconnect with our food and where it comes from. Cook everything entirely from scratch at least once. This way, we would find out how food is made. He also says thinking about food based on nutritional components is a terrible way to look at food. And that only started a little over a hundred years ago.

To reconnect with food, Dr. Bill Schindler advises to do these steps:

  1. Focus on those food processing techniques that increase the nutrient density and the viability of nutrients in our food.
  2. Take steps to reconnect with our food, our diet and where it comes from.
  3. Understand and appreciate the context for all of our food.

“Most of the traditional food that we all enjoy like real cured meat, real cheeses, real bread, all sorts of dairy ferments are deep-rooted in the past,” said Dr. Bill Schindler. “And when we make them the right way and apply the right techniques, they taste amazing they smell amazing, they look amazing, and they are satiating.”


Dr. Bill Schindler is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.  As both an experimental archaeologist and primitive technologist, his research and teaching, both in and outside of the college, revolve around a comprehensive understanding of prehistoric technologies including lithic (stone tool) technologies, prehistoric ceramic technologies, projectile technologies, hunting, foraging, hide working, fiber technologies and all aspects of prehistoric food acquisition, processing, storage, and consumption.  

He believes that the better understanding of prehistoric life made possible through the archaeological record and a practical understanding of the technologies that created it can contextualize our place in the world and help provide answers to many of the issues facing us today.  Dr. Bill Schindler is a strong advocate of traditional foodways and is constantly seeking new ways to incorporate lessons learned from his research into the diets of modern humans.  His outlook on food has revolutionized the way in which he and his family eat, and he attributes much of the health his wife and three children enjoy to the hunted, gathered, and fermented foods that comprise a significant portion of their diets. 

Dr. Bill Schindler has been trained by some of the world’s leading archaeologists, experimental archaeologists, and primitive technologists.  His research and teaching combine both academic and hands-on approaches resulting in unique teaching and learning opportunities, and he is equally at home in the middle of the forest armed with a hand-made bow stalking a deer or in a college classroom delivering a lecture to a group of students.  

He truly lives what he teaches and teaches what he lives.  Dr. Bill Schindler’s teaching style is based on the belief that students are active learners and are best served by doing and solving real-world problems whenever possible; his approach is what he calls sole authorship, project-based, hands-on learning where students are engaged in a project for its entirety – immersed from the very beginning to very end.   

In 2014, Dr. Bill Schindler was awarded the Washington College Alumni Associated Distinguished Professor of the Year Award, was nominated for the Carnegie-CASE-Phi Beta Kappa Professor of the Year Award, and in 2015 he delivered the keynote address focused on his approach to teaching at the world’s largest Experimental Archaeology Conference in Dublin, Ireland. 

Dr. Bill Schindler also has a book coming out with Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, slated to be available in January 2019.

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