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Pain Free 

People will generally do anything to be pain free. But more often than not, we tend to go overboard with taking medication.  But what if I tell you there's an affordable, natural solution to be pain free? Sheri Weaver is my guest today who will tell us all about this amazing product.

Try the pain relief cream that Sheri talks about: DollarPainCream.com

Listen to Ashley James interview the founder of Real Time Pain Relief: https://learntruehealth.com/real-time-pain-relief

Initially Clueless

Sheri Weaver admits that three years ago, she really had no education nor experience about this pain free industry. She was initially into designing gemstones and scarf charms. Designing was a big part of her life.

Then tragedy struck. Sheri Weaver friend's son got shot five times. Fortunately, he did not die but was in the hospital for quite a long time. He was struggling with so much pain, that taking morphine wasn't enough for him to be pain free.

Sheri Weaver's friend then went to a Farmers' Market saw a stall selling natural pain relief products. She sent it to her son and it was effective! Sheri Weaver thought about her mom and her back pain. But rather than wanting some, Sheri Weaver's mom requested the pain relief product for another good friend who happened to be suffering more than her.  

It was a perfect chance for Sheri Weaver to see how the product works on somebody with severe pain. Sheri Weaver's mom, later on, reported that her friend got 50% relief from using the product which is really considered miraculous for those suffering from severe cases.

Career Shift

What happened to the friend of Sheri Weaver's mom was an eye-opener. During her gems events, Sheri Weaver recalled setting up a small table to sell the pain relief products. And within the first two shows, the products sold out!

That moment served as a transitioning point for Sheri Weaver. She now works as a Marketing Representative for the Real Time Pain Relief company. For the past three years, she has helped thousands of people get off pain pills and be pain free.

Real Time Pain Relief

The Oklahoma-based company was founded in 1998.  The product was developed by a doctor and a high school basketball coach. Initially, the product was developed for their young basketball players to heal from injury and be pain free.

Among the benefits of the cream include relief from pain, provide the bodies with nutrients that heal, cuts inflammation and promotes blood circulation. Real Time Pain Relief contains 19 healing ingredients, 14 ingredients to fight inflammation and 3 ingredients to increase blood circulation.  It is also capable of penetrating 7 layers below the skin surface.

“It has nutrients to help the body recover from injury faster. In 2011, the company opened a vendor program. We had network marketing but recently transitioned to non-network marketing. This is because we are earning shares of stock in the company,” said Sheri Weaver.

The company now offers wholesale and retail products as well as awarding reward points for purchases. They work alongside chiropractors as well as accredited distributors.

Effectiveness Of RTPR Cream

Sheri Weaver says the creams are used by athletes in a variety of sports. It is heavily used among bull riders and marathon runners.

“It helps 80% of the people with one application. As for the other 20%, it's not going to help with just one application. Those who have severe pain might need to use it 10 days in the morning and night for it to work in your body,” Sheri Weaver said.

She adds, “It's like taking vitamins. You can't take one vitamin. You have to build nutrients. And the more you get it in your body, the less you're going to have to use it. Because nutrients are building on top of nutrients.”

Sheri Weaver also explains that most of the over-the-counter pain relief creams have such high doses of menthol. They actually burn your nerve endings because the content is too high.

“Your body cannot eliminate that much menthol. You feel that instant relief because it's burning a nerve ending. It's not doing anything for you as far as healing. And it only goes a couple of layers down. Our highest menthol content is only 2%.”

Usually, the other creams in the market have 7 to 8% menthol content. Then they have very little healing ingredients besides that. Sheri Weaver is also happy to share that with over 2,000 clients that have tried their products, it has proven that RTPR cream is non-addictive.

Kinds Of RTPR Cream

The products under Real Time Pain Relief basically help and muscle, nerve or joint pain. It's an immediate relief cream. Starting off with the regular pain relief, it has 19 ingredients for healing, fighting inflammation and increasing blood circulation. 

“Applying cream three or four times a day is not going to hurt you. But it's not going to be effective. Your body can only absorb so much. If it's a chronic issue, put it on at least two times a day, morning and night. Midday is fine, but you can only absorb so much.”

The Maxx Pain Cream has 2% menthol plus peppermint. Sheri Weaver reveals that it's what our bull riders use. It can also be used for deep back pain, severe muscle issues, hip pain, and headaches.

The Sports Cream has 24 healing ingredients.  It addresses problems in the joints like knee or elbow issues.

The Hemp Oil is a new product and a bestseller. Sheri Weaver says it basically has ingredients from several of their top products. It contains the regular cream formulation, peppermint ingredient from the Maxx cream, turmeric and nutmeg from the Sports Cream, wasabi extract and a few other ingredients plus hemp oil.

The Foot Cream has the basic formulation plus eucalyptus and tea tree oil. It is used for those who have Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, gout, bunions, athletes foot and cracked feet.

Sheri Weaver says the Skin Rescue cream's main purpose is treating skin conditions like bug bites, bee stings, rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, and poison ivy. Some even found it effective for treating acne and in some cases, improves psoriasis.

Other Products

Other Real Time Pain Relief products include hand creams, medicated lip balms, gentle formula for sensitive skin and young kids, a daily cream and a cream made of vegan ingredients.  They even included a pet formula as well as a pain relief cream in the form of a bath bomb.

“People get hooked because of the benefits of healing. Put at least two layers on. Because the first layer one puts the first one down,” explains Sheri Weaver. “Instead of using two layers of the same product, we also found that if you put one layer of sports and one layer of max, you are actually getting the benefit of both products and doing the same two-layer process.”

Healing ingredients of the RTPR creams include Aloe Vera, arnica, magnesium oil, turmeric extract, emu oil, lavender oil, menthol, nutmeg extract, rosemary oil, willow bark, witch hazel and vitamin E. The company is also planning to come out with supplements that work really well with the creams.

Open For Business Opportunities

For business opportunities, combo packages and distribution inquiries, Sheri Weaver encourages people to contact her through the website Real Time Pain Relief or email 4painnomore@gmail.com. People may also get in touch by texting her at (909) 228-6621.

Try the pain cream that Sheri talks about for only ONE DOLLAR: http://DollarPainCream.com

They also have a rewards program and an awesome customer special. There's a $15 online gift card available and can be applied to a $10 tube or you can apply that $15 Gift Card to a package deal for greater savings.  You will also receive a FREE $10 tube of Regular pain relief cream with your order.

For those who would like to get $25 worth of free products, go to www.rtpr.com/activate and type the 8ead5559 activation code.

Pain Free Summit

Sheri Weaver is excited about the Pain Free Summit happening this month. Inspired a passion to help people, thirty different experts will speak about topics on how to be pain free.

Apart from the pain free methods, people will learn about pain free tips strategies and techniques that people can try at home. People will also learn the right foods to decrease pain.

“Anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, and stress add to your pain. It goes far beyond physical injury. Every speaker has helped thousands of people. But it's up to you to listen and figure out what options you want to try,” said Sheri Weaver.

Sheri Weaver is a Marketing Representative for Real Time Pain Relief products. Inspired to help people become pain free, she has been helping people heal naturally for three years now.

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