12: Pain Removal With Your Mind

Pain Removal

Ashley’s guest today is Roberta Fernandez, a certified hypnotist.  She uses hypnotherapy and NLP to help her clients overcome issues such as chronic pain, surgery recovery, smoking cessation and reducing hunger during dieting.

Roberta knew she wanted to help others with hypnosis after she was able to eliminate her arthritis pain completely, and again when she was able to recover from a double knee replacement surgery, using only self-hypnosis to manage the pain.

She calculated that with the help of self-hypnosis as her way of pain elimination she was able to avoid taking over 180 capsules of oxycodone and prevent pain medication addiction and side-effects!

“There are NO side-effects with hypnosis!” Roberta shares.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

•    A hypnotist helps you find your own answers and looks to empower you.
•    Hypnosis or trance is a natural state of mind.
•    Self-hypnosis is the tool you can use to enforce positive behaviors and results like weight loss and pain management.
•    Hypnosis focuses on the solution to your problems and not your problems.

Health AH-HA Moment:

Your unconscious mind does not understand a negative. If you say “I don’t want to eat cheesecake” your unconscious mind hears “I WANT to eat cheesecake”!

Your Challenge:  

Five times a day, take a moment to do this deep breathing technique and use it to reinforce new, positive thoughts.

Take a deep belly breath.
Hold it in for two seconds.
Think your positive thought to yourself
Count backwards from 5 to 1 as you exhale, going from loud to soft, in your mind or aloud.
Repeat four more times. Each time focusing on your positive thought.

For pain removal / management consider the thought “Total Comfort”
For hunger cessation consider “Full and satisfied”
And to relax, you can simply think “totally relaxed”