111: PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue

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PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue, and Hashimoto's Thyroid are common diseases of women around the world. Dr. Brooke Kalanick, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and functional medicine practitioner, will join us in today's episode as we go through women's health and treating these diseases using natural medicine.

“Women deserve to understand how their body works and how many options they have so they can make the healthiest and most empowered choice for themselves…” – Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Brooke specializes in weight loss, women’s health, and hypothyroidism. While attending Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Brooke earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  She has studied and worked along with leading functional medicine physicians including Dr. Datis Kharrahzian, Dr. David Brady, and Dr. Tori Hudson.

According to Dr. Kalanick, many women are given limited options for her specialties such as the pill or metformin for PCOS and Synthroid for Hashimoto's. But many women don't realize they have in fact many options in the realm of natural medicine. These options involve diet, lifestyle, and exercise can help women feel better and gain more ground than their conventional options alone. It was shocking to hear that Dr. Brooke sees women get put immediately on hormone replacement by their MDs (bioidentical or otherwise) without more thought given to the cause of their hormonal imbalance.

The 5 Healthy Rules Every Woman Should Live By

Brooke is most passionate about two things: giving women options and helping them do what works for them in a loving, healthy way. So, her #1 advice for anyone with these issues is to follow her 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule:

5.) Take 5 walks a week
4.) Eat 4 meals a day (helps balance blood sugar and lower stress)
3.) Strength training 3 times a week within your ability
2.) Drink twice as much water
1.) Do one more activity a day to love/nurture yourself

Get connected with Dr. Brooke Kalanick!

Website: Better by Dr. Brooke

Podcast: Better Every day with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

Recommended Heart Rate Variability Monitor:

Bio Force HRV

Book co-authored by Dr. Brooke Kalanick:

Ultimate You (on fat loss; great for hormonal overview)

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The Happiness Advantage 

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Ashley James

Health Coach, Podcast Creator, Homeschooling Mom, Passionate About God & Healing

Ashley James is a Holistic Health Coach, Podcaster, Rapid Anxiety Cessation Expert, and avid Whole Food Plant-Based Home Chef. Since 2005 Ashley has worked with clients to transform their lives as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Her health struggles led her to study under the world’s top holistic doctors, where she reversed her type 2 diabetes, PCOS, infertility, chronic infections, and debilitating adrenal fatigue.

In 2016, Ashley launched her podcast Learn True Health with Ashley James to spread the TRUTH about health and healing. You no longer need to suffer; your body CAN and WILL heal itself when we give it what it needs and stop what is harming it!

The Learn True Health Podcast has been celebrated as one of the top holistic health shows today because of Ashley’s passion for extracting the right information from leading experts and doctors of holistic health and Naturopathic medicine


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