Physical Fitness Tips For Busy People – Ryan Hurst

Physical Fitness Tips For Busy People

This episode is for those who want to become more physically fit but are afraid to injure themselves or think they are too busy or to inactive to start working out. Anyone could benefit from what Ryan offers but for those who feel they are held back from being in control of their fitness, this is absolutely for you.

After a training accident ended his competitive gymnastics career, Ryan Hurst moved to Japan. He participated in various martial arts until another injury made him reevaluate his priorities in life. As Head Coach at GMB Fitness, his mission is to show you that you can define your own fitness as a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life, regardless of where you are starting from.

Ryan loves to help those who have fitness challenges to become more flexible, gain more strength and have a better control over their body and balance. His focus is to help you have a better quality of life by looking at what physical challenges your day to day life holds for you. If you have trouble squatting down, carrying your groceries, chasing after yours kids or issues with pain after sitting at a desk all day long, Ryan has great physical fitness tips for easy ways to incorporate exercise 30 seconds at a time into your life each day.

Ryan Hurst, Cofounder & Head Coach of GMB Fitness now lives in Osaka, Japan with his wife and 2 kids.

“Physical Autonomy is central to what GMB is about. We don’t believe in achieving some arbitrary BMI or visual aesthetics. Instead, we’d rather help people develop a mindful awareness of their bodies, so they can excel at the things they really care about.

And that means being clear on what they want in life. It means mindfully paying attention to their body so they can see what’s holding them back. It means having a proven system and method that we can apply and used over and over again so we can overcome what’s holding us back. And more importantly, it’s about helping people reach THEIR goals so they can live life to the fullest – not about randomly following some fitness guru’s goals.”

Three Important Topics Ryan Hurst Discusses:

1. Figure out your “why” and write it down – Be clear about what you want so you’re not wasting time and revisit your why (the reason you’re really doing this) often to help keep you going.

2. Focus more on awareness – Simplify your workouts to focus only on a few major movements. That will allow you to spend more time with each move and bring better awareness to those skills. Better awareness means greater improvement.

3. Assess your strength, flexibility, and control – Pick one of those areas and work on improving it. After you’ve achieved your goal in that area move on to the next one.

“My favorite book is Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. It’s not necessarily health related but will help you when things get tough and they will get tough.”

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