37: Posture Correction To Eliminate Chronic Pain

Posture Correction

Posture correction leads to the elimination of chronic pain. Brendan Ridings has had great success helping his clients relieve joint and muscle pain that even doctors were unable to help fix.  In today's interview Brendan shares why so many of us are suffering from chronic pain, why most of us need posture correction and what we can do to take matters into our own hands.  Many of his clients have been able to utilize Brendan's posture correction exercises to the point where they were able to avoid surgery!

Brendan Ridings graduated from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale with a Bachelor’s of Science focusing on Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
While attaining his degree, Brendan won the 2007 WABDL World powerlifting championships, the 2008 and 2009 WABDL National Colligate Championships, and currently holds the IL bench press record and deadlift record in 2 weight classes.

Brendan went on to attain his Corrective Exercise Specialty from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Brendan teaches people how to easily reverse chronic pain and correct their posture using simple biomechanics, exercise and a back support device he invented.
Poor posture has a stronger correlation to lowered life expectancy than smoking. The majority of osteoarthritis and chronic pain conditions are actually chronic poor posture and bad movement patterns resulting from these postures. Brendan provides simple, actionable steps to feel better, look better, and prevent pain.

Brendan Ridings shares that poor postural mechanics resulting from the 9+ hours spent sitting has even distorted breathing patterns. We have adopted chest breathing which is shallow and rapid, this signals the body to release cortisol and adrenaline, which creates stressful feelings and chemistry.

Here’s What You’ll Discover From Brendan Ridings:

A lengthened muscle from slouching becomes weakened.
Reciprocal inhibition is when the nervous system shuts down around elongated muscle from slouching making it harder for us to activate good muscle patterns and posture!
Brendan teaches exercises we can all do to help reverse bad posture.
Bad posture leads to chronic pain and can wear down joints unevenly.

Health AH-HA Moment:

Poor posture leads to increased stress hormone levels and decreased testosterone! Likewise, 4 minutes in a “power posture” decrease stress hormones and increase testosterone!

Your Challenge:

Do these three exercises below:

1. Exercise:
Good Neuro Muscular Activity:
Hands outstretched to sides, turn palms to the ceiling. This activates the between the shoulder blades that are normally over stretched muscles from slouching.

2. Exercise:
Lay on floor on back
Squeeze butt so hips come off floor a little
Squeeze abs 20% and bring the bottom of rib care a little closer to the pelvis.
This is a neutral spine that helps reactivate your core.

3. Exercise:
To lower stress levels and the stress hormone:
Sit down
Pull shoulder blades back
pull your head back into a neutral position
Place hands on your thighs with palms facing down.
Take a couple of deep breaths, slightly deeper than normal, through the nose and out of the mouth.
Turn palms up to face the ceiling.
Sit up straight and pull your shoulder blades back, now focus on drawing the air into your belly or diaphragm.
Take another couple of deep breaths, slightly deeper than normal, through the nose and out of the mouth.
Notice it's easier to breath when your palms face upwards.

You will see after 1 minute, you already have a more relaxed feeling in your body. Diaphragm breathing helps to relax the body, improve oxygenation, and even stimulate serotonin. Since stress is linked to almost all medical conditions, this is something you can do daily, or when feeling stressed to counteract the harsh effects of chronic stress.

Do this daily for 2 minutes to relax. Use it before bed and when at the office.


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Stay tuned as Brendan will be giving Learn True Health Listeners first shot at his new video tutorial 30-day posture challenge!

The 30-day posture challenge will teach you how to permanently resolve chronic pain. Brendan is looking forward to sharing it with our listeners!



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