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Pure Energy Wellness

Pure energy is something most of us strive to have.  To be able to do the things we need to do every day, having pure energy makes us more productive.  But the problem is, most of us are clueless on how to have pure energy. That's why we're so lucky to have Holistic Health Coach Allison Pelot to show us how to reach optimal health.

Life As A Gymnast

Allison Pelot was a former gymnast who had a lucrative career as an athlete for 20 years. She was very conscious on her physical training but put little emphasis on proper nutrition. It was only when she became a mother when she learned how food could give pure energy.

“I'm 45 years old now and had kids during my late 20s. Surprisingly, I can't believe no one teaches athletes how to eat well,” shares Allison Pelot. “My son had issues with immunity, and I had severe digestive issues. Looking back, I was pretty malnourished.” 

Allison Pelot also recalls that doctors couldn't do much. In fact, they made things worse. After doing some research, she decided to go on a gluten-free diet with her son.  Incorporating organic food into their diet, Allison Pelot started noticing changes.

Mission To Help Others

According to Allison Pelot, pure energy sparks transformation. Because she found the best way on how to have pure energy, that drove Allison Pelot's desire to help other people.

“I became so passionate and started teaching people. Then I got into personal training again after having kids,” Allison Pelot said. “As I got older, I noticed changes. People particularly women are not aware of how the body changes over time and how we need good nutrition to keep all that in balance.”

Stand On Vaccines

In episode 224 of Learn True Health, I interviewed Dr. Paul Thomas who was an advocate of eating real food and taking vitamins.  He has been in practice for 30 years and has approximately treated 13,000 kids.

Allison Pelot had a harrowing experience with vaccines when her son was younger. According to Allison Pelot, her son was always in a bad mood, crying all the time, and had digestive issues.

Allison Pelot's son was 18 months old when he was given the controversial MMR vaccine. As soon as they got home, her son threw up, developed diarrhea and fever all at once.

By the third day, Allison Pelot's son seemed to get better. However, while Allison Pelot was out, her babysitter called to tell her that her son wasn't breathing. Emergency medics came and apparently, Allison Pelot's son had a seizure.

Allison Pelot's son had two more seizures when they got to the hospital. Doctors did several tests and initially speculated that the child had epilepsy. Long story short, Allison Pelot felt that the whole thing was a massive cover-up.

“That opened my eyes. If people feel like they want to do a vaccine for their child, that is their decision. I'm just sharing my story, and we decided not to do vaccine anymore. The risk was too much,” said Allison Pelot. 

She adds, “Fast forward when he was ten years old; he started having seizures at night. It went on for two to three years. And then it finally stopped.”

Allison Pelot breastfed her son part-time, then gave him formula and some supplements. But when he started to eat real food, like fruits and vegetables, things got better.

Going Gluten-Free

Allison Pelot also recommends going gluten-free. According to her, estrogen is a stress hormone which apparently makes our gut more sensitive to gluten. So if you have higher levels of serotonin and estrogen, it is going to make you more sensitive to gluten.

“But the most important part of immunity is keeping your blood sugar regular. If you let your energy reserves get too low, you'll have nothing left for your innate immune system to work,” Allison Pelot said.

Allison Pelot also says to make an effort to eliminate endotoxins in the gut. It will be helpful in increasing your natural immunity as well as aid in your metabolism.

“Endotoxins is anything that's going to cause harm to the body, like estrogen if it continues to recirculate or any harmful bacteria,” Allison Pelot said. “Anything that is going to help your metabolism is going to help your immunity. They go hand in hand.”

Getting Into Yoga

We have heard many benefits of yoga and Allison Pelot is one of them. She says yoga helps one maintain flexibility, especially when we get older. Yoga primarily teaches you how you move on the floor. It also calms the nervous system.

“Not everyone can go to the gym. So work movement into your day. Take a walk. It starts from there, and it can be so beneficial for every aspect,” said Allison Pelot.

Recommended Superfoods

Allison Pelot says eating superfoods is excellent for hormonal balance and getting the immunity up. For women, in particular, you'll have less estrogen which is essential. Superfoods also helps women produce more progesterone in the body.

“You'll have more strength and will feel better in general. Women tend to have more fat as they age,” explains Allison Pelot. “The best food is milk or dairy. Start with cheese. It is a great source of protein especially for those who can't digest meat.”

Allison Pelot also says we need lots of calcium in our body. And dairy helps build muscle and aids in recovery.

I was honestly surprised that Allison Pelot recommended dairy. My whole family is dairy-free, but we can handle ghee or small amounts of goat's milk. It's a big difference from cow to human dairy or breastmilk.

I remember my interview with Joshua Rosenthal, the creator of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He's a vegan, but added dairy to his diet and felt terrific. So ultimately, it depends on what body type you are.

No one diet is good for everyone. To figure what works for you, try a gluten-free diet for a month and see how it feels.

“First check if you are lactose-intolerant or you have high cortisol levels. A lot of times, people are sensitive to what they add to milk. There are plenty of options on what kind of milk you can have,” said Allison Pelot.

Fruits And Vegetables

Allison Pelot recommends eating tropical fruits because it has a bit of saturated fat. It is also high in potassium and as well as other minerals. Apparently, the sugar from tropical fruits comes with a lot of nutrients. 

“Pineapple, papaya, oranges, melons, kiwi are great. Not so much for mangoes because it is part of the poison oaks family. Berries are fine, but it does not produce enough energy and nutrients,” explains Allison Pelot. “Cook apples and pears to be able to digest it easier. 

She adds, “Bone broth, gelatin, shellfish are also good healing foods for the gut. Also consume liver once a week to get a good amount of  vitamin A.”

In selecting what food to eat, Allison Pelot says it is best to have a plan of recovery. Carrots, in particular, aids digestion. It also helps help take out the excess estrogen.

Apparently, carrots have anti-fungal properties. So, if you eat it raw, it can suck out the endotoxins in the gut like a natural antibiotic. Carrots do not cost much, and it is easy to digest aside from being an excellent digestive aid.

Allison Pelot however, cautions against juicing carrots. The dosage of keratin is high, and there is no more fiber once carrots are made into juice. Fiber is super important in the mix because we need fiber to pull out endotoxins.

Think Positive

Allison Pelot also stresses the importance of getting into a positive mindset. It can make all the difference in the world. She advises that we should likewise trust our body's healing abilities. Building our body is the first step to optimal health. 

“Focus on things you care a lot about or things that give you joy. Part of the reason why Hawaii is so healing for people is because of the sun. Dark days are stressful on the body. So nourish yourself during stressful times,” Allison Pelot said.

Integrate Yourself Podcast

Allison Pelot has a fantastic podcast where she invites experts to speak about health and wellness. It has been quite a journey for Allison Pelot because she affirms learning a lot in every episode.

“I'm surprised with what I learn. Maddy Moon's interview stuck with me because of how she talked about the beginner's mindset. It's about opening up to listen to someone,” shares Allison Pelot. “The only way we're going actually to be able to connect with each other is if we have a beginner's mindset. Accept that we don't know everything.”

Coaching Services And Other Resources

Allison Pelot provides coaching services.  She also has personal training, small group fitness, nutrition coaching, and workshops.

Those who want a more in-depth wellness program can sign up for Allison Pelot's retreat in Oregon which is scheduled this spring. She is also currently working on a book and an online course about digestion for hormonal balance.


Allison Pelot started out as a competitive gymnast from age 5 to 21 years and later graduated with a Degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University. Her health issues created a passion for learning more about holistic health. This led Allison Pelot to obtain certifications in holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching and exercise coaching from the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA. 

Allison Pelot has been coaching people in holistic nutrition and fitness for almost 20 years now. She has a practice in Portland Oregon and a health Podcast called Integrate Yourself.

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