154: Quest To Cure Cancer

Embarking On The Quest To Cure Cancer

I'm sure most of us have encountered a family member or a friend who underwent a quest to cure cancer. While most of you think that Stage 4 cancer is fighting a losing battle, my guest today will prove you wrong.

Eric Remensperger is a lawyer by profession and developed Stage 4 cancer in May 2016. His doctor immediately told him to undergo chemotherapy, blocking off all other avenues to launch a quest to cure cancer. Doctors also informed Remensperger that he only had seven months to live.

Striving To Live Healthy

Remensperger resolved to live a healthier life in the early 90s when he decided to quit smoking. He became motivated to work out regularly when he moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1995. Years later, he would even get into yoga.

To complement his healthier lifestyle, Remensperger likewise shifted to a low-fat, high protein diet. Apparently, his efforts seemed to be paying off because his physique improved a lot.

Discovering Acupuncture

While Remensperger looked like he was positively changing externally, he, on the other hand, continued to suffer from chronic health problems. Some of his health issues included frequent urination at night as well as chronic coughs and excess phlegm.

Frustrated with allopathic treatments, he sought to try acupuncture, and it worked! Remensperger was so impressed with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Eventually, he went as far as investing in a wellness center that provided Holistic treatments.

Dietary Change

Remensperger continued his wellness journey for several years. He went through a dietary transformation and was even a vegetarian and a vegan for some time. Before his cancer diagnosis, Remensperger was on a Paleo diet.

Devastating News

Remensperger's world turned upside down so fast in 2016. He was attending in Texas attending a Paleo conference that time when he recalled having several physical symptoms like a cough, urination problems, and bladder spasms.

After seeing a doctor two weeks after, the devastating news came in — Stage 4 prostate cancer.

Remensperger initially broke down and questioned everything he did the past several years. He was so confident about living a healthy lifestyle, so naturally, he couldn't understand why he still developed cancer despite his efforts.

Starting The Quest To Cure Cancer

However, Remensperger was not a quitter. He was not ready to throw in the towel. The very next day after receiving his health diagnosis, Remensperger decided to embark on a quest to cure cancer.

“I woke up one morning thinking that this could be a blessing. I'm a big believer of gratitude. I thought this could be the best thing that could happen to me,” Remensperger said.

Past Case Studies

In his quest to cure cancer, Remensperger initiated a thorough cancer research. One of the case studies he read up on was a test wherein a nucleus of a cancer cell was inserted into the cytoplasma of the healthy cell without its nucleus.

The cell was injected into 60 mice. Test results showed that only one of the mice grew a tumor. Apparently, the mitochondria within the cell silenced the disease. When another group reversed the experiment, 98 % of the mice developed cancer.

Hence, Remensperger said the results speak for itself. The outcome of the tests consequently tells us that obviously, cancer is a mitochondrial problem and not a DNA problem.

“Everyone is producing cancer cells in their body all the time. It just a question of how your system is handling the cells” Remensperger explains.

Remensperger's Road To Healing

In Remensperger's case, surgery was out of the question because his type of cancer was outside the prostate. Nevertheless, Remensperger remained optimistic with his quest to cure cancer.

I agree with Remensperger that having a positive outlook helps in healing not only cancer but other illnesses, too. In fact, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has conducted studies wherein he proves that there is a co-relation in the emotional and mental side of things. Hamer could even trace it back by doing a brain scan.

“The body created the environment to promote these illnesses, but we can support an environment to allow the body to heal,” said Remensperger. “Do what you can to shift your body back to a healing state. Once you do that, cancer will start to regress.”

Methods of Healing

In his quest to cure cancer, Remensperger discovered there are a lot of other things you can do that has a chemotherapeutic effect. These methods that are healthy and do not destroy our cells and immune system.

For one thing, Remensperger advises getting oxygen into your system. He likewise used ozone treatments. According to Remensperger, ozone has been proven to be extremely toxic to cancer cells. In fact, a 1980 study showed that a small amount of ozone could inhibit 90% the growth of cancer cells.

Remensperger likewise stresses that taking vitamin C is important. He says most people think of vitamin C as an antioxidant, which is true if taken in regular doses. However, in high dosages like 50 grams and above, it converts hydrogen peroxide into your system.

“Getting a good sleep is also part of detoxification. Seven months later, my urologist declared that my prostate and lymph nodes are normal,” shares Remensperger. “I was finally in full remission because I let my body do what it is designed to do.”

Healing Through Diet And Medication

However, Remensperger says there is no one approach to cure cancer. You don't have to have everything dialed in correctly. But you have to have everything dialed well enough to function the way it should. So your body can do what it is designed to do, which is heal itself.

“I think I got sick because I wasn't using that approach. I had those crazy shakes everyday that had 47 ingredients in it,” said Remensperger.

Remensperger now advises people to make shakes three days a week, which is a big part of his protocol. This is because he realized his body needed to clean itself out.

“Diet is something we live with. I recommend a Ketogenic diet, wherein 65% to 70% of the diet comprises plant-based fats like avocados, nuts, and coconut oils,” Remensperger said.

Remensperger also found that mixing turmeric powder in tea is healing, as well as turmeric in supplement form.

As for medication, Remensperger took Casodex, which is a pill that shuts off testosterone receptors. Lupron is also a common hormone therapy for men who have prostate cancer.

William Hitt Medical Center

Remensperger is not the only one I know who has benefitted from ozone treatments. A friend of mine had cervical cancer and became cured after getting an ozone treatment from the William Hitt Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

The Hitt Center provides alternative treatments for all kinds of illnesses aside from cancer. Apart from ozone treatments, they also offer amino acid supplementation. Apparently, ozone is an effective way to kill viruses.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

In hindsight, Remensperger says what motivated him to go on his quest to cure cancer was his skepticism towards the pharmaceutical industry. That led him to find other methods that had fewer side effects and a better outcome.

“I just felt so happy waking up everyday feeling blessed, waking up to another day. That is probably the most effective thing—the energy you have for life,” Remensperger said. “Priorities change when you face your mortality.”

Quest To Cure Cancer Website

Remensperger's website launched just last May 15, 2017. He says he opted to do the website to be able to regularly update new information about cancer and available healing methods aside from the usual traditional treatments of Allopathic Medicine.

Also included in the website is Remensperger's five pillars, which thoroughly explains the process of healing and its components:

1. Sources of Life Force – grounding, sunlight, hydration, oxygenation
2. Nourishment – supplements nutrition, hydration
3. Detoxification – detoxification , emotional detox, sleep
4. Movement and Play – movement passion purpose play, healthy relationships
5. Therapeutic Interventions – oxygenation, IV therapies, hygiene

Eric Remensperger was a “health-nut” long before being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. He thought he was immune from chronic health problems because Remensperger thought he had a healthy lifestyle.

Remensperger's experience is proof that it is unrealistic to assume that one can avoid cancer simply by eating a healthy diet, whether it's ketogenic or plant-based. He says nutrition is important, but it is only one of numerous elements.

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