27: Raw Cannabis – The Healing Plant

Raw Cannabis

Oleg of Green Bloom For Humanity is Ashley’s guest today on The Learn True Health Podcast.  Oleg is an expert in the healing properties of raw cannabis, and his business, Green Bloom For Humanity, is leading the industry in developing RAW, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. “Don’t get high, get healthy” is Green Bloom’s motto.

Oleg helps Ashley and his audience understand the significance of cannabis.  The lay person thinks that marijuana is just trouble, causing highs that lead to addiction and run-ins with the law. However, consumed in raw form, it is not just a medicine, it is also a supplement.

Raw cannabis can supplement 40 types of food groups and all vitamins, enhancing their curative capacities. Cannabis has been used for its profound therapeutic value for centuries. As a matter of fact he found cannabis mentioned 66 times in the Old Testament.  With his cannabis protocol he has helped a final stage cancer patient attain full remission after having been released from the hospital to die.

Oleg goes deep into the differences between cannabis grown indoors with chemicals and artificial light and cannabis grown organically in the sun. Negative reactions from the former are caused by the plants not having been washed, by fungus, mildew, pesticides, and spider mites.

Pure RAW cannabis has unlimited medicinal value with no side effects. Oleg describes the four different cannabis delivery methods, and emphasizes that anxiety and pain can be eliminated quickly and completely, while those who can’t sleep will now sleep through the night.  Oleg accepts Ashley’s invitation to participate again in a future show.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • If you remove the element of getting high on cannabis, you remove the stigma and you’re left with a healing herb.
  • Cannabis sold in stores has probably been grown inside with chemicals and artificial light. When it is grown naturally outside in the sun it is much more therapeutic.
  • Cannabis can substitute for all forms of oils, fibers and textiles.
  • It’s impossible to overdose on cannabis.

Health AH-HA Moment:

Those who follow Oleg’s protocol often experience complete pain relief within 40 minutes.

Your Challenge:

Go to the Facebook page Green Bloom For Humanity, read the content and watch the videos.  Share with friends that you know this info would help!


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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your licensed medical provider. This episode and podcast are for educational purposes only.