188: Raw Paleo Diet

Raw Paleo Diet And Its Benefits

Raw Paleo is an adaptation of the Paleo diet. One may initially be hesitant to consume raw meat, and honestly, easing into it takes some time. That's why I brought on board my guest today, Melissa Henig, who will explain the benefits of shifting to a raw paleo diet.

Raw Paleo Advocate

Melissa Henig has been a staunch advocate of the raw paleo diet for years. She started on a raw vegan diet years ago but found the diet insufficient to fulfill her nutritional needs.

“I started on raw vegan, but the diet was not very sustainable,” shares Melissa Henig. “It had nutritional deficiencies. I bruised easily, I was losing muscle mass, and I always felt anxious.”

In her search for a more suitable diet, Melissa Henig's regular health food store recommended a dietary intake of raw cholesterol, as well as fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K. Melissa Henig slowly shifted to a raw paleo diet from there.

Understanding Raw Paleo

According to Melissa Henig, raw paleo primarily consists of consuming meat products in its natural form. The raw foods are unprocessed. These include dairy, eggs and meat, chicken, fish and organ meats that have never been frozen.

The diet also includes raw vegetables and fruits as well as raw bone marrow and vegetable juices. Grains, gluten, and legumes are omitted from a raw paleo diet.

“A lot of it comes back to the enzymes. They help digest and assimilate everything that goes in your body. All raw meat has probiotics and raw milk,” Melissa Henig said. “Probiotics is good bacteria and essential for living and healing. We need fats, cholesterol, and protein to survive, and a raw paleo diet helps heals and regenerate tissues.”

Parasites And Food Poisoning

A significant factor why people have second thoughts about shifting to a raw paleo diet is because of parasites and food poisoning. Even in places that seem to sell quality meat products, there's always that fear of getting sick because of contaminated meat.

“It's all about sourcing. I drive to the farms, and I choose butcher shops,” explains Melissa Henig. “I chose clean meat that is not grain fed because these types of meat do not produce parasites and bacteria.”

Typical Diet

Melissa Henig says that the paleo part is the raw meat, which is either beef, chicken or fish. She says raw meat is the new liver cleanse.

For starters, Melissa Henig usually starts her day with saturated fat, because apparently, it is satiating. Apart from the saturated fat, Melissa Henig often pairs it with some raw protein, like a smoothie.

“I have a raw kefir base for probiotics. In the raw milk kefir, I put two raw eggs,” Melissa Henig said. “It is a great source of fuel, and my energy can last for hours.”

Snacks for Melissa Henig is usually raw cheese with some raw honey. To make sure she keeps hunger pangs at bay, Melissa Henig regularly drinks green juices with her snacks.

As for dinner, it's pretty much light with just a small amount of raw meat. Melissa Henig says paleo people tend to overdo the diet consuming meat three times a day which is not advisable.

Steps On How To Shift To A Raw Paleo Diet

Decided on giving raw paleo diet a try? Good for you! According to Melissa Henig, the healing potential is more significant when eating food in the raw form. Plus, raw meat builds muscle naturally and balances hormones.

First of all, Melissa Henig advises dieters to add a raw egg to a smoothie. This way, you won't feel overwhelmed with the change in diet.

Pregnant? No worries. Raw paleo diet is still safe for pregnant women. Melissa Henig is currently pregnant and is still on a raw paleo diet. In fact, she is considered a high-risk pregnancy because she is already 39 years old.

“Usually, high-risk pregnancies experience digestive problems, but I'm feeling good,” Melissa Henig said. “I drink celery juice to avoid edema because celery juice is a good way to get sodium in your body.”

Apparently, sodium and salt have an osmosis effect. And this osmosis effect is what keeps the blood circulation going.

“My main mission is to preach that food is medicine. One must be open-minded about getting into a raw paleo diet. Don't be afraid to be around food. Sooner or later, you would eventually feel the difference,” said Melissa Henig.

The Raw Paleo Book

Melissa Henig is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, with expertise in holistic wellness. She is the author of the book Raw Paleo. Her coaching program gets women and men to feel sexy, energetic, and motivated!

Raw paleo is a term she uses to describe her omnivorous way of eating RAW but not vegan. She enjoys all types of raw foods including raw dairy and raw meat. Research has proven that Raw Paleo foods are powerful medicine. The raw animal fats and raw animal proteins help to prevent toxins from entering the body while also eliminating toxins.

Melissa Henig's Coaching Program helps women and men to detox, normalize their appetite, quickly burn fat, have more energy, balance hormones, and have glowing skin. Detox and sculpt your body at once!

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