176: Reframing Negative Thoughts 

How To Reframe Negative Thoughts  

Life can get crazy and stressful. And sometimes, things can bring us into a downward spiral. For some, it may be emotional. But for others, it may be something physical like leaning on comfort food or dealing with weight issues. However, regardless of what situation we are in, my guest, Christa King, says we can weather through all that if we just know how to develop a positive attitude.   

Christa's Fitness Journey  

All success stories come from a sincere motivation to improve and be better. As for Christa King, her journey to a positive attitude revolved around weight issues.   

“Five years ago, I was 50 pounds overweight. My relationships were suffering. I held a Vice President position at work and dealt with a lot of office politics which gave me stress,” shares Christa King.  

Unfortunately, Christa King did not learn the best ways to cope with stress. Relying on sugar, alcohol and refined carbs, she thought it was the best solution to handling stress. However, because of that unhealthy pattern, it led her to gain a lot of weight. Her body, mind, and soul were simply out of balance.   

Finally reaching an all-time high of 192 pounds, Christa King decided enough is enough. Signing up with experts to help her develop a positive attitude, Christa King spent five days with 11 different practitioners. She also reveals that for those who are dealing with weight issues, it is best to keep a food journal to keep track of what you are eating.  

Now motivated to maintain her healthy lifestyle, Christa King left her corporate career behind and became a certified hypnotherapist within four months.  She went on to pursue training to become a health coach as well as a nutritional therapist.   

Cracking The Code  

Looking back, Christa King realized that the diet and fitness industry lacks a holistic approach to dealing with weight issues. Society has long ingrained in our minds that being unhealthy is our fault. Hence, making it hard for us to develop a positive attitude.  

“Through my health journey, not only did I crack the code for my own body. But I also found what was missing,” said Christa King. “What is missing is being able to address the deep neuropathways in the brain that drive 90% of our behavior.”

According to Christa King, shame is one of the causes of why we fail to develop a positive attitude. We must learn not to let shame control us. Otherwise, it would be hard for us to have a healthy relationship with ourselves.   

“Shame comes from all the myths that add up to tell us that we have failed,” Christa King explains. “When it is the diet and fitness industry that failed us. Hence, we must focus on positive thought patterns.”

And just how can we focus on thought patterns? We can do it by releasing the shame and tell ourselves that it is not our fault. Christa King says this is because our body is wired to make us feel safe.  

Handling Stress  

Learning how to conquer stress will greatly help you develop a positive attitude. Just as long as you are in tune to what your mind and body needs, we could quickly identify what are the things that stress us out.   

“Every single body is different. So you want to model optimum health for yourself by thinking of ways on how you can manage your stress,” said Christa King.

Now, I know most of you have heard this before — Exercise is good for you. And it's true! More than the physical benefits, exercising does make us stronger mentally as well. Christa King also says it is best to exercise in the morning.  

“When we workout in the morning, we are getting all those endorphins,” says Christa King. “Pumping our brain full of oxygen helps carry us through our day. It helps in concentration, productivity and managing our stress.”  


Christa King offers a program called Mindzoning. It is a series of audio recordings which are identical to a guided meditation. Ranging from 5 to 45 minutes, most of the recordings are Christa King's voice and mixed with spa music.   

According to Christa King, Mindzoning helps you develop a positive attitude by changing your thought patterns. You will just be amazed at the power of what your mind can do!  

“Over time, you start to take on those thoughts and suggestions,” said Christa King. “But a lot of the Mindzoning are geared to tap into the deep part of your mind. Having a conscious mind creates new thought patterns.”  

Ideally, listening to the audio recordings are best done in the morning. Christa King says that this way, you get to feel energized the whole day. Once the mind is relaxed, we can quickly take on a new thought pattern.   

Strategic Vitality Book  

This is an amazing e-book wherein Christa King expounds on the 11 steps on how to transform yourself. It teaches you how to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. Best of all, you don't have to do it by yourself. If you are struggling with the process, you may do this with a friend. Now, that's fun!  

“We all have a negative bias. It's how our primal brain is wired. It served us well back in caveman days. We were always on alert for danger,” Christa King said. “Unfortunately, we are presented with so much stress in our modern day and doesn't serve us well.”

After surviving a high-stress corporate career, Christa King set out on a journey to find balance, joy and to get her healthy-self back. She went from being 50 lbs. overweight to becoming a certified hypnotherapist, health coach, nutritional therapist, and the founder of Fitlandia.  

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