224: Safe Vaccines

Safe Vaccines 

Safe vaccines are beneficial only if we are informed and educated about what exactly are we being injected with. My guest today, Dr. Paul Thomas is neither pro or anti-vaccine. Now, how is that possible? Well, you're in for a real treat today learning what exactly are safe vaccines.  

Growing Up In Africa  

Dr. Paul Thomas grew up in a village in Africa since his parents were missionaries. At four years old, he became used to living in a hut with no running water nor electricity. Despite that, Dr. Paul Thomas says his childhood was terrific. Being culturally immersed, he even thought of himself as African.   

“Coming from a different culture like that, you are inherently just a little more open to other ideas. One gift my parents gave me was to question authority. That was instilled in me since I was a student in middle school,” recalls Dr. Paul Thomas.  

It's interesting to note that Dr. Paul Thomas even went to high school with the daughters of former president Nelson Mandela. Fast forward years later, Dr. Paul Thomas pursued a medical degree at Dartmouth Medical School in the United States and eventually took his residency in California.   

Residency Years  

During his residency in the mid-1980s, Dr. Paul Thomas says that's where he first saw benefits of vaccines. Pediatric hospitals were filled with children who had various diseases, and meningitis was particularly prevalent.   

Administering vaccines for meningitis became a routine.  Dr. Paul Thomas said that studies even showed that it was effective. The HIB vaccine added later on to the vaccine schedule, and it was also effective in reducing meningitis. Naturally, it became apparent that those were safe vaccines.  

The Fine Line  

Dr. Paul Thomas also says doctors are only taught benefits of the vaccines and not the side effects. They see worse cases in hospitals. Hence, they get the mentality that they need to prevent these things. Dr. Paul Thomas says this is also why doctors have a hard time letting go of this “vaccine miracle” concept.   

“Honestly if you ask pediatricians today, most will tell you that the most preventative health thing that they can do, gives vaccines. That's how they are trained,” said Dr. Paul Thomas.  

Autism And MMR  

So many studies have come out over the years arguing on what are safe vaccines. It's a never-ending debate. Dr. Paul Thomas has read so many materials on safe vaccines, and one, in particular, intrigued him.  

Dr. Paul Thomas across the article by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 2000, where Dr. Andrew Wakefield wrote about the MMR vaccine and autism. According to Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Andrew Wakefield didn't say the MMR vaccine caused autism. That article which was later on retracted, only suggested that perhaps there might be a link. Dr. Andrew Wakefield was just presenting some case studies in that particular piece.  

“I didn't think vaccines were a part of the problem of autism. In my experience, I saw zero cases of autism in the four years I was at Dartmouth Medical School in the early 1980s,” said Dr. Paul Thomas.  

But Dr. Paul Thomas also shares that during his 3-year residency from 1985 to 1988, he did see a couple of cases of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified).  PDD-NOS is the equivalent of the autism spectrum child today.   

Despite that, Dr. Paul Thomas says it was nothing like the severe cases these days where you see a child who is normal about a year of age and then regresses to being non-verbal, miserable and disconnected.   

Ideally, Dr. Paul Thomas says that we should only be administered one aluminum-containing vaccine at a time. Furthermore, he advises waiting till after age three before a child is given the MMR vaccine.   

Shifting to Alternative Medicine  

Dr. Paul Thomas started knowing more about alternative medicine around November 2007. He became active in attending conferences and learning about Integrative Medicine.    

Dr. Paul Thomas remembers that the turning point in his career was seeing a two-year-old patient in a push stroller.  The toddler's head was going back and forth. Dr. Paul Thomas takes pride in being able to connect with kids. But in this case, he wasn't successful.  

“I couldn't connect. It was the fourth case in four years. That was the last straw for me,” Dr. Paul Thomas said. “So I told my partners I would stop giving Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns and slow down the vaccine schedule. Within a month, I was ousted from the partnership after a secret meeting.”  

Blessing In Disguise  

Looking back, Dr. Paul Thomas says being ousted from the medical practice partnership was the biggest blessing of his life. Six months later, Dr. Paul Thomas opened Integrative Pediatrics, which is his pediatric practice today.    

From a thousand patients, Dr. Paul Thomas says it grew to over 13,000 patients in the next few years. He even had to be closed to new patients for several years, because his practice couldn't keep up with the demand.   

Safe Vaccines  

Dr. Paul Thomas says that generally speaking, what people look for is really informed consent. This means people want to have the ability of choice, ability to have a doctor who listens to them and a doctor who's educated and informed on what exactly are safe vaccines.   

“You don't have to dig far to know that vaccines have caused tremendous harm. Have they had benefits? Absolutely. Which is why I remain somewhat on the neutral side in saying that I am not anti-vaccine,” said Dr. Paul Thomas. “I'm pro-safe vaccines. I've progressed along to the point where I now don't believe there is such a thing.”  

In other words, Dr. Paul Thomas says it's impossible to have 100% safe vaccines. This is because we are injecting things that stimulate the immune system. This alone poses some benefits and risks. Apart from that, Dr. Paul Thomas says we're also injecting toxins and elements that overstimulate the immune system.  

Informed Choices  

Dr. Paul Thomas reveals that medical students are not taught that there is a vaccine compensation program. Doctors aren't trained about the vaccine adverse events reporting system.   

Furthermore, Dr. Paul Thomas says it is essential that we need to look for a doctor who asks the ‘why' questions. And do our research as well.  

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan   

Dr. Paul Thomas' book is about a safe and effective approach to immunity and health.  It covers a vaccine-friendly plan from pregnancy to a child's teenage years. The book is really for people who genuinely want to follow the CDC schedule.  

The guiding principle of the book is to minimize toxins, minimize risks, and still get some protection. Dr. Paul Thomas also singles out that aluminum is toxic, yet if you postpone some of the childhood vaccines until they're older, it will make sense for a lot of reasons.   

“I wrote my book because after I started my practice, I instituted what I called the Vaccine-Friendly Plan. Don't do vaccines during pregnancy,” advises Dr. Paul Thomas. “No Hepatitis vaccine until you're at least pre-teen unless the birth mother has Hepatitis B. And there's no need for polio because it's not infectious.”  

Vaccine-Friendly Plan Limitations   

Under the plan, Dr. Paul Thomas has gathered data from over 1000 patients.  From the batch, 894 patients were vaccinated, and 238 patients weren't vaccinated.   

From that data, Dr. Paul Thomas found out that all of the patients with autism was in the group that was most vaccinated. On the contrary, there was no autism in the unvaccinated group.  

“But a little caveat. There were 3 cases in the Vaccine-Friendly Plan, of children who were starting to show autistic-like symptoms such as decreased eye contact and language delay,” shares Dr. Paul Thomas. “Anytime I would see any delay; I would immediately stop further vaccines. I wish doctors and family practitioners would follow that principle.”  

Dr. Paul Thomas also reports that three kids in the Vaccine-Friendly Plan and five kids in the vaccinated group returned to normal. This was after Dr. Paul Thomas stopped administering the rest of the vaccines.  

Hepatitis Vaccine  

Dr. Paul Thomas believes that Hepatitis A Vaccine is unnecessary. In fact, Dr. Paul Thomas has not encountered a Hepatitis A case in his entire medical career.   

For children, in particular, Dr. Paul Thomas says Hepatitis A is a benign, mild, cold, flu-like illness. It is harmless and apparently, we develop a natural immunity to it. Hence, we do not need a vaccine for it.   

Dr. Paul Thomas recalls that it was around 2001 that doctors were giving Hepatitis B  vaccine to teenagers. Years before that, the vaccine was only given to healthcare workers.   

So scientifically speaking, Dr. Paul Thomas says it made no sense injecting a newborn.  This is because babies have an immature immune system and it is unnecessary to vaccinate them with a vaccine preventing a disease that they won't see until they become teenagers.  

“We already know from all sorts of vaccine research that the younger you are, you get less of a protective antibody response,” said Dr. Paul Thomas. “This is why we do all these boosters for these childhood vaccines because we get such a weak response when we're very young.”  

Chicken Pox Vaccine  

Dr. Paul Thomas says the whole situation surrounding chicken pox is tragic. He shares that before 1965, we all had the chicken pox. We mainly had to be around people who had chicken pox to boost our immunity.   

Since we had this vaccine program, the medical field then started adding a booster around 1995. Dr. Paul Thomas said the vaccine did pretty well for a long time. Shingles were in fact, only something that old people got.   

“Before the chicken pox vaccine was instituted as a national program, we had about 50 deaths per year in the U.S. from chicken pox. Not many died due to shingles. Now, it's the opposite. There are fewer deaths from chicken pox and more from shingles. Shingles even occur in children now.”  

Big Bucks  

We all know that the medical field is a lucrative business. Pharmaceutical companies earn a lot from selling medication and doctors are often willing to grab the chance to earn a lot from the medication they prescribe to patients.  

“Two big incentives are pushing doctors and hospitals to do vaccines. One is financial, and the other is quality measures,” reveals Dr. Paul Thomas.   

He adds, “The markup on vaccines is as low as $1. But an average of $15 per shot is given to doctors, not counting all the child visits. Other states have a $200 per patient bonus by having children fully-vaccinated.”  

Herd Immunity  

Dr. Paul Thomas says that in medical school, students are taught that by vaccinating the population, you are protecting everybody including those not yet vaccinated. In some cases, this is true. But in most cases, Dr. Paul Thomas says it's completely wrong.   

Dr. Paul Thomas cites Hepatitis B as an example wherein the herd immunity is not applicable. Essentially, you can't have herd immunity if the vaccine is not working. But some data shows vaccinated people can still carry and transmit disease. So, they are contributing to infecting the herd.   

Another study shows results of patients who had the influenza vaccine. Apparently, when a vaccinated person coughs, Dr. Paul Thomas says they are in fact, emitting 630% more influenza than an unvaccinated infected person.   

“Vaccines trigger an antibody response to one particular thing. It does nothing to boost the rest of your immune system,” Dr. Paul Thomas said. “The only way to know if the vaccine is truly improving our health would be through long-term studies, comparisons, and health outcomes over several years.”  


Dr. Paul Thomas has started a registry, the PHOI, to gather more information about vaccines.  It is also an excellent resource to find out what are the safe vaccines.   

“It's not for everybody to sign up. Because to be a part of this registry, you have to be at present, in my clinic with a newborn. We are only registering newborns, and we are going to track their health for 18 years,” said Dr. Paul Thomas.  

Dr. Paul Thomas is happy to announce that there's also another clinic in Houston that's coming on board plus a couple more mainstream clinics. The goal is to look at all parameters that might affect health outcome.   

“There are plenty of things we can do, and a lot has to do with having a balanced immune system,” said Dr. Paul Thomas. “It's not how well you vaccinate that determines your health. It's how balanced your immune system is.”  


Dr. Paul Thomas shares that immunosuppressant drugs are one of the top 5 moneymakers in the United States. However, immunosuppressant drugs put one at risk for infection and cancer. As a result, Dr. Paul Thomas believes we're creating a perfect storm by destroying our body's immunity and triggering inflammation.    

“We need to eat real food, get extra vitamin D and reduce stress. Our body is wired for fight or flight because our hormones set it up,” said Dr. Paul Thomas. “Make sure to get enough sleep, exercise, fix the biome, get healthy bacteria in the gut and eat organic foods to bring down the toxic load.”  

Be Informed  

Speaking of toxic load, you'd be surprised to know how much toxins and heavy metals we have in our body. There was a Heavy Metals Summit recently, and I'm inviting listeners to sign up to check out the fantastic speakers participating in the summit.  

“Remind listeners to let parents be parents. Insist on informed consent. It means you're told the risk, the benefits and alternatives to the procedure. Then your choice needs to be honored,” said Dr. Paul Thomas. “Secondly, we need more platforms to get the word out there. Every person has to go on this journey. And have the courage to reject junk science.” 

Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D., F.A.A.P., received his M.D. from Dartmouth Medical School and completed his pediatric residency at the University of California San Diego. He is a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, board-certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and a diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine.   

Dr. Paul Thomas taught residents and medical students from 1988 to 1993, practiced at Westside Pediatrics from 1993 to 2008 and opened his practice in 2008 Integrative Pediatrics, where he currently serves over 13,000 patients in the Portland, Oregon metro area.   

Dr. Paul Thomas is the Founder of PHOI (Pediatric Health Outcomes Initiative). He is a Founding Director of PIC (Physicians for Informed Consent). And a Co-Chair for OFMF (Oregonians for Medical Freedom). He is the co-author (with Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.) of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-From Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years published 2016 from Ballantine. 

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