59: Sal La Duca – Is EMF Pollution Harming Your Family?

What Is Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation and What Can We Do To Stop It?

Sal La Duca performs Indoor Environmental Assessments, focusing on reducing exposures that interfere with normal human biology. Chemical and electromagnetic pollution in our homes and work environments can disrupt our nervous system and our bodies ability to maintain homeostasis. He can help people in person by assessing their homes, and for those around the world he can help them with a remote consultation.

The safety of smart meters, WiFi, cellular towers, computers and all the wireless devices we use each day are taken for granted. This is VERY new technology! When we think of the evolution of man and how many thousands, if not millions of years, we have been on this planet slowly evolving electricity alone has only been here for a few generations.

We take for granted that we are safe to use all of the devices we can buy and plug into the walls of our homes. Never thinking that our home could have faulty wiring or our bed could be exposed to too much EMF irritation.

Sal La Duca

My guest is an expert in helping people make their homes and offices safer places from dirty electricity and EMF exposure. Electromagnetic fields from the wires around us cause stress upon our nervous system and disrupt our bodies processes!

Sal La Duca is passionate about improving others' lives through sharing his knowledge of how they can improve their health by improving the electromagnetic environment of their home and workplace.

“I receive referrals sometimes months or years after an initial encounter, so that provides an implied positive feedback that I do not usually get directly, as individuals' lives being improved, they get busy in their own ventures.” Sal shares.

In this episode Sal La Duca explains why we should all:
Remove all Electrics by the bedside.
Remove all Wireless devices by the bedside.
Use Shielded cords in your office area when possible.

Sal La Duca's Bio:

RFSO (Radio frequency Safety Officer), NARDA Microwave
CIEC (Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant) IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)
BBEC (Building Biology Environmental Consultant) IBE (Institute of Building biology and Ecology)
BSBA – University of Phoenix
FCC Licensed (First Class with radar endorsement, when acquired, and still valid)
Power System Load Dispatcher – 6 years
Nuclear Reactor Operator – 6 years
Electronic Technician – 40 years

Sal La Duca's website is filled with very valuable science-based information for improving the electromagnetic and chemical environment of your home: emfrelief.com

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