174: Souping Is The New Juicing

souping is the new juicing

Souping Is The New Juicing

Juicing shot up the popularity meter ever since people have attested to its benefits. Soups, on the other hand, have been around way longer and has its advantages, too. However, people more often than not, confuse the two. So I'm glad to have Cherie Calbom back on the show to explain why souping is the new juicing.

Cherie Calbom graduated with a Master of Science degree in Whole Foods Nutrition from Bastyr University. Aside from her interest in the Holistic world, her passion was initially triggered by her health journey.

It turns out that Cherie Calbom dealt with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years. However, after doing juicing and souping for three months, she was able to heal herself. This led Cherie Calbom to develop juicing and soup recipes to help other people as well.

Soup Recipes

“I have a lot of raw soups. We came up with title to encompass a broad range of mixtures,” said Cherie Calbom. “Souping encompasses all the blending such as cold soups, cooked soups, and chunky soups.”

Out of all the type of soups, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups have the most enzymes and vitamins are well-preserved. Soups 118 degrees or below is likewise still considered raw food as well as dehydrated foods.

Essentially, souping is a new concept. More importantly, it does not eject the pulp of the ingredients. Hence, it preserves the nutrients. Because of this, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups are often requested by her clients in her detoxification program.

Ideal Comfort Food

Cherie Calbom says souping triggers memories. Hence, it is regarded as an excellent comfort food aside from its healing properties. A perfect example of this is chicken soup. People have many versions of chicken soup. However, people usually associate it with the times when they are cared for by their loved ones whenever they are sick.

On the other hand, my personal experience with soups is when my husband's constipation was healed after giving him bone broth-based soups once a day for a week. A Naturopath initially suggested making my husband drink soups to heal the gut. I admit I was skeptical at first, but I eventually turned into a believer after my husband was healed.

Watercress Soup Diet

Cherie Calbom attests that her watercress soup diet is highly effective. In fact, she previously had 55 ladies who signed up for her soup challenge, and all had positive feedback about the diet.

souping is the new juicing

“They had two meals that were soup. One is like a smoothie or whole soup for breakfast and then watercress soup for lunch,” said Cherie Calbom. “Watercress soup takes away appetite. Dinner was low-carb, and starches and protein were omitted.”

Success Stories

According to Cherie Calbom, her clients mostly lost a considerable amount of weight. Some patients lost an average of 7 to 19 pounds while one client lost as much as 24 lbs.!

“The watercress diet got rid of water. It also helped that clients on a diet avoided all inflammatory foods like sweets, dairy, grains, junk food and sports drinks,” Cherie Calbom said. “Clients lost an average of 2.5 lbs a week. Their blood sugar likewise went down.”

Nutritional Benefits Of Watercress

Cherie Calbom says that in a recent study of superfoods, research showed that watercress garnered a score of 100 regarding which vegetable had the most nutrients. It beat out things like kale and spinach. Hence, Cherie Calbom advises people that watercress should be every part of a treatment plan.

She cautions, however, to make sure to buy watercress from a good source. Otherwise, we would be in danger of getting liver parasites. Furthermore, Cherie Calbom clarified that consuming organic watercress provides maximum nutrient benefits. She affirms that doing a watercress diet is indeed extremely useful for healing thyroid problems.

“Thyroid issues are becoming very common today due to halogens in our environment,” said Cherie Calbom. “Watercress is effective in healing thyroid problems because it is rich in iodine.”

Cherie Calbom's Book

Souping is the New Juicing is Cherie Calbom's new book. The book is a wealth of information and recipes aimed at cleansing, weight loss, and healing. Furthermore, souping is perfect for those people who do not have time to do juicing.

Available on Amazon as well as on Cherie Calbom's official website, the book includes lots of soups using watercress.

30-Day Detox Program

Signing up for this program is an excellent way to get rid of toxins in the body. Most people do not realize that having so much waste and heavy metals in the body hampers the organs from functioning well.

Clients will likewise be educated on the right foods to eat and how these foods stimulate the body. Once people understand how consuming the right foods can help them attain optimal health, the next step would be to help them maintain the diet.

“You can heal your body at the cellular level. It can help you change your life,” Cherie Calbom said. “As long as you are willing to do the work, there are high hopes that you can change what is going on.”

souping is the new juicing

Cherie Calbom MSN holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University.

Known as “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, she is the author of 33 books including her latest The Juice Lady's Guide to Fasting and Sugar Knockout.

She and her husband offer juice cleanse retreats throughout the year, 30-Day Detox online and Garden's Best Juice Powder. She has lectured worldwide on juicing, detoxing and fasting including consulting for the Royal Family of the UAE.

Winner of the TTAC Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with juicing and detoxification, Calbom's blogs and books on juicing, cleansing and health have helped thousands of people live healthier lives.

She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and WCBS/NY. Her articles have appeared in NY Daily News, Miami Herald, Essence Magazine, First for Women, and Woman's World.

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