375: Spiritual Healing In The Real World

Eric Thorton And Ashley James


  • Properly letting go of the physicalness of a soul.
  • Ashley shares her healing session with Eric.
  • Possession and exorcisms in the real world.
  • Negative thought forms and energies.
  • The addiction to oil and meat

In this episode, Eric Thorton talks about how the remains of our departed loved ones affect our overall health, and how to properly dispose their physical memories. He will also discuss negative thought forms, possession, and exorcism. Ashley also describes her amazing healing session with Eric and how she overcomes her “self-talk” that’s fighting her will to be on a healthy track.


Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. You're in for a big treat. Eric Thornton is coming back on the show today. I've interviewed him several times, if you want to listen to the interviews I did with him before, you can go to www.learntruehealth.com and search Eric Thorton in the search bar for the past episodes. He is a spiritual healer. And when I set out to start the podcast Learn True Health I knew that health was not just physical, that it was emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic. So we have to address all aspects of life. Now, I thought when I first started interviewing Eric, that it might be too out there, like I might turn people off because it was, you know, we're talking about stuff that's not in the mainstream. We're talking about spirituality and energy healing and stuff that some people might… I don't know, I was afraid that it wouldn't land well, and boy, did I have nothing to worry about. I have had a flood of listeners tell me that their favorite interviews of all 300 plus interviews has been the ones with Eric Thorton. I've had listeners right in our Facebook group, the Learn True Health Facebook group to tell me that Eric Thorton's interviews change their life, completely shifted their entire world, has helped them to understand their life and the problems that they're facing in a whole new way. So as I kept getting this wonderful feedback from you, I was encouraged to keep having Eric on the show. And I'm really glad that he's being well received. Because what I've learned from him has made a big difference in my life. And today in this interview, you're going to hear my experience of my first session working with him in which he helped me to resolve a major life issue that I had since I was nine that it was running my life. And so you get to hear about my session.

[2:16] Ashley James: I am very thankful that I have this platform. I built this platform to share this with you, to provide a way for you to have access to healers, like Eric. So in one episode, you're going to hear from a doctor on how to reverse diabetes. And in another episode, you'll hear about how to balance hormones and another you might hear about how to lower stress or increase sleep. And then in this one you're going to hear about how to protect yourself energetically, how to rid yourself of energies that are unwanted, what to do with the remains of loved ones, and why we should do certain things with ashes or with burials to support our overall health; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So we get into some pretty interesting topics today. And we also get into some physical healing around diet and nutrition. And so it's all just great stories. Just know that you're going to get a variety of topics when you listen to the Learn True Health podcast. I urge you to join the Facebook group. If you haven't already, please come and join the Learn True Health Facebook group just search Learn True Health in Facebook. Because every week we're doing giveaways, we're answering health questions, listeners love communicating with each other in the community. And it's been such a positive experience to hear from all the listeners and sharing their stories and their healing journeys, and asking questions and learning from each other. So come learn from the entire Learn True Health community by joining the Learn True Health Facebook group. As I was editing today's show to post it, I got a little hungry, and I snapped on my favorite snack. And I want to tell you that if you haven't tried EnergyBits yet, you're missing out and you've got to get some. I interviewed Catharine Arnston several times, I believe it's four times I've had her on the show now. She's an expert in algae. And it's amazing. It's a crop. So you can't really call it a supplement. But it's these little M&M sized tablets that you chew. And actually it does taste quite good. Other brands don't taste good. But her brand does taste good. And I chewed and as I was chewing on them, I thought I gotta make sure that you guys know, if you haven't already listened to the interviews with Catharine Arnston or learned about Energy Bits, you definitely need to know about them, you can go to www.energybits.com and use the coupon code LTH to get 20% off. Buy a bag of EnergyBits, they deliver an amazing amount of pure protein that your body readily absorbs. So within minutes of chewing them and swallowing, you get a boost of energy and there's no caffeine, it's just you're getting an energy source, it's pure. So get some Energy Bits, which are the spirulina or the Recovery Bits, which are the chlorella and Recovery Bits are the ones that will actually detox the body in heavy metals. So listen to the episodes with Catharine Arnston and go to www.learntruehealth.com, type in algae in the search bar, or you can type in EnergyBits in the search bar. And listen to those past interviews if you haven't already, and try some Energy Bits and some Recovery Bits for yourself. Because they're amazing. I eat them every day. Listeners in the Facebook group are posting, if you follow in our Facebook group, you'll see listeners say “I love them and I eat them every day.” And it makes such a big difference. So many people are saying that in the Facebook group, I thought you know, if you haven't joined the Facebook group yet, you might not have seen that our community is saying how much they just love EnergyBits and the Recovery Bits, and that they do notice a difference. So give them a try. They're fantastic snack that will totally take away your hunger and increase your energy and also provide you with minerals and vitamins and detox your body. So many good things. And when you go to www.energybits.com, be sure to use the listener coupon code LTH that gives you 20% off and you can use it every time you place an order. That's LTH coupon code for 20% off at www.energybits.com. Excellent. Well, thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this information with your friends and family. Please come join the Learn True Health Facebook group and be part of our community. I can't wait to meet you there. Have yourself a fantastic rest your day and enjoy today's interview.

[7:07] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health Podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James. This is Episode 375.

We're back here with Eric Thorton and not much time has passed for the listeners. Because I just recently published our last interview. But for me, a lot of things have happened because I had my session with you.

[7:37] Eric Thorton: It was good.

[7:39 ] Ashley James: And we're going to talk a bit about that. And we're going to talk about a few other really interesting topics. So for those who've never heard Eric, I definitely encourage you to go back and listen to the other episodes where we were discussing karma and spiritual health and how that all of this cultivating spiritual health cascades into developing physical health and mental health and emotional health. And so we've covered that over a period of several interviews. And I've gotten great feedback from a lot of listeners saying they love learning from you. I've had a few listeners say it's been a life changing, hearing what you've said, really helped make their lives make sense. And so we're just going to continue to have Eric on as we dive deeper into the spiritual topics. And hopefully everyone can find more clarity and the answers that they're looking for. Because as we go to heal our body physically, many listeners have physical ailments, we need to look at emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, energetic health, and how every aspect of our life contributes to either physically being ill, or physically being well, and building ourselves back up. And so that's what we do with Eric, when we come and learn more about the spiritual realm. So welcome back.

[9:03] Eric Thorton: Thank you. The spiritual realm, well I'm happy to do this, because my purpose in life is to teach people about the soul and how it affects us energetically, mentally, physically, etc. And that's my goal in life. So whatever people can gain from it maybe can offer a little bit of non biased, maybe a little bit of non bias because I'm not against religion, but I don't promote it. I'm not against the New Age, but I don't promote it. I'm stuck and I'm caught in a bridge between the two. And it's very grounding. And we try to make it logic, we try to make it understandable instead of a mystery in the work we do. And that's why people, it often change their life, because it's like, “Oh, that's what that means.” So if you're a religious person, we can actually help you, if you love that, help you have a better walk with your religion. And if you're not, we hope you have a better life, a better walk has non religious. So there's no judgment here in that respect. So everything we do, everything I say to people is to help explain who they are, what they are, why they're here, how it's affecting their body, what that's all for. And we look at everything that happens to the body, to the soul, everything to look as the learning experience. Because the education of the soul is the purpose of life, the soul bears repeating, the soul can't taste a strawberry, it can't be male or female. Yeah, those are animal things. And it comes here to experience, it comes to the human – ours type sold us to a human body to experience these things. And to gain that compassion from having to have to go through the processes that we as our animal goes through, over time it gives you a god like compassion and love for all species. It's like you got an older soul person, they're going to love animals, they may not own a half a lot of them, they still love them, or someone who's younger, so they can eat them, you know, and abuse them on the way. Someone that's in between maybe wants them taken care of better before they eat them. It's not wrong to eat them. It's just how we deal with it, that's wrong. But anyway, the purpose why I'm doing this is just to help people get a different perspective, that maybe make sense for them. And then the healing sessions are to help people heal such as yourself, of things that drive us in a way that we don't understand, because the medicine men and women are not part of our lives anymore. So like with your healing session, you know, things changed for you. And they of course let you talk about that. But this is common. Things change at this different level and it relieves stress. And just by relieving stress changes how the body deals with life. And if a person is being compelled by something, causing them a tremendous amount of stress, their body can't cleanse itself. Their body can't repair itself well, it changes your immune system, it changes your biochemical function. And if you can just relieve the stressor, things start to change all on their own. So as you'll see my website it says I'm an exorcist. I am. Exorcist means energy removal. It implies all these drama from TV and movies. But there can be a little drama. But most the time it's not, if you do it with full sight, full hearing and full knowledge. Because then there's no argument, there's no guessing. It's just there you see it, you experience it, you can remove it. So anyway, that's why I like doing this, is to help get that out. So tell me about your experience.

[13:16] Ashley James: Well, yeah. Before I do, I want clarification for you. You said newer souls will just eat meat and might abuse animals, medium souls start to think what is humane treatment for animals and then old souls, souls that have had more experience in incarnations – they want to become vegetarian or vegan, they want animals treated properly, and they don't want to kill them for sustenance. But then you said it's not wrong to eat animals. Can you elaborate on that? I know we talked about this in a different context, but this idea of creating that wrongness or that guilt, right? To have people feel a sense of wrongness or guilt. Can you just explain why and I know you're a vegetarian yourself, but can you explain why it isn't negative to eat animals as you were pointing out?

[14:21] Eric Thorton: Well, energetically, it's not negative to eat the animal, if everything has a proper balance. So if we're going out, and let's say a hunter wants to get some meat. If he goes out, and he or she goes out and kills an animal properly, doesn't use a bow and arrow where they run around for 10 hours or two or three days dying, they shoot them, they'd shoot them properly. The animal is biochemically in better condition for eating because it doesn't have all that adrenaline and all that other stuff going on. But you've honored the animal by taking its life swiftly. And animals are a lower species and all lower species on every planet in the universe are subject to being used by the higher species in many different ways. You know, we unfortunately use elephants for example for many different purposes. I don't know if people eat them or not. But I would expect if they were desperate enough. So we use them in many ways. And it's fine if you're honoring the animal. If you're abusing the animal in any way shape or form, it changes them biochemically. But it also changes the way you digest them, the way you use them. Now meat itself, as we get older, our bodies can't tolerate it because it acidifies the body. Not going to go into that whole thing right now. But it does as everybody knows, when your body gets acid, you can grow things that you don't want to grow, called cancer. And if you keep your pH higher, you will not grow as many cancers. And I'm sure you've had people on talking about pH because that's a very important part of physical health. And so as we age, we can't tolerate meat well because of that factor takes a long time to digest, and it puts acid in our system. That being said, if you have an abused animal, it tastes different. It digests completely different. My family are a bunch of sensitive. So I mentioned in this episode we had with chicken that we got that was organic from Whole Foods. I bought two chickens. And we were eating meat then. And some of my kids telling me and I don't have a problem with it. It's just not okay for me anymore because of my age. But these chickens were organic, free range, everything you can possibly do to be the most natural it can be from a supermarket. And I just cooked it up their favorite way and served it. And literally, the kids were pushing it around the plate. And they always love to eat it before. They were just kind of pushing it around the plate. And then I took a leg and the leg was broken. So I looked at the other leg, the leg was broken. So that my kids were picking up on that abuse. And I had not blessed the animal for giving it life. Its life for our sustenance, I hadn't taken away in the prayer is supposed to, in your intention with an animal in your intention or prayer, you thank it, by thanking it you're removing the drama, the drama and the trauma. And so it comes in more neutrally. Most people don't even think of doing that. And so I thought well, this is a good experiment, because I had another chicken from the same batch. So we literally threw away the chicken, we couldn't eat it. One bite my stomach's turned because we're sensitive to that type of abuse. And so in the garbage it went two weeks later, I took out the other chicken that had been frozen, so it wasn't as good. As far as you know, when you freeze me it's not as good as when it's fresh. And I cooked it up the exact same way. Blessed it remove the trauma and the drama. They ate it like they didn't even think about it and both legs were still broken. So the circumstance of the death of the animal is huge in the way we process it and digest it. Whether we're sensitive to it or not, it still is happening. It's all energy. So if you have all that negativity, you know, you watch the Cowspiracy, why do they even do this to the animals? You know, I'm watching them lock the tail off of an animal before it goes in to get shot. It has to stand there while they lock the tail off and it screams, you're getting in all of that from the food. And plants, don't get me wrong plants have life. But they don't have suffering. That's a mammal, an animal thing. Plants – they die, yes, but they don't have suffering. So people say, well I eat plants because well there's no soul. No, there are souls in plants, but they don't have the nerves and the suffering. And so when you pick a plant, the soul leaves. It's like if I cut down a tree, I asked the soul to leave before we cut down the tree and it goes okay, and it goes into seedling or something, the energy of that life force. It doesn't have a problem. And so when you're eating a plant, you don't have the drama and the trauma period. It's not there. And while you eat the animal it can. And that is a problem for the human body. So it damaged me. So now I don't eat it. But I'm not a vegan extremist. It's what a body needs. And ultimately, as we age, we all need to alkaline our bodies, period. And that's the best way to do it, is to eliminate your meat.

[20:45] Ashley James: Can you see souls like when you said you cut down a tree or you pick the plants, can you see the soul leave or if you've watched an animal die, or a human dies, you see souls leave?

[20:57 ] Eric Thorton: Yes, I do. For example, when you talk to trees, you hear people talking to trees, you're talking to their monad – the sum total of all their knowledge, of all of that species of knowledge. So when it leaves it's quite dramatic. When that soul leaves I see it, there's a tint change. And the tree will sit there and start to look unhealthy immediately. And like when you pick a flower, it takes so long for it to wither. Well, trees are the same thing. And it still has the evaporation happening pulling water from the earth, evaporation happening in the leaves. So you get the, I forgot what it's called.

[21:45] Ashley James: The photosynthesis?

[21:49] Eric Thorton: No. Photosynthesis is the end result. But there's a pull, the water evaporates from the leaf, it pulls the water from the ground. So that's still going on. But there's no life force to create photosynthesis. So it immediately gets a slightly dull look to it, to me, because I see that that life force is gone. The spark is gone. And then within a few weeks, it starts looking [Inaudible 22:12] anybody can see. Yeah, we see the souls of trees and everything else. So it's like I have fish tanks in my office with the fish tank. And when the fish die, if I'm around, I see the soul from the fish go running around my house, I go up to the fish dead zone and one of the tanks, I have to go fish it out.

[22:37] Ashley James: You've seen a soul of one of your fish swimming around your house. And that's what prompts you to go find the floating fish in one of your tanks?

[22:46] Eric Thorton: If I was home when it died, I would see that before it left. You know a fish soul isn't to come back and visit like a dog, but a fish it'll just whirl around the house for a while and off it goes. So if I'm home, I will see it, a little light that I see floating around the house. And it's like, oh, when I go which tank is it to the guides and this one now sure enough, I go find the dead fish. But if I'm not home, because it's not a soul that repeats that visit, I don't know. And then I have to find the dead fish like anybody else. There it is. There it is. There it is floating. You know.

[23:27] Ashley James: I think conceptually always believes in a soul until I held my mother's hand when she died. And then I got to actually experience her soul move through me and fill the room. And that was like, that was just there's no there's no question in my mind. Because I felt it. It was very real.

[23:53] Eric Thorton: It is very real. It's like they proved there's the whole song about it and the stuff that there's actually weight to a soul. They proved it back in the 30s or 20s or something like that. But it's amazing how science doesn't want to repeat that experiment.

[24:09] Ashley James: It could be someone while they die.

[24:12] Eric Thorton: Well, it's easy to do. But now we got better skills than they have in 1920. So they could actually get that it's 1/200th of an ounce or something like that to change and you think they would get heavier when you die. Because the centrifugal force of the blood being pushed around your body would give a little bit lighter lift with each heartbeat. But they don't. And it's so much of a percent of an ounce or whatever it is to get lighter. They get wider. Yeah because it's measurable. And nobody wants to do the experiment now. Because, well, I don't know why. I actually don't. I think it'd be very interesting to prove that there is something that leaves, but science doesn't believe that. I guess that's why they don't do it.

[24:57] Ashley James: Well, they can't make a drug, so why would they be putting all that money into that kind of research? There's not there's not a drug they can patent.

[25:04] Eric Thorton: Yeah, but not a lot of money in that. But science eventually, always proves out spiritual healing and spirituality. It's like Einstein, he theorized that the earth is in a time wave. I forget the exact words right now. Well, they proved it two years ago. You know, they have such sensitive experiences now that they put this little box that picks up, I read about it, you can read about it online, in the NASA journals, but I forget what it's all called. But there's this box that can measure magnetic pole. And they put it up on one of the satellites and it measured magnetic pole around the earth in all these different places. And they showed that we were in a time warp. That's what Einstein call it. And it proved that we're in a time warp. And that's what time does, science proves out these things. You can't see it, but it's still there. So science needs to go on, in my opinion. Well, there is a soul there, it keeps us alive. Well, let's learn to work with that. But no, they go, “Nope, don't want to go there.” And they have to go eventually. Because that's what science is.

[26:24] Ashley James: You reminded me of a study that I read recently that blew my mind; the power of prayer, and those who are atheists or not. I mean everyone who listens to the show all come from different backgrounds. So for some people the idea of prayer is very foreign. Our four year old the other day I talked to him about prayer. And he goes, “I don't know how.” Well, it's something we learn how to do. But prayer doesn't have to be religious, it can be spiritual. But they did these experiments where they had a group of people praying for and, again not a religious, one specific religion, but just the idea of closing your eyes and sending an intention and asking for goodness to happen to someone. And they did this for people in a hospital. And they found that those who were prayed for got better faster, and had a higher survival rate than those who weren't prayed for. And that's like you said.

[27:26] Eric Thorton: And it is very consistent. It's absolutely consistent. I mean it's 100% of the people that would be experimented with, they may not build a measure at all on every person, but something will be changing them. Biblically, if you're using the Bible, it's called the gift of petition. And some people have a little more of it than others. But that means when you ask, it will be considered. It's not the gift of command, but the gift of petition, it's called. It's amazing what our intentions do. It slips right into one of the subjects we're talking about today – ashes.

[28:13] Ashley James: I definitely want to get into that. Do you want to talk about that first, then we'll talk about my experience working with you?

[28:19] Eric Thorton: Okay. So the intention, when the power of petition works all the way to the point of death, and after death. It's not just when you're alive. So you have someone who's, let's just talk about death for a moment. It's kind of the first starting of that. When you die, the soul that can be weighed leaves the body, it's a freeing that occurs. People, if they're aware of spiritual growth, they actually celebrate when they leave the body. Because it's like a huge relief of pressure on the soul. That being said, when you're dying, people can hold you back. You hear all these stories about people dying in the hospital when everyone goes and gets a cup of coffee? Because their intention, “Oh, poor. Oh, no. We don't want him to die. No, and we have to be here for them.” You're holding on to that soul with that intention. And so everybody leaves, gets distracted by the sniff of coffee and then they escape. Well, it doesn't end there. We have these things, we have to dispose of the body. And throughout history, if you look at all the cultures, the cultures cremate, bury, things like that. They all have developed celebrations of death at some point to let them go. Well, today we have the technology to keep them. We keep the ashes, we want to do the right thing with them, we want this, that and the other. But when you leave the body correctly, the soul doesn't care anymore, what happens with the ashes. It's our ego that wants to hang on to them because we love our loved ones, we we adore them, we don't want to let their memory go. But when you hold on to the ashes, you're actually preventing – what I have noticed it's been my experience, is you're preventing the astral body, which is partly ego from fading, and the etheric body moving on between the into the life between lives. So when I touch somebody's ashes, someone brings them to me. It's as if the person that has died is standing right in front of me. And they're still based on their thought process, if you will, is still based on ego. So they're still concerned about family and the specifics. And like money, health, on and on and on where if we move forward correctly and the astral body has died, or faded, and the etheric bodies in the life between lives, we call those the ancestors. And they're here to wish you good will, love, all the experience possible so you can grow spiritually, little care about your body's pain and suffering anymore. But the astral body still does. And so when someone I've noticed, and it's happened hundreds of times, to me, is it's not just a one time incident, when I touch the ashes or the container, it's like there they are as if they'd never died. And they know they're dead, but they're still hooked on the ego, because they haven't been able to be let go of yet. So the act of burying the ashes, scattering the ashes, you are mentally letting go of that contract with your loved ones. And that includes pets. And when you do that, it is the end of that connection to the physicalness of that person. And it enhances the connection to the soul of that person. The etheric body is a much more delightful thing to have around us. Our ancestors are grand, and have the best intention for us. But they can't get there unless we let go. And so I've shared that with a lot of people. And when they have let go of them, they feel better. They feel it's complete. And that's why throughout the world, we have all societies who never talk to each other at all do these burial rites, some like this, some bury, some mummify, but they put it in another place and they let go of it. Because that's a universal knowing of all people feel that. It's like when your mom died, you felt her soul leaving. Well, if you're holding on to it, that still can't leave all the way. So then when you finally do it, let go and it's like you feel clean. So I don't agree with saving ashes for any length of time. You know, if you take a month, or two, or three or five, or whatever to do what you want to do with the ashes to fulfill the person last wishes, terrific. And then we've got to move on. And then it helps the whole family because they become ancestors position to everybody in the family. And that includes people we don't even know, part of the extended family that we don't even know that they get to help. So it helps heal. You might look at it in a small way, it helps heal the planet when we bury people or dispersed them and let go of them correctly. But I highly recommend it to everybody.

[33:43] Ashley James: Well, the reason why we bring this up is that I have my parents' ashes and the ashes of my second cat who lived to be 20. So we have those. Yeah, Muffins was awesome. And then we talked a little bit about that before I read your article on your website, www.ericthorton.com. And I thought it'd be really interesting to talk about this, because so many people save the ashes, their loved ones ashes as I have. And also now they do things like make jewelry out of them, there's companies that turn ashes into diamonds, you know, like a diamond looking objects, turn them into jewelry to wear, put the ashes in some kind of glass and you can wear the ashes. And so by holding on, you're saying there's something going on with your physical energy that's being affected, and your loved ones soul can't go move on completely, because you're holding them here.

[34:54] Eric Thorton: Right.

[34:55] Ashley James: So what kind of physical ailments had your clients resolve by letting go of ashes?

[35:05] Eric Thorton: It's stress and freedom. When someone passes properly, we are sad that they've passed. But there's also if they've passed properly and moved over, there's a freedom now that exists that people almost feel guilty about. We don't have mom's requirements anymore, or grandpa's requirements anymore. When you hold on to that, you're actually holding on to those requirements energetically. And so you can't develop who you were supposed to be after they have passed. There's that we become orphans, it's normal. And then the rules aren't there anymore. We get to fully develop our own. So that alone changes your life. And it relieves stress, because you don't have their requirements. Everybody, we all have narcissism. So we set these requirements up for our children to learn how to be adults. And they feel that all the way through adulthood just like I do I hear my inner parental voice and when they die, that changes. When my father died, my father wasn't a good man. He was a bully, not going to get into all that. But when he died it was a relief. When his father died, who was a very good man, lovely father to me, it was also a relief. different type of relief, but it still occurred. Because again, the requirements that I had to have for those people, related to those people is now gone. But you hang on to those ashes, you're going to keep mourning those requirements. You're going to keep thinking about it. You're going to keep engaging those requirements. And yes, when we let go, we miss a part of them. But it also frees us physically and energetically. I have a kind of an anecdotal about this, it was an animal. I was working with another practitioner, we were doubling up on clients for a couple years. And her name was Laura Smith, I think she's in Montana now. This lady comes in and she is completely distraught. Her animals have been dying, and her life was just miserable. And we both got into her energy, started doing the energy work. We kept hearing, it's cold, it's dark, and I can't get out. And we're like going… We both hearing this second hearing. It's cold, it's dark, I can't get out, it's cold, it's dark, I can't get out, and it kept repeating to us. And we're looking at each other because we're know we're reading the same thing. And we're like, what is cold and dark and can't get out. And the lady goes, “Oh, I put my dog in the freezer, I want you to bring them back to life.” The soul was stuck in the freezer.

[38:26] Ashley James: I'm gobsmacked right now.

[38:29] Eric Thorton: We were totally like, you know, just totally use your word gobsmacked. It took us a minute to recover. It was like, she put… But that's the truth. She was hanging on to that. And because she was in a very abusive situation, etc. Many extenuating circumstances so she really clung to our animals for support. And that soul was not going anywhere. And it was this. It's cold, it's dark, I can't get out. You know, it had no idea what a freezer was, because it was an animal. But it was cold and dark and couldn't get out. So we encouraged her to bury the animal that we assured her we couldn't bring her back to life because we were trying to appeal to herself and she was having psychotic problems. We said because you had frostbite. It's like, “Okay, so we need to bury this, and we need to let this animal go.” And when she went through that she felt better.

[39:34] Ashley James: I can see that.

[39:35] Eric Thorton: That was a poignant moment for me in understanding about hanging on, and about ashes hanging on to any of these things. And that's why all these rituals have been created throughout the planet independently. Because we've got to let go to let the soul go.

[39:56] Ashley James: One thing, I can't remember whether you said it while we were recording, but you said it to me earlier about, because you've touched vessels that are holding ashes about many times, and you've never met a soul who was like, “I'm totally content and happy here. And I want to stay attached to the plane.” You're saying, every time you touch a vessel, like an urn that's holding someone's ashes, the soul pops right in front of you and they're agitated about their situation, because they're being held here.

[40:31] Eric Thorton: Yes. And that includes anything made out of them. I was watching on Antiques Roadshow, Queen Victoria gave special gifts of little boxes with bits of her hair in it while she was alive. Well, they're floating around you know, it's a prize to have something like this from Queen Victoria. It's like, well, I could connect to her instantly, if I touch that hair, or touch the locket that it was in. And it's because energetically, you have the most familiar object in the last life that person live. You have the molecules of that, which is burnt or pieces of the body. And so it's a direct connection to that soul. And if you're hanging on, which is for holding on to the ashes and things like that, that soul is stuck, it can't move on. That's been my experience, and it's been consistent for all the years of my whole life doing this. And I mean I don't know everything, but it is consistent and it is current information. There was one guy who brought me the ashes of his wife. He had a little vials of them and he did give them to people.

[41:53] Ashley James: Oh my gosh.

[41:54] Eric Thorton: And I'm like going, “Can you get those back?” Because he put it in my hand and it's like, she's right there going, “Well, you need to date people. You need to do this, you need to get you know, you're not bouncing your bank account, right.” And he had to do this and this and this. And she's telling me about his day to day routine of his life. And I'm like, “Well, that's true.” He's like, explained to me that everything she's saying is exactly right. And he hasn't moved on, he haven't start dating. He had married her when she had cancer, and took care of her until she died, which is nice and honorable. And she lived for quite a while. But there was a full awareness that she was gonna probably pass before him. And she wanted him to have a get married again and have a girlfriend and things like that. And so she knew he wasn't. So I'm sitting and he's looking at me like, “Okay.” But he brought the ashes in several times, because he wanted to get more information and before we finally let her go. But it was always one time it was about her dad. I mean, his dad, the information he had about some medical issues that were going on with him. And of course, she was absolutely correct. But which is convenient, except you're holding the ashes back. And I could have tapped into the ancestor and maybe found out the dad was having a medical problem, or the ancestor could have come forward during the session. And they do that and tell us there's something going on, they're not supposed to have this happening. And we can intervene or prolong the life because of the information they're giving us. But it needs to come from the ancestral place, not from the place of them being stuck on the earthly planes. So the motivation is very different when we have passed over correctly. So anyway, so yeah, we gotta write that.

[43:55] Ashley James: Well, my experience working with you, everyone I've told my friends that I've been told I start with this was life changing. But that is so cliche to say that, and I even had a friend go, “Isn't every healing session that you ever get, like, life changing until you get the next one?” Right? And I'm like, okay, it's so it doesn't describe what I went through with you. In our very first interview we were talking about, it was probably in our first. It was either a first or second interview after you told your story. And for listeners who haven't heard it, you gotta go back to the first interview, because your story is amazing. During one of our first two interviews, you talk about and teach about possessions, and you start describing them. And it's really funny, because you know what, it was our second interview because I was sitting here, our first interview was over Skype. And I was sitting here and you were describing the possessions. And I just laughed that I said, I think I have that. And you know half jokingly, but the more I learned for you, the more I started examining my motivations and behaviors. And I started diving in deeper and questioning myself where things come from. Because I've been on a lifelong healing journey around my relationship with food and my body, and my self confidence and working on myself for many years, I feel like I've done a lot of personal growth, and I've still have stuff I'm working on. And what I really got in the last few months, is that I would set a goal, let's say, a new health thing I'm doing is not eating after 6pm. You know, sort of like intermittent fasting, I have a good dinner at six, and I don't have to eat the next day till like 10. And then I go to bed on an empty stomach. Definitely, there's lots of benefits to it. And I was excited. So I started doing that. And at 6:01 a little voice in my head would start arguing with me and would not shut up until my head hit the pillow, and my head hit the pillow and it would still try to get me to go to the kitchen. And I'm like going to sleep at you know, 10 at night. And that little voice in my head would be trying every which way to get me to break this goal, right? And I've had it for as long as I could remember. And so I really thought that that's just part of me, or in some spiritual circles they call it the devil archetype where it's like we always test our own resolve? Right? And so there's this inner conflict that I was dealing with thinking it's just me, but also I started to get kind of pissed off. Why? You know, I understand the science behind it. I believe in it. I want to do this one thing, right? Like this intermittent fasting. Why would there be another part of me fighting it? What's going on? What's the payoff? Right? And the more and more I listened and argued with this voice that would get more and more persistent, I realized, and it took me a while but I realized it wasn't my voice. And I'm like, okay, who am I arguing with?

[47:17] Eric Thorton: It can be a big problem.

[47:19] Ashley James: Right. And then I hadn't gotten too far into, but I started to see this voice in other areas of my life. Because I'd have to distinguish this voice from and I've actually had experts on the show talk about sort of like, the different aspects of self talk, right? You know, some self talk can be really positive. And then there's the self talk that is really negative. And where does that come from? And what's that designed to do? And I had one expert on the show, talk about how this negative self talk comes from wanting us to learn, but it's kind of like so negative, you know, so if you're near a hot stove, it'll it might say something like, “Oh, you're such an idiot? Why would you burn yourself?” You know it's like that very, very negative, almost like a bully, right?

[48:08] Eric Thorton: It's a form of self preservation. Right, but in a very negative way. I mean it could have said it very positively like, “Oh, good job not burning yourself near the stove.” Or whatever, right? But I would notice that the voice or voices, or just these aspects of myself talk, my inner dialogue would be negative, and I would catch myself going, okay, Is this true? Wait a second, this isn't true. Like, I'd be with a friend and all of a sudden, that voice would say, you know, “She doesn't really like you, do notice that she just rolled her eyes?” And it would start to corrupt my thinking. Right? So now now I'm doubting myself feeling very negative about myself. And always the inner dialogue would at every which way have me questioning myself. So there's a lot of inner conflict because I use a lot of tools from NLP, neuro linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy and all the personal growth I've done, I've taken all the landmark classes and all the personal growth work, I'd have to very consciously catch myself, and redirect, but I would always be fighting these other belief systems that were inside me. And so I'm like, okay, so I was very conscious of the fact that I was having to catch myself and redirect and stay positive and not give in to the thoughts. Because I saw you recently was it two weeks ago?

[49:47] Ashley James: Yeah. Very, very recently. The weekend before I saw you, I had our son, my husband's the one holding the microphone. So I'm looking at him. So my husband stayed at home and I took our son out, we were going to the park or something. And the voice in my head said, “Let's go to McDonald's.” And everyone that listens knows how healthy I eat. Right? And so that little voice was just really audacious to say that, because I haven't had McDonald's in eight years or nine years, nine years. And then it started to say, “Well, you know, you can have the fries.” And I'm like, I know I'm not gonna eat those fries. And I started arguing with that voice and I realized this voice is not me. There's not one part, there's not one molecule in my body that wants McDonald's, like ever. I am very congruent about the fact that I do not want to eat that garbage. And this little voice goes, Well, let's have the chicken McNuggets. They're so good.” And it starts describing them and giving me images in my mind. And I'm like, no. And so I had to physically drive around to Monroe and around because I was going to go up Highway 9 where there's McDonalds, I'm like, I am driving around this McDonald's, I was going to Everett to meet up with a friend and go to a park. And so I had to drive make sure I wasn't near a McDonald's because this voice was hell bent on us having McDonald's and it was really cool how it happened. In the past I might have given in, and I have often given into this voice thinking it's just a part of me or, “Oh, it must be what my body needs because this is what a craving is.” And no, a craving does not have a voice, it does not have a consciousness. A craving is just a sensation in your body. If there's an argument in my in my head, if there's words that come with the craving, that's not a craving that's actually like an entity or consciousness, but a craving is just a physical feeling. But my entire life's always been a craving followed by a thought process trying to talk me into it.

[49:47] Eric Thorton: Yeah. Right. The craving for McDonald's, you're not thinking about, you're driving along. You go by McDonald's, because you've been conditioned by commerciality, your mouth starts to water and you get a craving. You're not thinking you have to go to McDonalds, this chicken, it's a good one. Chicken Nuggets look special. It's not telling you describing the objects and etc. You're driving along thinking about nothing you drive to McDonald's, oh, yeah, you know, Golden Arches to all beef base special sauce, etc. And then you get a craving. That's a different thing.

[52:35] Ashley James: Right. And for me, I'd have maybe a craving for something, and I tried to resist it. But then I'd have this voice talking me into it. Or something little would happen in my life and this voice would start talking to me and I always thought it was just part of myself talk that I had to fight. And so when you describe possessions, and I burst out, it was interview number two, and I burst out and said, I think I have those right. And I think your reply was, well, those are kind of nasty. So hopefully, you know, but what was great was right before our session, I became very clear that there's something that [Inaudible 53:14] my efforts that I feel like I'm always fighting, like Sisyphus, I feel like I'm always pushing the rock up the hill only to have it roll down again. I get so far with my health regimen and then I felt like I couldn't fight the inner conflict anymore. It would just keep fighting. And so you know, I would take great measures like we don't bring any junk food into the house. And we've been sugar free we eat as vegetarians.

[53:10] Eric Thorton: We put a lock on the inside so we can't escape to go to McDonald's?

[53:49] Ashley James: Yeah, we live out in the middle of nowhere. So it's not like we can go to a 7/11 down the street or anything like that. My body has even gone so far thank goodness to have developed allergies to things like dairy. So it makes it really easy to not eat junk food when I'm allergic to it and I had violent reactions. But still, I've taken a lot of measures and yet that voice would always be driving me crazy having to fight it. So it became clear that it wasn't a part of me. Well, if it isn't a part of me, what is it? I'm not schizophrenic right? And I don't have these kind of mental health issues. I know that about myself. So what is it? What's going on? I arrived at our session, and we sit and talk for about 90 minutes, and I explained.

[54:35] Eric Thorton: It's all about the dream.

[54:36] Ashley James: Okay, I'll get there. I explained to Eric this is what I want to work on – this voice, I really feel like I have an inner conflict. And it isn't me and I really get that it's not in alignment with my values, my beliefs, my goals, anything. So let's get rid of it. And Eric's like, okay, well, let's have you lay down on a table and see what your guides and angel's saying, right? And the table, by the way, is very comfortable. Because I spent like five hours on it. But what happened a few weeks before, I had a very vivid dream that Eric was trying to kill me in my dream. And I woke up telling my husband, I'm like, “I don't know if I can trust him.” I mean, that's such a vivid dream. And I tried to analyze it over a few days. And I realized that it wasn't true that you weren't going to actually try to kill me, but it kind of it stuck in my mind. It's like there's this little threat. And then when I was here with you, you told me about how some people, I think because you were you were happy to see that I found your house okay, and I had no problems getting here. And you said a lot of people, if they have possessions, will try to prevent them from actually coming to the house. And I imagine that happens with other healers as well. Sort of like a parasite, when you start doing a parasite cleanse, if you don't do it correctly, the parasites become agitated, and it makes the person even sicker. And so it's like an energetic parasite is going to feel threatened. And you've had people not been able to find your house, even though it's very easy to find. The car breaks down, they get injured right before coming. And you had one man, as you described, heard a voice in his head saying…

[56:24] Eric Thorton: Continually saying, “Eric Thorton is going to kill you, Eric Thorton is going to kill you. You can't go there, and he's going to kill you.” And it repeated all the way here and the weeks before. So some people get this even before they meet me. They get my name in dreams saying, “Don't go to Eric Thorton, he's gonna kill you.” And I just sit there and crack up. Because I'm like going, I don't want dead bodies hanging around my house. They start to stink after a while, you know. But our job is to bring life. But their job is to bring grist. So you look at all this that's happened to you, which you'll finish your story in a few minutes. But it's also helped you. So I'll let you finish your story.

[57:10] Ashley James: What happened when the guy who was having this repeating in your head? Is that what you described to me as he got up to your front door and shook your hand and the moment he shook your hand the voice disappeared? And he's like, “Okay, this is real.” Like, yeah, Eric's the real deal. But that was his possession. trying to prevent him from coming to see you. And so I wonder how many people have had that experience where they've wanted to go see a healer and their possession has prevented them from getting that work?

[57:47] Eric Thorton: Well, it can prevent them. But most healers aren't exorcist. So sometimes, not every time. But sometimes the healer can actually promote the possession being stuck there longer. Because they're not able to see that it's a possession. And they teach the individual how to compensate or teach their body how to compensate. So this thing can work even better in the background. Because now this person has learned to compensate. So the compensation is with the education. So all these years you've had this. It taught you to search. It taught you to be inquisitive. Why? Why am I feeling this way? Why is this happening to me? You had no context because the medicine men women aren't around. But it literally got you to think beyond the box, subconsciously, at first, and then consciously, and then when you connected to someone that could help, It went “No.” But the other people, it didn't do that, you didn't have the realization because the practitioner wasn't a threat to it. So I would say if 60% of the people coming to me have big enough possessions that they hear that voice. It also makes them doubt themselves and anything that can happen. Because it's compelling them in ways subconsciously and consciously. Yours was compelling you both, some people's is only subconscious. And it all is to teach us to grow into search. So anyone has done that and we have to find the value with it. You're here today, because of that possession. You're inquisitive, you're doing the blogs, you've been involved in health, for how many years? I don't even know. Because of that possession. What was it? Did it make you feel comfortable? No. Did it make you feel better? No. Did it caused medical problems? Yes. But it also stretched your brain, so that you could bring goodness to the planet, which is the motivation that it had to stop you from doing it, to provide that opposite – pull back, make her sick, make your unable to do this, that or the other, and she'll have less effect, you're an old soul, you'll have less effect on the planet. So that's its motivation. And for you, it actually backfires for it because it teaches you to search, and you've become who you are because of that possession. So it's not wrong, is it uncomfortable for the body? You bet. But when we actually find someone that can remove it, it's going to resist, because it's been there for so long. And it's worked well. If you hadn't had the possession ever, you may not have been inquisitive, you may have just become very depressed with the problems that it gave you. I've had people in a similar situation, who it hasn't compelled yet to make them, so they were younger. And they were just depressed and miserable. Because they couldn't get out from under its oppression, they hadn't turned it into something positive yet, the threat to it, I mean, the purpose of it is to turn it into positivity, which you've done. And now because that is gone, your reach will even be farther, it'll just simply grow. And that's consistent with everybody.

[1:01:35] Ashley James: I like how you've you've talked a bit deeper in the past interviews, you've described how these possessions, although are very negative experiences when they can help us grow because they give us a set of circumstances that can find us, that has us look for solutions like I have, right? And so if I hadn't had any of this turmoil in my life, it wouldn't have forged me or at least I chose to forge myself. And you say some people just stay miserable, and they don't go look to better themselves, but some do. And so the hope is that we can use this negative thing to create growth and experience.

[1:02:24] Eric Thorton: To find God in your own way. The very thing that resists God, whatever that is, is the thing that compels us to find it. That's the purpose of what we call dark energy. It's not dark, but we call it dark because our bodies don't like it. And but that is the purpose of that energy, is to project you into searching and growing, or it's the underlying purpose of it. The Godly purpose of it. Its purpose is to prevent you. So you resist the prevention and you sling forward. It's like a slingshot, you pull back, pull back, pull back, pull back, you finally let go and that rock slings forward. Well, the possession would be the slingshot, giving you the resistance from launching. But then it actually propels when it is removed properly, remove fully, and the person learns what it is. So when we work with people, we tell people, this is your first time session, there's going to be more if you want to continue this, because like yourself, this was influencing your physical brain the whole time. So we remove the extra impetus, you might call it, you still have all the constructs in the brain, the neural pathways, so we have to start working on softening those. So giving them more neural plasticity, so that you can change it. By now you're not being compelled, I should let you finish telling your story, which you should go do that.

[1:04:07] Ashley James: Well, so that's one thing I did notice right away after our session is that that voice was gone. And I think it was more than one voice. But it was basically the inner conflict that wasn't me, is no longer here. And it's been a week since our appointment. The experience for me is like you said, the neural pathways, the habits are still there, but they're empty. Like, I'm like a craving for food late at night, when I'm not really hungry and it's more about just wanting to eat out of boredom like that voice would really, you know, “Let's have this, let's go, let's eat that. Come on.” You know, “It doesn't matter.” “You don't need to be hungry to eat. It's fun, let's go.” Like that constant consciousness pushing me is gone. And the habit is there, but it's empty. So I can just say, “No, I'm not going to do them. I'm not gonna do this, or I'm going to do this instead.” And then there's no one arguing with me in my head.

[1:05:09] Eric Thorton: You can distract it. Duffy can give you back rub, and you're not thinking about anymore. Or you drive by McDonalds, and pretty soon you're paying attention to this headlight ahead of you, instead of thinking about McDonald's. You drove by spurned all the commercial stuff, you're done with it, you're on to the next thing, instead of that consciousness as you put it, because it is. It's alive. And the compelling and telling you what it needs. Possessions work on the brain. And it controls your body, they control your body through your brain. They can put voices in your head, they can lift your arm, they can make you, you know, you get shocked like if you get shocked by AC, you jump. Well possession can do the same thing, it can pull your legs to throw you across the room. Some of the bigger possessions can actually physically throw someone across the room. But most the time it's activating your nerves in all parts of your brain. So it's like drugs, you can hallucinate having drugs. Well, they stimulates the same part of the brain that causes hallucinations. And they can make you think someone's saying something, someone's talking to you, someone's moving your body. Because it's stimulating the nerves in your brain, you can feel pushed. And it's actually your body giving you the motion, but it's stimulating your brain so that you feel pushed. So they work through that brain mostly, like some can physically move you but most of it stimulating your brain to move you. But it's in every form. It is the same part of the brain that you're processing, sight, sound, thinking processes, etc. So the possessions can make you feel like it did with you that you're hearing somebody or something intelligent is telling you, you gotta have it, it's going to legitimize it, it's gonna do everything it can to keep you down, keep you suffering, so that you can't fulfill your role as your soul role. Because it's a threat to possessions, by you interviewing me, it's a threat to possessions all over the world. And it didn't want that. So it's going to try to stop you. So it can give you dreams, the one guy we described all the way up to the front door. The only reason he came in was because a priest recommended him to come in. So, “Father's correct. Okay, gotta go see this guy.” So he just stayed with it. And then the voice was gone. And you know, it left neural pathways in his brain for certain behaviors. And he's been working on that over the years, and they've gotten less. But while it was there, it was literally telling him how to do what to act, and it gets people to kill people. You know, you hear about people going insane. Sometimes they're not insane. Someone's got a possession. And it's compelling them telling them, “God said to kill this person.” Well, they're really feeling it. They're really getting that information for years at times. And in our brain, how do you brainwash somebody? Repeat it. So possessions have a very powerful tool to use our brains.

[1:08:42] Ashley James: I was lying on the table. And that was actually a lot of fun. You were standing up by my head. And it was like listening to a one sided conversation, but you're talking like you talk to someone on the phone. And you were talking to my angel, my guide. And it was it was very casual. It was intention. It was like you guys were at work kind of having a safety meeting. And you were just like, “Okay, do you want to work on this first? No, this how you want me to over here? Okay. Alright. Okay, you're going to come in here and do that.” And it was just neat hearing this one sided conversation as you're talking to them. And then you'd come over and you'd ask me a question. It's like, “How do you know that?” You know, like you'd say something and it was so cool. Because I didn't really give you a lot to run with. And you'd be like, “Okay, when you were this age, this happened.” And you describe the house? I'm like, “Yep. Yes. That happened. Yes. Okay.” And so then you were ready to remove one of three different possessions and you explain their energy and their purpose, you describe the three possessions. And at the very beginning, you did a prayer of protection over me from head to toe and you don't ever touch me, your hands are sort of above me and you're about to kind of come in and work around my heart chakra and then you pull your hands back because I could tell they told you something. I could see in your face you're about to do something then you got interrupted, like someone grabbed your arm, I pulled you back and you're like, “Okay, okay, do you feel that?” And I could tell that my guides or angels were saying, “Hold on a minute, slow down Eric, she's got to feel this.”

[1:10:32] Eric Thorton: They wanted you to feel it because you're an old enough so that you could feel these things. And it offers you legitimacy, if you can feel something that you know is not coming from me.

[1:10:43] Ashley James: Right. But you never said that the entire time, it's like five hours. You never said that. But I could tell. I could tell right away. And so what it felt like was like a sandworm from dune crawling under my chest, it was circling under my skin. And that's what it felt like and because you'd brought your hand close to me like maybe a foot away from my chest. And then you pulled your hand back. And that's when I started to feel it circling under my skin. And that's what it felt like. The best way I could describe is kind of like a sand dune. And then and then you said, “Okay, do you feel that?” I'm like, “Yes.” My heart was racing at that point. And yes, I do feel that, okay, let's get rid of this very uncomfortable feeling. And you pulled it or my angels pulled it or whatever it was. It was pulled by the angels and guides. It was pulled out of me and had it hovering over my body. But now it's out. So it has no more threat. And you're like, “Okay, take your hand and move your hand through it.” And it was really funny because it was like putting my hand in two liters of water that was floating above me in a bowl. I put my hand in it. And it felt like cold water. And it was a warm day, up to 70 something degrees, the windows were open, there's no fan moving through. It was a good…

[1:12:14] Eric Thorton: I had you feel the ambient hair too. Because so many people will do this trick. Well, they have the ambient air moving, which I like movement anyway. But when they have me do this, I said okay, feel the movement, basically feel the ambient air. So you feel what's going on around you. Now put your hand over here then compare.

[1:12:37] Ashley James: Right. And you didn't tell me what to feel. You were just like, “Okay, put your hand here.” So I put my hand out away from my body, like towards the window. “Okay, now move your hand inwards, what do you feel?” And and I did it repeatedly. And every time I did it, I felt like this ball of water basically over me. And so that was the first one. So then you put it off to the side and you pull it the second one. And you say, “Okay, move your hand around and say what you feel.” And it felt like moving my fingers through really thick fur. I felt just totally different. And then the third one felt like static electricity. And then you describe their personalities. And it's exactly what I felt with each one. I thought that was really interesting. And then there was some other stuff you pulled out. And you didn't tell me much about it. But you're like, “Okay, just move your arm to your side, off to your side.” And as I did, I felt four columns of hot air that  hadn't been there before. And you said, “They actually like that it kind of tickles them.” And so I move my hands back and forth. And I felt them and then you had them go. And then I put my hand there again, it wasn't there. But each time you didn't tell me what to feel, you didn't implant sort of hypnotic suggestion, and you just said feel what you feel. And there was one point that you had me put my hand somewhere to feel something. And I screamed, I think I did twice because I was so freaked out because it was so clear to me that I was feeling something. I mean, not a scream, I was more surprised, not afraid, I was more like, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can't believe it, oh my gosh.” I could really feel the things because I think you  worked on 12 different things with me. I tried to count and it was a lot, it was not just like one or two. I mean there's a lot of different things.

[1:14:28] Eric Thorton: When the energy system breaks down because of the the main possessions, you get one and it opens the door for others. They aren't the main one. But they still open the door and bring in different things to control you in different ways to again render you less effective than if they hadn't been there. For that whole projection thing because your soul knows what it has to do. So it's gonna struggle towards it. So but yeah, there were a number of things that came out. I call them ramifications of the original possession. So then we had to remove them from your house, the cars every place you've been, your son, any possible residue with people you've worked with over the years, etc. Because it opens the door for all of these people. It can damage the energy system of anyone that comes in contact with. So that's why we have to take care of all these little details. Even biblically, it says when you're an exorcist, you have to do it right. Otherwise, you pull back many hundreds more. So you have to go through it to be able to see here and be a part of with the guides and the angels be the part that's in our space. That's why they use people, because they use healers in our space, because this is where we operate the best. They're in another space, you might call it, so they're in the other room. So it's be like them, using the surgeon's hands to do the operation while you were getting instructions from the other room while the surgeon was giving instructions, because the surgeon's actually there with the physicalness that you and I have, that there are more effective tool. They can do it without us, but it's not as effective. And there's not the lessons involved. So they don't do it. People ask, “Well, why don't my guides just remove it?” Well, there's no lesson involved then. They've removed the purpose of all this pain and suffering you've had, with you not having those realizations, that this is real, that it's life changing, and that you can then feel it. It's not letting you off the hook, you still have responsibility for getting your health better so it is more effective. And every practitioner that helps you is more effective. That's why our work is so inclusive. When you remove that energy or you remove constructs from people at these levels, everyone else's work works including Western medicine and Naturopathic medicines, all the practitioners; Reiki works better, acupuncture. If you remove that, no one could help you. All these years, you've had all these people trying to help you. And you've learned a lot and it's helped you with your work. That's the possession that provided that, the platform. But they haven't been able to get down to the bottom line of that conscious compelling that we get inside of us. That's not our consciousness. So I love that you use that word consciousness, because that's what I described to people. These things are alive. These are not thought forms from people, these are alive. And they have a job to do, to provide resistance. So that it compels you forward. And some people, it breaks.

[1:18:06] Ashley James: Yeah, we talked about my cousin who had received the same possessions at the same time when we were nine. And she now has schizophrenia. She developed it much later in life. Normally schizophrenia shows up when hormones kind of kick in during teenagers. And hers showed up in her… she was almost 30. I'm just thinking of it now. And it really kicked in when she was almost 30. But she had received the same possessions at the same time. And it makes total sense now looking at her life and seeing the turmoil that she went through are the same conflict, but because we're different, obviously different people, and I can see how someone who's maybe not I don't know, as stubborn as I am. You know, I'm just saying. But someone who's not as stubborn as I am, would have given into the voices and been driven insane.

[1:19:09] Eric Thorton: Exactly. Now, the driving insane isn't wrong, we are all going to have a life like that, or several lives, because there is experience and learning and compassion develops for people who have those problems. So I've been through life like that. And so I have a tremendous compassion for people that have mental problems, because I also know what compels them. Now with your cousin, the mental problems were second, they weren't first. So it was caused by a possession. So then your cousin, if she was so compelled, which he may not be the type that can, we could remove the possession, and then any medications and stuff that she's taking to control it will work far more effectively, perfectly usually. And then the brain can rest. And they slowly back out of schizophrenia. If the possession I mean, if the schizophrenia comes first, you still have to remove the possession so that the medicine can work better. And then they'll require much more therapy to get it under control. Where like your cousin, it could probably come under control fairly quickly, over several months. And were someone who had it beginning, it would take much longer, we'd have to do much more healing with them to get their brain to stabilize. We have success with both ways.

[1:20:32] Ashley James: So a friend of ours went through a pretty nasty divorce and the wife's side of the family… And he loves his wife, by the way. It was really messed up, what took place and he wanted to be with her but she wanted to change him to the point that he wouldn't have been himself anymore. And there was no resolving it, it was two totally opposing forces. Her whole side of the family is Orthodox Russian Catholic. And there's about 200 of her family members sending him hate energy, hate thought forms wanting him to suffer because they're all angry that he was the one that initiated the divorce. He just sent the papers. She's the one that basically did everything to say we're done. And he's just the one that helped complete it. So there's 200 people every day praying for his demise. And he feels, he told me he's been dealing with health issues that don't make any sense. He's had tachycardia where his heart is racing so bad. He's basically having a heart attack. He's been in the hospital for the last few years. And he's even had cardiologist open his heart up to try to find what's causing tachycardia, they say you have the healthiest heart have ever seen. We cannot explain it. Now he goes to all kinds of healers, chiropractors and acupuncture and he takes herbs and eats healthy and everything under the sun. And he still has these issues, he'll just breakout, he'll have these attacks where his entire body will be inflamed, and he'll be covered head to toe in inflammation and scales and hives and I've told him like, “Okay, we need to eat anti inflammatory diet, and you need to rest.” And he's tried everything and when it comes down to it, he really feels like the thought form of these people or this energy from these people are harming him. The reason why I'm telling the story is that you've talked about sort of possessions and thought forms and that they are different. Is this an example of a thought form where it's many people sending a negative thought to him, or can you maybe just go into, the reason why I'm illustrating all this is that my husband wants to know, and that was one of his questions, is how can we protect ourselves from these negative energies? And I know it's a little difficult to protect yourself from a possession but thought form is something else. So can you teach us what are ways that we can protect ourselves from either negative energies, thought forms, that kind of thing?

[1:23:28] Eric Thorton: Well, this was a friend, okay. With him, he's got these people giving prayers of petition for his ill health and demise. Well, what's compelling those people? So they're sending these thought forms. But what's compelling these people? Those thought forms are like opening a road to these people's possessions. If people didn't have the possession, and they were Christian people, they would never think of doing something like that. You're not supposed to judge if you're Christian. You're not supposed to, you're supposed to be accepting. What's complaint them not to be? So they have all these thought forms, they open up because they're throwing it all to this guy, he starts to feel ill from the thought forms, then he's opened up to all of their possessions. And any ones that might be in his energy field, it just opens him right up. So the best defense is positivity, the best defense is not finding those vibrations. So some people say, well, you know, the best defense to not have voodoo happen is you don't believe in it. Well, there's some truth to that, like energy comes together. So if you fall prey to someone's opinion, you are now vibrating at their level. So their energy can then or energy like whatever they're having, can come to you. So it's like if you accept someone's opinion or not. If you accept their opinion, their beliefs, you are now having their frequency. So anything that affects them can easily similar or the same can affect you. So people ask me all the time, how do you protect yourself by becoming a vibration that's so foreign to these lower frequencies, you might call them, that they can't even find you. So my frequency if I'm in a bad mood, or if I'm in a place that you may call it, you know, depression or pity or just a human emotion thing going on hormonal, or whatever, I'll call and cancel appointments. Because I could get damaged. I'm having that frequency because of my hormones, or my life going on. And I'm not able to separate at that moment. So then if the client comes in with something similar, I am vulnerable. So then I'm doing damage to them too. So it's completely out of integrity. So the way I stay clear is by not by being what some people would call enlightened, and conscious. So that I'm just simply not that frequency. It's not science. You know, when we sit here, there's thoughts out there that you have to surround yourself with purple light or white light, and have this defense system against all this stuff. Well, fine, you know, that works, until someone throws your curveball. And it makes it right by your defense system. Or guess what you thinking about, you know, the possession in you got you thinking about McDonald's, instead of holding up that white light. Well, the white light goes away, because the intention goes away, because you're now thinking about McDonald's, and you're thinking that waiting can pop right in at that moment. Where if you are in your soul's personality, and realize life is human life, and it's okay, and all of its foibles, and everything else, and yes problems are going to come to you, but you don't. You learn to move through them quickly. You're not entertaining those frequencies. So you're not vulnerable. Remember, the purpose of a possession is to get you basically to find God. If you found that, truly, there's no more reason for the possession. It's done. It can't be in your energy field. And so that's what we use – frequency. The word frequency for that, we call the things that bother us a lower frequency, and the things that help us is a higher frequency. That's an opinion. They all have similar, not similar, they all have different frequencies, equally different. And there's not lower or higher ones, there's just the ones that are drawn to this type of energy, a magnet that is for this versus a magnet that's for this. So how do you stay clear? Realizing that human life is really good in all of its problems. And realizing that after you've gotten there, truly gotten to that enlightened place where you accept the problems of your life, and you don't dwell on them, you move through them, then you start becoming what we call conscious. You're conscious, no one really explains what that is, you got to get consciousness, Deepak got to have consciousness. What is that? Consciousness is awareness of who you are on a soul level. You are aware of the soul's personality. And when you're in that personality, when you're operating from those frequencies, versus when you're operating from your animal personality. Those are based on fear, because we're we're all going to die. The soul's personalities based on beautiful, everything's fine, it's all good. And when you are in that, when I'm working, I'm in that, and then I am able to pick up on all those frequencies really well. When I'm having my human drama, you know, people go, “Well, how do you turn it off?” I go, “Well, I'm not in that frequency anymore.” I'm having my human drama with my wife, or my kids or the lawn or whatever it is. And so then I am in my human, this. And when the second I'm clicking into helping people or meditating or the guides are calling on me for something, I'm aware that I can't reach that from the human body, I have to reach that from the soul. And so here, I get the same problems in the human body, I get the same problems you do. I can get a possession. I'm very aware of it, though. Really quickly. Sometimes it's a little too quick. The guys go calm down. I go, okay. One time I come into the house, and we went to dinner or something as a family. I come to the house and I was going, “What the heck did say that?” I said something else. And everyone goes, “What?” And I go, “Something's up.” And I just started to expand to look at my space. And the guides go, “No, bam! And they throw me back into my body.” And they go, “Just let it be.” And I go, “We're invaded. I gotta work on people. This can't happen.” They go, “Let it be will take care of it.” And I'm going, “Okay, I guess.” So I'm looking for this change. And it was down in our washroom. And what we call a negative vortex was sitting in my washroom. And it was causing this negative feeling in the house and drawing in all these ghosts and poltergeists into my home. So I came in, and it was like, “What the heck is going on?” I'm seeing all this stuff, and smelling the classic things, cologne, cigarettes, cigars, all this stuff, the second I got in here, and then I'm looking around, and the house is full of all these energies. And you know, something's broke here. Found it, they said, leave it alone. Because what happened was, there was a process they were showing me that took took a two week period that they had to mitigate. Remember, these possessions are beings, they have a job to do, but they're alive, and they affect all kinds of things. And without spending two hours explaining all that, it had affected because of a client coming in, in a few weeks, certain things had to happen here to make it, so we could get rid of this major possession that this guy had. He was one of the people that caused problems in my house when we removed the possession. But if we hadn't gone through the process, my house probably would have burned down.

[1:32:27] Ashley James: What happened when you removed the possession from him?

[1:32:30] Eric Thorton: This was the one where I told the story last time. When the possession came out, the guides were getting rid of it. And it was a very powerful possession. And it was one when the person experienced… I'm trying to remember their experience, but the whole house got frost on the walls. And I told you a little bit about it. That came out and when the frost disappeared, because the whole house temperature dropped like 50 degrees instantly. And then it came upstairs on the way out is stamped on the ceiling of the rec room and caused the screws actually to back out. And my son was watching TV in the rec room at the time. And I just hear him go, because he was downstairs working obviously with clients. And I just hear him go, “Dad.” And we left those screws are still out. We left them there, only to remind them that this is real stuff. But it was one of those possessions that it had to be dealt with over a period of a couple weeks to get it to make it so when that person came in, they could do it because they knew it was going to be a struggle. And they had to make it easy for me. So they did and then they taught my son a lesson too.

[1:33:52] Ashley James: You told me about how one woman who came to see you, the possession had to do with her mother and as it left blew out circuits in your house and did like $1200 in damages?

[1:34:06] Eric Thorton: It blew out, it came out she could feel it released like you've kind of felt it released. And it the guides were bringing out and it was pissed. It was middle of winter, so my heater was running. So its frequency made electronics burn out. So when it came out, it just ran by my heater, and the heater was running. And Forster, he could hear it running. And also there was a pop and the heater goes… Looks like I just went damn. The person goes, “Was that my mom?” I said, “Well, no. But it was with your mom.” And she goes, “Thank God. I'll pay for that.” And I go, “Thank God.” Because it was 1200 bucks for a new circuit board for my heater. So I had to run around and plug in heaters, electric heaters, and then order the parts for that and have it put in. But yeah, they are different frequencies and can cause different problems. Prior to that, which I didn't get into, this possession was at her house too. And they had problems with their cars,  it's too hot at their sink. You know, you turn the water and you got boiling water? They kept burning out every week, they have someone come and put a new one in, burn out. Put another one, all under warranty. They were doing this work for free and it was a possession. And they think they went through five Insta Hots before we got rid of the possession completely. So its frequency was just one that blew electronics. I run into all kinds of interesting processes with possessions. With yours, you were able to able to feel it and etc. and all the things that guides wanted you to do, which is perfect. And it shows your gifts. Most people cannot feel that energy. And your guides want to do it that's why they stopped me. And they go, “No, this is part of her process. She needs to feel this.”

[1:36:11] Ashley James: Yeah.

[1:36:12] Eric Thorton: In her body and outside of her body. You know, I can't ask people that aren't gifted to do that. That's why wait for guidance from the guides, because they know if the person can feel it or not. And I don't want to make them feel bad if they can't.

[1:36:26] Ashley James: Right.

[1:36:26] Eric Thorton: Because then they also doubt themselves more too. So I wait for guidance.

[1:36:33] Ashley James: At the end of Duffy's session, we talked about that in the last interview, you gave him a whole list of, I guess his guides gave you to give to him a whole list of foods to stop eating currently, one of them being broccoli. Because his gut dysbiosis needed to be corrected. And you were given clear instructions for Duffy; do this, don't do that, we got to heal your gut, it was very physical. And then at the end of my session with you, like you say something like your guides told me don't tell her what to eat. Yeah, my guides would say that don't tell her what to eat, she knows what to eat, you don't need to tell her what to eat

[1:37:15] Eric Thorton: Your system removing those, because they've specifically worked with that. Your system needs to resettle and recalculate. The guides are big on letting the body find its new setting. Once you remove some influence, the body's got to find that and everything with your health or anybody else's that has it at these levels that are affecting your health. Every single one of them, they say back off, let the body settle, because what affects your health before that possession is removed, and after are very different things. So you're allergic reactions, your cravings, all those things that are happening, including all these other physical ailments that are happening in there, they're irrelevant, because they were caused by a possession. So the body goes through all this stuff, settles out, four to six weeks, then we start to look at, okay, then we can look at your Flora prior that the Flora is not going to be right, because the possession is going to control that. And you can put all the right stuff in there, eat all the right things, to get that Flora back or not eat some things to get it back. It won't work. So we have to respect the body's process. Now, that frustrates people, because we all want it now. You know, I was telling you earlier I have this client who was in their second visit. And she's a little disappointed. She emails me and she goes, “Well, I feel different. Basically, my life's different. But I this and this and this and this and this, and this practitioner said this and this and this.” Tearing apart the work we have already done. So my response to her was, let it work, stop listening to other practitioners that you've listened to before our sessions, because they didn't realize this was a problem. And I said just let it be for a while longer, then we'll take another look. And that's what another session would be about.

[1:39:27] Ashley James: Yeah.

[1:39:27] Eric Thorton: So we have to allow the body, the brain, everything to settle out.

[1:39:34] Ashley James: And you and I had been talking about that story. Because so many people will come to you in their second session and go, “Well, this is better. And this is better. But what about this, and I want this and I want this.” And I think that's what we often do in life, is look for the next carrot instead of spending some time in the now with gratitude and acknowledging what has healed, what has changed, like spend some time and let the body catch up, let the neurology catch up. And honor your body by going well, this worked, this is different, this is good. Like after having a cold, you don't start running marathons and pulling all nighters like you need to give your body, even though you don't have the symptoms anymore of a cold, you need to give your body two to three weeks to come back and to gain its strength back. And so we can be happy that we have discovered a new level of health. And we need to stand in that gratitude. And then work on our sort of list of complaints, right? But what I'm getting from you is that when we come from the list of complaints that's kind of coming from that drama, that ends up attracting more thought forms and more negative energy. When we're in drama, we become susceptible to negative energy, into possessions.

[1:40:56] Eric Thorton: Exactly. That's what I'm talking about of enlightenment. If this lady was in enlightenment, she would be appreciating what had been done, and letting her body revel in that and get all those positive hormones correcting a whole lot of these ailments she's already wanting fix right now. And it's like no, backup. It took her 50 years to get where she was at. Yes, she's seen a lot of practitioners that couldn't help her prior to it that maybe could now because her possessions were gone. But she spent a lot of money, I get all that. But this is a new day. With each person I work with, they've never worked with someone like this. And you've got to give it that time. And as you put it, the carrot, throw it away. Learn to be in the moment. Yes, like your health issues, they have the possibility of switching now. You realizing all this was there, and you give yourself the body time and honor this amazing thing we have, these bodies to survive this stuff are phenomenal. These bodies have these chemical reactions, these RDA, the DNA, the RNA. All these things, processes going on that's phenomenal, that is energetic, that gets disrupted by these other influences. You got the body, give it a few weeks, been 50 years or 30 years or whatever doing the other thing. Give it a few weeks. It's amazing what will happen. But humans aren't innately dissatisfied. And when you're not enlightened, you don't learn to roll and love the positive. The things to be in gratitude for, the grace that is giving you every day of your life. We bypass it. And I understand it, because I'm the same way. I want my peanut butter and jam sandwich when I would, and not when someone was to give it to me. And so I get it. I try to explain this to people, to give it the time. But of course, people hear what they want to hear, their filters. It's amazing how I tell people, very similar things, different conversations, of course, but there's a certain process like discussing this with the client. And they don't even hear it. Because they're so involved with their negative dialogue. So that's one of the things that over time, we change, we provide the platform, real platform for them to really start taking a look at that, and finding that place of enlightenment. So it's kind of a challenge to me, when people come in with that agenda. I look at it as, I kind of smile when they write to me, I don't take it as negative, I take it as, “Well, they're in their learning process.” And it's like, “Okay, so we got lots to teach them. I wonder if they'll stick with it? We'll see.” But it's also used to bother me. Because it's like, well, does it reflect on me and my work? You see, that was ego. And the guides go, “Think about that, Eric.” and I go, “Oh, yeah, right.” And the New Age calls it onion skins. Well, it's not really onion skins, but it's just how fast our body can do this. And our bodies can't change overnight, it will kill us. And so they have to honor that. Yeah, they can provide miracles, you know, cancer can disappear. Well, that's not going to kill you when the cancer disappears. But if they release all the toxins in your body, so they can get out of your body at the same time, that can kill you. So they have to provide the platform for your body to start functioning correctly, and start getting rid of these toxins or things like that, or parasites and such, so that it starts happening, then they can work with it a little faster. Because the body's already doing it. So it's not going to go into shock. So I can say over the years, I've learned to take it as kind of a giggle, instead of a criticism. Well, they'll get it, because I've watched people get it. And all of a sudden, their life just changes, that little bit of grace offered. And all of a sudden they become quite positive. And they get the twinkle in their eye, you know. And it's just, it's lovely to watch that,  that's why I keep doing this, even though it's very difficult to see the depravity of the human condition. But it's why I forget sessions, and then we call the gift of forgiving, because if I remembered all that stuff, I would be haunted by it. And I'd start manifesting it. So I forget sessions, I even forget a lot of your session, and that was just a couple of weeks ago. What's important for me is to remain in that enlightened place, and to be aware of my soul's personality and that keeps me protected, and helping people.

[1:46:14] Ashley James: There's this medical intuitive who's become quite famous for telling the entire population of the world that everyone would benefit from drinking celery juice, he has single-handedly doubled the price of celery in the last year. You cannot find really nice the organic celery. Really nice. I mean, it's all bear pickens now because there's a whole New Age movement of people juicing celery in the morning, and I've heard some really interesting results. It helps the body to create better stomach acid and alkalizes the body at the same time. So it's the building blocks for helping make good strong stomach acid which of course corrects the digestive tract, and also is going to help, any kind of juice really helps the body to become alkaline. But his thing is 100% of the population should drink celery juice in his opinion. So what I'd like to know, have you ever received advice from the guides or angels, that is like a blanket, 100% of the population would benefit from X?

[1:47:32] Eric Thorton: Yes. Often, but it ain't going to happen. It's like the guy recommending celery juice. Well, if we all drink tons of celery juice, one, there'd be no celery left. But two, if you have too much celery juice, there's problems from that too. A certain amount of It's good. It's like eating papaya, amazing for your flora in your intestine, phenomenal. But people don't like papaya, they get sick of celery juice. Celery juice is an energy. You can also bring in that same energy. My doctor knows me, he goes, “Eric, you can either do this, you can take this pill, or you can touch the pill. Or you can hold on to the bottle. Or you can just think about it if you want.” Because he knows that that medicine is a frequency that might help me. And I can actually refine that frequency. That's how Homeopaths work. That's how the placebo effects work. Because you think it's the sugar pill is a certain frequency. You pull it in, you get better. Because the pill would actually, if it was a real pill, it would be a certain frequency. So the celery juice, yeah, it's providing a certain frequency. It's like in Japan, they go through this thing where everyone goes walking through the forests, it's the frequency of the forest, we can do it here too. It makes you feel better, it can make everything work better. It does, so does celery juice. Only, do you need to drink celery juice every day? Wouldn't hurt you if you didn't drink too much. And for those whose bodies are not clear, whose bodies are having problems with the digestion, if they get cleared, like you've got cleared, that thing was bothering your digestion, celery juice might help for a while. But after a while, your body figured it out and can grow its own thing that was influenced the celery juice influenced. So your body can literally start doing it by itself. So that's why these fads come and go. Celery juice is something that went through, it went through about 10 years ago. And then I remember when I was a teen, it was all about celery. And they come and go because the next generation hasn't heard it yet. So the previous generation that heard it needs to be reminded. And so yeah, I've heard the celery juice story and it's true. But do we need it all, all the time? No, we don't. Would a lot of people benefit from it currently? You bet.

[1:50:19] Ashley James: Is there anything similar to the celery juice that people would largely benefit from?

[1:50:24] Eric Thorton: Yes. We recommend when the guide say too, the whole food plant based diet. That is the best. And it is the only scientifically proven diet with proponents as evidence. All the massive studies done at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, paid for by nonprofits, not for profit; for a Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization. So there's no commercial influence in the biases of the studies, we all have is cognitive bias. So if Bear is paying for a study on sugar, they're going to want certain information from that study. So the study isn't neutral on sugar, they're only going to look at what they want.

[1:51:12 ] Ashley James: Like, there are companies that make food like Nestle or Kellogg or, you know, these major food companies that pay for studies, health studies on sugar, and diet. And you've got to imagine that there's definitely an influence there. They want to prove that there's a certain amount of sugar that's safe.

[1:51:35] Eric Thorton: Right. And the World Health Organization has determined there's no amount of sugar that is safe. And sugar does give you benefit. It raises your blood sugar really quickly. And so the Nestle's will go on that, how did it do that? So emphasize that, but we'll forget that when your blood sugar goes up really fast, it causes terrible growth in your body, causes insulin resistance, etc, etc. and changes your pH so cancer can grow and things like that. They'll ignore that part of the study, because all their studies are based on the studies from whole food plant base, from that group. And that is ultimately what is best for every human being. Does every human being have to eat that way to live a long life? No. There are 10% in their studies that show that eating a non whole food plant based diet, those 10% of the people will not get heart disease from eating the standard American diet, we call it. But they will still develop all the other problems, bad knees, bad hips, you know, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome issues, and then all the hundred and 80 different diseases, including various cancers that eating this standard American causes. So like sometimes they say, well, this person isn't going to change. So let's see if we can say okay, you can eat meat, but just a smaller amount, and up the antioxidants by eating vegetables and fruits. And then see if we can get them to reduce their sugar and things like that. And they will get healthier, and they might live to be 94 and 95 with a good heart. But they'll have all these other problems too. But it keeps them going. But ultimately, when I ran into that, years ago, the guides went, that is what the human body needs. Period. With that said, People don't follow it. Oreo cookies, they're not whole food plant based but they are vegan. And they are vegetarian, and they will kill you. Or they'll develop their diet with “Well, this person said this is okay. And this one said this is okay.” And they're back to the commercialism. And they slowly change it back to and they say see my diet failed.

[1:54:08] Ashley James: Right. Oh, I have even done that before. But I've seen people do that where we can justify. Like Dr. Mark Hyman who I've had on the show, says meat is fine as long as we use like a condiment, and even Joel Fuhrman who himself does not eat meat, but he says if you could at least make less than 10% of your caloric intake be meat. And that really does help and so, Joel Fuhrman chooses not to eat meat, Dr. Mark Hyman, both of them have been on the show before. Mark says, you know, yeah, okay, just sprinkle a little bit of meat on something, like sprinkle it on a vegetarian taco or whatever. And his thing is, just don't make a whole meal around the meat like most people do. And so if you pick and choose, you're like, Okay, over here is the Mediterranean diet. So I'm going to eat some fish, then overhears the Atkins Oh, well, so I'm going to avoid some bread, and then over here, and you just kind of pick and choose. And then you're messing everything up, you need to find something that is grounded in science. And they're saying that the whole food plant based diet is healthy for 100% of the population. They need to make sure they're actually doing it.

[1:55:19] Eric Thorton: Right. They sit here, it's like the lady who called, she was doing this because she had heart problems. And she's going, you know, I'm talking to her six weeks later, nothing's happening. She's doing oil pulling. So she's putting oil in her mouth for an hour a day, to pull toxins out of our system. Well, it's going down her throat. And oil is one of the things you can't eat, nobody should eating oil. The pseudoscience say you get all these benefits from the oil. Well, it's what's in the oil that's giving you the benefit. It's like your omegas, those are chemicals. They're not oil, you need the Omegas, but they're chemicals, they happen to come out of the plants, or some animal has a few omegas in them, in the oil easiest. So then they sell you the oil.

[1:56:07] Ashley James: Well like EFAs or just basically juiced fish, right?

[1:56:13] Eric Thorton: They're in broccoli.

[1:56:14] Ashley James: Right. Well and that's how sardines and how salmon get to have so many Omegas in their flesh. They eat algae. So we can skip the middleman and just…

[1:56:26 ] Ashley James: Or they eat fish that had eaten algae. Exactly, or other green. Algae is generally green or brown, and it has the Omegas in it. So we can get all the you know, EFAs, DHAS, CoQ10, all these oils – I mean all these chemicals, without the oil. That's what's good for us. But because it's easier for commercialism to get it in the oil, it takes a whole huge step process to pull it out of the oil. So it's far cheaper. So feed them the oil, and keep telling them to have the oil because it's easiest to get it into. But the oil scientifically shows its mother's the bacteria in your intestine. And then you can't digest grains, or the meat very well. The oil smothers the probiotics in your intestines that need air in order to live. It coats them so they can't pull the air in. That's the reason you can't have oil. Because how many billion dollar industry is the probiotic industry and the vitamin industry? If you can't get the nutrition because you don't have the probiotics to get it, just take another pill, just buy this from us. No, you can't get it from those things, you have to get it, you got to get the probiotics right by not eating the darn oil. And one of the reasons meat is so bad because even boneless skinless chicken is 30% fat, which is oil. That's one of the reasons you can't eat meat, it's so bad for us. Sprinkled on things, like the way Asians used to eat, for the whole family, they use six ounces of meat. If you do that from birth, you don't develop the problems as much, you still will develop a little bit, but not nearly as much. They call those the Blue Zones, the areas where people eat more primitive. When you get more affluent, you start wanting the things that are richer. So the diets of people that are poor, are actually better than the diets of the rich people, because the rich people want the creams, the things that put on fat, because our body wants to have a big bank account. And it's like you put on that oil and you hold the oil in these oil cells. There are several things that go on with this. The fat cells, you can read about this in the book China Study, this is all scientifically shown. The fat cells, our bodies produce the fat cell, but it cannot fill it up. So this hasn't been on Good Morning America talking about this. When you cut into a person, you're cutting those fat cells. And it's rancid oil, and they stink.

[1:59:42] Ashley James: That's what surgeons say.

[1:59:42] Eric Thorton: Right. That's what surgeons say, it's this rancid oil. So your body once it gets it in there, it gets rancid and the body doesn't wanna let go of it. Because it's actually rancid, it's poisonous. That's why we have such a hard time losing weight and easy time gaining it. So if you eliminate the oil from your diet, it will use the oil slowly in your system so that you will have enough oil. Our bodies cannot fill those fat cells up with something that is human. And so eating all this oil also literally fills up those cells. And if you stop eating it, your cells deflate. And eventually the cell itself will go away. Or you have liposuction and get them removed or whatever. But it is a problem. Now the other thing that happens is we are also the only mammal on the planet that doesn't produce our own antioxidants. Antioxidants are what kill the major part of your immune system. They kill viruses, bacteria, they keep systemic diseases under control. And when you don't eat those fruits and veggies, you are susceptible to major diseases and illness.

[2:01:01] Ashley James: You're talking about vitamin C. Animals produce their own vitamin C, but humans can't.

[2:01:05] Eric Thorton: Correct. That's exactly right. And so we have to eat them. And that's the premise and let me backup a little bit. When you eat the food as a whole product, your body can use the whole thing and use everything, we talked about it a little bit, last time we talked about how an apple, you get 50 milligrams of vitamin C out of an average apple. And if you extract that, you get a 50 milligram raise in your vitamin C level in your blood. But if you eat the whole apple, you get a 1500 milligram raise of vitamin C levels in your blood, because your body uses the whole apple just like photosynthesis does. It's photosynthesis taking place. And it's growing all these chemicals inside the apple making the apple. Where your body will utilize all that produce till the right digestive enzymes to put in to get the body to make more vitamin C out of the chemicals in an apple. Just like the photosynthesis did, or similar. Can't say just like, we don't have light shining on us like that. And we're not green, unless we're really sick. But it does a similar thing. And that's why it's called whole food. They don't want you taking supplements unless there's a major reason for it. Because it's away from the whole food. That's why this diet is the one that is good for every human being. Yes, you can throw in a little if you're not sick. In other words, if you're young. So my daughter has chosen to do this on her own, no parental influence. And then we can prove it because our son still eat some meat and she decided to do this. And it changed the way she feels, the speed of which she runs, the way she can build muscle and everything because she's getting enough antioxidants. Her body's alkaline now, and so it can function properly. And she can have because she's young, she doesn't have any illnesses. So like when she went to Ireland, she tried their sausages. You know, when she's out, she doesn't have to panic about oil. She try to order things without oil. But if there's oil, if that's all there is, she'll eat it. But she's young and doesn't have heart disease, or deteriorated joints yet, metabolic syndrome yet. So she's continuous like that. She will probably never get any of these major diseases until she's 95. That's terrific. And that's what Fuhrman's talking about, if you can do it from early on, didn't hurt you so much.

[2:03:52] Ashley James: I had Dr. Esselstyn on the show, really great interview. He is great. I've had three cardiologists on the show, all have sort of very different different takes on how to heal the hurt, all of them get results, but Dr. Esselstyn gets the most results. Anyone listening who has any problems with a heart health or any friends with heart health or family, definitely share, listen to and share the Dr. Esselstyn interview that I did. And by the way, if you don't know how to find it, you can go to www.learntruehealth.com and type in cardiologist and use the search bar or type in Dr. Esselstyn, use the search bar to find the episode. He did the world's longest study. I believe it was over 12 years old or it's still going on. I think he wrote it up after 12 years. But yeah, he took a bunch of people who had end stage heart disease four clogs in their heart, you know, absolutely end stage. And he got them on this diet, whole foods plant based, no salt, sugar, oil. And by whole food, I mean, you can make really delicious food out of it, it's just whole ingredient. Here's a whole broccoli, here's a whole asparagus, you know, and you're not cooking with oil or fat, you're cooking with broth that  doesn't have salt in it or water. And you can actually saute something as though it had butter or oil in it using a little bit of water. And so he has these cooking techniques. But in his diet, he has been able to reverse clogs in the arteries and completely reverse hardening of the arteries, the narrowing of the arteries, he's been able to get people off of the heart transplant list and off of medications using this diet. And they follow people for years to prove that, that it sustains the results.

[2:05:52] Eric Thorton: Right. Exactly. I'm one of those patients. I don't know if he took down the statistics because this was six years ago. Now that was when I talked to him was four years ago. And I've talked to him number of times since. I was what he called the walking dead. I was scheduled for literally two days when I talked to him for open heart surgery, I already had a massive heart attack. And the guides corrected it. I had no signs of the heart attack, but I still developed the coronary artery disease. I was vegetarian. I still had coconut oil, little bit, one teaspoon. I had egg whites in the morning for breakfast, when I put the coconut oil in the pan. And I had an occasional piece of cheese like once every two weeks, and maybe a little bit of lunch meat once a week. That was it. As far as anything else. Everything else was healthy vegetarian. Not crap vegetarian, I still developed more coronary artery disease. So on the way to see a whole food plant based cardiologist, we had called, and my wife had called, and he called back right literally in the lobby going to the cardiologist place. And he goes, “I know that guy, he's good.” And he goes, “What are you doing?” I said, “Well, we switched to whole food plant base, because of pump head because of all the problems of this open heart surgery.” And I was ready for it. And he goes, “Okay, he goes, you're doing that. Now I want you to add to it.” So he says, “My latest book is going to have this in it. It's out now, I don't know the name of it. But it has this part in it too.” He had me ate six cups of green steamed vegetables packed after they were steamed a day on top of my regular vegan diet or whole food plant based diet.

[2:07:47] Ashley James: And did he have you sprinkle balsamic on it?

[2:07:50] Eric Thorton: Yes, yeah. He explains that in our interview. He has people eat every two hours as they made a whole bowl of steamed greens. He has like 12 greens choose from and you rotate them. And every T is basically a full time job, every two hours, you get to eat this big bowl of greens, and then you sprinkle it with balsamic. And I never liked balsamic until he explained why that there's an acid in balsamic that heals the inner lining of our circulatory system is healed by this acid from the balsamic. And he's found that, that is even more effective for immediately helping to clear up the arteries. Right. So I did exactly that, and within three days the angina went away. Within three months, 90 days, 90 days, right? I was off of five medications that were serious medication for heart disease. I was completely off off of them. The doctor goes, “Stop.” I'd cut reduce my blood pressure medication, and reduce and cut in half and cut because the blood pressure was getting too low. And finally I go in, I'm taking a quarter of the dose and he goes, “Stop it, you're killing yourself.” The veins had opened up that fast.

[2:09:12] Ashley James: The doctor wanted to stop the drugs or stop the diet?

[2:09:14] Eric Thorton: The doctors stopped the drugs. They told me stop taking them. You're getting too healthy. I'm sitting there going, “Yes!” But that's, you know, for me, that is a big thing for me. So I can stick to the diet or stick to the lifestyle quite easily. Because I think, well if I eat that oil, is it going to give me a heart attack? Now I know it won't, at this point because my arteries are cleared up. And I've now proven had gone through the tests. The arteries are cleared up. But I'm susceptible to it. I have those genes. So and I know it and I know the effect. I've experienced the effect. It's hard for people who haven't experienced a major illness to define the motivation to do this. I get it. That's not a problem for me. But if you can do it like even Dr. Esselstyn says Dr. Lyle and Dr. McDougall, if you can do it 70% of the time, you're 70% better off. If you can do it 80, 80%, 90, 90%. You know Dr. Esselstyn, and it was hilarious. He goes, “My only draw, my only real weakness is every New Year's Eve I ate peanut butter cups.” I just cracked, I go, “Really it's peanut butter cups? He goes, “Yes. I just love peanut butter cups.” “Are they Trader Joe's peanut butter cups? Because those are the ones that I like.” And he goes, “No, they're Reese's.” And I go, “Good for Reese's.” But he even admits it, basically. It's hard. And his family, his parents died really young from a dairy farm they used to have, you know, and it's like, “Aw.” You know? And so, you know, he's terrific.

[2:11:00] Ashley James: Yeah.

[2:11:01] Eric Thorton: And he does return phone calls.

[2:11:03] Ashley James: Yeah, he does. Actually, I've heard that from a few people. I met Rip, his son. Rip Esselstyn, who has a whole line of food at Whole Foods.

[2:11:14] Eric Thorton: Engine 2.

[2:11:14] Ashley James: Engine 2, that's right.  A book, a very interesting book. And I met him at a talk he gave in Redmond at Whole Foods. The first thing you said is and there's maybe about 50 people, “Who here has talked on the phone with my dad?” And like half of them put up their hand and he goes, “Yeah, you call him, he'll talk to anyone.” And he still works as a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, teaching people and he's in his late 90s, or in his 80s.

[2:11:42] Eric Thorton: I think he's 84 or 86 now.

[2:11:44] Ashley James: He talks about going skiing in the Alps or something. I mean that's the diet, it keeps you healthy. So I have a listener, and if he's listening, hello! I have a listener who is a career military man and he was going to be honorably discharged because his cardiac numbers were so bad. I mean, he looks physically fit, like a marine or Green Beret or something. But his cholesterol was so high that they were going to dismiss him and other numbers were so high, unresponsive to medication so high, and he would have lost his career in the military. And he heard my interview with Dr. Esselstyn, he got on the diet one month later, his numbers were normal.

[2:12:30] Eric Thorton: Yes, exactly. That's what happens. They do the 21 day challenge. In 21 days, if you eat strict, they actually take people and they feed them, house them and everything for 21 days, take their blood before and after 21 days, it has dropped so dramatically. All these numbers, that they just sit there and go, “Oh, my God.” And guess what? They weren't hungry, and they had great food. So, you know, it's you do have to learn a new way of cooking. People go, “I can't do it. I said, “Baloney. You learn these recipes. So you're just learning more recipes.” You just stop cooking these recipes and you cook these ones. That's all it is. It's not hard. The hard part is like even Esselstyn will say or Fuhrman is the addiction to the oil and the meat.

[2:13:23] Ashley James: And if your addiction has a voice behind it, then come see Eric.

[2:13:27] Eric Thorton: Yes, because it is. It affects that. Because again, the predatory energy was to prevent you from continuing with your process. Well, it had me two feet in the grave, fortunately, I was still standing. Because it wanted to stop me from bringing my knowledge to the world. And I almost didn't make it.

[2:13:57] Ashley James: But now looking back, I mean, you could either and this is the lesson for all of us, we can either give into the drama of what was me, this thing happened to me or is happening to, or has happened to me and my family, which creates an energy that brings in like energy, right? So it brings in thought forms and entities of other energy to kind of compound and exacerbate that drama. Or you can do what you're doing and say that you're grateful for the experience that you went through. Because now I mean, if you hadn't had those heart issues, would you have found this diet? Would you have, you know, been this way that you've now helped your family and now you help your clients this way. So it's a ripple effect. But you're looking at the ripple effect with gratitude and seeing that. What's the positive outcome? Tony Robbins, and I love him for this. He says what's good about this? When things start to have drama, ask what's good about this? And keep asking yourself, what's good about this until you find the positive meaning behind that experience.

[2:15:05] Eric Thorton: Well, that was a major thing that happened to me when I had the heart attack. And I'm standing there and I went pale as a piece of paper. Because I have a connection to the guides, because I went totally pale. I mean, literally, all life drained right out of me. And I go, “Am I having a heart attack?” And they go, “Yup.” And I literally go, “Damn.” And then I called my daughter to get me some aspirin and I wasn't upset about it. I didn't allow myself to get upset. I knew what happened. I have the privilege. And I know it's a privilege. I fully acknowledge it. I know, it's okay, when you don't have a body. And I know this is a tool. And I'm very grateful for this tool. But it's not a problem for me not having that tool anymore. And so I'm laying there in the hospital room, and I could go to anxiety and worry and raise my blood pressure and raise my heart rate when I'm down to a 7% ejection rate on the left side of my heart. And that would just simply kill me. So I decided to honor the body and its process and what I knew I was going to be learning. And I was lying there in bed dying. I got congestive heart failure and double pneumonia, called the nurse and to give me some oxygen because I didn't have enough oxygen anymore. I'm lying there dying, I'm whistling. And my wife goes, “That was arrogant.” I go, “Well, no. It wasn't.” That wasn't arrogant at all. That's who I am. And I really felt that way. I didn't even think about it. It was just like, “Oh, this is what I'm going through now. I wonder what I'm going to be learning later, this is going to be interesting.” And I thought you know, it's a better attitude for the body. So I don't stress it. And like, well, it all works good. And I lived. And then the guides had a chance to correct the heart. And which they did,  fortunately. We have great success with heart disease in the work we do. But anyway, I have learned so much from that is unbelievable to help my clients. I have learned things I would never have learned if I wasn't forced into it from the heart attack. And they protected me during the whole process. And that's what we have to turn these negativity immediately into the positivity. Like you were taught in that class with Tony and probably other people too, what's the benefit. And that keeps you in, keeps you out of the drama, the human drama, and into the moment. You know, I wasn't thinking about, I thought you know, I really don't want to die yet. But I told everybody, I'll be back to haunt you. And you'll notice me because there'll be a sense of humor. And they go, “Okay.” You know my daughter goes, “Oh, when you die? It's gonna be hilarious.” I go, “You betcha.” Because I will make darn sure every painting is tipped, the TV flips out, the doors open and close. I'll make sure that when you, because one of my favorite things is strawberries and blueberries. I'll make sure you dump them on the floor. Just to let you know give some to dad. Because it is, it's a natural thing for us to do. We do it all, we do it with every life. It's just we're taught not to. And we're talking about Esselstyn and how the gift he's giving the world in realizing that our cardiological system is designed to keep ill.

[2:19:02] Ashley James: Oh, you mean the mainstream medical system?

[2:19:04] Eric Thorton: Correct. It's designed to keep us patients. And it's not bad doctors. It's what the system is teaching. You know, my cardiologist I had before, after the heart attack, before the whole food plant based, he had knowledge. But he had to operate to keep his license within the rules of the American Medical Association as a cardiologist. So he couldn't tell me certain things. So when I did show up needing bypass surgery, he was the one doing the work. He was my cardiologist. And we come out of surgery. He goes, you need to have bypass surgery. Here's the doctor to do it. He's the best in the State. He's blah, blah, blah. He couldn't, and he was the best doctor in the state. And so he connected me up really well. My wife said to him, “But couldn't we change that with diet?” And he said, “Yes, but it would take three years.” It had been three years since the heart attack.

[2:20:06] Ashley James: And he could have told you three years ago, but he didn't.

[2:20:09] Eric Thorton: He didn't. He didn't. Because if he did, I could sue him. Because the American Medical Association had not recommended yet whole food plant based. He knew it. But he couldn't recommend it. They can now, American Medical Association now recommends whole food plant based for heart disease. So he can say it now, but he couldn't then. And I never went back to him. Because he was a good man. He really was. I don't have a problem with him. But he left that little things slip that he should have let slip three years before because he knew me. He knew I was willing to do anything. And I could stick with things. But he didn't.

[2:21:01] Ashley James: Yeah, I want all my doctors to be renegades just enough to be okay with telling me the truth. Right and they damn the potential consequences. Tell me the truth.

[2:21:13] Eric Thorton: Right. Or at least look for it themselves. So these doctors are now exposed, like the rest of us are to the various ideas of food and nutrition. And yet they've only had 20 minutes of nutrition in their becoming doctors, according to Esselstyn is 20 minutes. And it may be a whole class. Okay, great. But it's like, okay, but this is out there. So why the resistance to study in this? They sit there and they go with the whole food plant based. Well, Dr… What's the name? Who started The China Study? Dr… I forgot his name right now, he's a PhD. He's not an MD. So all the research is flawed. That's literally what they say. But he brought in, he was a PhD at Stanford, he brought in the doctors to do the studies. He was just the orchestrator. He did a magnificent job. And it's the only sound science on nutrition on the planet. And it's evidence based nutrition. And the evidence was gathered by long term scientific studies. And that the guides have gone. That's what the human bodies need. They were very specific about it, though. We used to live short lives, it didn't matter. Now, we're trying to live these long lives for humans. We're trying to live past 50. In 1900, the average American, the statistics show, lived to be 47 years old. You couldn't get year round fruits and vegetables then, now you can. And that's actually doing that. And sanitation is why we live longer, because we're getting the antioxidants year round now. So don't mess with Mexico. Sorry, that was an editorial.

[2:23:13] Ashley James: No. I just thought when the tariffs were being threatened, I was like, “You know what, all these people with their avocado obsession, what's gonna happen?” Like, don't take away my avocados.

[2:23:26] Eric Thorton: You know, you gotta have the strawberry, but it is, those are antioxidants. And avocados are very good for you. You take them away, you're eliminating some of what we need for year round food. And that is what increased our longevity. People have recently in the last 15 years, started doing all these other diets. And now, the average lifespan has dropped three years, literally, because of all these other diets.

[2:23:52] Ashley James: Like Atkins and keto.

[2:23:54] Eric Thorton: Right. High meat diets. If you go online, and you look at a vial of blood, someone that's on the high fat, high protein diet – half the blood, it separates out, half of it is the fat they ate. That is like taking sandpaper to the inside of your arteries. But we don't care about that. I do. And people that are doing that much, their bodies care about it. They're just not aware of it until they have an event. Not fully aware of it. Constipation does develop to be a problem on those diets. And they do, they shock your body into losing weight. There's no question about that for a while. And then it starts, the antioxidants go down, the vitamins and minerals go down. And then you start getting unhealthy. So anyway, it's a sad process. And I have learned tremendously from the gift of my heart attack and it was a gift. There's no question about it.

[2:24:59] Ashley James: Today, we got to learn from the gift of your heart attack as well. So thank you, thank you for sitting with us and sharing so much wonderful information and stories. The takeaway being that, if we have loved ones ashes, let them go so that we become healthier and that the soul of our ancestors can move on into a better place for our benefit, for their benefit. All the way around. Good for everyone, that we need to focus on gaining the positive learnings and being grateful in the now so that we can vibrate at that frequency that attracts like. So the more evolved, less coming from ego, coming from a more soul stance or our soul's purpose, right? So we need to focus on gaining all the positive learnings and not attaching to the drama.

[2:26:01] Eric Thorton: Focus on the grace of every event like these public speakers talk about, you focus on positivity, there's a real truth to that. You can't be there all the time. So don't punish yourself for not being able to do it. But the more you stay in that, the more your frequency is that and you're going to draw less predatory or lower frequency energy. That's how you stay safe.

[2:26:28] Ashley James: And then the final message would be, do a 21 day challenge and try the whole food plant based diet, no salt, sugar or oil. I interviewed chef AJ on the show and she's a delight. Definitely, listeners can go back and search Chef AJ in the search box at www.learntruehealth.com to find that episode. And then Dr. Goldhamer who I remember the number of that one, it's Episode 230. I remember that because my husband's joke is when's the best time to go to the dentist? 230 your tooth 30 you know. My husband's full of dad jokes. But yeah, so Episode 230 is Dr. Goldhamer and he teaches this but Chef AJ and there's some great YouTube videos of the two of them Chef AJ and Dr. Goldhamer together, Chef AJ teaches, I think she says over 100 or more videos where she teaches from start to finish how to cook delicious lunches and snacks and breakfasts and dinners using this whole foods plant based diet, no salt, sugar, or oil, and she also adds no alcohol as well. Which is literally a poison. So while you do your 21 day challenge, cut out alcohol as well, because it is considered sugar and a toxin to the liver. But that together in 21 days, creates like a whole new body, a whole new experience.

[2:28:00] Eric Thorton: It's phenomenal. I've met them both personally, because I went to True North and went through the process down there. So that's where all these doctors congregate, share information, they have labs there, they have rooms, I did 21 day fast with a 14 day refeed. So I spent a lot of time and I got all those lectures and saw Chef AJ and listen to her and all the other things. And they're fascinating people, and they have the best intentions. They do have the intention, that's a good intention. If people don't want to hear it, they're not going to hear it. So why bother? And that's the way the guides are too, you know, I told you if they're not going to do it, let's see if we can modify it a little bit and get a little bit healthier. But the people aren't going to listen. That's it.

[2:28:14] Ashley James: Right.

[2:28:53] Eric Thorton: And Goldhamer is big on that. And Chef AJ went through the 21 day fast, and she has to remain very strict in order to keep weight off. She was like, very, very heavy at one time. And her body cannot tolerate even oils in avocados and nuts and things like that. Otherwise, she'll balloon up again and she does it right away. And I don't know why because I've never worked on her. So she has to be very strict. So actually, her recipes are actually really good. Only because she can't cheat. And so they are they're very good recipes. I have one of her cookbooks. I think I have two. She did one with Ramsey, Chef Ramsay and her and then I have one of hers too. And they're very good. So I'm a cook too. So I always spice things up and things like that. But I use all these recipe books for their basic recipe. And then I'll fine tune it. But her recipes are good and sound the way they are. So, but again, I like to mess with things a little.

[2:30:07] Ashley James: Yeah, you got a gorgeous kitchen for that.

[2:30:09] Eric Thorton: Yeah, I do. We have a commercial kitchen that allows us to do that and get those flavors and things like that. So, but it is. She does the demonstrations on hot plates. She doesn't do it on a big fancy stove. She's got it right there and she's got your coils that you plug into the wall, you know, and just regular electric hot plate. So anyone can do it. You can go buy a hot plate if you need to.

[2:30:37] Ashley James: She gives some great advice. She says make all your seasonings in advance like, she buys all her seasoning, let's say sage and garlic and ground onion and all the different kinds of spices. And she will get them in bulk for example. And then take these containers and make her blends for the next week. Sort of like someone would take their 20 supplement bottles or their 10 prescription bottles and make up a little holder. You know, she does that with her seasoning. So she knows she's going to make chili on Thursday, she just grabs her bottle of pre made chili seasoning and just throws it in. And I thought that was really smart to kind of make her make her own blends. So there's no salt in it, there's no sugar in it, there's no oil in it, I can't believe how many spices out there are filled with crap. So she makes her own. And then she doesn't have to… it takes less time for her to cook because she just grabs one thing and pours, dumps the whole pile of spice right there on the food while she's cooking it.

[2:31:43] Eric Thorton: She's a professional cook. So she has that all worked out for a certain flavor. Most people can't do that. They don't plan ahead that far. And they can't think of what they're doing, until they actually do it. She happens to be able to do that which is really nice where she buys a lot of her spices, give them a plug it's called Savory Spice. And they do have a lot of blends that have salt or sugar in or something but they also have a lot to do not. And they have some very, very interesting spices. And they recommend you at True North Health to go to Savory Spice, that's about 10 blocks from that facility. And they have their own blend that Savory Spice makes for True Health. And that you have on your table to just put spice on your food, herbal blend, and it's a nice one that doesn't have to be cooked to flavor your food. And they have several of those and Savory Spice is the place that they get all these and they're organic and they're you know the whole works and so you go in and you say I want whole food plant based, no sugar, oil or salt like, “Okay, we got this this this this and this.” And there's some really amazing blends, they have Japanese blends, they got Korean, they got Middle Eastern, and you know they got all kinds from all over the world that have no sugar, oil or salt.

[2:33:04] Ashley James: Oh I have to check them out. They probably sell them online.

[2:33:10] Eric Thorton: I was thinking they were in Santa Rosa where True North Health is. And so it's like, I lost their phone number so look it up online there's one at Alderwood Mall.

2:33:22] Ashley James: So they are a chain.

[2:33:23] Eric Thorton: They're a chain. I've been sitting here ordering. It's like I get the privilege of now walking in. Because you go in it's like this place smells good. So anyway, I found that out I go, “Okay, why can't you tell me that sooner, guys?”

[2:33:45] Ashley James: You give talks in Redmond. So local people are listening can check out your website and get on your newsletter at www.ericthorton.com and come to your free lectures. I know the next one's coming up in a few weeks.

[2:33:58] Eric Thorton: And I think you said you were going to record it, maybe?

[2:34:00] Ashley James: We're going to do our best.

[2:34:01] Eric Thorton: Okay. So we might be able to put the whole lecture or discussion, I have a more open discussion. So it's more interesting. I think lectures can get a little boring.

[2:34:14] Ashley James: Well, not you. I can't imagine you being boring. But we'll do our best to record it. Thank you so much for sitting with us.

[2:34:21] Eric Thorton: Thank you.

[2:34:21] Ashley James: And teaching, this has been a lot of fun. I love hearing how all the listeners have been reaching out to you and working with you and getting great results, and those who listen are enjoying our interviews.

[2:34:37] Eric Thorton: I've gotten quite a few calls, even long distance. Like I told you earlier had a guy today, the call from Saudi Arabia that's doesn't wanna get in trouble in Saudi Arabia. So he's going to either the UK in August, so he wants an appointment in August and he listened to you. That was the latest podcast. So that was Sunday. So I think he listened Monday and he called yesterday. So I get quite a bit of that and it's really fun to help your clients.

[2:35:04] Ashley James: Yeah, that's what I'm all about. Let's help all the listeners to get true health.

[2:35:10] Eric Thorton: Yeah. Happy to help.

[2:35:13] Ashley James: Awesome.


Hello, true health seeker. Have you ever thought about becoming a health coach? Do you love learning about nutrition and how we can shift our lifestyle and our diet so that we can gain optimal health and happiness and longevity? Do you love helping your friends and family to solve their health problems and to figure out what they can do to eat healthier? Are you interested in becoming someone who can grow their own business, support people in their success? Do you love helping people?

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