329: Stories of Success Through Detox

Kellyann Andrews and Ashley James

Holistic habits have changed the lives of many. One of the things we’re always focusing on in the program is giving people advice on Holistic habits. But what better way than to hear actual stories of success on how Holistic habits effectively released toxins from our body and improved our health.

I’ve been a fan of the Platinum Energy Systems ever since I had Kellyann Andrews on the show. I had her as my guest on episodes 292 and 293. She’s, here again, to expound more on the benefits of Platinum Energy Systems and to embrace a lifestyle of Holistic habits.


Kellyann Andrews describes the whole journey like going into an important business meeting. You see yourself going ahead of the meeting and seeing everything goes harmoniously.

Then towards the end of the business meeting when you’re alone, you may find yourself dancing to celebrate because everything went fabulously. This, she says, is using the power of visualization, magnetization, prayer, and meditation.


As we go into this new year, Kellyann Andrews says what we reflect on is the progress that we have made. Being able to reflect is a significant Holistic habit because it’s so easy as human beings to focus on what needs correction.

“In looking in the mirror, we’re always looking for what’s wrong in the mirror. Let’s start a new habit,” advises Kellyann Andrews. “When you look in the mirror, you look at what’s right in the mirror. There’s a beautiful being looking back at you, a being that wants to advance and evolve and become a better self.” 

She adds, “And so at the beginning of this year, let’s reflect on all of what’s called the bright spots in your past. Reflect on it in terms of your health and all the things that helped you to move forward and moving to a new body.”

Kellyann Andrews further explains that is because our body can affect the blood cells to the tube of the digestion, esophagus and down to the gut. Those cells rejuvenate in a week. Other cells in the body take a little bit longer. Ultimately, our cells are designed to renew themselves.

Acute Illness vs. Chronic Illness

If the body is designing and creating new cells, then why is sickness continuing? Interesting point, right? Well, Kellyann Andrews says spring is the classic time of the year to do a cleanse or detox as part of your Holistic habits. It’s to get the old out and get the refuge out of the body.

“Difference between acute illness and chronic illness is toxicity. When old cells duplicate, they pass on the toxicity to the new cells. And that’s why spring is an important time of the year to do detoxification,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Success Stories

Kellyann Andrews recently had a male client who had extreme edema on his legs. His legs are the same width as his thigh and were so heavy that his wife had to help him move step by step.

The man’s wife eventually got a Platinum Energy Systems for her husband to use. And because they knew circulation was his number one issue, the challenge was to get the lymphatic system moving inside the body. After which everything can flow and get to where it needs to go. But with that male client, it was all jammed up.

“We opened up his sweat glands and circulatory system to release into the basin. And sure enough, this molten lava came out immediately. Out came the heavy metals. By the end of the session, he felt a difference in his legs. He was then able to sleep well and get out of his bed by himself,” Kellyann Andrews relates.

In another instance, Kellyann Andrews also had a client who was struggling with health issues. But after six months of using Platinum Energy Systems, she had no more fatty liver and even lost sixty pounds.

Treatment Period

People usually ask Kellyann Andrews how many sessions it would take before they get better. She says it depends on your age, lifestyle, diet, level of toxicity.

“Each person will have a genetic weakness where the illness will show up first in the body. But that genetic weakness is indicating that if the bottom right corner of the aquarium is mucky, then the whole aquarium is mucky,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Tipping Point

Kellyann Andrews says people are reaching into their 40s and having all these symptoms getting out of bed only means that they’ve reached the tipping point. Their bodies can no longer handle the toxic load, and it’s manifesting wherever the weakest link in the body is.

“Resilience is the key to health, and that will tell you at what state of well-being you are,” explains Kellyann Andrews.

Addressing Mercury

Kellyann Andrews recalls a female client whose score on mercury was 72. And 72 is an astronomical level. She was entirely not able to do anything. And when patients are in that state, they become very fearful and anxious. They’re afraid to do anything, take anything, and eat anything.

“The key thing is to give them hope. We started with 10-minute sessions with the Platinum Energy System at the start and got her confidence level up. Then we gradually increased it to 15 minutes then to 20 minutes,” recalls Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “Eventually they progressed her to be able to do 30 minutes over time. Things started to liberate out of her body that was completely undermining every aspect of her health. Her mercury score is now at 10.”

Trust Your Body

Kellyann Andrews says the number one thing you should trust always is your own body. She recalled a time when she went into someone’s house one day and stayed for not more than 20 minutes.

Kellyann Andrews felt her throat started to tighten, and her lungs started to cough. Mucus started coming out of her lungs and nose. Even her eyes were affected. By the time she got out of the house, Kellyann Andrews was in respiratory distress.

Furthermore, she developed a severe headache. Going home, she immediately went into the session using her Platinum Energy Systems, and her symptoms stopped.

“Because what the body was needing was to get rid of that content. The body gives amazing clues. Our body has wisdom designed into its genetics on how and what it needs at any given moment and how to correct it,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She also said that women couldn’t physically correct the situation, so our body gives fight and flight cues. Our body will do what it can, but Kellyann Andrews says the Platinum Energy System helps people shift because it opens up the drainage routes.

“Heavy metals also create chaos frequencies. They also increase your EMF sensitivity. But also develop hyperreactivity to products. Your body is telling you it needs help to get rid of toxins,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Understanding Our Body

There’s a whole aspect to health being from the emotional component, mental component and physical. Kellyann Andrews says we all start in life with dramas and traumas. And it goes on repeatedly in the body. Hence, the body is continuously offended by bad or negative emotions.

The result is our body starting to feel unsafe. That’s when it also starts having alert signals. So, it’s really about learning how to listen to our body.

Choosing A Foot Spa

There are so many cheap foot spas in the market. And although it seems tempting to buy because it’s cheap, it is best to choose a quality product. 

According to Kellyann Andrews, many imitation knock-off foot spas are purporting to look like the Platinum Energy Systems design, but there’s no intelligence behind them. They will color up the water in the basin and make you believe the toxins are coming out but more often than not, there’s no truth to that.

“With our system, we have a hospital medical power source. It’s the same power source as a life support equipment. That is why it is that stable. There is intelligent technology. To monitor the water and see the level of electricity is. There is an ideal treatment level,” said Kellyann Andrews.

This ends part one of our interview. But there’s more so make sure to check out Part 2 of this amazing episode.


Kellyann Andrews’ background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels. 

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine. 

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life’s work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path. 

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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