329: Stories of Success Through Detox

Kellyann Andrews and Ashley James


  • Detox and healing habits
  • Resilience is the key to health and that will tell you at what state of well-being you are
  • Always trusting your body and the cues it’s giving. Symptoms are cues that the body’s telling us that there is something wrong
  • What is Platinum Energy Systems and how it works
  • Detoxing heavy metals using the Platinum Energy Systems

Holistic habits have changed the lives of many. One of the things we’re always focusing on in the program is giving people advice on Holistic habits. But what better way than to hear actual stories of success on how Holistic habits effectively released toxins from our body and improved our health.

I’ve been a fan of the Platinum Energy Systems ever since I had Kellyann Andrews on the show. I had her as my guest on episodes 292 and 293. She’s, here again, to expound more on the benefits of Platinum Energy Systems and to embrace a lifestyle of Holistic habits.


Kellyann Andrews describes the whole journey like going into an important business meeting. You see yourself going ahead of the meeting and seeing everything goes harmoniously.

Then towards the end of the business meeting when you’re alone, you may find yourself dancing to celebrate because everything went fabulously. This, she says, is using the power of visualization, magnetization, prayer, and meditation.


As we go into this new year, Kellyann Andrews says what we reflect on is the progress that we have made. Being able to reflect is a significant Holistic habit because it’s so easy as human beings to focus on what needs correction.

“In looking in the mirror, we’re always looking for what’s wrong in the mirror. Let’s start a new habit,” advises Kellyann Andrews. “When you look in the mirror, you look at what’s right in the mirror. There’s a beautiful being looking back at you, a being that wants to advance and evolve and become a better self.”

She adds, “And so at the beginning of this year, let’s reflect on all of what’s called the bright spots in your past. Reflect on it in terms of your health and all the things that helped you to move forward and moving to a new body.”

Kellyann Andrews further explains that is because our body can affect the blood cells to the tube of the digestion, esophagus and down to the gut. Those cells rejuvenate in a week. Other cells in the body take a little bit longer. Ultimately, our cells are designed to renew themselves.

Acute Illness vs. Chronic Illness

If the body is designing and creating new cells, then why is sickness continuing? Interesting point, right? Well, Kellyann Andrews says spring is the classic time of the year to do a cleanse or detox as part of your Holistic habits. It’s to get the old out and get the refuge out of the body.

“Difference between acute illness and chronic illness is toxicity. When old cells duplicate, they pass on the toxicity to the new cells. And that’s why spring is an important time of the year to do detoxification,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Success Stories

Kellyann Andrews recently had a male client who had extreme edema on his legs. His legs are the same width as his thigh and were so heavy that his wife had to help him move step by step.

The man’s wife eventually got a Platinum Energy Systems for her husband to use. And because they knew circulation was his number one issue, the challenge was to get the lymphatic system moving inside the body. After which everything can flow and get to where it needs to go. But with that male client, it was all jammed up.

“We opened up his sweat glands and circulatory system to release into the basin. And sure enough, this molten lava came out immediately. Out came the heavy metals. By the end of the session, he felt a difference in his legs. He was then able to sleep well and get out of his bed by himself,” Kellyann Andrews relates.

In another instance, Kellyann Andrews also had a client who was struggling with health issues. But after six months of using Platinum Energy Systems, she had no more fatty liver and even lost sixty pounds.

Treatment Period

People usually ask Kellyann Andrews how many sessions it would take before they get better. She says it depends on your age, lifestyle, diet, level of toxicity.

“Each person will have a genetic weakness where the illness will show up first in the body. But that genetic weakness is indicating that if the bottom right corner of the aquarium is mucky, then the whole aquarium is mucky,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Tipping Point

Kellyann Andrews says people are reaching into their 40s and having all these symptoms getting out of bed only means that they’ve reached the tipping point. Their bodies can no longer handle the toxic load, and it’s manifesting wherever the weakest link in the body is.

“Resilience is the key to health, and that will tell you at what state of well-being you are,” explains Kellyann Andrews.

Addressing Mercury

Kellyann Andrews recalls a female client whose score on mercury was 72. And 72 is an astronomical level. She was entirely not able to do anything. And when patients are in that state, they become very fearful and anxious. They’re afraid to do anything, take anything, and eat anything.

“The key thing is to give them hope. We started with 10-minute sessions with the Platinum Energy System at the start and got her confidence level up. Then we gradually increased it to 15 minutes then to 20 minutes,” recalls Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “Eventually they progressed her to be able to do 30 minutes over time. Things started to liberate out of her body that was completely undermining every aspect of her health. Her mercury score is now at 10.”

Trust Your Body

Kellyann Andrews says the number one thing you should trust always is your own body. She recalled a time when she went into someone’s house one day and stayed for not more than 20 minutes.

Kellyann Andrews felt her throat started to tighten, and her lungs started to cough. Mucus started coming out of her lungs and nose. Even her eyes were affected. By the time she got out of the house, Kellyann Andrews was in respiratory distress.

Furthermore, she developed a severe headache. Going home, she immediately went into the session using her Platinum Energy Systems, and her symptoms stopped.

“Because what the body was needing was to get rid of that content. The body gives amazing clues. Our body has wisdom designed into its genetics on how and what it needs at any given moment and how to correct it,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She also said that women couldn’t physically correct the situation, so our body gives fight and flight cues. Our body will do what it can, but Kellyann Andrews says the Platinum Energy System helps people shift because it opens up the drainage routes.

“Heavy metals also create chaos frequencies. They also increase your EMF sensitivity. But also develop hyperreactivity to products. Your body is telling you it needs help to get rid of toxins,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Understanding Our Body

There’s a whole aspect to health being from the emotional component, mental component and physical. Kellyann Andrews says we all start in life with dramas and traumas. And it goes on repeatedly in the body. Hence, the body is continuously offended by bad or negative emotions.

The result is our body starting to feel unsafe. That’s when it also starts having alert signals. So, it’s really about learning how to listen to our body.

Choosing A Foot Spa

There are so many cheap foot spas in the market. And although it seems tempting to buy because it’s cheap, it is best to choose a quality product.

According to Kellyann Andrews, many imitation knock-off foot spas are purporting to look like the Platinum Energy Systems design, but there’s no intelligence behind them. They will color up the water in the basin and make you believe the toxins are coming out but more often than not, there’s no truth to that.

“With our system, we have a hospital medical power source. It’s the same power source as a life support equipment. That is why it is that stable. There is intelligent technology. To monitor the water and see the level of electricity is. There is an ideal treatment level,” said Kellyann Andrews.

This ends part one of our interview. But there’s more so make sure to check out Part 2 of this amazing episode.





Hello, True Health seekers and welcome to another exciting episode of Learn True Health podcast. Well, you are in for such a treat we have Kelly Ann Andrews back on the show. She’s from platinumenergysystems.ca. Since Kelly Ann was on the show a few months ago. She’s had a great experience with many of our listeners. She comes today to share some testimonials of success. We’re getting into some really interesting topics. We go dive into detox and healing habits. ADHD, Autism, mercury, heavy metals, kidney disease, chelation, Thyroid. We cover so many wonderful topics that I’ve decided to cut this interview into two parts and we couldn’t believe how long our conversation went and yet we explored so many wonderful topics. I know you’re going to love part two. We definitely get into some interesting healing habits that she recommends that I think are definitely noting. Make sure you check part two as well. We’ll be publishing that shortly after this one. For those listeners who have thoroughly enjoyed the Learn True Health podcast, come join our Facebook group because right now, I’m doing a big give away as a celebration for hitting four million downloads. So come join us in the Facebook group to be part of the big give away. I’m going to give away some awesome prizes and I’d love to see you there. I also love that the community, the Learn True Health community helps to support each other. We ask great health questions and we learn from each other as well the experts who’ve chosen to join the group. Just the other day someone asked about root canals and a biological dentist who is one of our listeners decided to support that person and answer really good questions. The Learn True Health community in on Facebook has become more than just talking about the podcasts, it has become a resource to support each other. I love that. I love that we can become a community to help each other to learn true health. Excellent. Well, thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this episode with those you love. It makes such a big difference especially hope when we know that there are alternative solutions to the only solutions we’ve been given which might be, “Just take this drug for the rest of your life.” Yet we have so much we can do to support our body even in the face of illness or disease. Continue to share. Continue to use all the wonderful tool that the guests give us to support our health. Please come to the Facebook group to add that resource to your tool belt to support you in your true health journey. Enjoy today’s interview.

[02:56] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 329. I am so excited to have back on the show with us Kelly Ann Andrews. She’s the founder of Platinum Energy Systems. Her website is platinumenergysystems.ca. She was on the show for episode 292 and 293. We had a fantastic time together. Kelly Ann and I have been chatting for I want to say at least 6 months, gosh, time flies and I have loved her system of detoxification. She has a fantastic system. I kind of feel like I’m on Star Trek. All the technology that we’re utilizing and detox is such a buzzword, your system is grounded on so much science. I had a fantastic experience with the platinum energy system as my husband. Several of my friends have been blown away by it. A lot of the listeners of Learn True Health podcasts who have purchased and used the platinum energy system have also shared some remarkable stories. I’m just so thrilled to have you back on the show today. We’re going to get into some really interesting topics. I love that where we went when you’re on the show the first time, we dove into understanding PH and the role of looking at detox and foods and supplements, our lifestyle and how we can measure our urine and our saliva PH to see where we are and to map our progress as we go to our healing journey. Listeners who haven’t listened to Kelly Ann before should definitely go back and check out episode 292 and 293. Kelly Ann, welcome back to the show.


[05:06] Kelly Ann Andrews: Thanks, Ashley. It’s really wonderful to be here. Before we start, really for the sake of myself and all of your listeners, I just so want to acknowledge you because being with you, first of all, is really fun. You’re fun to be with. You’re such an easy person to be with but it’s almost like we had a walk in nature together when we visit. I find that so revitalizing. There’s something about your youthful attitude because you’re so open and curious. Sometimes as adults, the more we go into adulthood and seriousness in life, we lose that fun and fun to be with kind of adventurous spirit. With you, it’s a constant adventure. You’re so gracious and yet you have a bold spirit that you put yourself forward in this place at this time when people are so needing this information. I just feel such a sense of being a kindred spirit with you. I want to thank you especially for your pioneering spirit and your willing to be a vehicle of awakening so that people can take off their blinders and you teach them such a beautiful new way, a better way, an easier way to create a more fulfilling, rewarding, meaningful life.


[06:51] Ashley James: Thank you. That was wonderful, how you summarized my mission.


[07:00] Kelly Ann Andrews: It takes one to know one. I totally absolutely identify with where your orientation in life is come to be. When we look at the people that we’re reaching out to and the people at we’re helping and the people that we’re transforming through knowledge and experience. We’ve all been in that place and why we started on this journey of wellness yourself was to overcome that place where we were so sick and down. And when you’re in that place, there’s no way you can help anybody and of course, we can’t help ourselves. In those places and for those who are still experiencing that, we end up in a place where we don’t want to be here and we feel miserable. To you that we really want to dedicate this episode, this podcast. Reach out to you to create your best year yet. Seeing that we’re just in the beginning of the year. Ashley, let’s dedicate this podcast to creating this year to being a year of rejuvenation.


[08:25] Ashley James: I love it. It was a year ago I fact, that I decided to set out to spend 12 months heavily focusing on detoxification. I have been getting over healing. One illness or problem after another for many years. I have healed polycystic ovarian syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and chronic adrenal fatigue. Very, very severe adrenal fatigue, chronic infections. I also battled and beat infertility. In the last 10 years, I’ve come a really long way and where I’ve been left in my healing journey is now, I’ve been focusing on weight loss and every time I went to lose weight about 20-25 pounds into losing weight, I would become extremely toxic. I didn’t know what was wrong with the time. It took me years to figure this out. I could taste metal in my mouth. I would get a sore throat. I would start to get rundown. I would catch all the colds. I would feel so exhausted, my eyes would be burring and I also would smell the burning rubber and garbage coming off out of my pores and every time I went to the bathroom. I know that sounds a little bit too detailed but that was the first indicator, the first clue to me that maybe, something’s going on with my liver. Something is going on with my ability to detoxify because when we burn fat, our toxins are stored in fat. That is one of the mechanism, fats is a protectant. It protects our body from toxins that we can’t get out of our body fast enough. So when we got to lose weight, we have to process the toxins that the body couldn’t process the first time. My liver had been inflamed multiple times my liver enzymes were elevated to the point where my naturopath wanted to send me to a specialist to get a biopsy. It was scary. Instead of going that route because my gut said, “Absolutely not.” They want to put me on drugs, I’m going to go down that MD path. Let’s see if I can help my body first. I said, “We live got to focus on how to support my body to detoxify” I got a sunlight and sauna which I absolutely love. I knew I learned this from Dr. Klinghardt that I wanted an ionic footbath. It’s to detoxify. Draws out toxins, heavy metals out of your skin, out of your circulatory system. It also stimulates the kidneys, the liver, and everything to help detoxify. I didn’t have the money at that time to buy both at the same time. But I also didn’t know which one I wanted to get. I shared this story a little bit when you are on the first time, what was really neat is I prayed and I said it out to the universe, I’m going to find all the experts I need to learn from to be able to successfully support my body. Then one day I get a phone call from Kelly Ann. You found me. I did this interview on a summit. You saw me and you wanted to connect or chat. You have no idea, my intention I said out to the world, to help my body detoxify, help my liver so that I could healthfully lose weight and of course go back into balance healthily and naturally. So that’s what started our relationship. I’ve been following Kelly Ann’s advice. I started using the platinum energy systems. Of course, along with many other things I do, like eating super healthy which I’ve done for years and supplements when needed. The chlorella and spirulina that I love eating for energy bits. Everything added up. What I noticed in my husband who has kind of been a guinea pig along with me trying everything is that the first time we used the platinum energy system he turned to me and said, “This is, out of everything we’ve done in the last 10 years,” we’ve done a lot, he goes, “This is the most impactful thing we’ve ever done.” He thinks that it’s so cool. I do too but it’s really neat that when your husband thinks something that you think is cool when they think it’s cool I just think that that’s really neat.


[13:20] Kelly Ann Andrews: Confirmation.


[13:21] Ashley James: It’s definitely confirmation. Now we can feel the effects for at least 24 hours. He says for 24 hours, his legs feel light like tingling in a good way. It does. It has this wonderful energetic effect. My whole body feels good, vibrant. I feel lighter and the heavy metal taste in my mouth went away. I’m now losing weight, my livers not inflamed, I’ve never had that. I’ve never had weight loss without my liver being inflamed. I’m doing everything and I know that everything’s helping. I know that the platinum energy systems for me is helping. Also what I love is your education around acknowledging PH and making sure that we’re supporting our body through diet and nutrition, lifestyle, through everything and that we can use our PH to be that guiding factor to make sure we’re going in the right direction. It’s been wonderful. It’s been very exciting. For me, this journey the last year has been quite rewarding but to look back at 2018, I think it’s wonderful at the beginning of every year just to look back and acknowledge how far we’ve come in a positive way. Instead of focusing on everything we didn’t like. Let’s start counting on everything that did work for us and that we did like about the last year. How far we have come especially if you’ve been a listener for a while you can start to see the changes that taken place as you’ve been slowly implementing all the wonderful things you learn from our guests. Then a year from now, the beginning of 2020 and how far we’ll come in the next 12 months. It’s wonderful to acknowledge or how far we have come and to look at where we want to go in the next year and take that time at the beginning of the year, January, February and even March and just focus on our intentions for creating a year of healing. I love that you’re dedicating this episode to those who are looking to heal themselves and rejuvenate and grow. It takes baby steps and that’s how the body is. It takes 7 years to rebuild a whole skeletal system. It takes 90 days to have completely new blood. All the cells in the blood, all the red blood cells are new every 90 days and so it does take time if you want to heal something in the body. Your hemoglobin, for example, the measurement of your average blood sugar. You wanted to be in a healing healthy diet and exercise program for 90 days. Right? So sometimes we get on the scale every day and we don’t see enough progress and we get discouraged or we feel our symptoms are still there a week after doing something healthy. We need to remember it can take weeks and months for the body to start to show us that it’s working. We have to be gentle. That’s why I like about having a yearlong goal in mind and that your goals go by is so fast.


[16:42] Kelly Ann Andrews: I know, it’s lovely. That is amazing.  That’s a fabulous technique. One of the things we’re always focusing on your program is giving people healing habits. That right there to summarize what you just said in a paragraph is actually a technique where if you’re going into an important business meeting. You see yourself going to the meeting. Ahead of the meeting. Seeing everything go very harmonically and then see yourself at the end of the business meeting may be back in your car just in the parking lot doing a dance in celebration because everything just went so fabulously and so you’re using the power of visualization, magnetization, prayer, and meditation. All of that. That’s what you’re just talking about as we come into this new year, what we reflect on is the progress that we have made because we’re so used as human beings, from kindergarten up and especially the news has the tendency to focus on what needs correction. Even when we look at the mirror. The thing about looking at the mirror that always amazes me is, we’re always looking for what’s wrong in the mirror. Let’s start a whole new habit of when we look at the mirror, let’s look at what’s right in the mirror. There’s a beautiful being looking back at you. A loving being. A being that wants to advance and evolve and become a better self. At the beginning of this year, now let’s reflect back on all of what’s called, in one of the books I read was called, the bright spots. What were the bright spots of your last year? Reflect in terms of your health. What are the things that changed that helped you move forward and move into a new body. As Ashley said, our body’s ability from the blood cells to the cells to the tube of the digestion, the esophagus and down to the gut and everything. Those cells rejuvenate in a weeks’ time. The other cells in the body take a little bit order. Your cells are designed to renew themselves but that brings up the question of what is the difference between acute illness and chronic illness. If the body is designing and creating new cells, then why is sickness continuing? That is such an interesting point and now, for us who are out here on the west coast and nicely influence by the Gulf Stream, I had to admit that’s one of the bonuses. We’re actually starting to go into spring and I know the rest of you that’s not very nice to say but we’re giving you the gift of spring coming. With spring when you look out into spring you see the rejuvenation that is occurring on the planet in that time of year. That same rejuvenation that is occurring in nature is recurring in our body. That’s why spring is the classic time of year to do a cleanse, a detox. Get the old out, get the refuge out of the body because what happens is that, the difference between acute illness and chronic illness is toxicity. The old cells when they duplicate they pass on the toxicity to the new cells. That’s why spring is such an important time of the year to do detoxification.


[21:13] Ashley James: I’d like to also add that a lack of nutrients that are the raw building blocks will also play a role and I think that they’re both together. I think that when we look at why – when our body can rebuild healthy new cells every like you said, it’s different for every tissue so skin matter of days or weeks, the digestive system matter of days it’s beginning to heal and replace those layers of that internal skin that lines, the stomach, and the esophagus and the mouth and yet illness could persist. Why is it that someone can continue to have an ulcer? What’s going on? Or continue to have this chronic illness. First of all, the cell requires to – I love this analogy. Every cell is like a house. And we’re very Canadian here so we’re going to say house. I live in the States and I get to use about how you say house. I like how I say house. Anyways, every cell is like a house we need to take out the garbage and bring in the groceries. Toxicity is like the garbage that isn’t taken out. The garbage and recycling aren’t getting taken out of the house. The more the garbage stays in the house, the less groceries that could come in. Of course, if we’re not eating a diet that has all the minerals and the vitamins and the amino acids, the fatty acids that the 37.2 trillion cells in our body require then there’s just a lack of raw building blocks. Now that there’s just less groceries coming in, very little garbage coming out. That house, that cell if over toxic, doesn’t have the raw building blocks to repair and to produce a healthy, the next time it goes to duplicate, it’s not going to be a healthy cell because he doesn’t have the raw building blocks and he hasn’t taken out the garbage. There’s a lot of evidence to show that when the toxicity, the garbage, stays in the cell causing inflammation, that then disrupts the ability to bring in nutrition and even bring in oxygen. We’re looking at how can we hydrate and oxygenate and bring in all these wonderful nutrition so these cells can finally have a renewal. We can take an old illness and say, “No more. My body is duplicating cells all the time and the next set of cells that’s going to duplicate will be healthy ones.” How we do that is we need to get the garbage out.


[24:17] Kelly Ann Andrews: This is what we’re creating to the body.


[24:18] Ashley James: Yes. Today I’m creating a healthy body and the new cells that are developing today will be healthy ones. Exactly, right? We have to start by taking the garbage out, we have to do the spring cleaning on a cellular level.


[24:32] Kelly Ann Andrews:  What we find with helping people to detoxify their life accumulation is that everybody because we all got exposed to restaurants or family or friends eating at their house. The trans fats, cholesterol fats. We’ve all gotten clogged up so what we especially see with our clients is that when they come to us, some people they would absolutely release this molten lava that just film goes across the surface of the water. I just recently had a man who has edema so extreme. He has like 40 pounds of edema in his legs. His legs are literally the same with the thigh and at the ankle all the way down. They’re just logs.


[25:37] Ashley James: Like an elephant?


[25:38] Kelly Ann Andrews: Yes. Complete. He’s so heavy that he had to get his wife to help him move step by step. Of course, that’s causing the feet to go blue and black. He got our system and because we knew that circulation is his number one issue and behind a poor circulatory system is his clogness. When you get the freeway moving the lymphatic system moving inside the body now everything can flow and get to where it needs to go but with him, he was just literally logged jammed up. We opened up his sweat glands in his feet and opened up his circulatory system to release into the basin and sure enough, this molten lava came out immediately. Then through the process of the session boom, out came heavy metals, which are completely logged jammed and clogging up the system. By the end of the session, his edema has actually reduced so much that he could feel the difference in his legs. He hasn’t sleeping well as you can imagine with his kind of condition but that made him slept fabulously. The next day he was actually able to get up out of his bed by himself and walk without the assistance of his wife.


[27:11] Ashley James: Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome. I’ve got a story for you. I brought this system to one of my friend’s houses. She’s probably listening to this episode. So, hi Jessica! I bought this platinum system over to her house. She’s under the weather. She’s the type of person who’s like go, go, go, go, go. Always energized. She’s always doing something happily, joyfully. That day I came over and she was in the robe. She was feeling sick. She couldn’t get off the couch which was very unlike her. I gave her a session. A session is only 30 minutes. It goes by so fast. I set her up and we start talking and boom, 30 minutes have gone by. I bend down to take her feet out. You’re supposed to wipe off the person’s feet. I’m helping her out because she’s sick. She starts to feel better. As she was sitting there, she starts to feel better. She starts to get energized. I bend down I get a whiff of chlorine and floral scent that’s a very chemically floral scent like Tide or Febreeze. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. It’s like a Mr. clean. It’s kind of like cleaning synthetic smells with fresh bleach. Like someone had poured bleach into the water. I got a whiff of that, I look up at her and she looks down on me and she goes, “Do you smell bleach?” and I’m thinking maybe it’s tap water because I’m on a well. I’m not used to the chlorine in tap water and I had a basin of her tap water beside me to wash her feet but I smelled that water. Normal, there’s no bleach smell. I bend down a little bit and sure enough, the water that her feet were in during the detox that would so the platinum energy system which were sucking all the toxins out of her, that murky water had that smell of fresh bleach and a synthetic floral smell. I’m amazed. My water smell like rust heavily. It smells like rust. It wasn’t putrid but when I first started it smelled like that but it didn’t smell like this kind of chemicals. I was looking up at her very curious going what’s going on and she looks down on me and she goes, “A long time ago,” I don’t know. 10 years ago, 15 years ago, I don’t know. It was a while. She says, “A long time ago, I used to be a maid. I don’t wear gloves I would clean people’s houses. I would use bleach and all those chemical cleaners.” The chemical cleaners had stayed in her body for years. Her first session with the platinum energy system it had drawn them out to the point where we could smell them. I was just blown away. After her session, she got up. She started moving around the house. She started cleaning. She was just energized. She couldn’t believe it that even though her body was fighting a cold. She went from being totally couched locked to having energy again just 30 minutes after the sessions because it had drawn out so many toxins. I thought that was really neat. Another interesting story, which a Learn True Health listener typed into our Facebook group. She got the platinum energy system and she was using with her kids. She noticed they had stayed overnight at a hotel that was like a week or two before they spent an evening in a hotel swimming pool which has chlorine in it. A few weeks later, she does the session with her kids and their water smelled like the pool water. Smelled like the chlorine in the pool water. How interesting is it that one session in a chlorinated pool, our body is storing the chlorine? It’s storing it. It hasn’t been able to process it and get rid of it. Isn’t that interesting?


[31:06] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes. What happens is people phone me up and say, “how many session is going to take me to be perfect again?” It depends upon your age. Your lifestyle, your diet. How much toxicity you’re exposed to in the past. How much you’re exposed to presently. What’s interesting is when you do see the seniors coming through who of course have huge life accumulation occurring. We have an 81-year-old to actually when she got her system, one of your listeners she actually had pneumonia and she was just puffin and puffin she’s like, “I can’t catch a breath”. By the end of the session she just released a whole lot of content including heavy metals and her PH immediately shifted. By the end of the session, she said, “Oh, I can breathe easily now.” It’s just a whole different experience for her. At 81, she was all clogged up. It just happened to be her lungs. You know each person will have a genetic weakness where the illness would show up first in our body. That genetic weakness is indicating that if the bottom right corner of the aquarium is murky then the whole aquarium is murky. People are just so amazed when they call me and say, “How come for the first time in my life, I’m experiencing,” and then they’ll name whatever their symptoms are. For example, people having stiffness. People reaching into their 40s and now having all the stiffness getting out of bed is not an easy maneuver first thing in the morning especially when it’s cold and damp. They’re just so amazed that all of a sudden they’re experiencing as you and I have understood over time it’s just that they reached a tipping point. Their bodies could no longer handle the toxic load. It’s manifesting whatever their weakest link of the body is.


[33:38] Ashley James: Right. That’s the rain barrel effect where a good example that is my son goes to karate and his karate teacher, a wonderful guy was totally floored by a gastrointestinal virus. He was out for a week. He couldn’t believe it and he started texting me and he goes, “Listen I know you’re a health coach. I know you help people for a living get better. I haven’t been able to eat or drink for a week. I was sent to the ER. The nausea won’t go away I don’t know what to do.” He’s like, “I’m at my wit’s end.” I tell him try this homeopathic and try sipping ginger. I’m giving him a list and I said, “Listen, when you’re done or better, we need to sit down and map out a plan to rebuild your immune system.” Because I noticed that he catches everything. He’s just really susceptible to everything. That’s because his rain barrel’s full. His immune system’s been weak. His girlfriend started catching it and I said to him, because she’s much healthier than him. Different health habits. I said to him into a text. Notice that this will not affect her like it affects you because her rain barrel’s not full. Her toxicity’s not full. Her body can move through catch a virus and blow it out in a day and be done with it versus you are totally floored for a week. So it talked to him, he got better. I saw him a few days ago and he goes, “Yes. I don’t think she caught what I had because it went away so quickly” It’s because your rain barrel’s full, your illnesses are going to be far worse than the next person who has a 24-hour cold no big deal. Health isn’t that we won’t ever catch a cold, it’s how quickly your body can process it, get over it. That part of a robust and healthy immune system. It’s how quickly you can bounce back.


[35:53] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Resilience. Resilience is the key to health and that will tell you at what state of well-being you actually are. We had an interesting example for, we were just talking about rain barrel being very full. We had a woman referred to us who, we follow this clinic that gives us their toughest patients the ones that they can’t shift. Because these people are so hyper-reactive. They can’t take any supplements, they can’t take any binders. A huge list of food intolerances, everything about their body is just hyper-reactive. This woman came to us and she was in a state it turned out that her score on mercury was 72.


[36:48] Ashley James: I don’t know any of the numbers. What is 72?


[36:50] Kelly Ann Andrews:  That like 0 is what it should be. 72 is an astronomical level. She was completely slammed and being able to do anything. Then the trouble is when the patients get in that stage, they become very fearful and very anxious. They’re afraid to do anything. Take anything. Eat anything. It’s quite a state that they’re in when they come to you. The key thing that is just so brilliant is to give them first of all, sense of hope that there’s light in the tunnel. For these women we have to literally Ashley, start doing 10-minute sessions with the platinum energy system foot spa as her beginning point and get her confidence level up. First time it was 10 minutes, then it was 15 minutes, then it was 20 minutes and eventually, we progressed her to being able to do 30 minutes at that time. Then things started to liberate out of her body that were completely undermining every aspect of her health. What was so thrilling was, last week she phoned me to tell me her score on 72 was now on mercury at 10.


[38:29] Ashley James: Wow. How do they test mercury? Is that blood test? Or hair analysis?


[38:33] Kelly Ann Andrews: Urine analysis.


[38:37] Ashley James: Interesting.


[38:38] Kelly Ann Andrews: Yes, but they have to do these chelators to do the test. A lot of people, they called it a urine challenge test but for some people just doing that test is a challenge. She said that when she had to take the DMSA chelators that it almost ended her. She ended up suicidal because what happens is, it just sort of opens the blood gates to see what is present. For a lot of patients, it completely over the top crippling down. Because they’re already down on their knees. These clinics try do all sorts of modalities and methodologies and substance but the patient is too far gone and they can’t handle anything else added. These are the patients that you have to slowly progress forward incrementally releasing that rain barrel content. What’s so beautiful is she’s back in life again. When she first came to me, she sounded like a dragging anchor. Now she just sounds so happy. She sounds like a chirping robin in springtime. It’s just so awesome to see the transformation these people go through and to regain their mobility in their entire life again.


[40:06] Ashley James: Do you know how she was exposed to mercury? Why is it that her body couldn’t process it and gate it out? It just kept accumulating in her? Was it just a lifetime of flu vaccines and you being vaccinated and eating fish? Was there more like? What is it that has people accumulate mercury?


[40:35] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes, well, the biggest thing that I’m seeing is the dental stories.


[40:42] Ashley James: Yes, of course.


[40:44] Kelly Ann Andrews: Yes, the dental amalgam fillings. I just had a woman yesterday telling me that her dentist as a child, she has some kind of unusualness with her. I can’t remember the technical orientation that was to do with her teeth but the dentist as a preventative put mercury amalgam filings in all her molars. When through all her teeth she didn’t even have holes and they put these dental fillings into her teeth. I’ve heard of this. I’ve heard this through several different patients.


[41:20] Ashley James: He had a boat payment.


[41:23] Kelly Ann Andrews: Sorry, what was that?


[41:24] Kelly Ann Andrews: He had a boat payment.


[41:26] Kelly Ann Andrews: Yes. This woman’s story with high levels of mercury was not only she had a whole lot of them but the dentist what I term a bad dentist because they didn’t use any of the precautionary measure to prevent – because the worst time is when you put it in and you take them out. Those are the two key vulnerable places. This poor girl just had this dentist like the kind I went to purported to know what he was doing and was purported to do the right things. In other words, he wasn’t doing any of those measures plus he did it too quickly. I’ve heard so many stories of this people going to dentist and having volumes of work done all at the same time. It just horrifies me.


[42:23] Ashley James: So interesting you bring this up. I’m so grateful, knock on wood that I don’t have any cavities or I don’t have any of these mercury amalgams but my husband was. We found a holistic dentist, biological dentist. A few months ago, we went and he begins to have them removed. It thought he’s going to get one removed at a time because he’s a good doctor and he’s holistic. He has this little tube that is air vent sucking the air near my husband’s mouth. It goes down to a box. Twice the size of a shoebox that’s like an air filter on the floor. It just pushes the air out into the room. I’m thinking, “This must be some very heavy-duty air filter not be ventilating outside.” It was actually blowing on me because I was sitting in the other room. So I’m thinking, “Okay, I’m safe this is a very good machine. It’s sucking all the vapors of the mercury away from my husband right and into this filter and blowing the clean air on me.” Turns out the dentist did four in one sitting, which is a lot to do. Before we even got to the car, I started feeling sick. Very sick. We went and grab some food. I thought, “Maybe I’m just hungry.” We went and grabbed some food to take home. This wonderful Mediterranean place close by so I got a really nice healthy meal. I just started to feel so nauseous. I couldn’t eat. We got home and I was like, “Maybe I’m just hungry. I skipped breakfast which is normally fine for me. Maybe I’m just, I need to eat something.” I had a few bites of chicken and that’s it. I was done. I was nauseous, going in the wrong direction. Don’t want to give you the details but I thought maybe I had a stomach virus. It hit me so hard. I was feverish. I had a massive just pounding headache. I was lying in bed with a vomit bucket beside me. It hits me, what if this isn’t food poisoning. I thought, “Maybe it’s food poisoning.” I realized the symptoms happened before I started eating. I’m like, “Wait a second, the symptoms happens as I was – I didn’t reach the car. As I was leaving the dental office. “The only that could – I hadn’t eaten that day, so I’m like, “Either this is a stomach virus that hit me out of nowhere or what if I was breathing in the mercury.” I contacted the dentist he’s like, “Well, it’s unlikely but it’s possible that you’re exposed to it. It’s possible you’re in the same room” Then I contacted you and you said, “Every single day for the next week you and your husband should do a session.” I was feeling so ill. He was like, “Come on, you’ve got to get up. Let’s get up. Let’s go to the couch. Let’s do this.” I was just not in the mood. But I knew that I was going to try to see if this would make me feel better. We had dimmed all the lights. My head was throbbing. I was so nauseous. I was feeling so ill I was feeling like I was sweating. Almost like fever and chills at the same time. I get my feet in the system. By the time my session was done, all my symptoms was cut down by 90%. I’m like, “Oh dang. That was me being exposed to whatever minute amount of mercury as he was getting his fillings removed. I was really in shock because you trust the holistic dentist knows what he’s doing. You trust that it’s safe. This is my rain barrel being full versus my husband which was like he felt off but he didn’t feel sick. We both did it for a whole week every day, I didn’t have any more problems. I just kept going on with my life but if I didn’t have your system, how many days would I have been out? How long would I’ve been sick? Who knows? This is what my body does when it’s exposed to heavy metals. It can’t handle it because whatever’s going on that I’m dealing with. So interesting how quickly it brought down the symptoms for me.


[46:49] Kelly Ann Andrews:  You know the moral of your story is who do you trust. The number one thing that you trust always is your own body. Your body was giving you cues because you were focused on your husband and the environment whatever you got distracted but I guarantee you during that time your body was giving you hints and tips and cues and signals to get out of that environment. I went into someone’s house one day and I was in the house not more than 20 minutes and my throat started to tighten and then my lungs started to cough, my body started to cough and this mucus started coming out of my lungs, started coming out of my nose, my eyes started to – that’s like your classic kind of symptoms of grasp between allergies and asthma but by the time I got out of the house, I was in big-time respiratory distress. As if someone had hit me at the back of the head, just an incredible, very severe headache. By the time we got home, I immediately went into the system and within having a session, absolutely all of those symptoms completely stopped because what the body was needing was to get rid of that content. The body gives amazing clues to that and alertness. The body has something called, science has termed it the cell-danger response. Your body has wisdom, it has thousands of thousands of years of wisdom designed into it’s genetics on how and what it needs at any given moment and how to correct it. When it actually physically can’t correct the situation, it gives you fighting like cues to get out of there. Your body will do what it can but the thing as to why the platinum energy system is helping people shift is because what it’s doing is opening up the drainage routes. Heavy metals create chaos frequencies. They also increase your EMF. Your electromagnetic frequency sensitivity. Also because awakening your immune system now you’re hypersensitive to chemistry. We’ve had people who couldn’t even leave their house because they couldn’t handle all the personal care products or the cleaning products that they’re being exposed to outside their house. That hyperreactivity is the body saying it’s overwhelmed already. It can’t handle anymore. So it’s in all essences of your being, your body is telling you, it’s needing help to get rid of the accumulative toxins that are already on board. It can handle. Now these people can actually go out in life. They can actually go out in life and be exposed to these toxins and not go into hyperspace again because they downloaded their rain barrel. They’ve released the storage closets of toxicity like the woman I had mentioned before who had a fatty liver and her liver enzymes were off the charts. Her blood sugars were so bad. After six months of using the system when she went back, she no longer have fatty liver. Her liver enzymes had normalized. Her blood sugars had normalized and she lost 60 pounds of weight. The 60 pounds of weight was where the body was storage closeting the historical toxicity.


[51:14] Ashley James: I’ve got to go back. What was in the house that you’re reacting to?


[51:20] Kelly Ann Andrews: Well, as it turns out. We were actually looking to purchase the house and afterward, I thought because I had a history of asthma and allergy since a child but hardly ever do I have any kind of reaction but this was an extreme reaction. It was instantaneous and very acute and body was in total red alert that so danger response was a hundred percent. It turns out in the basement they had a leak and the whole entire basement was full of mold. My body knew it. It just “Get out of here.” but you know, the one thing we got to learn is to listen to our body. Our body is cueing us all the time but from kindergarten on, we’ve learned to shut down our body. You know I don’t want to the bathroom, I have to hold it. I’m busy. I’m on the phone. Whatever. We’re always shutting our body down instead of acknowledging, listening and responding to it. That is one of the healing habits that we need to change in this year of rejuvenation is to say, “Yes, body I’m listening and yes, body I’m attending.”


[52:46] Ashley James: You bring up an interesting point. You were having a histamine response.


[52:53] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes. A thousand percent.


[52:56] Ashley James: Right. You got in the platinum energy system and the histamine response came down? Can you explain why? I’m personally very interested. My son is allergic to dust mites. We keep the house very clean but if he has exposure to dust mites also I think his rain barrel is fairly low so he can handle a lot but if he gets a lot of exposure to them he starts to have a histamine response. I never thought to put him in the platinum every system when that happens. Can you explain why?


[53:31] Kelly Ann Andrews:  It’s amazing for kids. I can’t tell you how many stories of children. When you see kids behaviors go from total mellow to Tasmanian devil kind of behavior. You know there’s something going on that’s not just on the surface. A lot of times those bodies are being driven crazy by bad chemicals. It’s affecting the brain. It’s affecting the glands. The organs thee systems. The histamine response is all part of that. Part of the cell-danger response the body is giving you huge alert signal. Like from driving our car it’ll be like the engine light coming on. Some major cue as to this is not a safe environment for you at this time, get out. With the histamine response with the kids, you see that hyper behavior. We all joke about when they drink coca-cola and eat a candy bar they go berserk. That’s because inside the body this chemistry is gotten in that is not innate to the being of the body. It’s foreign and the body recognizes that it’s man-made artificial, causing the reaction so that hyper reactiveness with the children that are ADHD even the children that are autistic. What’s so awesome is the parents will say to me, “How can I put this child in the detox foot spa for 30 minutes when they can’t sit still for 3?” and I said, “Watch. Watch what happens.” The major thing is when the bodies are in that hyper-reactive state. They’re in extreme sympathetic overdrive response. That’s creating the hyperactivity. What occurs is when we put them in the foot spa that it actually shifts them over to para-sympathetic and it calms the entire body down so that whole response like Annie Harper has made us aware through her work, where the lymphatic system is literally stuck on. The analogy uses if you’re on a car and is parked, and you stepped on the accelerator. That sort of what reactiveness is it just gets stuck on. What happens is the technologies in the system helps the body shift that alert system to off mode again and then helps the body to release the content that is causing the reactivity and the alerts that’s supposed come out in the first place.


[56:39] Ashley James: Can you tell us a bit more about work with Annie Harper? I think this is new to me or maybe I’m just hearing it in a different way.


[56:48] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes. There’s a whole aspect to health being from the emotional component, the mental component, the physical. What happens is we all start out with traumas and traumas when those continue on repeatedly and the body is continually offended by bad stimulus shall we say negative emotions.


[57:19] Ashley James: Adverse childhood events?


[57:20] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Exactly, yes. Even like car accidents or dental issues or any of those injuries to the body to the mind, the emotion, the physical body. Then the body starts to go into feeling not safe. The person feels not safe. Now the body starts too to have this alert signal come one and it’s to do with the brain and the part of the brain called the lymphic system. Annie Harper’s work is to help people to retrain their emotion or mental reactions so that the physical doesn’t go into hyper overdrive. Massive sympathetic response. It’s teaching them to basically, what happens to those situations since the person almost goes unconscious in a fight like response comes on and get stuck on. What she was teaching them to do is to stay conscious in the moment. Realize that they’re safe. The past event is not current. Different modalities that she used to actually – are you familiar with the vagus nerve?


[58:42] Ashley James: Right, the nerve that runs from the gut up to the brain? Is that what you’re trying to say?


[58:46] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes. Basically the expressway of the body. It’s tied into so many things. The vagus nerve can get overstimulated and again trigger off this lymphic response in the brain. Basically then the body goes into sympathetic overdrive. What occurs when people have a session in our system is that the body literally in that moment is realizing that we are counteracting, we’re releasing, we’re allowing to leave the body that the actual thing that cause the stimulus in the first place. I could give you an example. Just yesterday, I have a patient phone me back. We just started to work together because, for 7 years, she has been going to these people that are very progressive in terms of holistic approach. They have tired all these different herbs, different formulas, different things on her but none of her seem to be shifting her. She was stuck. She was just in a state of anxiety which is what sort of a commonality with all these whole area that we’re talking about. As a result of the anxiety, she’d become food intolerant. Literally eating only two foods. Was terrified literally and panic attacks as to what to do or what to take or what not to and she was just like a record stuck in a grove. Anyways, she has heard about our system and decided to get it. She was another one I started out very incrementally because her body was so fearful that doing anything new would put her in a panic attack. We started her just incrementally. Put her feet in a warm water, the body got a thousand pleasant experience. Turned on the equipment and the body recognized that it doesn’t going to have a negative experience. We only did the first session 10 minutes and even in the first session only being 10 minutes, her whole alert signal came off because the body realized the pleasant and negative experience. It actually was able to even out in that amount of time to release some of the contents. Now the intelligence of the body for which God could only have designed. The intelligence of the body began to realize that we were doing is creating another door or exit to get this content out of the body. She actually released even the heavy metals within 10 minutes. She released the molten lava look across the water. We knew that she had been clogged up. Her lymph system wasn’t working. When the lymph system isn’t working the freeway of the body, it’s delivery, they built the immune system to work, it’s all hampered. We’ve got to get that flowing first. We’ve got to open up the drainage roots. Even in this 10 minutes segment, she started to open up and release this content. Heavy metals came up and her body, bingo went off alert. All of a sudden, she started to feel calm, relaxed and not anxious. So I said, “How do you feel?” she said, “I don’t feel anxious”.  She hadn’t been sleeping and she slept fabulously that day. Her energy was up. The next day I talked to her. She was now feeling there was light in the tunnel. She had hope because she was feeling like she was at the end of her road.


[01:02:49] Ashley James: Amazing. I know you have a lot of proprietary Technogym. We talked about this in other episodes. There’s a lot of foot spas out there many of them that are a total rip-off, knock-offs. Do not work. I hate to bash China but they’re kind of like ripped off in China or Asia or some other country and their people are selling this ionic foot detox spas like they work but they don’t. There’s only a handful of companies that do one thing, that do the ionic foot detox but your system has a few other technologies, I believe it was 5 or 6 you told me inside it. Your system is different from any other ionic foot spa so we can’t really compare. It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Chevy. You can’t compare them. You can’t compare the features, they’re totally different. It’s not that Chevy’s are bad it’s just they’re not going to go 800 miles an hour, whatever. Right? They’re only going to do one thing. Yours do like six things. My concern is that people just go out and get one from eBay for a few hundred dollars. Before I met you, I even thought about doing that and my intuition was like a solid no. I listened to my gut just like I was thinking about getting one of those saunas you can get like saunas tent for a hundred dollars off of eBay. My gut said, “Do not go there. You’re looking to detox and you’re going to buy some plastic tent to sit in.” There’s a reason why it’s only a hundred dollars.


[01:04:46] Kelly Ann Andrews:  You get what you pay for.


[01:04:47] Ashley James: Exactly. Right. I started to read up on it and I discovered that people said that they put off a ton of EMFs. It’s a total like a toxic tent. I talked to some naturopaths who said do not ever get a sauna. Don’t sweat in anything that has glue, that has plastic.


[0105:07] Kelly Ann Andrews: Off-gassing.


[01:05:08] Ashely James: Exactly. Off-gassing. You’re opening your pores up to detox and then you’re just sitting in a closed encapsulated airspace. You’re going to be breathing in toxins. You have to really careful when it comes to choosing a device. Devices that support our body, we have to be really careful. Just like we have to be careful with what we eat. We have to understand there is a difference between organic and not organic and we have to make that choice. We just know, we have to make that choice. Sometimes we don’t have access to a hundred percent organic food. We have to think about the dirty dozen and the clean 15. We just have to have a bit more understanding as a consumer when it comes to making choices. We can’t go blind. Especially like you mentioned, going to restaurants. I begin to ask a bit more question. We don’t go to restaurants often but when I do, I start to ask a bit more questions, even more questions that I found out. We went to a pho place and I thought, “You know broth is safe. I’m going to have the soup. I’m going to say, just vegetables, broth, no noodles. We’re going to be good.” I started asking questions what’s in their broth. Sure enough all kinds of stuff you would even bring in to your house. If there’s ingredients you would never in a million years, buy or bring into your house why are we blindly you just order and hope it’s safe when you eat out. These are ingredients we would never even bring in to our house let alone in our body. With your system, it’s totally different from at anything else. I’m really glad I listen to my gut and I didn’t buy something from China thinking it’s going to do that exact same thing. The systems that these special detox clinics like Dr. Klinghardt’s clinic and these other naturopaths too. Your system is the professional system. Again, I know that there’s propriety stuff so I know you’re limited as to what you can share but can you get into the science a bit and explain, why does your system work?


[01:07:23] Kelly Ann Andrews: Sure. I always jokingly say, this doesn’t come in cheap but what’s the difference between a bicycle and a Learjet. The thing about a Learjet is you have very high-level precision technology. That is what ours is. The imitation knock-off foot spas which I jokingly call the wanna-be’s. They are purporting to look like our design but in actual fact, there’s just no intelligence behind them. Honestly, all theirs are metal, rings, rods, plates, whatever and they will color up the body. They will color up the water in the basin, then this liquid marketer came along, and they’ll you that the color of the water is significant of the session. They would tell you things like green equals gallbladder purging. I always jokingly say as interesting have the word no science and nonsense are so similar. The reason this liquid marketers do that is because they’re diverting the attention away from the fact that you’re actually experiencing any benefit. You don’t feel any different so they’re telling you the look of the water is the significance of the session. That is so bogus and so non-sense because the body doesn’t purge one organ at a time. I remember one woman who went for a session and she said, “Oh, they told me my gallbladder was purging because the color in the water is color green and she said, “I just look at them and said, I don’t have a gallbladder.” At the end of the day, the reality is, with our system what makes it unique and different is the precision of technology. One of the things because we talked about EMS sensitivity and electricity and all these things that are affecting us electrically. On our system, we have a hospital medical power source. It’s the same power source that you would be using if you are on life-support equipment in the ICU or the emergency room. It’s that’s stable. If there is any kind of the weirdness with the electricity, a lightning strike, a blackout, a power surge. It would instantly shut down the system. Second one, then we have the array itself. The array is not just metal coils, there’s intelligent technology to the session built into the array itself. What happens is the ray has the capability of monitoring the water and seeing what the level of the electricity is because if it’s too low you’re not getting any treatment and if it’s too high that’s not good either. There’s an ideal treatment level. This is holding the electricity at that ideal treatment level the entire 30 minutes. Whereas the other systems in the market don’t go up and down like an EKG reading or the rocky mountains. Holding it at the precise level is not only so significant from a nursing background, for safety but also it’s hugely significant in terms of the treatment value. That is one of the major reasons why people choose our systems it’s because it’s a hundred percent automated. You don’t have to do anything. There’s no dials or monitors or any diddling or fiddling. That when I saw on the imitation models I was like “My god. How do they even know what to set in that.” That’s scary to me. The fact that it’s completely automated and it’s controlled and it’s held at this perfected level. Also, every session on array is at a hundred percent potency. Whereas on the other systems, overtime their array is run on anybody’s system the next session is, the actual array itself, the metal would actually wrote it’s part of the process. Over time, the array has no treatment value and with our system, it’s integrity’s designed into it. When the treatment value ends, the system shuts down. All the rest of the systems, they just run them endlessly. If you have unscrupulous practitioners who are just into creating money machines, they’re running it way past the usage value and there’s no treatment value behind that session. With our system, the big thing is that it is enabling the body to do it’s wisdom and so the body is completely clogged up with all this debris of a lifetime accumulation or an acute exposure to something running interference. Now the freeway system isn’t moving. Basically what happens with our technology is that it opens up the sweat glands in the feet. I allows them the lymphic system to release into the basin. We actually ran the equipment with no feet in it as oppose to four different clients and we use the same water, the same salt, the same equipment but in that first sample, there was no feet in there. It was only the equipment as opposed to the clients. We did a comparative. We sent off five samples to the medical lab and had the water profiled. It’s nothing to do with the color. It’s a hundred percent what’s on the basin floor at the end of the session. As a result of having a session, what content has been released. We did the profiling of the water by the medical lab to see if indeed all five chemistry profiles were identical then, of course, it was just the equipment causing the effect, but if all five chemistry profiles were different then it was the content what is coming from the human. In the control lead was 1.7 and the last patient had 30 units of lead on the basin floor in one session.


[01:14:42] Ashley James: I know those stories. You went into further detail into those stories of those patients where you tested the water and the results which were mind-blowing to me. That was episode 292. I do know you have stories that you didn’t tell us because you and I talked over the phone many times. Can you share the story of when you tested the water, I believe it was lactic acid?


[01:15:08] Kelly Ann Andrews: Yes, that was really interesting. We worked with two populations there. One was athletes and even to the level of Olympic athletes. We did the testing. They did an extreme exercise training exercise in which the trainers almost run them to exhaustion. They test their reflexes before and after and see how their way of recovery is. With these athletes, of course, after their extreme exercise training, they were skyscraper high on lactic acid. Then they just let the body recover over whatever period of time it took them to do it naturally. We put them on the same program again exercise wise and go to the same high level of lactic acid only this time, they put them in our system. We tested their lactic acid when they came out of the session and boom, it had gone from skyscraper high to the street level again.


[01:16:23] Ashley James: You weren’t testing the water. They were being tested for [crosstalk] they were testing the athletes for lactic acid levels. Got it.


[01:16:33] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Then we also worked with special line patients. One of the things that line patients present a lot is fibromyalgic foolish wipe out feeling. That’s the same feeling that the athletes were feeling so there was a correlation. Both were experiencing high levels of lactic acid but with the line patients, it was actually created by the bad microbe. In order to survive within the body, it wanted a high level of lactic acid.


[01:17:05] Ashley James: Is the microbe creating the lactic acid?

[01:17:10] Kelly Ann Andrews:  Yes, the microbe was creating the lactic acid for it’s own survival. That’s what’s really knocking the patients out. The patients would come back to us and say, “My god, I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to make me feel much better for any lengths of time.” They were getting relief care but they weren’t getting changing anything significantly over but when they started to do sessions with our platinum energy systems, they started to feel so much better. I can’t tell you how many of these patients came back to me and said, “Yours is my go-to because it’s the only thing that makes me feel good again.”


[01:17:56] Ashley James: My whole thing, I thought it was just heavy metals. I was like platinum energy system, amazing for removing heavy metals. I really didn’t get that there’s much beyond that.” My friend, I’ve got a great friend, close family friend he’s like part of the family, he’s in and out of the hospital for the last year. There’s something very traumatic that happened in his life and since then he’s been in and out of the hospital with tachycardia. His heart rate would go to the point where he would think his heart would just stop. It’s going so fast it’s like a hummingbird. He’s thin. He’s of good body weight and size and good musculature. He doesn’t look like he’s unhealthy but I started to notice that he have these patches of skin that look like a histamine response. He’d have this patches of red skin. I started to see sort of swelling in his face a little bit which since he doesn’t have any fat in his body just muscles when they start to get puffy you can see it right away. These are probably just some nervous rashes or something because he’s going through something very traumatic in his family. That’s when he started to go to the hospital. The cardiologist was like, “We’re going to need to put in a pacemaker” I’m going “No. No, please. Let’s see what we can do to help you.” Because he was like, “I’m 40 years old, healthy guy, what’s going on? He had recently moved to a place that had mold. We suspected maybe mold was at play. There’s definitely something going on emotionally that was stressing his body out so much. A little bit of mold exposure. Again, this is like the emotional stress was the worst. You can think of the worst possible thing and that’s what’s his body is dealing with. He got two hours of sleep at night. There were times he’d lie down to sleep, his mind would race, his heart would race. He would be in like so much pain from his heart racing so much he’d have sensationally, he’s having a heart attack every night. He couldn’t like down so he never slept. This was just going on and on. He was trying everything natural. Whatever you throw at him he was trying. They actually went and opened him up. They looked at his heart, they tried to cause this event to happen in the heart by opening him up and doing this thing. The cardiologist wanted to basically trigger his heart to do it because then they could prove that he needed a pacemaker and they closed him up. They woke him up out of anesthesia and they said, “There is nothing wrong with your heart. We don’t know what’s causing this. You’re not a candidate for a pacemaker. We don’t know why you keep having these tachycardia events but we cannot see anything wrong with your heart. Your heart’s healthy. Basically, go home.” Every week he’s being rushed to the hospital with this tachycardia. He was on medication, he didn’t know what’s going on. Finally, he gets out of this house. He moves to a different place. He’s not exposed to the mold anymore. Right around now is when I got the platinum energy system from you. He had flown somewhere to Texas or something to help his friend drive back a vehicle and during flight, the stress of flight and not sleeping and driving in everything, it sent him to the hospital for a week. We come to his house he just got out of the hospital and I’ve never seen him in a state. His face was totally round, it was puffy, you can see it was beasting. His face was just full of edema and the red spots behind, the red scratchy almost like eczema or psoriasis was down his neck and on his elbows. Those parts of your body that you’d experience that. We sat down, we’re talking there, he’s happy that we’re there visiting. And I said, “I’m really excited for you to try this ionic foot spa. I’m thinking maybe if it’s heavy metals, it’ll take some of the edge off. It’ll help his body. Here I am thinking the only thing your system does is heavy metals. But I’m thinking anything is going to help this guy at this point. It’s not going to hurt him. We put his feet in the spa and I’m sitting on the couch with him, I am talking to him the whole time about his trip and everything that he had just gone on. I’m watching him. Getting 30 minutes session goes by super-fast when you’re sitting in the couch with your friend. I watched. As I’m seeing, it drained out of his face. His face which was red drained to a healthy color. Like the healthy circulation color. It drained and the healthy color came back to his skin but he said the moment it turned on, he goes, “I feel a tingling in my,” put his hand on his brain, “I feel a tingling here.“ In a good way not in a bad way but he could feel a tingling.


[01:23:05] Kelly Ann Andrews: Increased circulation. That’s increased circulation.


[01:23:08] Ashley James: He loved it. As we were talking, I watched as the edema completely drained out of his face. He said he felt like a new person afterward. He couldn’t believe it. He’s done a handful of session since then. Every time he has one. First, the tingling was around the top of this head. Next time it was lower, the next time it was down on his chest, the tingling is moving down his body. I thought was really interesting. His histamine came down so hugely, the rash, the itching came down. Now understanding that it bought down his histamine, it brought down the lactic acid. It was bringing everything down not just the heavy metals. It was quite fascinating how quickly it helped him start to feel better. He felt like a train wreck at that point and then 30 minutes after, felt like he was starting to become a human again.


[01:24:10] Kelly Ann Andrews:  I’ve seen someone with a bruise on their chin. It literally disappeared in the process of the session and we classically have people like the person I was telling you before with the logs, legs with edema, the feet are black or even purplely black and have that symptom completely go and come back to healthy tissue again because it’s all to do with logged jam and get the river flowing.


[01:24:45] Ashley James: This concludes part one of our interview. Check out part two, will be published shortly after this one. I also want to let you know about a free resource that my husband and I created with some wonderful naturopathic physicians. Please visit FreeDoctorCourse.com to sign up for a free eight-part video series. Videos that we filmed with local naturopathic physicians designed to support you in your healing journey, the foundations of your health. Go to FreeDoctorCourse.com. I’ll see you in the next episode for part two. Our conclusion with Kelly Ann Andrews from platinum energy systems as she shares some fantastic holistic health tips which I know you will love.

[01:25:41] Ashley James: Are you looking to optimize your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program.


Kellyann Andrews' background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels. 

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine. 

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life's work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path. 

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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