161: Structured Water

Healing with Structured Water  

No matter what diet you're into, experts have always stressed the importance of drinking enough water daily. However, did you know that water can be tweaked to maximize its effect? My guest, Dr. Igor Smirnov did that by inventing structured water through the MRET technology.  

Healing Benefits of Natural Spring Water  

Smirnov's work started in the 1980s around the time when the Chernobyl accident happened in Russia. A lot of victims suffered from radiation disease due to the accident and had to undergo rehabilitation.   

According to Smirnov, medical doctors eventually noticed that in one rehabilitation place, victims seemed to have excellent recovery results compared to victims from other centers. Apparently, they realized that a significant factor in their recovery was because the victims primarily consumed natural spring water.  

Extensive research was then done at the St. Petersburg University. Smirnov initially believed it was because the water had exotic minerals or compounds. Another theory was maybe not the chemistry but rather the physics of water.   

However, after further testing, Smirnov and his team discovered that there is a particular molecular structure in water. Hence, this was the reason why it helped cure the victims' radiation disease.   

What Is Structured Water?  

“Structured water is important in human physiology because it has a linear structure,” explains Smirnov. “In scientific terminology, it has a polarized oriented molecular structure which was discovered in the  second part of the 20th century.”  

Smirnov further explains that this structure resembles the structure of intracellular water in the human cell and living cells. Consequently, it means this structured water has a profound effect on the biochemistry of the body.   

And because it is ready for consumption for stimulation by the cell, this particular structure is fundamental. Smirnov shares that it took him years to understand this concept involving the molecular structure of water and that it matches the structure of intracellular water in the human body.   

Molecular Resonance Effect Technology  

It took Smirnov several years to develop a technology to replicate this type of water in the laboratory environment. When he did, he named this technology, Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET).   

Based on MRET, Smirnov managed to develop different types of products. Some of the products include the MRET activation device which helps activate water and water-based products.   

However, Smirnov clarifies that not every natural water can produce the same effect. Apparently, only natural water from particular places like high mountains in Russia, Tibet, and Himalayan mountains are the most preferred ones.

Based on the studies conducted by Smirnov's research team, people residing in those high mountains live longer.  Furthermore, because they consume natural water from those places, they are likewise less prone to infectious disease.   

Physics Of Water  

Conducting further tests, Smirnov discovered that structured water has effects on water conductivity and electrical conductivity. It was also tested on infected mice and found that there was no inflammation while their body was fighting infection.   

MRET treatment in water or structured water apparently makes water a ‘super liquid.' Hence, making it very beneficial to the body.   

“It can penetrate and reach the blood vessel and cell membrane. In addition to that, it has positive physiological effects,” shares Smirnov. “This structured water also suppresses harmful bacteria growth.”  

Cancer And Structured Water  

Smirnov claims that drinking MRET water or structured water reduces the growth of cancer cells and growth of tumors in the body. Based on their tests, the lifespan of mice was 60% higher, hence making the death rate significantly lower.  

Consequently, it was indeed proven effective on humans. During the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011, Smirnov's team sent MRET water to the victims of the incident and had positive results after consuming the structured water.  

The structured water likewise benefitted people undergoing chemotherapy from Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. Based on their feedback, patients got less negative results from chemotherapy.   

Some of the side effects prevented by consuming structured water are headaches,  inflammation, and nausea. Smirnov also recalls a chemotherapy patient from Los Angeles whose blood test turned out normal after drinking the structured water.  

Hydration And Quality Of Water  

Our body eliminates toxins through the water system of the body and delivers nutrients to the body through fluids. Hence, it is important to stay hydrated because water is sensitive to any physical effect, not just electromagnetic radiation. But the benefits of water is furthermore maximized is MRET-treated.  

“Regular water is just purified water. This has no positive effect on the body,” explains Smirnov. “It's good water, but it can't produce significant natural physiological effects.”  

Smirnov also cautions against any water or water container found anywhere near high voltage power lines or strong electromagnetic fields. Because the molecular structure of this water is ruined, it poses an adverse effect on our body.  

“Alkaline water is good if you're suffering from too much acidity,” Smirnov explains. “But on a regular basis when the body is healthy, your blood is supposed to be slightly alkaline, urine slightly acidic and saliva should be neutral at 7.0 ph.”  

Smirnov says drinking MRET water, whether one is a little alkaline or acidic, helps pull the body back into balance. It is likewise not good to put any additives in water.  

MRET Device  

Smirnov's device can treat two liters of water every half hour, and structured water can last several weeks. He also advises using clean water before using the device.   

He also stresses that MRET is not a filtration technology but rather an activation technology. Hence, if the water is not pure, you have to use filtration first to remove metals or organic particles.  

“MRET water has an excellent anti-oxidant effect. When we conducted testing on plants, the MRET water significantly made the leaves grow faster,” claimed Smirnov.    

Can we cook with this water? Yes, we can! Smirnov says the structure of the water only gets ruined if it reaches boiling point.   

Apparently, the taste of food and drinks changes when you use structured water. Smirnov had a partner in Taiwan who happened to be a tea ceremony master. Using structured water, he claimed that the tea tasted better.   

In another case, another acquaintance in Singapore treated cheap wine with the MRET device and claimed it also tasted better. Now that's fantastic!  

Wave Rider  

Apart from the MRET technology, Smirnov also developed products which help eliminate the adverse effect of electromagnetic radiation on human body. This device protects the human body against electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, computers, laptops, microwaves, tv, and wi-fi.  

According to Smirnov, the Wave Rider helps restore the brain to normal function and sleep patterns improve. This is because the device protects individuals within a 30-meter radius device and changes the structure of the electromagnetic field.  

“The healthy life begins with safe and clean Food, Water, Air and no electromagnetic smog,” said Smirnov. “My mission statement is to keep developing new technologies that can help improve our lifestyle.”


Dr. Igor Smirnov graduated from St. Petersburg Naval Academy in 1975, Faculty of Nuclear Physics (Fission Reactors) and Engineering with a Master's of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Continuing his education into the next decade, he was actively involved in advanced research regarding the effects of low-frequency electromagnetic oscillations (EMFs) on human cellular physiology at St. Petersburg State University, graduating in 1986 with his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.   

His advanced research and study of the psychosomatic development of children swimming in infancy were conducted at St. Petersburg Children Hospital. The results of his research were significant enough to be published by the World Health Organization in Munich, Germany.   

Smirnov's research has been issued in the St. Petersburg University Press, and in peer reviewed magazines such as Explore Magazine, The Electric Space Craft Journal, The Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, and The European Journal of Scientific Research.   

He also lectures extensively and makes speeches at international scientific congresses and conferences such as International Biophysics Congress (2008), Anti-Aging International Conferences (2003-2008), International Microwave Symposium (2007), Bioelectromagnetic Society Annual Meetings (2004-2007), Rutgers Symposium on Lunar Settlements (2007), The Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine Conference (2006), Thailand National Cancer Center Symposium (2005), Thailand Ministry of Public Health and The Chemistry Society of Thailand Meeting (2005), Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Fields Conference (2004), The First Asia and Oceanic Congress for Radiation Protection (2002), Effects of EMR on Biological Systems Conference (2000). He is a President of Global Quantech, Inc., a biotechnological research company, and a Member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society of America, the Biophysical Society and the Association of American Engineers.   

After the catastrophic nuclear plant radiation leak at Chernobyl, Russia in 1986, which caused more than three million cases of cancer, Dr. Smirnov, and his scientific team investigated the normalizing effect of particular mountain spring water on victims of the radioactive fallout which lead to his invention of the molecular resonance effect technology. He was awarded two United States patents “Method and Device for Producing Activated Liquids and Methods of Use Thereof”  and “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device.”   

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