416: Superhuman

Caroline Cory and Ashley James 


  • Why the Superhuman film was created
  • How to encourage DNA repair
  • What vibrational methodology is
  • The merging process
  • Release blocks before setting specific intent
  • Importance of getting to the root cause

In this episode, Caroline Cory shares how people not trained with telekinesis can change pH in water; and how blindfold perception were able to do those. She also talks about the importance of releasing blocks before setting specific intent.


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[0:00:42] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 416. I am so excited for today's guest. We have on the show Caroline Cory, who's an award-winning filmmaker. Oh man, I love your most recent movie Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible. You produced some wonderful documentaries. I really am excited for my listeners to check out your documentaries because they're so relevant to helping people heal their bodies. We get to a point where we're trying everything, we're trying all kinds of physical medicine or maybe we have emotional work to go through or maybe we're really stuck in our life. The one thing we're not tapping into, which is our most powerful tool, is our mind and our consciousness and our mind’s ability to shape and change our reality. I know that sounds like a bunch of new-age stuff, but your movie goes through the science of it. You have so many wonderful science experiments with PhDs who do this for a living. By the end of the movie, you walk away a believer that the mind has the ability to change our reality and our mind shapes our reality. It can be a very beautiful thing to cultivate that. Caroline, welcome to the show.

Photo by Ahmad Ossayli on Unsplash

[0:02:19] Caroline Cory: Hey, Ashley. Thanks for having me. It's great to connect with you. You said it, it's exactly what you said. We don't talk about this that much. Actually, I take that back. Everybody's been telling us and we've been hearing over and over that the mind affects our body, our health, our stress level. Even in the mainstream medical field, we know now that meditation is helpful for reducing stress and imbalances and things like that. What I wanted to do with this film is to take it to the next level. It's not just theory anymore, it's like show me how. How it's possible that the mind is actually having a physiological effect on my body? That's exactly why I made this film because it's no longer new age stuff, just theory. This is the proof, this is the demonstration, these are the devices, this is the science and this is very real, very measurable.

[0:03:30] Ashley James: I like that you said the mind is having a physiological effect on the body.

[0:03:36] Caroline Cory: Yeah, measurable.

[0:03:39] Ashley James: It’s measurable. You can see it. My experience of this, back in 2005, I became a master practitioner trainer of neuro-linguistic programming timeline therapy and hypnosis. I often attended the American Board of Hypnotherapy conventions that they would have. Actually, the last one must have just happened, but it was every President's Day. They did it for like 20 years. They would have, as the opening evening, it was like Friday evening, they would have all of us in a big ballroom. There'd be two or three or a hundred or thousand or however many people there are. It was a big ballroom, lots of people. The first event would be this man who is a Ph.D. professor. He taught at one of those big universities in California. He would come on stage. He was very factual and he talked about telekinesis. Of course, we're all like, “Okay, this is a little out there. We're at hypnotherapy convention.” His day job is teaching physics. He believes in reality and in measuring reality, he's a physicist. He would take this giant iron bar that was maybe two inches thick, a very big iron bar used in making the railroads. He would have us all come up and touch it and pound on it and feel that it was absolutely solid. It was solid. It was not a magic act at all. It was solid.

He would hold it in both hands. He would pause and he would meditate with it. Then he turned it to a pretzel. We'd gasp like, “What just happened?” Then he'd say, “Okay. Now, feel it. Touch it.” Again, we'd come up and it would be completely solid. Then he'd spend the next few minutes explaining what happened. That our mind has the ability to speed up the matter, to speed up all the electrons and all the matter inside that iron bar to the point where he could mold it. Then he’d teach us how to do it. We'd all be holding lots of cutlery. He'd hand out silver cutlery so we're all holding—I remember holding a knife and my friend, who's also from Canada, was holding a fork. She and I had known each other for several years. I've known her not to have some superhuman powers. She was just regular like me. She's holding the fork and she's practicing what he said to do, which is with your mind imagine that the spoon is bending or that the fork is bending. Imagine that you're speeding up the electrons.

I was having a hard time because I really wanted it, my knife, I really wanted my knife to move. I really, really, really wanted it. I just desperately wanted it too much and I wasn't actually just doing it. Kind of like if you have your arm resting and you just say, “I really want to move my arm.” But you don't actually just do it. Wanting it doesn't happen. Wanting doesn't make it happen but doing it does. I was not as successful as I was doing it. I looked over at my friend who was holding the fork. She's holding the base of the fork. She's holding it up in front of her looking at the four tongs of the fork. I’d believe you if someone told me that they like dropped acid in my water before the event because I watched, as she was just gently staring at it, and I watched as every single tongue moved away from each other and then curled up. They all curled together. I looked around the room and some people were successful, some people weren't. I watched as people, with their minds, bent spoons, twisted knives around.

Some people would hold the knife and they'd sort of warm-up the molecules with their mind and the knife would be malleable. They could turn it to a pretzel and then it would harden again. Whereas some people could just look at the object and move it. He would come every year to the American Board of Hypnotherapy Convention. It was the highlight of the weekend, obviously. Seeing that with my own eyes left me, obviously, questioning my reality, but also left me in awe of the untapped potential of the human mind.

[0:08:27] Caroline Cory: Exactly. Absolutely. That's it. People don't realize that this is real. They can do this. That's what I was trying to do with the film to make it very kind of an everyday thing. That's why we didn't just show people who are super trained. I had, in fact, guests who had never done anything like this. They would come. We would teach them in a couple of hours the basis of telekinesis and they would be able to move stuff like it's no big deal. That is exactly what I want people to take away from this. It's just an untapped potential, an untapped power. We just have to do it like you said. Stop talking about it. Let's just do it. What was the name of this physicist?

[0:09:26] Ashley James: I knew you're going to ask me that. I forget his name off top of my head, but if I remember I’ll tell you. I think he has since retired. It's been a few years since I've been back to the conventions.

[0:09:41] Caroline Cory: There's a lot of people as you saw in the film as well. There are quite a few scientists that we were able to bring together in the film. Of course, doing four different subjects. That's exactly what I want people to take away from this. It's not just a theory when they see other people on camera. Don't forget, it's even harder when we're filming because you have this stress. You want to succeed. Even though it's edited eventually, but then it's one take. We don't cut when we are doing the experiment, during the experiment. You can literally see the object move. It's even more stressful like I said because you have cameras all around us. You have staff looking. The crew looking at it. “Is this going to work? Is this going to work?” It's that much more tension and stress on you. Even under those conditions, when it works, it's pretty amazing. That's what I'm hoping people will realize to just try it. In fact, we're doing a seminar. We're doing workshops teaching everything that's in the film. The telekinesis, the change in the pH in the water, the blindfold perception everything that's in there we’re teaching in workshops. Because of the reaction of the people who are watching, like the crew, for example, some of them were kind of familiar with the topic. Most of them weren't. When they would see this, their reaction would be like, “Wow. Wait a minute. I want to do this. Can I try this How come this person could do it the first time?

In fact, I keep getting just from the trailer that's been out there now a few months so people are sending us texts and emails like, “Hey, are you teaching this? Where can I learn this? My kid wants to learn this.” It's really more pop culture than we think. If it's packaged and presented in the right way as opposed to this kind of strange new age thing that only a few people can do. You know what I mean? It's just like, “Hey. It's just a real thing. Have fun with it. You are your own superhero.” That's what it's about.

[0:12:27] Ashley James: I love it. Talking about the real applications of you go through in your movie and you show how we can use our mind to change pH really quickly. Within minutes, you can actually. There's a great scientific experiment in a lab where you change the pH of water with your mind. Be able to move things with your mind. What I love is that your friend, who had an eye condition that left her almost blind, it was very hard for her to see. Within two weeks of using these techniques, she was able to read again. Not because she healed her eye but because she was able to perceive letters with her mind. That they’re using these techniques to teach blind people how to even see and read. You have these video, the part of the movie is following these children who become blindfolded and are able to read books blindfolded and able to run outside and play soccer blindfolded. It's something that even adults can be trained to do to be able to perceive reality.

What you proposed was that you and the PhDs that you're working with propose that, our order is wrong. We think our eyes perceive things, the messages get sent to our brain, and then we perceive reality. What it's being proposed is that we are actually perceiving reality before our eyes perceive it. That our eyes kind of are the secondary system to go, “Okay, yes. I thought that was there and it actually is there.” Our brain has the ability to both intake and perceive information from the outside world, but also to influence it.

[0:14:35] Caroline Cory: Yeah. It's consciousness if you will because your consciousness is non-local so it's tapping into a unified field. It’s tapping into an information field whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you understand or not. You are bigger than your body so your consciousness is constantly retrieving that information first. Then the brain, the physical brain, translates that information into a visual data. Then you see or you hear what your consciousness had already tapped into. It is the other way around. Whereas we are not just taught, but we're literally programmed to think that what you see is what is real, what you see or what you hear is what is. Everything else doesn't exist. That's a big problem because, first of all, the order is wrong, like you just said. Also, if you keep convincing yourself that it's only what you see and what you hear that exists and nothing else counts, it's almost like you're discounting what your consciousness is doing spontaneously, which is tapping spontaneously in this unified information field all the time and retrieving this information all the time.

This is a paradigm shift. This is a completely different perspective on reality. We show this in the film. It's not just a few kids somewhere in the UK because they're doing the specific training. They're all over. We went to Utah, we went to Germany, Russia, Romania. There's a lot of groups that we didn't even include in the film. Mexico, India. We just want to—it's obvious if the film gets very, very long so we just went to enough places, shown enough people of all ages, different backgrounds. By the way, the methodology is actually different.

Some folks use a vibrational methodology, meaning they're tapping into the information field through vibration, reading the information as a vibration, and then translating it into a visual data. This is one group. The other groups do something completely different. They use visualization and, of course, intent. Especially with the kids, it's so easy to teach the kids basically. Really allowing your consciousness to be in the universe, accept that you are everywhere in the universe, that there's light everywhere, and then to bring that through the physical brain, the physical body, and translate that into the visual data. Then you start to see. It sounds crazy but it works. It's in the film. There are people from all over doing it.

[0:17:56] Ashley James: I want to back up and get to know you a little bit, get to know why did you create this film? What happened in your life? Because this is a huge project. This is a huge project that took years and a lot of energy, a lot of time and money to create this beautiful documentary. What happened in your life that motivated you to put forth the effort to build this and create this documentary?

[0:18:30] Caroline Cory: Actually, since I was very, very young, even at the age of five, I could perceive subtle energy, not just aura, but I could see basically the energy field around people. People's consciousness. I could just look at them and know everything about them. Of course, I was five years old so I thought it was like, “Oh, everybody can do this.” I didn't think I was anything special or it wasn't anything special. I just kind of went along with that. I don't know if you want to call it ability because I think everybody can do this. What happened is that because it was so spontaneous, I also had an experience where I could kind of hear telepathically, kind of communicate telepathically. What started to happen was not so much like, “Oh, wow. This is happening to me.” It was more like how is this happening? What is the mechanism that allowed me to do this when nobody else, for example, could see the subtle energy or could understand certain things before they happened and things like that?

I kept kind of wanting to know the mechanics of this. As I grew up, of course, I went into the field of psychology. In college, I studied psychology. By the time I got to graduate school, it was like, “This is not even close. We're missing a whole field of understanding.” I continue to explore and research and really bring my own knowledge from my own experiences. For example, I would look at someone and I knew the root cause of their whatever illness or struggle. They had been trying different kinds of healing methods and doing psychotherapy for 20 years. They were still exactly at the same place. Then when I would tell them, “Oh, yeah. Well, you have this because in the past life you had this and that or because before you were born you're supposed to come in with a twin brother but this happened. Things like that. It was like I was able to pinpoint the root cause and exactly at that time their problem would go away.

This was validation for me. It was like, “Okay, I'm not crazy. This is real. I am tapping into an information field that is accurate. I just have to train myself to make sure that I'm not projecting, that I'm not mixing with my own interpretation and things like that.” This was my personal training that allowed me to develop a whole methodology. How do you stay out of the objective observation? How do you then shift the energy field? 

It took me 20 years to develop a methodology in energy medicine for healing and also for consciousness expansion. I started teaching other people to read the energy field in this way and to go directly to the root cause and the method. It's not just one way, it's many different ways. It's color, its sound, its geometry, it’s zero point. There are all kinds of techniques altogether.

I did that for a long time. Even though, for example, I was working with people who had a cyst. We would do one session and the cyst is suddenly gone. You could see it on an ultrasound. One minute it's here the other minute it's gone. People with cancer. Even though I had so much validation and even my students, people who were studying it, had so much validation this stuff works, it's very strange. It's almost like I still had to go to the next level. It's like I had to not just go from the experience of, “Hey, you had this condition and now you don't” or “you were stuck in your life and now you're not.” Going from the experiential to the actual scientific demonstration. It's almost like people still need this additional validation to prove to themselves that they have this healing power. It wasn't a fluke.

That's the reason why the subject itself was very easy to me because everything I said, it took me my whole lifetime to explore the mechanics of consciousness on matter, in the physical world, in other dimensional fields, what-have-you. It was more like I need to at this point go beyond the experiential and bring the data. The scientific validation, demonstrations. That is the reason why I had to make this film. I wanted to also invite people who had never done anything like this before to take part in the experiments, in the demonstrations to show that anybody can do this. I wanted to bring some credible scientists, not just a few people who are just in, again, in the new age field.

[0:24:35] Ashley James: Woowoo?

[0:24:36] Caroline Cory: Yeah. Yeah. I think I managed to do that. That's the reason why I ended up making this film investing so much of my time, energy, and money. I think it was worth it. I think it's worth it.

[0:24:51] Ashley James: I think it was worth it too. This isn't your first movie. You've made other movies.

[0:24:58] Caroline Cory: Yeah. Again, because I had so many experiences with otherworldly beings. When I was five, that one experience that I had, I realized that I wasn't just looking at people's energy field, but I could see beings, I could see angels, I could see spirits. It was obviously nothing scary. It's not like in the movies where you see dead people, it’s so scary. It was nothing like that. It was beautiful, angelic, light beings. I could feel them, I could talk to them. I would see the type of energy they had and what they were doing here on earth and things like that.

That also stayed with me my whole life. I kept kind of, not just thinking or feeling that somebody was there, I would literally see them. Because of that, I also felt that I needed to demonstrate, that we're surrounded by so many types of beings and what those worlds were about. That was my last film called Among Us, but I think it's more specialized tactile. It attracts more people who are really into the subject whereas this current film is more helpful. It's more like you can apply what you learn in the film to your daily life. Especially the experiment we did with pH.

There was a physicist—William Tiller actually did a famous experiment with pH. He was able to demonstrate that a group of, I think it was his students at the time, they would focus on a water sample and they were just intended to increase the pH or change the pH and it would happen. They did that scientifically. They did that study. I think he published that study. I believe it was in the 80s. Anyway, so this showed at the time that your consciousness, your mind can literally change the chemistry of water. I wanted to replicate this.

I worked a lot with water and DNA with another scientist, Glenn Rein. The reason why I had to include this in the film and why this is so important is because if you are able to change the chemistry of water that's sitting in front of you, it means that you can change the chemistry of your body. That's the point. That's the point of this whole film. It's not about moving the piece of metal. It's not about the piece of metal. It's not about the water. It's about you having those abilities. Especially water because we hear so much about higher pH and water and people are selling these 9 plus pH water bottles and things like that. Obviously, an alkaline environment is not conducive to illness. I mean the virus cannot survive. We know that an alkaline environment is better for your health, not too much alkaline, but, again, a balance.

I wanted to demonstrate that on the film. It took a few minutes, but the other one with the DNA, I did that many times the DNA test where I was able to change the electricity in the DNA. That literally happens in seconds. I can zap that thing.

[0:29:16] Ashley James: For those who haven't seen it, explain the experiment so we get the full picture.

[0:29:23] Caroline Cory: What happens, first of all, when we set up these experiments, of course, we're editing a film, and so we can't show the hours and hours and hours of preparation that goes into each experiment. Basically, what we do, let's say we want to test the conductivity and change the electricity in a DNA sample. We have to measure this electrical conductivity in that same sample over a long period of time, get specific measurements. This is kind of like we get a baseline meaning over several days, over several hours this is the measurement of the electrical conductivity in this sample. Then at a specific point, I come in, or whoever comes in, and with the intent starts to interfere, intervene with that sample and trying to change. In our case, we wanted to increase the electrical conductivity in the water. Then let's say at 3:00 PM the experiment starts from 3:00 PM-3:15 PM and then we do it again from 4:00 PM-4:15 PM, 5:00 PM-5:15 PM.

We have this measurement over a long period of time. We notice that exactly between 3:00 PM-3:15 PM, 4:00 PM-4:15 PM is exactly when the electrical conductivity changed dramatically. All the other times it would go back to the original baseline. This means this time correlation tells us that at those specific times, the intent of the observer or the person that's doing the experiment has an effect, has a measurable effect. Scientifically, that's how it works. Of course, we have to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. In the film, we talk about the baseline, measuring the baseline. Then we show on camera how it changes.

I've done this experiment with DNA before. What I notice is that DNA responds very, very quickly like literally in seconds. Whereas the pH it takes a few minutes, which is still pretty good. What happens is that when you change the electrical conductivity—in this film, I think it showed about 100% jump. Other films I did it again and other places I did and it would jump to 400%. This is very significant because the electrical conductivity in the DNA was shown to increase its ability to self-repair. They had done a study, this is California Tech Institute I believe, they had done a study to measure or to see a correlation at least between the electrical conductivity in a DNA sample with its relationship to self-correct. If you have any sort of imbalance, any sort of something not working and you increase the electricity in the DNA sample, you basically restore its original kind of pattern if you will. That is huge. Imagine that you can do that in 10seconds. I did it in 10 seconds in the film.

This means that your mind, your consciousness can self-repair help your DNA to self-repair. If that is not significant I'm not sure what is.

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

[0:33:26] Ashley James: That is wonderfully significant. How would one go about encouraging the DNA to repair? Would we send love to our DNA? How would one do that?

[0:33:45] Caroline Cory: That's what I was saying. We are now teaching workshops. I'm also writing a book. It's more of a manual exactly for that. First of all, to understand like anything else it's you, it's your consciousness so you have to prepare just like in anything. You have to know what type of state your consciousness has to be in, what type of meditation needs to happen that is more useful because everybody meditates differently. People say, “Oh, I just meditate. I do mindfulness. I do this or I do that.” Well, yeah. To me, every type of meditation does something different. 

You have to do the meditation that works for what you are trying to do in this experiment. In this experiment you want your mind to be very very fast, very very accurate, very very precise. You want it to be very quiet. That's the reason why it's a specific meditation. Actually, I have one that's online. It's free of charge if people want to take a look at that. It may look or sound like a simple meditation but actually, it has, if you want, the pattern to get you to that point of specificity and aligning your mind channels very specifically. That's the preparation.

Then you also have to understand, which was very very interesting actually, working with all of these devices. It is not the same when you are trying to affect water. It's not the same as trying to affect a piece of an electronic device or an electrical device. It's completely different or to move a piece of paper or to try to influence a metal like you were saying earlier. It's a different feeling. It's almost like you notice that the biological substance, like DNA or water, responds to your, I don’t want to say command but you know what I mean, to you intent let's say in a very different way than does the spoon that you're trying to bend. You have to kind of know all of these things so that you know how to approach whatever it is you're trying to influence.

If you're working on your body, of course sending love and all of that is great. You want to be more specific. You also want to be aware of what's coming up for you and release that. For example, that's part of the preparation. As soon as you sit down and you try to do something like that I can see the people's mind chatter kicks in like, “Wait. Can I do this? Is this going to work? I don't know. Maybe other people can do it. Am I gifted?” All this mind chatter are blocks. You can't start the experiment if you have all these blocks. Part of the preparation is to release these blocks, to know when you are really energetically ready. Then begin the influencing of whatever it is that you want. If it's the DNA then you focus on the DNA. Then you basically set your intent for something specific. For example, it was very specific. I want the electrical conductivity to increase. You can say, “I want to get my cancer.” That's still too general.

I find that it's more efficient if you have more specific intents. If you have more details as to—for example, what is contributing to your current imbalance? It's that much better than you target that imbalance. It's the thyroid or it's the chemistry and this part of my body and so on and so forth. Does that make sense?

[0:38:22] Ashley James: Absolutely, I remember in one of my trainings back in 2005, there was an MD, a doctor, who was studying along with us. We came to this exercise using a pendulum. The pendulum was just a biofeedback. We would swing it and it would go from—one it would start swinging let's say northeast, northeast and then it would go up like a sunrise and start then going towards north-south, north-south. It's just kind of like arced. We would say to it, as it was arcing upwards, we would say as this goes, as this moves up progressively. It's swinging going from one direction to arcing to swinging going to a different direction, my metabolism is increasing. This doctor just totally didn't believe it at all. It's not a placebo because he thought this was just ridiculous. He actually said it, “The mind cannot affect the body. I've spent eight years in medical school. The mind cannot affect the body. It's not possible.” I don't know why he was taking these trainings, but he said the mind can't affect the body. Probably just to be a better doctor, have more tools in his tool belt. He said, “The mind can't affect the body. This is ridiculous.”

He actually was the demo. Our teacher brought him up in front of the class to teach this. The fact that he totally didn't believe in it and thought it was a sham was great. Because what happened was as he's doing it, so he just says to his mind, unconscious mind, “Raise my metabolism and show me that you're raising my metabolism by the movement of the pendulum.” We’re using as a biofeedback so the micro muscle movement, we're not moving it with our mind. This is not telekinesis. It's simply, the unconscious mind can control micro muscle movements in the fingers. He's just holding it there but his unconscious mind is moving it. We're watching. As it's moving up, he wasn't surprised that the pendulum was moving, he had moved a pendulum before. His unconscious mind has moved a pendulum before. It wasn't a big deal. 

We noticed that his neck started to get really red. The redness move up his face. By the time the redness had crept up to his eyes, beads of sweat began to form on his brow. He yelled out, “This is impossible. What is going on? I'm so hot.” He throws the pendulum. He's ripping off his coat, his blazer and unloosening his tie. He’s sort of angry. He says, “This is impossible. The mind cannot affect the body.” He's fighting with it because he saw with his own eyes and experienced in his own body that his intention, his mind's intention to increase his metabolism and the command he gave it, he gave it a conscious intention to his unconscious mind. His unconscious mind communicated back that he was doing it, that it was doing it. Just with the intention of his mind within seconds, it wasn't even a minute, it was like maybe 30 seconds, he raises metabolism to the point where he was sweating and had a huge flush of blood flow and heats. He was very hot, his whole body was hot.

That kind of blew us away too because he didn't believe in it so it's not a placebo effect. He had to really re-examine his eight years in medical school because the mind absolutely affects the body. What does that mean? We're walking around listening to other people's suggestions, the media suggestions about our health. How much does that play a role in how we create our reality and how we create ill health?

[0:43:06] Caroline Cory: Absolutely. Look at the commercials. Every two seconds there's a commercial on a drug because we're all going to get sick by the time we're 50. Women are going to develop that and men are going to be that. It's like we're definitely programmed to become ill. This is fascinating this story you just told about this. I have to say, the fact that he was even in that class, a part of him, I think his unconscious mind, totally believed in it. It's his conscious mind, it's his logical mind that doesn't even want to go there because of his medical training. It's like he's not going to reexamine what he spent eight years or ten years or whatever that is. He's not going to question that, but unconsciously, that's what brought him to the class. Of course, that's what demonstrated the effect.

Also, you bring up the point that we don't even have to believe. I mean, it's better if we believe because it's more efficient and faster, but even if we don't believe there's still something happening. Even if we don't believe consciously, I want to say. It still works.

[0:44:29] Ashley James: Belief is not required for your consciousness to affect your body because it always is affecting your body. You prove that in your movie with all the different scientific experiments you did. That our consciousness is constantly talking to our DNA, talking to every molecule in our body. Even across the country, across the world. You did an experiment where you were able to move an object in a vacuum across the United States, which goes to show that we have this. We're connected to this morphic field, this energy field that is this earth. There are so many experiments. You want to highlight another one that so people can understand that they have the ability, they have tools to unlock inside them that can help them to achieve their health goals?

[0:45:31] Caroline Cory: Yeah. The pH and the DNA is extremely useful for an everyday life thing because every day you are dealing with chemistry: food, even your mood, the hormones that get released in your brain, your emotions. Your chemistry is changing all day long. I feel like this one experiment should empower people to remember that during the day like, “Wait, I feel off. So I just ate something and it just doesn't feel right.” Instead of ignoring it or saying, “Oh, it'll go away,” or “it's just indigestion.” or whatever that is. To start to gravitate to have a reaction, a spontaneous reaction to say, “Wait, I can change the chemistry in my digestive system right now.” I feel that one is very useful on a day-to-day basis.

The other experiments, for example, the one that we did with the long distance, the remote viewing and of course the telekinesis and the blindfold. For example, the remote viewing, that one I feel also is very empowering for people to just remember that all these crazy synchronicities that happen in their life is not even on a day-to-day basis is not synchronicity. It's like your brain and your consciousness is tapped into a universal consciousness, a collective consciousness. Everybody's tapped into the same field so why is it so crazy to think that, “Oh, I just thought of Ashley and then the phone rings and it's her. Wow.” This is not like weird stuff. 

Actually, there's science. Scientists have also demonstrated and proven entanglement meaning that two particles at a distance can actually exchange properties. They don't even have to connect with each other. The property of one particle can be transferred to another and affect the other and vice versa. Not just in a small way but even on a cosmic way like a star in the sky can do that with another star. This was demonstrated scientifically.

If you just allow yourself to imagine that or just believe that this is real, this is the mechanics of who we are. Stop calling it like, “Hey, it's a fluke. It's synchronicity. It's luck,” but use this mechanism for your benefit. For example, I'm about to take a trip somewhere or for example, my son is on a trip and I haven't heard from him in ten days. I'm worried, what's going on? For example, I can use this understanding, the mechanics of our consciousness to know that we are entangled. If I train myself, there's a method that I call the merging process, you can pick up that information accurately every single time. 

That's why I showed the remote-viewing experiment in the film. It was used by governments around the world to spy on other governments. If this was a woowoo thing, they're not going to spend 20 years and millions of dollars investigating. It was accurate to a point especially the Russians and the Chinese too. They were able to read documents and see what's inside the drawer remotely or know exactly where the rockets were. That is very precise. If at that level of government level, if that doesn't bring validation and also with this scientific explanation and demonstration of how entanglement works, we can start to use it in our daily life and manifest so many things, feel so much better of how we are interacting with the rest of the universe and use that to our benefit and manifest our daily reality differently.

[0:50:35] Ashley James: In the Bible, in the Old Testament, Genesis 1:27 it says that God made us in His image. I've always been curious about that ever since I was a child. It really dawns on me that what if this is what he meant, made in His image. Not that God has ten fingers and ten toes and walks around with a big beard. He's about 6’2” with blue eyes. Not in his image physically like we're taking it literally, but in His image in that he gave us the ability to be connected. We're connected in this morphic field. You talk about in your movie, trees they can measure it and prove it, but trees have an energy field that talks to each other, communicates to each other when a storm is coming when there's a threat nearby. Even there's a mycelial network that all living things that are connected there, all plants connect through the mycelial network and communicate that way. More so that they're able to communicate long distances through this morphic field. This resonance that were a part of that animals can sense it and communicate and we also too are part of it. That we can both perceive it and also affect it with our consciousness. What if that's what God meant by in His image? That he gave us this tool to shape our reality.

[0:52:25] Caroline Cory: Exactly. I totally agree. When we talk about that, to me it has to do with being omniscient, omnipresent, omnipresence. Of course, we're not talking on a Creator level, but it's kind of like a smaller version of that potential. Omniscience is the ability to tap into all of the knowledge in the universe. Does it even make sense that animals communicate that way, trees communicate that way but not humans? It doesn't even make sense that certain things have been proven, have been demonstrated on an animal level and then it goes kind of strange when we talk about it in terms of human beings. It's the same mechanics. If anything, it's even more sophisticated.

I feel like tapping into the knowledge of the universe spontaneously without going through a third party. Directly being tapped into the source of all of the information, all of healing, clarity, guidance; it's all there. I feel that's exactly it that we are connected. I think that is the definition of as above so below and being in His image. It doesn't even make sense for it to be otherwise. Sometimes if you look around and there's millions and millions of breeds of animals of flowers and trees and insects. Look up in the sky. The stars, billions of stars and galaxies and universe and multiverses. 

Whoever created this or however that whole thing was created, does it even make sense that there would be one species called the human being that would not be able, that would be completely isolated on this one planet and not be able to communicate with anything? Not communicate even with themselves. You know what I mean? It doesn't even make sense that whatever divine intelligence, whatever mechanics is behind all of this, it doesn't make sense to not think that it is all connected. You're a part of this larger mold. If you're a part of it, then you are it. It's like your hand. Your hand is part of your whole body. Whatever your hand feels, you feel. Whatever your hand is doing you know what it’s doing and vice versa. You know if you're going through something, your hand is going to feel it. It's like that. We're an extension. We're part of this larger consciousness, universal consciousness of all that is.

[0:55:50] Ashley James: A very famous experiment was done in DC several years ago where they try to affect the crime rates in DC. At the beginning, the Chief of Police was not on board, he was not supportive. By the end of the summer, they had had such a drastic decrease in the crime rates in DC that the Chief of Police became an absolute supporter. How they dropped the rates of crime so significantly in DC was they meditated on peace. They got thousands of people together and they meditated. They focused their consciousness on peace. People focusing their consciousness on peace with the intention of peace we're able to drop the crime rates. 

How is it that some hardened thug with a gun who's down on their luck and wants to rob a convenience store who doesn’t give to any things about some monks down the street meditating. The people that do the violence right, all the violent crimes, those guys don't care that there's someone meditating for them to be peaceful. They really don't. Yet somehow, the consciousness of a few thousand people were able to calm, to ground, to make these criminals choose a different path, a peaceful path.

[0:57:27] Caroline Cory: Yeah, exactly. This was done several times actually with the Dean Radin’s the random generator, the random number generator that measures collective consciousness. It works in the same way as you would have a hurricane category 5 that would completely destroy an entire neighborhood and there's this one house that's not the most stable house or solid house and yet it's standing. It goes to show that you can still create your reality within the larger reality. The problem becomes when we think that we are here to change the world and so we want everybody to change in order for things to work. We want people to believe what we believe and have better systems and be fair and be honest and things like that. That doesn't work. If we understand the principle of consciousness, I feel like consciousness is the behind-the-scenes power that we have.

You don't really change the pattern or the behavior of a person, you affect their consciousness, which then, in turn, affects their behavior.

[0:59:10] Ashley James: Oh, sure.

[0:59:11] Caroline Cory: That's the reason why a lot of clashes happen when we want somebody else to be convinced of our truth because we're going head to head a neurological human mind trying to convince them that our truth is the better truth as opposed to simply tapping into the larger consciousness and pouring into the larger consciousness what we believe in. It doesn't mean that you are being sneaky about it, it's just that you are pouring your truth. If many people are pouring the same truth then eventually, it affects whoever is open to that truth because they're still free will.

On some higher level, this thug in DC that was just about to rob the 7-Eleven that his conscious mind would say, “Hey, I'm going to rob this 7-Eleven and that's that,” but on a higher honor, he's tapped into the same consciousness field that everybody else is. On a higher level, his higher consciousness, kind of changed. Something happened in that field and told him, “Maybe not today. Let's take a break.” He was on some level open to it. He didn't understand it himself on a conscious mind, but on this higher consciousness level, everyone is tapped into this. Everyone can receive that inspiration, that shift if they're open to it.

[1:00:58] Ashley James: A practical application would be instead of yelling at the kids again because they didn't clean their room, to focus and intent with love for them to feel motivated to clean their room or something. Try that every day. Instead of just coming at them, just come at them from love and just focus an intent that you're going to affect their consciousness. Do this experiment every day and see what happens. See that your intention, your focus, your consciousness could affect their consciousness. Now, in terms of healing our body you said the more specific the better.

[1:01:39] Caroline Cory: You don't want to put in their consciousness, “I want you to clean your room and go do your homework.” You want, first of all, when you are working at that level because this is part of the method that we work with. You are, again, it's a method that I call the merging, so you're merging with their higher consciousness. Before you pour the love into it, you can already feel why they are not wanting to clean their room. You know what I mean? Do they not want to clean the room just to show you? Is it like a defiance thing or do they not want to clean their room because actually, they're not feeling well physically? Do they not want to clean their room because they just had a fight at school and they were bullied? You know what I mean?

There are different reasons why. Every kid is different. Every kid has a different situation. Again, before you put in the positive you want to take out whatever is the root cause of the problem. If you do this enough, you tap into this root cause and then let's say if it's something physical, before telling them to go clean their room, maybe you can be guided to give them the chemical whatever food or drink or whatever they need. If it's a tea, if it's a hot milk, or whatever. Something that will soothe or bring that chemical balance back into their body so they feel good. Then you say, “Okay.” Then they will naturally feel okay and then they will clean their room. You know what I mean?

If it's something that—let's say you feel that something happened in school. They were bullied, they feel ashamed or something like that. Then you want to sit down and say, “Tell me what happened in school?” You know what I mean? Then it's almost like first, you have to feel the block. Once that is resolved, it's very easy to pour the love. Then you just watch them change. It's very magical, but it works. 

The problem with kids is we don't really hear them. Even though sometimes we hear this, some parents are really good. Some parents are, “Okay, tell me what's wrong. What's bothering you or whatever.” But what happens is that even though the kid says, “Well, this kid in school said this or did that,” or whatever. Usually what I noticed with what parents would say, “But it's okay. Just don't think about it. Just next time don't talk to him. Go play with your other friends,” or whatever. It's almost like the parent is bringing the solution to make the kid feel better or they're completely ignoring it. That's another case, of course. Even when they are trying to help, you're bringing a solution to the problem, but that is not really helping the kid resolve the emotional block that just happened from that experience if that makes sense. Do you know what I mean?

It's more like, why is this kid attracting the bullying in the first place? Why is my kid allowing these circumstances the other kids don't get that, for example? I want to go behind the scenes again and feel the root cause that created this problem in the first place and help that, resolve the situation, and help him resolve it at that level. It's a completely different approach because the kid then feels heard. Because if you propose a very loving solution, they'll feel the support, they'll feel like, “Hey, my mother has my back.” Yeah, that's great, but it still does not resolve the conflict. Does that make sense?

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

[1:05:54] Ashley James: Absolutely. I like that you're starting by getting in their shoes, connecting with them, and then going deeper. Sometimes, we kind of just override their feelings. Not just kids but anyone we're interacting or wanting to influence. That they should be doing it this way, they should be cleaning the dishes this way, or they should be doing it this way. They should do it my way. Why aren't they looking for a job? Why aren't they doing this, why aren't they doing that? They should be doing it this way. They should be doing it my way. We're cutting ourselves off from this flow of energy by imposing our own will on people.

[1:06:37] Caroline Cory: Yeah, exactly. Or why doesn’t he call me when he's gone for so long? All the behavior of others.

[1:06:45] Ashley James: Instead, if we close our eyes, take a deep breath, connect with their energy, and just get in their shoes. What are they feeling? What are they going through? Have that level of empathy to connect with them. See if you could understand their world and what they're going through on an unconscious level and a level of just connecting to their consciousness. From there, help them to get to the root cause. Help them to see it in a way that'll help them get out of that rut or to shift their life. So that we're not just imposing our will on them, but that we're actually helping them to make those. I think it's really beautiful. How can we do that for ourselves when we get stuck?

[1:07:36] Caroline Cory: I see that also a lot in relationships. For example, usually with women, they get very frustrated because he's somewhere and he's not calling or he goes to the store and he buys everything except the one thing that you really want. You know what I mean? Those little annoying things. You want him to pay attention to what you just said. I see this very, very often. It's very frustrating because to you it's very logical like, “What's the big deal, just call me when you get there,” or something like that. “Hey, it's on your list. What's the big deal?” 

I noticed that when you tap into their higher consciousness exactly at that moment you notice in general, it's really not that he's trying to blow you off or you're not important, sometimes it is, but most of the time it's not even that. Sometimes they're just very ADD. They cannot focus. Sometimes it's just that. Sometimes they feel that what you asked for is not so important, that you're going to be okay. They're assuming that certain things are not important even though you tell them it's important.

These little things end up piling up and at the end, you end up with fights and confusion and frustration in relationships. The way you can use this is, again, when this is happening, or even before, you can focus and merge with the higher consciousness, not the human aspect of the person. The higher consciousness of your partner or whatever, in that location and just ask the question, “Can you please remember to buy me what's on the list?” You will feel his authentic reaction like, “Oh, wait. I forgot,” or “Oh, it's not important.” You can change it. You can change it at that level. It takes a little practice, but it works like miracles.

If you do this with your partner, with your kids now you are becoming, I feel like I want to say evolved, you're working on multi-dimensional levels of reality. Your human mind is being conscious, is doing all the conscious stuff: cooking, cleaning, driving, going to work, whatever. Your higher consciousness is tapped into all of this potential and it's guiding you, it's bringing. You're not just on one level, you're on both levels let's say or multi-level. You are operating in this reality, in this very expanded evolved way.

[1:11:02] Ashley James: How can we take that same principle and apply it to our own healing?

[1:11:07] Caroline Cory: Again, it's the same thing, it's the same principle. To me, the biggest problem is the root cause. Why? For example, it's not myself but let's say it's just an example. You start to have certain symptoms or certain imbalances in your body. In the same way, of course, we know at this point it's not just the symptoms. You want to go back to the root cause of the root cause. We know maybe because your mother had this or it’s genetic or because you ate too much whatever the wrong foods or you smoked or this or that. This is one level of root cause. To me, the bigger root cause or the deeper root cause is why am I creating this in the first place exactly at this time? When you tap into that, all kinds of stories start to happen.

You can train yourself to go deeper and deeper and deeper. Actually, that's what I teach other healers to do. Once you released one of these root cause, to try to even go deeper and deeper to that place where you first decided that it was okay to create this condition. That is the point where it needs to be reversed. It's just training. It's just practice. It's just training. You just have to keep going deeper and deeper. It's a whole training of course that we teach.

[1:12:51] Ashley James: That was my next question. I want to know about your training because you know what, my four-year-old wants to learn all this.

[1:13:00] Caroline Cory: Which part?

[1:13:02] Ashley James: Be able to be blindfolded and see the world. It's just amazing that these kids are reading books blindfolded. You could hold up any color they can tell you what color it is. They can even navigate the world blindfolded. I like that you even did in one clip, you had a little sensor inside the blindfold to prove that there was no light coming in. It's not a trick.

[1:13:35] Caroline Cory: Oh, it's not a trick. Also, when you start watching that part of the film, in the beginning, you're like, “Yeah. Okay. Whatever,” but then you see more and more and more people doing it and just doing all kinds of amazing stuff, not just reading. By the way, these kids, because somebody said, “Well, what if they just memorized the book?” Okay. Well, when I was there, for example, I would write something on a piece of paper that they had never seen before. They have no idea what I'm going to write and then they'd be able to read it. How does that work?

This is very much real and kids are easier to teach. Because they don't think so much. Imagine that there's light inside. I want you to put light inside your mask, inside your body. I want you to go out in the universe and bring as much light as you can and put it inside the mask and imagine that you were—I want you to pierce through the mask and read. They'd be like, “Yeah.” If I told an adult that they’d be like, “What? Wait, what? Universe? What does that mean? How can I bring the light? How does this work?” It's definitely better for kids to do that.

We started putting some classes together. People can go to the Superhuman Film website for those types of classes. Because we're getting more and more requests for kids so we're going to do one specifically for kids. Also, we're going to start doing them online. It's not the same thing online because just for technical reasons as well because you want the kid to touch things and feel. It seems to be working. I'm doing that with a couple of kids. We're going to be posting more and more specifically for kids. That is the best age. I think between four and eight is perfect. Of course, everybody can do this. Stay tuned for those details. The other ones that are currently available are on the website superhumanfilm.com.

[1:16:00] Ashley James: Got it. The classes haven't started yet or have you already started teaching them?

[1:16:05] Caroline Cory: The ones that are based on it, because we're releasing the film literally now. The film is being released now. It's kind of like you watch the film you say, “Hey, I want to learn this.” You go on the website and then you take all the classes. We have about five or six workshops already planned this year. We're going to keep adding more and more. 

These classes are specific for mind over matter meaning the blindfold perception, telekinesis, changing the water pH. These are the specific mind over matter workshops, but the other classes that I was talking about how to merge and feel the consciousness of the person, these are on my energy medicine consciousness website. I think I have like 600 classes and sessions on how to use these techniques for healers. People who are interested, there's a whole healers program with all of these methods all on the website already. That is carolinecory.com.

[1:17:20] Ashley James: Awesome. Very cool. I think that these are fantastic things, fantastic tools for us to learn. It would be really great if this was taught in school. To come back to like how real this is that the US government, for many years, invested a lot of money in psychic soldiers and in remote viewing. So did Russia, so did China. They haven't stopped because it works. I've met a few psychic soldiers. 

I went to the Awake and Aware Conference back in 2008 and talked to a few, met a few. The ones that are speaking up and sharing their experiences, it's very interesting that you can remote view a location and know where a bomb is or read a manual or read classified files. The military would not be investing time and energy into it if it didn't exist. The fact that if they can train a soldier to do it then you can get trained to do it too. It's part of us. It's part of who we are. For whatever reason, we've been suppressed. We've been told not to cultivate these gifts. Why do you think that is? Why do you think that throughout the history of the last thousand years, they've wanted us to suppress and not be connected to our gifts?

[1:19:13] Caroline Cory: Well, there are a couple of answers to this question. On one level, it has a lot to do with our programming that you have to believe what a scientist tells you because they're educated and they are. That's not to say they're not, but here's the problem. What people don't realize is this is what I call subjective science, which is a contradiction in terms actually because science is supposed to be objective. This is still science. The problem is it is subjective in the sense that, for example, today I'm going to be able to move this piece of paper, make it rotate 360 degrees very easily. Tomorrow, if I sit exactly in the same condition, at the same time, at the same hour everything exactly the same, there's nothing interfering with it, I'm going to be able to maybe move it 10 degrees. Then the next day, I'm going to be able to move it 20 degrees and then 40 degrees, and then on the fourth day, I'm going to make it move 360 degrees.

A scientist from the outside would say, “Wait, this doesn't work.” Because the way we define science is you're supposed to have repeatable results. You're supposed to every single day you move an object it's supposed to behave in the same way because they're a physical law you. Newton's physical laws that apply to the physical world. If you did it once in one way and then the next thing you did something different, that doesn't count, therefore telekinesis doesn't exist. It's crazy. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I moved the object 360 degrees. Of course, we're talking baseline, everything else in a vacuum, the conditions are scientific. The fact that every day the result was slightly different or very different, this should not make any difference because, under the actual physical laws, I shouldn't be able to move anything. This should be impossible.

Some scientists will look at the result and say, “Wait, this just moved ten degrees. That's nothing.” You know what I mean? That's the problem. They dismiss it right off the bat because it doesn't comply with the way scientific experiments are conducted. The reason being, that's why I call it subjective science because this manifestation, what's happening is that it has to do with my subjective consciousness, which is affected by so many things. One day, I have less energy, another day, my mother just called and I spend an hour on the phone and I'm exhausted, or my kid is sick. You know what I mean? I am a living consciousness that it's continuously changing. I am in constant movement and form of energy that is constantly moving. It's that energy that is trying to affect a physical object. That is the reason why the results are now going to be exactly the same. Again, but the fact that I have done it even once, it means I broke the physical laws of the universe. You see what I mean?

I think that's one of the problems. They dismiss it because it needs to fit. They are trying to explain non-physical phenomena with physical laws in other words. That doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. It's like you have the wrong ingredients, you have the wrong parameters for measuring this thing. That's the main problem. I have another. I don't even know if you want to go there. I'm talking about hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years ago. I feel that there has been a lot of manipulation with the human species. Even on a genetic level, I feel that there's been a lot of interference and a lot of genetic manipulation that kind of made the human gradually, generation after generation, thousands of years later, become very limited. I mean more limited than it should be. Something on a genetic level, it was programmed so that you keep going in circles so that you don't expand out. You stay inside your little bubble. That programming is very, very, very ancient.

I don't know if you want to go talk about those kinds of things because we're talking about other types of species and doing stuff like that. I don't know if this is part of this.

[1:24:39] Ashley James: I know I'm into it. I’m interested in everything. Leave no stone unturned. If you think about it, I think we've been programmed to have fear. If someone had awakened their gifts 500 years ago they'd be burned at the stake or the Spanish Inquisition. If you look at the last 1000 years or 2000 years even, there's a concerted effort by the ruling people using religion and government to control us. To not want us to be awake and be empowered. There's a fear. Don't be a tall poppy. Don't stand out. There's a fear of standing out because we'll be culled from the herd. We’ll be somehow put back in our place. We have to acknowledge that there's a fear inside of us that if we were to tap into our own gifts that we're afraid we'll be rejected by those we love and care about. That it's part of our survival to fit in. We have to get that it's safe, it's safe to tap into our gifts, and that we all have them. That there's no Spanish Inquisition coming after us if we become fully empowered in our gifts.

I really would love every single listener to be able to tap into their and use their consciousness to support their body's ability to heal itself, to unblock what is blocked, to adjust the pH, increase the connectivity of their DNA, to increase the absorption rate of nutrients, increase the uptake of nutrients into the cells, to open up their capillaries, and increase the oxygenation to the cell. Just all these little things that we could focus on, what if that if every day we chose one thing? We chose to spend five minutes just meditating on and focusing on the intention of increasing oxygenation to the cell or increasing the permeability for nutrients to come in and for waste to come out or supporting more blood flow to the liver to get toxins out or whatever. Pick one thing and just focus on it for a week and see what happens.

[1:27:18] Caroline Cory: Right. I love that.

[1:27:20] Ashley James: We can focus on supporting our body and healing tissue and increasing, like you said, increasing thyroid, but you got to get to the root. Because what if the thyroid is not the problem?

[1:27:30] Caroline Cory: I was just going to say. I was just going to say. I can't stress that enough. Part of this work though is to first tune into why that is happening in the first place. Because if you're focusing on increasing, let's say increasing your metabolism or something. It's almost like you are adding more information to the cells. You're telling your cells, “Okay, now I want you to behave this way. My intent is that I want you to increase your electrical conductivity or I want you to increase your vibrational whatever.” You're kind of adding more information when you have not taken out the information that made it behave this way in the first place. 

That's why when we talk about affirmation it's kind of the same thing. You can't be saying, “Oh, I'm healthy. I'm beautiful. I'm successful.” I'm not saying it doesn't help. It helps, but it's not efficient enough if you are saying that. You're still saying, “I'm successful. I'm healthy.” and your unconscious mind and your cells still have the old information of, “I'm not good enough. I'm a failure. I'm abandoned by my father.” and so on and so forth. That is part of the revolving door. You have to do both at the same time.

[1:28:58] Ashley James: That's been my problem with affirmations because you can say, “Oh, I'm successful. I'm rich. I’m beautiful.” over and over again and yet, let's say, you've got no money in the bank account. You really have an unconscious belief that you're not beautiful and you're unemployed or you're not successful. You're consciously repeating something but your unconscious mind is going, “That's not true. That's not true. That's not true.” It's not actually changing anything. When done wrong, affirmations are kind of a waste of time and also will actually harm. It’s almost like they'll harm us though because they have our unconscious mind reinforce our belief system. “No, I am broke. What are you talking about?” Just reinforces that, whereas when we get to the root cause we go, “Okay. What do I need to shift? What do I need to change? What is my belief system?” Then focusing the consciousness on like you said, it can't be so general, it needs to be specific.

Let's say, okay specifically, “I just did a job interview and I'm going to put my consciousness towards that person hiring me or that person thinking I'm going to be really good for the job.” So we get really specific and we focus our intent, our intention on shifting our reality to go a certain way. I'd love to do experiments with lab tests like lowering cholesterol. Get a bunch of people together. Maybe if you're interested in doing any experiments or doing a sequel to your movie. Get a bunch of people together and get a bunch of diabetics together and teach this to them. Type 2 diabetics and teach this to them. “Okay, using your consciousness we're going to monitor your blood sugar, your blood glucose. Let's see if you could actually manipulate your blood glucose with your consciousness.”

I just remembered. There is a—I don't remember what book it's in but there was a reference to a publication where this woman had multiple personalities. I forget what they call it now. There's a new term for it. She would go in and out of different personalities, completely split personalities that didn't know the other personalities. One of her personalities was diabetic and the other ones weren't. When she went into the personality with diabetes, her blood sugar would change. They would monitor her. The other personalities didn't have it. She would not have blood sugar problems when she was in those other personalities. The doctors were baffled to be able to see that personality, that the mind could actually affect that.

I'm not saying people should just stop taking their insulin or eat doughnuts and then just imagine that they're not having high blood sugar. It's not what I'm saying. I think diet and lifestyle, physical things are very important. What if part of keeping us sick is continually holding on to the belief that we're sick?

[1:32:18] Caroline Cory: Absolutely. Absolutely. Exactly. That's exactly it. In fact, we are opening a lab and we're definitely going to be doing more along those lines. Again, like you just explained with that example, there was a root cause for this person. The root cause was that she had multiple personalities. It's not just genetic, it's not just a diet. But then, you go deeper into this and go, “Wait. Why did I attract or create this multiple personality condition in the first place?” So you keep going, again like I said, the root cause of the root cause. Then when you get there, this is when the diabetic condition is going to shift. Until then, it's still there because it's being built on all of these patterns that have been there for years and years and years. That's the methodology that I teach.

[1:33:25] Ashley James: I love it. I love it. Caroline, this has been wonderful. I love exploring this topic. Is there anything you'd like to say to wrap up today's interview?

[1:33:38] Caroline Cory: I think if people watch the film they would feel that it's okay and it's time to be empowered. To just go out and do it and be themselves. I feel that is the purpose of this film. It's not just a select group of gifted people. Everyone can do this and they will see it in the film. There's a lot of scientific validation and we need to just move on from expecting everyone to agree or do this or do that. It is what it is. That's what I'm hoping that people will get out of this. In terms of the healing methodologies and stuff, I have actually a lot of free stuff on my website, on my Youtube channel. For those who are more interested in really learning the methodology, they can look at the courses that are on the website carolinecory.com as well.

[1:34:50] Ashley James: Excellent. Very cool. So your website's carolinecory.com and also, to see the movie superhumanfilm.com. Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, which is coming out really soon. What's the date for the launch?

[1:35:07] Caroline Cory: Actually, now. We're just finalizing the details of the actual official release. It should be any time now in March. The best thing is people go to the website Superhuman Film and they can just sign up, just put their email. They'll go get an update. As soon as it's out, they'll get an update.

[1:35:30] Ashley James: Excellent. For those who are really interested in the paranormal, they could check out your other videos. You did something with William Shatner. Is that correct?

[1:35:44] Caroline Cory: Yeah. I am a guest on a couple of shows on History Channel. There's one show is Ancient Aliens. I'm kind of becoming almost a regular in this season, anyway. I've done maybe four-five seasons of that show. The Unexplained is a new show with William Shatner. I think it's season one still. We just filmed one of the episodes, actually, just last week.

[1:36:19] Ashley James: Well, I can't wait to see it. Have you met William in person?

[1:36:23] Caroline Cory: Yeah. Actually, I met him in another event. These shows, he does the hosting. We're not necessarily filming on the day, on same space, because we were at a conference. The A&E Network, they had an event for all their shows. We were both in that, invited. I just met him there.

[1:36:51] Ashley James: I'm a big Trekkie so I just have to know, what's he like in person?

[1:36:55] Caroline Cory: He's adorable. So nice, so nice, so so sweet, and so nice. Yeah. He's adorable.

[1:37:04] Ashley James: That's awesome.

[1:37:05] Caroline Cory: I think he's 68 or 70, I'm not sure, but I mean he's very sharp and just very, very sweet.

[1:37:11] Ashley James: Very cool. You should get him to watch your movie.

[1:37:16] Caroline Cory: I mean there’s enough on his plate but yeah.

[1:37:20] Ashley James: Well, we should all watch your movie. I'm excited for its release. Thank you so much, Caroline, for coming on the show today. It's been a real pleasure. I'd love to have you back especially when you do more studies and when, in your lab as you say, when you have collected more studies, I'd love for you to come back and share the results. Then for those who are interested in taking your courses on developing their own telekinesis, their own ability to sense the world, perceive the world, like read blindfolded, and also to be able to affect the world with their consciousness, would going to superhumanfilm.com be better or go to carolinecory.com be better?

[1:38:04] Caroline Cory: Just go to superhumanfilm.com and look at the workshops. You just click on workshops, you'll see what we have now. We’ll keep updating, we'll keep adding classes and online classes. Like I said, the best thing also for people, just use the sign-up link. Every time we add a class or we're doing like a private screening somewhere or a public screening, whatever, then they'll get an update. We don't really bombard people with information. It’s only when we have an update.

[1:38:38] Ashley James: Excellent. Thank you so much, Caroline. It's been a pleasure having you on the show.

[1:38:41] Caroline Cory: Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. It was awesome.

[1:38:47] Outro: For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Takeyoursupplements.com. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program.

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