181: Sustainable Weight Loss

Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

Achieving sustainable weight loss is the primary challenge for everyone who has tried dieting. Chances are, we enthusiastically get on that fitness bandwagon, but we tend to stray for so many reasons. Well, you're in for a treat today because my guest Adam Schaeuble will reveal the secret to achieving sustainable weight loss.

Previously Heavy Dude

Adam Schaeuble amusingly uses the abbreviation ‘Ph.D.,' to describe himself. Ph.D. really stands for a degree awarded to people who have gained the highest level of learning. However, Adam Schaeuble uses it to refer to himself as ‘Previously Heavy Dude.'

You see, Adam Schaeuble wasn't always the fit guy that he is today. A decade ago at 27 years old, he weighed a whopping 327 pounds!

He was at rock bottom during those times. However, fed up with his weight issues, he remembered that one day at the grocery wherein he resolved to change. He was determined to do something about his weight.

Incidentally, it was also around that time that a friend suggested some personal growth materials. Those reference materials focused on Laws of Attraction which gave Adam Schaeuble the foundation to his mission of achieving sustainable weight loss.

Setting Goals

Like most life planning methods, setting your goals is an essential factor. And wanting to lose weight loss is no different. Adam Schaeuble knew he had to set personal goals to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Adam Schaeuble set five years of goals and set a date—July 9. One goal was to lose 100 pounds. His other goals were getting out of debt, getting married, having kids and establish a thriving business. Adam Schaeuble was a week late from achieving his goal, but nevertheless, he was able to fulfill his weight loss target.

“I read my goals every night, and it took five years to achieve every single goal,” recalls Adam Schaeuble. “I realized I had to change. And when I succeed, I wanted to lead by example.”

Opening A Fitness Studio

Adam Schaeuble says that what you focus on is essential to achieving sustainable weight loss. It apparently worked for him because being able to keep the weight off motivated him to open a fitness studio to help people.

“I like to help people visualize the transformation process,” said Adam Schaeuble. “People are obsessed with diet and fitness hacks. We lose sight of working hard. My stuff works because it has no tricks.”

Consistency Is The Key

Adam Schaeuble says that achieving sustainable weight loss is more than the hard work and eating clean. Being focused and consistent is the secret to keeping the weight off.

Consequently, Adam Schaeuble applied this principle when he developed his Amazing Results Formula which comprises his boot camp program. According to him, his philosophy changed his whole town. Combining all the weight his clients lost, it totaled to 35,000 pounds!

Now that his program has proved it works, Adam Schaeuble's new goal is to make his hometown lose a total of a million pounds. According to Adam Schaeuble, people who have failed weight loss programs gravitate towards him. Under his watch, Adam Schaeuble initially teaches people how to apply strategic thinking to the transformation process.

“I put them through what I did, and I created a boot camp,” reveals Adam Schaeuble. “I'm big on accountability, and I help develop a develop strong ‘why' behind your goal.”

Four Phase Cycle

Adam Schaeuble further expounds that this program has four components. These four elements are starting a new program, getting initial results, overcoming challenges and giving up.

To avoid giving up on a weight loss program, Adam Schaeuble says that developing the right mindset can help motivate you to stay on a diet. Apparently, people tend to get excited about starting a diet and then slack off when the program isn't working.

“People need to stop focusing on the first phase and dominate situations. Only then can you can make progress,” explains Adam Schaeuble. “Every trip through the cycle, you decrease your willpower.”

Typical Diet

Adam Schaeuble's basic plan is eating whole foods five times a day, drinking a lot of water and sweating by doing exercises. He describes his diet as more of Paleo nowadays, comprising proteins, eggs, fish, healthy fats and vegetables.

He considers breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Hence, a typical breakfast would be one scoop dry whey protein, one scoop collagen protein; one can of organic coconut cream, one teaspoon of almond butter and mixed with a little water like pudding.

“My philosophy is you want to use the right tool for the job. I experiment with all sorts of diet regimens,” said Adam Schaeuble. “Pick a diet right for you and stick to it. It all comes down to consistency and hard work. Then adapt as we go.”

Adam Schaeuble likewise does fasting for 24 hours at least once a week. Apparently, Adam Schaeuble's strategy is to fast only during the day when he is the busiest. This way, he wouldn't be tempted to break the fast.

The Third Component Book

Adam Schaeuble's book is all about the real secret to achieving sustainable weight loss. This fantastic reference material will teach you how to apply his “Amazing Results Formula” as part of your transformation process.

He also believes in what he calls a ‘Lifestyle Rehabilitation.' This is all about educating you on the importance of accountability and the ability to plan.

Transformation Website

Going through Adam Schaeuble's website, you'll see a lot of testimonials from Adam Schaeuble's former clients who have lost weight. These are the same people who are in Adam Schaeuble's fitness videos wherein you'll learn the proper exercises for your daily routine.

Other services that Adam Schaeuble offers on his website aside from coaching calls are nutrition protocols, strategic thinking, and lifestyle audit. You will also learn to create a battleplan workbook and be part of his weight loss community.

Support System

Adam Schaeuble continually stresses the need for you to find a good support system to help you achieve your goals. He likewise advises people to do away with being obsessed about the number on their weighing scale.

“People live and die by that scale. The scale is one of my enemies,” Adam Schaeuble said. “It's one of the least reliable assessment tools. The scale makes intelligent people say dumb things.”

Essentially, Adam Schaeuble says we must never give in to social pressure. More often than not, social pressure is a significant factor on why most people fail to achieve their weight goals.

“Tell your family the reason behind your goal. It's not weird wanting to be healthy, ” assures Adam Schaeuble. “Find someone who has done what you want to do and learn from them. Attach yourself to them as an accountability anchor point.”

Adam Schaeuble is a former Ph.D. (Pretty Heavy Dude). He once weighed 327 pounds, and after losing 100 pounds himself, he opened up a gym in his hometown of Bloomington, IN. Adam Schaeuble took what he learned from his 100-pound weight loss experience and applied it to his hometown clients. In a five year period, his hometown clients lost over 35,000 lbs.!

One Million Pound Mission

Now Adam Schaeuble is on his One Million Pound Mission. He is taking all of his successful programs and strategies that he has used for his transformation and his hometown clients, and he's putting them online with the hopes of producing a one million pound impact across the globe.

Adam Schaeuble has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University and has the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA. At his company, TransformationCoach.Me, he holds the positions of Head Coach and Lead Transformologist.

He is also the host of The TransformationCoach.Me podcast where he dives into his best transformation tips and strategies, and he interviews people that have had amazing transformation results to extract their best tips and motivation for the audience.

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