180: Taking Supplements And Eating Right

Taking Supplements And Eating Right 

My life had a tremendous positive shift when I started taking supplements in my early 30s. My health had been such a roller coaster before that. And now that I'm pretty much healed, I'm so excited to share a lot of information with you! My colleague Jennifer Saltzman is still with us for this episode because we have so much to share about taking supplements and eating right. 

The Politics Behind Supplements  

Taking supplements is not just about popping pills and praying you'd get healthy. There are a lot of supplements available in the market. But before taking supplements, you must first make sure they are safe.  

You also need to determine if you need to take that particular supplement. Experts like Jennifer Saltzman can provide you a wealth of advice before zeroing in on what supplements are right for you.  Check out our supplements link at the end of this article.  

“I think there is no quality control. That's why we have to consider proven results. However, no quality control is a good thing.”

And what do I mean by that? Well, you certainly don't want the FDA to control the supplements because the FDA and big pharmaceutical companies allegedly have a conspiracy going on.

“There's a revolving door of FDA executives being hired by big pharmaceutical companies and vice versa.  Ultimately, they're all in each other's pockets.”

At some level, they want to protect humans.  However, there is also enough room to manipulate us so that they could take away or control supplements.   

Benefits Of Taking Supplements  

If you eat all the right foods, you don't have to take supplements. Taking supplements become necessary because we don't eat right all the time and all the right foods are not available all the time. Supplements fill those nutritional gaps in our diet.  

Although it is not clear that taking supplements can reverse any chronic disease, it does make the body stronger. I have been on supplements for years and I have noticed that sometimes, I am not negatively affected anymore by certain foods that have otherwise made me sick in the past.    

“My body has been built so strong, now that I'm not depleted in vitamins and minerals. Consequently, my body it handles food so much more gently now compared to ten years ago when I would be a hot mess.”  

12 Bad Foods  

If you have been a regular listener of my podcast, you know how much I adore Dr. Joel Wallach. He is one of my heroes and my cookbook was largely inspired by his philosophy of what it means to eat right.  

My cookbook, which is available for free on the Learn True Health website, lists down the 12 foods and food components everyone should avoid to prevent disease and live a quality life. The 12 foods are: 

  1. Barley 
  2. Wheat 
  3. Rye 
  4. Oats 
  5. Corn 
  6. Soy 
  7. Nitrates/ Nitrites 
  8. Fried foods 
  9. Oil in a bottle 
  10. Well-done red meat  
  11. Carbonated beverages 
  12. Skins of baked root vegetables 

“Grains ruin digestion, and the body is not meant to eat it. You can have rice once in a while, but if you go grain free, you don't have to worry about gluten.”

There are many ways to go grain-free. A perfect example is eating cauliflower rice. Lentil pasta is the healthier and tastier alternative to wheat-based pasta. A dose of healthy fats is also good. You must, however, choose the right kind of oil because any oil goes rancid if over-exposed to air.

As for the liquid intake, never drink sodas before or after meals. I know most of you out there have your parents tell you that drinking sodas are bad for you. And it's true! Carbonated drinks mess up our stomach acids.

“The stomach is smart, and we shouldn't mess with it. It has its wave of acids. Before meals, take digestive enzymes that support healthy stomach acid. A great example is drinking apple cider vinegar with your meal.”

IgG Food Allergy Test  

I did this IgG (immunoglobulin G) test which helped determine the foods I should avoid. You may be just like me who has had health conditions that doctors could not identify at first because we were unaware that we're allergic to certain foods.  

Great Plains Laboratory administered my test and the results greatly helped in guiding me towards the right kinds of food to eat. The IgG Food Allergy Test answered a lot of questions surrounding my health condition that also had doctors puzzled.   

Eat Right, Feel Right  

I ate a lot of eggs to get pregnant. But after I got pregnant, I developed an allergic reaction to eggs that's why I had to stop eating them for a year. Since I was taking supplements and my food choices were better, re-introducing eggs into my diet after a year did not cause any adverse reaction.  

Taking supplements is not going to cure you of your health condition. But it has been proven that it can help strengthen your immune system if it is paired with the right diet and regular exercise. That's the secret to being healthy. Also, your body works optimally only when your immune system is robust and healthy.   

“You cannot ‘out-exercise' nor ‘out-supplement' a bad or an inadequate diet. Everything has to go hand in hand. Essentially, you have to bring lifestyle into account.”

I'd like to again convey my gratitude to Jennifer Saltzman who took over the reins and interviewed me for this episode. Jennifer Saltzman has been a personal trainer for over two decades. She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in modern dance, has a Pilates Instructor certification, Integrative Medicine certification, as well as a Metabolic Typing Advisor certification.  

Jennifer Saltzman is also a Supplement Coach who can guide you on what kind of supplements are best for you.  

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