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The Sinett Solution

The Sinett Solution is one of the approaches worth looking into if you have back pain issues. It's a common misconception that things like back pain and other chronic problems can only be addressed with medication. Dr. Todd Sinett is my guest today who will tell us exactly how The Sinett Solution has helped change so many lives.

Father's Ordeal

The Sinett Solution was not conceived overnight. It started with the personal experience of Dr. Todd Sinett's father who was a chiropractor for fifteen years.

One day, Dr. Todd Sinett's father bent to pick up a tennis ball which resulted in back pain and a nine-month journey to find a solution. His father was completely debilitated by back pain to the point he was unable to work and was incapacitated for nine months.

A breakthrough came when Dr. Todd Sinett's father went to see a Dr. George Goodheart who was a chiropractor in Detroit. Dr. George Goodheart initially asked about diet and digestive function. After a through diagnosis, Dr. George Goodheart surmised that the act of bending down to pick up a tennis ball was not the real cause of the back pain of Dr. Todd Sinett's father.

Poor Diet

Poor diet is the cause of the elder Sinett's back spasm. His diet was filled with sugar, hence upsetting his stomach and creating something called visceral somatic reaction.

“Our digestive system is very much linked to our muscular system. Dr. Goodheart made dad completely change his diet,” recalls Dr. Todd Sinett. “He removed all the sugars and irritants to his digestive system and was 100% cured. That changed the way he practiced, and he then wanted to help people.”

Helping People

Dr. Todd Sinett is a second-generation chiropractor. And he feels his life mission is to help as many people as possible. He says as he got older, this information became too vital for him to pass up.

“My life mission is to help as many people as possible. I came up with The Sinett Solution, and it is the right approach to diagnose and treat back pain. It's a paradigm problem. And it is a philosophical problem which is why we have so much back pain,” said Dr. Todd Sinett.

Harsh Reality

Dr. Todd Sinett says if you look at the statistics of back pain, we are in a complete health epidemic. Because 20% of the world population suffers from back pain. And 85% of the world will suffer from back pain.

“It's the second leading cause of missed work days. And it's the number one reason for job disability,” Dr. Todd Sinett shares. “But all we keep doing is putting more energy, more effort, more time, more money, more invasive treatments to try treat back pain. We keep having more back pain. Something needs to change.” 

He adds, “The only random thing in the body is trauma. If you fall off a bicycle or be involved in a motor vehicle accident, that's trauma. And that's a random event. Other than that, everything else is building little by little.”

Dr. Todd Sinett also reveals that the rate of back surgery in the U.S. is extremely high to the point where the success rate is so poor, that we have a diagnosis called FBSS or Failed Back Surgical Syndrome.

Sources Of Back Pain

Dr. Todd Sinett says back pain will come from three sources. Structural imbalances or structural inflammation is where we are spending all of our current energy, time and effort. Furthermore, Stanford University found that stress is the number one factor when it comes to back pain.

“Stress and emotions are very important factors. The third is diet, nutrition and digestive function,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. “So, any imbalance in any one of those three areas can trigger back pain. Oddly enough, it can also very commonly be some culmination of two or all three factors.”

Dr. Todd Sinett also says just because the pain went away; it does not mean the problem went away. Listen to the body rather than tell it to shut up.

“We need to figure out what's the right diet for a particular individual. What is healthy for you is not necessarily healthy for some. So, make sure you are listening to the body and our digestive system because that is the key,” Dr. Todd Sinett advised. 

He adds, “When people are in a lot of pain, doctors will frequently prescribe anti-inflammatory medication. So, if you have a diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature, in theory, it's going to accomplish the same thing naturally.” 

The Back Pain Relief Diet Book

The Back Pain Relief Diet is a book Dr. Todd Sinett wrote for people who feel their back pain is diet-related or digestive-related. The first thing Dr. Todd Sinett has in the book is the digestive inflammation test to see if your diet is causing the back pain.

Culprits may include anything from caffeine, sugar, alcohol, constipation, diarrhea, or stomach upset. On the other hand, if the back pain is coming from the digestive system, the book provides a diagnostic nutrition test.

“In my book, I have three different diets to try and see if we can do everything we can to cut down on inflammation and irritation on a particular diet. It has meal plans, so you can eliminate particular foods,” said Dr. Todd Sinett.

The diet ideally takes three weeks, after which Dr. Todd Sinett advises patients to re-introduce foods slowly. He believes this is the easiest method and allows you the flexibility to fix it on your own.

“I like to do things nice, easy and simple. There are other steps and other processes, but you always want to do the least invasive test first and then continue to the more and more invasive,” Dr. Todd Sinett said.

The 3 Weeks to a Better Back Book

Dr. Todd Sinett primarily wrote this book for back pain sufferers. It is a self-diagnostic and self-treatment kind of book. The book will steer you in the right direction to figure out if your back pain is structural in nature, emotional or digestive.

Furthermore, the has guidelines to help you figure out the right formula for you, whether your back pain is structural, digestive or emotional. It lays out options for you to try different treatments, different theories, different foods, or have an elimination diet.

And it also encourages things like regular walks, listening to music, tapping, and breathing techniques. Bottom line, Dr. Todd Sinett wants to see what resonates with a particular individual.

“One of my favorite nuggets of the book is that there was a study in 1994 where they put 98 people in an MRI machine. Two-thirds had a bulge, and 16 or 28% had discorniations, but these people never suffered from back pain,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. 

He adds, “The usefulness of an MRI is completely misguided. Research now shows that MRIs are more harmful than helpful in diagnosing back pain. There are a lot of myths that we need to re-educate the public, so they can be empowered to fix their own back.”

The Ultimate Backbridge Stretch Book

Dr. Todd Sinett found the commonality on structural treatments for people and people's back pain. And one of the commonality is that we're suffering from too much flexion or too much forward posture.

“We need to do the opposite of bending forward. So, I designed a product called the Backbridge, where you lay over 2 minutes in the morning, and 2 minutes in the evening,” says Dr. Todd Sinett.

He adds, “It provides an essential progressive extension to one's spine. It re-aligns the spine, posture, and structure. And it also relieves a lot of back pain.

The book also contains stretch routines to regain flexibility. According to Dr. Todd Sinett, the lack of flexibility in our body is probably the missing link when it comes to any fitness. He says bed rest is the worst thing to do. Instead, the best exercise for back pain is walking to circulate blood.  Walking is also a stress reliever.

Success Stories

There are so many success stories that Dr. Todd Sinett achieved while helping people over the past 20 years. He says back pain is not normal and is completely debilitating. And what you want to do is to try and get to the cause of the back pain, address and fix it.

“I want people to make decisions from strength and not from weakness. And I don't want them to reach false conclusions. It's not so much what is a healthy diet. But rather it's about what is a healthy diet for you,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. 

The Sinett Solution

Formulating The Sinett Solution was Dr. Todd Sinett's aha moment. He recalls making a New Year's resolution to have oatmeal every day for breakfast. For lunch, it's salad and lean protein. And for dinner, lean protein and vegetables. But apparently, the diet was unhealthy for Dr. Todd Sinett. He was gassy, bloated, and had a stiff neck.

“And the only difference was me eating oatmeal every day for breakfast. So, what I did was, I stopped having oatmeal. I went back to having eggs, whole grain toast, whole grain cereals, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. 

He adds, “I think back pain is not the problem, but rather the inflammation factor that winds up in your back. So, what we want to do is get rid of the inflammation. The inflammation can be structural or postural. Hence, we address this first.”

Emotional Inflammation

Dr. Todd Sinett believes that what we want to know is how our emotions and our stress is impacting our body. Or finding the answer to what is creating a physiologic effect on our body.

“Emotions are not just psychological. It creates a physiologic response. To fix that, exercise helps, as well as meditation, talking to a therapist, seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. What you want to do is reduce as much inflammation from the emotions as much as possible,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. 

He adds, “If you get balance in those three areas, the likelihood of having back pain severely diminishes and decreases. A lot of these things are very much inter-related. Our structural system, emotional system, and digestive system are linked.”


Dr. Todd Sinett says if a chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist are not helping, there are other natural approaches and natural healing such as trigger point injections which are a bit more invasive.

For diet issues, see a nutritionist. Or see a gastroenterologist to get tested. If you have emotional problems and having trouble managing stress, see a stress management counselor.  You can also do biofeedback to monitor response for stress.  It can also teach people how to get their body into a relaxed state. Or see a therapist or psychiatrist.

“One of the main problems with our back pain is that our treatment is based on who you see is what you get. And not really what you have,” said Dr. Todd Sinett. “We want to make sure you are in the right place first because that's when you are going to have success. We want to smart about the approach.” 

He adds, “Solving your back pain is a lot simpler than you think. You don't need to be okay with back pain on a level of two out of ten. I don't want you to live your life around your back pain. Plus, I want to address all the situations and solutions head-on. And allow you to live a very happy, active, healthy life. Because you don't need to be living with your back pain.”


Dr. Todd Sinett is a pain expert and chiropractor. In his bestselling series of books, including 3 Weeks to a Better Back, he has introduced the Sinett Solution: the practice of listening to the whole body and treating all sources of back pain on the structural, digestive, and emotional levels (what the calls the “triad of health”). 

He is a recognized authority in applied kinesiology and has served as a clinical expert for many TV programs, including The View, FoxMD, and Good Day New York. Dr. Sinett has been a lecturer on MSNBC and at the Learning Annex and has been featured in countless health and fitness publications.

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