295: The Truth About Cancer

Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer video documentary has been instrumental in educating a lot of people about cancer. The documentary is filled with so many interviews with experts. It is the brainchild of Ty and Charlene Bollinger who are my guests today and will talk more about the Truth About Cancer in this episode.

Starting October 8, the Truth About Cancer will be streaming each episode daily wherein you can watch for free within 24 hours. To watch the Truth About Cancer episodes, link to www.learntruehealth.com/cancer.

Family Tragedy

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are also the ones behind the Truth About Vaccines video documentary. And like many other movers and shakers in the health space, their advocacy to spread the truth about cancer started from a series of family tragedies.

First of all, Charlene Bollinger says everything great has a strong core and a foundation at the beginning. Her strong foundation started when she was a little girl who dreamed of marrying her knight in shining armor. Ty Bollinger turned out to be her dream guy. They married six months after their first date.

It was also around this time that Ty Bollinger's father was diagnosed with cancer. He was in extreme pain and had to undergo surgery. But two and a half hours into the surgery, the doctors came out and told the newlyweds that his cancer was so advanced. Twenty-five days later, Ty Bollinger's father died.

But Charlene Bollinger says it was actually because of a botched surgery which led Ty Bollinger's father to bleed to death. The doctors did not sew him up properly.

“Six months after that tragedy, we experienced the loss of his father's father. And six months later his father's brother, then his cousin Glenn. Then a few years later his mother's mother, his mother's father and finally his mother,” said Charlene Bollinger.

Charlene Bollinger adds that along the way from 1996 to 2004 when Ty Bollinger lost his mother, they did a lot of research. They realized there were many better ways than the one that they knew. Looking back, Charlene Bollinger says that if only they knew those things in the beginning, their family members would most likely still be alive today.

“We knew we had to get info out. In 2006, we published a book called Cancer: Step Outside the Box.  There are options,” said Charlene Bollinger. “Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. In 2014, we started our documentary. Now we reach millions of people, and we meet people regularly now.”

Doing The Research

Ty Bollinger says that some of the most shocking statistics that they discovered were the inefficacy of chemo and radiation. They not only didn't work very well but they were the only option. And they were only thing doctors were taught about.

“I was angry I lost my parents because they didn't know there were other options outside of chemo and radiation surgery. People die because of lack of knowledge,” said Ty Bollinger.

Ty Bollinger laments that doctors who prescribed something out of the ordinary, are sometimes mocked by their peers. Sometimes they lose their medical license and even get kicked out of a country. Those doctors are forced to practice somewhere else because they use something that wasn't core approved by the FDA.

“Cancer is not a death sentence. It's very preventable. There are lots of building blocks to being healthy. If you participate in those building blocks, then you have a very good chance of not getting cancer and never dying from cancer,” said Ty Bollinger. 

He adds, “The best treatments are also the best preventions. I think if I knew all these things that I know and have learned from the doctors over the years, and didn't practice on them, I'd be a hypocrite.” 

Recommended Diet

When it comes to diet, Charlene Bollinger says clean food means non-GMO, organic, and real foods. She says most of the foods that Americans are eating aren't even real foods. They are so processed and synthetic. That's why the body starts attacking itself because it doesn't know what to do with the stuff because it's not food.

Charlene Bollinger advises people that the first thing they should do is educate themselves. They need to understand the options. And they need to understand the body. Furthermore, she says they need to understand what's good for the body and the immune system. They also need to understand that the full body approach is mind spirit and body.

“We have toxicity that we need to detox. Every doctor in Asia said something that we did not know before. Every case of cancer there was directly related to something in mind,” Ty Bollinger said. “There was a connection to bitterness and eating into their body physically. Forgiveness goes a long way to break free from these bitter roots.” 

Ty Bollinger says different diets work for different people. The ketogenic diet has worked for some people but not for others. Same with raw food or vegan. As a result, the Bollingers try to become agnostic when it comes to diets.

“Eat as close to nature as you can and eat organic. For meats, make sure meats are raised humanely,” advises Ty Bollinger. “Cancer cells are fermenting sugar for energy. So by going through a ketogenic diet, you're taking away the fuel for cancer.” 

Metronomic Chemotherapy

Metronomic chemotherapy is a repeated administration of anti-neoplastic drugs in frequent and comparatively low doses. It also doesn't have a long drug-free period.

On the other hand, Ty Bollinger says insulin potentiation therapy low dose targeted chemo is similar to metronomic chemotherapy. It's used in about anywhere from a 5th to the 10th of a normal dose of chemo. And its coupling that with insulin to be able to target the cancer cells.

“It's been effective in many parts of the world. And very effective in killing cancer cells. It does not typically have any side effects because the dose of chemo is so low and its very targeted,” said Ty Bollinger. “But they are using this with other treatments as well like dietary changes, exercise, and detoxification.”

Root Causes of Cancer

Ty Bollinger says that if we look at cancer that's a disease, it is not only a result of nutritional deficiency but also overburden of toxicity. Hence, we need to look at the toxins that we're exposed to today.

Factors include toxins in the water, in the air, food, and invisible toxins like electromagnetic fields or EMFs. And because EMFs have proven to be harmful, Charlene Bollinger suggests getting a device to block the EMFs. Otherwise, it's best to turn off gadgets when not in use.

“The American Cancer Society reports that 80% of cancers are due to environmental toxicity and lifestyle choices. That's why our immune system is compromised because of toxicity,” said Ty Bollinger.

Healthy Habits

Aside from exercising three to four times a week, I'm thrilled to find out that Ty Bollinger is also a big fan of Sunlighten Saunas. He makes it a habit of sitting in the sauna to sweat daily. He also jumps on a rebounder to stimulate the lymphatic flow. Because according to him, that's an excellent way to carry nutrients to the cells, as well as detox the cells.

Stop Buying Harmful Products

One reason why companies like Monsanto, Bayer, and pharma companies are still in business is because of consumers. Ty Bollinger says that they continue producing harmful products because people are still buying it.

“Don't buy their stuff. If people stop buying, they will stop producing it,” Ty Bollinger said. “Educate people. Make decisions based on truth and facts. Stop buying the poison and put them out of business.”

Positive Mindset

On the other hand, Charlene Bollinger says that laughter is one of the best medicines to curb cancer. Laughter along with exercise significantly improves health. The same goes for thoughts filled with love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.

“Think about everything you touch, taste, everything that you think about needs to be as clean as you can get it to be—organic or GMO-free,” said Charlene Bollinger. “If there's a little bitterness there, do whatever it takes to forgive. Work through that to a better place to where there is freedom in our mind and soul so there could be healthy in the body.”


Ty M. Bollinger is a Christian, happily married husband and father, health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder, documentary film producer, radio show host, and author. 

Ty M. Bollinger first brought his discoveries to the public in the best-selling book Cancer: Step Outside the Box. He has also co-authored other books on alternatives to conventional medicine. The two groundbreaking documentary series on cancer treatment he has produced–The Quest for the Cures (2014) and The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest (2015)–have been viewed by more than 10 million people worldwide. He is married to Charlene Bollinger. 

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