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An INSPIRATIONAL Guide From Trauma to Triumph

“My own personal journey to healing began in early childhood. As a product of an abusive home life, developing an autoimmune disorder in my early years, constantly attracting abusive intimate relationships to my experience as I grew up, and other traumatic occurrences along the way, I knew I had to turn over every stone to heal my own life story.

I went through too many relationships and divorces to keep doing the same over and over again.

I began studying psychology and emotional healing at the age of 17. I sought out teachers, mentors, and healers for the autoimmune disease that was destroying my life. I searched for the answers for my relationship woes and financial gurus to change my money story.

Basically, every area of my life needed transformation.

My world was in turmoil! I knew I was a good person. I knew I was a good mom, sister, daughter, friend, wife, lover and friend. The life I sought, somehow, eluded me for a very long time. I was hungry, determined and committed to overcoming these obstacles and living the desires of my heart!

My spiritual gifts began at the tender age of 3 years old. I felt a deep connection to Spirit and later was introduced to Jesus through Catholic School and church. I felt the presence of Christ around me throughout my entire childhood and adult life! And, still, do. For this, I am more than grateful.

All the while, I was called, “the preacher gal”, “the counselor”, “the evangelist”, because of my innate ability to counsel, coach and guide others through their traumatic events and life crises. More often than not, these traumatic events and life crises were centered around relationships. My belief is that our relationships are the key area to bettering our life experience in every area of our lives. This has and will always be my personal God gift.

Through healing my own life story, I knew that I had to take this gift to the next level and help as many on their journey as possible. Thus, began my professional training and certifications in the field of self-development, healing, and spiritual awakening.

I combine my spiritual teachings, the neuroscience of change, deep emotional healing and quantum physics to create my own technique to reveal and heal the remnants of wounds, negative stories, limiting belief systems and spiritual blocks, that ultimately keep people stuck and repeating the same disappointing cycles over and over again in their life.


The combination of these techniques is an alchemy. Together, healing of the mind, emotions, body and spirit, alchemize into knowing and becoming your soul essence.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of watching my clients move quickly from the burdensome past, into a bright, beautiful future of their own making. After working with me, they can say goodbye to being a victim and hello to becoming a victor over their New Life Story. I have watched as my clients go from hopelessness, depression, despair and doubt, to hopefulness, joy, peace and hope. For this transformation to occur, is a blessing from the Heavens.

My entire life experience has prepared me for this mission. My training includes wonderful mentors in the field of emotional healing, effective communication, healthy relationships, neuroscience of change and spiritual awareness. I have dedicated my life to assisting the lives of men and women around the world to heal from their past experiences and guide, teach and empower them to create their future. My internationally acclaimed programs and services have helped over 5,000 women in the past year alone.

I come from a place of compassion, empathy, and understanding, as my life story has prepared me for this role in my life. It is my destiny to become the clear channel of messages and guide my clients to a life with bliss and purpose. I relate to the pain and suffering of others and now live a life of freedom, joy, relationship bliss and great adventures!

I love my life of adventure with my soul-mate, husband, Victor, my two children, Jessica and Steven, with the love of nature, spiritual awakening, consciousness and cooking gourmet meals for my family and friends. I am an avid rock climber, yogi and self-proclaimed dance enthusiast, all while living and thriving with a serious health condition.
Mostly, I enjoy my connection to Spirit, connection to Nature, connection to my family, friends and this awesome soul driven purpose.”

I love to teach others their true identity and open their minds to the possibility of their own unique magnificence. It's spiritual teachings that I love first and foremost.. not religiousness, but helping them connect to their inner, true, version of their greatness!

Neuroscience Of Change

I also have a specialty in the neuroscience of change. This is the game changer for us all. Understanding the belief systems that create neural patterns in the brain and the core beliefs that keep these alive, even if they are standing in the way of our greatest “what's next”.

This is the root of fears that keep everyone trapped. Understanding this, neutralizing those beliefs and creating new ones is the key to living the life of your dreams! This is a fun subject to teach on – and truly, the key to the magic!”

Three keys that Theresa Vigarino teaches us:

1. What is your body telling you? Is your body asking for better eating habits? More exercise? More rest? A cleaner way of living? Honor what your body is screaming at you to do!

2. Reduce stress! Learn practical ways to calm yourself, your body, your mind and your spirit. Join a yoga class, or meditation or tai chi. These practices will create a calm in your body that will lift your mood, clear your mind and allow more peace to flow in.

3. Have fun! Life can be so heavy and stressful. Allow yourself the freedom to play again! Laughter doeth the heart like a good medicine!

Recommended Reading:

Illuminate Your Journey – by Theresa Vigarino

Theresa Vigarino's Favorite Books:

This Thing Called You – by Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Liberation – by Michael Bernard Beckwith

A Return to Love – by Marianne Williamson

The Art of Happiness – by The Dalai Lama

The Untethered Soul – by Michael Singer

The Wisdom of Florence – by Scovel Shinn


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Ashley James

Health Coach, Podcast Creator, Homeschooling Mom, Passionate About God & Healing

Ashley James is a Holistic Health Coach, Podcaster, Rapid Anxiety Cessation Expert, and avid Whole Food Plant-Based Home Chef. Since 2005 Ashley has worked with clients to transform their lives as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Her health struggles led her to study under the world’s top holistic doctors, where she reversed her type 2 diabetes, PCOS, infertility, chronic infections, and debilitating adrenal fatigue.

In 2016, Ashley launched her podcast Learn True Health with Ashley James to spread the TRUTH about health and healing. You no longer need to suffer; your body CAN and WILL heal itself when we give it what it needs and stop what is harming it!

The Learn True Health Podcast has been celebrated as one of the top holistic health shows today because of Ashley’s passion for extracting the right information from leading experts and doctors of holistic health and Naturopathic medicine


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