283: Thyroid Issues

Thyroid Issues

The rate of people suffering from thyroid issues is rapidly rising. Many factors contribute to thyroid issues. Some of the common causes of thyroid issues are autoimmune diseases, iodine deficiency, inflammation, nodules, tumors and genetic disorders.  But we don't need to turn to drugs. My returning guest, Dr. Stephen Lewis will teach us ways on how to treat thyroid issues naturally.

Dr. Stephen Lewis first guested on the show last year, and we talked about chronic fatigue syndrome. For those who haven't heard Episode 117, which is my episode with Dr. Stephen Lewis, here's some information about his background.

Chiropractor Training

Dr. Stephen Lewis first trained as a chiropractor. He got out of chiropractor college in 1981 and always believed in nutrition.

Recalling his childhood years, Dr. Stephen Lewis remembers that his family's chiropractor used to counsel his family on vitamins, mineral, and herbs.

“Bottomline, it's all about getting out the toxins and getting in the nutrients. Your body is smart enough to heal. Don't lose hope,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis. “Have positive expectations because your spirit and your mind have a lot to do with what kind of outcome you have.”

Current Situation

Dr. Stephen Lewis says that some problems that contribute to the growing number of people with thyroid issues are the fact that the United States government subsidizes soy, wheat, and corn. So, it ends up being a cheap commodity.

“And when it is fertilized, it creates more protein. And more protein in plants is called gluten. That's where are a lot of the autoimmune diseases are coming from. In the end, you get the leaky gut syndrome.” 

He adds, “Gut and inflammation are always in the equation. You can give the thyroid things it needs to work with but fix the gut first. When you fix your gut, your brain also gets well. You get better nerve signals to the thyroid.”

Recommended Foods

Dr. Stephen Lewis admits that he was a fan of the Atkins diet years ago. But breaking down the foods to stay away from, Dr. Stephen Lewis suggest throwing the grains away. He also believes that MSG is too toxic.

“Even some of the vitamins and drugs has cancer-causing dyes. The best way to heal things is to change the mental perception because we foresee things like food that's not food,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis. “Forget the things that are in a box or bag that has all the ingredients that sound like chemicals.” 

He adds, “We don't love ourselves enough to accept the good things. The universe has incredible things for us. Healing the gut makes us live a more fulfilled life because of the neurotransmitters that make us happy. The probiotics do a lot to heal the gut and take the load off the thyroid.”

Dr. Stephen Lewis says fermented foods can also be beneficial but more than that; he recommends eating more seafood. A significant factor in why Japan has a low rate of people suffering from thyroid issues and breast cancer is because the Japanese eat a lot of seaweed which is full of iodine.

“I don't think the iodized salt is enough. But I'm a big fan of Himalayan sea salt or Celtic sea salt. Because it has a better profile. Although I never give iodine to a Hashimoto's patient. On the other hand, flour is devastating to a diabetic,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis. 

Importance of Vegetables

Like most experts who have guested on the show, Dr. Stephen Lewis recommends including a variety of vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables in your diet. And corn, by the way, is not a vegetable.

Cruciferous vegetables are known to protect us from disease, and it's anti-cancer. Some examples of these vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, Brussel sprouts and garden cress. 

“My favorite is avocados, guava, apples, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and different types of greens. Widen your scope of what you consume. I do a lot of walnuts and pecans. And I think the keto craze is the best thing ever,” Dr. Stephen Lewis said. 

He adds, “I don't judge. And although I'm not a vegan, having an all-meat diet is not good either. I don't think vegan is the healthiest diet. Americans overeat meat. It all boils down to quality and moderation is the key.”

Truth About Cholesterol

Dr. Stephen Lewis reveals that there is enough inflammation to make the cholesterol stick. And there's good and bad cholesterol that's responsible for heart disease.

One way to measure is via an hsCRP test. The test is a highly sensitive quantification of CRP, an acute-phase protein released into the blood by the liver during inflammation.  It is associated with the presence of heart disease.

 “Thyroid has a lot to do with whether your cholesterol is good or bad, as does liver and GI function. Cholesterol is not about heart disease. It's about what is your inflammation level or magnesium level,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis.

Taking Supplements

If you plan to take supplements, Dr. Stephen Lewis advises researching the ingredients of the product.  There is a big difference in the quality of supplements.

“I suggest some products that happen to be animal-derived. Otherwise, there would be no results. You need a digestive enzyme that contains some animal products. And you need the glandulars, like the thyroid grandulars and the adrenal glandulars,” Dr. Stephen Lewis explains.

Dr. Stephen Lewis sources most of his products from companies that get it out of Argentina and New Zealand where they have cleaner cows, sheep, and pigs compared to the United States.  He believes it's a sad reality to have to source a lot of raw materials out of America to get it clean.

Myths Around Thyroid

Dr. Stephen Lewis says that most people jump to conclusions and self-diagnose themselves to have thyroid problems after exhibiting some symptoms. He believes you have to be careful with that because there are so many other conditions that present the same symptom.

Some common symptoms are headaches upon waking up, depression, constipation, poor circulation and slowed immune system. Some other symptoms are itchy dry skin at the back of your arm, elbow, and shoulder, as well as hair fall.

Iodine Treatment

Dr. Stephen Lewis says that the first thing for people with thyroid issues is to go for iodine. But if you have Hashimoto's, have yourself undergo a test first.

“Many times when you get on the proper amount of iodine, you can override where those receptors are filled with bromine or fluoride or chlorine,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis. “Keloid scars will go away with a proper amount of iodine. Many cysts in the breast will go away.”

Furthermore, Dr. Stephen Lewis says that people who have too much mucus production and hemorrhoids need iodine. The same applies to people with ovarian issues and prostate disorders. Ultimately, many people have benefitted many times from thyroid supplementation with iodine for the thyroid.

Dr. Stephen Lewis usually sells iodine and iodide to patients and clients. He explains that your body needs co-factors. And if your body is depleted in those co-factors, that means your body isn't optimally going to be able to benefit from the supplements you take. 

“The thyroid has a lot to do with what your body produces and absorbs. I like to put on serotonin and dopamine. They are feel-good hormones. Dopamine deficiently is highly tied to the thyroid. And those who are deficient are the ones who become addicts,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis.

Green Wisdom Health

If you'd like additional references from Dr. Stephen Lewis, do check out his website. It contains links to his blog, online store, podcast and his book called the Thyroid Sniper.

The website also features a short quiz which will calculate your current health situation. You'll be able to contact Dr. Stephen Lewis through the numbers published on his website.

Words of Wisdom

Lastly, Dr. Stephen Lewis advises being careful. And don't go with just one list. It also helps if you can go to a good doctor.

“Your body will take care of itself. And some of that paranoia is because the thyroid is not working correctly,” said Dr. Stephen Lewis. “I think that a good multi-vitamin is always good.”

Personally, Dr. Stephen Lewis loves the excellent fish oils. Because of fish oil so anti-inflammatory. He says it's a long process to get the inflammation down. It starts at about two weeks and then gets better after that. So, it's best that you also find a good support system to guide you through. 

“If a person is feeling sad, they need to do something to brighten someone else's day. I think you need to give what you want the universe to give back to you. It can give you so much joy and energy to do that,” Dr. Stephen Lewis said.


Dr. Lewis is the author of “The Thyroid Sniper”.  He is based in Texas with wife Janet who is a Certified Natural Health Consultant.  Together they run Doctor's Nutrition, offering medical lab services at affordable rates. 

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