129: Thyroid Medication

Thyroid Medication: Healing Hashimoto's, Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune Disease Via Functional Nutrition 

e3 Energy Evolved is the only centralized clinic and diagnostic practice devoted to helping men and women with thyroid medication, and adrenal and metabolic restoration. It was created by Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists, and our guest experts for today, Damian & Heather Dubé.

Heather's Story

Her first experience with medical doctors was in her early 20s. Heather had a really rare neurological condition. It took her 6 years just getting the diagnosis.

In her 30s, Heather and her husband Damian did body-building competitions. They have been blessed to work with a top pro-athletic coach in the world who's also a nutritionist.

When Damian and Heather got married, Heather had a lot of stress in her personal life. She felt tired all the time.

Then she started to go around and consulted doctors for two years. Yet they couldn't find anything wrong with her.

But the stress didn't go away. She developed Hashimoto's, chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease. It was complete rock bottom. She looked older then.

Damian was affected as well. “As a man, our role is to fix things. It's frustrating if you don't know how to fix it,” he said.

“It's almost like your manhood is taken away because you feel helpless,” he said.

Getting Better

Eventually, Heather surrendered and chose to listen to her body. She quit her marketing job to focus on finding out what was wrong.

That letting go allowed her to start exploring natural forms to healing and get into functional nutrition. It took her about a year and a half to get well again.

Two years after, Heather got back to competing again. She got back in shape naturally rather than use performance-enhancing drugs.

“People are sitting on a gold mine of potency. Get rid of the things that are blocking your body from changing faster for you,” Heather said.

She also says to nourish the body with the things it needs. Because your body will become so powerful to change for you.

Living In A Toxic Environment

In the last 30 years, over 50,000 new man-made chemicals have been introduced into our environment. Back when we were kids, things were not as toxic.

Our bodies could handle things like vaccines. But now kids are getting way more vaccines or are being born with toxins in their body.

It's very important to have a pre-natal. Both husband and wife must be substantially nourished and healthy before being able to get pregnant or think of having a baby.

All birth defects are caused by a lack of nutrients. I myself was advised by my doctor to make sure I was living a healthy lifestyle for at least a year before thinking of getting pregnant.

“Every living thing has its own defense mechanism. Nowadays, because we live in a toxic environment, the body gets affected easier or heals longer,” said Damian.

Giving Our Body Proper Nutrition

“If we just focused on changing our nutrition, you'll be surprised how fast your body would change. It's like a success psychology,” said Heather.

She says going through what she went through, she learned the importance of speaking my truth. That is a responsibility to her health and nutrition.

The human body has so much to teach us. And the internet provides a great venue to get information on new alternatives for healing the body.

Heather says, “We definitely emphasize balance in everything. There is science and faith in the healing process. The answers aren't always in black and white.”

“There are certain nutrients that require certain steps in order to take you through that cycle,” added Damian. “If certain nutrients are depleted, then you can't move to the next step of that cycle.”

Damian also says there are times when people need single nutrients.

They may even have some type of genetic marker that's not allowing them to convert. There's not one answer that's right for everyone.

These are the top 3 things they recommended as far as diet is concerned:

  1. Avoid grains with gluten. Take brown rice or buckwheat.
  2. Have a high plant-based diet.
  3. Eat healthy fats.

How The Body Heals

I know a million people who merely shrug off allergies when there's an underlying reason for allergies. When in natural medicine, that's the body's way of telling you something is wrong.

“I didn't set out to heal everything in my body. But when you actually do heal, and you return to homeostasis, everything else heals,” Heather said.

So a year later, she no longer had Hashimoto's disease, chronic fatigue or autoimmune disease. He toxicity was reversed and she doesn't get allergies anymore.

“The body is brilliant. It knows what to heal. We leave the body to do it,” explains Heather. “Our job is to put in proper nutrition that will allow it to regenerate faster for you.”

She also said that the weight that people are worried about, is just a symptom of a body that is functionally and metabolically out of balance.

A body that's balanced can handle its weight and control its weight. It's not about us forcing it to use exercise as a form of stress to make the body adapt.

Heather also stressed the need to exhaust the natural conversation first before going to a medication. Chances are, you wouldn't even need to take the pill at all.

“When you take the pill, all you're doing is tuning out what your body is trying to say to you,” she explains. “And that internal root cause and imbalance is continuing on. It will potentially develop into something else.”

Paying It Forward

“We put our clients on extreme rest–physically, mentally and spiritually. They get blown away when they lose weight without really doing anything,” said Heather.

She added, “Our clients find it hardest to sit in stillness. Stillness is a huge component of healing—mentally, spiritually and physically.”

The couple also feels empowered when clients thank them for helping them heal. You change them for the rest of their life and they pay it forward.

Through 50 years combined education & experience, Functional & Diagnostic Nutritionists, Hashimoto's & Chronic Fatigue Conquerors, US National-level Natural Bodybuilding Competitors, Nutrition Science Peer Reviewers & Expert Magazine Contributors Damian & Heather Dubé will teach you how to create your lifetime-best natural thyroid wellness and metabolism with ZERO exercise, so you can break free from the frustrating, costly cycle of nutrition programs and practitioners that leave you with little or no physical measurable wellness & weight loss results, and finally make peace with your mind, body & spirit.

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