260: Unbreakable Success

Unbreakable Success

Ever thought of why some people seem to have unbreakable success? Unbreakable success is something very doable, but the problem is, most people do not know how or where to start. To get you on your way to achieving unbreakable success, my guest, Aaron Keith Hawkins is the perfect person to show you how.

Unbreakable Success Podcast

Aaron Keith Hawkins started podcasting in 2015. But the show initially went by the name Best Life Of Your Life. Aaron Keith Hawkins couldn't really pinpoint why he named his show like that. All he knew was that he wanted to help people live a better life.

Shortly after, Aaron Keith Hawkins took a hiatus from podcasting for a few months. He used the break to talk to people about business and branding. That was when he thought of renaming his podcast Unbreakable Success.

“Most people start out with good intentions. But inevitably when people are struggling, something comes along to break those intentions,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins. “I prepare people so that when problems come, they are prepared for it.”

He adds, “And those problems won't break them down. Because they have already mentally and physically prepared themselves to think that life is going to hit you in the face from time to time.”

What Motivation Means

Aaron Keith Hawkins took up a course in leadership and professional coaching. But he refuses to label himself as a motivational speaker.

“Motivation is a real thing. But I don't think motivation wins in the long run. Motivation works when you're feeling motivated. And that's pretty much the only time it works,” Aaron Keith Hawkins said. “What gets us through those moments when you're not feeling motivated is your sense of identity.”

Blissful Life

Aaron Keith Hawkins grew up in New Jersey and was pretty much an average kid. He started his career in his early 20s by becoming a police officer. It was not long before he got married and had a baby.

“My biggest problem in hindsight was that everything was good. And when things are good, there was no need for me to change anything or question anything,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Rude Awakening

Life was good. But one day in December 2009, Aaron Keith Hawkins woke up past midnight with massive chest pain. At that time, Aaron Keith Hawkins was already working as a medical technician for 13 years.

Aaron Keith Hawkins recalls a sharp pain radiating down his arm. He ended up self- diagnosing himself. He got up and tried to walk it off. But it didn't work. Realizing that he might be having a heart attack, Aaron Keith Hawkins decided to wake up his wife. His wife called 911 just as Aaron Keith Hawkins slumped and collapsed on the floor.

“What was odd is that I wasn't scared. I got hit with regret. In a flash, I thought of every single opportunity where I could to do so much more and create something more with my life,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

He adds, “I realized I had been settling by not intentionally trying to be a better husband or father. All I was doing was the fact that I just did what naturally came to me. Suddenly I realized I left so many opportunities on the table.”

Turning Point

Following Aaron Keith Hawkins' collapse at home, he stayed in the hospital for a couple of days. Doctors think he had a mini-stroke rather than a heart attack. They sent Aaron Keith Hawkins home after a month when he got a clean bill of health.

“I think it was a miracle that I had that experience. To be suspected of having a mini-stroke weirded me out because I was a healthy guy. I work out all the time, and I ate well. It was both the worst and best day of my life,” declares Aaron Keith Hawkins. 

That day when Aaron Keith Hawkins got released from the hospital, he and his family went to the mall. Aaron Keith Hawkins recalls that he got teary-eyed.  Overcome with gratefulness that he was alive, he decided not to waste any more time and opportunity.

“I knew that something changed. That started this whole journey after that. As long as we're alive, we ask one of two things. It's either we can ask why these things happen to us or we can create the why,” Aaron Keith Hawkins said.

Dealing With Our Egos

Aaron Keith Hawkins says there can be a lot of hurt egos when things happen to us. It's either due to a break-up, or the weight doesn't seem to come off. Ultimately, our ego can get involved in demanding an answer. Aaron Keith Hawkins says the real question is asking ourselves why things happen to us. It can wind up feeling like a label.

We should learn to be responsible for our thoughts and actions. When things go wrong, it's not the end of the world. Instead of being trapped in our past, it's really about what we learn from our experiences and stop comparing ourselves to others.

“There are plenty of times that things happen, and it has to get your attention. And some things need to be done. The second half is that your emotions are going to come from what you pay attention to and the story that you attach to it,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Most of Aaron Keith Hawkins' clients are entrepreneurs or people with the entrepreneurial spirit. But when he coaches, it's whole life coaching. And Aaron Keith Hawkins shares that more often than not, his clients reach out to him because of specific reasons.

“I'm very much about the why. Because I very much enjoy learning about who the person is. I attract entrepreneurs because they have this sense of mission behind them,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins. “Personally, I thrive on it, and I love coaching people through it because I wasn't doing it before.”

Learning Curve

Over the years, Aaron Keith Hawkins learned a ton of lessons. He ended up looking for a pattern that was consistently creating success not just for himself but also for people he interacted with.

Aaron Keith Hawkins first wanted to condense it to something small and simple so that he can use it regularly. Secondly, he tried to turn it into something that can help others achieve unbreakable success.

How To Achieve Unbreakable Success

Just by making a simple framework, Aaron Keith Hawkins developed what he calls the Four Principles of Pure Success. The word “pure” is an acronym:

P – Pivotal choice

U – Unconditional high standards

R – Reflective comparison

E – Elevating our situational response.

So, from this formula, learn to take 100% responsibility for your response to every single circumstance in your life. Learn to take complete ownership.

“One of the first things I learned in this world of personal and professional growth was from a speaker who said that if you want to change your life, you have to change your standards first,” said Aaron Keith Hawkins.

Aaron Keith Hawkins noticed that people could embrace that belief. But more often than not, we have a lot of these high standards until things hit the fan. And when it hits the fan, the standards go out the window.

To learn more about the four principles of success in detail for free, check out the link available on Aaron Keith Hawkins' website. Aaron Keith Hawkins says you will learn a lot about how to improve your success and empower you in many areas of your life.

“If we don't have unconditionally high standards, by default it means that our standards are conditional. Which means, “I'm only going to perform this well ‘if,'” said Aaron Keith Hawkins. “And that ‘if' is a problem. That's where lives fall apart.”


Aaron Keith Hawkins ‘s mission is to help you recognize that you are capable of succeeding in literally every aspect of your life once you realize success is a lifestyle to live, not a trophy to chase. In addition to being the host of Unbreakable Success podcast, Aaron Keith Hawkins is a personal performance and relationship coach who works empathetically and strategically to quickly guide his clients toward transformational changes in their own lives, careers, and marriages. 

Aaron Keith Hawkins completed his graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma where he majored in Leadership with an emphasis in professional coaching. He has spent over two decades as a public servant. Currently a Police Captain, he's still serving his community as a Law Enforcement Executive. Aaron Keith Hawkins and his wife have been married for 21 years and live in New Jersey with their 12-year-old daughter.

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