380: Understanding Your Aura

Eric Thorton And Ashley James


  • What is Aura and how it affects you
  • How one can do astral travel
  • How to flush out frequencies that are not yours and flush out the diseases in the aura
  • Everything affects the aura field. Past life, future life, current life in every way
  • One of the ways that you can get your body to heal is by restoring it to its innocence

Have you ever thought of how one’s aura affects your overall well-being of the body? Find out in today’s episode as Eric Thorton is back to teach us how to channel all the positive energies for self-betterment.

Ashley James: Hello, True Health seekers and welcome to another exciting episode of Learn True Health podcast. Today, we have Eric Thorton back on the show. He is a spiritual and energetic healer. What many of us refer to as a master. He was born with all of this gifts on and was able to commune with angels and guides since he was a child. You’ll definitely want to go back and listen to our first episode with him if you haven’t already because his life story is a trip. Let me tell you. I personally worked with him as has my husband and my friends and we’ve all had really great experiences. I wanted to make sure that he was the real deal and he is certainly is. You’re going to love today’s show. He teaches about more about energy medicine. Understanding our aura or energy field which is a part of our body that is scientifically proven. Illness can occur in the aura field and he teaches also how to clear your energy. Clear your aura field. We get into some really neat discussion. Some really neat ravitals that we go down today. I want to apologize for the slight audio issue that I have in this episode after I had set up our lapel mics. I was using a new system and it turns out that my lapel mic popped out. I didn’t realize it. My voice is actually picked up by his mic. So I did a lot of editing post-production to make it sounds as good as possible. It’s totally doable. You can definitely hear and understand us. I just sound like I’m farther away from the mic than he is and he sounds great since he does most of the talking. You’ll enjoy today’s show and you’ll forgive me for the light off on audio but all other episodes are sounding much better because we have figured out what the problem was and it won’t happen again. Fingers crossed, right? Knock on wood.

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[05:16] Ashely James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m you host, Ashley James. This is [0521-0525 Audio Gap] I’m so thrilled to be back here with you, Eric. We’re here with Eric Thorton in his wonderful healing studio in cottage like Washington.

[05:38] Eric Thorton: Thank you.

[05:39] Ashely James:  Yes. This is what? Our fifth interview together?

[05:42] Eric Thorton:  I think so.

[05:44] Ashely James:  It’s been wonderful having you on the show. I keep getting amazing feedback. People are saying that they love learning from you.

[05:52] Eric Thorton:  That’s terrific.

[05:53] Ashely James:  Yes. Today we’re going to dive into a topic that I think is very fascinating. People who haven’t explored this level of spirituality. They’re in for definitely a ride. I heard about the aura and their energy field and how we can clear our energy field. How that it has an impact on our physical, emotional and mental health.

[06:19] Eric Thorton:  Very much so. It’s pretty fascinating how it feels are.  It’s one of the most amazing things I get to watch. They’re absolutely phenomenal. How far out they reach. What they do. How they’re in a moment’s notice they change.

[06:36] Ashely James:  Now it’s like aura’s fields like static.

[06:39] Eric Thorton:  Static, yes.

[06:41] Ashely James:  I’ve gone to psychic fairs or something that taking pictures of your aura field that’s like, “Oh, your aura fields’ blue.” That’s it. [Inaudible 06:50]

[06:51] Eric Thorton:  Right. If you go away from that picture from getting your picture taken and you go eat something. Come back, change your outfit so that they don’t know it’s you and take a picture again. It’s now different.

[07:05] Ashely James:  Because you –

[07:06] Eric Thorton:  You ate.

[07:08] Ashely James:  Because you ate? Food affects your aura?

[07:10] Eric Thorton:  Everything affects your aura. Your aura is a reflection of every cell’s energy and the soul’s energy.

[07:19] Ashely James:  Is that how some people can read an aura and then actually predict or tell someone what’s going on inside their body?

[07:27] Eric Thorton:  Exactly. Very much so. When I’m working on someone and I put my hand on their aura field, you can feel all sorts of hot, cold, disturbing, joyous, all five just by laying your hand down their energy field. I see in a million different feelings just by running your hand from head to toe about a foot above somebody. It can tell, it reflects predatory energy. It reflects non-predatory energies, it reflects joy. It reflects everything you can imagine is in the aura field. If you take a snapshot of the aura field so to speak like the krakian photography, I think that’s what they call it. It looks steady right at that moment because you have a steady picture but if they could film the aura field, that would be something interesting. At least a part of it, because it changes so dramatically. Your hormones can change 17th of a second, it changes the aura field from happy to angry. Tell the person, “You’ve had a lot of anger.” while a few minutes before, “Oh you have nothing but joy.”

[08:41] Ashely James: For those who don’t know, never heard of the aura field or know very little about it. Can you explain what it is? Why we have it? Does everything have an aura field?

[08:51] Eric Thorton:  Everything that is reproducing – Sorry, there’s two different types of aura fields. There’s an aura field that is where they’re in a physical body at some sort, trees, bacteria, mushrooms, humans etc. that’s reproducing cells has a different, has very dynamic aura field. A rock had cellular energy or crystal has cellular energy and is very static. I have to clarify that a little bit with crystals because crystals, anything that’s clear or semi-clear takes in energy from everything else. A crystal would take energy, sound or light or other and bend it and modify it. People who feel energy or see energy limited will feel crystals are alive because it’s swirling the energy just like a shakra. By bending the energy. It’s like doctor or scientist taking a mineral and making a medicine out of it. By bending or modifying the energy, you can heal or you can kill. What that same thing might damage or someone else’s aura field, it would help them. Crystals are very powerful tool but if they’re not working it’s because it’s not in sync with your aura field. If it is working then it’s sync and then it gets in there slightly takes your energy and modifies it and feeds it back to you like an immunization. Kind of like that.

You’re giving your own immunization. It’s like giving your own energy but it’s inoculating you. Your own energy is inoculating you. Because it’s taking it, modify it, your brain goes, “Oh, I’ve got to do something about that.” But it’s your own energy but it’s slightly modified. The brain goes, your immune system will come up because of that there’s a slight modification but if you take crystals to modify the aura field, if you put two together, what are they doing to each other? How are they feeding the energy? How are they taking the energy that’s already modified slightly bring it to another crystal, modifying it again, shove it back to the other crystal and modify it again, shove it back to another crystal at the speed of light. So people can get very ill of that’s crystal aren’t tuned. That’s why we tune crystals even in the same room.

[11:35] Ashely James: I’ve had that experience actually. I’ve had a woman in the show I feel like sometime last year. Where she talked about using crystals in your environment to aid you on your health journey. When I was a teenager I was in Portoverdo walking around alone and I’ve been to Portoverdo a lot. I knew the streets. I was very familiar with the territory. I bought a crystal necklace. Quartz crystal necklace. Immediately put it on because at that time, I didn’t now about cleaning crystals or you know, doing them. I immediately become disoriented. Lost, I walked down the street I was acusted by a man, I was afraid for my life.

[12:20] Eric Thorton:  I’m so sorry.

[12:22] Ashely James:  It was a contrast. Everything was good. I put on the crystal, everything was chaotic and crazy. I took it off because I started to go something like I was feeling like something’s wrong in here and I took the necklace off and I immediately knew where I was and I was safe. I was like, “Okay, something’s off with this.” If I buy a crystal or receive one and it’s not tuned, that its very uncomfortable to be with it.

[12:50] Eric Thorton:  Most people who are sensitive to those frequencies. Some people are associated to those frequencies even though it’s helping them. Some people are consciously aware of those frequencies. I’m very aware of those frequencies. I walk into a gem store. It feels like my brain is twisting and going into a fish eye. Everything was like I’m looking into a fish eye lens. I start to get sick. It maxes out my inner ear because I got all these diverging crystals modifying the energy back and forth to each other and there’s thousands of them. I was kind of go “I’m leaving.” I just have to walk out.

[13:33] Ashley James: That’s funny because you see all those new age stores today. The herbs and the teas and the crystals. But real people who are sensitive who are sort of like their wheelhouse. They walk in and would feel uncomfortable if the crystals are not attuned to them. It’s affecting their aura in a distorted turbulent way.

[14:01] Eric Thorton:  it’s very medicinal. In energy medicine of all sorts, you’ve mentioned herbal medicine also homeopathic medicine. It’s all energy. So you put a crystal around them it can totally wipe those empty. It can put a vibration that just empties all your homeopath and empties the effectiveness of your herbs. Or you can take it and combine them and create something modified that can be really effective or can be very bad. Just in the same room.

[14:36] Ashley James:  Be very intentional when using crystals.

[14:41] Eric Thorton:  Very much so.

[14:43] Ashley James:  Getting back to understand the aura, to those who don’t know what an aura is. It’s an energy field around the body like you’ve said that animals and plants also have an aura and people can learn to see them. I’d love to talk a bit about that later. I was this once, I want to say it 15 years ago, I was with a friend in Toronto and we went into a workshop at the I guess Downtown Toronto’s having this big psychic fair. The day before it started, they had this workshop on auras. The man brought out these dowsing rods. Basically take two metal hangers and straighten them out and then bend them so you’re holding them at 90 degree angle and he had someone stand in the middle of the stage with their back to him and he walked towards the person and when he gone about four feet of the person, the dowsing rods moved together. He didn’t moved them. He was just holding them gently and they moved together. Then he said, “Okay, now I want you to expand your awareness out 20 feet. I just want you focus on expanding your awareness your whole energy field out 20 feet. He didn’t teach the person now he just said expand your awareness. Your attention goes your energy flows. Then he walked all the way back to the stage and proceed to slowly walk towards the person and sure enough about 20 feet, when he reached the 20-foot area, the dowsing rods just flipped forward. Flipped together and he explained that you could walk around your head with this rods. Am I saying it right? Dowsing rods?


[16:31] Eric Thorton:  Yes. That’s correct. I have many different kinds. [Crosstalk]

[16:34] Ashley James:  Oh cool. I got super into it because it’s really exciting. You could walk around your house and anytime you walk if there’s a pipe of moving water below you so like in the floor below you –

[16:48] Eric Thorton:  or non-moving.

[16:50] Ashley James:  or non-moving? Okay. Or things like you’re going past an electrical wire that’s in the floor below you or above you, basically if you go past an energy field because water creates an energy field and electricity creates an energy field, magnetic field that’s the dowsing rods would move.

[17:13] Eric Thorton:  Those are really strong because their movement. It’s more subtle when it’s not moving. You take the dowsing rods and you want to find a lost wedding ring in the car that’s in the dark, then it’ll point right at it. Then you get there with the dowsing rods and that would say how deep it is. You can do. Because everything this is variation of energy a dowsing rod can pick it up and that’s part of auras.

[17:41] Ashley James:  Our septic tank was broken. A guy came up to fix it and he didn’t know where the tank was because it was buried and it’s digged into it. He wiped out his dowsing rods and I’m thinking, “Wait a sec, I thought dowsing rods were just for hippies to like practice aura work? Then he’s like, “Are you kidding me? This is why they’re invented. They’re invented to find wells, to find springs to find underground water basically. People use them to find water.”

[18:08] Eric Thorton:  I found many wells for people.

[18:11] Ashley James:  But the fact that that’s energy and to have an aura. Great homework for listeners at home. Go make yourselves some dowsing rods. You could look them up online and practice with your family and you’ll be able to – they’ll move in your hand. They’ll move when you walk close to and enter one of your family member’s aura fields. This is showing you that we have this robust energy filed around us. It is as real as our physical body.

[18:42] Eric Thorton:  Interesting thing about aura fields. There’s different name for the different layers of the aura field. The one you’re talking about we dug up the word earlier. The guide’s call it a homeostasic level. That can reach out for miles and miles. It’s literally picking up on the subtle differences in everything around you. It is the first part of your immune system. People look at me when I say that like, “What?” They think about it. If you’re out there five miles and yes, we are all intermingling. It’s picking up on this person energy, this person’s energy. Let’s say this person has an contagious cancer. It’s picking up on that. Your defense system goes to work. It starts mounting the defense if you walk by that person, they’re breathing out, you’re breathing in at the same time. You’re breathing in some if their cells. It already has your immune system go on and making sure you don’t get that cancer. It’s phenomenal.

The only time the homeostasic doesn’t work for that is if you’re holding like a shopping cart. It’s the dirtiest thing there is. It’s the shopping cart. It’s dirtier than the toilets. You touched the shopping cart and you merely touch your face, the homeostasic can’t mount that defense because you walk and grab the cart, its hasn’t had the time to mount the defense yet but if someone’s out there where you’ve got sometime for your immune system to work it’ll do it. It’s also picking up and notifying this part, the homeostatic notifies the digestive brain. The digestive brain is they’ve done huge stages in Europe with it. It shows brain materials from the tip of your tongue all the way out the back door. That brain does not have sight or sound. It only works with feeling. It is I don’t what’s the statistics are when they had fully started that but I’ve watched it and it’s 20 times faster than your brain stem. It tells the amygdala. The amygdala tells the brain stem fight or flight in 30 minutes to a second and that’s picking up through the digestive brain. It’s the one that can tell if you have bad intention or not. If someone or makes the hair on the back of your neck when you don’t even see anybody. This is what is reaching out in the aura field. The homeostasic level. It is what gives us the early warning on everything.

[21:23] Ashley James:  When we have a gut feeling about someone.

[21:27] Eric Thorton:  Pay attention, it’s the homeostasic.

[21:30] Ashley James: That is the part. The last layer of your aura field that reaches out it can reach out for miles, it is feeling the intentions of people. It’s feeling what’s going on with disease or illness in that environment.

[21:47] Eric Thorton:  everything. It’s feeling an earthquake before it happens. It’s bringing your intuition in every way. It tells the amygdala what to do. The amygdala work in 30 minutes to a second and it tells our brain stem what to do. Prior to that this is actually one of the features that a master uses within themselves. If you think, 30 minutes to a second, that frequency and you learn to use the aura field. You can go as fast as 200th of a second. What’s in the frequencies between 30 minutes on the average person and 200 minutes of a second. What’s in that? That’s the information that masters rate. That’s the information that guides pick up on and angels pick up on. That’s where they exist. Masters are so sensitive that they’ve learned to be in that space. Pick up on all of this. Now, like yourself. Everyone does this, you’re sensitive so you pick up on things that gives you an intuition and it’s correct. It’s going through the digestive brain. It’s coming in and it’s formulating for you. It’s formulating questions for you to ask your interviewees and the ones you’re interviewing.

[23:13] Ashley James:  interviewees, yes.

[23:15] Eric Thorton:  is it interviewees? yes.

[23:17] Ashley James: You are the interviewee.

[23:18] Eric Thorton:  Good. I’ve got that right. Just like to see it. Literally, that part of the brain is formulating the question from what is picking up from the aura field. From the homeostasic. It goes all the way up from miles and miles and you can project it out that like what you’re talking about the guy with the dowsing rod because most people walk around, close it really tight. When you get flow, it’s out where it needs to be. That’s how we manifest. That’s how we do all of these things with this information. It’s through that level of the homeostasic, which is so dynamic part of our aura field. It’s fascinating to watch when you’re out walking where the people are closed in like that person on the stage. Or whether they’re open and how far they are open. You can tell people that you like or you wouldn’t like just by homeostasic field. If you’re person who loves flow, you’re going to be around someone that their aura field holding tight the homeostasic level doesn’t have any flow. You’re not going to be attracted to them. Your pheromones aren’t going to say, “Hey, you need to talk to that person.” It’s not going to happen because you’re not in the same ball park so to speak or in the same frequency as you are.

Also, it what makes people look at me with the strange look in their eye when they walk by. They feel something they’re not familiar with it. So they turn to look and they’re kind of like, “What’s that?” because it’s so different in their aura field because I have a lot of flow when I’m out there along ways, it’s so different it causes them fear. Change is fear. That’s so human. That’s what changes fear but causes fear. When you watch that, when you get the privilege of watching this dynamic colors and frequencies and shapes, and information that’s out. Just was beautiful to watch. I talked about this a little before in the previous interview when you go to a movie with me, it’s fun to watch, not kind of fun to listen to me if I talk about it because I see everything before it happens. It’s in the homeostatic. Everybody’s stuff is coming through that movie screen and the sound all of the aura fields and what’s coming up next. If there’s whatever is on the stage of being people are mad at each other when the movie’s being made that’s all there. If they’re happily getting along, if there all this different things dynamics come out of this out of the film. Including the sensations of who wrote the script. It’s fascinating to the aura field is not only does it protect us, but it also creates frequencies that defend us.

[26:28] Ashley James:  How so? How so does the frequency defend us? You said the immune system. You said, it picks up on, gives intensions. How else does it defend us?

[26:39] Eric Thorton:  We have to go back to that frequency notion that light energy comes together. Yin and Yang are the opposites of the same energy. So they do come together. It’s also if you’re like your energy field in your history. Your aura field will reflect your history. Let’s say you have really wonderful parents. While you’re around someone with really rotten patients and they haven’t done any work, they haven’t grown from it, your aura fields are opposites. They don’t come together. You’re less likely to take energy on from somebody who’s opposites versus someone you empathize with. If you empathize with, “Oh, yes. I’ve been there done that.” It was just to say like energy comes together. With it comes their version of that same energy that may have predetorian energy with it and it may have thought forms with it. All these things that trigger your because you may have wonderful parents and they didn’t but it starts triggering you. That means they have wonderful parents too but it starts triggering you. Their issues same you both and maybe wonderful parents but you have this set of issues and they have this stem of issues. Issue A versus issue C. Well, this comes together because you both have wonderful parents but then so you co-miserate so to speak, or co-enjoy. They might come up against differences. Then you might pick up their parents thought forms that were different from your parents thought forms. This can be beneficial because it can make you a better parent or it can be confusing. It’s like, “No, my parents did it this way. This is the way I thought should want to do it but i feel this opposite thing” and it can confuse.

[28:49] Ashley James: This is on the subconciuse level?

[28:50] Eric Thorton:  Totally. Subconscious. It has to do with triggers all your pheromones. It triggers all your hormones. It’s a constant adjustment. The aura field’s fascinating. Everything you do, affects the aura field. It’s a dynamic tool that the body and the soul each have part of. The body has the molecular aura field. It is an animal, it is a molecular cell-producing animal. Anything that’s reproducing cells has this dynamic aura field. Or anything that’s not reproducing cells has a stagnant aura field like a rock. Like the one we’ve mentioned earlier crystals, they absorb that’s why little side note, don’t ever recommend the pendulum that’s clear or if light can come through because it picks up and it bends out light and an influence is set. I always recommend a solid stone or a piece of metal for a pendulum or a dowsing rod. It needs to be solid so it doesn’t get affected by all this stuff. Anyway, you have these, where was I? I digressed.

[30:16] Ashley James: Humans have a molecular animal, two kinds of auras. molecular which reminds me of quantum physics. Particle can both be a wave and a particle.

[30:31] Eric Thorton:  Yes. When you take that notion and you put it to practical application, that rock because it’s stagnant aura field isn’t going to be affected by intention. The same intention that someone who has a dynamic. Being that has a dynamic aura field. The rocks going to sit there. You can wish it death and it just sits there. It’s absorbing it, but it’s like an Apple computer. The hard drive system will just take things in it just sits there as long as it’s not affected by the virus. The rock takes it in and just sits there. It’s not affected by it. Let me tell you demons hate being put into rocks. They really hate that. If they’re really stubborn works great. It’s like a dynamic aura field everything you do affects it because it’s giving you information for safety, for immune system, for social behaviors. It’s just everything. We have this the bodies part which is it’s not like a rock it is still dynamic but it is different than the soul’s part. The soul’s part reaches out in a very different for different information than the body’s part. The shakra is where the soul’s and the body’s auras come together. When they’re in sync you have a very strong shakra when they’re out of sync, the shakra gets weak. If it’s out of sync long enough you get illness in the organs that are affected by the shakra. It can be very subtle. In fact, those subtle ones are the ones that create the cancer and create the illness because there’s such a low frequency. Those subtle frequencies are very low. They can create environment where your body can’t use this anti-oxidants correct. Then you develop disease. In the electromagnetic field which is part of the aura field, in electromagnetic level of the aura field, it’s a level that looks like, the closest vision I can describe it, it looks like those wall light switches that light up. Rooms which when you turn on the lights and at night they glow. Each part of the electromagnetic aura field looks like one of those lights. Except there’s one every single atom in your body. It’s not just the cells for the atom. Each one has a light switch. When those light switches are all on if you’re looking at this like a topographical map. If all the light switches are on the person healthy, if some of them are off those areas are not healthy. They’re not absorbing and being part of the dynamic of health.

That’s one of the ways you can tell illness as you look at the electromagnetic field and you look at where those lights switches are off at. They’ll be over the liver, they’ll be over the knee. They’ll be over somewhere in the middle. You maybe developing cancer from a cellphone in a pocket say. That’s not attached to anything specific except knitting away. If you could switch those back to on position which is the negative ion then the cancer will go away. The building of cancer will go away so you don’t develop the cancer. This is what we were talking earlier about electromagnetic fields. Well, it’s the same thing expect that’s generated by some power plant or is it generate by our brain. The body’s portion of it. If you have the positive ions or electromagnetic field, being bombarded at you at an endless rate, it’s going to switch those little light switches from the negative ion which is health to the positive ion which is not health. That’s one of the ways electromagnetic fields can totally bombard somebody and then like we talked about it earlier if a person has a possession. Possessions are positive ion, which is not health t the human body. That’s why when they come around us we felt repulsed and we don’t know why. It’s like a wall of ill health coming at you. Your [Inaudible 00:35:22] if it’s dramatic if it’s sudden. As it moves closer and closer more closer in there it affect the electromagnetic field more and more and more and more. That’s why I offer people an exercise in helping to clear that. Soon what you’re going to learn today so that if you do have a possession that walks in it doesn’t become yours. If it sits there for a long time, it’s going to affect your energy field enough that it could break it down and come it. Where you can move it in the beginning, it’s easy. Anybody can do it. Not your energy in the beginning you haven’t molded with it. We’ll teach people how to clear their energy field. It’s very simple. In fact it’s simple, it’s almost too simple. We’ll work with that a little later in the interview.

Anyway, the aura field also the physical aura field reflects every single cell of your body and every organized cells of your body like the liver, the kidney or the intestines, those are we call them making an organ so they’re actually organized. I guess you would call it there you go that’s good. Anyway how is the liver affected differently than the kidneys, we’ll look it up. What does the liver represent? Long-term deep anger and frustration. What do kidneys? Current anger. They’re affected by two different things. Two different frequencies because they’re different and the aura field, you put your hand over a healthy liver it’s going to feel different than you put your hand over a healthy kidney or unhealthy. That’s one of the ways people like with the different techniques of helping someone what’s that? Reiki. You’re a Reiki master, right? You’re feeling that. Your hand goes on the top of someone and you feel it. The more sensitive you are the more your radars going to pick up. Like someone is doing Reiki they’re sensitive because they’re doing Reiki but they’ll come over let’s just say they’ll go down over the stomach and they feel sudden change. They may not know why because their gift picks up the stomach there’s something wrong but they don’t pick up what it is. That’s how’s it affecting it. Why other people will come down the same person gets to the stomach and they’ll feel something wrong and they’ll get vision or they’ll get knowledge because their sensors can pick up. Say the one person that can pick up the change, maybe they can pick up the aura field, their amygdala can pick it up 40 minutes of a second. Where the one who is bringing feeling the change and then get a feeling inside their body, that maybe 50 minutes of a second I’m saying or they make it a vision that maybe 80 minutes of a second or they make it all of them that maybe 200 minutes of a second. They’re picking up on this subtle frequencies. Information’s there. That’s like the difference in practitioners. They all learn different things within their abilities and it’s valid but it’s also why some people are mistaken. Not on purpose, but they have the ability to let’s say feel that stomach, but they can’t get it like I do and get more information so the starting point technique that’s say, “Okay, do you feel this?” Now you’re come in from this angle or something like that. You start applying ego based information. It’s not innocent anymore because you’re applying technique and is the information valid? Possibly. But it can also be invalid or not necessarily invalid but incomplete which makes it less useful. It’s not, I guess it doesn’t make them valid it just makes it less useful.


[39:41] Ashley James: What if someone feels like the gifts to upsight or knowledge or the ability to let’s say, put their hand over someone’s aura or in their aura and receive information and they want to develop that. How do you develop it without bringing the ego in?  I mean how do you put ego aside and just be that vessel for the information?

[40:06] Eric Thorton:  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of people around to help with that. It is very specifically, it is soul progression that opens up those gifts. If you’re going to learn new technique that’s not a soul progression. Soul progression is when you come to a guy like me and you start seeing what is limiting the flow of the person’s lifetime. If you can eliminate that all of a sudden, the flow speeds up and gifts that they used in the past lives or gifts that are possibly there for them start to be attainable again because they’ve gotten out those low frequencies of pride and ego and human drama. Now their energy field can reach out farther. Literally, start picking up those subtle energies more and more and more. With people that are gifted that don’t particularly know it or they’re limited by it. By doing their background work, I call it their psychology increases their ability to process the information. They’ve sought out information –

[41:21] Ashley James: When you say information, it’s the sixth sense?

[41:25] Eric Thorton:  The sixth sense. Correct.

[41:26] Ashley James: The information being we’re receiving a vision or receiving intuition that we’re receiving information that is not sight or sound.

[41:36] Eric Thorton:  Right and I mentor those people. We go back and forth with emails and things like that so that we can, the guides like doing this for people because it helps them understand what is real versus what is egoic and imagination. There’s a big difference but unless there’s a medicine woman or man around to help you discern the differences, these very subtle differences you’re going to confuse them. That for most people get stucked. The guides aren’t going to increase anyone’s gift when it’s in confusion because it causes karma. The guides just go, “Okay, that’ll work through that.” However, they work through that will be there to help them with the next level once they work through that. It can be things from everything affects the aura field. Past life, future life, current life in every way. I’m sitting next to a fish tank that’s affecting my aura field. We can sit there and look this way and feel the fish swim. I can’t anyway because it’s moving in my aura field and they have an aura field. So we pick it it’s in the matrix it’s called by the new age and it’s there. So if you can tune into that fine level, that level you can feel the fish swimming back and forth. That is why fish tanks are so calming for people. They don’t know they’re feeling it but they’re feeling it’s movement. Very subtle movement back and forth and it’s very calming to the human ego to have an innocent movement with no opinion attached to it. It’s very calming. In the aura field, we have something that’s dynamic in the aura field. It’s very agitating for some people opposite might begin possession. Four year olds can [Laughter] Yes, can’t wait to be a grandpa. Anyway, [Laughter] If they start to affecting my aura field too much I can send them home. [Laughter] That’s a bitter way to be a grandparent. Looking forward to it one day.

[44:01] Ashley James: [Inaudible 03:43:56] once has said, “if I knew being a grandma will be so much fun, I’d have them first.” Have grandkids first.

[44:08] Eric Thorton:  I like that.

[44:10] Ashley James: There is a trainer of NLP. You now my background is in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

[44:16] Eric Thorton:  I find that fascinating.

[44:18] Ashley James: It is. It’s cool stuff. There’s a trainer in NLP who is blind and he can point to the people, the person with their hand up in the audience and it freaks out the audience because they have 50 people in the room and he said, “Any questions? Raise your hand if you have any questions.” They laughed. They think it’s a joke, someone raises their hand and he goes, “Yes, you?” they’re like, “What? How’d he do that?” They know he’s blind. They’re like, “You’re lying here. You’re not blind.” He says, this is one thing we learned to become a trainer in NLP. We learn how to –  in NLP trainer’s training, we learn how to put our aura into expand our aura energy into the full training room so that we can feel the intension of all of these students. We can sense out which student’s going to be the troublemakers. There’s always one. Even in the classroom, there’s always going to be one trouble maker especially if you’re teaching in NLP because it could challenge the ego, right? There’s always some person that’s going to try to distract the class. And these are all outs that pay thousands of dollars to be there to take an NLP class and yet there’s always that one student. I guess see if they can shake or rattle the trainer. Right? See if they can overthrow the class in a way and go to NLP trainers will have already known exactly who they are because you could feel in it in the aura field. It’s part of my training in NLP we learned to put our aura out into the room, feel that the students and to a point where we can really feel which ones have questions, which ones are in confusion, which ones totally got the lesson. You can feel it. It’s part of being connected as a teacher to the class.

[46:18] Eric Thorton:  interesting thing with that is the teacher as you’ve heard me say, I don’t like to meditate or work in groups because when you expand the energy like that if your frequency is anywhere near someone else’s in the room, you have the ability to give them your problems and they have the ability to give you their problems. And so, if you can see that, and you can be, what we want is our aura field to be glass. That things that aren’t not ours just pass right through us. Most people aren’t anywhere near that and they end up getting polluted more when they do that. It starts coming into the energy field. They don’t make the association with the class because the energy they pick up from someone else is stuck to them like glue on a surface hasn’t gone in yet. Two or three weeks later, they may start feeling like crap because that energy is slowly worked its way in.

[47:30] Ashley James: Is that when at first year of college everyone gains 15 pounds?

[47:34] Eric Thorton:  Definitely help it, yes. [Laughter] You’re sharing.

[47:38] Ashley James: Everyone’s sharing.

[47:39] Eric Thorton:  Sharing that stress.

[47:40] Ashley James: Sharing their problems in an energetic level.

[47:45] Eric Thorton:  Well, they just changed their entire life. They moved from home to college. They’re like, “Woohoo! Oh my god.” all at the same time. When we feel upset, we want satiation. When we do it through food. Oftentimes.

[48:05] Ashley James: Coming back you said when we’re in a class. It can be any class, it can be driver’s ED, it can be in church, any group of people we can take on other people’s problems that are in thought forms, people aura, why is that? It doesn’t feel like that would be beneficial for our evolution or is it?

[48:34] Eric Thorton:  Well, it’s fine if you’re the teacher, healer kind of help for the individual because it’s like sometimes with people while I’m working with one on one, I’ll feel what’s going on it means I am at their frequency with that. I can sit there and I know that and I know what to do with it. I know it’s not my own body’s and I tell my body that so it doesn’t it looks at the super subtle frequencies and goes, “Okay, that’s not mine. Most can’t do that. You sit there in the energy field and light energy comes together. How many different types of frustration are there? but they’re all the same energy of frustration but then there may be a hundred thousand different types of frustration but it’s till frustration. Then in a situation like that you can very easily take on a person’s frustration because maybe you’re frustrated with something totally different but it’s the frequency of frustration. There’s also there’s thought forms with it. There’s of predatory energy and demons of frustration and depending on what your frustration is and this other person’s frustration the closer they are together the more likely and the more quickly you can absorb this other person’s information. You know when you get to someone and you’re talking with, “Wow, the same things happen in your life.” You call that co-miserating but literally you’re bouncing your energy it’s the same with each other and you can exchange energy and pretty soon you know what each other’s talking about. It’s all the aura field.

[50:12] Ashley James: My teacher, Ted James of no relation. He would say that he does not think that support groups are beneficial because for example anger management. You’re getting a bunch of people who are angry to get together and hang out and think that better at anger because they’re all talking about their anger feeling off but they’re not actually learning to heal it or resolve it. They learn strategies.

[50:39] Eric Thorton:  That’s the benefit of it.

[50:41] Ashley James: That’s the benefit of it, right when you get a bunch of angry people together. they’re all – crosstalk

[50:46] Eric Thorton:  They can go south.

[50:48] Ashley James: He says that you know, its’-

[50:50] Eric Thorton:  You can learn coping mechanisms as well as learning new mechanism for anger. The information isn’t specific. When you’re picking up intuition. It’s not going to, “Well, I don’t want to pick up this type but not this type.” No. You’re picking it up through intuition so if you’re going to about a group of angry people, you’re picking up the other people’s anger and their techniques.

[51:14] Ashley James: You really want to be very clear on who you hang out with.

[51:18] Eric Thorton:  Well, it is. You have depending on where you are. Like if you’re just out of prison because you beat people up, a support group would be good. Maybe you’ve got to learn you know I got them in trouble etc. and it might be a good idea to not, “Oh, I’m not the only one in the universe with this problem and this is how they’re dealing with it and they’re doing with it.” that’s great. Alcoholic Anonymous. That’s great to have the groups. People just explain their feelings. Men never explain their feelings so sometimes a man’s group will help them teach them words language for explaining their feelings but when you start getting into the detail of the subtle energies within those groups. The subtle energies within those groups, that’s when you start developing those problems. As a group develops, the more they get to know each better the more dangerous it becomes. I like AA’s. I mean I don’t need to go to AA. But I like AA, you don’t use your full name and they don’t know each other. The person who developed that was very intelligent because the more you know each other, the more you converse each other between meetings. Which they do not encourage that at all. The more you do it, the more you’re going to co-miserate and the more energies going to circulate around that’s when it keeps people stuck. This is why, AA I don’t know if they did it on purpose, intentionally or they develop that out of intuition but that not sharing your name and not being with each other between meetings, not being buddies with anybody –

[53:10] Ashley James: Well, it’ll be easy to go to the bar together.

[53:12] Eric Thorton:  Exactly.

[53:14] Ashley James: Right. Pull each other down. We want to be the people that are a little bit more involved. Hopefully.

[53:23] Eric Thorton:  Like energy comes together. People who don’t have any interest in the spiritual world they have no frequency for it. No ability to pick up on it.

[53:36] Ashley James: They probably aren’t listening at this point. [Crosstalk]

[53:40] Eric Thorton: They aren’t listening. They’re shut down. Right. You can feel that. You go, “Okay, I don’t want to hang out with you.” Then but they also don’t want to hang out with you because you’re so opposite of energies. It’s a sword. A double-edged sword this thing is because it stops and it enhances but if you know it’s there and you know you can use it the homeostasic level, the various levels of the aura field, they reflect everything that’s going on. The more fine tune you get to your own feeling, the more that your aura field the more you can help yourself.

[54:18] Ashley James: You give the picture of the homeostasic field and you talked about the other –

[54:25] Eric Thorton: Electro magnetic, one of them.

[54:27] Ashley James: Electromagnetic. Can you tell us about all the levels of the aura? What they’re for?

[54:32] Eric Thorton: Different people call them different things. Let’s get that probably right now. Semantics it’s all over the board. There’s another layer that I’ve been given a word by the photon layer. That other people use that one too.

[54:48] Ashley James: When you say you’re given, just to be clarify for those who hadn’t listened to all those other episodes you had with us which they should because they’re fascinating, you since birth have been able to talk to guides and the angel.

[54:59] Eric Thorton:  The angels and guides. Right.

[55:00] Ashley James: And they give you the words and talk to you and –

[55:05] Eric Thorton:  Right and then I love it when I see it out there because they give me universal knowledge so I should run in to the same words out there.

[55:14] Ashley James: Funny side story that you told me. That thing is hilarious. Your guides used to give you a book to buy. They told you what it look like and what’s the name and what’s the everything and you couldn’t find it for, what was it? Five years?

[55:25] Eric Thorton:  Five years, yes.

[55:28] Ashley James:  And then you finally found it. It’s because it hadn’t been published yet. And you were like, “Okay guys, listen here. There’s something here called timing. I know you like date using guides were on a different plain but time is relevant but for us.”

[55:41] Eric Thorton:  Five years looking for a book.

[55:43] Ashley James: Five years looking for a book that hadn’t been published yet.

[55:48] Eric Thorton:  It was being developed and written and they wanted me to have it. [Laughter] They were looking at the future and it’s there because someone was writing and it was going be down one day. It was the book, Animals Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer. I believe it is. Anyway, it was like, he was developing the book.

[56:13] Ashley James:  That’s funny. So they gave you the name by a photon which is a layer of the aura. What is it?

[56:20] Eric Thorton:  The bio photon affects it’s the – the reason that word is chosen it was been chosen by other people as well other guides because that’s what they’ve got. It’s the very specifically, the energy that is being radiated from the nucleus of every cell. It’s what give your body heat. Your self-producing energy using a different protein molecules. Where there’s amino acids, for example the L-Theanine, I think it is. I may have it wrong. Attaches to the end of the double helix when its ready to divide, it really plugs in like a receptacle like you’re plugging something into a wall receptacle. It feeds this the double helix and it starts to spin at the speed of light creating heat. In the bio photon, we can see that. See what is developing specifically, how the cells are dividing, what genes are being activated, what’s not and you can bring the body back to the information of something being new like you’re a newborn.

[57:47] Ashley James: Like the blueprints of perfect health and healing.

[57:52] Eric Thorton:  Right. So you take the bio photon field and you’ll see, right in there you’ll see little subtle like little switches the bio photon field I see it is more like a cloud but not negative. Not something bad. It’s telling me the health of the reproduction of every cell and every gene that’s being activated and isn’t. There’s a lot of information there. Healers can be used to modify that to bring it back to innocence. The body isn’t innocent anymore because it’s not a newborn. The body has this frequency you adjust the bio photon to bring it back to the innocent level and the body starts going, “Oh, I need to go that direction.” This is one of the ways you can get the body to heal itself is by you’re not only going in and do whatever the guide just saying on the very subtle levels and major levels but at the end of the session, we take the bio photon field and restore it to innocence. And you’ll see at the end of the session, I stand behind you and above you, you’re laying down, I stand behind your head and I literally just take this energy and wipe that bio photon field to make it innocent again. Then any healing that is in there will remain longer because the healing is also innocent like the bio photon field. If you want something like if a person has cancer, sometimes it heals overnight. Spontaneous healing with the work we do.

[59:43] Ashley James: Like with your brother.

[59:44] Eric Thorton: Like with my brother and a number of other people that we’ve been through. Sometimes it’s a progression and that bio photon field has got to remain separate in a healthy form whether it’s adopting the frequencies of the cancer. You keep that bio photon field innocent so the body starts going, “Oh, this cancer cell doesn’t belong.” It starts to recognize that that doesn’t belong and then the body will attack it and get rid of it. That’s ultimately how you have to cure cancer and if the body just won’t do it. It’s because it’s their time to go. It’s obvious and because if it’s your time to check out, if you get cancer and you’re going to check out that way, I don’t recommend it. If you’re going to check out that way that aren’t going to change it. I’m not going to allow it because that’s how you’re supposed to die. We look at that as humans and the animal parts of us looks at that as panic. The aura field would change from that. That’s the worst thing you’ll do because it puts out all that negative energy you’ll never if you learn the lesson form the cancer it won’t change because you got panic in it. You don’t own your cancer.

[01:01:08] Ashley James: Just to clarify. If someone has, it’s their life’s path and they chose before they came here. This is how they want to go, they want to go from cancer there’s nothing we can do. That’s how they decided it they want to go –


[01:01:23] Eric Thorton: In the end result.

[01:01:26] Ashley James: Right. But if someone has cancer and they didn’t chose but that’s how they go. You have cancer and they can live another 50 years but they’ve got to get rid of the cancer. You’re saying that if there’s panic in the aura, because the animal part of our body’s freaking out word about death and resisting and panicking about it even if they gained the positive learnings and do the emotional healing work that healing won’t take place in the body because the panic in the aura is still present.

[01:02:02] Eric Thorton:  Right.That’s why we have to sometimes in the work we do, we give people homework, we give people suggestions on how to get the deep subconscious to not panic.

[01:02:17] Ashley James: When you’re saying we, you’re talking you and the guides?

[01:02:20] Eric Thorton:   And the guides. Whenever I use the word we, I’m not deferring from me. I’m including me. Because a lot of times people use we as a mental illness.

[01:02:27] Ashley James: No. I didn’t mean that.

[01:02:28] Eric Thorton:   I’m using it as literally a “we”. Got myself and the guides. As a therapist, I know that can be a disassociate disorder. This isn’t that.

[01:02:43] Ashley James: Like “we” as in you and the person you’re healing. I’m just clarifying, or “we” as in all healer?

[01:02:52] Eric Thorton:   No, me and the guides and angels. Right. Their job if there’s time because if that person has cancer and they’re not able to get rid of it and they’re not really generally have to die from it. There’s still the back log of past life and learning that’s preventing them currently form being able to not own that cancer from being able to get rid of it and it’s also subconscious. One of the things science has finally discovered. Things like mushrooms and the alistine. Even MD, whatever they call it, it’s ecstasy. They have hallucigens. In therapeutic amounts, it can open up that subconscious mind.

[01:03:41] Ashley James: With a doctor, with a therapist.

[01:03:43] Eric Thorton:  With a doctor and a therapist definitely. [Crosstalk] You don’t go and do it on your own.

[01:03:49] Ashley James: There are therapies in which they think this is they give them therapy dose or alistine or mushrooms or ecstasy but it’s a different dose than someone probably high from it.

[01:04:00] Eric Thorton:   You don’t get high from it.

[01:04:01] Ashley James: Very minimal. It opens up the brain.

[01:04:06] Eric Thorton: It opens up the subconscious mind to subtleties that they’re so distant and foreign to you that you can’t go there. It just won’t allow you to go there on a personal talk therapy situation and typical healing session. This is where guides will go in and go into those levels and go, “Okay, they’ll go into those levels and they’ll go into the bio photon electromagnetic and go into what’s affecting the DNA subconsciously that’s so far back that you can’t get through it. Bring that forward and then all of a sudden physical changes take place. I’ll use me as an example. I did the therapy and the first time I did it, I saw myself canned in a jar. I was a kid it was when my brother died. It’s on my book. I took everything prior to my brother dying including my memories and I canned them. I had no idea but it’s a coping mechanism, my subconscious mind did so I could be in the moment when my brother died instead of being in the tragedy of losing this whole life. It blocked out all the joy we had, all the interaction in the family so I could be in the here and now and my brain could heal itself for this major tragedy. Here I’m 58 years old and I still have my childhood memories and I don’t know why. I’ve had many therapies worked with me, I’ve had many healers work with me. It’s just my systems wasn’t going to go there because it was content with it. It’s like scar tissues if your body doesn’t recognize it anymore, it’s content with it. It’s not up to be healed. But I still didn’t have the memories. This came up and I took this out and we did EMDR lifestyle integration etc. with it and did the other energetic work with it as well and literally all my childhood memories are back. Every single one of them. The system had taken it. The aura field had taken it in. That’s okay, right there. I don’t have to deal with that in a jar on a shelf. It’s okay.

[01:07:02] Ashley James: I had the same thing happen to me at my mom’s death. There’s a huge chunk of my life missing. Over time, also it’s too painful to go back, think about her before she died for a good while I’ve had a lot of emotional work. But I had a friend from childhood ask me, “Do you remember such and such..” I’m like, the entire part of my life’s like. My brain was like, “This is too painful. Putting it away for later.” Yes, you did this therapeutic mushrooms basically with a doctor and you don’t get high from it. It opens up the brain, the unconscious and let’s you work on things and heal things.

[01:07:51] Eric Thorton:  That we haven’t been able to get to because the body is content with it.

[01:07:55] Ashley James: How is that? When the brain suppresses memories, how was that related to the aura field?

[01:08:04] Eric Thorton:   It’s suppressing the aura field.

[01:08:05] Ashley James: So you could see it in your aura field or other?

[01:08:08] Eric Thorton:  I could see it. I could look at it. I couldn’t get the knowledge from it. I knew it was there because it’s the work I do that type of thing, I talked about it. I processed my brother death etc. it just the body say, “We don’t have to go there.” because it was a defense mechanism.

[01:08:32] Ashley James: When you look at someone’s aura field, can you see trauma? Emotional trauma from the past?

[01:08:36] Eric Thorton:  If we turn that on, yes. We have to turn on the layers and so depends whether guides lead me. Sometime they would lead me to that level in session. Sometimes they don’t. It depends they have to do the combination that’s going to unlock the person and that’s not necessary to open it up and have them become aware and enlighten the conscious. It’s not necessary to open that up.

[01:09:06] Ashley James:  When we clear the bio photon field within our aura, is that you’re saying that that is the level which we can hold on disease? The whole aura can hold on to the disease.

[01:09:20] Eric Thorton:  Yes. The whole aura can hold on to the disease. Each layer you might call it. For the sake of discussion, we call them layers. They’re all intermingled. It’s like the way the aura field works is like if you had a room full of balls. Basketballs. They’re all touching but they’re not combining. One basketball is yellow, one basketball is red, one basketball is green, one is bright green. They don’t combine. They can all exist in the same space without combining. When people say the aura is this specific color or shakra is this specific color. Well, they’re all seeing the red basketballs, they’re not seeing the green ones in it or the yellow ones in it. Our aura field is dynamic. There is no specific color to a specific anything. It depends on what is going on with it at that moment. If you’re angry, your liver’s fired up because you’re angry from something from long time ago in the current moment that’s going to have red basketballs versus green ones if you want to say it. But they’re all there but they do not combine. It’s like when we go with that bio photon, we’re taking out the I’m trying to get an analogy that would work for that. We’re taking out the stench. That’s kind of weird I get. Like the red basketballs they’re going to be angry, frustrated just like the other. While all the red basketballs but they don’t have to be active. So we wipe out the stench you may say so they’ll becomes the same smelling and everything starts working together again. They all become the same frequency but they’re also red basketballs, green basketballs, yellow basketballs. When the red ones are standing out, I hear that goes, “Oh, this person has anger. This person had a possession in this part of the aura field.” Because you’re looking at what it’s doing, what it’s reflecting. How it’s being affected by the energy. When I go through at the end of the sessions we go through and we clear that bio photon, it brings it up to date to what’s just been done in the body and in the aura field it brings all up to date and the healing will continue far longer after they leave the space. That particular dynamics of that aura field. Now the aura field also goes inward. You hear about the inner shakras.

[01:12:14] Ashley James: I thought shakras were in the body anyway? They’re in and out or they go through the whole body.

[01:12:19] Eric Thorton:  They go through the whole body but the inward shakra – Shakras are part of the energy of the body the physical energy of the body and when they join with the soul’s physical energy. Within that dynamic they’re separate from your body. The aura reaches out. Can reach out for miles and miles depending on what needs to be done. Like if you’re a scout out looking for an enemy, it‘s going to reach out for 30 miles and have you, “Oh, I need to head to that direction.” Or if you’re in the supermarket doesn’t need to go out that far.

[01:12:57] Ashley James: I’m looking for the pickles. [Laughter]

[01:12:59] Eric Thorton:  It’s not this aisle. “Oh yes, it’s right here.” It’s dynamic, it giving you information, and the clearer that is the more accurate it’s going to be. The inner shakra is the exact same thing except it gets smaller and smaller and smaller. If you think about the analogy they’ve shown it on Facebook you get this things, it shows a cell on the earth they start expanding that into the full universe.

[01:13:28] Ashley James: Oh, the video.

[01:13:31] Eric Thorton:  Right. Same thing goes inward. You’ve got to get to bio photon in the inwards side as well not just with that here. You’ve got it’s like you’ve got a horizon line in the middle of your aura field. What’s inward and what is outward. They’re both equally important. This is the part of healing that I haven’t heard anybody do at this point where they’re actually balancing both sides of this horizon line like [Inaudible 01:14:04]

[01:14:05] Ashley James: The aura that’s inside our body versus outside.

[01:14:09] Eric Thorton:  Is the same as the outside but it’s going inward.

[01:14:15] Ashley James:  In each cell?

[01:14:17] Eric Thorton:  Into each cell. This is a hard concept for humans and science to really understand because we think of things physically. The aura field exists in what science would call the non-physical space. It’s not. It’s very physical. But we think of things when they get smaller as contacting and actually being smaller. They’re not. It’s just to the human way of thinking, it’s getting smaller. It’s just as big as the universe. If you don’t work with both sides of that at some point, the healings aren’t going to hold. If they have the possibility of holding. They will not hold because you’ve got one portion that’s one frequency now that’s really healthy and the inwards portion that’s not. You have to balance the bio photon for example on both sides of the middle point where it exists. Otherwise, it’s not going to hold. so it’s not going to be as effective in changing the cells of the physical body.


[01:15:37] Ashley James: How do we do that? How do we make sure that our outward inward auras are balanced?

[01:15:46] Eric Thorton:  Well, part of my process with talking to the public is to put it out there because people have different points of view and if they know like with Reiki, if you know there’s something there you can affect it with intention. You can affect it with knowledge as well and if people start looking at that inner part you’re going to get a million people’s ideas on how to approach that and then you’re going to get a better healing process throughout the planet. I have one person’s assets of healing. I love other people’s aspect of healing. I love it, people’s aspect of healing because it’s so interesting from their point of view of the same thing. That’s how you get a body of information. The body of information so far has been on the aura field that we look outward at. So far there’s not a lot of body of information from the aura field of what is inward. I mentioned it from people from time to time so they can have it in their head so that they can start getting information for that. I don’t know how to teach that.

[01:16:56] Ashley James: Yet. But you do. You do teach –

[01:17:01] Eric Thorton:  Just putting it out there is teaching.

[01:17:04] Ashley James: Sure. You mentored people one on one who are healers.

[01:17:10] Eric Thorton:  Who are healers and I can teach them when their site opens up to that level how to use that and they will use that through their expression which is different with mine and the knowledge continues to open up to it. It’s fantastic to watch something like that develop. Because that’s what were supposed to do as healers is pulling out these different aspects and then find out the whole. That’s like I say that’s what I hope to be doing by some of this interviews and talks I do. I’m going to die. This body’s going to die.

[01:17:52] Ashley James: Eventually. Moving to another realm.

[01:17:54] Eric Thorton:  Maybe. Maybe not. You know, to me it’s great whatever happens. It’s going to do that. I’d like to come back to a better place. There’s a little bit of ego for me if I keep putting it out there people, are going to go, “Oh” and they’re going to mix in their perspective and it’s going to bring out this massive knowledge of information by all these people’s perspective. So yes, it’s a challenge to people. Let’s look at the inner auras. The inner auras of the shakras and the inner auras of every cell and the inner auras of every atom and see what can be done with that. Now things that affect all the way around are sound. Sound affects the inner and outer of auras. There’s some really dynamic people that do a lot of sound therapy. If you can find the tune for that person it really harmonizes both sides of that horizon line which we call the body. The inner and the outer. That’s fascinating to watch. I was just in talking with a guy a couple of days ago, and he does sound therapy. He thinks he has a gift. The guy was totally left brain scientific mind and he got told by a NASA engineer that he was gifted. He knew how to pull sounds together to make music that were extremely harmonizing and healing. It’s fascinating. Talk to the guy.

[01:19:39] Ashley James: Does he sell his music?

[01:19:42] Eric Thorton:  He does. I might give him your name and stuff so that you can interview him and he’s in California. I’m totally drawing a blank out of his name right now because I’d like to give him a little boost. It was this guy we used to have a couple of hours conversation and we talked and we checked see if we can work with each other things like that. The sound therapy can help get into those little packages up on the wall that the body has said, “Okay, its fine up on my wall. We’ll just leave it there.” It can help bring that out into light of day so we can deal with it. It needs to be in a professional way because if something comes out and you’re processing on your own, you have no idea how to do that. It goes right back on to the wall. You need to have someone to help you walk though it that’s trained on some level to do that. Anyway, this levels of the aura field are definitely reflecting the root base causes of the end results of illness we have. Like a sore arm, in result of all these other things. Depending on the sight, sound ability, gift ability of the practitioner is how far back you get. I can say everything affects the aura field. As we get into the what would be the right, the aspects of the aura field that affects us every single day that we all use every single day. If you bring a let’s say a person is allergic to corn. If he bring corn close to the aura field, it’s going to react or if you pull in the idea of corn, it’s going to react. This is where dowsing contest strength testing. Contest if you’re weak or strong with corn. It’s affecting the aura field. The aura of the corn is affecting your aura field and if you’re allergic to it. It makes you physically weak.

[01:22:08] Ashley James: I was in, I think it’s called Janell’s Gluten-Free Market in Woodinville. We were grabbing something because our whole family is gluten–free but we don’t eat processed food that often but we are getting something for our son that we couldn’t find anywhere else because they have vegan bread there because he has egg and dairy allergy and so they have gluten free vegan bread. It’s just hard to find and this one woman was saying that she’s allergic to XYZ and there’s always breads and she didn’t know which one would be good for her and I asked her, “Have you ever done muscle testing?” and she looked at me like I had two heads and she was open to it. I said, “Okay, well of course.” The clerk behind, oh man, he gave a look. He was afraid like I was about to grow two heads. [Crosstalk]

[01:23:05] Eric Thorton:  A big worm comes out of your stomach. [Laughter]

[01:23:06] Ashley James: Exactly. He was looking at me like very afraid. She put down her basket and I said, “Okay.” I showed her. I said, “Put your arm out beside you.” and I pushed on it just to show her there’s so much pressure. I’m going to push and said, “Think of something you hate.” and I pushed down and her arm becomes weak and I said, “Think about something you love.” pushed on her arm and it becomes strong. I said, “Okay now, close your eyes.” I handed her one of the loaves of bread so she couldn’t be biased, she’d know which one I handed her and I pushed on her arm and then we did it with the other one. I think we might have tested three but she was amazed that the one where her arm went weak and she was just holding her arm and also she couldn’t even hold her arm up anymore. As I was putting very little pressure on and that’s muscle testing. There’s always the concern that there’s biased because I could be pushing five pounds of weight with the other because I have unconscious biased towards what brand is better.

[01:24:11] Eric Thorton:  That’s why you can’t sell a product and use muscle testing. I hear biased.

[01:24:19] Ashley James: Because you’re biased right? Because you might believe you’re going to push more but if there’s was some way to do muscle testing where either person didn’t know what it was.

[01:24:29] Eric Thorton:  That’s right. Exactly. That’s why muscle testing affects the aura field so much it is unbelievable. This is where we get –

[01:24:36] Ashley James: You mean the aura affects muscle testing.

[01:24:39] Eric Thorton:  The aura affects muscle testing and the products that you’re testing for or the ideas that you’re testing for affects the aura. Which gives you the strength or the weakness. Well, let’s apply that a little farther with the aura field. If a loaf of bread, you can test a loaf of bread and this is why, I’m going to digress for a moment. This is the very reason why I do whole food plant-based.

[01:25:08] Ashley James: Just for those who don’t know what that is. You eat a whole food plant-based diet meaning, not only are you vegan but you choose to not eat processed foods. Because lots of vegans out there that eat beyond burger. Plant-based whole food meaning food that’s whole form not processed and plant-based meaning far from animals. I’ve had a lot of interviews about whole food plant-based  that’s what I eat and my husband eats and we do our best. Usually we have something out of a can or whatever but some processed foods the more whole food the more non adulterated –

[01:25:51] Eric Thorton:  You’re not sucking a nutrient out of something. Like olive oils great for you and olives.

[01:25:55] Ashley James: Eat the whole freaking olive. Don’t squeeze the oil out of it because you’re removing the fiber and anytime you remove the fiber –

[01:26:03] Eric Thorton:  But it’s not only that. Your body doesn’t know what to do with oil versus oil in the olive with the whole ingredient. Your body can digest an entire olive. The oil is water soluble, you pull the oil out of it, it is no longer water-soluble and the body doesn’t have an idea what to do with it. We need the EFAs, the DHAs and all those stuff from the olive oils the omegas but those are chemicals. They’re not oil. You can get them other ways by eating the olive one way.

[01:26:33] Ashley James: One of the reasons why you chose to eat whole foods plant-based?

[01:26:36] Eric Thorton: Right. It’s because of the aura field. If you said the vitamin C, it’s not going to work for me if I take it in pill form and you test it you’re going to be weak with the vitamin C that comes from an orange but you’d be strong with it that comes from pill. Because of your belief system.

[01:27:00] Ashley James: Your belief system affects your aura.

[01:27:04] Eric Thorton:  Correct. This is why reductionism is a vicious cycle. If you say you need magnesium for something which we do, but if you believe that you have to take it in a pill form, when you eat the mushroom which is the highest source of magnesium your body won’t use it. It’ll only use the magnesium in the – some of the magnesium you take in a capsule form but the mushroom form is a thousand times better than the capsule form. In other words, we literally change according to our thought process, our aura field changes. Reductionism which is plain, it’s taking a product and taking  specific thing out of it saying this is what’s good for you and that instead of eating the entire product. If you need vitamin C, if you eat an apple to get your vitamin C while scientifically the apple has 50mg of vitamin C in it but if you eat the whole apple because all the dynamic is in that apple for making vitamin C, when you eat the whole apple you’ll have a 1500mg raise in vitamin C in your bloodstream. Not 50 or science can only see 50mg of it because your body uses, the aura field uses all the information in the apple to produce what your body needs. Dr. Yeo something who got a Pulitzer Prize for this study over 20 years over 300,000 people watching whole food versus broken down foods does in your body. Your whole aura field changes. When you put a vitamin C pill in you, your aura field doesn’t know what to do with it or you put an apple in your aura field, your body doesn’ t know what to do with it. The whole piece of vitamin C or vitamin A or this subtle thing here, so many people are selling products to make money because if it’s vitamin C and an apple’s good for you, let’s pull it out and get it in pill form so I can make money out of it. Because there’s no money in selling apple except to farmers and middle man. There’s no money for anybody else, you sit here and reductionism takes this object and makes it foreign to your aura field and it has no idea what to do with it so your body doesn’t pay attention.

[01:29:41] Ashley James: 90% at the grocery store really confuses the aura field. All the processed foods.

[01:29:47] Eric Thorton:  Totally. That’s why you hear people saying we need to eat seasonally partially, we need to because squash digest better in the fall that it does in the spring because of the aura of the squash. It’s ripe, it’s ready, it’s fresh. You go out you kick that like your zucchini it’s so much different than something sitting around for 6 months then coming out in the spring. Squash in the spring is very different energetically than squash in the fall. Your body will get very different things from it because the aura field tells your body how to digest it. Things that are reduced your aura field has no idea what to do with it. You watch someone eat something inorganic or you watch someone eat something that is reduced and their aura field just gets confused. It has no idea. You get some of it but you don’t get that mm feeling inside of you. It just it feels so good.

[01:30:52] Ashley James: Like the soup I brought today?

[01:30:52] Eric Thorton:  Just like the soup you brought today.

[01:30:55] Ashley James: I’ll include the recipe. I’ve made a soup right before coming here and put it in mason jars and we’ve been drinking it before the interview and it’s amazing. No oil, no salt. It’s creamy and it’s rich and it’s so delicious.

[01:31:10] And it’s full of flavors.

[01:31:11] Ashley James: And full of nutrition.

[01:31:12] Eric Thorton:  And all that affects your aura field. That’s a particular one. You’ve figured out a formula for helping to wake you up. It’s just you wanted something this morning that would wake you up so your aura field tuned in to that. What was in the refrigerator and in your spice cup and everything. You start dumping it together and you came up for this elixir for the interview so were both awake and everything for the interview. That’s all aura field. It’s telling you what to put in that.

[01:31:44] Ashley James:  I feel like when we have that discussion of quantum physics, it’s like the chicken and the egg. Our body and our soul are producing the aura field but it feels like the aura field has a life of it’s own.

[01:32:03] Eric Thorton:  They both have dynamics of their own but they are dependent on when the souls portion of the body has come together it creates life. It creates the dynamic of life and the flow of that. Everything affects that flow. That maybe what you’re talking about that dynamic it’s when they’re in harmony, that’s when you are in best health. When you’re in to do something that’s into the system whether it’s a thought or a chemical or a reduced something, it just causes static. It’s telling you to alert. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it. it’s like when you get and people who aren’t sensitive don’t know this but when you take a let’s just use food, when you take food that is raised organic and raised by a living hands, it digest differently than organic, raised on a safe way, giant safe way farm versus inorganic. Yes. Better to have the safe way than to have the inorganic but you can literally feel the way it changes your mood. If you would’ve taken this lovely soup you made this morning and you would’ve put safe way zucchini in it –

[01:33:43] Ashley James: Instead of the you pick farm –

[01:33:44] Eric Thorton:  Yes, Exactly. It would be a different way. It affected us here today because the aura field has to deal with that. It changes it. It changes it completely. It changes the pheromones. It changes the alertness in the brain. It changes the feeling of well-being throughout your body. I tell people the closer to nature and the more loving anything is, the better it is for your body. It’s always best to eat the best quality you can possibly afford because I can say it’s better to have safe organic than not. Anyway, the aura field is part of your defense system. We talked about your immune system but it is when you have a foreign object in your aura field, foreign auras, foreign energy. Your field it can alert your immune system then it can also alert you to safety. This is why all mammals have this. Fish have a little different thing going on they’re not a mammal. Lizards and things like that. The cold blooded animals that are heated by their environment have a different type of aura field and they’re not as attuned. A fish has feelings nerve feelings but they don’t perceive things as someone’s going to cut my head off I bite that hook. It’s like, their nerve feelings if you took if you went fishing and you took the fish out of the water you’d be it’s still breathing because it still has moisture in its gills so it’s getting oxygen but it doesn’t have the ability to have fear. If you took – it’s going to get gross for a minute. kind of how we go on this subject but it’s going to get gross for a minute, if you sit there and if you’re going to behead a human, you have all this dynamic in the aura field and everything that takes place if that’s going happen versus a fish it’s like [Inaudible 01:36:08] dead. There just simply isn’t the perception and the ability that aura field to pick up on this type of thing. It still is different to damage to kill a fish than it is to cut a human.

[01:36:25] Ashley James: They experience it differently.

[01:36:27] Eric Thorton:  They experience it totally different. The aura experience it differently. The soul of the fish experiences it differently. It doesn’t hold resentment. It’s not going to affect them in the next life. They’re not going to be afraid of that fishhook in the next life as if they come back as a fish again. It’s because they never were afraid of it. That part of the aura field that brings us into memory. They don’t have a brain to do that.

[01:36:59] Ashley James: We can become afraid of accidents in the next life because you’re beheaded in the previous life and you can retain that.

[01:37:06] Eric Thorton:  We retain that very much so.

[01:37:09] Ashley James: Because you mentioned that our aura field also exhibits our past life experiences.

[01:37:14] Eric Thorton: Experiences. When you tap in the past life experiences, the aura field let’s say, a person was, I’ll go back to what I had. My brother died, I hang the stuff on the shelf, it was there I pretended I died it was still there. The next life, I come in that’s on the shelf I have no – in that life my bother may be hadn’t died and so it’s foreign object to me on that shelf. I have no way of even attaching to it but when maybe a friend’s brother dies and you start realizing your own mortality because of that then it wakes up because the aura field has now taken on the idea of death and it taps into past life. You now have unresolved death. Right around death unresolved ones and it picks up on that bottle that I had put on the shelf an all of a sudden I lose that memory of that life of the childhood. That’s how past life can affect us. It changes the aura field goes, “Oh my god, okay, stay. Keep that away. That’ll cause harm.” Memory of childhood causes harm if there’s early childhood death in the family and it’ll literally shut down off in the next life. And you go to therapist and he go, “Why?” I don’t know. No trauma’s ever happened. There must’ve been a trauma. You show all the signs of having trauma. Or I’ve never had a trauma. I’ve never anyone died never been abused. Whatever it was. Never had it and the therapist saying “You’re nuts.” because you’re literally showing all the signs of the trauma. It happens with rape situations from past life. People die when they’re being raped and then in the next life they don’t have a memory of it so the therapist will blame Dad or blame a brother when it was actually past life.

 It’s in the aura field that it was Dad or brother in the past life. A different dad or different brother in the past life. It’s brought in from the aura field as suppressed memory but it’s from different life and there’s no way to distinguish that for typical psychologist to distinguish that. The aura field it picks up on those subtleties to stay safe. This is picks up in my next life I haven’t processed this life stuff with my little brother it doesn’t want to have that pain again. The neighbor kids, the neighbor’s family, a person dies wake it up with me, “Don’t go there. You don’t want anyone to die.” he start getting this unreasonable fears we call them. So then the work we do, we can go back to that. Why they have this unreasonable fears. We’ve proven there’s nothing in this life that would cause those fears that is past life. Then you look at the aura field and you start going into the inner shakras or the other way where I’m directed to find those subtleties. They’re not for this life. They’re from the different life and then you pick those off the shelf and you look at those and you release it and you process it and then it release this current life from those feelings and you’ve processed, you’ve learned from it and it finishes that issues from past life and in that subsequent life after that life. You won’t have problems with it. Because you fully were able to deal with it.

If in this life you weren’t able to get back to it, the following life it will happen too. We call this process karma. It’s not right or wrong it’s what you need to learn. I hadn’t learned yet it was still on the shelf. So that’ll keep coming to me again and again in future lives until I learned what was on the shelf. That is karma. It’s the learning process. It is people mix the idea of person and they’re very different. Send me, you missed the boat, you screwed up. You damaged yourself for somebody else. Karma is just learning. It can be found in the aura field.

[01:41:37] Ashley James: Very cool. So now, we got three layers and again not layers like a parfait layer like a –

[01:41:44] Eric Thorton: They’re distinct layer within the same –

[01:41:45] Ashley James: I was going to say smoothie.

[01:41:46] Eric Thorton:  Layers like a smoothie. Distinct molecule within the same jar. There’s another layer we call the Etheric layer. So far, we’ve been doing with what we call the astral layers. The layer one is very connected between the soul and the body and it’s very much to do with the physical life on the planet. Etheric is the soul’s portion of the aura. That gives you a whole another set of abilities and aspect to which to draw from for healing. Like for Etheric like astral travel people are travelling within the planet, you can learn people can be taught to astral travel and they can get real time information. Third travel is when you go out into the universe. You can travel that part of your soul can travel light years in seconds, in milliseconds. That’s one of the amazing dynamic things of the human soul in that aura field. This is how people will eventually time travel or eventually hit works. You don’t bring your body with you, that stays behind, the body cannot withstand those forces. But the soul can. Literally you can travel completely across the universe in milliseconds and this is one of the things that other species you might say are very jealous of with the human existence.


[01:43:32] Ashley James: You didn’t want to say the word, aliens.

[01:43:34] Eric Thorton:  No, I didn’t. [Laughter] this is one of the things they study with humans is how do we project that way and get real time information. Now there is no way to prove it except when you’re travelling etherically with somebody. Then you’re both seeing the same things. Then you say, “Oh, yes. I see that rock over here. I see this type of plant over here.” or “I see this type of lifeform over here.” You’re both talking about the same thing.

[01:44:10] Ashley James: We could both travel to mars and see the –

[01:44:15] Eric Thorton:  The polar iced caps.

[01:44:16] Ashley James: Or the robot on mars and read the serial number.

[01:44:19] Eric Thorton:  Yes. When you get good at it, you can get down with that detail.

[01:44:24] Ashley James: Then you can call up NASA and see if you’re right.

[01:44:26] Eric Thorton:  Yes. You can. If there’s a way to verify it. It’d be very interesting. That would be the way to do it.

[01:44:33] Ashley James: When I was a teenager, my boyfriend Ryan, who became a really good friend, still is. He lived in Newmarket and I lived in North York which is, it’s about 45 minutes away from me in Ontario. He was reading a book or something in astral travel. I’m one of those people that kind like reads the first chapter and thinks I can do it. I don’t need to read. I got it. okay, I’m going to meditate and I’m going to do this thing. I’d sat on the floor because I thought id have to have yoga positon with my knees crossed and I closed my eyes. I imagined a big vortex of light opening above me and I went in it. I ended up floating right outside Ryan’s window. Of course, I could be just totally making this up in my head but it was really cool. I decided it was maybe 6pm, I remember it was like November because it was already dark outside and I’m floating above it outside his window. We’re teenagers so we don’t go to bed early. It was 6pm, it’s young and it’s not late at night. His lights were on in his room and he was asleep on top of his bed. He had taken a nap. I floated inside and I could smell his big citronella plant in his room and I can smell it. I liked it. He liked it. I can actually smell citronella and I floated right up over him and checked out the scene. His lights were on I could see everything in his room and then I came back and so now I called him. I came back to my body. I called him. I woke him up and I said, “Were you just sleeping?” And he’s like, “How did you know?” Sure enough. That was my verification for, “Dang. You can really astral travel can’t you?”

[01:46:21] Eric Thorton:  With the aura field giving you feedback. Giving your brain a feedback.

[01:46:27] Ashley James: Well, it’s not like I went and where it’s my aura expanded and totally –

[01:46:29] Eric Thorton:  Yes, your physical body didn’t go there.

[01:46:31] Ashley James:  Oh, no. Of course, I stayed in the bedroom. It’s not like anything left my body. It didn’t?

[01:46:38] Eric Thorton:  No, it didn’t. Only a part of the astral part of the aura field that has the ability to project. That does leave the body.

[01:46:47] Ashley James: So it didn’t just expand?

[01:46:48] Eric Thorton:  No, this is a specific narrow projection. And it’s connected back to you because of frequency. It’s like an emperor penguin baby can always find it’s mom even though they all look the same because it’s a frequency thing. They call it the golden quarter [Inaudible 01:47:05] It’s the frequency. It’s like there you go. You are projecting part of you and people can see your combination of your all your past lives. When people see your astral body, they’re seeing what you brought to. Your history to this body. This is why we reflect some of our genes from our family but we reflect more of past life.

[01:47:41] Ashley James:  That’s how, like my husband is 6 foot 7 and his father’s 6 foot 6 and every single person in the family is barely 5’10. Every person is made of 6 feet tall. It’s just really interesting that they’re, the entire family is all of the average height and this two giants and we don’t know where it came from.

[01:48:11] Eric Thorton:  When I was a kid, the doctor predicted the height of each of my brothers and myself. My brothers, he was right on. He said I was going to be 6 foot 2 and I went “Yes.” but my darn past life I’ve never been over 5 foot 7. So I ended up being 5 foot 6 and a half. [Laughter] And he was right on with everybody else’s but me being the major man at the joints at some point, femur like that and he was perfectly right on but no, my past lives, I have so many past lives and he was out real tall throughout history and I’m still not really tall. I was like, “Come on. Let’s go for three more reaches in the next life. Maybe four.”

[01:48:57] Ashley James: You’ve got to stretch you out in the inversion table.

[01:49:01] Eric Thorton:  But the information from past life told my body that’s how tall you’re supposed to be and we even look similar to what we have in our past life. That’s one of the reasons why we develop according to how much our history was in past life. That’s why oftentimes people like myself, I’m a little chubby I have to deal with past life when I was chubby in order to deal with the current life chubby so I have to stop gaining weight. So you have to deal with that stuff this subtle information that comes forward you have to deal with that in the aura field to get health optimal health in this life and that’s the inner and outer shakras. The astral body I can say is a very narrow section of the current aura field of the very narrow section fo the body’s aura field. It is not the soul’s aura field that projects. It’s the body’s. The soul does the etheric. The body does the astral.

[01:50:14] Ashley James: Astral is like travelling around [Crosstalk] what’s around the earth in time.

[01:50:23] Eric Thorton:  Correct. My mother wanted to actually I might have told the story before but I’m not really sure. She couldn’t light the fireplace she had a free standing stove. And her husband was asleep at that time didn’t want to wake him up, wouldn’t take chill at the house it’s winter time. She wanted to start this fire place or this free standing stove so she called me up and she goes, “Eric, how do you this?” it was a really crappy stove. She’s gotten rid of it since but they had it forever. It had to be a certain way for it to light. Very specific. I’ve never seen anything like it. I astral projected to see what she had done.

[01:51:10] Ashley James: While on the phone?

[01:51:11] Eric Thorton:  While on the phone with her. I’m standing in front of her stove in the astral body.

[01:51:16] Ashley James: She can’t see you?

[01:51:17] Eric Thorton:  She can’t see me. But remember it’s of the physical body so there’s texture to it. I’m standing there in front of the stove and I go, “Well, you stack the wood this way and you got the paper this way and it won’t do it.” I said, “And the vents aren’t right.” So I said, “Turn the vent up this way and turn the stack the end of this way and turn the lower vents open in this way.” and I said, “You need to be quiet because your husband’s behind you sleeping in the chair.” She’s asked, “How the heck do you know that?” and I go, “Well, I’m standing next to you.” And she goes, “Really?” I said, yes. Now my mom’s short you’ve got remember this is physicalness, right? Dumb me. I said, “Take your left arm.” because I was next to her left side. I said, “Walk the elbow against your body.” and I said, “Swing your arm out.” Well, she hit me in the nuts. And I go, “Ugh.” she hit my body. nope. she’s short, she hit my nuts and I went, “Ugh, got stomach ache.” and she was, “Well, it’s warm there.” I’m like, “Yes.” [Laughter] “That’s me. Can you move your hands?” she couldn’t tell where it was. Thank God because it would scar her for life but it was like, “Okay. Move that arm please.” If it weren’t for the etheric, I wouldn’t got that because it’s purely soul.

[01:53:08] Ashley James: The astral you can feel things?

[01:53:12] Eric Thorton:  You can feel things, you can smell things, you can touch things. People can see you. They can feel you because it’s actually physical energy.

[01:53:21] Ashley James: Not all people can see you but people who?

[01:53:24] Eric Thorton:  In the right light, anybody can see you just like seeing your aura field. Which is a good subject segway into teaching people how to see the aura field.

[01:53:34] Ashley James: We should totally do that. To clarify, so the astral bodies that you have just mentioned, the etheric soul part of our energy field you mentioned time travel not because with that part of your body like you said, clear across the universe in seconds but you could also time travel. Is that how we do past life regression?

[01:54:05] Eric Thorton:  Yes. Very good observation. One day, science is going to prove this.

[01:54:12] Ashley James: And we’re not time traveling like to go change the past but –

[01:54:17] Eric Thorton:  No, but you can. Very dangerous.

[01:54:21] Ashley James: Like you can’t stop the holocaust?

[01:54:23] Eric Thorton:  No. You could.

[01:54:23] Ashley James: Really?

[01:54:24] Eric Thorton:  Yes. But then you really should have the first and middle name being God, otherwise, you’re going to create karma. So masters, born masters not someone who’s trying to achieve it have the ability to change what humans call time.

[01:54:48] Ashley James: I do a technique called timeline therapy which people even people who don’t believe in past lives because it’s fun when we do it like, “What am I seeing?” because they’re seeing their past life. We go back to the root cause the first event of their, for example their let’s say they have anger that’s unresolved. Unconscious, unresolved anger from their past that is affecting them and now we go back to the root cause we call it the Gestalt, meaning gestalt is in German is that the chain of all of the events of anger that are unresolved they’re chained together like lights on a Christmas tree. We go back to the first one and they –

[01:55:29] Eric Thorton:  They are actually not going to the first one. You’re going to the first one available.

[01:55:33] Ashley James: The first one that’s unresolved that is –

[01:55:37] Eric Thorton:  Actually, it’s resolved. This is where that therapy gets a little mixed up. And it’s better if you use the right words. You’re going back where all layers. We’re going back to the next one that’s up that you can see. From that statement this is the root cause. You’re actually making a statement the next one you’re seeing you’ve got to get rid of that to get to the next one. You get improvement each time so it’s very legitimate work but you’re going back to the next one that’s available and you don’t see the other so again you think that’s the one and only. It’s not.

[01:56:17] Ashley James: It likes to do that. The clients likes to do that. There’s a way to guide the person because it helps people by saying first to get when I was five. Okay, well –

[01:56:27] Eric Thorton:  Right. You can guide the person to what is up. You can’t get rid of something before a person has done the homework. It will not be up for them. So the person angry as in your example. Maybe they’ve gone to therapist, maybe they’ve gone and they studied it they looked at it. Well then maybe when they really get there. If someone who’s hadn’t done it you can make the next same statement and try to go, “You’re not going to get there.” because they haven’t done the homework otherwise it would cause karma.

[01:56:56] Ashley James: So the one that’s ready to come up. We call the first event. The first event that’s ready to come up. Okay.

[01:57:04] Eric Thorton:  Hopefully it’s the root one because they’ve done their work. And it can be.

[01:57:09] Ashley James:  Yes. We do more work if there’s got issues. When we get to the one that’s the oldest one it’s getting fine. When we get to the oldest one it could be five lifetimes ago, it can also be passed genealogically. So generations ago. And so with five lifetimes ago for example and these oftentimes people don’t believe in past life so I just say, “Let’s go with it.” it’s the unconscious mind’s presenting what it presents but they gain the positive learnings and will be able to release and then get emotions and then come back to now will releasing negative emotions and gain the positive learnings. Gaining that new perspective all the way back to now. Then we work on something in this lifetime. Let’s say, something maybe a divorce that’s still being angry and they feel betrayed whatever at something that happened 15 years ago and every time they think about that time in their life, it’s always there for them. We go back. We do timeline therapy on that event and gaining a new perspective and getting the positive learnings all of a sudden when the anger’s resolved it is as if we do time travel for that person because now they’re perspective has changed so much that the memories changed. That they now see things they don’t remember were even there because it was clouded and so it’s kind of like time travel in a sense because you can have a totally different relationship with your past when you resolve things from there.

[01:58:48] Eric Thorton:  It is the reason why I said something a few minutes ago was because if – this is a new age peeve with me. We’ll make statements that give the new age a bad rep. Like saying we’re going to the root only and where it’s actually the next thing makes a person. Okay, they feel better for a while and then it shows up again and oh, it didn’t work but it did work but the words were used that made them think they were at the root it came back tell you the person was no good or the new age system didn’t work or it makes them doubt themselves and feel unworthy. Where If you just [crosstalk] it creates all the work exactly. Where if you say, “Okay, we’re going to the next thing’s that’s up. If you’ve done all your homework, this is the last thing on that.” if it hasn’t [crosstalk] if there’s the oldest event [crosstalk] that the homework is allowing. Then it doesn’t give the new age a bad reputation or the practitioner. That’s where I find semantics are so important to not make these blank across statements.

[02:00:09]Ashley James: That we’ll do mass generalizations. That’s also where we –

[02:00:12] Eric Thorton:  Oh, we do. And it totally guess something’s up with religion too. We make these thing and we make this up as we go instead of going, okay well, if you’re a healer in some way, and you keep coming up against the same thing with the same person and you keep making this mass statements you’ve lost this person from spirituality. Where it don’t make the mass statements. Let’s say we are  –

[02:00:42] Ashley James: It’s because we’re meaning making machines. We go, “Oh, this means that, this was be –

[02:00:47] Eric Thorton:  We’re trying to be important instead of just, “Well, this is the last thing we’re going to reach for this onion skin. Then this onion skin.” but there’s still onion skin underneath that. It’s like when they make I want to clear my karma for other people for all time. Past and future. But they just make this mass statements about getting down into clearing all the negativity for all time, for all beings, for everything else. That’s a complete ego statement of ignorance and it gives the new age a terrible reputation. We can’t get away from the fact we’re human. We have onion skins. We’ve got them coming up from past life. We’ve got them coming at us from thousand of years of not doing our energetic work and to make this mass statements just gets things back a bad name and it makes me cringe because this people have really great therapeutic abilities and they make this statements and it makes people shy away or think it’s false. So I work really big on semantics and the work we do here. I say, “Okay, this is where we’re going today.” It’s where they’re bringing us and we’ll see if there’s something behind that. It may not show up until next time, it may take two or three times being here to get to these things but it’s like your husband has bubbled up. We went in and we did this major work with him.

[02:02:13] Ashley James: He said he has worked with you twice and each time has been awesome and now, some stuff has come up. I’m glad the first person I thought of was you instead of the doctor or the psychologist or whatever. Right? It’s like I could’ve gone to twenty years for him before we came to you. Luckily, you’re the first person on my mind because I was like, “This is exactly the kind of stuff that Eric works on.” You know what, his first session was better with you. But the second sessions was even better. It was even cooler. Because you had to do the work. You said you had to do the onion layers.

[02:02:45] Eric Thorton:  Right. You have to get rid of the major crap first to evaluate the process. Then leaves you. Then it starts kind of in it.– so then the next time we saw we move its more subtle but more powerful energy and then it leaves the next layer. Then that’s bubbled up for him. See people you took your knowledge and he took his knowledge and project well maybe it was from you or maybe it’s from so and so or this guy or the other. It wasn’t it was from his history. It wasn’t his family I know it’s not his family. We’ll find out what it is.

[02:03:27] Ashley James: I’m really excited. I can’t wait.

[02:03:28] Eric Thorton:  Yes. It’ll be fun to do that because then all of a sudden it’ll change. He hasn’t have this symptoms for very long. So subtle it’ll shift rather quickly.

[02:03:41] Ashley James: Then once he’s done, I’ll share more details.

[02:03:44] Eric Thorton:  Right. You have to get Duffy’s permission too. I looked in his aura field. He asked me to look to see if he needed to come in. I was like “oh, nope that’s up.” Yes, he does and we’ll find out exactly what it is and I tell people the first session is a large over all dump over the wheelbarrow crap. The next sessions is examining why do you have the wheelbarrow and you’re holding on to everything.

[02:04:15] Ashley James: You talked about that a lot in our first interview.

[02:04:18] Eric Thorton:  Exactly. So we’re doing that with him. Let’s see, it’s fun because I get to see and they get to see the changes.

[02:04:29] Ashley James: Returning to the aura, are there any other layers of it that we haven’t covered?

[02:04:35] Eric Thorton:  There’s thousands of layers.

[02:04:36] Ashley James: Really?

[02:04:37] Eric Thorton:  Oh, yes. You can talk about aura field forever. We talked about some major sections of it that needs to be brought up to the light of day and people need to start looking for that. If they start using the actually language and they’re gifted, their guides will find out what it means and I’ll help them use those parts as well. I can talk about these stories forever but one of the things that’s really interesting that we already talked about a little bit was the biases that we all have. There’s a locally there is a group of Naturopaths that work on some very specific disease. I’m not going to name the disease because if people figure out it’ll blew the place. They do a lot of muscle testing, which is very valid if you’re not biased and you’re doing all your homework. One of the doctors I decided to see what all its all about this is when it’s –

[02:05:48] Ashley James: I know exactly what you’re talking about.

[02:05:50] Eric Thorton:  Right. I have one of the doctors work at me at their home. She brought some of the tools that they use for testing at the clinic and she brought home. I see energy, right? One of these is an amplifier. When you do muscle testing it makes it more apparent. I’m looking at that and she’s grabbing the amplifier starts testing me and I go, “Hold on.“ and she goes, “What?” I said, “Your amplifier has been in the room with people with all these diseases it’s on the amplifier. It’s going to show up in your testing in your aura field and you’re going to diagnose me the same way as you did all your other patients.” I said, “Because that disease is now in my aura field because you literally brought it to me so that I’m going to test positive for these disease when it has nothing to do with my body whatsoever. Every single one of the tools you use between patients needs to be put in deionized water. Literally well, released to the atmosphere the dead cells from the previous person you tested.” She looked at me. Now, she already done a bunch of testing on me. I said, “Go wash those.” She went to wash them came back and the testing was completely different. Aura field. It’s this is, if people don’t acknowledge this subtleties the testing is invalid. This is where your own testing for yourself gets invalid too. People strength test for themselves and I do it too. But we’re already biased. We already have the energy of whatever we’re testing of in our brain and in our energy field so you’re going to get and different result then if you take the same information and have someone else put it on a list that you have no idea what it is.

 Let’s say you have choice. Five different diseases you think you might have. You just write them down and you tell the person mixed them up and label them. One, two, three and four or one, two, three, four, five, and six. Six one of them in any order will be none of these. If it picks six, see because you don’t know. You think strength test, is it one, is it two, is it three, is it four, is it five, is it six? I see mine lose at six, it was none of them. I can’t hold that. It was six. It was none of these where the others I’m asking if I have those disease so you are strong if you do. If you don’t it’ll be weak. I got that backwards. It’ll be weak if you have it. It’ll be strong if you don’t have it. When I got to none of the above it was weak, don’t have it. I didn’t know the order so I’m innocent. There’s no bias. If your friend does it for you. Whenever you’re doing strength testing you really should have a friend do it for you and mix up your choices that makes it much more valid and clean it. Clean anything everything you can. That’s one way of cleaning up your subconscious mind by not having no attachment to the things you’re testing for. That’s how you clean up your brain. Clean up the bias. You have no bias to a list that you don’t know to the order of it. It will give you then better information. This is again, your aura field with knowledge or biases. You remove it the aura field is pure again and innocent and you get more accurate information. Anyway, in this process we have to learn to clean our aura field. This is also part of seeing auras.

[02:10:07] Ashley James: Oh, I wanted to say something about that. When I was 15, I read the book The Celestine Prophecy.

[02:10:15] Eric Thorton:  I’ve heard of it. Haven’t read it.

[02:10:17] Ashley James: In the book, The Celestine Prophecy they talk about learning how to see energy. They talk about energy exchange and how when we’re in flow with each other, my energy flowing to you your energy is flowing to me. We’re a circuit. Where as one of us, let’s say couples would start getting resentful cut themselves off from a flow. That anger of resentment cuts the flow off and they get disconnected and that flusters. So we have to learn to be that circuit with each other with the flowing back and forth and they practice with plants in the book. Where they sit with plants and practice giving the plant their energy that flow back and forth. They talk about when it’s a blue sky, when the sun is either early in the morning or late in the evening so the sun’s not right in your face, put your hands up you can start to see. You can actually see the energy field between your fingers if you take your thumb and finger and pinch them together and pull them apart and you can start to see and feel it. Yes, feel it. you could see you could start to see the energy coming of your body like almost like the layer of heat off of the pavement. When I was 15 –

[02:11:43] Eric Thorton:  That’s a hard one to see though. I have an easier way. Okay so again, time of day is a big deal. Dusk. It’s still light out but no bright sun. You need a mirror. Maybe the bathroom if you’ve got some light coming in from an angle not behind you. Light coming in from an angle so the light will come in reflect bounce off your body, reflect into the mirror that’s subtle. So it’s low light but –

[02:12:16] Ashley James: So you didn’t have the lights on in the bathroom?

[02:12:18] Eric Thorton:  No. You just want something that’s coming in through a window and you move the mirror so you get an angle that’s not directed behind you straight into the mirror. You wanted an angle of to your left or of to your right. Then you sit in there in still in the room, you’ve got the light coming in you squint your eyes and you reduce the amount of information by squinting your eyes that the brain is taking in. Your brain takes in all sorts of information for balance, for safety etc. Takes in by saying that this room is pink or that is room is white or how what it’s doing to the aura field and things like that but when you squint your eyes down you’re reducing the amount information that’s coming in and your brain has to start looking at the subtle energies. Literally, you squint your eyes like this and your start seeing the energy around somewhere. Think of all different kinds of colors. It’s not just a little wave or something. It’s actually you start seeing the colors of the aura field. Takes a little practice to let your brain actually acknowledge this thing this feeling because what you’re doing is you’re reducing that light and sound input so your digestive brain starts feeding your main brain. Then that’s when you start seeing all those little colors of the aura field. It took me well, didn’t take it, I’ve seen colors my whole life but that technique took me a time or two to do it. Takes other people maybe 10 or 15 times to start seeing that but you literally go in there one day and you know inadvertently, you go into the room and the lightings that way and you look into the mirror and it’s just all color. You don’t see you at all. Your body. You see all color in there. I used to go, “huh?” and then you look at it again and all of a sudden, your eyes open so this brain starts to work and you started seeing your body in the mirror again. But if you can maintain that where your digestive brain is taking in the material squinting the eyes down you’ll start to see those colors and it’s fascinating. People go, “Wow. I really see that.” And I go, “Okay. So that’s the part that astral travels. That’s the part that we use to project around the planet.”


[02:14:39] Ashley James: If someone’s astral travelling, let’s say I was sitting here eyes closed astral traveling and you looked at me, you wouldn’t see my aura because it’s gone somewhere?

[02:14:48] Eric Thorton:  I wouldn’t see that part of the aura. Sorry, what am I saying. Part, that’s the part that you can astral travel with I just wouldn’t see that part I would see other parts of it but not that real surface part that people begin to see when they first seeing auras. That part of the aura is what picks up on all the things we are talking about. Early warning system and things like that. That is part of the homeostasis. Homeostasic part. And that’s the part that can project out. It helps if you can see it first and then which then you can see the aura and then you can start taking in information from it. You leave your eyes squinted and just listen. It’s amazing what you find. You may see a mouse in the shed. Listen with your eyes and all of a sudden you see this, because there’s so much information there. I naturally do this dance in the work I do. In and out of the body all the time constantly. Now as far as cleaning the aura field. That’s very important because the longer something’s in the aura field the more your frequencies changes to it. We’ve talked about that several times in different ways. If you have anger in your aura field, you’re going to gravitate to it. You can be if its’ there long enough you become the angry person but if you have anger in the aura field and you know you have anger in the aura field from someone else or from your own day, you don’t want to own it, we do this thing, I do this thing called flushing.

 I use descriptive words in my exercise rather than mystical words. Because mystical is ego based thing that says I can’t reach it. but you have to be special to get to the mystical. We’re all mystical. I use the word flushing like flushing the toilet. You press the button and out goes the poop. Well, what a better place to do that than in the shower. You sit in there in the shower, what do you got running? You got water running down over your body giving you the flush and you sit there and you open up your energy field from above your head and you let the other frequencies of the other shakras above you come through, we come that from spirit. We let that flow down through our body like the flushing water out our feet and out goes with it. Everything that is not your frequency. The anger from other people. But if you’re mad about something from someone being angry at you for two or three weeks we need to find out why but if you’re going in with somebody, the person you flush that right out, your defense system is there, there’s no processing, listen to the occasion and out goes their anger completely out of your aura field. You don’t own it yet.

[02:18:12] Ashley James: Can you walk us with the steps?

[02:18:14] Eric Thorton:  Okay, yes. I will be working with someone and each day I do the flushing after each client and –

[02:18:21] Ashley James: You take a shower after a client?

[02:18:22] Eric Thorton:  No, you don’t have to shower. That’s just a good symbol for it. When you’re learning to do it, it’s really nice because you’ve got that flow and it really helps you do it and feel it in your body. But I’ll be sitting there. I’ll be sitting or standing. I don’t want their – maybe I felt their gallbladder or something during the session and my gallbladder doesn’t need to have that information. So I’ll just sit there and flush unless it comes to the gallbladder and out it goes. Out goes their energy. You can visualize this if you want you might want to see their energy as a different color than yours and out goes maybe this blob of brown at your feet. Literally, it is that simple. There isn’t, it is opening the intention and the energy you need 10 thousands of a second, it came to you in 10 thousands of a second. All you’ve got to do it is open the intention and out it will go. It’s showing your spiritual advancement because you know to do that. You’re preserving your body, you’re saying, “Hey, this gallbladder isn’t yours, so let’s get rid of it.” and out it goes. I like to think of I like physicality and I’m a Taurus. Very grounded. I like definitely water going down my body. It doesn’t have to be, it can be clouds, it can be stars, it can be anything. Just the effort of saying, “I’ve got stuff that’s not mine in my system from this person or this situation.” it is always situational with flushing, I was like “I don’t need that.” I just came from the movie it was very intense. All the information that came from the movie screen that I can see. It’s like going to a Rambo movie you come out and you go, ”Oh, yeah.” Its like great, it was great entertainment but you don’t need to go beat someone up because the Rambo movie got you all heat up. This is a way of just getting rid of that energy you’d be surprised how fast you come down.

[02:20:26] Ashley James: You open up the intention you said the shakras above you. Can you explain this?

[02:20:31] Eric Thorton:  The seven shakra is one of many that’s above your head. I’ve been showed hundreds of shakras but we use the main six in most energy work because the other follow along better. If you do something in three you’re going to get affect of the shakras above the seventh and below the first but once in a while you need to use the information from the lesser shakras. I’ve seen a 130 roughly. I don’t remember exactly but above and below combined together. I don’t know how many there are. It depends. It’s the more subtle energy centers. Technically, you can technically say each cell is a shakra. The nucleus of a cell and it really is. Therefore you’ve got billions of shakras but the more they’re away the farther they get away from the first seven because those are the ones that have the dynamic of both the spiritual and the physical. You get away from them, you get information from them.

[02:21:45] Ashley James: It’s like the higher self.

[02:21:46] Eric Thorton:  Right. You don’t want to flush someone else energy through your energy field. You want to flush your own connection to the divine. So it comes through your shakras otherwise you just open it up you just open it up to anyone’s energy.

[02:21:59] Ashley James: Okay, so you’re imagining all of your shakras above your head. All of this divine connection to higher self above your head and you’re imagining that energy from that is flushing down through your body and flushing it out like a shower thinking like a shower in your own divine energy. Flushing out through and just flushing out everything that’s not you out of you. Taking a bath in a shower in you.

[02:22:23] Eric Thorton:  Right, because it’s not your energy. If you’re bringing your energy down a massive form of it something that’s not your energy is going to be repulsed by it. It’s going to push away from it.

[02:22:24] Ashley James: It’s totally awesome. I just did it. It feels really good.

[02:22:48] Eric Thorton:  It does. Tell me what you felt in your feet when you did that. Do it again.

[02:22:59] Ashley James: Well, I feel warm. It was more like feeling an energetic shower in my body.

[02:23:09] Eric Thorton:  Right, and it comes down to your feet. How do your feet feel? Think about it for a moment.

[02:23:20] Ashley James: Maybe there’s like a little bit of like a buzzing underneath them.

[02:23:23] Eric Thorton:  Okay. Do it again. When you’re doing that, what do you feel? Do you feel the water going through your feet?

[02:23:37] Ashley James:  Oh, I feel it. Yes, yes.

[02:23:41] Eric Thorton:  That’s being grounded.

[02:23:44] Ashley James: I can totally. Yes, I can feel it.

[02:23:47] Eric Thorton:  That’s is being grounded. This is how you ground. You can literally –

[02:23:51] Ashley James: I’m wearing shoes right now.

[02:23:53] Eric Thorton:  You don’t have to wear shoes. You can wear them or not. You can be on top of the empire state building at lady liberty and do it. This is how you get your energy. Your physical energy into the planet. The planet takes away our pain and suffering and convert it to positive energy or to negative ions which is healthy for us. Negative ions is good. It’s positive energy negative ions. It’s literally when you do the flushing, you are literally grounding yourself. When you start feeling that movement in your feet it’s because you’ve come up against the earth. It’s all resistance. You feel that movement, you feel that electricity, that buzzing. You feel a weightiness. You feel kind if you have a woof. You don’t know what is.

[02:24:40] Ashley James:  That feeling that you got heavier.

[02:24:41] Eric Thorton:  Right. Like that feeling they got heavier. That’s the sign you’re grounded. If you do the flushing, you don’t feel that do it again. Until you do feel that. You won’t feel that weightiness and that buzzing if there’s still stuff in you. So you keep doing it again. If you don’t feel it, go out and ask a tree to help you.  All their roots are connected into the ground and if you stand on a root which you will if you stand next to  a tree, its connected with the entire root system. It will help clear that aura field.

[02:25:20] Ashley James:  I really felt it. I actually like –

[02:25:24] Eric Thorton:  Even people who are totally etheric can ground themselves with that technique. Totally, the reason why I say, totally etheric which is anyway, uses that word I’m going to explain it real quick. It means it’s not in their body a lot.

[02:25:39] Ashley James: Yes. [Inaudible 02:25:41] which I love. She writes all this books about angels. She can see them and she can see all these entities and she writes all these great books and she has a huge heart. She lives in I think Laguna Miguel or something like that and she says that she had to stop driving in LA because she’s so out of her body she’d totally crash. She’s so out of her body to constantly be in tune with all this energy and energy that her husband was a shaman who wrote that book that you found. I believe.

[02:26:18] Eric Thorton:  Farmer?

[02:26:19] Ashley James: Yes. I’m pretty sure that’s her husband. Who wrote that the animal talk.

[02:26:24] Eric Thorton:  Right. The Animal spirit guides.

[02:26:25] Ashley James: Animal Spirit Guides, yes. He too has to drive her because she can’t. She’s so etheric. So out there. Aries not grounded. When she did this –

[02:26:36] Eric Thorton:  But it’s also male.

[02:26:37] Ashley James: What do you mean?

[02:26:39] Eric Thorton:  The male animal through our history has been forced to be grounded so they can feel the lion or the enemy, even if they’re an Aries, men are physically more grounded to the earth where women are less grounded to the earth, women come in to the subtle energies faster of the etheric energies faster.

[02:27:06] Ashley James: Which helps us as moms to be able to be in tune to the energy of our family.

[02:27:12] Eric Thorton:  Exactly. That is one of the reasons, I’m saying politically incorrect. It’s not me to movement thing or anything else but it’s one of the reasons men drive more is because even if we’re more grounded  even if we’re ungrounded, even if we’re all etheric and we’re out on the universe thinking, still a part of us is essentially looking for that lion. In that more tensed driving situation the female animal will go, “Ugh” sooner than the male animal. Men can do it too but and less grounded men are going to be more, “Ugh” they can’t drive in situation like that either.

[02:27:53] Ashley James: If you want to be able to grounded and drive, do this exercise. Yes. I can feel it. so if she did this exercise would she be grounded and still be able to do the work she does?    

[02:28:07] Eric Thorton:  Yes.

[02:28:09] Ashley James: Very cool.

[02:28:10] Eric Thorton:  She must get used to the change but she can actually do her work better so because she has a place to be around and be at peace.

[02:28:21] Ashley James:  I like it and so I’m imagining because where your intention goes your energy flows and I’m imagining this like all of the over my head and then they all open up and just dump this shower and so it takes, it’s kind of like the filing a big bucket and then empty it. It takes a few second to like from my first intention it takes few seconds and then start feeling it in my body kind of like it took a few secondss for the bucket to empty on to me and the I could feel it going down and I could feel the feeling in my feet. I feel that weighted.

[02:28:59] Eric Thorton:  Weightiness I call it. it’s like a little toss down there.

[02:29:01] Ashley James: It was. It wasn’t continual. It’s like a bucket and then the bucket was done and then you said do it again and I had to do it again just like imagine filing this bucket and then the 170 shakras above my head just went,”- and did this shower.

[02:29:21] Eric Thorton:  And pulsed out the energy that wasn’t yours.

[02:29:22] Ashley James: Like a pulse or like being dumped.

[02:29:25] Eric Thorton:  I like to do it different ways. If I’m laying there in bed, I’d do the real long slow thorough cleaning if you will. If I’m just I’ve got to clear stuff. I’d go, “Poof! In 10th of a second and then different things. If I’m clearing casual energy from clients there’s poof because everyone would vibrate with it at all.

[02:29:51] Ashley James: You can do this with objects on your house? Could you clean your whole house or clean your whole car of energy?

[02:29:58] Eric Thorton:  When you clean your energy field with both people whose name everyone’s name on the house cleans, both cleaning you are cleaning your house, your house reflect your shakras. People ask me all the time, can you clear my house? Yes, I can. Really easy. Expect you’re going to pollute it again. But if we clear you, then your house clears. Some people always asking for the house to clear because they want to divert from doing their own homework. I was like, “No. If this is clear, this house is clear.”

[02:30:33] Ashley James: What comes up for me next is as we vibrate at a higher frequency as we are clear we could become potentially become targets for something or someone that wants to – it’s like tall puppy syndrome or you see that bright shiny person over there? Let’s go kick their dog. In life, there are these people or entities or whatever situation that wants to pull us down like crab in a bucket. Now I have this clean, wonderful squeaky clean aura and I’m about to go out the in the world where someone might be pissed off that you’re just a happy person let’s rain on their parade, how do we energetically protect ourselves?

[02:31:28] Eric Thorton:  Well, that is a form of protection.

[02:31:31] Ashley James: If someone like lashes out, I know you taught us an exercise which listeners have said they absolutely love or the chi ball where you’re just boomeranging it back to them so isn’t staying on you. If you feel like eeky like energetically someone is dumped on your parade, you just do this again?

[02:31:50] Eric Thorton:  Yes, do it again but what it does for you is this. When someone lets say someone is going to let’s get extreme here just for the sake of discussion, someone’s going to shoot at a crowd, if they feel someone with really good innocent energy. They might not shoot up the crowd. It’s not going to force them to do it, it’s going to make them hesitate because you’ve got to remember the subtle even possessions are part of God. And their purpose is to drive you to God. The purpose is to make you agitated so much that you search and you ultimately have to search for God. You have someone like me in a crowd and you have someone or you in a crowd, someone wants to shoot up a crowd. I was just going to stand out a bit and they’re going to be going, “Oh, maybe this isn’t the right crowd.” It doesn’t pull them to it even if it’s possessions because possession’s idea is to get you to God.


[02:33:03] Ashley James:  If this yes, all right. I get it now. When you said this helps us protect us because I had this idea that maybe being having an innocent energy or having a higher frequency clean energy would attract people to wanted to harm it.

[02:33:20] Eric Thorton:  It attracts innocence.

[02:33:23] Ashley James: It sees the opposite.

[02:33:24] Eric Thorton:  Right. It’s like a baby. The baby’s energy is clear. We all go, “Aww, isn’t that nice.” We don’t know why because they’re innocent. When someone with lack of innocence looks at people with innocence, they’re attracted to it. They don’t want to kill it. It actually does more to protect you, than it does to harm you.

[02:33:51] Ashley James: Should someone do this every day when they get home, like once a day?

[02:33:56] Eric Thorton:  Definitely. Yes. If you’re having a rough day at work, do it throughout the day. If you’re having just casual stuff after you give the energy back to the person then you want to flush the energy out because you don’t need the negative connotations that came up because someone’s in a bad mod from your own history. We create our own energy. This person’s got one negative and you start getting pissed off about instead you go, “Oh, that’s their stuff you still have the hormone, you have the reaction, you can flush that right out. Should be down early throughout the day that’s why you use the 10th of a second flush and the longer ceremonial flush. One’s very restorative and one’s just cleaning the crap out. I’ve had my reaction to their crap. That way the body stabilizes and you just don’t need them to turn your day into a bad day. It’s how you stay in the moment. So do the energy exchange with a person with the bad mood and then flush their stuff out and your reaction out to their bad mood.

[02:35:03] Ashley James: And for listeners to learn about what you just said about how to do the energy exchange you’ve got to go back and listen to the first and second interview that we did together. I’m going to make sure that all the interviews we’ve done together are linked to the show notes so that those who haven’t heard all of our episodes can do that. Listeners can also go to learntruehealth.com and search Eric Thorton in the search button to find every episodes that we’ve done together. Start at the beginning and listen to the first episode and the second episode. Just to give an understanding of this –

[02:35:40] Eric Thorton:  It was a big help. I worked for the lady yesterday that had listened to your show and she went back and listened to them all. She got my book and it saved her a lot of time in session. We got a lot deeper because she had learned about things a little bit.

[02:35:57] Ashley James: Nice. She’s probably listening right now.

[02:35:58] Eric Thorton:  She probably is.

[02:35:59] Ashley James: Say hi.

[02:36:00] Eric Thorton:  Hi! [Laughter] That’s like, she literally saved herself pain and suffering and time and cash because we finished instead of 5 or 6 hours of that first session, we finished in the actual four because she’d done a little bit of homework. Anyways, do it. Get the flushing down, do the energy exchange. It makes life way better.

[02:36:24] Ashley James: Awesome. This has been so much fun having you here, Eric.

[02:36:27] Eric Thorton:  Thanks. I love doing this too.

[02:36:30] Ashley James:  We’ve got a whole line up of topics that you’ve come up with. We’ve got a bunch more that we’re going to do together. This is great. Listeners go to ericthorton.com

[02:36:41] Eric Thorton:  Yes. Eric with a C and no middle N on the Thorton.

[02:36:44] Ashley James:  Yes, Eric Thorton.

[02:36:49] Eric Thorton:  Right. Because there is a Thornton too. He gets a lot of crazy emails. [Laughter] “I sent you the email.” “Well, I don’t have it. Look at your address, is there a middle N there?” “Yes.” “Okay, well this guy in Alabama just got your email.” They’re going, “Oh, no.” “Don’t worry. He thinks we’re nuts.” Be sure to either copy and paste it or be sure there’s no middle N.

[02:37:18] Ashley James: Eric Thorton and of course, to everything that Eric does is going to be at the show notes of today’s podcast at the learntruehealth.com. Eric, is there anything left unsaid covering auras? Anything, oh of course I know you could talk for days about that. In the context of this conversation helping people to fully utilize it. We taught them today. Is there anything left to wrap up today’s interview?

[02:37:43] Eric Thorton:  I can’t think of anything specific the reason is because with each person, that would be I would need to talk to each person to see what is in their specific situation that’s preventing them from doing this stuff. That is if a person’s does have a problem with it, they’re unable to achieve these things, we’re saying there’s some work to be done.

[02:38:07] Ashley James: Yes. So do the exercise and if you can’t, if you’re getting like hitting a wall, then talk to Eric. And see what’s going on in there. Absolutely. Awesome. Well, thank you so much, Eric. I can’t wait for you to come back

[02:38:19] Eric Thorton:  Thanks for having me.

[02:38:20] Ashley James: We’ll keep doing this.

[02:38:21] Eric Thorton:  This is great. We’ve got list of topics forever.

[02:38:24] Ashley James: Awesome. Thank you.

[02:38:25] Eric Thorton:  All right. Take care

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