220: Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers and Homeschooling Benefits  

Vaccine dangers have been rising in recent years. More and more parents are now wary of having their child vaccinated.  My guest today, April Boden is a mother of a vaccine-injured child and has another child who developed autism because of vaccines.  In this episode, she narrates her journey as well as the benefits of homeschooling her children.   

The Truth About Vaccines  

Before we dive into the episode, let me invite all you listeners to sign up for Ty Bollinger's, The Truth About Vaccines documentary series.  Running from January 25 to 31, you'll have free access to the videos. You may sign up for the series at www.learntruehealth.com/vaccines.    

The revelations may be alarming. But the whole point of the documentary series is to provide valuable information on how you can take control of your health. If you happen to listen to this episode beyond the showing dates, you can still sign up and be informed once they rerelease the videos for free.  

I thought it was an excellent opportunity to mention Ty Bollinger because my guest today, April Boden, was incidentally featured in his documentary series last September 2016. So check out the series!  

First Baby  

April Boden turned into an anti-vaccine advocate due to her personal experience. Starting with her oldest son who was sickly when he was younger, April Boden first shared her apprehensions over vaccines to her doctor.    

April Boden brought up the information she heard that vaccines, mainly MMR could cause autism. However, her doctor said there was no truth to that rumor, and so April Boden proceeded in having her oldest son vaccinated on schedule.  

It turns out that her oldest son became sickly because of vaccines and even had to have gallbladder surgery when he was seven months old. His chronic sickness was the reason why April Boden decided not to continue with the rest of his vaccine shots.  

Second Baby  

April Boden's second son Aydan was born two years after. Initially a healthy baby, he was already walking at ten months old. He already started talking at a year old, but that was eventually erased after he was given vaccine shots.  

At a little over a year old, Aydan was given MMR, phemmoccocl and chicken pox vaccine all on the same day.  It was also the day when Aydan stopped talking.  Truly a parents' worse nightmare.  

April Boden recalls that they started to see a change in Aydan right away. He got sick, got a high fever for several days and began to act differently after he came out of his sickness.  Then he started walking on his toes and had erratic language.  

“Previously, he had just been starting to talk, so the next time we went to the doctor, I voiced my concerns,” recalls April Boden. “However, the doctor said Aydan was well within the normal range, so she went ahead and gave him his vaccines that day. And that was it. Boom. The language was gone.”  

Gut Issues  

Aydan started to have gut and diarrhea issues and was having a hard time sleeping at night shortly after getting his vaccine shots. Unfortunately, April Boden said that Aydan's doctor merely shrugged it off as going through a phase.  

Half a year later, people close to the family started voicing out their concerns over Aydan's development. Going back to the same doctor for a consultation, that's when Aydan was suspected by the doctor to have autism. That doctor, however, just evaded the question of whether vaccines indeed caused Aydan's autism.  

Early Coping Years   

April Boden was advised by Aydan's doctor to sign up at the Regional Center run by the State of California.  They have psychologists and programs for early intervention therapies for people. Apparently, going through a treatment with a private doctor prolongs medical treatment due to insurance issues.  

“He was about two and a half at the time. When we started the early intervention, he had quite a few hours of intensive therapy. Then he started to regain his language. And we were excited to see some of the improvements,” said April Boden.  

Another Obstacle  

However, California law states that once a child turns three years old, the Regional Center turns over the bulk of the intervention therapy to the school district. That gave April Boden a new reason to worry about since she was not sure if Aydan was ready to go to school.  

“The school assessed him and said he was ready. However, part of the requirement was that they needed Aydan to be vaccinated. So we went ahead despite my reluctance.  We did it, and all the stuff that we regained in therapy was gone,” April Boden said.  

Being Dropped From Insurance  

When Aydan started school, April Boden said her child started displaying unusual behavior. Such as banging his head, getting aggressive and biting is own arm. At this point, April Boden decided that enough is enough.   

“So at this point, I said no more Jedi mindset. This is a vaccine injury and started asking the doctor to help me, like running some allergy tests,” said April Boden. “Shortly after, we got a notice that the doctor dropped our insurance and he could no longer see us as a patient.”  

Worse of all, when April Boden tried to get copies of Aydan's medical records, the doctor's office claimed that the documents were sent to archives.  Going to the record archives, that's when April Boden was told that her son's medical records were all gone. Not even a court subpoena fazed the doctor to explain where the files went.  

DAN! Protocol   

April Boden said her next step was to turn to DAN! to seek assistance for Aydan's treatment. DAN! stands for Defeat Autism Now!, and was created by the Autism Research Institute (ARI) in 1995.  Dr. Bernard Rimland established the Autism Research Institute in 1967.  

Aydan was given supplementation and was put on a restrictive diet right away. Part of the diet was taking away gluten and dairy products.   

“It's an ongoing thing and a lot easier if you research beforehand and make a sound decision on vaccines than try to undo the damage that's been done,” said April Boden.   

Unvaccinated Daughter  

On the other hand, April Boden's daughter is three years old and has never been vaccinated. According to April Boden, there is a significant difference between her daughter and her two vaccinated sons.  

“She doesn't have allergies. After all the research I've done over the last ten years on vaccines, I would say that is quite possible that there is a connection,” said April Boden. “It was a good year when my oldest son did not have additional vaccine shots. It probably saved him from getting worse.”  

Another thing that April Boden noticed was that her daughter doesn't have dark circles under her eyes while both of her sons do. Overall, April Boden describes her daughter as a very happy and very typical child.  

Preventative Care for Unvaccinated Children  

April Boden says for her daughter, she just makes sure to wash her hands often and eats a healthy diet. They also try to live in a toxic-free environment.   

She says her daughter so far hasn't been sick. Although she had cold sores one time, April Boden was able to cure it with natural remedies.   

“Her immune system is doing everything that it's supposed to do and I breastfed her for three years,” said April Boden.  

Recommended Solutions   

For those who have autistic kids, April Boden suggests looking into their diet. Results of diets vary, and although it is not a cure for autism, it makes the kids feel better all around.   

She also says the best thing to do is have a diet that is something the family can stick to as a whole. This way, having foods that an autistic child is not allowed to eat can be avoided.   

April Boden also suggests giving the child probiotics and fermented foods like sauerkraut. Giving them supplements also helps. Not everything is going to work, and it's best to take it one step at a time.   

Son-Rise Program  

April Boden says another solution is to spend time together with your autistic child. Aydan is currently under the Son-Rise Program which helps families cope with an autistic member of the family. 

Under the program, unique methods are used to treat children and adults who are diagnosed within the autistic spectrum. These include autism spectrum disorders, pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, etc.  

Benefits Of Fermented Foods  

Probiotics can be expensive, so April Boden started making homemade yogurt. The yogurt that she makes at home is the only dairy that Aydan is allowed to have. Apparently, if you ferment cow dairy for 24 hours, you could ferment off most of the lactose.   

Since then, she noticed Aydan's gut health improved significantly. He was also getting less sickly and fewer migraines and headaches. This made Aydan calmer and considerably less hyperactive.  

I do a coconut milk yogurt, and I do a 12 to 18-hour ferment. I learned this from a past guest of mine. Take a good brand of probiotics, crack open five capsules. Then instead of using the yogurt starter, just use the probiotics.   


April Boden says homeschooling her kids is the best decision she made. All three children are exposed a lot outside the house so training them to be sociable is not a problem.   

It's beneficial to the family as a whole. Because they can work around her husband's schedule and spend time together as a family.  

“Homeschooling can reduce the stress on the family and the child. Because some of the kids are overstimulated by the school environment. It's a lot of input for them to regulate themselves all day long. It's not conducive to their learning,” said April Boden.  

Aydan in particular, receives one-on-one homeschooling therapies in the house, 14 hours a week and spread over four days. They go to the clinic for more treatment three times a week.   

Furthermore, a high school volunteer comes by the house once a week to play with Aydan for an hour. April Boden also spends extra homeschooling time alone with Aydan every night to practice things like writing.  

Trivium Education  

Before we had a child, we came across the Trivium Education. It is an education system that teaches kids how to do critical thinking. Kids as young as seven years old can be on the program.   

Apparently, there was an entire homeschool community attached to the program. It also led to the non-vaccine community. Hence I got more interested in what the Trivium was all about. It made homeschooling easier.  

Helpful Resources 

April Boden strongly recommends this book by Susan Bauer called The Well-Trained Mind. She says signing up with the HSLDA organization also helps a lot.  

HSLDA stands for Home School Legal Defense Association. It is a non-profit organization established to help parents fight for their rights as far as education for their children is concerned. They also give homeschooling-related legal advice.  

April Boden also has a blog called Aydan's Recovery. It chronicles Aydan's journey as well as all the research April Boden has done over the years. She also has a fantastic podcast called Truther Talk which is worth listening to.  

We have to take steps to protect ourselves.  I'm very interested in homeoprophylaxis, so I'm currently doing that with my family through Cilla Whatcott who was my podcast guest twice. The idea is that you can create immunity using homeopathy. It has 90% success rate and no adverse effects.  

I also had Dr. Stephanie Seneff on the show who talked about the connection between vaccines and autism. On episode 89, she shared all the reasons why the MMR vaccine is causing autism so do check out that episode.   

April Boden is an author, wife and homeschooling mother of three children. She started writing about her son, Aydan's vaccine injury in 2009. Since then she has appeared on several radio talk shows podcast and the docu-series The truth about vaccines with Ty Bollinger.   

April Boden has been running her podcast, Truther Talk with her friend, Virstyne Henry discussing Natural Health and healing among other cutting-edge topics since 2011.  

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Recommended Readings by April Boden 

Changing The Course Of Autism by Bryan Jepsen

Breaking The Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall

The Brain That Heals Itself by Norman Doidge

The Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries

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